Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poll Results: Who is your favorite Bustee?

28 people took part in the poll asking which stud is your favorite. The results are below:

(10%) Chris - Sara's Ex

(42%) Jake - Hot Roommate

(3%) Paul - Pothead

(35%) Jared - Broke Friend

(28%) Nathan - Willing Cousin

(14%) Lee - Desperate Student

(3%) Nick - Jess' Boyfriend

(14%) Brad - HS Wrestling Coach

(3%) Boris - Prospective Boyfriend

(14%) Derek - Water Polo Champ

(32%) Harris - Big Brother

The top guys included Jake, Jared, Harris, and Nathan. You will be happy to hear that I plan to bring back all of these guys in future stories I have planned.

Things have gotten a little hectic lately, but I should be posting a new story in the next few days. Please keep the comments and requests coming! I have gotten lots of requests for F/M stories, many of which I have started work on. I know there are a lot of people here that prefer M/M story, but I haven't gotten any specific requests yet. I will continue to post both story types here, but I need your help to come up with new situations for our studs to get their nuts crunched.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poll Results: What type of BB stories do you prefer?

192 people took part in the poll designed to gage interest in M/F vs. M/M ball busting stories. The results are below:

(29%) I only like M/F BB stories

(7%) I prefer M/F, but M/M BB stories are alright too

(4%) I like M/F and M/M BB stories equally

(19%) I prefer M/M, but M/F BB stories are alright too

(39%) I only like M/M BB stories

It appears that there is a pretty even distribution of M/F and M/M fans visiting the blog, though there are a few more M/M guys here. I guess I was most surprised by how few of you enjoy both M/F and M/M stories - I had assumed most of you would share my view and enjoy BB in any form.

In the future I will continue to post both M/F and M/M BB stories. (I will do my best to alternate the stories so that everyone can find something they like.) For those of you that only want to read F/M or M/M BB stories, you can use the bookmarks below my profile.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll and as always, you should feel free to leave me comments or requests for future stories. I am always on the look out for new ideas!

Jessica's Origins as a Ballbuster - Part I

After a long day of classes, Alexa and Jessica made their way home home. With only three short months until graduation, they could just make out the light on the far side of the tunnel. Unfortunately that didn't change the fact that they would spend the rest of the evening pouring over calculus homework.

The two girls had been friends since kindergarten and did everything together. They took the same classes, joined the same clubs, and had gone away on family vacations. They even planned to attend the same college in the fall. There were no secrets between them - except one. Jessica had developed a long standing crush on Alexa's older brother Harris. Throughout her childhood Jessica had envied her friend, she saw Harris as a friend and guardian, but as she aged that notion gave way to hopeless fixation. Jessica never spoke of her attraction to anyone, but of course Alexa had known for years. It was a wide known secret to everyone, even Harris, but no one had the heart to tell her.

When they reached Alexa's house, they walked around to the kitchen door. Jessica noticed the blue faded '97 Honda Civic sitting in the driveway. "Looks like Harris is home," she said.

Alexa nodded as they walked past the car in the driveway. "Yeah, he's home from spring break."

Even though she didn't say anything, Alexa knew Jessica would be nervous. She always got nervous whenever Harris was around. She didn't get what it was about him that Jessica liked so much, just as she didn't understand why she had never spoken about to her about it.

Jessica had come close many times to telling Alexa about her feelings. She had always experienced difficulty sharing her interest primarily because he was her best friend's brother, an unfortunate complication, but also because he had always seemed so unattainable. In high school he had been a star athlete, playing in football, baseball, and wrestling, which gave him no shortage of female attention from girls in his own grade. During his last years in high school he hadn't really talked to her much, in fact most of the time he acted like he didn't even notice her at all.

Alexa and Jessica walked in through the back door of the house and found Harris with his back turned as he was pilfering through one of the kitchen cabinets. Jessica took a steady breath to calm herself. Harris was tall, muscular, and handsome. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a worn pair jeans that effectively showed off his butt. With sky blue eyes and a clean shaven face, he still had boyish good looks that she found dangerously sexy. They made her throat dry up and left her the sensation of butterflies in stomach.

"Hey Harris, how's college life?" Alexa asked as she put her books on the table and signaled for Jessica to do the same.

"Oh, you know, keg parties and women every night, classes optional." Harris abandoned the cabinet and turned around to great the girls. "Oh, hi Jess, I didn't see you there."

"Hi Harris. How's it going?" Jessica replied, managing not to stammer.

"Pretty good," Harris replied. He had leaned back on the counter and smiled at her. "It's almost all over, right? Another few months and you'll graduate."

"Yeah." Jessica said with a smile.

Despite Jessica's silent pleas Alexa left the kitchen for a moment, leaving the two alone. Jessica's anxiety peaked, but she did her best not to show it. Harris turned back to the cabinets and continued his search for junk food.

"Yeah, I can't wait to be done with all this and go off for college. Did you hear? Alexa and I both got in to State and we're going to live together." Jessica said.

"That's great." Harris replied.

Jessica stood silent and waited for Alexa to return. Just then the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Alexa yelled from down the hall. Jessica heard Alexa speaking to someone on the phone, then she hung up and walked back into the kitchen.

Several minutes later Alexa came back to the kitchen.

"That was Mom asking for someone to drop off dinner for grandma. You don't want to do it by any chance?" Alexa said turning to Harris.

"Oh, geez, Alexa I would, but I have to take a shower and get ready to meet up with my friends tonight." Harris said in a mockingly sincere voice.

"Yeah, when you put it that way - that sounds much more important than my homework tonight." Alexa shot back in a sarcastic tone. She went over to the refrigerator and pulled out the tray of ziti. "I'm borrowing your car. Jess, why don't you get started on the calc. homework and I'll catch up when I'm back."

"Give my regards to the old lady!" Harris quipped. Alexa swiped his keys, and walked out. Jessica was sure she had heard Alexa whisper a curse under he breath as she left.

With the sounds of Alexa pulling out of the driveway, Jessica gathered up her things and walked to Alexa's room with Harris following. "You know, it's not that I mind going, I just didn't want to get stuck there all night."

"I understand, I have a grandmother too." Jessica tried to sound understanding. They climbed up the stairs and walked down the hall to Alexa's room. "Besides . . . you have plans tonight anyhow, right?" When she reached the door she spun around, to find Harris uncomfortably close, only inches away.

"Right," Harris said. "Yeah, I need to jump in the shower." Without any hesitation, he pulled his shirt up over his head and exposed his chest and arms. Jessica stared at his well-defined muscles in awe. He must have been working out, his body was ripped and hotter than she remembered.

Harris smiled back at her. "You know, I've always thought you kinda had a thing for me." Harris gave her a wink and worked the button of his jeans. Was he toying with her? Jessica couldn't believe how forward he was being with her.

"I'm only saying it because - I don't know, I've sort of have a thing for you." Harris smiled seductively and let his pants drop to the floor.

Jessica couldn't believe what was happening. The guy of her dreams was nearly naked in front of her and was asking if she liked him - not only that, but admitting that he had feelings for her! Jessica swallowed hard looked down at Harris' impressive body. His shoulders were broad, his chest and stomach were flat, and his thighs were thick and muscular. The only stitch of clothing that remained was a pair of blue striped boxers that hugged his but and crotch; and every time he shifted his stance, his bulge would jiggle. When her eyes met with Harris, he had a dashing smile on his face.

It took her some time to speak. "Yeah . . ." Jessica trailed off. What was she saying? She wasn't sure, she just couldn't stop staring into his eyes. Even though he was the one who was naked, it was Jessica who felt the most exposed. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life."

Harris smiled back at her. "I thought so. I've been thinking about that, and you for the last few weeks." Harris got so close that they were almost touching. "It looks like I won't have to come up with a reason to get you alone after-all."

Without any words Jessica wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He kissed back and sent his hands over her young body. Jessica felt the exhilaration as the blood flowed through her veins. This was almost exactly what she had dreamed about for so long - his strong arms holding her close in a passionate embrace.

He pulled her across the hall into his room and they fell onto the bed together, arm in arm. Jessica laid soft kisses on chest and abdomen while Harris worked to pull off her blouse. After failing several times, he gave up and yanked down his own underwear.

The boy of Jessica's dreams did not disappoint. He wasn't just hot and ripped, but well endowed as well. A large vein ran down the side of his thick dick, a monster in it's own right that was nearly overshadowed by a pair of massive, low hanging balls. Jessica nearly gasped. She wasn't sure she was ready, everything was happening so fast. Then before she even knew what she was doing, she reached out and seized Harris' cock and began to stroke it.

Harris moaned with delight as Jessica jerked him off. She took her time, tracing the vein along his shaft and working her fingers across the head as if she was polishing a brass knob. The constant teasing seemed to really turn Harris on. He shifted his position several times and began to gently thrust his hips.

As her fingers danced across Harris' cock, Jessica noticed his balls swinging below, oscillating back and forth between his legs like a pendulum. They were the size of kiwis, fat and plump, they looked like they belonged on a bull.

"Geez you've got big balls." Jessica said in awe.

Harris stopped his thrusting a few moments and ran his fingers through his short sandy hair. "Yeah, I do. I've been told that a lot, actually." He didn't hide the pride he felt for his manhood and clearly enjoyed the compliment. "Most girls like them. I haven't cum in a few days, so they're pretty full too. You can play with them if you want."

Jessica resumed the hand job with one hand while rubbing and fondling his big nuts with the other. Harris arched his head back with satisfaction as Jessica's fingers worked. His balls were so big that she couldn't hold both of them comfortably in her small hand. She gave up on that strategy and focused on one testicle at a time, alternating her attention first on the left, then the right, and back to the left. It was much easier with only one ball to contend with and she squeezed and rolled the ball with between her fingers.

