Friday, April 10, 2009

Sara Strikes Again!

Several months had passed since the ugly break up between Sara and her ex-boyfriend Chris. Initially she had told her friends she was giving up on men completely, but after a few months she re-entered the dating scene. Sara had gone out with a one or two guys, but she was still so jaded from her relationship with Chris that nothing substantial ever materialized. That didn't really bother her, in fact she sort of enjoyed being a cock-tease. Men seemed to only be interested in their own needs, and she was done caring about anyone but herself.

Her current guy was nice enough, and had she been in a better place, she would have even considered a serious relationship. He was in fact, just her type. Boris was tall, thin, handsome, and most importantly - he was several years younger than her. His family moved to the US when he was a child, and having grown up within the American culture, he lacked any kind of accent. What Sara liked most about him was that he acted like a gentleman, and even after several "dates," he never pushed her to have sex. None the less she knew what he was after, yet Sara took quite a bit of delight in denying him of it.

That didn't seem to stop Boris though. Despite being shot down every night, he continued to peruse Sara. She had continued the game of cat and mouse by agreeing to meet up with him at a downtown bar with some friends. Drinks flowed all night and inhibitions were dropped. At one point Boris pulled Sara into the corner and with stench of alcohol on his breath, kissed her passionately. Feeling lost in the moment, Sara kissed him back - but the moment didn't last long, she quickly pushed him away and rejoined their friends.

Another hour past before Sara announced that she was going home. Not surprisingly Boris announced that he would be leaving too, not wanting her to walk home alone. Sara suggested that he stay, but he insisted and the two left the bar together.

It was 2:00 when Sara brought Boris back to her apartment, though it had taken him several attempts before she agreed to let him stay for the night. In the past Boris had stayed long enough to start fooling around, but it always end the same way with Sara throwing him out before it got to sex.

Sara could still feel the affects of alcohol clouding her judgement as she invited Boris back to her bedroom. She opened the door and collapsed onto the bed without comment. Ceasing the opportunity, Boris crawled next to her on the bed and began kissing her. Sara kissed back, wrapping her arms around him and squeezed him close. It had been so long since she had been with a man, Sara dropped her guard and gave in to her own desires. Passions ran high and before Sara realized it, Boris had worked her jeans down past her knees and his hand had slipped underneath her panties. She was at first stunned by the awkwardness of his fingers up inside her, but it soon gave way to ecstasy. He was strong and gentle - her resistance was broken. She could feel his erection pressing against her and she tried to get his pants off, but before she could her body was enveloped in sweet bliss. Her orgasm was sudden and exhilarating. It lasted for several moments, and when it passed it filled her up with a sense of calmness. The room was still and quiet, save her deep breaths.

Boris continued to kiss her for a while longer, than he got up and left the room. When he returned, he was wearing only his boxers. To his surprise, Sara had already turned over facing the wall.

"Are you going to sleep already?" Boris asked.

"It's late and I'm tired. You can sleep here or on the couch, I don't care." Sara mumbled over her shoulder.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Boris shouted.

Sara turned over to face him. "What are you talking about?"

"Are you serious?" Boris asked indigently. "What did we just do?"

"I know, I shouldn't have let that happen. I'm sorry." She replied in a tone that would suggest otherwise.

"You can't keep doing this to me Sara, I thought you liked me." He said looking surprised.

"I do Boris." She replied, sounding more genuine this time.

"Then why do you keep doing this to me, it's got to be the third time! Do you KNOW what blue balls feel like?" Boris said sarcastically.

Sara rose off the bed and walked over to him and looked into his eyes. He was easily a foot and a half taller than her. "No I don't - know how they feel - that is. I know you were getting really excited a minute ago."

"Yeah you could say that," Boris snorted.

"So I bet they're getting pretty sore, huh?" Sara said in a patronizing tone. She seemed to sigh and turned her attention to the large bulge in his shorts. She glanced up at Boris and bit her bottom lip. Then she reached through the fly of his boxers and grabbed his erection. His mouth dropped open and he closed his eyes as Sara tugged on his shaft. Boris moaned and took long, deep breaths.

After reaching down a bit deeper, Sara grabbed a fist full of Boris' precious Russian jewels. He gasped with delight as Sara cautiously kneaded his balls as though they were made of dough, rolling them around in her hand.

Boris was clearly enjoying himself as Sara manipulated his tender nuts. It had been so long, he could hardly wait for her to drain them and get him some relief. After a minute Sara pulled his nuts out through the fly of his boxers and left them hanging there for inspection. Boris silently watched while Sara poked and prodded his manhood with great interest. Despite whatever discomfort he was experiencing, his balls weren't blue, but pink and massive. They looked like they could pump out enough sperm to populate a small Russian village.

Sara looked up at into Boris' piercing blue eyes while she manipulated the big balls in their sack, "You're such a big baby, it doesn't hurt that bad, they're not even that blue!"

"Oh baby, they're so sore." Boris replied with his eyes shut.

Sara returned her attention back to his low-hanging gonads. "Christ are they swollen or are they always this big?

The question seemed to get Boris even more excited. "They feel like they're going to burst." Boris exaggerated. In his head he was already imagining how great it would feel to shoot a load off between Sara's tits.

"That's too bad," Sara said with a smile, "I don't think you're going to get to cum tonight."

"What the-" Boris was interrupted by dual explosions set off in his gonads. While they had been talking Sara had surreptitiously twisted stretched Boris' scrotum, ringing it out like a wet towel and trapping his balls down to the base of his sac. Once she had them firmly in her grasp with no chance of escape, she sunk her thumbs down deep into his juicy plums.

Boris' mouth opened wide and he groaned in shock as intense pain radiated up from his groin into his abdomen. He gasped for air to ease the burning in his lungs. Sara giggled while he desperately tried to squirm away. This made it a bit difficult to maintain her grip, but the bigger problem was the sheer size of his testicles. They were so big and swollen she considered using two hands, but there was a chance Boris might slip away. Instead she locked her fingers around the neck of his scrotum and tugged down. Boris yelped as his poor nuts were stretched down to their limits.

"Poor baby, are your little ballsies still sore?" Sara mocked.

Boris was humiliated but in too much pain to speak.

Sara gripped his nuggets in one hand and smashed them with her fist. Boris jumped reflexively, but he couldn't go far with Sara's grip on his manhood. Then she punched and smacked his balls repeatedly, crushing his meaty balls without mercy. It felt like the worst torture Boris could imagine. Tears formed in his eyes and he groaned with each new strike on his tormented nuts.

Sara wound up for one last strike and smashed her fist hard into his big juicy balls. They were severely flattened into her hand with a sick 'splat' that seemed to echo around the room. The sound filled Boris' ears just a moment before the pain exploded in his brain.

Boris cried and was allowed to sink to his knees. He sobbed, rocking back and forth as he cradled his busted nuts. "Why?" Boris managed to whisper while choking back on his tears.

Sara looked down at the prostrate young man. "Because you annoy me. Going on and on about how badly you need to cum, how sore your nuts are." Sara said sarcastically. "I don't want to hear it! The next time you come to me complaining about how 'sore' they are, be ready to get more of the same."

Sara crawled back in to her bed and wrapped herself under the covers. She waited for Boris to say something, but his response never came. Time slipped by and slowly her eyes became too heavy to keep open. She gently drifted off to sleep, the last sound she heard was the soft moans of the man lying at the foot of her bed.

- Boris is based on a someone I new in college and looks like this guy -

- Boris' big meaty Russian love spuds -

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