Monday, April 6, 2009

Eric and Jake College Buddies Series: The Slumbering Roommate Epilogue - The Next Morning

After a peaceful sleep, Eric awoke with a start. Bright rays of sunlight flooded his dorm room, suggesting it was at least mid morning. He scrambled up out of bed and grabbed his alarm clock. It was already quarter after 9 am. 'Shit!' he thought, 'I missed my class!' He started pulling on clothes but it was no use, the class be over by the time he got there. Eric groaned and sat back on his bed.

It was then that he noticed his roommate's bed was empty. He had hoped to see Jake before he left for class, but even that had gotten messed up. Eric laid back in his bed disappointed.

Just then the door opened and Jake walked into the room wrapped in a towel. "Hey Eric," Jake said when he saw his roommate was awake.

"Hi Jake, how's it going?" Eric's mood was already improving.

"Alright I guess." Jake replied. "Dude, last night was crazy. I went out with some friends, and we met these chicks- and one of them was really hot, you know? So after a while I tell her it's getting late and I'm heading home. So she leaves with me and half way here she says she has to go home and bails out."

"Oh, really?" Eric hated it when Jake brought girls home.

"Yeah, oh and by way, sorry about waking you up last night. I got home and realized that I didn't have my keys." Jake apologized.

"That's alright," Eric replied. "Did you ever find them?"

"Yeah, I left them here by mistake." Jake replied wile rubbing the towel over his arms and head. Eric stole quick glances of his half naked roommate, but was careful not to stare. Jake had a beautifully muscular body, it was a shame it had been wasted on a straight guy.

Jake interrupted Eric's thoughts. "Can I ask you a question?"

Eric's heart raced - he caught him checking him out? Eric braced himself. "Sure?"

Jake cleared his throat. "Have your balls ever, ached?" Jake asked with a bit of embarrassment.

Eric sighed with relief. "Yeah, sometimes."

"Dude, this isn't like anything I've felt before. They're swollen and look like their turning red." Jake said, grabbing at his crotch through the towel. For the first time Eric detected a slight limp in Jake's gait as he paced around the room

"Do they feel like blue balls?" Eric asked trying to sound genuine.

"I've had blue balls before, this isn't it. I even tried to rub one out in the shower, but I couldn't." Jake replied.

Eric tried to hide his smile. He wasn't surprised - Eric had done quite a number on Jake's balls the night before. He had even managed to jerk Jake off and made him shoot a huge load while he slept. It was kind of nice to know that even hours later, Jake was still dealing with discomfort Eric had caused.

Then Jake asked a startling question. "Would you mind taking a look at them?"

Eric stared blankly at his roommate for a moment. "Sure . . ."

"You wouldn't mind?" Jake asked. "I'm sorry to ask, but I'm worried."

"Yeah, no problem." Eric replied.

Standing in the space between their beds, Jake slowly unwrapped his towel, revealing every inch of his ripped body. Eric stifled a gasp and shifted his legs to hide the instant boner that had sprung up between his legs. Jake grabbed his soft dick and pulled it out of the way while gently squeezing his nutsac with the other hand.

Eric's mouth just about dropped open at the site of his hot, straight roommate presenting his manhood to him. He had to quickly recover and say something.

"Oh yeah, I see what you mean. They don't look so much red as they do swollen." Eric commented.

"Are you sure?" Jake asked uncertainly.

"I think so, I don't know - do you think I could . . ." Eric gestured towards Jake's manhood.

"Oh sure, go ahead." Jake didn't appear to be shy in the least. It wasn't all that surprising really, he had nothing to be shy about. He had a gorgeous 19-year old body, a huge cock, and monstrous balls.

Eric wrapped his hand around the base of Jake's scrotum and gave his globes a squeeze. They were so big they nearly slipped out of his palm.

"Ow," Jake moaned.

His nuts were even more tender than Eric than had suspected. He played with them for another second and then let go of Jake's nutsac. "Your nuts are so big, they're . . . definitely swollen." Eric said sympathetically.

Jake reached down and caressed his testicles. "Do you think I should go to Health Services?" He asked.

"No, I don't think so. They won't be able to do much for you - other than give you a bag of ice and tell you to rest." Eric replied.

"What do I do? I can't go on walking around like this." Jake said, clearly frustrated.

"Well, I'd start by losing the boxers for a little while, get yourself some underwear that will hold your boys in place, give them a little support." Eric suggested.

"How's that going to help? They ache when I'm standing still!" Jake said dismissively.

"Well there is one other thing we can try, but . . ."

"But what what?" Jake asked with a hint of desperation.

"I've seen it work before, but it isn't pretty." Eric replied.

"What is it?" Jake asked insistently.

"This happened to a friend of mine once. We tried everything and the only thing that helped him was a solid kick in the nuts." Eric spoke cautiously and did his best not to laugh.

Jake looked at his roommate as if he had just suggested the stupidest idea in the world. "How is that going to help?" He demanded. "In fact, I think that'll make things worse!"

Eric tried calming him down. "I know it seems stupid, but it might work. Your balls are swollen, probably getting worse by the minute. You won't feel any better until you release some of that pressure." Eric said it with such conviction, he nearly believed it himself.

"Do you really think it might help?" Jake asked.

Eric couldn't believe he was actually going for it! "It's worth a shot." Eric replied.

"Well, I guess I'll try it. You don't mind helping me out?" Jake asked.

"What are roommates for?" Eric replied. He asked Jake to stand back and spread his legs, which he did. He also asked that Jake hold his dick up out of the way, leaving his balls exposed and dangling between his legs like ripe hanging fruit. "Are you ready?" Eric asked.

Jake nodded and closed his eyes in anticipation. As Eric stood there poised to strike, he realized this made missing class completely worth it. He arched his foot back and swung his foot up under Jake's over-sized baby-makers, flattening them against his pelvis and causing Jake to moan.

"That didn't feel like I got them." Eric said.

"No, wait, I-" But before, Jake could finish his sentence Eric kicked his balls again, hitting them dead on. The instep of his foot sunk into Jake's nutsac and crunched his nuts hard against his body, making a sick smacking noise.

Jake wailed from the top of his lungs. He collapsed on his bed whimpering and caressing his balls.

"Are you all right?" Eric asked, already knowing the answer.

"Fuck," Jake whined. He felt nauseous and his nuts were throbbing.

"How do they feel?" Eric pressed.

"Like they just got kicked by a mule." Jake's voice was a whisper and breathing was ragged.

"Is it worse than before?" Eric asked.

"Sort of - but different. They hurt like hell, but they don't ache as much." Jake replied.

"That's a good sign." Eric said enthusiastically. "Do you mind if I take a check?"

Jake surprisingly moved his hands so that Eric could feel for himself. He groped Jake's s juicy balls with great care, Eric squeezed each nut individually. "Ahh, much better," Eric lied, "the swelling seems to have gone down a bit."

"You think so?" Jake asked.

"Absolutely," Eric said as he released his roommate's precious jewels. "You may want to rest them for a while, or if you're up for it, we can keep at it."

"No, no - let's give them a rest." Jake said. "Thanks for your help."

A big grin spread across Eric's face. "That's what friends are for."

- Jake coming out of the shower -

- To my mind, Jake looks a lot like Bernardo Velasco -

- The inspiration for Jake's juicy balls -


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Thank you! That's avery hot epilogue to a very hot story! I hope we'll hear more about Eric and Jake!

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hot , love dumb stupid jocks , which gets tricked, please more