Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Foreign Exchange - Part 3 - Banded

Liam’s gaze drifted downward lazily as he watched Julie’s head bobbing up and down in his lap.  He listened to the quiet slurping noises emanated from her mouth as she sucked on his rigid member. 

Liam couldn’t remember anything feeling so good in his life - instead, he simply laid back and enjoyed it as her tongue went around and around the crown of his prick.  His erection was already hard as a slab of granite and in a few more moments, he’d reward her with some of his own baby-batter, sliding down the back of her throat.

As if she had read his mind, Julie released Liam’s cock from her eager mouth and let it slap against his flat stomach with a loud ‘PLOP!’

“Oops! Must have slipped,” Julie said with a devilish grin.

“Don’t want that,” Liam replied, licking his lips expectantly.

Julie smiled and grabbed his cock, sliding the slick pole between her fingers.  Amazingly to Liam, her hand felt even better than her mouth!

She jerked him off in long, teasing strokes, sending shivers through his spine.  Liam moaned with lust, pleading her to keep going. 

Then he felt her begin to massage his ballsac.  Slow at first, in a clockwise she gently kneaded and squeezed his balls which somehow made the handjob feel even better.

“Yes, please…” he muttered, unable to finish his thought from the pleasure he was experiencing.

Julie smiled as she continued to play with his gonads in her hand, palpitating the dense, spongy orbs between her fingers - all while pumping his cock faster and faster.  The excitement in his loins soon filled his entire body. It felt so good, he never wanted it to end.

A nasty twist to his baby-makers made the lean Irish stud gasp, but he was so horny that a little ball misery wasn’t going to prevent him from cumming.

Liam felt the euphoria begin to build and he knew he might blow his load at any moment. At the same time, Julie’s grip got even tighter on Liam’s dangling love-spuds.

“Yes, yes…” Liam grunted and his hips began to undulate. “Yes, keep doing it…keep doing it!  I don’t care if you squeeze my fucking bollocks off, just don’t stop!”

Liam’s nuts were yanked down hard, stretching his scrotum as far as it would go and twin orbs were crushed into a vicious nut claw.  The force brought to bare on the tender flesh caused the shape of the plump gonads to deform forced a wail from the Irish stud.

The pain would have stopped a mustang in his tracks, but Liam’s teenage lobido steamed along.

Within seconds, Liam’s dick was shooting one large glob after another of thick, white cream.

Liam moaned, both in pleasure and pain in his contracting balls as he shot his load like a geyser, painting his thighs and stomach with a seemingly never-ending reserve of his seed.

First eight, then ten… it wasn’t until the fourteenth blast that his cock finally stopped shuddering.

Liam moaned again, finally coming down from his climax to fall smack dab in to a painful ball ache. 

He moaned, and tried rolling over, but he couldn’t and simply let newfound surge in fatigue take over until he drifted back to sleep.

Paul grinned like a fiend at the sound of Liam’s light snores and gently jangled the loose, warm testicles resting in his hand.  Now that they were empty, they felt a bit lighter than before. They looked almost silly, covered in pink wrinkly skin that was set in direct contrast to the pale white skin of Liam’s legs.  

He ran his finger through the cool sperm that was crusting over on Liam’s skin. Better to be jerked out of him than used to fill his sister’s womb, he reasoned.  Liam was due to stay with the family for another few months, but draining the teenage boy was becoming a chore that was losing it’s luster. 

Sure, it’d been fun to bust Liam’s balls at first, especially since he was so expressive when hit below the belt!  He’d huff and puff and his eyes would cross before dropping to the ground.  Paul had even made a game of trying to see how many strikes he could make before Liam went down.  And milking his dick dry wasn’t all that hard either, since Liam seemed to be horny most of the time…which was usual for teenage boys, of course, but that didn’t make Paul’s life any easier.  After more than a week of depriving poor Liam of his seed, Paul was beginning to get tired of his self-appointed roll of protecting his sister’s honor.  That’s why he’d spent the last day or so reading up on castration. 

Paul had taken a few days to get used to the idea.  Eventually he’d decided there was only one way to make sure Liam didn’t make him an uncle - but how would he do it?  The use of chemicals seemed out of the question, so the only practical option left was manual castration.

The thought of breaking Liam’s balls, though entertaining, perhaps, had difficulties of it’s own.  Cutting could lead to a big bloody mess that he didn’t have the stomach for, and smashing seemed equally unlikely.  Despite their softness and malleability, Liam’s nuts were stubbornly strong and resistant. De-nutting the Irish teen bare handed had proven useless, along with kicking or kneeing poor Liam in the nads, and the thought of using something hard like book or a hammer seemed equally unlikely.

Paul had all but thrown his hands up in failure, until he read about banding.  It appeared to be a common enough practice with livestock - just take a bit of rubber or plastic, wrap it around the neck of the scrotum until blood flow is constricted, and let the testicles wither like grapes on a nicked vine.

Paul had scoured the house for something suitable.  At first he’d considered a thick rubber band from his desk drawer, but the initial trials had ended with it snapping in half.  That’s when he thought to go to his father’s work-bench in the garage and found the rubber gasket.

Paul rolled the pink orbs within Liam’s nutsac and watched them shift in his grasp. 

“You’re kids are going to feel this one,” he mused as he slid the black piece of rubber against the base of Liam’s scrotum. 

It was tough going and Liam’s balls were much too big to fit easily through the tiny whole.  Paul had to isolate Liam’s nuts and try feeding them through one at a time.  Even then, Liam’s plump testicles did not want to budge and Paul was forced to squeeze and manipulate Liam’s manhood until, finally, Liam’s left ball was forced through the other side and separated from its comrade. 

The Irish boy groaned and shifted in his sleep.

Paul grunted with some measure of satisfaction and went back to work.

Liam’s right nut was even more troublesome than the left.  Paul swore as he spent over twenty minutes trying to press the slippery nugget through the rubber ring, but the stubborn bullock didn’t go easily.  When it finally did pass, it crashed into Liam’s waiting left testicle, causing the red-headed teen to cry out in his sleep.

“Finally,” Paul huffed as he inspected the two orbs bunched together against the tight rubber ring.  The skin around Liam’s balls was tight and shiny, already turning a rosey-pink.

“Nice,” Paul said to himself and gave Liam’s nuts a short squeeze.  They wouldn’t be going anywhere so long as they were trapped at the base of his sack. “You’re going to have a rough few hours, I think.  By the time you wake up tomorrow morning, your balls are going to be so sore, I bet you won’t be able to walk.”

Paul pinched the fat danglers between his fingers one last time before throwing the sheet back over him.

Liam moaned gently as he slumbered, never waking all the while his nuts slowly asphyxiated.

- Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -


Alex said...

Oh no! I didn't see that coming! I really hope this won't be the end of Liam's balls!

bbmal said...

Lol, I'm glad I was able to surprise you! Now you know what Liam feels...sort of, lol! What will happen to Liam - and his manhood - next? Only time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this story to continue! The setting and the idea are brilliant and thrilling, although I find it difficult to believe that Liam didn't wake up at any point. Not sure if I'm speaking for a majority or a minority here but I'd definitely like to see some permanent damage on Liam's manhood. Btw. the fact that Liam is gingernuts with the gift of the gab could perhaps also be emphasised a bit more in the stories to come. Anyway, great job bbmal - keep it up! ;)

bbmal said...

Wow, thanks for your feedback! I'm really glad to hear you liked this installment! You're probably right, it's a bit of a stretch that Liam would have stayed asleep while Paul banded him, but it is fiction after all, lol!

Hmmm, Liam being really talkative is an interesting idea. I like it, but I wonder how much talking he'd do while getting his balls busted... lots of groaning and moaning. I'll see what I can do!

Jimmy said...

Oh no!

Save Liam's poor nuts!

I'm hoping that he makes it through this terrible night!

Anonymous said...

No, I hope the band does it's work and Liam is not the wiser. I like the idea of his boy berries wither on the vine. Great line you had there to describe a nutting.

bbmal said...

Two completely conflicting opinions. That'll be easy to sort out, lol!

My one question to you guys who want Liam to get de-nutted by the band is, how will the BB fun continue if Liam's balls are gone?

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't know they have been killed yet. He would still get busted as they shrank slowly away. It's kind a like a going away present for the foreign exchange student.

Anonymous said...

When I wrote "permanent damage" I didn't mean to imply that Liam's balls would be completely dead and gone (although I do see the appeal of the previous anonymous feedback quote). You could just make Liam's recovery long and painful, and make him lose one of his nuts in the aftermath one way or the other (you decide, after all it's your blog!) :)

Anonymous said...

"He was so expressive when hit below the belt! He’d huff and puff and his eyes would cross before dropping to the ground."

I love that part, because it is so true. Strong guys always have the best reactions to getting hit in their Balls. They have the most dramatic reactions and last a long time.

bbmal said...

I'm glad you like Liam! I think it's pretty common for guys to fall down and groan when they get smacked in the nuts, but I like it when ball busts are depicted a bit more cheeky in movies. I like the idea that Liam actually does some of that when he gets busted. I don't know, something about a hunky teen react a bit silly to getting busted seems hot and funny to me!