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V – Victoria’s Real Secret: Part 2

This is the second installment of a multi-part series written in collaboration between Nicholas and myself. If you'd like to read Part 1, click here, or click on the V-Victoria's Secret link under the BB-Series heading. Enjoy!

***Warning, this story contains extreme ball busting.***

Mateo was halfway through with his 50-lap set when he stopped to catch his breath and noticed a tall black chick that he didn't recognize checking him out by a row of folding chairs that faced the pool. He scanned the pool, but there was no one else near him, and when he stared back at her, the woman simply returned the gaze.

After a few moments of awkward looks, Mateo gave up and went back to swimming laps. He tried to focus on his routine, but all the while he kept wondering about the woman. He was sure he hadn't seen her before, but the way that she looked at him suggested that she knew him.

Mateo blew through the rest of his workout in ten minutes. When he reached the end of the pool, he turned around slowly, expecting to see the same woman standing and watching, but when he looked, no one there. In fact, there weren't many people left in the pool area at this point in the night, just a few regulars like him that stayed late after most people headed home. The large clock above the diving board read five minutes to ten and soon there would be someone to come along and cast stragglers out of the pool.

Mateo took one last lap and climbed out. Swimming in the evenings at the YMCA on 42nd street had become something of a ritual of his. He'd swam when he was in high school and college, but once he graduated he kept up the practice simply to stay in shape. By the look of him, it was obvious that he kept that commitment. His features were hard and handsome. He had a toned, swimmer's build and a warm, coppery complexion. As he climbed out of the pool, water glistened on the muscles of his torso and made his bikini bottoms cling to his generously sized manhood. They offered little modesty, but then, he didn't have anything to hide, and he rather enjoyed the female attention it snagged for him.

The men's locker room was empty when he entered. He grabbed a fresh towel from the rack next to the door and sauntered towards his locker when he suddenly noticed the same black woman he'd seen earlier leaning against the far wall.

"Oh, excuse me," he said, jumping in surprise. She was a striking beauty, perfectly smooth skin, and a dark cocoa complexion. She looked dry, though she was wearing a two piece red bikini and a transparent white silk shawl wrapped around her shoulders, but the most striking thing about her was her height. She was nearly as tall as him, which meant that she had to be well over six feet.

The woman said nothing in response as her eyes down his body and resting on the big wet bulge in his speedos.

Mateo shook his head, not sure what to say next. "Uh, I think you have the wrong locker room. This is the men's." Mateo said as she continued to stare at him with hungry eyes. This was getting weird and he started to wonder what was wrong with her. The city was full of wacko's, although Mateo had never encountered one who was quite so beautiful.

"Look, I don't have all night. I'm not going to put on a show for you." Mateo said. It was getting late and he was beginning to lose his patience with all of this.

Still, the other woman didn't say a word. She just stood there, staring at him.

Feeling frustrated, Mateo gave up and decided to grab his clothes and get changed in one of the bathroom stalls, but suddenly the attractive woman came forward, closing the distance far faster then Mateo would have thought possible, and grabbed his clothes out of his hands.

"What the hell!" He barked, and grabbed her thin wrist, causing his clothes to tumble onto the floor. Then suddenly, he was practically knocked over by a wall of jasmine scent. His anger quickly became blunted and when their eyes met, he became lost in her deep brown eyes.

Mateo had no way of knowing how long they stood there with his eyes locked on one another, but eventually he was set free when she finally spoke.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Mateo. I'm Mateo." His voice sounded almost groggy. "What's yours?"

The black temptress ignored the question. Then, shifting her stance, she gripped the Latin stud's bicep and gave it a squeeze. "I have a car waiting out front, perhaps I could give you a ride?" It was phrased more like a statement of fact then a question, and while still holding his arm firmly with one hand, she reached down and squeezed his junk inside his swimsuit. His juicy basket made a 'squick' sound as she fondled the Latin stud's goods.

Mateo shrunk back from the unexpected advance and tried to back away, but her grip on his manhood, which was solid to begin with, only tightened. "Look, I can't, I- I have a girlfriend." He stammered.

She shook her head. "That's fine. I'm not offering a fuck, just a ride across town."

Another strong whiff of her jasmine scent and Mateo felt his dick harden against the palm of her hand. His head was swimming and his ears were buzzing.

"Yeah . . . . that sounds ok, I guess." His thoughts were getting cloudy and it was suddenly difficult to concentrate. No longer bothering to change, he pulled on his street clothes over his wet Speedos and followed her out the door to the front of the building where a man in a chauffeur's uniform stood before a midnight blue Rolls Royce.

"After you," she motioned toward the backseat and climbed in behind. The driver closed the door with a quiet 'click' and got behind the wheel. Then they were moving, speeding downtown.

The mysterious woman pressed a switch, raising a divider that separated the front and back halves of the car.

"Hey, what are you doing that for? I didn't tell your driver where I live." Mateo said incredulously.

"Don't worry about that just now sugar, I want to get to know you better. Tell me about yourself." She replied, her voice caressing his ears like satin.

"Yeah, ok, sure. Let's see, I'm 25 and I have a degree in computer science, and I've been working 3 years for a company in-"

"Ah," the beautiful black woman suddenly interrupted him. "I'm not interested in your resumé. Tell me something about you personally."

Mateo shrugged, unsure of what she meant. "I'm sorry, but I don't even know your name."

The woman stared out her window and watched the buildings as they past by.

"My name is Victoria." She said smoothly and then turned back to look at him. Once again Mateo's nostrils were flooded with the sweet smell of jasmine, which suddenly seemed to fill the car. Then quiet unexpectedly, Victoria inched closer to him and embraced him, pressing her face against his neck and breathing in deeply. "Your mother is hispanic, Argentinian, if I'm not mistaken, but your father . . ." she breathed in again, "is of Southeast Asian decent, I think."

"He's filipino actually, but how did you know?" he asked in confusion.

Mateo's thought faltered as the heady cocktail of her extremely effective pheromones saturated his bloodstream. Almost immediately they began to lower his higher cognitive functions, while revving up his sex drive at the same time. Mateo's thoughts were fuzzy and it became difficult to speak, but the big boner in his pants was clear enough.

Victoria took notice of it too, and without any explanation, settled between Mateo's legs and pulled out his big, straining ram-rod. "Hmm, I've had Latinos before, but you're my first Filipino," she said quietly to herself.

Mateo panted, his eyes filled with lust. He stared expectantly at his dick, then up at her, and then finally back at his dick as she bent down to inspect it closer. At its full length it stretched to a respectable 7.5 inches, and the skin around the shaft, which was slightly darker then the rest of his body, was already slick with precum.

Mateo moaned as Victoria began pulling on his prick, her soft, delicate looking fingers twisted and turned their way around his meat-stick skillfully, while her other hand delved into his pants and cupped his balls in her palm. They were generously sized, vibrant, and most importantly, packed to the rafters with sperm.

