Saturday, February 25, 2012

Man down!

I'm sure many of you aware of the amazing work of Lance Hart.  His is the Producer/Directer/Owner and star of the F/M Clips4sale store SheOwnsYourManhood, as well as the equally amazing M/M store ManUp!  The clips that Lance has been producing have really been top notch, and I hope he keeps making them for a long, long time.  In fact, Lance's M/M material is so great and original, that I teamed up with my friend and co-author Alex (of Ball Busting Boys) to create a blog dedicated to reviewing and discussing the clips produced on ManUp!   Click on the link below to check out our new blog and help support Lance!

In addition to the clip reviews, we have set up a page for future clip suggestions and information for how to become a model, and of course we're always brainstorming for more fun things we can do with the blog - so be sure to leave feedback (either for us, or for Lance) and remember to check out Lance's new clips!

Below are a few stills to give you just a taste of all the M/M ball-busting goodness that are in Lance's awesome clips!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Unexpected Visitor - A F/M Short

This is the first of a small series of short stories that will feature F/M busting.  It's going to be a few months before I get around to finishing all the M/M stories I've been working on, so this series is meant to hold over the F/M fans until I can get back to something that is more there speed.  Enjoy!


This is a pic of my friend Karen's boyfriend.  Actually, before they started dating, I was the one who was interest in him, but Karen swept in and nabbed him before I even got the chance, which is something I still haven't forgiven her for - but that's for another time.  Anyway, back to my story.  The reason I'm showing his picture is because I just played a pretty dirty trick on him, and by extension, Karen too, and I need to tell someone!

Classes start later on this week, and this was the first weekend back in the dorms.  I got back early, but half of my suite was still empty (including Karen), so I've been pretty bored.  Earlier this afternoon, I found myself wandering the halls on the third floor when I saw Karen's boyfriend's door was open. 

When I popped my head to say hello, Brandon had his back to the door and he looked like he was still in the middle of unpacking his over-sized duffle bag.

I snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with with my hands.  "Guess who?"

"Hey Jules."  Brandon deadpanned.

"How'd you know it was me?"  I asked.

"Cause you're the only one I know who still does that."  Brandon chuckled.  "How was your break?"

When he turned, I saw that his left arm was in a cast that stretched from his hand almost all the way to his elbow.  "Oh!"  I exclaimed.  What happened there?"

Brandon looked down at his bound forearm and shrugged.  "Uh, skiing accident, believe it or  not.   Happened right after New Years." 

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." I said it as genuinely as I could manage.  "Does it hurt?"

"Na, not too much."  Brandon shook his cute head.  "It's a little hard write, cause you know, I'm left handed." 

"Hmm, right.  I bet it's hard to do lots of things."  I said scanning the room for any signs of his roommate's return.

"Yeah, I suppose."  Brandon shrugged.

It suddenly occurred to me that Brandon and I were virtually the only two people in the building - which gave me a wicked idea.

I quickly closed the door and locked it. 

"Since the beginning of January . . . that's almost three weeks, right?"  I pressed in close toward him.  His clothes felt soft and his hair smelled of conditioner. 


I reached down and grabbed the bulge in his jeans.

"Jules?"  He asked, looking confused.

"You probably use the same hand to jerk off, don't you?  I know what it's like for you guys.  A lot of tension can build up in three weeks time."  I said, continuing to massage his bulge and I felt a hard lump begin to press against my palm.

Brandon took a haggard breath as he stared back into my eyes. 

"What are you-"

I put a finger up to Brandon's sweet lips. 

"Shhh.  Relax, just enjoy this."  I whispered as I tugged at the clasp of his jeans.

Just as I predicted, he was way too horny to try to stop me.

To my surprise, Brandon was wearing a pair of black briefs underneath.  They looked very hot on him, and showed off his assets rather well.  His package was beautiful, with all bumps and ridges of a well-hung basket.

That Karen was one lucky little bitch.

I rubbed his cock through his briefs for a minute and studied Brandon's lustful eyes.  When he got really hard, I pulled his underwear off too and pushed him back on top of his neatly folded clothes.  Then I jumped on top of him and started grinding up against him, which made him moan.

Brandon wasn't the most well endowed guy I'd ever seen, and his cock was an average 6 inches - though plenty to work with - and his balls were a perfectly formed set of twin walnuts that hung low in a loose, hairy sac.

Cupping his nutsac with one hand, I began jerking him off with the other and watched close to the subtle features of his cute face as his body became awash in pleasure.  I must have been right about Brandon's forced abstinence from jerking off, because that boy was hard and ready to blow in the matter of only a minute, or maybe two at most. 

I slowed down and watched the muscles in Brandon's body loosen and contract in anticipation of his impending orgasm.  He looked so hot in his total vulnerability, I had to stop myself from giving him what he wanted too quickly.  Instead, I focused my attention on his two rubbery orbs, which had tightened inside his sac.

"How are things going with Karen?"  I asked abruptly. "You two still seeing each other?"

Brandon gasped at the mention of his girlfriend's name.

"Uh, yeah, kind of."  He replied hesitantly while staring intently as I teased the head of his cock.

"Really?  I heard you two broke up at the end of last semester!"  I said with an overly-incredulous tone.

"Not exactly.  We're supposed to have dinner together tonight, when she gets back."  Brandon said, he was still panting with excitement and paying more attention to my hands than my face.

"You pig!"  I shouted, pretending to act surprised and offended.  My sudden outburst of anger caught him off guard - as did my kneecap, which I dropped straight down into his tightly packed nutsac.

Brandon moaned and coughed, but I didn't let that stop me.  Then I dropped my knee two more times.

"No!  Jules, what are you doing?"  Brandon groaned pitifully.  His torso curled over itself and his dick began to soften in my hand.

"I can't believe you're still dating my best friend, and you didn't even try to stop me!"  I cried with outrage, while subtly resuming the handjob.

"What?  You came on to me!"  Brandon fired back, and cringed a moment later as my kneecap buried itself into his crotch and smashed his balls again.


"You boys are all alike."  I said, making sure to emphasize the word 'boys' by grinding my knee into his groin even harder.  "All you do is think with your dicks."

Brandon groaned from the severe ball pain I'd just inflicted on his nether regions, and yet I managed to keep him hard with my continual jacking.

"I suppose I should go call Karen right now and tell her what you've done."  I said as I continued to angrily jerk his cock.  "But telling is only going to hurt her."

Brandon nodded his head vigorously.  "She doesn't have to know, Jules, ever."

"Shut up!"  I shouted as my jerking hand suddenly grabbed Brandon's poor testicles.  "Enough with the 'Jules' B.S. THESE are the only 'jewels' I want to talk about at the moment!."

Brandon bit his lip and looked up at me in fear as I mashed his two meaty nuggets between my fingers.

"You're lucky, 'cause I'm not gonna let you ruin my friendship with Karen, but you sure as hell aren't getting away from this without getting a little punishment." 

"What are you going to do?"  Brandon's voice cracked and I almost lost it from how cute he looked.

"I'm going to give you want you want, but it's going to be painful.  After I bust your balls for a while, I'm going to milk you dry."  Even as I said it I could feel the blood surging through my veins.  "And if I do it right, you won't have anything left to defile my friend with tonight."

"Jeeze Jules, no please - I'm sorry."

"Shut it, I don't care any more - my mind's made up. Just lie back and take it!"  I screamed, sending my knee crashing back into his groin.

Brandon's eyes widened and he coughed hard, but he didn't resist.

That was the moment that I realized that I truly owned him, and went forward with my plan to scramble that cute boy's eggs.  Brandon cried and moaned under the withering attack on his manhood, but he didn't stop me once, giving me free reign to squeeze, slap, punch, and mangle his plump, juicy love-spuds. 

I can't be sure how long I worked his nuts over, but by the time I'd grown tired, Brandon's scrotum looked shiny and pink, and his balls were sore and swollen. 

Inside my jeans, my panties were soaking wet.

Then for the big finish, I jammed my knee up under his sac, and watched with glee as his balls flattened against his abdominal cavity.  At the same time, I sped up my stroking speed until I found a nice, rapid pace that caused his dick to harden in my hand almost instantly.

"Shit, that hurts!"  Brandon shrieked as a powered my leg deep into his groin and his balls began to convulse.

"Of course it does!  I'm gonna crush all the cum out of your dirty little balls."  I laughed and I kneed him in his nuts again.

"No Jules, please!  It really fucking hurts!"  Brandon cried.

"Quiet!" I hissed, cupping my hand over his mouth and powered my leg between his half a dozen more times.

"Oh God!"  Brandon screamed, his prick gone completely rigid.

My underwear was drenched and I felt the rush of adrenaline as I pounded poor Brandon't nuts harder, until his soft, delicate balls couldn't possibly take it a moment longer. 

Then a flash of white shot forth from dick and splashed against my thigh, which was followed by a second and a third, until my entire leg was drenched with the sticky stuff.

Brandon moaned as his cock unleashed the pent-up sperm and bucked his hips as I jacked the full load out of him.  My knee was kept pressed up against his sac the entire time to make sure every last drop was squeezed out of his trapped baby-makers.

When it was over, I wiped my cum-drenched knee on one of his clean dress-shirts and patted him on the head. "Good boy.  Now you behave yourself from now on.  It'd be a shame if I had to spill the beans."

I smiled and gave Brandon's jewels one last squeeze before getting up and walking toward the door.  When I got there I turned around and smiled.  "Let me know the next time you get horny.  Remember, I'm just down the hall."

I couldn't help but laugh at the total look of bewilderment on Brandon's face. 

So cute.

I closed the door behind me and walked back down the hall.  There'd be no nookie for Karen tonight.  I'd seen to that.  After the number I'd just done on Brandon's nuts, it was going to be days before he was in any state to provide her with stud service, and if I played my cards right, I might just catch him with his pants down again!