"Do you mind going a little harder?" Harris asked.

Jessica did as she was told, she worked over his cock and balls with twice as much force as she had started out with. She worried that all the tugging and squeezing would hurt him, but Harris didn't show any signs of discomfort. Apparently he liked it a bit rough, which was even sexier. He started talking dirty, about how badly she wanted it, and how badly he wanted to give it to her.

"Oh baby, that feels so good," Harris moaned and rolled his head back. "Why don't you suck on that cock for a while?"

Jessica didn't know what to do. The question had startled her, but the truth was that she didn't give head to anyone, period. Other boys had given her the same request, but she had always refused. Harris was the only man she had ever considered doing it for, but now that he was asking, she felt uncomfortable.

"Come on baby, please? Just for a little wile." Harris begged. "I'll cum so hard for you . . ."

Jessica couldn't resist his baby blue eyes a moment longer. She agreed and told him to lay back. Harris shoved some pillows underneath his head so that he could easily watch the show while Jessica knelt between his legs and hesitantly slid his dick into her mouth. Harris moaned in great delight as he watched Jessica's head bop up and down on his his johnson. Her motions were a bit awkward at first, but eventually she established a rhythm.

Harris cocked his head back and closed his eyes while Jessica' warm mouth and delicate tongue worked along his shaft. His dick tasted a little salty, but it wasn't nearly as bad as she had feared. It was mainly the sloppy noises that were created while doing it that made Jessica uncomfortable. They seemed to amplify in her brain, and before long they were all Jessica could think of.

Just then Alex returned to the house and dropped her keys on the kitchen cabinet.

"Hello?" Alex searched the down stairs with no avail. "Jess? Harris?"

She climbed up the stairs and called their names again. As she walked past her brother's room, she heard someone moving behind the door.

"Harris?" She called out.

On the other side of the door there was a struggle. As soon as Jessica heard her friend call for her, she tried to get up, but Harris had grabbed the back of her head and pressed it down on his dick.

"Just another minute . . . just a bit longer . . ." He moaned. Jessica tried to resist, but Harris was a lot stronger. Jessica couldn't believe what was happening. They were just about to be discovered by his sister and her best friend, and all he cared about was his orgasm.

Panic set in as she heard footsteps approach the door, but try as she might, she couldn't break free of Harris' grip. He was really pushing down hard on her head, forcing his shlong all the way back into her throat.

Jessica's heart pounded in chest as Alexa stood right outside the door. Time was up, but Harris wouldn't let go. His head had arched and his dick hardened, he was just on the edge, awash with ecstasy and about to shoot his load directly into her mouth.

Feeling cornered, fear and frustration took over and powered her actions. With her hands still free, Jessica grabbed Harris' luscious balls and tugged down on the soft fleshy orbs.

Harris face was a mask of shock and pain as Jessica crunched his over-sized nuts. Before he knew what was happening, Jessica had slipped free of his grasp.

"Owww, fuck!" Harris groaned.

"Harris are you in there?" Alexa called from the hallway.

Harris remained silent for several long seconds. His eyes were shut tight and his hands cradled his busted nuts. They had not only been viciously manhandled, but they were swelling from the aborted ejaculation. "Yeah, I'm in here," Harris finally whispered.

"Are you OK?" His sister tried the door handle, but it was locked. "Why is this door locked?"

Jessica put her finger up to her mouth and shook her head.

"I just got out of the shower," Harris replied after a pause. "I'll be out in a minute."

"Oh, OK." Alexa replied. "Where's Jess?"

"Yeah, Jess . . ." He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. Jess motioned frantically for him to say something. "Jess had to leave for a little while."

"How come?" Alexa asked. "Her stuff is still here."

Harris grinned deviously at Jessica. "I don't know, it was kind of weird. As soon as you left, she started to come on to me." Anger burned in Jessica's eyes, but Harris continued. "I guess she left when I jumped into the shower."

"Oh God," Alexa replied. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," Harris called back. "I let her down gently, don't worry. It was kind of pathetic actually."

"I've got to go call her." Alexa said. They heard her run down hall and go downstairs.

Harris seemed quite happy with himself, but Jessica was furious. Harris noticed this as soon as his eyes met hers.

"Pathetic?" Jessica whispered. Tears were gathering in her eyes.

"I was just kidding." Harris chuckled.

His laughter only made it worse - it wasn't supposed to be this way. Jessica was filled with rage while Harris sat back and smiled confidently. It was the first time she saw him for what he was, an arrogant man who got what he wanted whenever he asked for it. Why hadn't she seen it before? She had spent so much time imagining what it would be like, but now that he was there, she didn't like the person she saw.

"What do you say we get back to where we left off?" Harris asked seductively.

"Sure," Jessica was on to him this time. "As I recall, you like it a little rough."

"Oh yeah," Harris grinned.

Jessica spread his legs apart, exposing his big meaty balls. "I've got something that'll drive you wild."

Jessica climbed on top of him and massaged the muscles in his shoulders. All the tension in Harris' body slipped away as he waited with great anticipation.


Out of no where, Jessica slammed her kneecap into Harris' precious jewels with a sick slapping noise. Harris nearly choked on his own tongue from the shock. Jessica had crunched his nuts so hard it felt like she had taken a sledge hammer to his junk.

"Oww." He whispered.

Jessica arched her leg back and smashed his goodies a second time.

"Oww!" Harris yelled.

Jessica rammed her knee into Harris' cum-filled baby-makers again and again. If it wasn't for the presence of his nutsac, her knee would have fit perfectly between his thighs. Instead Harris' bloated balls acted as a kind of padding that absorbed her strikes.

"Ohh . . ."







With Jessica lying on top of him, there was very little Harris could do to stop her. After several failed attempts to shaker her off, Harris resigned himself to the fact that he was no longer in control. He tried clearing his mind, to wall away the pain that radiated across his body. His testicles were big, but that didn't make them any tougher. Stripped of the protection from bone and muscle, they were no match for Jessica's knee. There was simply nothing he could do to stop her from busting his poor nuts.

Now that the tables had been turned, Jessica decided it was time to have a little fun at Harris' expense. She grabbed his softening dick and gave it a few short tugs. It was all that was necessary to bring it back to life. Harris moaned as Jessica's hands worked his shaft, sliding back and forth - his desire to cum was irresistible.

When his cock stiffened, Jessica knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer. Harris moaned as clear liquid began to dribble out of his penis. Jessica worked furiously over his cock, urging him to shoot his big load for her.

"Oh shit," Harris moaned. It was the signal she had been waiting for. With climax fast approaching, she lifted her kneecap up underneath his bouncing sac and smashed into his balls. Harris groaned as Jessica ground her knee into his groin, crushing his gonads into his pelvis with all her weight.

"Oh shit . . . Oh . . .I'm cumming," he whispered as the first gobs of thick white jizz spit out of his cock. Harris was swept away by the euphoria that flooded his body. For several seconds semen flowed out of his dick at an astonishing rate.

When it appeared that he was done, Jessica gave Harris' nuts one final slam, causing the 20-year old to cry out and cringe. When she got off the bed, he folded into a fetal position and protectively cupped his battered balls, a poor conciliation to the pain that ripped through his body.

"Take it easy Harris." Jessica said over her shoulder as adjusted her clothes and quietly opened the door. The hall was empty. She went back Alexa's room, retrieved her books and she slipped out the front door. Harris folded into a fetal position and held his balls, a poor conciliation to the pain that ripped through his body. Jessica pulled the blanket over him and walked to the door. She adjusted her clothes and then opened the door quietly. The hall was empty. She went back Alexa's room, retrieved her books and she slipped out the front door.

- Harris was inspired by a model from of the same name -

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tony Busts the Water Polo Champ

Summer had come early this year, already warming up to the mid 80's during the day - and even though there was another month left before summer break. It was the first weekend Tony had gone over to his friend Simon's house in weeks. Simon's parents had just had a huge in-ground pool put in the year before and had given Tony an open invitation to come over and swim whenever he wished.

The only downside was Simon's older brother Derek. He was a real ass-hole who seemed to enjoy nothing more than to pick on his younger brother and his friends. It didn't help that no one else saw that side of him. He was a champ on the high school water polo team and considered to be much cooler than Simon, popular with girls and guys alike. His parents even seemed to favor their first born, justifying the large backyard pool as a place for Derek to train. To Simon he was little more than a bully at the worst of times and an inattentive sibling at the best of times.

Simon answered the door and found his friend standing on his porch.

"Hey Tony." Simon greeted him.

"Hey Simon, how's it going?" Tony replied.

"OK. Come on in." Simon invited him into the house. "Do you need to change?"

"No, I'm wearing my suit." Tony said as he walked behind his friend. "Are your parents around?"

"They're out for the day." Simon replied. He opened the fridge and pulled out two cans of Coke and handed one to his friend. "But Derek is here."

"Christ," Tony swore and drained his can.

"Yeah, he's already out back." Simon said grimacing.

"Great." Tony replied sarcastically.

The two 17-year olds walked out onto the back patio over looking the pool. It was large enough for a hotel and seemed like a ridiculous waste of money, but it was awesome to swim in. On the far edge stood Derek posed to dive in to the deep end. He had a great body and was wearing a skimpy water polo speedo that was hardly enough to conceal his large package.

"Hey ass-wipes, what do you think you're going?" Derek called from across the pool.

"We're going for a swim!" Simon shouted back.

"Don't think so, the pool is occupied. I have to do my laps." Derek replied.

Tony piped up. "Don't worry dick-breath, we won't get in your way!"

Tony pulled off his shoes and shirt and then jumped into the bright blue water. It was cold, but refreshing. Simon took Tony's lead and joined his friend in the shallow end.