The Latin stud let out a second, louder moan as she manipulated his dick in one hand and nuts with the other - and it wasn't long before his muscles in his abdomen tightened and hips bucked as his dick became ready to release a big saucy load. When the moment finally arrived, Mateo's body went rigid and his ass lifted off the seat as his jizz exploded into Victoria's mouth and forced her cheeks to puff out. She took it all, making sure to savor the taste of his essence before swallowing the load down her throat in one gulp.

"Oh, Shit." He sighed as the pleasure washed over him. Mateo was sweating from the effort and release, but Victoria looked unmoved and calm. There was a look in her eyes, though, that said she was hungry for more. Without missing a beat, she resumed jerking off his dick in long, sustained strokes that instantly drove him wild. It was as though she could read his mind, anticipating his every desire.

"Dios mio!" Mateo hissed as she shoved his large, straining member back in her mouth and began to suck his dick. The feeling was sensational - and it went far beyond any blowjob he'd experienced before. Her suction was unbelievable and, impossible as it seemed, her tongue was actually wrapping itself around his shaft and jacking him off at the same time. He was shuddering in pleasure, and wouldn't have had her stop for anything.

Victoria focused on stimulating the sensitive spot underneath the head, coaxing out a second ejaculation as quickly as possible. In her hands she massaged the man's scrotum and gave his juicy plums a tight squeeze. Human genitalia was so soft, so flimsy and she knew she'd have to be careful with the delicate organs to make sure she extracted all the sperm out of them - at least at first. She rolled the fat orbs between her fingers and Mateo let out another moan. He seemed to enjoy that, so she kept it up until she felt his body tense up again.

Mateo didn't last long, and when he finally blew, it was a larger load then the first. Spurt after spurt of his jism went down her throat, and in his post orgasmic bliss, Mateo drew in long, deep breaths. Victoria, however, didn't seem to notice and her lips continued to slurp around his cock. After two mind-blowing orgasms he was growing tired. His body felt a bit sore and his nuts felt tight and yet his cock was still rock hard.

By the time they reached their destination and the Rolls pulled up to the posh apartment building, Victoria managed to drain her companion's nuts twice more. Mateo held his head in his hands, his entire body ached and felt drained. He'd never had so many orgasms in a single night and the endorphins that they released made him feel giddy. "Here we are." Victoria said suddenly, rising up out of his lap and waited for the chauffer to open it for her. Mateo was left looking bewildered and struggled to pull up his pants just before the door opened and Victoria stepped out. The driver seemed to give him a knowing smirk as he fumbled with his belt and awkwardly climbed out of the car and followed the black beauty into the building.

She led him through the doors of the lobby and they headed toward the elevator where she pressed her hands against a cold metal plate and selected the 24th floor. They rode the elevator in silence, and when the doors opened, they revealed a large penthouse apartment. Modern art hung on the walls and the floors were covered in polished Italian marble. The entire apartment appeared to be expensively furnished and every window had a breathtaking view of the park and the lit buildings of the city that twinkled like the stars above.

"You will have to excuse me for a moment. Please, make yourself comfortable." Victoria said as she glided down a darkened hall.

Mateo was left standing in the large room looking bewildered once again. He tried remember what he was doing there, with this woman that he'd just met . . . or no, they'd met years ago, hadn't they? She had been an old college fling, right? Thinking made his brain hurt and he realized that his throat had gone dry. "I could use a drink, if you've got it," he called after her.

"There are some beers in the fridge, help yourself," was the distant reply.

"Thanks." Mateo said, still looking down the hall a moment longer. Just like the rest of the house, the kitchen was dimly lit, but it looked like it was tripped out with top-of-the-line appliances. More chrome and polished marbled surfaces, and it had the look like it had never been cooked in. Then, when he opened the refrigerator door, he was even more confused. There wasn't any food in it, only row upon row of little 6 ounce jars stacked on the top shelf. He picked up one of the small plastic jars for closer inspection. The contents appeared to be a thick white viscose liquid, like body lotion. He gave the container a shake and tried twisting the top off, but the lid didn't budge, so he replaced the jar and took one of the bottles of Corona from the shelf and closed the door. When he did, he noticed Victoria standing in the entry, naked.

Her body was like a work of art, each curve a masterpiece in its own right. Mateo's jaw nearly dropped as she stepped forward. "I thought I told you to make yourself comfortable." She whispered as she began pulling off his clothing. Mateo nodded, awestruck by the ebony goddess' beauty, and helped her with his belt buckle, which he had just gotten right. His slacks slumped to the ground, followed a moment later by his black speedos, freeing his swollen member to rise in greeting. Victoria grinned in response and reached out, but instead of grabbing his dick, she scooped up his large, swollen scrotum and gave his nuts a good, hard tug. Mateo croaked under the pressure brought to bare on his gonads, but the discomfort lasted only a few moments. Victoria lead him out of the kitchen, still with both his huevos in hand, and brought him through a pair of glass sliding doors out onto the balcony. It was a spacious area, lined with more tiles that matched the Italian marble in the apartment and a Jacuzzi in the corner, and a picturesque view of the park below.

Mateo followed Victoria as she dipped into the hot tub effortlessly, but when his skin touched to the water, he found it so hot it felt like it was nearly scalding. Slowly, he managed to ease himself into the water and sat down on one of the ledges against the side wall. Victoria slipped in next to him and without warning, kissed him passionately. Her lips stung Mateo's mouth as if electricity was passing through them and his taste buds began firing off like crazy as she shoved her tongue deeper, exploring the walls of his mouth. The sensation was weird, amazing too and it only made him want more.

Victoria could feel her quarry's will crumble and she knew the time to strike was rapidly approaching. Slowly, her hand snaked between the young stud's muscular thighs and seized his manhood. His dick was rock hard, but when her fingers slipped easily around his scrotum, she found that his balls were soft and loose. Mateo moaned as Victoria fondled the bloated ballsack gingerly. As always, everything was playing out just as she'd planned. Heat and pressure were critical for an efficient extraction, and now that his gonads had been given time to soak, it was time to introduce the pressure.

Victoria broke away from the kiss and stared at Mateo as he panted excitedly. "I know you spend a lot of time in the pool. Have you ever, gotten head underwater?"

Mateo's muscular chest heaved with excitement and perspiration. "No." He whispered, shaking his head.

Victoria nodded, and pressed a hand against his chest so that he was resting up against the side of the tub, then she slipped beneath the water. Mateo leaned forward so he could watch, but the water's surface was churning too hard from the jets to make out what she was doing. Then suddenly he felt his dick slide into her mouth and the tiny sparks that had burst inside his mouth began running down the length of his shaft.

Mateo had never felt so horny in his life, so it was no surprise that he ended up blowing his load in a matter of seconds. It wasn't as large as some of the others, but Victoria took everything he gave her, swallowing it greedily, and kept sucking on his cock even though he had finished. Mateo was in no position to complain. He sat back, and enjoyed the sensation, but as the seconds ticked he began to grow worried when Victoria failed to reappear. It had to have been at least two minutes since she'd taken her last breath, and yet, Victoria's mouth was still locked around his cock. He grabbed her arm and tried pulling her up, but he was surprised by how heavy she was. Then when he tried again, Victoria merely shook off his grip and pushed him back hard against the hot tub with surprising strength. It appeared that any resistance on his part, was futile.

