Monday, April 13, 2009

Tony Busts the Water Polo Champ

Summer had come early this year, already warming up to the mid 80's during the day - and even though there was another month left before summer break. It was the first weekend Tony had gone over to his friend Simon's house in weeks. Simon's parents had just had a huge in-ground pool put in the year before and had given Tony an open invitation to come over and swim whenever he wished.

The only downside was Simon's older brother Derek. He was a real ass-hole who seemed to enjoy nothing more than to pick on his younger brother and his friends. It didn't help that no one else saw that side of him. He was a champ on the high school water polo team and considered to be much cooler than Simon, popular with girls and guys alike. His parents even seemed to favor their first born, justifying the large backyard pool as a place for Derek to train. To Simon he was little more than a bully at the worst of times and an inattentive sibling at the best of times.

Simon answered the door and found his friend standing on his porch.

"Hey Tony." Simon greeted him.

"Hey Simon, how's it going?" Tony replied.

"OK. Come on in." Simon invited him into the house. "Do you need to change?"

"No, I'm wearing my suit." Tony said as he walked behind his friend. "Are your parents around?"

"They're out for the day." Simon replied. He opened the fridge and pulled out two cans of Coke and handed one to his friend. "But Derek is here."

"Christ," Tony swore and drained his can.

"Yeah, he's already out back." Simon said grimacing.

"Great." Tony replied sarcastically.

The two 17-year olds walked out onto the back patio over looking the pool. It was large enough for a hotel and seemed like a ridiculous waste of money, but it was awesome to swim in. On the far edge stood Derek posed to dive in to the deep end. He had a great body and was wearing a skimpy water polo speedo that was hardly enough to conceal his large package.

"Hey ass-wipes, what do you think you're going?" Derek called from across the pool.

"We're going for a swim!" Simon shouted back.

"Don't think so, the pool is occupied. I have to do my laps." Derek replied.

Tony piped up. "Don't worry dick-breath, we won't get in your way!"

Tony pulled off his shoes and shirt and then jumped into the bright blue water. It was cold, but refreshing. Simon took Tony's lead and joined his friend in the shallow end.

"It's a bit colder than I thought it'd be." Simon said rubbing his arms.

"Yeah." Tony replied. "Lets swim out to the deep end. I'll race you?"

"Sure." Simon replied. The two friends kicked off from the pool's edge and fought to reach the far end first. Tony was a bit larger and stronger, but Simon was more agile and was the first to reach their goal.

Tony surfaced from below and nodded back to the shallow end. "Do you want go again?"

"Out of the way!" Derek shouted from just behind them. He leapt over their heads and dove into the pool. A moment later, he resurfaced. "You ladies should stick to the shallow end."

Tony wanted to tell him off, but before he knew what was happening, Simon was already swimming away. He begrudgingly followed after, joining his friend by the ladder.

"Why do you let him talk to you like that?" Tony asked. "He's such a prick."

"I know." Simon said. "It's just - it's hard."

Tony wasn't sure what to say next. He stayed silent for a moment, then smiled joked. "That's what she said."

Simon chuckled back.

They did their best to avoid Derek as much as they could. Every now and then he would taunt them from the far side of the pool, but they ignored him. At mid day they took a break and ate lunch. Derek came into the house after they were done, signaling he was done with the pool for the moment.

Tony and Simon went back out and took the opportunity to use the pool in Derek's absence. With the pool to themselves they were able to dive and swim without harassment. Afternoon gave way to early evening, and though sunset was still several hours away, the two friends called it quits. They dried themselves off with towels that Simon had taken from a pair of lawn chairs and headed back into the house.

The house was quiet, save for the television in the living room. The teenaged boys walked over to find the TV on and Derek sound asleep in a high backed chair. He snored lightly and was still wearing the skimpy speedo from the afternoon.

Simon and Tony lied down on the floor and flipped through the channels until they found something decent. Tony looked back at the sleeping champ. He had fallen asleep with his legs sprawled out and his package on display. His cock and huge balls were perfectly framed in the light blue spandex. Tony tried to focus on the television, but he kept turning back to Derek's crotch. It was just too inviting a target to pass up.

Tony quietly got up and stood between Derek's spread legs. Simon watched with great confusion as Tony reached out and rubbed one of Derek's massive nuts right through the fabric. Then he gently rubbed the other with his index finger.

"What are you doing?" Simon whispered in a hushed tone.

"Teaching Mr. Big Nuts here a lesson, now hush!" Tony whispered.

"What lesson?" Simon whispered back.

"That it's not safe to fall asleep in a speedo if you're going to be an ass-hole." Tony replied.

Tony raised his fist and slammed it into Derek's packed nutsac. Derek coughed and abruptly awoke with a shocked painful look on his face. His nuts were throbbing, but it still took him half a second to catch on to what happened. By the time he worked it out and reached for Tony, a second fist was smashed in to his balls and caused his dick and one of his testicles to slip free of the speedo.

Derek grunted closed his eyes in a poor attempt to shut out the pain.

Tony grabbed the exposed gonad and squeezed it between his thumb and index finger, laterally compressing the nut-flesh.

"Ughhh." Derek groaned. "Get off you little fucker."

Tony's only reply was a savage assault on his manhood. He pounded his fist into Derek's meaty balls mercilessly and did not let up until Derek's head snapped back and he passed out. Even then he wouldn't have stopped if not for Simon.

"Tony stop it!" Simon yelled. "What are you doing?"

"It's payback." Tony replied.

"Payback! For what?" Simon asked. "He's my brother after all."

"Exactly." Tony replied. "He's been your brother a lot longer than we've been friends. He's also treated you like shit a lot longer, too long."

"Yeah, so?" Simon didn't seem to get it.

"Yeah, so don't you think it's time you stood up for yourself?" Tony asked.

"I don't know - I guess." Simon replied.

"Damn right it's time." Tony needed his friend to see it. Derek had overshadowed him all his life, but Simon had always been too passive or afraid to do anything about it, so Tony had taken the first step for him.

"I suppose you're right." Simon said. "I just don't know what to do."

"You can finish what I started!" Tony exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Yeah, right." Simon snorted.

"No, seriously!" Tony pointed at Derek's crotch. "Punch him in the nuts!"

"No." Simon shook his head insistently.

"YES. Don't be a wuss." Tony replied insistently.

"I'm not doing it."

"Come on, do it."

"No, it's crazy."

"It's crazy?" Tony asked. "It's crazy to stand up for yourself against a guy who has pushed you around all your life? Is it crazy to put your foot down and say 'NO?'"

"I guess I see your point." Simon replied. He looked down at his unconscious brother as he started coming around. Derek was still a bit out of it, but as his vision cleared he recognized Simon standing above him.

"I swear you two little shits are going to get it - " his words simply hung out out there without completion. Derek was caught completely off guard when Simon lashed out and punched his brother square in his balls. Derek's eyes burned with rage as tears formed.

"You little fu-" Derek was cut off again when Simon's fist smashed into his junk. Simon wasn't interested his threats or insults. Instead he slowly and deliberately pounded away at his big brother's studly eggs. Derek flinched and groaned between each strike, his usual cocky demeanor melted away and was slowly replaced with a hint of fear.

Derek spoke just above a whisper. "Simon?"

His brother looked up into his watery eyes. "Simon, please stop it. I'm - I'm your brother."

Simon paused and thought hard before responding. "Yes, we're brothers, but what kind of brother have you been?"

Derek started to respond and then stopped. "A lousy brother."

"That's right." Simon replied.

"But I can change, I swear." Derek pleaded with him.

"I'm not sure that's true." Simon said. "But I'd like it if you did."

"I promise I will, but please, let up OK?" Derek asked without bothering to mask his desperation.

"Sorry big brother, but you've had this coming for years now." Simon replied.

Derek shook his head, knowing what was about to come, he begged Simon for mercy. What he got was a fist aimed directly at his gonads.

"Fuck." Derek moaned.

Tony had stood out of the way during the confrontation between the brothers but decided it was time to rejoin the action. After watching Simon bash his brother's balls a few more times, Tony decided to give his friend a few pointers. He decided it was time to share what had happened between him and his coach several weeks earlier.

After hearing his story, Simon remained a bit sceptical. "Guys don't blow their load just because you squeeze it out of them."

"Some guys do." Tony said.

"Whatever," Simon replied.

"Do you mind if I try?" Tony asked.

"I guess not." Simon replied awkwardly. "Just don't do any permanent damage to him."

Tony nodded. He grabbed Derek's king-sized baby-makers and proceeded to massage them in their sac. The 19-year old was only vaguely aware of the change, his eyes had rolled back in his head and he was off in his own world. Tony squeezed each orb separately and then together. He varied pressure and rhythm - he tried everything he could think of, but nothing happened.

"Come on Tony, my parents could come home any minute." Simon said.

"Hold on just a sec." Tony knelt down between Derek's legs and gently stroked his nutsac. Then without warning he scooped up his large left nut and sucked it into his mouth. Simon gasped and Derek moaned as Tony worked over his hefty testicle. He played with it in his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and moving it from cheek to cheek. It was so big, there was just barely enough room for it to move around. Tony sucked hard on the soft orb and pressed it against the roof of his mouth while using his gums to gently grind down on his ball cords.

When Derek initially felt his nut slip into Tony's mouth he immediately panicked, but soon the sensation gave way to mild pleasure. It felt hot and wet, but not altogether unpleasant. Within a matter of moments it was all over; Tony released his nut only to realize he had a raging hard-on.

Tony had noticed too, and now that Derek was aroused, he planned to finish off the cocky stud. He cradled Derek's cahones and began to gently pound them with his fist. He established a tempo, squishing Derek's large heavy balls at regular intervals. Bit by bit, his resistance was worn away and his cock began to twitch.

"Oh Fuck," Derek groaned.

It was just the signal Tony needed to turn up the pressure, he held Derek's sac firmly and ground his knuckles deep into each nugget. Derek opened his mouth wide and wailed while his precious jewels were ground down to a pulp.

Unable to resist for another moment, his cock spasmed uncontrollably and began releasing thick ropes of cum. Wave after wave of Derek's love juice was wasted as it was pumped onto his stomach and chest. Derek moaned in pain and cupped his busted balls as the last jets of cum involuntarily spurted out. He sat back on his chair panting and looked exhausted.

"Christ," Simon said to his friend. "I guess you weren't kidding."

"Nope," Tony said. "Works every time."

- Derek was inspired by a model from -


Alex said...

Great story! Thank you! Tony is a great character!

Anonymous said...

Poor Derek, such a proud stud owned so badly. He thought he didn't have a weakness on his powerful male body, and slept legs wide apart so comfortable. Dam, he got owned good!!!! Poor Boy, I bet he couldn't swim for a week after that. lol!