"It's a bit colder than I thought it'd be." Simon said rubbing his arms.

"Yeah." Tony replied. "Lets swim out to the deep end. I'll race you?"

"Sure." Simon replied. The two friends kicked off from the pool's edge and fought to reach the far end first. Tony was a bit larger and stronger, but Simon was more agile and was the first to reach their goal.

Tony surfaced from below and nodded back to the shallow end. "Do you want go again?"

"Out of the way!" Derek shouted from just behind them. He leapt over their heads and dove into the pool. A moment later, he resurfaced. "You ladies should stick to the shallow end."

Tony wanted to tell him off, but before he knew what was happening, Simon was already swimming away. He begrudgingly followed after, joining his friend by the ladder.

"Why do you let him talk to you like that?" Tony asked. "He's such a prick."

"I know." Simon said. "It's just - it's hard."

Tony wasn't sure what to say next. He stayed silent for a moment, then smiled joked. "That's what she said."

Simon chuckled back.

They did their best to avoid Derek as much as they could. Every now and then he would taunt them from the far side of the pool, but they ignored him. At mid day they took a break and ate lunch. Derek came into the house after they were done, signaling he was done with the pool for the moment.

Tony and Simon went back out and took the opportunity to use the pool in Derek's absence. With the pool to themselves they were able to dive and swim without harassment. Afternoon gave way to early evening, and though sunset was still several hours away, the two friends called it quits. They dried themselves off with towels that Simon had taken from a pair of lawn chairs and headed back into the house.

The house was quiet, save for the television in the living room. The teenaged boys walked over to find the TV on and Derek sound asleep in a high backed chair. He snored lightly and was still wearing the skimpy speedo from the afternoon.

Simon and Tony lied down on the floor and flipped through the channels until they found something decent. Tony looked back at the sleeping champ. He had fallen asleep with his legs sprawled out and his package on display. His cock and huge balls were perfectly framed in the light blue spandex. Tony tried to focus on the television, but he kept turning back to Derek's crotch. It was just too inviting a target to pass up.

Tony quietly got up and stood between Derek's spread legs. Simon watched with great confusion as Tony reached out and rubbed one of Derek's massive nuts right through the fabric. Then he gently rubbed the other with his index finger.

"What are you doing?" Simon whispered in a hushed tone.

"Teaching Mr. Big Nuts here a lesson, now hush!" Tony whispered.

"What lesson?" Simon whispered back.

"That it's not safe to fall asleep in a speedo if you're going to be an ass-hole." Tony replied.

Tony raised his fist and slammed it into Derek's packed nutsac. Derek coughed and abruptly awoke with a shocked painful look on his face. His nuts were throbbing, but it still took him half a second to catch on to what happened. By the time he worked it out and reached for Tony, a second fist was smashed in to his balls and caused his dick and one of his testicles to slip free of the speedo.

Derek grunted closed his eyes in a poor attempt to shut out the pain.

Tony grabbed the exposed gonad and squeezed it between his thumb and index finger, laterally compressing the nut-flesh.

"Ughhh." Derek groaned. "Get off you little fucker."

Tony's only reply was a savage assault on his manhood. He pounded his fist into Derek's meaty balls mercilessly and did not let up until Derek's head snapped back and he passed out. Even then he wouldn't have stopped if not for Simon.

"Tony stop it!" Simon yelled. "What are you doing?"

"It's payback." Tony replied.

"Payback! For what?" Simon asked. "He's my brother after all."

"Exactly." Tony replied. "He's been your brother a lot longer than we've been friends. He's also treated you like shit a lot longer, too long."

"Yeah, so?" Simon didn't seem to get it.

"Yeah, so don't you think it's time you stood up for yourself?" Tony asked.

"I don't know - I guess." Simon replied.

"Damn right it's time." Tony needed his friend to see it. Derek had overshadowed him all his life, but Simon had always been too passive or afraid to do anything about it, so Tony had taken the first step for him.

"I suppose you're right." Simon said. "I just don't know what to do."

"You can finish what I started!" Tony exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Yeah, right." Simon snorted.

"No, seriously!" Tony pointed at Derek's crotch. "Punch him in the nuts!"

"No." Simon shook his head insistently.

"YES. Don't be a wuss." Tony replied insistently.

"I'm not doing it."

"Come on, do it."

"No, it's crazy."

"It's crazy?" Tony asked. "It's crazy to stand up for yourself against a guy who has pushed you around all your life? Is it crazy to put your foot down and say 'NO?'"

"I guess I see your point." Simon replied. He looked down at his unconscious brother as he started coming around. Derek was still a bit out of it, but as his vision cleared he recognized Simon standing above him.

"I swear you two little shits are going to get it - " his words simply hung out out there without completion. Derek was caught completely off guard when Simon lashed out and punched his brother square in his balls. Derek's eyes burned with rage as tears formed.

"You little fu-" Derek was cut off again when Simon's fist smashed into his junk. Simon wasn't interested his threats or insults. Instead he slowly and deliberately pounded away at his big brother's studly eggs. Derek flinched and groaned between each strike, his usual cocky demeanor melted away and was slowly replaced with a hint of fear.

Derek spoke just above a whisper. "Simon?"

His brother looked up into his watery eyes. "Simon, please stop it. I'm - I'm your brother."

Simon paused and thought hard before responding. "Yes, we're brothers, but what kind of brother have you been?"

Derek started to respond and then stopped. "A lousy brother."

"That's right." Simon replied.

"But I can change, I swear." Derek pleaded with him.

"I'm not sure that's true." Simon said. "But I'd like it if you did."

"I promise I will, but please, let up OK?" Derek asked without bothering to mask his desperation.

"Sorry big brother, but you've had this coming for years now." Simon replied.

Derek shook his head, knowing what was about to come, he begged Simon for mercy. What he got was a fist aimed directly at his gonads.

"Fuck." Derek moaned.

Tony had stood out of the way during the confrontation between the brothers but decided it was time to rejoin the action. After watching Simon bash his brother's balls a few more times, Tony decided to give his friend a few pointers. He decided it was time to share what had happened between him and his coach several weeks earlier.

After hearing his story, Simon remained a bit sceptical. "Guys don't blow their load just because you squeeze it out of them."

"Some guys do." Tony said.

"Whatever," Simon replied.

"Do you mind if I try?" Tony asked.

"I guess not." Simon replied awkwardly. "Just don't do any permanent damage to him."

Tony nodded. He grabbed Derek's king-sized baby-makers and proceeded to massage them in their sac. The 19-year old was only vaguely aware of the change, his eyes had rolled back in his head and he was off in his own world. Tony squeezed each orb separately and then together. He varied pressure and rhythm - he tried everything he could think of, but nothing happened.

"Come on Tony, my parents could come home any minute." Simon said.

"Hold on just a sec." Tony knelt down between Derek's legs and gently stroked his nutsac. Then without warning he scooped up his large left nut and sucked it into his mouth. Simon gasped and Derek moaned as Tony worked over his hefty testicle. He played with it in his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue and moving it from cheek to cheek. It was so big, there was just barely enough room for it to move around. Tony sucked hard on the soft orb and pressed it against the roof of his mouth while using his gums to gently grind down on his ball cords.

When Derek initially felt his nut slip into Tony's mouth he immediately panicked, but soon the sensation gave way to mild pleasure. It felt hot and wet, but not altogether unpleasant. Within a matter of moments it was all over; Tony released his nut only to realize he had a raging hard-on.

Tony had noticed too, and now that Derek was aroused, he planned to finish off the cocky stud. He cradled Derek's cahones and began to gently pound them with his fist. He established a tempo, squishing Derek's large heavy balls at regular intervals. Bit by bit, his resistance was worn away and his cock began to twitch.

"Oh Fuck," Derek groaned.

It was just the signal Tony needed to turn up the pressure, he held Derek's sac firmly and ground his knuckles deep into each nugget. Derek opened his mouth wide and wailed while his precious jewels were ground down to a pulp.

Unable to resist for another moment, his cock spasmed uncontrollably and began releasing thick ropes of cum. Wave after wave of Derek's love juice was wasted as it was pumped onto his stomach and chest. Derek moaned in pain and cupped his busted balls as the last jets of cum involuntarily spurted out. He sat back on his chair panting and looked exhausted.

"Christ," Simon said to his friend. "I guess you weren't kidding."

"Nope," Tony said. "Works every time."

- Derek was inspired by a model from -

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sara Strikes Again!

Several months had passed since the ugly break up between Sara and her ex-boyfriend Chris. Initially she had told her friends she was giving up on men completely, but after a few months she re-entered the dating scene. Sara had gone out with a one or two guys, but she was still so jaded from her relationship with Chris that nothing substantial ever materialized. That didn't really bother her, in fact she sort of enjoyed being a cock-tease. Men seemed to only be interested in their own needs, and she was done caring about anyone but herself.

Her current guy was nice enough, and had she been in a better place, she would have even considered a serious relationship. He was in fact, just her type. Boris was tall, thin, handsome, and most importantly - he was several years younger than her. His family moved to the US when he was a child, and having grown up within the American culture, he lacked any kind of accent. What Sara liked most about him was that he acted like a gentleman, and even after several "dates," he never pushed her to have sex. None the less she knew what he was after, yet Sara took quite a bit of delight in denying him of it.

That didn't seem to stop Boris though. Despite being shot down every night, he continued to peruse Sara. She had continued the game of cat and mouse by agreeing to meet up with him at a downtown bar with some friends. Drinks flowed all night and inhibitions were dropped. At one point Boris pulled Sara into the corner and with stench of alcohol on his breath, kissed her passionately. Feeling lost in the moment, Sara kissed him back - but the moment didn't last long, she quickly pushed him away and rejoined their friends.

Another hour past before Sara announced that she was going home. Not surprisingly Boris announced that he would be leaving too, not wanting her to walk home alone. Sara suggested that he stay, but he insisted and the two left the bar together.

It was 2:00 when Sara brought Boris back to her apartment, though it had taken him several attempts before she agreed to let him stay for the night. In the past Boris had stayed long enough to start fooling around, but it always end the same way with Sara throwing him out before it got to sex.

Sara could still feel the affects of alcohol clouding her judgement as she invited Boris back to her bedroom. She opened the door and collapsed onto the bed without comment. Ceasing the opportunity, Boris crawled next to her on the bed and began kissing her. Sara kissed back, wrapping her arms around him and squeezed him close. It had been so long since she had been with a man, Sara dropped her guard and gave in to her own desires. Passions ran high and before Sara realized it, Boris had worked her jeans down past her knees and his hand had slipped underneath her panties. She was at first stunned by the awkwardness of his fingers up inside her, but it soon gave way to ecstasy. He was strong and gentle - her resistance was broken. She could feel his erection pressing against her and she tried to get his pants off, but before she could her body was enveloped in sweet bliss. Her orgasm was sudden and exhilarating. It lasted for several moments, and when it passed it filled her up with a sense of calmness. The room was still and quiet, save her deep breaths.

Boris continued to kiss her for a while longer, than he got up and left the room. When he returned, he was wearing only his boxers. To his surprise, Sara had already turned over facing the wall.

"Are you going to sleep already?" Boris asked.

"It's late and I'm tired. You can sleep here or on the couch, I don't care." Sara mumbled over her shoulder.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Boris shouted.

Sara turned over to face him. "What are you talking about?"

"Are you serious?" Boris asked indigently. "What did we just do?"

"I know, I shouldn't have let that happen. I'm sorry." She replied in a tone that would suggest otherwise.

"You can't keep doing this to me Sara, I thought you liked me." He said looking surprised.

"I do Boris." She replied, sounding more genuine this time.

"Then why do you keep doing this to me, it's got to be the third time! Do you KNOW what blue balls feel like?" Boris said sarcastically.

Sara rose off the bed and walked over to him and looked into his eyes. He was easily a foot and a half taller than her. "No I don't - know how they feel - that is. I know you were getting really excited a minute ago."

"Yeah you could say that," Boris snorted.

"So I bet they're getting pretty sore, huh?" Sara said in a patronizing tone. She seemed to sigh and turned her attention to the large bulge in his shorts. She glanced up at Boris and bit her bottom lip. Then she reached through the fly of his boxers and grabbed his erection. His mouth dropped open and he closed his eyes as Sara tugged on his shaft. Boris moaned and took long, deep breaths.

After reaching down a bit deeper, Sara grabbed a fist full of Boris' precious Russian jewels. He gasped with delight as Sara cautiously kneaded his balls as though they were made of dough, rolling them around in her hand.

Boris was clearly enjoying himself as Sara manipulated his tender nuts. It had been so long, he could hardly wait for her to drain them and get him some relief. After a minute Sara pulled his nuts out through the fly of his boxers and left them hanging there for inspection. Boris silently watched while Sara poked and prodded his manhood with great interest. Despite whatever discomfort he was experiencing, his balls weren't blue, but pink and massive. They looked like they could pump out enough sperm to populate a small Russian village.

Sara looked up at into Boris' piercing blue eyes while she manipulated the big balls in their sack, "You're such a big baby, it doesn't hurt that bad, they're not even that blue!"

"Oh baby, they're so sore." Boris replied with his eyes shut.

Sara returned her attention back to his low-hanging gonads. "Christ are they swollen or are they always this big?

The question seemed to get Boris even more excited. "They feel like they're going to burst." Boris exaggerated. In his head he was already imagining how great it would feel to shoot a load off between Sara's tits.

"That's too bad," Sara said with a smile, "I don't think you're going to get to cum tonight."

"What the-" Boris was interrupted by dual explosions set off in his gonads. While they had been talking Sara had surreptitiously twisted stretched Boris' scrotum, ringing it out like a wet towel and trapping his balls down to the base of his sac. Once she had them firmly in her grasp with no chance of escape, she sunk her thumbs down deep into his juicy plums.

Boris' mouth opened wide and he groaned in shock as intense pain radiated up from his groin into his abdomen. He gasped for air to ease the burning in his lungs. Sara giggled while he desperately tried to squirm away. This made it a bit difficult to maintain her grip, but the bigger problem was the sheer size of his testicles. They were so big and swollen she considered using two hands, but there was a chance Boris might slip away. Instead she locked her fingers around the neck of his scrotum and tugged down. Boris yelped as his poor nuts were stretched down to their limits.

"Poor baby, are your little ballsies still sore?" Sara mocked.

Boris was humiliated but in too much pain to speak.

Sara gripped his nuggets in one hand and smashed them with her fist. Boris jumped reflexively, but he couldn't go far with Sara's grip on his manhood. Then she punched and smacked his balls repeatedly, crushing his meaty balls without mercy. It felt like the worst torture Boris could imagine. Tears formed in his eyes and he groaned with each new strike on his tormented nuts.

Sara wound up for one last strike and smashed her fist hard into his big juicy balls. They were severely flattened into her hand with a sick 'splat' that seemed to echo around the room. The sound filled Boris' ears just a moment before the pain exploded in his brain.

Boris cried and was allowed to sink to his knees. He sobbed, rocking back and forth as he cradled his busted nuts. "Why?" Boris managed to whisper while choking back on his tears.

Sara looked down at the prostrate young man. "Because you annoy me. Going on and on about how badly you need to cum, how sore your nuts are." Sara said sarcastically. "I don't want to hear it! The next time you come to me complaining about how 'sore' they are, be ready to get more of the same."

Sara crawled back in to her bed and wrapped herself under the covers. She waited for Boris to say something, but his response never came. Time slipped by and slowly her eyes became too heavy to keep open. She gently drifted off to sleep, the last sound she heard was the soft moans of the man lying at the foot of her bed.

- Boris is based on a someone I new in college and looks like this guy -

- Boris' big meaty Russian love spuds -

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Punishing the Coach

This story is based on a so-called true story posted on Kramtoad's site. I have taken a bit of artistic license with it, embellishing some parts, and changed the structure a bit. ***

The scent of sweat and musk sifted into Tony's nostrils as he walked into the high school gymnasium. It was the smell of hard work, toil, and self-discipline. Already at the age of 17, he understood how important these things were and he embraced them. No one worked harder than him, and his determination had paid off. He was the ranked at the top of his weight class in his division, but that wasn't good enough - he was focused the upcoming league championship. Luckily for him, the wrestling team got a new coach that year, a talented 26-year old former wrestling champion who had graduated from his high school. Coach Brad was his ace in the hole and he was counting on him.

At least that had been the plan. Tony had asked Brad for the last two weeks if he would be willing to train with him after practice. He even offered to come in on the weekends, to do whatever it would take - but after each request had been denied, it was obvious that he was being dodged. The coach always seemed to have an appointment or meeting that he couldn't miss. Tony didn't let that stop him - each day after practice he asked the coach if he could spare an hour, and each time he was told no.

The problem was that tonight was Thursday and the last time Tony could practice with Brad before the Championship that weekend. Tony spotted the coach supervising while two of his teammates sparred with one-another in a practice session.

Brad liked to instruct by example, often entering the ring himself to show off to the younger wrestlers. During practice he even wore his old training singlet from his high school days. Perhaps he did it to make his wrestlers feel like he was more part of the team, but Tony suspected it had more to do with vanity than comradery.

"No Kowalski, you need to start off lower if you're going to try to lift him - try again!" Brad shouted at the heavy-set teenager. The boys shifted to their starting positions and executed the take down again.

"Hi Coach." Tony waved at Brad.

"Moretti," Brad nodded. "Why are you late?"

"I'm not late coach, I started practice right after school." Tony said with a smirk. "You weren't here yet, so I spent some time in the weight room."

Brad stared at the 17-year old coldly. "Don't be a smart ass Moretti, get started with your drills."

"Sure thing Coach." Tony replied, leaving Brad behind. He wondered how the coach had ever been a champ with that kind of attitude.

Nick joined the rest of his teammates and started his warm-up routine. The practice proceeded normally, each wrestler paired up with a team mate and drilled. They gym was filled by the noise of young men grunting and groaning while practicing their holds, lifts, and takedowns. As usual the coach inspected each pair, providing criticism and advice.

Brad didn't make it to Tony and his partner until the very end of practice. Tony grappled with his teammate who must have had at least 25 pounds on him. Despite the obvious disadvantage, Tony used his superior speed and agility and managed to lock his opponent into a Full Nelson.

"Good foot work Moretti," Brad commented. Then he blew his whistle, "That's it guys, have a good night!"

The majority of his team members filed out of the gym, but Tony stayed back to speak with the coach.

"Hey Coach, do you think you could stay late with me and practice for a while?" Tony asked.

"Sorry son, I can't do it tonight," Brad said without lifting his eyes off his clip board. It drove Tony nuts that the coach called him 'son.' Brad only had nine years on him, he had been a kid himself when Tony was born.

Tony ignored the derogatory 'son' comment and focused on the fact that he was being ditched yet again. "But Coach, tomorrow we head out for the league tournament! I could really use the help." Tony tried to reason with him and managed to maintain a polite tone.

"I'm sure you could," Brad replied sarcastically, "but I'm not available."

"But Coach!"

"Look Moretti, tonight is my one-year wedding anniversary." Brad interjected. "I'm going home, taking a shower, eat the dinner my wife cooked me, and then if I'm lucky, I'm going to screw her brains out, got it?"

Brad started walking towards his office.