Left with no other options, Mateo sat back as Victoria went to town on him. The sensation that he'd at first found so exquisite seemed to lose a bit of its luster. Perhaps it was just the soreness in his manhood, but each orgasm seemed to sap away a bit more of his energy. Nonetheless, it didn't prevent his dick from staying rock hard so long as it remained buried in Victoria's soft mouth. Mateo closed his eyes and moaned as Victoria licked and sucked his pole with such gusto, that he felt his body become tense and before long, she had him blowing another load of his milky man-juice directly down her throat.

Mateo threw his head back in exhaustion. He'd cum so many times tonight, he'd lost count. All he knew was that both his cock, and his balls were sore as hell - and everything that had happened that night seemed wrong, but the more he tried to reason it out, the more confused he felt.

Victoria rose quietly to the surface of the hot tub to survey her quarry. His eyes were closed and his face was covered in sweat, and he was panting. It was time to finish him. Victoria could tell by the weak taste of Mateo's spunk that his semen quality had bottomed out and the quantity had dropped so low, he was practically shooting blanks. She gave Mateo's juicy cahones a squeeze as she thought of the millions of sperm cells still residing in those twin orbs, and how they would soon be hers. Passive extraction had gotten her this far, but the time get more aggressive had come.

Mateo looked groggy when he opened his eyes, as if he'd just woken up from a long dream when he noticed Victoria. "Hey," he said thickly. His voice was strained and for the first time, he noticed the numbness in his mouth and throat. Both were effects of the neurotoxin released in Victoria's saliva - that was now coursing through his bloodstream. It was an effective tool in her repertoire that muted the senses of her victim and made them more pliable, and which she made a habit of using just before she went in for the kill.

Victoria inched closer. Her tone was comforting but her eyes remained cold. "Hush, baby. You don't need to say anything, I know just how to . . . take care of you," she whispered, and kissed him on the mouth. Mateo kissed her back, but she quickly moved down, kissing the muscles on his chest and abdomen, continuing down until her head slipped down under the water.

That's when he noticed the light in the water. It started out dim, but it quickly grew brighter until the entire tub glowed in its golden aura. Mateo shifted uncomfortably, unsure of what was happening. Then he felt Victoria's hands close around his nutsack and squeezed so hard it took his breath away. His whole body bucked from the shock, and he groaned as her fingers dug harder and harder into the fleshy round orbs. A loud gurgling noise suddenly rose up through the bubbling water and he felt incredible pressure on his dick as Victoria began to suck in earnest. The night air was soon filled with the Latin stud's screams as searing pain ripped through his testicles. The agony was like nothing else he'd ever experienced and it felt like somehow his nuts had gotten caught in a trash compactor. He could actually feel them flattening.

"Oh, fuck . . ." was all he managed to whisper before both his nuts cracked, one right after the other. Victoria felt the orbs burst in her hands and Mateo's body bucked, as if wracked by sexual release, and her mouth was flooded with an inconceivably large load of the Latin stud's cum. Victoria swallowed the double load, and even once it was over, she continued sucking and kneading the poor boy's emptied sac until there was nothing left but mush. When she finally rose to the surface, gracefully, she discovered he had passed out against the side of the hot tub, and though he had been unmanned, he had a peaceful look to him.

Victoria rose out of the pool while traces of golden light still shimmered off her body and reached for a towel to dry her face. She gave Mateo's body another look and shrugged. She'd have the chauffer deal with him, after she'd secured the Latino's sample. With that in mind, she turned and walked back into the apartment.

- Below, we have the lovely Victoria (2) and Mateo, inspired by the model Branden Alean -

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glee Presents: The Ball Busters of William McKinley High

Finn looked nervous as he sat alone on Rachel's bed waiting for her to return. The room was brightly colored, and filled with posters from Broadway musicals.

He was there because they were supposed to be practicing for their glee club assignment for that week, but Finn had something else in mind. Over the last few months he'd come to realize that breaking up with Rachel had been a mistake, and he intended to win back her heart. The only problem was that Rachel didn't seem to want him back, so, he used the only thing he thought that might still bring them back together - and that was singing.

Obviously concerned with Finn's motives, Rachel made it perfectly clear before he came over that singing was the only thing that they would be doing together. Still, Finn was holding out hope that he might convince her to give him another chance, if only there was something he could do to prove his love to her.

Rachel returned with two bottles of water and handed one to him. "Here, you want to keep hydrated while we practice. It'll help keep your vocal chords from tightening up." She said smiling.

Finn took the bottle and nodded. "Thanks."

There was an awkward pause.

"So, should we get started?" Rachel said, flipping through a stack of sheet music.

"Rachel, hold on. Before we get started, I wanted to talk to you about something." Finn said.

"Ok," Rachel said putting down the stack of papers and sat next to him on the bed. "What is it?"

"Well, uh, you know . . . I've had a lot of time to think about what went wrong between you and me, and I think . . . I think we should get back together." Finn blurted out.

Rachel sighed and shook her head. "Finn, we've been over this. Even if I do still have feelings for you, which I'm not saying I do - I need to focus on my career . . . my future."

"I know, but Rachel . . . I think I love you . . . and, well, I don't care what I have to do, so long as I get to be part of your life." Finn's smile was dazzling.

Rachel huffed and shrugged. "Finn, I - I'm sorry. I just don't think that I, or we, are ready to get back into a relationship."

"You're wrong, and I'm going to prove it to you!" Finn jumped off the bed and got down on one knee. "Ask me anything! Name it, and I'll do it!"

"Stop it Finn!" Rachel shouted. "I know what you want, but I just can't be that person right now, don't you understand?"

"Yeah, I guess." Finn sighed. "It still doesn't change the way I feel about you."

Rachel nodded. "Fine. For now though, I think we should focus on practicing for our assignment."

"Sure, ok." Finn said, rising up onto his feet. "What song did you pick out for us?"

"Well, Mr. Schuester told us we had to pick something epic from the 70's, so I thought we should do something big and grandiose."

"Right, so what did you settle on?" Finn asked.

Rachel got up, walked over to her desk. "Well, I thought, what could be more epic then the BeeGees, you know, in their prime. So, you and I are going to play their classic, 'Stayin' Alive.' It's going to knock everybody's socks off!"

Finn looked surprised. "Rachel, I don't know if this is the best song for us. You may be able to hit those notes, but I don't think I can."

"We haven't even tried, and already you're shooting down my idea?" Rachel scowled.

"No, no of course not." Finn backpedaled. "You're right, let's give it a shot."

Rachel smiled once again and hit the play button on her iPod. In an instant, the beginning cords of 'Stayin' Alive' began blasting from her stereo speakers. Soon Rachel's rich, powerful voice started belting out the melody. It was odd hearing Barry Gibb's part coming out from a girl, but Finn's head bopped with the beat anyway and joined in on the chorus.

Rachel stopped the track and shook her head. "Something's not right. The lead vocal needs to be a man."

"Are you kidding me? I can't sing falcetto!" Finn replied incredulously. "I have a hard enough time with the midrange vocals!"

Rachel took a deep breath. "Finn, I know you can do it, you just need to believe in yourself."

Then she hit play once again and the song started anew. When Finn started, his voice was thin and strained, and well off key. "You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk. Music loud and women -"

'Click.' Rachel shut off the player.

Finn huffed. "See, I told you. It's too far out of my range."

Rachel clicked her fingernail against her teeth. "Well, maybe there's something we can try."

"What?" Finn asked.

"Well, it's an old stage-craft technique male actors and singers use when they need to improve their vocal range." Rachel said, staring down at the floor.

"Cool, let’s try it." FInn said enthusiastically.

Rachel bit her lip. "It's a little unorthodox."

"That's fine." Finn nodded. "What is it?"

Rachel had a hard time looking into his eyes. "Well . . . it's easier just to show you, actually."

"Uh, ok." Finn smiled.

Rachel cleared her throat. Then she walked over to where Finn was standing and gave him a timid smile. Finn towered over her by at least a foot.

He smiled down at her reassuringly.

Rachel cleared he throat again. Then she took a deep breath, and plunged her hand down the front of Finn's jeans.

Finn's mouth dropped open from shock as Rachel reached in and started rummaging around his underwear. It happened so quickly, he didn't have time to react, but the moment he felt Rachel's fingers brush against his dick, he felt it stiffen in response.

Rachel's eyebrows pricked up when she felt the chubby forming in Finn's pants, but quickly discarded the thickening phallus and scooped up Finn's tightly packed ballsack. The orbs inside felt warm, fat, and firm.

Finn inhaled sharply as she caressed his dangling fruit, and repositioned her hand to get a better grip.

"What are you doing?" Fin asked, looking startled.

"Helping," Rachel replied. "Boy's voices drop when they reach puberty because something in their testicles tells them too."

Finn nodded his head nervously, not sure of where she was going with this.

"When a boy gets hit down there, the signal gets disrupted temporally - and the muscles in his throat and abdomen constrict, which typically results in his voice jumping up an octave!"

Finn's eyes became as large as hen's eggs. "What are you saying? If you kick me in the nads hard enough, I'll be able to sing soprano?"

"Precisely!" Rachel said in a sing-songy voice.

"Oh, God . . . Rachel, I don't think Mr. Schuester would want us trying something like that." Finn said nervously as he considered that his reproductive future was resting snugly in Rachel's grasp.

Rachel's brow narrowed and Finn was sure that he felt her grasp on his nuts close just a little bit tighter.

"What do you mean? Weren't you the same guy who was kneeling on my floor five minutes ago, claiming that he'd do anything to make me happy?" Rachel asked.

"Well, yeah, sure, but I never . . ."

"What, was that a lie?" Rachel huffed.

"No, I meant I swear, I just . . ."

"Just what?" Rachel pressed.

"I don't know, I just never expected you'd ask for something this . . . odd." Finn shifted his stance, but it was hard to do with Rachel's hand locked around his manhood.

"What if I told you I'd consider going back out with you if you showed me a little cooperation here?" Rachel finally asked.

Finn pondered the question for a moment before answering.

"I guess I'd say that I'd be willing to try out your, um . . . technique." Finn replied.

"Ok, great. It's a deal!" Rachel squealed enthusiastically. "Let’s start out with something simple. How about scales?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

"Ok, let’s start together with middle C." Rachel smiled, "Ahhhhhhh," she sang, holding the note.

Rachel's perfect C was soon joined in by Finn, and once he'd matched his pitch and tone, she went on to the next note, and then the next. The first five were no trouble for Finn, but the moment they moved on to 'A', Finn's voice began to quiver. When they got to B, his voice got even more unstable. That was when Rachel decided to really tighten her grip on Finn's valuables for the first time.

Finn coughed as he felt his balls squish between Rachel's fingers and he bent forward. There was no point trying to cup his nuggets, seeing as they were well within the young diva's grasp, and he ended up just gripping the edges of his jeans and forced himself to match Rachel's note. When he finally managed it, Rachel moved on to the next, Finn's voice faltered again, and once again, Rachel tightened her grasp on his plump nuggets until he managed to match the note.

On and on this went, and while Rachel sang higher and higher notes, her fingers dug in harder and deeper into Finn's big, meaty balls until finally she reached the peak of her range, a high F.

Finn was sweating from the exertion. The pressure being put on not only his vocal, but also his ball cords was immense and he was starting to feel nauseous. Each new tug on his poor nuggets set a shudder down his spine and his teeth chattered, but try as hard as he might, he just couldn't reach Rachel's F.

Rachel squeeze, ground, and kneaded Finn's ballsack with unbridled determination, but none of it seemed to make a difference. Finn's voice wasn't budging.

Finn's body recoiled under the assault to his manhood and his voice gave out, but Rachel wasn't ready to quit. Suddenly, she shifted tactics, no longer bothering with both of Finn's testicles, she decided to focus on just one and drove her thumb toward the center of the plum.

Finn felt his legs wobble as Rachel drilled deep into his poor left nut, and Finn let out a high-pitched scream that shattered well above the F Rachel was singing.

Rachel's excitement grew as she bore down on the trapped gonad, squeezing for all it's worth as Finn's shrill voice cut through the air.

Luckily for Finn, his air supply gave out well before his nut did, and he collapsed in a pile of limbs down on the floor. Sore, and exhausted, but still intact.

Rachel clapped her hands and jumped in the air.

"Finn, that was amazing!" She cheered. "I can't believe how well that worked! Can we do that again? I want to record it this time!"

Finn made an intelligible groan as he shifted and cupped his groin. The thought of opening up his manhood to more of the same torture made him gag and he rolled over on to his side. Chicks always had a way of making life more complicated, but why did he have to fall for the biggest ball buster in school?

- Finn is played by Cory Monteith and Rachel is played by Lea Michele -


Across town, in the Frabre residence:

As the new hot couple at William McKinley High, Quinn and Sam are spending some alone time together at Quinn's house. With her mother gone for the afternoon, Quinn brought Sam up to her parent's bedroom and the two quickly began making out. As the kissing grew in intensity, so did their hormones, and soon they were panting and out of breath.

Quinn pulled back from Sam and felt her heart was racing. She liked Sam, maybe even loved him, but it was too soon to tell. What she did know was that she liked the way his big, cherry lips felt when they locked around hers.

Instead of continuing the kiss, Quinn settled next to Sam and wrapped her hands around his shoulders as she began to blow softly into his ear.

Sam closed his eyes and smiled. "That feels really good."

Quinn smiled. "Good, it's supposed to." She said, bending closer, she nibbled on the corner of his ear.

Sam inhaled sharply and pulled her close.

"What's that?" Quinn asked abruptly.

"What's what?" Sam asked, confused.

Quinn pulled back and grabbed the hard lump that had formed in Sam's jeans. "Do you have an erection?" She asked.

Sam smiled sheepishly. "Oh yeah, that."

"Right, this." Quinn said, as she pulled on the 17 year-old's swollen love-rod.

"Sorry about that, I guess you just got me really excited." Sam replied candidly.

"Is that so?" She asked, as she twisted her hands around his hard-on playfully.

"Ooo." Sam moaned. "Yeah, and if you're not careful with that, it might just go off."

"Tisk, tisk. That won't do." Quinn clucked her tongue as she shook her head. She'd already gotten pregnant once, and she wasn't going to let it happen again.

To Sam's surprise, Quinn suddenly reached down and began undoing his belt. His eyes went wide and he wondered if he was about to get lucky as Quinn's tiny fingers worked the clasp to his jeans, and before he knew it, she'd peeled his jeans halfway down his thighs and was grabbing his rigid pole through his flimsy boxer shorts.

Sam inhaled deeply, unsure of what to do as his girlfriend continued rummaging around in his underwear - but his hopes were quickly cut short, once Quinn, having found what she was searching for, suddenly planted her knee hard between the blond jock's legs.

Sam threw his head back and moaned.

"What was that for?" He moaned in a hoarse whisper.

Quinn shrugged her shoulders and shot him a trite smile. "It's an old trick I learned back during my time as chairperson of the celibacy club."

"Celibacy, or infertility?" He groaned through clenched teeth, almost mockingly. His cute face screwed up in pain. With her kneecap still buried between his thighs, Sam's balls had no where to go but get crunched under Quinn's slender body.

Quinn shook her head. "I used it on Finn all the time and it worked like a charm!"

"Really?" Sam grimaced from his own discomfort and shook his head. "Poor guy," he whispered as he inhaled again.

"Don't be such a baby, you'll be fine." Quinn replied as she twisted her knee harder between Sam's trembling legs. The sharp turn elicited another gasp from the cute blond boy lying beneath her, followed by a long protracted moan.

"Ugh, God . . . I don't think my boys can keep up with much more of this." Sam glanced down at Quinn's leg grinding against his manhood and then threw his head back and blinked the tears out of his eyes.

"Just relax," Quinn said warmly, brushing his bangs out of his hair.

"It's hard to do that with your kneecap crushing my family jewels. How much longer are you going to keep this up?" Sam asked, glancing down at Quinn's leg grinding against his manhood.

"I don't know, until that boner in your shorts drops, I guess. For Finn that usually meant about ten seconds, and Puck, well – let’s just say that he lasted much longer." Quinn said. Sam didn't like the way her voice trailed off when she mentioned Puck's name.

"Yeah, well, maybe it's time to try another tactic and invest in a condom?" Sam said pointing down, his eyes were nearly slits and his teeth were clenched through the pain.

Quinn looked down and to her surprise saw that instead of deflating, his erection had only got larger, with a wet ring of precum staining his boxers around the crown of his dick. Quinn lifted her knee and fired it back into Sam's vulnerable crotch.


"Oh, no!"

Then again.


And again.


Sam moaned in agony as his cock rose to its full height and tented his boxers.

Quinn pulled both her legs together, and, relying on her gymnastic abilities she'd developed as a Cherio, she sunk both knees directly into her boyfriend's ballsack.

Sam threw his head back and yodeled as pain exploded from his nuts. At the same time, thick, white baby-batter was churning out of his dick at an alarming rate, and soon his boxers were filled with the stuff, creating an awfully, sticky mess.

Quinn's face screwed up with a look of disgust as she felt her legs became coated with the dirty, wet boy juice. She leapt off the bed and ran into the bathroom for a towel, only to return to find her boyfriend, past out on her mother's bed and covered in his own filth.

- Sam is played by Chord Overstreet and Quinn is played by Dianna Agron -


At the same time, in Lauren Zizes' Bedroom:

Puck was standing in the middle of the bedroom with a confused look on his face. He was full clothed in his McKinely High football uniform, tight white leggings and a red jersey with 20 printed on the front and back, minus the helmet. He felt like an idiot. Lauren had given him strict instructions without any details, and here they were.

"I still don't know what I'm doing here like this." He said, shifting his stance uncomfortably as Lauren studied him from her bed. She'd watched him for nearly a minute now, and Puck was starting to get self-conscious. Then Lauren rose from the bed and sauntered over to him.

"I like the way you look in your under-armor," she said. She looked like she might devour him with her eyes.

Puck smirked and crossed his arms. "Oh, is that so?" He asked with a big grin.

"Shut up, and just stand there." Lauren cut him off, and she grabbed his toned, muscular arms and squeezed his biceps. Puck grinned and made sure to flex for her, but Lauren had already moved on, sliding her hand across his shoulder and body armor, down to his flat stomach. Puck knew he was cut, but clenched his abdomen to make sure she could feel the bumps of his abs.

Lauren then stared down at the visible bulge in Puck's white pants as she wrapped the drawstrings around her fingers. Lauren lifted her gaze and her eyes narrowed. "You're not wearing a cup, are you?"

"No way, babe! You told me not to, that's all me down there." Puck smiled again and slowly thrust his hips.

"Good." Lauren said, with a smile that was barely detectable. Then she reached down and grabbed a hand full of his manhood.

Puck's heart jumped. After months of chasing after her, he was finally getting somewhere with Lauren Zizes! But his joy was short-lived and he took in a short, shallow breath as Lauren tightened her grip and his nuts were mashed between her thick, muscular fingers. His mouth dropped open and he looked at Lauren with confusion in his eyes.

Lauren twisted and pulled the bulge in Puck’s shorts, making him gasp, and then pulled him so close that their faces nearly touched. "I'm not looking for a boyfriend, Puck. I want a man . . . with balls. You’ve already proved that yours work when you knocked up that tooth-pick blond beauty queen, Fabre. Now it's time to find out if they're tough enough to be with me!"

Puck began to squirm under Lauren's grip, which only grew tighter as she spoke. When she let go, he bent forward with his hands on his knees and he coughed - but he should have been paying attention to Lauren, who was already rearing her foot back.

Pain exploded out of Puck's groin as Lauren's boot went crashing straight into his balls. He grit his teeth and his chest heaved as he tried to work through the agony, but that plan was thrown out the window the moment Lauren fired a second, more powerful kick square into his nuts.

Puck groaned and his hand flew between his legs as he fell down onto his knees. His eyes were closed shut and his strong, usually cocky face was twisted in pain.

"Come on, big boy! You can handle more than that!" She said gruffly as she picked Puck up by his arms. Puck's feet were wobbly and he leaned on Lauren for support. "There, you see?" Lauren smiled, before ramming her large knee up between Puck's legs and smashed his balls again.

"Ohhh." Puck groaned as he slid down to the floor in agony.

Lauren put her hands on her hips and grinned at the fallen stud. "I've got to say Puckerman, you sure do have a nice pair of stones." She leaned down so that her face was only inches away from his, "but I want a man with iron-cast nuts." Then she punched him in the dick, just for good measure.

Puck moaned again even louder.

"Ugh, I'm sorry . . . if you give me a few minutes and let me catch my breath, I'll be good to go." Puck said wincing.

Lauren shook her head and smiled. "Sorry, but I'm not the waiting type."

Puck's head dropped between his shoulder pads and he groaned.

Lauren smirked. She couldn't believe it, but he actually looked even cuter when he felt dejected.

Puck's crotch was on fire, so it took him a few seconds to realize that Lauren was undoing the strings to his football pants. "What are you doing?" He said dryly. His mouth felt as devoid of water as the Sahara.

"Making sure that you're still capable of satisfying me after taking the beating I just gave you." Lauren said matter-of-factly.

Puck didn't believe his ears, but before he knew it, Lauren had pulled open his football pants and extracted his manhood out of his under-armor. His cock, a legend at William McKinley and over 8 inches long when fully erect, was pulsating hard as Lauren pressed his pink, swollen nutsac between her thick fingers.

Puck's body bucked and he moaned as Lauren worked his meaty member, up and down in long, hard tugs. In less then two minutes, his cock was hard as a rock, and primed to go.

"Get ready Puckerman, I'm going to pull every last drop of cum out of you." Lauren said as she ground his nuts tirelessly against the palm of her hand.

Puck's balls were sore as hell, but the dirty talk was so hot, he felt his body cease up in anticipation for the flood that was about to come.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." Puck whispered and his cock strained as a fat jet of cum burst out from it's head and splattered his face. The deluge seemed to go on and on, until finally the big stud's dick softened and his jersey was covered in his own love-juice. Still, Lauren continued to pump her fists until Puck's penis felt raw and was thoroughly drained.

Puck panted, as the last trails of the most amazing orgasm of his life finally subsided. "Holy shit." He stammered.

Lauren shrugged her shoulders and stood up, wiping her hands on her jeans. Then she threw him a sweatshirt he'd let her borrow. "Here, clean yourself up and go on home. I've got an early start tomorrow."

Puck couldn't believe what had just happened to him, or the fact that he was suddenly being kicked out.


"But nothing, Puckerman. Out." Lauren said, pointing to the door.

Puck shook his head, still looking dumbfounded. Then, using his own sweatshirt, he mopped up most of the spluge from his face and chest, before standing up and stuffing his tackle back into his shorts.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" He asked, sounding incredibly vulnerable.

"I don't know, maybe - we'll see. I don't want you smothering me." Lauren replied dismissively.

Puck looked dejected and frowned. "Oh, ok . . . goodnight."

Lauren didn't bother to reply and watched as he closed the door behind him.

- Mark Salling plays Puck, and Ashley Fink -

Friday, July 15, 2011

Busting the Young Stud at Work: The Final Update

Hello all! As promised, here is the last busting experience I had with 'Justin', the young stud at my job from a few months back. Unfortunately, he took another job in the company and is moving out of the area, and though we are still friends, it's unlikely there will be any more ball busting between the two of us - well, at work at least! Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Justin was looking hot today. Not to say he didn't normally look good, but he'd just gotten his hair cut, and his face was relatively smooth which meant he'd actually shaved in the last 36 hours. As usual, he was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and a pair of his nicer jeans that showed of the bulge below his belt rather well - and as usual, I wanted to bust what was dangling inside . . . hard.

The two of us had been working on the same project for two months now and things were going well. Most weeks we ended up going out for a drink Friday night, and a few times we even stayed late after everyone was gone and had a few beers in the office. He was a good guy, and the potential to be a great friend, but none of that seemed to squelch my desire to bust his balls. I thought about it all the time, brought it up into conversation whenever I thought I could, hell, I was even dreaming about it! But sadly, Justin didn't seem to have anything but a passive interest in ball busting. Like most guys his age, he looked at it more as a joke or prank to play on friends, and despite my desire to push things further, I knew it would only damage our friendship. Still, Justin was looking hot, so if fate was going to give me a chance to bust his fresh, 22-year-old plums, then I was going to take it!

Justin must have been able to tell that I was in a good mood that day, which he usually took that as his cue to bust my ass. I made sure to shoot back a few sarcastic remarks of my own, which I knew would only feed his fire, but Justin's cocky attitude only made him seem hotter and more deserving to get his nuts crunched.

My first attempt was aborted when we were alone in the storage cabinet. Justin was standing next to me as I was reaching for the top shelf when he cracked a searing remark about me getting old and needing supervision. I can't remember my retort, but my eyes narrowed as I looked back at him while he laughed. I glanced down at his crotch and huffed. If my hand had been above my head, they would have damn sure been between his legs, crushing the life out of his nuts.

I grinned at the thought and grabbed what I was looking for off the shelf.

It was out of the question for the moment. My hands were full and there was a very good shot that he'd block my blow, ruining my chance to bust him. Instead, I handed him the box and the two of us headed down the hall, back to our work space.

Perhaps Justin thought that he had pulled one over on me, proceeded to chat me up about what a stud he was, pausing only to hurl a few jibes my way now and then. Even his walking had turned slightly more confident, more of a saunter then a stride.

I exhaled slowly and checked the corridor for coworkers, but as usual it was sparse at this time of night, and we were alone. The last time I'd wanted to bust the cocky stud, I'd been in the wrong position and my hands were full, but this time the tables had been turned now that Justin was carrying the box of parts.

I took a moment to size up the situation. It was nearly perfect - no one around and easy access to his groin - the only problem was that Justin was holding the box a bit too low for me to see my target - but then, the bulge in his jeans was so big, I doubted I could miss.

"Good thing you've got me around to carry this for you, I wouldn't want you pulling your back." Justin quipped. The grin on his face was confident and arrogant.

"Is that right?" I answered, my hand was already closing in a fist and I swung it into his crotch. Justin stopped in his tracks and lifted one of his legs up reflexively as my hand made contact with denim - but his lack of reaction made it obvious that I had some how missed my intended targets.

"Woah, easy there bro, I was only joking." He said, suddenly seriously.

I shot him a grin and shook my head, and we kept walking.

A moment later we were both chuckling.

Our truce, however, didn't end long, and by the time we reached our workspace, Justin had thrown another sarcastic comment my way, which was reciprocated by another punch aimed after his precious baby-makers. Sadly, he was expecting it, so once again, I missed my mark.

Justin placed the box onto the bench in our area and took one of the bags filled with component parts out. Having never opened one of them before, he pulled and tore at the plastic for a few seconds before he lifted the bag up to his mouth tried to rip the corner open with his teeth.

"Hold on there hot-shot." I said taking the bag away from him and pulled at the bag along the perforated line in the center. The bag opened easily and I smiled, handing it back. "It's a lot easier if you use your head."

Justin took the opened back and smiled back sheepishly. Then, as he repositioned his hands around the bag, one of the small pieces of plastic fell out and tumbled to the floor in front of his feet.

"Hold on, I'll get it." I said, bending down instinctively. Justin was a good worker, but clumsy at times, and he was more likely to drop the rest of the bag trying to pick up the fallen piece.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly.

I nodded, but when I looked up, I discovered Justin's big, bulging package was directly at my eye level.

Despite all the glances I'd stollen of Justin's crotch, I'd never gotten this close of a view. For the most part, his jeans looked pretty loose, but around his crotch the fit was a bit more snug where the cotton draped across a very conspicuous bulge.

Over the last few months, I'd discovered Justin was a boxers guy - initially via my own reconnaissance during his lean back and stretch maneuvers, which was later when confirmed during one of our late-night conversations. Unless he had a sock stuffed down there, It meant that the bulge in his pants was all Justin.

The thought made my heart skip a beat.

It also meant that his nuts would be most likely hanging down, near the base of that bulge.

My heart skipped another beat.

This was the best setup I'd been giving since the first time I drilled my fist into his nuts a few weeks back, and there was no way I was going to pass up such a juicy opportunity to do it again!

My initial thought was to punt Justin, right in his young, pretentious balls, but that thought was overtaken when I imagined what it might feel like to get ahold of his knackers and give them a good thorough squeezing.

I discounted the thought almost immediately when I realized how hard it would be to pull off, given his choice of attire, and how poorly it would be received on his end. It was bad enough that I was busting this poor kid's balls just to get my rocks off, I wasn't about to detonate our friendship and make him feel weird about it too!

In the end, I took the safe way out, and as I made my move to stand back up, I cocked my fist back and sunk my upper-cut directly into his groin.

At the moment of impact, I knew I'd gotten him good. I watched his crotch flattened and felt his balls crunch as my fist came up from underneath and rammed them hard into his body.

Justin groaned as if someone had just kicked him in the gut and his lungs began spilling air. He dropped the bag he was holding, doubled over and clutched - what I imagined to be - his throbbing testicles.

"Dude, what's wrong with you? That's not even how you play the game, that's just being an asshole." His eyes were squinting and his handsome face was a mask of pain.

I couldn't help but chuckle. My uppercut to his big, precious jewels must have been dead on because he was really moaning loud.

"I'm sorry man, when I bent down I got a clear shot and I had to take it." I tried to explain and still laughing, but my feeling of euphoria was suddenly interrupted as the back of Justin's hand snapped into my own groin and pain exploded from my right testicle.

It'd been a long time since I'd been busted, and I was surprised by how much it hurt, but I managed to keep laughing and grabbed my own nuts, protectively. It wasn't that great of a shot and though intense - the pain went away almost immediately; though it did give me a taste of the torment Justin was feeling just below the belt in those designer jeans.

I sat down in a chair and watched Justin pace back and forth. He kept squirming and grabbing his groin, going from being hunched over to sitting on the floor and back again, all the while holding on to his battered balls in a feeble attempt to ease ease the discomfort.

It may sound evil to admit, but the more I saw him groan and caress his manhood, the more proud I felt. Granted, I'd been given a nice clear shot, but I'd put pretty close to 90% into that punch and it felt good to know that I'd pwned him good. Lol, if it had been a movie, the moment my fist drove into his balls would have been accompanied by the sound of nut shells cracking!

At one point he moaned, "I'm going to kick you square in the head as soon as I'm able."

The threat made me chuckle, seeing how he made it from the floor while still holding his quivering manhood.

"Don't worry buddy, you already got me back." I said, gently rubbing his crotch.

That seemed to appease him, and the two of us went back to nursing our bruised nuggets.

Another minute or two passed before I was back up and feeling fine, despite a slight sting in my right testicle, but Justin was still hunched over on the floor. Then he stood up and jumped a few inches off the ground. Then he did it again, and then again a moment after that.

"Dude, you ok?" I asked, a bit perplexed.

"Sometimes jumping up and down helps after you get hit, you know, because your balls sort of get sucked up into your body." He replied between jumps.

"Oh, I never heard of that." I said looking back at him looking a bit confused. I couldn't help but watch the big bulge in his jeans fly up and down or imagine the turmoil going on inside his underwear as his testicles bounced along with the rest of his body.

"Is it helping?" I asked, after a few more jumps.

"No, not really." He replied, stopping suddenly and frowning.

Justin grabbed his crotch and sat in a chair next to me. I chuckled when he threw his head back and moaned.

"Ugh, I swear to God dude . . ." he groaned, his hands still caressing his wounded pride.

"What's the problem there stud?" I asked sarcastically.

Justin blinked. " I swear, if your hands ever come near my nuts again, I'm going to ruin your chances of having children."

I chuckled at his boastful threat. "Oh yeah? What, like this?" I asked, as I pretended to slap him in the crotch.

"Oh no!" I heard him whisper under his breath as his body clenched protectively around his groin.

His reaction made me smile.

"Ok big guy, we'll take it easy from now on." I said with a big smirk.

I left Justin alone to work through the pain alone and went back to work. Another ten minutes went by before he finally joined me, already back to his old, good-natured self. The rest of the night went smoothly and we locked up before we left as always. Justin said he couldn't go out for drinks that night and had to go home, so we said goodnight and parted ways. I made sure to steal one more glance down at the prominent bulge in his jeans before he left, and I swear it looked bigger! My mind began to fill up with images of Justin rushing home to relieve some of the pressure out of his big, sore, swollen balls.

The thought made me grin.

As it turned out, I ended up rushing home myself, sat down in front of my laptop and started writing this story as quickly as I could.

- Chad White is another model that reminds me of 'Justin.' They both have a rugged and tall, dark, and handsome thing going on. -

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello all,

As you know, Reginald has been hard at work over the last few months to give us such gems as Teaching My Roommate a Lesson (Part 1 and Part 2) and the most recent work, Fighter Gets Owned. Now is the time for you to speak up, and send your requests and suggestions! Yes lurkers in the shadows, that means you too! Posting is free and anonymous, so share your comments please! What knew training regiment would you like to see have done to Dan's porn-star balls? Do you want to see Esteban get even with Steve?

Please, tell us what you think, and if we like your ideas, they will probably end up in the next story! And while you're at it, feel free to shout out suggestions for me! I will be finishing up two big projects soon, and I need to decide what to write next.

Thanks guys, and keep posted!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fighter Gets Owned

- By Reginald

Thieving bastard!

That was my first reaction when I saw the photo on this website. For weeks I’ve been fuming about this and finally I’ve decided to speak out. Of course I’ve read the comments that were posted and it’s mostly bullshit. Racketkid38 was the only one who got it right when he pointed out that this was the work of a chick. It was a lady that busted this fighter boy alright and I know because it was me. And let me warn you all now, if I ever find out who stole my photo I will crush your pathetic balls and send YOUR photo to this site for comments!

Anyway, before I get to the juicy details of how I wrecked this punk’s manhood let me give you a little background to the story.

The event was a no-holds-barred fight competition and the place - a dingy club on the outskirts of our town. One of those sleazy, low-rent joints that relies on unauthorized activities for survival. The basement was rented out by a local fight club and was packed with a rowdy crowd of spectators, all clamoring for some hard-core, barbaric action.

For me nothing can quite match the sight of two hot young studs, pumped full of testosterone, trying to prove their superiority in the ring. The hatred in the fighters’ eyes, the thud of fists striking muscle, the spray of blood and sweat, it’s raw, intense and totally addictive. For me the best part is always at the end; the victor flaunting his invincible body to taunt his beaten opponent as he lies nursing a bruised body and crushed ego.

It was at one of these fights that I hooked up with my current boyfriend and, as you probably guessed, he was one of the guys in the ring. So before we get to my fun with that Latino, you need to know a thing or two about my man.

Steve is as impressive in the ring as he is in bed, an irresistible blend of power and youthful virility. Despite his youth, this tough stud is already a local legend. Even when facing bigger, more experienced fighters he remains fearless, even arrogant, and for good reason. Few opponents can cope with his explosive fighting style : a high-intensity blend of speed and power that usually overwhelms his opponents from the first bell. It’s a great site to see a brave challenger pounded to defeat in just a few rounds, but when he faces a worthy opponent the results can be truly spectacular.

I yearn for these fights, the chance to see Steve’s trained muscles being tested to the limit. I have seen him take crushing body blows that would cripple any normal man. On rare occasions I have even seen him punched to the floor, clutching his battered torso and groaning in pain. Yet each time he finds the strength to get back to his feet, gritting his teeth in determination and fighting on until victory is his. That unbreakable body combined with his stunning looks is a huge turn-on, but it takes even more than that to satisfy a girl like me.

The first time I saw Steve in the ring, clad only in his tight wrestling trunks I knew he was blessed in every department. My eyes were drawn to his impressive bulge that clearly revealed it’s treasured contents. The stretched fabric hugging a long, thick cock and stretching almost obscenely over the two hefty orbs below. Clearly, if it takes balls to be a fighter, then Steve is equipped like a real warrior. At every fight he fearlessly flaunts this formidable pouch as if inviting his opponents to kick him in the junk. I used to gaze at that bulge wondering if my lover-boy really had such tough nuts and just the thought of seeing those bull-balls getting flattened made me wet with excitement. In the end it took many fights before anyone tried to crack those oversized eggs.

For some strange reason, there is a code of honor between guys when it comes to attacking the groin. Even in the seedy world of underground fighting it’s rare to see an intentional low-blow. In Steve’s case, as soon as the round started that big bulge was pretty safely guarded. For a start, he would overwhelm many opponents like a human hurricane before they could even land a punch. He was so fearsome in the ring I had no doubt he would get terrible revenge on anyone who tried to crack his man-eggs.

Of course I am well aware just how vulnerable men’s balls are and I’m not afraid to exploit this male weakness myself. If any hot-shot tries to get his way with me I won’t hesitate to drive my boot into his delicate little nuts. One solid strike between the legs is usually all it takes and suddenly the horny stud is reduced to a pathetic wreck, writhing on the ground and clutching his crushed balls. I love how powerful it makes me feel to bring a proud man to his knees. When I do, I usually snap a pic with my cell while the guy is still writhing on the ground. I have dozens of pics on my phone. Looking back at my gallery of victims I often wonder who’s balls survived the encounter with my boots !

Not all men are so pathetic, however, and my respect goes to the few that stay on their feet and try to fight back. Of course no man has “balls-of-steel” or whatever. Their soft male organs still get horribly mangled by a powerful kick but it’s so fucking hot just watching their reaction. Often the traumatized stud will scream out in fury as he clutches his abused baby-makers, determined to fight through the gut wrenching agony. Before the tough guy comes to his senses, I make my exit, leaving the poor brute with no way to vent his rage and humiliation. As for Steve, I was sure he could handle some real abuse to those mighty bull-balls and I was longing to see him prove it.

That’s why you’ll find me at ring side for all of Steve’s fights. As much as I love the fighting itself, I always harbor the secret desire to see those big, juicy nuts getting flattened. I’ve never been one to hide my views and I get a real kick out of taunting Steve’s opponents and even inciting them to fight dirty. Just like my man, I don’t pull my punches and I’ll endlessly mock their inferior masculinity while praising Steve's “crown jewels”. Their look of shame and anger at being mocked by a girl is priceless and, of course, if they want to get to me they have to get past Steve first!

Well I could talk all day about me and Steve but now I’m going to tell the juicy details of how this Latin stud met his fate.

According to the fight promoter this kid comes from Mexico and goes by the name of Esteban. I had never seen him in action, but apparently he had a short but unbeaten record and was considered a rising star in other parts. However the moment he was announced as Steve’s opponents the crowd did not sound enthusiastic. This Mexican was unknown in our town and the cynical spectators dismissed him as more fist-fodder for the arrogant champ. They were desperately seeking a challenger that would finally destroy Steve in the ring and burst his bloated ego.

As the Mexican walked through the crowd there were still a few hopeful voices from the crowd.
“Come on kid, you can beat him !” yelled one guy.
“Yeah, destroy that cocky son-of-a-bitch !” roared another.

The Mexican fighter climbed into the ring and began to warm-up. He was wearing long, silky boxing shorts as if ashamed to reveal his boy bulge and who could blame him when faced with a total stud like Steve.

I stood up and pointed at him. “Hey loser !” I yelled “You’ve got no balls and no fucking chance !”

Seconds later the champion was announced and Steve emerged into the crowd and strode confidently up to the ring. He looked stunning as ever and seemed deaf to the angry howls and boos from the crowd. He entered the ring with an athletic leap and approached his opponent, bristling with aggressive intent, his chest filled out like a prize-winning cockerel.

Both fighters were of similar height and in good shape but Steve looked far more intimidating. His upper body was bulkier and more defined and he had the arrogant demeanor of a champion. He had defeated far more imposing challengers and he sneered at his dark skinned opponent with utter distain. He raised his arms and slowly flexed his perfect biceps just inches from his opponents face. Then, with an arrogant sneer he paced around the ring, enjoying the abusive shouts from the angry crowd. His gloved hands were clenched tight and his perfectly sculpted body glistened under the lights as if carved from marble. He ended his arrogant display by grabbing his big pouch and running his other hand over his muscular chest and abs

“You got the crown jewels, baby !” I yelled, licking my lips sensually.

Despite the anger of this mob, there was no hiding their jealousy, and who could blame them. Those morons could only dream of being like Steve; a handsome, invincible warrior with a sexy, big-breasted girlfriend. As for the chicks in the crowd, they openly drooled when Steve flaunted his shit in the ring. I knew they secretly lusted after him and I often caught them glaring at me, green with envy.

The Mexican watched sullenly from his corner as Steve paraded his sexy physique. He looked nervous being in the same ring as this superior being and I was sure this fight would be over pretty quick.

As soon as the bell rang, Steve attacked with his usual fiery aggression, hunting down his opponent, casually dodging the wild swings before unleashing his own barrage of punches. Steve’s superior skills were immediately apparent, his brutal fists making a loud thud as they struck the Latino’s trained body. Soon the Mexican was on the ropes desperately trying to defend against Steve’s dominating attack. I screamed in excitement as a mighty punch from Steve brought the battling Latino to the ground, winded and hurting. The fight was stopped and slowly the Latino got to his feet to continue. At least he had the guts to continue and it seemed that Steve was in no rush to finish this. When the bell rang out the end of the first round the Mexican had taken a pretty good beating. