Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Unsolicited Advances

This is the fourth story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


It was getting late when Alex pulled away from his physiology text book and checked the time on his laptop.  He'd spent all day with his head in the books and it looked like he'd be at it for several more hours before he'd get to go to sleep.  Next to him Karin was paging through notebook with the same weary look that was on his face.

"I don't want to study anymore."  Alex sighed, and shot her a smile.  Karin was a nice girl.  They shared a few of the same classes and mid way through the semester, they began studying together.  She was smart and nice, and it didn't hurt that she had one of the nicest set of tits Alex had ever seen.

They'd started out in the afternoon studying on the couch in the living room, but once Alex's roommates came home they had dinner and retreated back in to Alex's bedroom - which was the only quiet area left in the house.

"I know, I'm so tired studying anatomy and physiology.  Enough, I get it, the kidneys are important, so let's move on."  Karin sighed.

Alex's smile grew.  "Yeah, I wish we had time to take a break.  Exam's tomorrow though."

Karin pushed her book to the side and leaned back on the bed.  "I know, I'm just tired of the renal system.  Can't we at least focus on something else for a little while?"

"That's probably a good idea.  What are you thinking?  Respiratory, cardiovascular, or digestive?"

"How about we skip ahead to the reproductive system?"  There was a moment's hesitation as Karin's hand slid up Alex's thigh and closed around his crotch.

"Oh, hey now… umm…"

"I tired of all this internal anatomy.  I want to study something I can get my hands on."  Karin said, rubbing his cock through his pants as she began to work the zipper.

Alex laughed nervously.  "Karin, um, you shouldn't do that."

Karin didn't hesitate and unbuckled his belt.  "Why, you're not gay.  I've seen you looking at my breasts."

"What?  No!  I'm not gay.  It's just we're friends and this is weird."  Alex was flabbergasted.

"Just relax. I've been wanting to do this for a long time."  She already had his pants half way down and she was reaching for the elastic band of his tight-fitting yellow, American Eagle boxer briefs.  She'd always known he was cute, but it wasn't until they'd started studying together that she'd noticed that Alex had a killer body.

"No seriously Karin, stop.  I have a girlfriend." Alex stuttered as he fought to regain control of the situation.

"Oh yeah, since when?  There's no reason to play coy with me, Alex."  Karin said, climbing in to his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"No, no, no.  I'm not joking, I have a girlfriend.  You have to stop right now!"  Alex blurted out.

When Karin saw from his eyes that he was serious she scowled.  "Son-of-a-bitch, seriously?"

Alex nodded slowly.

Karin sighed.  "For how long?"

"Two and a half years.  She goes to school back home." 

"Why is this the first time I'm hearing it then?  We hang out all the time!"  Karin said, sounding flustered.

"It just never came up."  Alex shrugged.

"And all the times I've hit on you, you didn't say anything then either??

Alex shook his head at a loss for words. "I didn't know you were serious until right now."

Karin rolled her eyes and sighed.  "Well this sucks, because I like you a lot."

"I like you too, it's just… as a friend."

"Yeah, I've got plenty of friends already."

"Karin, I'm sorry if you think I misled you, but I'm already in a relationship."

"Screw that, I don't want someone to hold my hand, I'm looking to get laid!"  Karin pouted.  "I bet you're hung like a horse too?"

Alex grinned and shrugged.  "I've never gotten any complaints."

"I bet you haven't…"  Karin cooed, reaching down and grabbing the front pouch of Alex's boxer-briefs and massaging the contents within.  "Oooooh, it feels really big.  I'd love to see it."

"Ahhh, thanks, but I don't think that's a good idea."  Alex shifted uncomfortably.

"If you take it out, I'll give it a big wet kiss."  She pressed.

Alex's eyebrows furrowed. "Oh…uhhh…"

"I've been told that I'm really good at giving head.  Here, let me show you."  Karin reached for Alex's underwear more insistently this time.

"Karin, no, stop. This can't happen."

"Relax, you're girlfriend won't know."

"Yeah, but I will. Karin, seriously, I don't find you attractive."

That stopped Karin dead in her tracks. "Oh, God… really?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.  I just don't-"


Having heard enough excuses, Karin snapped in to action and planted her knee right in to Alex's family jewels, squashing them against his pelvis. 

Alex's eyes rolled up in to the back of his head and he yodeled in pain.

"God, shit… please, no…"  Alex gasped as Karin pumped her leg in to his crotch.

"Oh yes…  now this is happening."  Karin spat.  She twisted her knee one last time, eliciting another cry and whimper from Alex before she grabbed his golden boxer-briefs and tore them right off his body.  Then without missing a beat, she took hold of Alex's bull nuts and bore down on them with all her might.

Alex squealed like a stuck pig.

"Karin, don't!  Why are you doing this, you're crushing my balls!  I'm going to need those later!"  Alex's voice took on a peculiar high pitch.

"Why, so you can blow your wad in to that pretty little girlfriend of yours and make a baby some day?  The world already has it's fill of the little assholes, not to mention the big one in this room."  Karin spat as she squeezed both of his nuts at the same time.

Alex wasn't unfamiliar to the pain of having his balls busted, but what was being wrought on his manhood was like nothing he'd ever experienced.  His ears were ringing with the thousand screams of future generations being snuffed out as Karin ruthlessly choked the life out of his nuts.

Alex tried to kick his way free, but Karin's grasp was too tight and all this strength had been sapped through her crushing fingers.

He  was in trouble.  Alex had been awake for nearly 24 hours, his body was wracked with exhaustion - and now, paralyzed with crippling pain - both Alex and his manhood were at the mercy of a crazy bitch intent on crushing his nuts in to oblivion.

Left with no other options, Alex did the only thing he could do.  He talked.

"I thought you liked me.  Why do you have to break my… UGH….. my balls."  Alex groaned as Karin alternated the intensity of her grip.  "That's not how you go about getting a boy friend - assaulting your guy friends and then castrating them when they reject you."

Karin's nose scrunched up as she shot him a dirty look and drove her thumb in to the center of Alex's juicy left nut, causing the 20 year old college stud to howl.

"Don't be stupid Alex, you're different.  We've hung out dozens of times, and I only find out NOW that you have a girlfriend?"  Karin locked her finger and thumb around the top of Alex's sac and the yanked down on the the meaty globes.

"Unghhhh, my balls…" Alex groaned as his stomach turned inside-out.  "Christ… you're breaking them."

"Hmm.. perhaps you're right… I have been neglecting your dick," Karin smiled, and with his nuts firmly in one hand, she grabbed cock and began to stroke it.

Alex's eyes widened, terrified that she was about to inflict the same sort of pain on his member that she'd visited on his gonads.  He was then shocked when he discovered tender affection Karin gave his cock.  It was only a matter of seconds before he was hard and his erection was pointing straight as a flag pole.

"Karin no, stop it. This isn't funny!" Alex stammered.

"I'm glad, because this isn't a joke ." She replied flatly, as she slowly began to twist the sensitive head.

Alex moaned, but for the first time that evening, it was out of pain, but pleasure.  He really was in an awkward place now.  His balls were fucking throbbing, and still getting crushed in Karin's grasp, but her hand on his dick felt amazing and he watched in horror as his penis grew to it's full six inches.

For a few moments, Alex just stared in disbelief at the surreal situation he now found himself in.  Karin might be crazy, but she sure seemed to know here way around his dick.  Part of him told him just to lay back and enjoy it, but how could he ever look his girlfriend in they eye again?

"Wait, Karin, I thought you were angry at me,"  Alex suddenly interjected with a bit of logic. "but then how is jerking me off a punishment?"

"Silly boy," Karin laughed. "Making you blow your wad is a nice bonus, but it's the after-effects I want."

Alex cocked his head to the side and shook his head.

Karin drew back on his nutsac, pulling the skin taught  until the delicate orbs within appeared shiny.  "Guy's nuts get super sensitive after they cum.  That's when the real fun starts!"

Alex's face flushed with anger as the orgasm begin to build in his loins.  Apparently his dick had gone rouge and it was going to shoot it's load regardless of Karin's plans to torture his sensitized nuts.  He tried resisting it, but it was a losing battle.  When he finally hit the point of no return, he saw the look of pure glee on Karin's face.

"Oh here it comes, now open wide!"  Karin laughed as she pointed Alex's dick straight at his face.

"Fuck you,"  Alex grunted as his body became riddled with the orgasm and a thick jet of his baby-batter splattered against his chest.  It never got anywhere near his mouth, yet he kept his teeth clenched tight until the fit passed and his stomach was left glistening with a shiny opaque sheen.

"Wow, that's impressive.  I bet now you're wishing that you'd just let me give you a blowjob." Karin smiled seductively.  "Still, I hope you at least got some pleasure out of it."

"Not really.  It loses some of the enjoyment when the load's forced out against your will."  Alex said, ever defiant.

"That's a shame, because it's going to get a lot less fun for you from this point on."  Karin winked.  Then she gave his nuts a hard twist and a yank before sending her fist down square in to Alex's vulnerable love spuds. 

Alex wailed and tried to fold up in to a ball to try to protect himself, but Karin had him just where she wanted him, and no matter what he did, her fist found it's way in to his nuts. 

Karin of course had been right, the moment he came his nuts had become A LOT more sensitive, and combined with refound zeal to smash, crush, and bust his balls, she was pushing Alex to the end of his endurance.  Alex was a young, strong guy, but none of that mattered the moment Karin took control of his manhood.  Both physically and sexually, she owned him and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Alex moaned something incomprehensible when Karin switched tactics and went back to squeezing his balls. They felt bigger and bloated in his redened sac.

The pure testicular-agony was too much to bare and Alex was beginning to truly worry about his reproductive future.  His heart was nearly beating out of his chest knowing that Karin might actually succeed and shatter his nuts - permanently.

"Karin, look I'm sorry… UGHHHHHH, shit….. ugh…. I'm sorry I gave you the impression I was interested you…."  He pleaded.


Alex was cut off as Karin drove his jewels in to his pelvis, pancaking them against her fist.


A tiny surge of jizz trickled out of Alex's cock. 

Karin stared at the white streak and rolled the trapped college stud's meaty nuggets between her fingers.  When she squeezed, she noticed another little bit trickle from the head.

Karin smeared some on her finger and inspected it.  "Looks like you were holding out on me, Alex."

"You're fucking crazy, you fucking b…. OOOOOOHHhhhhhh….. God, my fucking balls!"  Alex moaned as his study partner redoubled her efforts to grind his nuts in to paste.

"Don't worry, they won't be troubling you for much longer!"  Karin cackled with palpable joy as crunched Alex's stud eggs with growing ferocity.

The punishment inflicted on his testicles was becoming unbearable, and with no end in sight, Alex was coming to the realization that this might be the end of him and his manhood.  He tried to speak, but even his voice had deserted him and the last thought he had before he blacked out was the thought of going through life de-nutted.

Alex found himself in a deep, dreamless sleep.  Time came to a halt and he was numb to all else, except the ache in his stomach.

When he awoke, the room was lit by daylight.  Then the memories from the previous night all came back to him in a rush, and he immediately reached between his legs to find a very tender and swollen - though intact - pair  of nuts.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief and threw his head back against the pillow as he gently coddled his bruised baby-makers.  Next to him, there was a folded piece of note book paper with "Alex" written on it.  Alex groaned as he re-adjusted his grip on his manhood and opened the note.



Thanks for studying with me, but I think after last night it's a good idea I find a different partner.  I hope you understand.


P.S. After you passed out last night I managed to improve my technique and I busted a whole second load out of you.  I hope you weren't saving that for your girlfriend ;-)  She's a lucky girl, but I'd suggest telling her you're out of commission for the time being.  That second load really  was HUGE.


Alex rolled over and sympathetically rubbed his nuts.  They felt even more sore now that he knew Karin had miked his sperm banks dry. That as going to make his trip home later that night awkward, but he couldn't worry about that now.  His first step was figuring out how to make it to the bathroom without perturbing bruised manhood in to a throbbing mess when the mere act of sitting up sent cramps through his stomach.

Alex groaned as he slowly climbed to his feet.  This was going to be a very long day.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Camping with the Boys

This is the third story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


It was a dream come true.  A three day weekend, out in the wilderness with two of my best (and hottest) friends in the world.  Some parts of the weekend are just a blur, thanks to the copious amount of alcohol we consumed, while others are indelibly etched in to my brain.  Lets just say, we left that cabin in the woods a whole heck of a lot closer then we did entering it…

A few weeks back, a friend of mine offered for me to use his cabin in the mountains.  It was two hours away, and set just a few dozen feet away from the most picturesque lake I've ever seen.  Of course, I took him up on his offer, and by Friday afternoon, Justin, Alex and I were cruising down the highway to our weekend getaway. 

By the time we reached the cabin, it was late and the sun was just setting behind the mountains.  It was even more beautiful then I remembered, as we watched the clouds on the horizon change from a bright orange to a deep crimson.

We ended up spending the rest of that night unpacking the car and settling in.  Soon after, sleeping arrangements were settled, in which Alex claimed the top bunk, leaving the bottom for me, and the couch for Justin.  Neither of us cared, since Alex was the shortest of the three of us, he was most likely to actually fit up there.

Despite it being Saturday, we got up early the next morning to hike the 6 miles of trails that zigzagged the nearest mountain.  By the time we got back we were exhausted, and spent the rest of the afternoon fishing for our supper.  If we'd been dependent on my hunting and gathering skills alone, we would have been dining on granola bars that night; but thankfully, Justin managed to snag half a dozen decent sized perch that we grilled later that night.

After dinner, we piled the wood onto the smoking embers until we had a huge bonfire while Alex pulled three beers out of the cooler set on the edge of the pond.  We drained those rather quickly, and moved on to our second and third round as we stared in to the fire and bullshitted about life for hours.

It probably wasn't until my forth beer that I started to feel a bit of a buzz begin to grow.  Three beers later, that buzz grew from a slight hum, to a steady drum beat.

By now my friends know me well enough that the more I drink, the quicker my inhibitions drop - which in their case, means the more likely I am to bust them. To be honest, I'd been biding my time and had spent the day waiting for an opportunity to bust either of them, but I knew the time was finally right.  At the moment, Justin was squatting down in front of me, rummaging through his pack that he'd taken hiking earlier that morning.  I remember being struck by how awkward he looked in that position, a lot like a frog sitting on a lilly pad.  Then my eyes just about dropped out of my head when I saw the huge bulge in his shorts. It looked amazing… and completely enticing, just plopped out there like that, a big, beautiful mound against the smooth outline of his nylon bottoms.

I licked my lips in anticipation, knowing immediately that I wouldn't be satisfied until my foot was planted square into my friend's mound.

I took a few steps toward him to get a better look, employing subterfuge to mask my true motivations by offering to help him in his search.

"Nah, thanks, I'm fine."  Justin shot down my offer without looking up.

I took another step forward.

"Hey man, don't move, ok?"  I said in a hushed voice.

Immediately Justin's head shot up.  "What?"  He whispered, glancing around quickly, trying to ascertain what direction danger might come in.

"It's alright, just don't move.  I think I see a snake."  I replied in a calm, even tone.

Justin's eyes widened and he looked back and forth more urgently.  "Where is it?"

I placed my finger to my lips and pointed behind him, which of course resulted in Justin turning to face the nonexistent snake.  That offered me just the opportunity I needed, with Justin distracted and his big, manly love-pouch hanging out there for all to see.  I closed the distance between us in less than a second, and punted my foot in to the center of his clearly-outlined bulge.

Justin immediately let out an "oaf!" when my kick hammered in to his baby-makers and squished them against my instep, sending the big stud rolling down on the ground in pain.

"Awwww, that was just mean dude…"  he whispered, groping his balls.

I laughed.  "What?  I'm sorry!  I thought I saw something long and thick in your shorts!"

Justin groaned and rolled over on his back.  "Not anymore.  You definetly just killed it..."  He coughed. 

Alex chuckled and shook his head at me.

I could tell by the way Justin was holding his groin that I must of nailed his dick too, making it three for the price of one!  I adjusted my own shorts to hide the raging boner I'd developed and grabbed another beer.

Things settled down soon after that. Justin skipped the next few rounds to let his stomach settle, but soon after we were all drinking again - and by the time we'd gone through half the beer we'd brought, Justin had not only caught up but he'd managed to surpass both Alex and myself.

Alex and I watched in fixed fasination as Justin put them back, one bottle after another.

"You might want to start taking it easy on this one, bro."  I said handing Justin a fresh bottle.  "We've got all night to get drunk."

Justin grinned back at me and took the bottle.

"No man, he's drinking to manage the pain.  You probably cracked one of his nuts with that little stunt back there."  Alex gave me a stern look before taking a pull off his beer.

Though I'd busted both several times, Justin had always taken it better than Alex.  Of course, that didn't stop me from taking every opportunity I got to wrack his nuts - if anything, it only made me want to bust him more.

Alex was sitting at the picnic table, leaning back with a beer in his hands as he stared up at the stars.  Many of them were obscured by a large patch was blotted out by clouds, but at least a dozen could be seen twinkling in the blackened sky.

I hesitated.  I was still feeling a tad guilty for using trickery earlier to bust Justin's balls, but this was different.  Alex was just siting there, with his legs spread wide open and his crotch was just hanging out there, completely exposed and defenseless.

It only took a moment for the argument in my head to play out, just long enough for the better angels in my brain to get shouted down.  Thinking back on it after the fact, the outcome was inevitable.  Alex's beefy bulge just hanging out there, ready to be plucked?  It was just too good to resist!

 "Hey Alex, how about another beer?"  I asked, slowly slinking forward.

"Yeah buddy, hit me up with one."  Alex replied, still staring up at the sky.

I couldn't help but grin at his wording, because that was exactly what I had in mind! 

My grip tightend around the neck of the bottle in my hand as I lifted it between Alex's legs.  Then just as I was about to make my move, Justin saw what I was about to do and shouted in warning, but it was too late!  By the time Alex's head had snapped forward it was just in time to watch the bottle smash in to his jean-clad balls, pancaking them hard against his lean, muscular body.

Alex let out a yelp.  Then he cougand rolled over on his side.  "Ohhhh, you bastard."

I laughed, almost uncontrollably. All the alcohol and the adrenaline was now mixing in my brain, causing bad side-effects. 

Luckily for me, the combination of alcohol and nut-pain hadn't left Alex in any state to retailiate - but I could tell he was angry at me.  I apologized, and even tried to justify my actions by arguing that he had asked me to "hit him up with another beer," but no one else bought it.

Things remained a little tense after that, until Justin saved the night by pulling out a bottle of whiskey.  I never cared for the stuff personally, but it was the only hard liqor we had and I was all about gettind drunk at that point.  The stuff Justin had brought was a particularly foul brew - just the sort of thing used to strip engine parts, but a coulpe shots in and we were all riding high.

By midnight, we were all completely hammered.  None of us could stomach any more of the whiskey and we had gone back to beers, but we were rapidly nearing the end of the last case.

It was obvious that our dwindling stock of brew wouldn't last another couple of rounds so I decided to throw out a suggestion that would ensure our evening ended on a high note - well, at least for me ;-)

"Only four beers left, but three of us... how do we decided who gets it?"  I asked.

"How about the person who payed for it?" Justin grinned.

"I bought that case."  I reminded him.

"Oh... never mind...."

I smiled.  "How about we have ourselves a little chugging contest?  First one who downs his beer gets the last as his prize."

Alex and Justin shrugged in agreement, and once everyone had their beer we stood in a circle next to the dying fire.

"Ready?" I asked, holding up my beer.

"Yeah man.  You bet."

"Ok, on three chug, one... two... three!"

I lifted my beer but didn't drink as I watched both Justin and Alex fevorishly on their bottles like a pair of newborns on their mother's teat. I couldn't care less about the competition, and instead was focused on my own prize - another shot at my friend's nuts.  They were so fixated on drinking, neither of them seemed to notice the peril they were in, or the fact that they had left themselves open within my striking distance.

I knew I had to make my move quickly or the element of surprise would be lost.  Dropping down to my knees, I got another eye-full of my two best friend's man-meat-stuffed packages.  Justin's crotch was draped in a thin layer of nylon mesh that left his manhood looking exposed and vulnerable, while Alex's jeans had managed to ride their way up all night and now snug enough to outline every feature of his big, fat package.

I licked my lips, knowing that what I was about to do was going to feel like heaven for me, but hell for my friends. Then I went for it - and reached out and grabed two fistfulls of grade-A stud beef.

Justin and Alex both reacted simultaneously, spitting out their beer and crying out as I squashed both sets of juicy plums - but it was Justin who was getting the worst of it.  The thin shorts he was wearing did little to prevent me from getting a solid lock on his nuts and going to town.  On the other hand, Alex's jeans made it really tough to get a solid grip and in the end, I just decided to throw a couple of punches in to his sac until he dropped to the ground.

Justin followed him down a second later, and I was left staring at my two hot friends clutch their manhood in agony as I finished off my beer.

I held out the bottle and grinned.  "I finished, so I guess technically... I win."

"Fuck you."  Alex spat, apparently still gagging.

Justin rolled over and groaned.


I can't quite remember when I passed out that night, or what had happened after, but I do know that I was still drunk when I woke up.  It was dark out still, and I'd apparently found my way to the couch in the cabin. My mouth was dry, but I could still taste the beer from earlier.  I needed to find some water.

It wasn't until I made an effort get up that I realized that Justin was lying next to me on the couch - no, correct that, he was practically on top of me!  His head was on my shoulder and his arm was draped over mine.

I looked around the room but didn't see Alex.  He must have found his way to the bed, but Justin hadn't made it that far.  He was out like a light and gently snoring in to my ear. 

I glanced down and stared at his crotch.  I've always wanted to see what Justin was packing, but I'd never been in a position to do so.  I'd once stolen a glance at the urinal once, but I only got a look at the head.  Perhaps this was my chance to satisfy my curiosity for good.

Before making a move I decided to test the water by giving Justin a gentle nudge, but he didn't stir.  Then I tried again, a bit more forcefully this time, and whispered in to his ear but he only snored back at me.  Then once I was convinced it was safe, I slid my hand down until it found his thigh.  It was thick, muscular, and the exposed bits were covered with hair.  Pausing, every few moments to check for any movement, I rested my hand on top of Justin's crotch. It felt soft and warm to the touch.

Gently, I began rubbing the contents of Justin's shorts - the mound inside yielding to my every move.  Then, with courage I never thought I might have, I peeled back the opening of Justin's shorts and reached inside his boxers.

Immediately I was confronted with a thick forest of pubic hair.  It was hardly a surprise, considering Justin was covered from head to foot with thick black curls, but even that was dwarfed by what he had going on below the belt.

Feeling a tad more confident, I pushed forward though the thicket of hair and didn't stop until my hands closed around the shaft of his dick.  By now the blood was coursing through my veins like a stream surging in the spring time.  After years of wondering what Justin had between his legs, I finally had it in the palm of my hand.  I tried guessing the size, but it was impossible to tell by feel, and after a while I decided to risk it and pulled his cock out of his shorts.

Even in the poor light I could tell that Justin owned a beautiful piece.  A solid 6 inches which may even get bigger when he's hard, and thick too!   I twisted the shaft between my fingers for just a few seconds, and to my great surprise, I felt Justin's dick twitch in response.

I smiled.  Glad to see he was so… receptive.  I traced my fingers along the length of Justin's shaft all the way down to the base.  Then, very carefully, I scooped up my friend's nutsac in to the palm of my hand.  I barely managed to stifle my gasp... Justin's nuts were huge! 

I could barely contain my excitement as I pulled the two orbs out in the open and was confronted with an even bigger surprise.  Justin's left testicle was a perfectly formed nugget, just a tad bigger than a full-sized walnut, but his right was something altogether different.  Justin's big right nut was twice the size of its counterpart, dwarfing it not only in size but also weight, based on the way it seemed to drag down against the base of his scrotum.  For a moment I worried that something was wrong, that perhaps I'd caused some damage from busting his balls earlier that night, but on closer inspection I couldn't find any bruising.

I swallowed back the saliva that had built up in my mouth and gave Justin's fat orb a squeeze.  I expected it to be different somehow - to be harder or softer than his left, but the truth was that one of Justin's balls was massive.  Then having come to accept it, I decided to take wondrous baby-makers for spin and spent the next several minutes working them over.  I paused now and again to make sure Justin was still sleeping, but then I'd always return to that big-ol righty. 

I may have gotten a bit rough on a couple of occasions.  The last time it happened I could have sworn I heard Justin let out muffled moan, but there never seemed to be a break in the snoring so I just kept going.

Having gotten over the initial shock and awe of Justin's impressive manhood, I was becoming overtaken with the urge to find out just how much spunk was stored in my friend's double-stuffed sac.  I knew that it was crazy for me to even think of doing what I was planning, because it would most likely end our friendship the moment he woke up, but the idea of milking Justin's tender family-jewels was just too tempting.

To say that I was astounded would have been underselling what I was feeling when Justin's dick hardened in my hand almost instantly.  Apparently everything that had led up to that point had gotten Justin's engine's revved up!  Take his dick in my hand, I worked my fingers over his shaft and head with the delicate dexterity of a master craftsmen, rubbing and massaging every inch of the throbbing phallus, and making sure to pay special attention to the sensitive spot under the head.

I could feel Justin's body tense involuntarily and I knew it meant he wouldn't be able to last long.

Then my heart suddenly stopped.

Justin began to stir in his sleep and I watched in fixed horror as he repositioned his head against the couch cushion.

"What's going on?" He whispered still half asleep, never opening his eyes.

"Nothing, I..."

I didn't know what to say, I was at a complete loss for words.  Here I am, with my best friend waking up to find his cock in my hands.

"I guess you finally caught that snake you were looking for." 

I swear I could detect the slightest grin curling the corners of his mouth.

"Careful, I hear they spit," he added.

My mouth flew open.  I couldn't have just heard what I thought!

"Is that right?"  I finally replied, still a bit dumbstruck and slowly resumed jerking his cock.

"Ooooh, careful... keep that up and he definitely will spit at you."  Justin mumbled in to the blanket.

I was at a loss for words and put my focus back in to Justin's manhood.

"No man, slower, slower... I haven't cum in a few days and this feels like it's going to be a big one... I want to enjoy it."  Justin said, shifting position one more until his head was pressed back against my chest.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it."  I replied softly, slowing my stroking action on his dick down to a steady rhythm.  Then with my free hand, I gave his nuts a good hard yank, stretching them against his ball cords.

Justin let out a moan, but his cock only got harder.

To say that this is everything I've ever dreamed it would be is grossly underselling how awesome and hot it was to have one of my best friends by the root of his cock on the verge of cumming, all while I'm busting his balls. To his credit, Justin took everything I threw at him like a trooper, biting his lip even when I got rough to stomp himself from crying out - and all the while, a massive cumshot building up in his loins. By the time he was ready to shoot, his ballsac was covered in welts and swollen to an even more impressive size. 

Justin's face was peppered with beads of sweat and I could see that he was reaching the limits of his endurance.

"I think it's time we find out what's in this giant nut of yours, don't you think?"  I asked rhetorically, as I pinched Justin's massive nugget between my thumb and forefinger.

Justin nodded his head in agreement and groaned his ascent. 

Without another word shared between us, I began jerking off his cock harder and faster than ever before.  The action was matched by my other hand, which was still wrapped around his gonads and kneading the contents of his sac like there was no tomorrow. 

A little bit of extra pressure and time was all it took.

Before he even uttered a word, I felt Justin's balls draw in on themselves and pull up against the base of his dick.  A hush fell over the room, with only the sound of Justin's balls smacking against his body with each thrust of my hand.  Then when Justin's face suddenly went calm, I knew he'd reached the point of no return and aimed his dick away from our faces just before a  huge lob of goo shot out of his prick like a white bullet.  Then another splattered on to his chest followed by another and another, as a constant stream of his man-spray spilled forth and coated everything in range with a thick sheen. 

Justin moaned in relief as the final contents of his nutsac dribbled from the tip of his dick in to a small pool on his stomach and I squeezed his sac for good measure.

Taken over by exhaustion once more, Justin rolled on his side and promptly fell back to sleep, on this time his snoring was louder and much deeper than before.

I still couldn't believe what had just happened... could this all be a vivid dream?  I pinched myself to make sure, and then looked down at my hand where they were still cradling Justin's freshly emptied nutsac.  I gave the fleshy orbs another squeeze and wondered if I'd ever get a chance to milk them dry again. 

Perhaps, perhaps not... only time would tell. 

It was time for me to get some rest too, but the sight of Justin's big, meaty balls hanging out there for the taking was just too much to resist without taking one last swing at them.

I cracked my knuckles in anticipation and took aim before letting fist fly and watched my friend's sex organs flatten with a satisfying SPLAT.  My efforts were rewarded with one last spurt from Justin's cock, just a bit of cum dislodged by the blow.

I touched my finger to my lips, which contained a small trace of Justin's baby-batter and tasted it.  It was salty and thick, and I knew in that moment I'd just developed a taste for it.

I covered Justin and as myself with a blanket and nodded off to sleep, wondering if things would be different the next day when we were sober.

I was still thinking of Justin when I finally succumbed to exhaustion and drifted off to sleep.

- Tall dark and handsome... just like the real life Justin! -

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun and Fantasies with Friends: Ticketmaster

This is the second story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was hanging out with my friend Alex at his place when we came across it.  A promo ad for a local venue flashed across the screen that Bon Iver was coming to town.  I didn't recognize the name, but the images on TV I was able to deduce that they were some sort of indy-rock band.  The ad concluded with the ominous voice of a faceless announcer informing us that only a few seats were left and to book now before they're gone.

As it turned out, Alex was a big fan of the band and knew quite a bit about them, including the fact that they'd just won a Grammy for best new artist.  I could tell that he was really excited and listened patiently until he was finished.  Despite his enthusiasm, I wasn't particularly jumping out of my seat when he asked me if I wanted to go.

"I don't know, I guess so…"  I began to reply before I suddenly realized that I'd have nothing better to do with my Thursday night anyhow.   "Uh… yeah, ok sure."

"Really?"  Alex asked enthusiastically.  "Are you sure?  You don't seem to impressed."

"Yeah.  Come on, let's buy the tickets now before they sell out."  I said with a reassuring smile.

"Cool, do you have your laptop?  Mine's in my bedroom."

I sighed.  How could such a beefy, muscular stud capable of lifting hundreds of pounds over his head be so lazy that he couldn't manage walking all ten feet to his room? 

"Yeah, I'll pull up the ticket sales website."  I said, clicking my way through the web-browser until I found what I was looking for.

"Alright, Thursday night at 8pm, $45 per ticket…. do you want me to order yours too?"  I asked as I began typing in my billing info.

"Nah, it's alright, I'll by mine right after you."  Alex shrugged and stared down absentmindedly at his debit card until I finished.

"You're up," I said, handing him my laptop and returned my attention to the TV.  Alex had flipped over to Comedy Central, which was airing the first 20 minutes of "Forgetting Sara Marshall."

"FUCK!"  Alex roared.

"What?" I spun from the TV to see my friend's face red with anger.

"They're sold out!"

"No, how could they, I just bought mine!"  I shouted mutual outrage.

"Well, I guess that means you got the last one."  He muttered angrily, taking on the appearance of a pouting child as he shoved the laptop back in my hands.  "You didn't even know about Bon Iver until I told you."

"I know buddy, I'm sorry, that really sucks… if only you'd let me buy your ticket with mine-"

"Yeah, I know, but I don't want to hear that right now."  Alex grumbled testily.

"Maybe we could find a scalper…"

"Not likely.  The concert's in a couple of days."  Alex said, the anger already beginning to drain from his face.  "Ughhhh, this fucking blows!"

"I'm sorry man, I wish there was something I could do."  I said at last.

Alex looked up at me.  "You could let me buy your ticket off you.  No point for you to go see a band you don't even know all by yourself." 

He was right.  The truth is, I wasn't interested in going to the Bon Iver concert in the first place, let alone without Alex - but I sensed that if I was careful, I could use this situation to benefit both of us. 

I stalled for a minute, hemming a hawing as if I was deliberating the merits of his proposal.  Once I stretched that out for as long as I believably could, I told Alex I was reluctant to give up my seat.  After all, he'd talked the group up so much, now my interest was peaked.  To that, he countered that he'd pay me $20 more than I'd payed for my ticket.

Alex drove on with his pitch.  "Come on man, the tickets only cost you $45, I'm going to give you $60." 

"That's only $15 more than I paid."  I winked.  "But it's not just the money.  I haven't gone out to a concert in ages!

Alex sighed.  "We can go see anyone else you want, but this…"

"I don't know," I continued, "you really got me excited to see them…. so if I'm going to hand these over, I'm going to want something better than your $15."

"What then?"

"Well, I'm guessing a scalper would probably charge you double  or even more the day of the concert, so…."


I scratched my chin.  "It's just,  know money's pretty tight for you at the moment, but I might be willing to hand them over in a trade."

Alex cocked his head to the side. "A trade?" 

"Yeah," I nodded.  "Hmmm, tell you what, I'll give you my ticket - for free, the very last one in fact - so long as you meet my one condition.


I chuckled.  I could see that I was annoying him, so I decided to come straight out with it.  "I want to kick you in the nuts."

Alex did a double take.  "HUH?????"

"You heard.  Those two dangly things between your legs, I want to make them acquainted with my foot." I said as sincerely as I could possibly sound.

"Fuck no, are you serious?  What the hell man, why do you want to kick me in the balls?"

I shook my head.  "It doesn't matter why, those are just my conditions."

"Sick bastard…" he huffed under his breath, but despite his rebuff, I could tell that he hadn't dismissed my proposal completely out of hand.

There was a long period of silence between the two of us, until finally Alex broke the ice and asked, "One kick in the nuts, and I get your ticket, free and clear?"

I smiled back at him.  "Almost.  I want three."

"THREE!?!?!?  Fuck you man!"

I shrugged.

"No way am I letting you kick me in the balls more than once man, NO WAY!"

"Ok fine, no big deal.  I guess I'll be busy Thursday night."

I felt a pang of guilt from the mixture of shock and sadness that masked my friend's face.

"Come on man, please, just let me buy them off you."

I breathed in slowly and shook my head.  For a moment I nearly broke - I mean seriously, how could I even think suggesting this was a good idea?

Luckily for me, it turned out that I was made made of sterner stuff and I managed to shake my head once again.  "Nope.  I'm sorry man, you know my price."

I could tell Alex was annoyed at me for taking such a hard line and we ended up not talking any more about it any more that night or even the day after. The truth is I would give him the tickets before I ever accepted any money, but if I could get him to concede and get the opportunity to bust his balls, I was taking it.  I'd taken plenty of swings as Alex's gonads in the past, but most of them had been light or barely glancing. 

This was my chance to get him good and I wasn't going to pass it up!  Before long, I began looking at our situation as a waiting game, and I had a feeling Alex would fold before I did.

As it turned out, my speculations were proven right when Alex blinked first!!!

I got a call from from him late thursday afternoon with just a few hours before the concert and asked me one more time if I was still serious about my terms, (to which I of course said I was).  He still seemed put out by my insistence, but eventually he told me to go to his place before the concert with tickets in hand.

When I got to Alex's apartment, I let myself in the back door and found him pacing in the hallway.

"Hey." I said when I saw him standing in the doorway waiting for me.  It was almost impossible for me to hide the joy and anticipation of what was to come.

"Hey," he replied quietly.  Clearly he wasn't looking forward to our transaction nearly as much as I was.

I leaned against the wall and listened to the silence before determining that both his roommates were out of the flat, which meant that we were alone.

"So," I said after a long pause, "you ready to do this or what?"

"I really just can't pay you for the ticket?"

I shook my head.

Alex let out a sigh.  "Fine, whatever you sick fuck, lets get this over with."

I chuckled.  Normally I would have balked at that sort of rebuke, but I let the comment slide off my back.  After all, it was coming from a stud who was coming to terms with the idea that he was about to get his nuts rocked… thrice.

"Where do you want to do this?"  I asked as I fell in to step behind Alex and followed him down the hall.

"Back in here,"  he said as he stepped in to his bedroom.  "I don't want my roommates walking in on this."

I smiled at how naughty it would be if we were caught.

"Come on, shut the door behind you.  I want to get this over with - I'll need time to ice my nuts down before the show."  He said, his hands already placed protectively over the neatly tucked bulge in his jeans.  I stared at that bulge and felt a boost of adrenaline as I imaged what it'd feel like to smash it with my kicks.

I grinned as the thought flashed through my mind and nodded.

"Maybe you should stand in front of the bed, you know, incase you fall backwards."  I suggested a bit too cheerily for Alex's taste. 

He scowled back at me and stood where I indicated.

"Alright, perfect - and one last thing, would you mind taking your pants off? I'd like to see what I'm aiming for."

"Fuck you!" Alex glowered at me.  "I'm not getting naked, this is already so fucking gay."

"You're wearing underwear, aren't you?  I don't want to see your cock or anything, I just want to be able to see my target - or should I say, 'targets'".

"No."  Alex shook his head sternly.  "Either we do with my pants on, or not at all."

We stared at each other for several long moments.

"Fine, then not at all."  I shrugged, turning back out the door.

I heard Alex huff behind my back.

"Wait, fine… alright?"

I made sure to wipe the huge smile off my face before I turned back around to see Alex unzipping his fly and pealing off his designer jeans.  His underwear turned out to be a pair of cute banana-yellow American Eagle boxer-briefs.  They looked new and expensive - and clung to every bump and bulge of muscle and flesh on his body. 

My eyes shot straight for Alex's bulge, and I was suddenly transfixed.  It wasn't the size of it, which was more than adequate, but the perfect shape of the outline of his soft dick and plum-shaped balls made from being cupped in the cotton pouch.  In that moment I was so glad that I'd pushed for him to do this in his undies, I could have done a cartwheel.

Alex left his shirt on and shifted his stance left to right as he pulled down his underwear and repositioned his junk, which appeared to have gotten wedged back in the gap between his thighs.  When he was done, his manhood was put in an even more prominent position, jutting out towards me in an even more impressive sight.

"So are you going to stand there and whack off, or are we going to do this?"  He asked impatiently.

"Oh no, we're doing this."  I replied jovially.  "As soon as you spread your legs, we can get started.

Alex rolled his eyes and lout out another huff and widened his stance by about a foot. 

"I can't believe this is happening."  He muttered under his breath.  "i hope you're happy."

"Not yet, but check back in a minute."  I said with a wink.  "Ready?"

Alex's nod was nearly imperceptible.

"Ok, here it goes -"  I said, arching back my leg, I swung by foot forward and let it fly right toward my young hunky friend's sac. 

In that very moment, it suddenly occurred to me that I should have taken my time to take better aim for Alex's gonads - after all, how many more occasions would I get to bust his balls like this?  And I hadn't even thought to bring a camera to record this, how stupid of me!  I should have come more prepared…

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the feel of my socking-clad foot crashing into Alex's soft package with an incredibly loud THUD.  The impact was jarring, though I'll admit, not nearly as much as it was for Alex.  It almost didn't feel real as I watched his two, perfectly shaped testicles flatten out - as if in slow motion - as they squished against his groin.

Alex yodeled in pain and his knees came rushing together as he slipped down to the floor, coddling his busted balls.

"Awwwww, you fuck…. I'm not going to be able to have children now, thanks to you."  Alex whined as he gently palpitated the fleshy mound that had once contained his gonads.

"Take it easy, you'll be fine."  I waved my hands dismissively.  "I'll even give you a couple of minutes to recuperate before the next kick."

"No way, I'm done.  I can't take another hit like that, you practically neutered me!"

"Don't be such a baby!"  I chided him.

"Screw you, I'm done."  Alex said, rolling on to his back.  "Ahhhh fuck my balls…."

I could feel my erection press against my thigh as I watched my studly buddy cup his shattered nuts.

"If you let me take a quick look to check on them, we can count that as the second kick?"  I suggested.

"Hell now, I'm not letting you anywhere near my nuts.  You'd probably try to pop them if you got your hands on them!"

"No man, I'm not looking to de-nut you or anything, I just want to make sure you're ok." I responded genuinely.

"Forget it."  Alex replied firmly.

"Well then, if that's the case - I believe you owe me two more kicks…"

Alex coughed and his body shook as the fit ran it's course.

"No please, I can't…"  Alex whimpered like a wounded puppy.  He seemed so vulnerable in that moment and I felt myself being pulled in two directions - one to help take care of him, and the other to press on and continue to pound his nuggets in to paste.

Unfortunately for my friend, it was the latter choice that finally one out.

Alex gently moaned as I pulled him back on his feet.  "I'm not going to do it, seriously, I'm done."  Alex groaned as I tried to force his legs apart.

"Enough man, quit it!  I'm not going to let you bust my-"

Alex's protest was suddenly cut short when I drove my knee between his thighs.  I suppose he'd been expecting another kick, and wasn't prepared for an attack on his manhood in such close corders.  Luckily for him, my aim was off and I only grazed his balls, but it was enough contact for him to take notice.

"Ok, ok… shit… that's enough now!"  Alex cried, but I was to close to stop now.  Without missing a beat, I took aim and hammered my kneecap into Alex's yellow pouch.  This time the connection was solid and I smashed his gonads dead-on, ramming Alex's poor baby-makers all the way back into his pelvis.

"FUCK!!!!"  Alex roared, teetering back on the bed and landing in a fetal position.  "Ohhhhh, you crushed them right in to my gouch!!!!!"

I watched with pure delight as Alex's taught, muscly body quivered in the aftermath of the havoc my knee had visited upon his manhood.  Alex coughed hard as he tried to regain control over himself. 

"That's it, you shattered my balls.  I hope you're happy!"  Alex spat, his words were practically dripping with venom.  "I hope this is worth it, now that you've made me a eunuch!"

I chuckled and shook my head.  From where I was standing, Alex's precious plums weren't only intact, but swollen to an even more impressive size.

"You're fine.  Check and see for yourself if you don't believe me."

Alex grunted and shoved a hand down the front of his boxers and cupped his balls, rolling the contents of his bruised scrotum between his fingers until he was convinced that both jewels were still present and intact.

"FUCK man."

I nodded.  "Yeah, I got you pretty good that time.  You held up to it really well, I'm proud of you."

"Fuck you, and fuck your FUCKING PRIDE!"  Alex shot back, still cupping his nuts.

"Yeah, I know I deserve that." I said with a shrug.  "Here, let me help you up."

"Forget it, I can get up on my own, just give me a minute."  Alex muttered.

"I know, and I'm sorry - but look at the bright side, you'll be going to Bon Iver tonight."  I said, holding out the e-ticket I'd purchased just a few days ago - the single piece of paper that had set all this in motion several days before.

Alex shot me a scowl and pulled his hands out of his shorts to grab the ticket leaving himself open and the sight of that big, juicy pouch of his just hanging out and exposed was too much to resist. 

I pulled back the ticket just out of Alex's reach.  I could see that it annoyed him as he made a move to snatch it out of my hand.  At the same time, my right arm was already drawn back, and poised to strike.  Then, like a thunderbolt raining down from the sky, my closed fist  plowed in to Alex's tightly-packed ballsac, dividing the twin orbs right down the center and bashing into them like like a battering ram.

Alex screamed like a wild beast as his nuts suffered a critical strike and with the added affect of being crunched for the third and final time, he immediately fell in to what appeared to be an almost catatonic state.

I was so turned on, that after I initially checked to make sure he was ok, I immediately excused myself to the rest room where I shot the fastest load of my life.  When I returned, Alex was on his side, the only sound he made was the occasional moan.

I stuck around for over an hour, just to make sure that he really was alright.  When he finally could speak again, I expected him to curse me out or tell me to get the fuck out.  Instead, he simply put his pants back on and changed his shirt for the concert.

The longer he didn't speak, the more guilty I began to feel.  I asked him if I could get him some ice, but he said he was fine.  It turned out to be all he said, but the mere fact that he was actually still talking to me meant that things between us would probably go back to where they had been… at least, as soon as the swelling in his pants went down.

When he was ready to go, I offered Alex a ride to the concert, but he said he'd take the bus.  Then we bumped fists in our customary way when we parted, and I watched from the back porch as Alex walked down the sidewalk and out of view.  It would have gone unnoticed by anyone else on the street that night, but I'm convinced I detected a slight limp in his gait. 

The thought of Alex plodding his way across town to the Bon Iver concert with a sore set of nuts I gave him was  all the incentive I needed to go back inside and use the bathroom and deposited one final load before heading out.  I still felt a bit guilty, but it was slowly giving way and by the time I left the apartment, my nuts were drained and aching too - though, I was sure the ache Alex was experiencing was far more severe. 

I made a mental note to check the next venue coming to town when I got home later that evening.  I hoped it was someone else Alex might want to see.  Who knows, scalping tickets for ball busting payments might become a new business model?  Move over Ticketmaster, here I cum!

 - I picked this pic because the guy's cute and is wearing a hot pair of American Eagle Boxer-Briefs that I know Alex also happens to own. Nice to see it packages the junk together so nicely ;-) -

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busting Alex: Midweek Drinks

 - This story is NOT a work of fiction.  It's based on REAL EVENTS from my life and are actually about 99% TRUE as it happened! I hope you enjoy :-) -


I had been looking forward to Tuesday night all week.  A case of good Belgian beer, a couple of movies and a completely free evening on a week night with my hot friend Alex all to myself meant life couldn't get any better. 

Alex and I had been hanging out a lot lately and in the process, we'd been having a lot of fun - and though I got plenty of chances to scope out his nice, ample package it'd been ages since I'd had the chance to bust him. 

The last time I tried hadn't gone all that well over a month back.  We had had a few beers that night too, and the spirits gave me just the added liquid courage I needed to make a move - but when it came, Alex managed to deflect the majority of the backhand I had intended to his big, fertile sperm-tanks.  Unfortunately, the booze had inhibited my judgement as well, and instead of simply moving on, I doubled down and attempted to grab Alex by his balls!  Well, needless to say that didn't end well.  There was a struggle for possession over his marbles, which he eventually won, and I got two solid punches aimed at my balls for my troubles.  What was worse, Alex was pissed and told me stop hitting him in the balls, or else. 

He didn't specify what he meant, but I got the picture - Alex's gonads were no longer acceptable targets.  It made me sad, but I understood where he was coming from and apologized - and since that night, there hadn't been a ball busting altercation between the two of us since - at least that is, until last night.

Before we had even opened our first beer, I'd decided that this was the night I was going to try to bust Alex, and since the last time hadn't gone so well, I was going to make sure that if I was going to risk incurring Alex's wrath, I was going to make it count! 

What I really wanted was another chance to get my hands on his balls and give his two boys a nice, hard squeeze - but how could I pull that off?  You can't just walk up to a guy and grab his nuts… not unless you re-directed his attention… I thought about this for a while and finally came up with a plan.  At some point in the night I'd put my arm around Alex and tell him that he was a great friend, in fact, one of the best, and that I hoped he'd understand that what was about to happen didn't diminish that fact one bit - followed by my other hand swooping down between his thickly muscled thighs and clomping my hand around his big, beefy balls, giving them a nice, hard squeeze until he cried, or fainted, or lost all control and creamed right in his pants for me. 

At the time, it seemed like a good plan and I proceeded with the evening waiting for just the right moment to set my friend up for the 1-2-3 (hug, smack, grind) combo, but as the night wore on and we continued to drink, I felt my confidence slip bit by bit along with my sobriety.  Several hours later, we'd managed to finish all the high-priced beer I'd brought and I still hadn't managed to close the deal on Alex's nuts.  Time was now my enemy, and I was beginning to panic.  It got even worse when Alex pointed out that it was late, and we should probably turn in for the night, considering we both had work in the morning.  I knew that meant that if I wanted to get a chance to crack my hunky friend's nuts, it had to be then.

When I finally got up from my chair, I felt the room spin around me a bit as the alcohol levels in my blood came to hit their climax and I decided to play that up, making it clear to Alex that I was really quite drunk.  When I asked, he said that he was pretty drunk too, though he wasn't entirely smashed.  Together, we unrolled a sleeping bag on the floor where Alex intended to spend the night, and we stopped to say good night.

'This is it!' My mind screamed, 'you're going to blow it!!!!  Do something!!!!'

Alex held out his fist for me to bump, something we usually did when we parted ways, and I indulged him, but followed it up with a hug.

"I love you man,"  I said awkwardly.

I couldn't see Alex's face, but I assume he was grinning at me.  "You're really drunk, huh?"

"Yeah,"  I exaggerated.  My heart was thumping with adrenaline and my dick was hardening at the prospect of being so close to my target.

Alex chuckled, "I love you too."

"Yeah?"  I asked, genuinely touched.

"Sure, you drunk bum."  Alex laughed, clearly buzzing himself.

I let go of his shoulder and took half a step back.  "Well then, I'm really sorry about this…"

I could see from the confusion on Alex's face that he had no idea what I meant as I quickly whipped the back of my hand deep in to his groin.  The impact with cloth and soft, warm flesh was exquisite as I felt my hot friend's package get smashed with my hand and I followed up by pressing his junk back deep with the back of my fingers. 

"Uggnnnnnnnhhhhhhh,"  Alex groaned and bent forward.  "I should have seen that coming."

I laughed and nodded, though I didn't say anything.

Then a few seconds later as the ball ache made it's way up in to his stomach, Alex curled over on to the floor. 

"OOooooowww, there it is.  You really got them good," he croaked.

I just kept laughing, while the tension in my pants continued to build.

"Why'd you do that?  I was being nice!"  Alex groaned as he tried and failed to alleviate the pain.

"I know, I'm really sorry… you know what happens when you give me too much alcohol…"  I chuckled.

"Yeah, but you're the one who brought the beer!"

"Oh right, good point."  I said with a smirk… "I'm sorry, it's just really funny."

"No, it mostly just hurts like a bitch."  Alex grunted.

"I know, just hold on a sec…"

I'm not proud of what I was about to do next, but at the moment, it seemed like a fantastic idea.  Alex was lying on his back on top of the sleeping bag and looking up at me with his arms above his head and his knees drawn up - but his legs were left open and his perfectly shaped package was just hanging out and exposed. 

I'd like to believe what I eventually told him later on had been true - that in my drunken state I'd thought it would have been funny to leave my foot poised over his balls and pretend to stomp down on it to make him nervous - but the truth is - in that moment when I saw his exposed groin, my better angels were shouted down.  The thought hadn't even taken a full second to process, and the moment I saw an opportunity to stomp Alex's sexy boy bulge, I took it, forsaking everything in that moment (including our friendship) to squish his big, fat package.

Alex (and his balls) never had a chance.  My foot was bearing down on them before he even got a chance to react, and by the time he brought his arms back from behind his leg to reach for his groin, I'd already managed to grind his soft, squishy, meaty balls against the bottom of my socking-clad foot for a couple of seconds.  The fact that his legs were spread the way he did only made it worse, because it left no where for his boys to go while my foot dug into his groin like I was trying to put out a cigaret butt

Needless to say, the immediate effects of my ill-fated decision was a lot of moaning and cursing as Alex folded up in to an even tighter ball on the floor.  Watching him, I couldn't help but have my excitement tamped by the obvious agony I'd inflicted and I immediately felt guilty for my actions.

I tried apologizing, for which Alex did not initially accept.  He pointed out (quiet correctly) that if I was sorry, I wouldn't keep hitting him in the sac.  Of course, I didn't have much I could say in my defense, other than restate how sorry I was.  Eventually (I'm assuming somewhere around the point where the throbbing in his pants died down to a gentle roar), Alex accepted my apology, but by then my guilt was in full swing, and I apologized for my thoughtless action several more times before we turned in.

By the time I left him, Alex appeared to be back in good spirits, but that didn't stop me from bringing it up the next morning and apologizing once more.  Enough time appeared to have pass to pass that Alex took it well, and even made a joke about me stomping his sac.  I guess it was a first time for both of us, for him - getting his nuts squished under another guy's foot, and me - getting to do the squishing.

Even now I'm a bit conflicted about my actions that night, but still... what's done is done.  I suppose there's no point in having had Alex suffer without getting something good out of it, which is why I decided to share this little story with you fine people.  Will I ever get up the nerve to bust Alex again?  Who knows, only time will tell - but should that happen, rest assured you'll get to hear about it here!

- Here is a great side profile of Alex, which gives you just a hint of his package and what he's packing.... Mmmmm -

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun and Fantasies with Friends: Blue Balls for Alex

This is the first installment of a new series I've aptly named, Fun and Fantasies with Friends!  All the stories in this series are works of fiction, but they are based on real people from my life!  Keep in mind that the names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the plots are based on my conversations, interactions, and fantasies with two great guys, Justin and Alex.

Getting us kicked off is a story featuring Alex, which was inspired by a conversation we had about something that many of us have experienced first hand, the dreaded case of "blue balls."  Of course, I've taken a fair amount of creative license with this and added a whole lot of ball busting.  Keep in mind, this story has both F/M and M/M ball busting, and also includes a scene with straight sex between Alex and his girlfriend.  I hope you enjoy it!


Alex rolled over on to his back, listening to the silence save the rustling of his bed sheets and let his eyes adjust to the bright rays of light streaming through the curtains.  He'd woken up early that day.  Though he'd taken the day off from work, he had plenty of things to keep him busy - most of which was centered around cleaning up the apartment before Lauren arrived in the afternoon.

Alex stretched his thickly muscled arms and slid his hand down his rippled abs, grabbing the hard lump that rising to meet him.  It had been more than two days since he'd last allowed himself to jerk off, which meant that today's morning wood was particularly stiff, but he was saving himself for Lauren later that night and he wanted to make sure he was fully loaded.

Alex allowed himself allowed himself a couple more tugs on his hardened dick before finally managing to drag himself out of bed and went to the bathroom.  Peeing was a little tricky while sporting an erection, but he managed to get most of it in the bowl without hitting the seat and cleaned up the rest before flushing.

When he stepped out in the living room, he found his flatmate Will watching TV while  eating a bowl of cereal.

"Hey."  Alex offered, unenthusiastically, still wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey."  Will replied in kind.

They watched the sports recap on the local news in silence.

When it was over, Alex shrugged.  "So, you go home with that skank you picked up at the bar last night?"

Will grinned.  "Maybe."

Alex chuckled.  Man, this girl was ugly - even worse than the chicks Will usually hooked up with.

"Did you at least ask her to shave before you let her suck your cock?"

Will's grin melted and he stared back at Alex for several long seconds, appearing to decide just how to respond.

Then suddenly, his hand came whipping through the air and caught Alex square in the crotch, crunching the tender nuggets inside his soft pajama bottoms that were still warm from the previous night's sleep.

Alex's face withered in to a scowl and he coughed as he reached for his damaged gonads.

"At least I got some."  Will replied, turning back to the TV screen and disregarding Alex's whimpering.

The two sat in silence again while WIll finished his bowl of cereal and Alex rubbed his package.

"I've got to run.  They want me in before 8:00 today."  WIll said when he was done.

"Alright dude, see you later."  Alex replied, his eyes locked on the TV.

"Lauren's still coming today, right?"  Will asked, almost as an afterthought.

"Yeah, after 3:00."  Alex said, still staring ahead.

"Good, well make sure you give her my regards."

Alex raised his eyebrows, a confused expression on his face. "Uh, for what?"

Will grinned.  "For doing this…"

Half a second later, Will's cereal spoon was flying between Alex's spread legs and made a loud CRACK as it thudded into Alex's fruit basket.  He couldn't have aimed better, considering the open side of the spoon clopped right in to Alex's right testicle.

"aaawwWWWWUUUUUuuuuggghhhhh!" Alex choked and gagged as Will snickered.

Alex folded up on the couch in the fetal position and buried his head deep in to the pillows.  "You dick,"  he mumbled as he punched the fabric a couple of times before simply melting in to a pile of quivering muscle.

Will's smile was split ear to ear.  "Have a great day man!"

There was little chance of that for Alex, considering that he'd already been hit square in the nuts twice and he was only 15 minutes into the day.

He remained crumpled in a ball and miserably nursing his nuts while he heard Will head in to the kitchen and then walk out the back door.  He was still in the same position an hour later when he decided that he couldn't wait for the pain between his legs to subside any further, and decided to start with house chores.  It was tough going, and every bump and jostle only seemed to reactivate the throbbing in his gonads, but somehow he powered through.

Alex spent the rest of the morning tidying up the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher and then filling it with a new load of dirty dishes that had piled up in the sink.  Then he moved on to the laundry room to confront a pile of clothes that had been left in a heap on top of the drier.  The room was dark, save for the light that filtered in from the kitchen.   Though the single 60 Watt bulb that hung above in the ceiling had died more than three weeks ago, no one had thought to replace it just yet.

Alex grumbled to himself about his useless roommates as he bent down to organize the menagerie of various detergent and softener bottles - many of which were empty - and by the time he'd finished, he managed to double the open floor space.  It still wasn't great, but it was an improvement.

With a few angry kicks, he pushed the rest of the debris back in to a far corner and turned his attention back to the clothes on top of the drier when he felt the odd sensation of something long and hard under his foot.  Then a moment later, there was a flash of movement out from the corner of his eye as an object came swinging up out of the darkness that was hurdling straight between his legs.

Alex cried out in surprise, blocking the strike before it could find it's mark and yanked the thing in to the light to discovered the object to be a wooden handle to a broom that he'd inadvertently stepped on.

He let out a sigh relief, though his heart was pumping inside his chest like a runaway locomotive.  He still hadn't managed to completely dislodge the horrible sting from his nuts thanks to Will's well-placed spoon strike, so getting nutted by a broom was just more then he thought he could bear.  Thankfully, his reflexes had kicked-in, in time to save… this time.

Alex shoved the handle aside, allowing it to fall harmlessly to the floor and scooped up the pile of clothing in his big beefy arms - but this task turned out to be more difficult then he expected.  There was just too much to hold on to, and he kept losing pieces.  A stray sock here, a pair of shorts there.

On the third attempt he managed to rearrange things enough to the point that he was able to take everything at once and pivoted toward the door.  Perhaps if the clothes hadn't been piled so high he might have noticed the recently discarded broom strewn across his path, but sadly for Alex, he missed it.

He was just a couple of steps from reaching the doorway, Alex's foot hit the edge of the broom head and sent the handle flying back up. It only took his mind a fraction of a second to determine what it was, but before he could do anything to avoid it, the end of the broom handle came back up, rocketing between his legs and smashing in to his already bruised baby-makers with a deep, hollow THUD.

What can only be described as a death-rattle eked from between Alex's lips as all the clothes in his arms slipped through his fingers and he dropped to his knees.  His hands searched for site of impact - a very sore set of nuts that already felt like they were beginning to swell.

"Fuck me," he howled, his blood boiling with anger - at himself for being stupid, and at the inanimate broom that had caused him a fresh dose of misery.

Alex toppled down on the floor, oblivious to all but searing pain in his testicles.  Luckily for him, the pile of clothes below him absorbed the majority of the fall, but they provided little comfort compared to the far-overreaching discomfort that was spilling from his throbbing nutsac and spilling out in to his abdomen.  He stayed down on the floor for quite a while, doing all he could to avoid all contact between his balls and the rest of the world.  Then, when enough time passed, he pulled down his pajamas and boxer shorts and peered in to view the wreckage.  Even with the poor light, he could tell that his scrotum was redder than normal and blotchy from the multiple point of impacts he'd sustained.  The good news was that his balls appeared to at least look the same, their size and shape appeared normal, but they felt a lot tighter and a hell of a lot more tender then they ever did before.

Alex stayed put on the floor for a long time, still groaning from time to time, until he finally felt well enough to drag himself back to his feet.  Even then he just managed to handle the trauma his super-sensitive sac was subjected to, getting jostled around between his legs simply in his attempt to stand back up.  Considering how tender everything bellow the waste still felt, Alex decided to hold off on cleaning any more and took a long, warm shower.  The heat seemed to help, allowing the knots in his muscles to unwind and the tightness in his gonads to loosen just a bit.

After the shower, Alex carefully dried himself off, making sure to avoid any quick motion that might result in any bouncing, and pulled on a pair of boxer-briefs.  Alex never particularly cared for the way the tight-fitting underwear had a habit of pulling his balls up into the notch between his thighs, but at least they gave his boys some support and hopefully, keep them out of trouble!  Then he eased in to a pair of shorts and t-shirt and got back to his chores.

With most of the day shot, Alex's regimen of cleaning was more akin to damage control, but somehow he still managed to make the place look passable by the time Lauren arrived. He greeted her with a kiss, that quickly devolved in to a ten minute make out session that ended on the couch and left them both looking a little flushed.

Alex wanted to take things further, but they had dinner reservations at 6:00 pm and would have to postpone anything further until after that.  It made sense, but that didn't stop Alex from feeling frustrated at the minor delay.  Instead, he decided to defuse some of his pent up energy by bringing her bags in from the car, and then he took Lauren out back and showed her the new hammock he'd set up at the edge of the property.

"It's really relaxing.  Sometimes I bring a book out here, but most of the time I just end up falling asleep."  Alex said, demonstrating the comfort of the hammock by hopping in.  The strong nylon fabric stretched to encapsulate his body between the two tall cedars it hung between. "You should try it."

"I don't know, it looks a little unstable."  Lauren said, timidly.

"No babe, it's built for two.  Come on, you can come in."  Alex replied reassuringly.

"Are you sure, it feels like the whole thing is going to flip over."  Lauren said as she pressed the edge of the hammock.

"Yes, I'm sure."  Alex replied, not quiet capable of masking the annoyance in his voice.  "Trust me," he added in a softer tone.

A bit wobbly, Lauren lifted one leg up to the hammock while the other teetered over the ground.  The jerky movement caused everything to shake and tilt.

Lauren felt herself begin to lose balance as her foot left the ground and she let out a shriek as she felt herself falling backward. It was a short fall, but instinctively her hands grasped for something solid to hold on to.  It was a natural reaction, but sadly for Alex, that attachment point that Lauren found purchase on, turned out to be his groin.

Alex's eyes widened into saucers and crossed in toward each other as his girlfriend's flailing hand dug in to his crotch with the fear and fervor of a drowning victim clawing on to the first fist-full of solid ground. Not only had she managed to grab both his dick and his balls, all 120 pounds of her appeared to be pressing down on to his manhood as she fought to right herself.

She was too scared to notice the grim look on her boyfriend's face and was completely oblivious of her contribution in drastically reducing his sperm count.  Even when she finally did, It took too many painful seconds for her to realize what was happening - that the reason Alex's entire body had suddenly gone rigid was because she had a death lock on his love spuds and she was squishing the life out them… slowly.

"Oh my God, Alex!  I'm so sorry!"  Lauren cried, immediately releasing her hold on him but it was already too late.  His balls were throbbing.

Alex's legs folded up tightly and he let out a low, guttural moan that sounded like something that would come out of a dying animal, drawn all the way up from the base of his toes.

Lauren tried help as best she could.  She offered to get a bag of ice, or even to try to give Alex's bruised gonads a gentle massage, but Alex chose to stay where he was until the world around him stopped spinning.

When it finally did, Alex managed to climb back out of the hammock and gave Lauren a reassuring hug.  She felt awful and had apologized over a dozen times, though Alex doubted she felt any worse than him.  After all, he was the one with the busted balls, not her… but there was no point in arguing it and simply agreed.

From there, they decided to scrap their reservations and go to dinner early, which actually ended up going off without a hitch.  When they arrived at the restaurant and were seated right away and once they ordered, the food came out quickly.  Best of all, Alex made it through the entire meal without exposing his testicles to any further abuse.  To be fair, the only time he was in any danger was when the waitress accidentally spilled half a carafe of coffee on the table, but Alex managed to move fast enough to prevent the scolding hot liquid from crashing in to his lap.

By the time they made it back to his apartment, Alex was feeling even better, and with the proximity of his girlfriend who he hadn't seen in three weeks just within striking distance of his bed, his horniness finally overtook the last traces of discomfort in his loins and he decided to go for it.

Alex threw Lauren down on the bed and gently straddled her, bending down to kiss her soft, pink lips.  Her kiss back was strong, and equally filled with desire.  They spent the next minute ripping each other's clothes off, in some cases several pieces at a time, until they were naked and both chests were heaving with excitement.  Alex's cock was already hard, and pointing straight at Lauren like a torpedo ready to sink her battle ship.

With Alex kneeling on the bed and facing the head board, Lauren scooted down between his open thighs until her face was just a few inches away from his thick rod.

"I've been thinking about this all day."  Lauren said in a sultry voice as she kissed the head of his dick and licked at the light trickle of precum that she found there.

Alex closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.  He'd been thinking the same thing…

"Mmmm, you taste good."  Lauren grinned as she worked the end of his shaft.

She loved her boyfriend's body.  Of course, it helped that he was ripped like a 5'8" adonis, with muscles flexing from neck to calfs to buttocks.  There wasn't an ounce of visible fat on his naturally hairless body, which made his generously sized manhood look even bigger.  When you threw in his boyish good looks in to the picture, what you had was a knockout.

Alex could tell from the way Lauren was fawning over him that she was really getting in to it, which only made him feel hornier.  He wanted to fuck her so bad, he knew that if he wasn't careful he might split her straight down the middle with his dick.

The thought excited him, but he was instantly snapped back and let out a croak as he felt Lauren's fingers close around his nutsac, ushering back the sore, achy sensation he'd suffered from all day.

"Careful, I got hit in the nuts today."  Alex gasped, barely able to handle the light grasp Lauren had on his testicles without crying.

"I know, I'm really sorry about that, but I'm going to make it up to you…"

Alex shook his head. "No, I mean before that even.  That wasn't the first time."

"Ohhh, poor baby,"  Lauren replied without a hint of mockery as she rolled his fragile nads between her fingers.  They felt impossibly soft and vulnerable, which was made more sexy by the contrast by the rest of his thickly muscled body. "We'll just have to be extra careful with them, won't we?"

Lauren didn't wait for an answer, and Alex watched as his dick slipped in to her mouth and disappeared again.  By the time he felt her soft, delicate tongue massage the sensitive underside of his cock, he forgot about his balls completely and was filled with another healthy dose of lust.

"I want to have sex with you right now."  He said, hardly capable of speech.

"Ok."  Lauren whispered back as she felt Alex's arms pull her in close.

It seemed like they were at it for hours, pumping and thrusting in the throws of passion as their young, taught, beautiful bodies entwined around each other.

Lauren liked sex just as much as Alex, and it made it even better that he was good at it.  By the 60 minute mark, Alex had already gotten Lauren to climax twice and he was half way to making it a third, but the experience hadn't nearly been as satisfying for him.  He was still hard and leaking precum like a water fountain, but  there hadn't been a single ejaculation in sight.

Alex was used to being able to last for a long time, but he'd never gone this long without cumming, and to be honest, it was all starting to take a toll on him.  His muscles were tightening and beginning to cramp, his dick was beginning to feel raw and tender, and his nuts felt so constricted and tight he actually stopped mid-fuck to make sure Lauren's hand weren't wrapped around them.

"Babe, I don't know how much longer I can keep going."  Alex said at one point, though he was still managing to keep up with Lauren's rhythm and tempo.

"Just another minute, I'm so close."  Lauren murmured.

"That'll be your third, but I haven't even gotten one!"  Alex replied indignantly.

"I promise I'll focus on you in a minute, just another… minute… hold on… aaaaa…….aaaaaa……..aaaahhhhhHHHHHHHHH!"

Alex knew the tell tale sign of his girl friend's orgasms and simply kept pounding her until her moaning subsided and they were both gasping for air.

"That was amazing."  She said, reaching up to kiss Alex on the mouth.  "Now, you come down here and we'll see if we can get you to come join the party."

Alex allowed himself to be pulled down on to the bed and Lauren to straddle him.  "Babe, I don't think I can do this any more.  It's been a long time and things are a little tender."

"No problem, I know just how to fix that!"  Lauren replied cheerily and hopped down on to his knees, and bending down in close so that he could feel her breath on his manhood.  Then she slowly pulled off his condom and lowered her face down on his cock.

Alex let out a loud moan, but unlike the many times earlier that day, this was from pleasure, not pain.  A few short, blissful minutes later, his dick felt like it was made of iron and point up at the ceiling, but still there wasn't a drop of cum.

"What's wrong?"  Lauren asked finally.

"I don't know."  Alex shook his head, "but my balls really hurt now."

Lauren could see that her boyfriend's nuts were taught and lifted up against the base of his dick, just how they normally looked when he was about to bust his nut, but they were a bit darker than normal, perhaps sliding towards a shade of purple, and they looked tender.

"Ohhh, I think these are blue-balls."  Lauren said as she gently lifted the juicy orbs and cupped them in her hand.  "See, you can tell by the color."

Alex nodded slightly. "Oh, great," he grunted as he gingerly grabbed at his constricted gonads.

"It's alright, we can fix this!  I have an idea, but you'll have to trust me."  Lauren pressed.

Alex regarded her with scrutiny.  Then he nodded his head again, "I do."

"Alright, then lay back and get ready to have your world rocked!"  Lauren giggled as she bent down and then scooped not just his left, but his right nut and plopped them into her mouth before Alex could say another word.

Alex's mouth shot open as his brain was hammered with a wave of nausea.  Lauren's mouth was too small, and his balls were too big for them to be sharing the same space, but after a moment his anxiety began to drop as his girlfriend began working her magic.  Despite the cramped conditions, the overall effect was enjoyable and the subtle motions she made with her tongue against the soft, spongy orbs quickly sent Alex to new heights.  At some point she began stroking his cock too, slowly and gently at first, but gradually picking up in pace until the steady beat seemed to match his racing heart rate, and suddenly Alex felt like his loins might explode at any moment.

"Ughhhhhhhhh,"  Alex moaned, a sound mixed with relief and pleasure as he felt Lauren's lips and hands work him in to a frenzy that drove him wild.

Alex was just starting to experience the familiar sensation that preceded all of his orgasms - the feeling of being lifted to great heights only to be plunged back down with the release of the first fat wad of cum.  Of course, after having had his balls busted as frequently as he had in the lead-up to this point, the tightness in his nuts only seemed to intensify as he got closer to orgasming to the point of distraction.  He began to wonder what would happen when he finally did get to cum, but then at this point, a release in any form would be preferable to the constant build-up.  It was so intense, he began to fear that if something didn't happen soon, he'd run the risk of his gonads bursting from the inside-out!

Just as he felt like he couldn't stand it another second, he felt the juices in his loins begin to churn and he knew that the end was near.  After being denied for so long, he became excited with the sudden surge of endorphins that flooded his bloodstream and thrust his hips hard against his girlfriend's tiny fist.  Then, his entire body tightened in anticipation and Alex gave one last thrust….

Out of no where, there was a loud, abrupt knocking at the door that sounded like a stampede of wild bison.


Through the door, his roommate Will rapped on the door a second time.  "Take it easy in there, some of us need to sleep!"

The staccato beat of Will's fist against the door was jarring, rattling the door and the picture frames on the wall with such a force, it startled them both.  For Alex, it meant that his body jerked back a couple of inches in to the air, an action that brought instant pain down on his balls, as they were still engulfed in Lauren's mouth.  What made matters worse, was that the suddenness and intensity of the banging triggered Lauren's jaw to reflexively clench shut.

The effect was devastating and Alex's world came crashing down around him as his girlfriend's teeth chomped down hard in to his gonads, crunching deep in to the tender flesh of his twin sperm-banks with unforgiving force.

Alex's head snapped back and he screamed, but there was no sound left in his throat.  He'd never experienced a pain so intense in his life - a perception that was made even more complicated by the fact that he had already started to cum.

There was a lot of laughing on the other side of the door as their footsteps receded backdown the hall.

Lauren jumped back and watched in terror as her big, strong boyfriend's limbs contorted in spasms and his dick shot a constant stream, painting his chest, abdomen, and legs with a layer of translucent-white frosting.  The torrent of spunk that came flying out of Alex was wild and violent - and more voluminous than anything she'd ever seen come out of him before.

It wasn't until the stream of cum had finally dwindled to a few short spurts and dribbles that she realized that Alex was passed out, lying on his back with his arms splayed out around him.  His eyes were shut tight and he did not stir, except for the occasional spasm passed through his chorded muscles.  He looked oddly serene in that moment, almost as if he was napping through a gentle dream… but that impression was dashed the moment she glanced down at his manhood.

His dick, now covered in a thick coat of his own baby-batter, was pink and rubbed raw, but his balls were another matter.  His scrotum looked like one big bruise, and his balls looked like a pair of swollen water balloons.  All the broken bloodvessels had turned them strawberry red, save for the neat row of her teeth marks that left behind their indentation.

Lauren rushed to her fallen lover's face and tried to wake him, but Alex didn't stir.  After having dealt with all the trauma of the past 12 hours, his body had finally taken over and he was out for the count.

Gently, she kissed his lips, which was the way she usually chose to wake him up, but that didn't work either.

After taking a movement to clean herself up and get dressed, Lauren went about the task of mopping up Alex's huge cum puddle,  which was actually a series of pools of semen that were rapidly cooling and beginning to dry on his skin. It was truly a massive load, a fact that became ever more apparent as she tried to clean him up, but every time she thought she got it all she'd encounter a new splotch a few inches away.

When she was done, she crawled back in to bed and nuzzled against Alex's sleeping form.  His breathing was soft and shallow now, causing his taught chest to rise in a slow, steady rhythm.

Lauren pulled in closer and reached down to inspect her boyfriend's penis.  It still felt hot, though by now the meaty-stick had softened to it's normal size.  Then, as gently as she could manage, she cupped his balls and felt around to check for damage, but with all the swelling, it was all she could do to keep them in her grasp.

Alex's eyes flickered open and he let out a little gasp.  "No babe, please... they still hurt so much," he whispered, appearing half conscious as if just emerging from a dream.

"I know, I'm just checking to make sure you're ok."  Lauren whispered back.

"They're not, they fucking hurt."  Alex groaned, still groggy.  "Ughhhhhhh, my baaaalllllssss…"

"I know, I'll be much more careful with them this time, I promise."  Lauren cooed softly as she gently caressed his precious orbs.

Alex made a noise that sounded like a scoff, but despite all that happened, he felt safe and secure with Lauren's slender fingers wrapped around his jewels.  He knew what had happened had been an accident, that Lauren loved him, and that she wanted him to father her children some day; but none of that changed  the fact that she'd nearly de-nutted him with her teeth just a short while ago.

When the throbbing had finally dwindled to a subtle purr, Alex felt himself drifting to sleep.  He was still thinking about how good her silky fingers felt against his skin, encased around his very livelihood as he slipped back into his dreams.

When Alex awoke the next morning, the first thought he had was to check and see what state his manhood was in.  He was still naked, having gone right back to sleep after his half-conscious conversation with Lauren, who was sleeping quietly along side him.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he found that his nuts appeared to be back to normal, though it was possible they were still a tad swollen and they were still definitely tender.

Alex grumbled as he thought of Will.  He knew he hadn't seen Lauren in weeks, and still his roommate had done everything in his power to screw that up…

After a while Alex realized he was too annoyed to go back to sleep and decided to get up, leaving Lauren to continue sleeping blissfully in his bed.  He pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of boxers and quietly stepped out in to the hall.

His eyes narrowed when he heard clink of pots and pans in the kitchen.

"Hey."  Alex's standard greeting was a bit cooler than usual as he walked in the kitchen and found Will getting ready to make eggs.

"Hey you, you have a good night?"  Will asked with a wink.

Alex shook his head.  "Yeah, but no thanks to you!"

"Me?"  Will stopped in his tracks, "what did I do?"

"Seriously?  You don't remember nutting me two times yesterday before work?"  Alex replied indignantly.

Will's response was delayed a second in thought.  "Oh yeah, that's right," he chuckled.  "I guess that was a dick thing to do, sorry about that buddy."

The way he said it, it was obvious he wasn't sorry at all.

"And then last night, when you pounded on my door?"  Alex pressed.  He was now standing right next to Will, who's attention had already passed back to his breakfast.

"Yeah,"  Will grinned, "but in my defense, you guys were being a little loud… we could hear you moaning all the way in the living room!"

"That's because my balls fucking ached all day because of you, and then it hurt like a motherfucker when I finally got to cum!"  Alex hissed.  Now the anger and resentment was all bubbling up and really flowing.

Will stared back at Alex and regarded him  with a deadpan expression - but his discipline was weak, and he began to crack up, laughing so hard that tears formed in his eyes.

"Seriously?  Shit, that must of sucked!"  Will howled.

Alex's nostrils flared.  "Yeah, it fucking sucked, so thanks a lot man," he barked back, grabbing his nuts reflexively, as if Will's laughter might actually cause some sort of residual ache.

Will took a deep breath to steady himself.  "Awww, man that's awful, really.  But look on the bright side, I mean, I bet you didn't have to use condoms!"

Will exploded in to laughter again, though at least time he managed to pull himself together sooner.

Alex just stared back, his eyes smoldering with anger.

"Come on man, don't be angry.  It's a joke!"  Will said, still grinning.  "Stay and have some eggs with me."

"Nah, thanks."  Alex said curtly.

"Don't be silly, come on."  WIll said, turning to plop a pad of butter in to the warming frying pan.  "How do you want your eggs?"

Alex didn't answer.  Instead, his eyes darted down to the soft bulge in Will's boxers.

"Alex?  How do you want your eggs?"  Will repeated as he scooped up two extra-large hen's eggs.  When he turned, he saw Alex wasn't standing next to him anymore, but now was kneeling beside him.

"What the…"


Alex swung his chiseled arm like a sledgehammer, nailing Will right in the balls with such a force, it literally lifted him off the ground.

"Awwwwww,"  Will's mouth opened wide and he dropped the eggs on the floor, making two loud splats as they broke on impact.

"I prefer my eggs to be left alone and functioning, thank you.  But yours? I prefer them scrambled!"  Alex twisted his hand, which had found it's way around Will's bean-bag and he was crushing his danglers.

"Oh God… shit… alright, I get it, no more nut shots," WIll whined.

"No, that's only half right.  My nuts are now off limits, but these?"  Alex gave Will's plums a mean squeeze. "You can expect to getting your balls busted a lot from now on."

"Ok, ok, ok…. just please, let go…"  Will gasped.

Alex smirked and gave his roommate's nuggets one last turn before dropping him to the floor.

"Don't bother making Lauren or me breakfast.  I'm not hungry, and Lauren's going to be feasting on sausage this morning."  he said, giving his crotch a little pat.  Then Alex turned and walked back to his bedroom to serve his girlfriend breakfast, leaving Will curled up on the kitchen floor in agony.

- This is what Alex might have looked like waking up the next day. -