"Coach I understand, but if you could just give me twenty minutes-"

"No I don't think you do understand!" Brad whorled around and to face him. "I really give a shit about you. If I had to choose between practicing with you and banging my wife, you'd lose. If it was between staying here with you or going home to an empty house, you'd lose. Don't you get it, I don't care what you do."

Feeling as though he had put the young man sufficiently in his place, Brad turned around and made his way back toward the locker room.

Perhaps it was the way his coach had reacted, or maybe it was just part of a series of insults that had accumulated over the last few weeks, but something seemed to snap in Tony's brain. He sprinted ahead of Brad and stood directly in his path.

"What do you think you're doing?" Brad asked.

"You can't leave yet, you're going to do your job and help me." Tony said defiantly.

"Yeah, right." Brad said a bit amused. "I'm leaving and you can stop me."

Brad pushed past him, making sure to bump his shoulder as he walked by. Tony flew into action, grabbed Brad's arm, spun him around and sent his knee directly into his crotch. Brad's eyes widened as Tony pressed his kneecap firmly into his groin and pulverized his nuts. He moaned as Tony took him down to the mats with his knee still planted in his balls.

Tony could see that the coach was in serious pain and unable to move. Oddly enough he seemed to be getting aroused - either because of the busting his balls has just taken, or the thought of screwing his young wife was making him excited. As his erection began to grow, it strained against the tight spandex singlet - outlining every detail of his package.

The coach had been a real prick and Tony felt he deserved a little payback. Tony took aim at Brad's clearly defined orbs and smashed them with his fist. He shrieked out in pain and his heart was pounding. He desperately searched for someone to help him, but the rest of the team had left and they were alone. Blow after blow, the 26-year old's balls absorbed the full force of each impact dead-on, making Brad howl.

Tony paused after what must have been the 9th or 10th punch and watched Brad shoot off a huge load of cum in his singlet.

"Oooh, that's not going to make the wife happy." Tony said mockingly.

The coach was completely out of it, practically unconscious.

He pealed the sticky singlet past Brad's hips and grabbed his cum soaked balls. They swelling and red. Tony smiled and yanked down on Brad's nuts, squeezing them for all their worth.

Brad moaned, speaking words that didn't make any sense at all. He tried to fight Tony off, but the effort was half-hearted because his nuts were already locked in Tony's deadly grip. Oddly enough he noticed the coach was getting hard again.

Tony worked over his balls hard, keeping up the abuse until Brad shot another load. His dick began to shudder and leak precum - then it erupted with the second batch of his man juice emptying out onto his chest.

If only his coach had been a little more cooperative, none of this would have happened. Tony reasoned that Brad had no one to blame but himself. While he wasn't going to be training with him that evening, Tony doubted that he'd be doing anything with his new wife either. He did feel a ping of regret for Brad's wife, but then again - she married him.

Just to make sure Brad wasn't holding out on him, he squeezed each nut in a separate hand. Tony pressed his thumbs deep into each orb, burrowing down to their center. Brad whimpered, only barely aware of what was going on. His nuts had swollen to nearly twice their size and looked liked they had been mangled in a vice. The lack of responsiveness suggested that his balls had already been emptied, but Tony remained determine.

In the end his persistence paid off, and after a very long time Brad's shaft leaked clear liquid. Tony maintained the assault on his precious jewels until his cock spit out a third pitiful load. Confident in the belief that he had forced every drop of cum out of his cocky coach's nuts, Tony decided to call it a night.

He headed back to the locker room and got changed. He wished he could be there when Brad broke the bad news to his wife and wondered what excuse he would use. He doubted he would tell her the truth, that a kid from his wrestling team had kicked his ass and drained his balls. Tony checked the gymnasium and saw the coach was still on his back, but at least he was moving.

"I guess he's not going to be making any babies tonight," Tony chuckled. Then he pushed through the double doors and headed out into the fresh night air.

- Tony in his wrestling singlet -

- Coach Brad in his wrestling singlet -

- Coach Brad's juicy testicles -

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jessica Teaches Her Sister How to Bust Balls

It was the second day of Marie's visit to her sister's college and she was having a blast. This was the first time they had been able to hang out alone, without parents or friends - they could do whatever they wanted. They had stayed up late the previous night watching old movies and slept in Saturday morning. When they got up at noon, they went to the gym for half an hour and ate lunch afterward. When they got back Marie took her shower first and then Jessica left for hers. Marie was still drying off when there was a knock at the door.

Marie reached for her clothes. "Just a minute!" She shouted through the door. She quickly pulled on a pair of capri pants and a white top. Marie opened the door and came face to face with a tall, cute guy with curly brown hair, sweet blue eyes, and a great smile. He was wearing a buttoned T-shirt that fit tight around the chest, blue jeans and flip flops.

"Hi, I'm Nick, Jess' boyfriend. You must be Marie." He said with a dazzling smile.

"Yeah I'm Jess' sister. Nice to meet you." Marie said as she checked out Nick's body.

Nick waited awkwardly for a moment and asked, "Um, can I come in?" Nick asked.

"Oh yeah, sure." Marie moved aside and checked out Nick's butt as he walked by. "Jess just stepped out, she'll be back in a minute."

Nick took a seat at Jessica's desk. "So you're visiting for the weekend?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I'm considering coming here for college." Marie replied.

"Cool, you'll like it here." Nick said.

Even though Marie had just met him, she was enamored by Nick. It wasn't just that he was cute and older than her, he had a charm to him that none of the boys from high school possessed.

Jessica returned after a few minutes and found Nick had already arrived. "I assume you two have already met," she said.

"Yeah, I was just telling Marie what it was like going to school here." Nick said with another smile.

Jessica closed the door behind her and turned to her sister. "Marie, do you remember what we talked about yesterday when you first got here?"

"Yeah . . ." Marie trailed off. Why was Jess bringing this up now?

"I talked to Nick and he's agreed to help you." Jessica said smiling.

"What are you talking about?" Marie asked, looking perplexed at her sister and Nick.

"I want you to practice kicking a guy in the nuts and Nick has agreed to participate, haven't you babe?"

Nick nodded his head, this time without a hint of his characteristic smile.

"What!? That's crazy, I'm not doing it." Marie replied.

"Marie, you need to learn some time." Jessica admonished her sister. "I won't be around next year, you have know how to do it right."

"Why?" Marie complained.

"How do you plan to defend yourself? What do you do if you are at a bar and a guy corners you?" Jessica asked.

"Fine, I'd kick him in the balls and run." Marie replied.

"What if you're nervous and miss? It's not always as easy as it seems." Jessica folded her arms and stared down her little sister. "What if you lose your head and panic?"

"I didn't think about that." Marie was starting to give the idea a chance. "What about Nick, I don't want to stop him from having babies or anything."

Nick cleared his throat with an audible 'gulp.'

"Aww, don't worry, I won't let you hurt Nick too badly." Jessica said in a baby voice.

"Are you sure Nick?" Marie asked.

Nick nodded and gave a reassuring smile.

Jessica had them wait for her while she grabbed some clothes and dressed quickly. When she was ready she had Nick stand in the middle of the room, opposite of Marie.

"The first thing I'm going to have you do is kick him between the legs. Don't forget, a guy's balls usually hang right here . . ." Jessica gently grabbed Nick's bulge from below - " . . . and you want to use your foot to come up, underneath here and push his balls into his body." Jessica pressed her palm into Nick's jean-clad crotch, visibly flattening his bulge up against his body. Nick shrugged his shoulders and smiled, apparently unphased.

"Got it." Marie said confidently. Nick said he was also ready, standing bravely with his legs spread apart. Jessica gave her the go ahead, so Marie quickly closed the gap between her and Nick, arched back her foot and swung her sneaker clad foot up into his groin. Just as Jessica had demonstrated, Marie's foot caught Nick right in the crotch and crunched his nuts. Nick grabbed his groin and staggered back.

"Nice job Marie!" Jessica said smiling. She looked over at her doubled over boyfriend, "You did great too babe."

Nick coughed.

"That was really great, but you won't always be in a situation where you can kick a guy. What do you do if he is standing right in front of you?" Jessica asked as she helped Nick stand back up.

"I don't know, knee him?" Marie replied.

"That's one possibility, and probably the easiest. You want to use your knee just like before to come up, and smack his balls into his body." Jessica demonstrated by wrapping her arms around Nick's neck and gently nudging her knee into his groin.

When it was Marie's turn, she couldn't reach all the way up around his neck so she grabbed Nick by the shoulders and jammed her leg up between his thighs. Nothing happened, Nick didn't seem to be affected at all.

"Did I hurt you?" She asked.

Nick shook his head "Not really."

"Try again!" Jessica said supportingly.

Her sister had been right, this was harder than it looked. Marie focused on Nick's groin again and imagined his testicles were a pair of hens eggs that needed to be cracked. She aimed her knee directly under his bulge and rammed her knee up into it. Her kneecap crashed into Nick's gonads at full force and knocked the wind right out of him.

Nick coughed and doubled over. "Ouch." Nick said rubbing his balls.

"Much better that time. If you keep it up you'll be a pro!" Jessica teased.

"Thanks, but most guys aren't going to just stand there and let me kick them." Marie replied.

"True, sometimes you may get lucky, but I see your point. Most guys will try to protect themselves." Jessica thought about it for a moment. "OK, I have an idea. Marie, I want you to try to hit Nick in the balls, and Nick will try to protect himself."

Both sister and boyfriend nodded. Nicked held one hand in front of his crotch and used the other to block Marie's attacks. Marie made several attempts, but they were all predictable and easily deflected by Nick. She began to feel frustrated, and after being shoved a bit to roughly, her temper spiked and she smacked Nick across the face. The blow caught him off guard and when he reached up to touched his face, he left his groin exposed. Seeing the opening before her, she exploited it and kicked Nick square in the balls.

Nick crumpled to the floor. "Fuck," he whispered under his breath.

Jessica clapped and laughed. "That was awesome!"

She reached over her moaning boyfriend and gave her little sister a big hug.

Marie broke away from the hug. "Do you think I can try one more time?"

Jessica smiled down at her boyfriend and ran her fingers through Nick's curly hair. "OK, just one more."

They pulled Nick up off the floor and had him resume his protective stance. This time he remembered to guard both his crotch and his face, but Marie had expected this. She sent a few feints at his head and then jammed her heal down on his bare toes. Nick yelped in pain and grabbed his foot. Marie used the distraction and snuck behind him. Clenching her fist, she punched Nick' nuts from behind, crushing Nick's baby-makers and driving them into his pelvis.

Nick howled and fell to the floor. He whimpered holding his foot with one hand and his nuts in the other. Jessica congratulated her sister and helped Nick up to her bed.

"That was great!" Marie exclaimed. She thanked and hugged her sister, then she hugged Nick and thanked him too.

"You were fantastic Marie! Where did you come up with that last move?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, I saw it movie I think. I can't believe it worked!" Marie giggled.

"Well I think you are a full fledged ball buster now - men beware!" Jessica joked.

Nick moaned in approval.

"What about Nick?" Marie asked, still giggling.

Jessica shook her head. "Don't worry about him, I already promised to make it up to him later."

"Oh, so he didn't volunteer-"

"Not exactly." Jessica watched her boyfriend squirm on the bed. "I had to give him a little incentive."

That seemed to make Marie giggle even harder.

"Have you ever seen a guy naked?" Jessica asked.

Marie shook her head. "Not below the belt."

"Well I think you should - it's important to know what's down there if you are going to be taking guys on."

"I don't think Nick-"

"It won't be a problem, Nick doesn't mind." Jessica cut her off and tugged on Nick's pants.

Nick was still a bit out of it after the busting he had taken. He tried to protest, but Jessica was determined. She unbuckled his belt, pulled his pants down to his knees. Then she grabbed the waist band of his green boxer shorts and yanked them down too, revealing his package for inspection. Nick had an average six inch dick that rested above two plump testicles. Jessica pushed Nick's penis to the side and grabbed his scrotum.

"So here they are, these are Nick's balls." Jessica said while carressing his tender orbs. "Squeezing a guy's nuts is best way to bust them, but only if they're naked."

"How come?" Marie asked.

"Because clothing can protect them, but they're really sensitive to pressure." Jessica replied. "If you can your hands on a guy's nuts, game's over."

"Wow," Marie said with a hint of amazement. "Can I touch them?"

"I don't know . . ." Jessica seemed to hesitate.

"Please, I promise it'll be quick!" Marie begged.

"Alright, just for a second." Jessica said.

Marie grabbed Nick's nutsac and jiggled his balls. They were softer than she had expected and they were wrapped in saggy skin. She could see how having a pair of these could be a liability in the wrong hands.

"Nice," Marie commented as she released Nick's plums.

Jessica helped Nick pull his pants back on and then he said he had to go. "Thanks for being such a good sport babe."

Nick nodded his head and smiled. Marie thanked him as well, and after a few minutes he left. Once they were alone Jessica and Marie chatted away about what had transpired. They both agreed that it had been a great success.

Jessica's opinion meant a lot to Marie, so to her it felt as though she had just completed a right of passage. Jessica couldn't have been prouder of her little sister. She felt secure in the knowledge that no matter what happened, Marie could look out for herself.

- Nick is inspired by Jesse from -

Monday, April 6, 2009

Eric and Jake College Buddies Series: The Slumbering Roommate Epilogue - The Next Morning

After a peaceful sleep, Eric awoke with a start. Bright rays of sunlight flooded his dorm room, suggesting it was at least mid morning. He scrambled up out of bed and grabbed his alarm clock. It was already quarter after 9 am. 'Shit!' he thought, 'I missed my class!' He started pulling on clothes but it was no use, the class be over by the time he got there. Eric groaned and sat back on his bed.

It was then that he noticed his roommate's bed was empty. He had hoped to see Jake before he left for class, but even that had gotten messed up. Eric laid back in his bed disappointed.

Just then the door opened and Jake walked into the room wrapped in a towel. "Hey Eric," Jake said when he saw his roommate was awake.

"Hi Jake, how's it going?" Eric's mood was already improving.

"Alright I guess." Jake replied. "Dude, last night was crazy. I went out with some friends, and we met these chicks- and one of them was really hot, you know? So after a while I tell her it's getting late and I'm heading home. So she leaves with me and half way here she says she has to go home and bails out."

"Oh, really?" Eric hated it when Jake brought girls home.

"Yeah, oh and by way, sorry about waking you up last night. I got home and realized that I didn't have my keys." Jake apologized.

"That's alright," Eric replied. "Did you ever find them?"

"Yeah, I left them here by mistake." Jake replied wile rubbing the towel over his arms and head. Eric stole quick glances of his half naked roommate, but was careful not to stare. Jake had a beautifully muscular body, it was a shame it had been wasted on a straight guy.

Jake interrupted Eric's thoughts. "Can I ask you a question?"

Eric's heart raced - he caught him checking him out? Eric braced himself. "Sure?"

Jake cleared his throat. "Have your balls ever, ached?" Jake asked with a bit of embarrassment.

Eric sighed with relief. "Yeah, sometimes."

"Dude, this isn't like anything I've felt before. They're swollen and look like their turning red." Jake said, grabbing at his crotch through the towel. For the first time Eric detected a slight limp in Jake's gait as he paced around the room

"Do they feel like blue balls?" Eric asked trying to sound genuine.

"I've had blue balls before, this isn't it. I even tried to rub one out in the shower, but I couldn't." Jake replied.

Eric tried to hide his smile. He wasn't surprised - Eric had done quite a number on Jake's balls the night before. He had even managed to jerk Jake off and made him shoot a huge load while he slept. It was kind of nice to know that even hours later, Jake was still dealing with discomfort Eric had caused.

Then Jake asked a startling question. "Would you mind taking a look at them?"

Eric stared blankly at his roommate for a moment. "Sure . . ."

"You wouldn't mind?" Jake asked. "I'm sorry to ask, but I'm worried."

"Yeah, no problem." Eric replied.

Standing in the space between their beds, Jake slowly unwrapped his towel, revealing every inch of his ripped body. Eric stifled a gasp and shifted his legs to hide the instant boner that had sprung up between his legs. Jake grabbed his soft dick and pulled it out of the way while gently squeezing his nutsac with the other hand.

Eric's mouth just about dropped open at the site of his hot, straight roommate presenting his manhood to him. He had to quickly recover and say something.

"Oh yeah, I see what you mean. They don't look so much red as they do swollen." Eric commented.

"Are you sure?" Jake asked uncertainly.

"I think so, I don't know - do you think I could . . ." Eric gestured towards Jake's manhood.

"Oh sure, go ahead." Jake didn't appear to be shy in the least. It wasn't all that surprising really, he had nothing to be shy about. He had a gorgeous 19-year old body, a huge cock, and monstrous balls.

Eric wrapped his hand around the base of Jake's scrotum and gave his globes a squeeze. They were so big they nearly slipped out of his palm.

"Ow," Jake moaned.

His nuts were even more tender than Eric than had suspected. He played with them for another second and then let go of Jake's nutsac. "Your nuts are so big, they're . . . definitely swollen." Eric said sympathetically.

Jake reached down and caressed his testicles. "Do you think I should go to Health Services?" He asked.

"No, I don't think so. They won't be able to do much for you - other than give you a bag of ice and tell you to rest." Eric replied.

"What do I do? I can't go on walking around like this." Jake said, clearly frustrated.

"Well, I'd start by losing the boxers for a little while, get yourself some underwear that will hold your boys in place, give them a little support." Eric suggested.

"How's that going to help? They ache when I'm standing still!" Jake said dismissively.

"Well there is one other thing we can try, but . . ."

"But what what?" Jake asked with a hint of desperation.

"I've seen it work before, but it isn't pretty." Eric replied.

"What is it?" Jake asked insistently.

"This happened to a friend of mine once. We tried everything and the only thing that helped him was a solid kick in the nuts." Eric spoke cautiously and did his best not to laugh.

Jake looked at his roommate as if he had just suggested the stupidest idea in the world. "How is that going to help?" He demanded. "In fact, I think that'll make things worse!"

Eric tried calming him down. "I know it seems stupid, but it might work. Your balls are swollen, probably getting worse by the minute. You won't feel any better until you release some of that pressure." Eric said it with such conviction, he nearly believed it himself.

"Do you really think it might help?" Jake asked.

Eric couldn't believe he was actually going for it! "It's worth a shot." Eric replied.

"Well, I guess I'll try it. You don't mind helping me out?" Jake asked.

"What are roommates for?" Eric replied. He asked Jake to stand back and spread his legs, which he did. He also asked that Jake hold his dick up out of the way, leaving his balls exposed and dangling between his legs like ripe hanging fruit. "Are you ready?" Eric asked.

Jake nodded and closed his eyes in anticipation. As Eric stood there poised to strike, he realized this made missing class completely worth it. He arched his foot back and swung his foot up under Jake's over-sized baby-makers, flattening them against his pelvis and causing Jake to moan.

"That didn't feel like I got them." Eric said.

"No, wait, I-" But before, Jake could finish his sentence Eric kicked his balls again, hitting them dead on. The instep of his foot sunk into Jake's nutsac and crunched his nuts hard against his body, making a sick smacking noise.

Jake wailed from the top of his lungs. He collapsed on his bed whimpering and caressing his balls.

"Are you all right?" Eric asked, already knowing the answer.

"Fuck," Jake whined. He felt nauseous and his nuts were throbbing.

"How do they feel?" Eric pressed.

"Like they just got kicked by a mule." Jake's voice was a whisper and breathing was ragged.

"Is it worse than before?" Eric asked.

"Sort of - but different. They hurt like hell, but they don't ache as much." Jake replied.

"That's a good sign." Eric said enthusiastically. "Do you mind if I take a check?"

Jake surprisingly moved his hands so that Eric could feel for himself. He groped Jake's s juicy balls with great care, Eric squeezed each nut individually. "Ahh, much better," Eric lied, "the swelling seems to have gone down a bit."

"You think so?" Jake asked.

"Absolutely," Eric said as he released his roommate's precious jewels. "You may want to rest them for a while, or if you're up for it, we can keep at it."

"No, no - let's give them a rest." Jake said. "Thanks for your help."

A big grin spread across Eric's face. "That's what friends are for."

- Jake coming out of the shower -

- To my mind, Jake looks a lot like Bernardo Velasco -

- The inspiration for Jake's juicy balls -

Trading Balls for Grades Part II

It was the night after Christian's encounter with Lee in his office and half an hour before he was supposed to show up for Round Two. Christian had called Jess, his best friend and fellow ball buster, and invited her over to his apartment. Christian walked into the room with two glasses of red wine and handed one to Jess before sitting next to her on the couch.

"I'm glad you got here early so we could catch up." Christian said.

"Yeah, I wanted to know how this all started." Jess replied.

"Oh, well, one of my students from 201 is complete slacker, hasn't shown up to class, failed the last two exams, at this point I would be surprised if he's literate." Jess chuckled and sipped from her wine glass while Christian continued. "I'm serious, I haven't seen him since the first week of classes, and I only recognized him because he's hot. So anyway, last week he stays after class and asks me if there's anything he can do to improve his grade. I told him the best thing for him would be to drop out and start over in the fall semester. He said he couldn't because he was a graduating senior and he needed the class. Then he told me he would do ANYTHING."

"Sounds a bit desperate." Jess said.

"Yeah, so I thought alright, I'll mess with him. In my most flamboiently gay voice, I told him that I might be able to do something, but he would have to do something for me." Christian said.

"You didn't!" Jess scream-laughed.

"I swear, I just expected him to get embarrassed and leave." Christian laughed.

"Obviously he didn't." Jess interjected.

"No, he asked me what I had in mind. So I told him I could make him cum so hard he'd see God."

"And he agreed?" Jess asked.

"Pretty much. He told me he wasn't into guys and he didn't want anything up his butt, but he was up for anything else." Christian replied.

"Sounds interesting." Jess said.

"Yeah, but he got cold feet or something last night. Right after I grabbed his dick he called me a fag." Chrisian said.

"What did you do?" She asked.

"I got angry and busted his balls." Christian said. "Then I kicked him out of my office and called you."

Just then the door bell rang, cutting their conversation short. Christian put down his glass and answered the door. Lee followed Christian into the living room and stopped in his tracks when he saw Jess. He looked at Christian with a perplexed expression.

"Oh, I invited my friend Jess over. Jess, this is Lee." Christian introduced him to his friend.

Lee step forward awkwardly and shook Jess' outstretched hand. She wasn't half bad looking, but Lee had dated better.

"Why don't you have a seat on the couch?" Christian suggested gestured next to Jess. Lee sat and looked around the room.

Though she didn't find him particularly attractive, she could see why Christian liked him. With his dark complexion and blue eyes, Lee had a grungy, Indie rocker look that Christian probably loved.

"So, how are you feeling Lee?" Christian asked.

"OK, I guess . . ." Lee replied.

"How do your balls feel?" Christian asked with a grin.

"Um . . . " Lee looked at Jess and back at Christian.

"I've already told her about last night, so there's no point in being bashful." Christian said. "Are they still sore?"

Lee silently nodded his head. It was one thing to have what happened last night done to him, but it was even worse to find out someone else knew about it.

"Have you jerked off since last night?" Christian asked.

"No," Lee said in a flat tone.

"Great, alright why don't we get started?" Christian asked.

"What, in front of her?" Lee gestured towards Jess.

"Yeah." Christian replied.

"Do we have to?" Lee asked. Her presence clearly made him uncomfortable.

"Yes." Christian said impatiently. "You still haven't earned a passing grade in my course, now get up."

Lee got to his feet and stood before Christian, waiting expectantly. Christian turned him around so that he faced Jess, make sure she got a good view. Then he pulled Lee's T-shirt up over his head, exposing his muscular chest.

"Hmm, nice." Jess commented.

Lee uncomfortably shifted his arms, unable to find a comfortable posture. Christian enjoyed watching him squirm. He worked the clasp of Lee's jeans and pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion, letting Lee's thick dick and balls flop out into the open. Christian reached through his legs from behind and fondled Lee's rubbery nuts.

"You want a go?" Christian asked Jess with a smile.

"Oh no, this is your boy toy, I'm just here to watch." She said.

"Suit yourself." Christian shrugged. He released Lee's package and positioned himself directly behind the stud. Lee tried looking over his shoulder, but he was told to face front. Jess watched the discomfort on his face while Christian arch his leg back and kick Lee's balls from behind. Christian's bare foot connected with Lee's meaty orbs, crunching them into his body, making him shriek.

Lee slid to the ground and let out a gurgling groan. It sounded something like a deflating balloon. "What was that for?" He asked in a hoarse whisper.

"That was to remind you of last night, and what will happen if you get mouthy again." Christian replied.

He let Lee recover for a moment before he pulled him up onto the couch. Lee didn't seem to have much fight in him, which only made it easier for Christian. After spreading his thighs apart, he climbed into Lee's lap and kneed Lee in the balls several times. Christian's bare knee viciously slammed into Lee's naked nuts, pulverizing his nuggets against his bony pelvis.

"Fuck!" Lee screamed. Jess squinted and cringed sympathetically while watching the young college stud getting his nuts crushed. A single tear had formed in the corner of his eye - presumably from the pain - and swept down his cheek.

"I think we're warmed up now, why don't we move on to bigger and better things?" Christian said playfully while grabbing Lee's soft dick. He rubbed the shaft enthusiastically, paying special attention to the head - rubbing it with his thumb. Despite the pain, Lee's member hardened in Christian's hand, becoming firmly erect in a matter of seconds.

With Christian on one side stroking his dick and Jess on the other watching, Lee felt extremely exposed. He just wanted to cum and get it over with, but that was easier said then done. Maybe it was the busting his balls had taken, or perhaps stage fright, but the minutes passed without an orgasm.

A new problem had arisen, friction had began to build on his cock and the skin was quickly becoming raw. "Do you have any lube?" Lee asked.

Christian shook his head, but told him not to worry. Bending down, he took the entire length of Lee's dick into his mouth. Lee's eyes widened as he felt the tip of his dick massaged by Christian's tongue. After a minute he stopped blowing him and continued to jerk Lee's cock, now sufficiently lubricated with his own saliva.

Lee closed his eyes and fantasized about the hottest women he could think of to distract from the fact that he was getting a handjob from a guy. No matter what he did, nothing seemed to shift his attention from Christian pumping away on his cock- that is, until he felt Jess' delicate fingers caress his nuts. She was really working them over, massaging them, squeezing them, even gently pinching them. It felt fantastic and gave Lee something to focus on.

With the help of Jess' caressing touch, Lee's cock stiffened and his hips began to shudder. Just on the verge of cumming, Christian took over, jerking his prick with one hand and holding his nuts with the other.

"Oh God," Lee gasped as he threw back his head and moaned. His dick began twitching uncontrollably as thick ropes of cum shot onto his stomach and lap. Lee moaned with pleasure as the contents of his nuts were finally given release. Lee exhaled sharply and laid back, enjoying the pleasure induced by his orgasm. Christian continued to play with his studly nuts, giving them one last twist, a small drop of cum oozed out from Lee's dick.

Christian left the room and returned with a bath towel, handing it to Lee. He accepted it without comment and wiped up the puddle of cum that had formed around his navel.

Christian reached for his glass and drained it. "I think we're done here, you can put your clothes back on."

Lee stood up and pulled his pants back on. "So you'll let me pass the class?" Lee asked nervously.

"Yeah sure." Christian nodded.

"Oh, great." Lee replied. Addressing Jessica he asked, "will you give me your number?"

"No, sorry sweetie- your not my type." Jessica replied with a smile.

"Oh . . ." Lee said rejected.

Christian walked Lee out, giving him his assurance that he would be allowed to graduate on time. Then Lee thanked him and left.

"That was fucking hot," Christian sunk back into the sofa.

"So, did he earn an A?" Jess asked while pouring him another glass of wine.

"Probably not, but I'd say he earned a solid B for his performance tonight." Christian said after sipping from his glass.

"Why a B?" Jess asked.

"Oh, just in case he comes back, I'll need something to negotiate." Christian said laughing. Jess joined in the laughter and poured herself a drink.

- More pictures of Lee, inspired by Fuller from Sean Cody-

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trading Balls for Grades Part I

Christian looked at the clock on the wall of his office that read 8:05. He dropped his pen on the stack of ungraded papers and leaned back on his chair. He hated office hours and hated waiting for students who couldn't keep their appointments even more. However, this night would be different from the rest.

He had been a graduate student in the English department for 3 years and was stuck teaching a lower level American literature class. Most TAs played a supportive role, but the professor for this particular class was approaching retirement and relied on Christian to take up much of the slack. It was a full time job in itself that often left him buried in paperwork and no time for his own. At least the professor has given him use of his office for grading and meeting with students so he might have some privacy. Privacy was never much of an issue though, there was never anyone else around this late at night.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. 'Finally,' Christian thought. He took the time to clear his throat and said, "come in."

The door opened and in walked one of Christian's less studious pupils. Lee was tall and had an athletic build, he had the look of a skater boy and Goth, but in reality he was neither. He was a 22 year old senior classman who spent most of his time ignoring his studies and played in a band. He had spiky, jet black hair, blue eyes, and a tanned complexion despite the fact that it was the middle of winter. He was wearing a blue striped polo shirt and his jeans were dotted with holes and tears.

"You're late," Christian said without looking up from his papers. There was no response, so he went on. "You came here tonight, so that must mean that you have accepted my terms."

This time he waited for Lee to answer him. "Yeah."

"You don't sound too appreciative Lee. I was under the impression that passing this class was important to you." Christian said.

"No, it's important to the university, they won't let me graduate without it." Lee said indignantly.

"I see, that must be why you are taking the class for a second time." Christian said smiling.

"Listen, we have already talked about this. I know it's my fault that I am flunking, I mean, that's why I'm here, right? Lets just get this over with." Lee said taking off his jacket.

"I admire your enthusiasm, but your academic future is on the line here. The only way I will let you pass this class is if you cooperate completely, do you understand?" Christian asked in a sarcastic tone, knowing there was little choice left for the wayward undergrad. Lee nodded his head silently without a word.

"Good, so lets get started." Christian said getting up from his chair, he closed the door and locked it. Then he stood in front of his student and examined him from head to toe.

The combination of his matted black hair and worn clothing gave Lee a rough looking stud appeal that Christian found attractive. Even under his baggy clothing Christian could make out the lines and curves of his trim, muscular body on his tall frame.

In many ways Lee was the exact opposite of Christian, who was shorter by nearly a foot, skinnier and in no way athletic. He peered back at Lee's crystal blue eyes through a set of thick rimmed glasses. To most, Christian would probably be mistaken for being the younger one, when in fact he was three years Lee's senior.

"Are you ready?" Christian asked.

Lee stared back blankly and nodded his is head.

Without hesitation Christian reached down and grabbed Lee's crotch and rubbed his bulge. The thick denim didn't reveal much of what lied just beneath, but Christian discovered a hole ripped just below the zipper. He reached in with his fingers and touched Lee's junk through a layer of soft cotton. Lee shifted uncomfortably as Christian's fingers explored through the breach in his jeans.

"Alright, take off your clothes." Christian ordered.


"Yes, I'm serious. Do it."

Lee pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular chest. He threw the shirt on the couch behind him and stood there awkwardly.

Christian waited a moment and then sighed with frustration. "You do remember our agreement, don't you?"

"Yes." Lee said flatly.

"Then why are you playing games and wasting my time? If you don't want to go through with it, you can forget about passing this class and you can leave right now." Christian said. He was getting annoyed, and though he desperately wanted to get his hands on this stud, he wasn't about to tip his hand. Lee said nothing, so Christian turned around and began gathering his things.

"No, wait." Lee said, his fingers fumbled over the catch in his jeans and they dropped to the floor. Christian eyed the stud ravenously. His young body was firm and was draped in little more than a pair of navy blue tight-fit boxer briefs that displayed a magnificent bulge. Christian dropped the stack of papers and tweaked Lee's exposed nipples.

"Ouch, that hurt."

"Sorry." Christian's hands explored the muscles in Lee's arms and chest, tracing each line from his pecs and abdomen down to where they disappeared into his underwear.

Lee watched nervously and wondered if graduating on time was really worth all of this. If he hadn't been such a slacker, he never would have gotten into this situation. He chastised himself for his stupidity. It was only out of pure desperation that he had agreed to come here tonight and let his little queer TA jerk him off, but now that he was actually going through with it he started to have his doubts.

Christian could see his puipil was lost in his own thoughts as his hand snaked down the front of Lee's boxers. He reached out until his fingers brushed against Lee's warm, soft flesh and gasped in delight. He wrapped his fingers around Lee's thick prick and began to stroke it. Even soft its length and girth was impressive.  Christian could just imagine all the the co-eds Lee had slayed with it. 

He gave the shaft a few short jerks and felt Lee's cock begin to thicken. 

Lee's discomfort with another guy holding his dick was obvious, his face twisted into a grimace and he groaned in disgust. He had expected it to be bad, but this was so much worse. He hated himself for agreeing to do this and hated Christian even more for making him do it. All his anger and frustration seemed to boil over and before he could stop himself, a single word slipped out of his mouth . . . "fag . . ."

Christian's head snapped up and he stared coldly into Lee's blue eyes and saw a mix of raw hate and fear. "I am gay, and proud of it! But you're supposed to be straight right?" He motioned towards Lee's dick that had become rock hard from Christian's constant stroking. "But I just gave you a boner, so who's the fag now?"

Before Lee could respond to the insult, Christian's knee slammed between his spread legs into his groin. With Lee's cock firmly in Christian's hand, there was nothing to prevent the stud's balls from being smashed up into his body. The surprise attack on his junk caught Lee totally unprepared. He cried out and fell backwards.

Christian kept a tight grip on Lee's prick and pushed him back into a large armed chair. The rage that had made Lee feel so strong and empowered was forgotten as hot pain radiated from his groin. With Lee's hands preoccupied cupping his balls, Christian used the opportunity to pull his underwear completely off.

Wearing nothing else but a pair of old white socks, Lee squirmed in his seat and cradled his big, loose balls. Despite the busting they had just taken, his dick remained hard and flopped against his washboard abs.

Christian grabbed his prick and yanked it hard.

"Owwww," Lee moaned and shifted his hands to protect his sore member. Christian used the opening to grab the punk's gonads and squeeze hard.

Lee's face changed immediately and his mouth opened to form a wide 'O'.

 Christian's fingernails tore into Lee's soft scrotum and ground down his balls.

"Oh God, stop . . . please, stop . . . your crushing my balls!" Lee shrieked.

"That's right, and if you say one more derogatory word you're going to loose them for sure." Christian said coldly, giving Lee's manhood another quarter turn.

"OK, OK, please, just stop!" Lee wailed.

"Apologize." Christian said sternly, not making any effort to relax his grip. The mass of each testicle worked against the other, sending new flashes of pain through Lee's body.

"I'm sorry, please . . . " Lee's voice cracked and gave out.

Christian cracked a small grin and loosened his grip on Lee's jewels. He couldn't help but smile at the dumb prick's submission. Lee had a well defined muscular body that suggested he worked out regularly and in a fair fight Christian wouldn't have had a chance, but he had managed to use his intellect to immobilize a guy that was tougher and stronger in every way, or nearly every way, but all Lee's strength seemed to wither away while Christian crushed his balls.

The night hadn't gone anything like Christian planned. Initially he just wanted to help his studly student get his rocks off with a hand job, but he busted them instead. Using his new-found leverage he had Lee sit back in the chair while Christian knelt between his legs to get his first good look at the younger man's package. His pubic hair was trimmed neatly and his dick was at least 7 inches hard and cut, below which hung two plump nuts.

Christian explored every contour of Lee's penis and every fold of skin on his scrotum. Lee looked disgusted but new better now not to complain, and he watched in total silence as Christian worked over his genitals with admittedly more skill than any woman he had met. After a while, Christian's hands slid along his shaft too and caressed his balls in an alternating pattern that was beginning to really drive him wild.

The thought of getting turned on by another guy made Lee feel sick, but the steady rhythm Christian applied to his schlong was irresistible. Lee's cock got harder as he approached climax, but his momentum was suddenly interrupted when Christian tugged down hard on his nutsac. Christian didn't seem to notice and switched his focus back to his erection. A few minutes later the pattern was repeated, Lee nearly shot his load but it was ruined when Christian gave his jewels an ambitious tug. Aside from the discomfort of having his testicles repeatedly squeezed, a different kind of ache began to percolate in his balls.

"Fuck," Lee whispered through gritted teeth as he felt his balls begin to swell.

Christian maintained his concentration and continued to work over Lee's manhood. Five minutes passed before Lee showed the signs of a man about to cum when it was interrupted a third time by a mean twist of his aching balls.

"Fuck!" Lee yelled. "When are you going to let me cum?"

Christian looked up and smiled sarcastically. "What, did you switch teams all of a sudden? Now you WANT me to jerk you off?"

"Fuck you, fag!" Lee snapped back impulsively. He immediately regretted it when he saw the anger flare in Christian's eyes.

Christian shoved Lee's cock up out of the way and palmed the little punk right in the nuts. The sound of his hand smacking Lee's nuts up into his crotch made a sick 'thwack' noise that echoed in the small office. Lee coughed and tried to bend forward as the pain hit.

Christian pushed Lee back into his chair and slapped his naked balls a second and third time before ending with a solid punch that smashed Lee's balls down into the hard seat of his chair.

Lee shrieked and fell to the floor on his hands and knees.

Christian rose to his feet and looked down on the prostrate young man while he made odd mewling sounds. Two juicy balls hung invitingly just below his ass. Unable to resist such a easy target, Christian swung his leg back and kicked Lee's exposed gonads. HIs penny-loafers collided with Lee's baby-makers and crushed them into his pelvis.

Lee's face contorted into a mask of pain and he let out an agonized wail.

Even from where he was standing he could see Lee's nuts were pink and swollen. Lee moaned softly and cradled his throbbing testicles.

Christian walked over to his desk where he wrote out his address on a small slip of paper. He looked up at the clock, seeing that it was nearly 9:00 pm.

"Alright, I think we can end early tonight. Be at this address tomorrow at 8:00 sharp." Lee took the slip of paper without comment. Christian sat back down at his desk and watched as Lee dressed and limped out of his office. When he was gone, Christian picked up the telephone and dialed his friend Jes.

- Lee is a guy from college that looks like Fuller from Sean Cody -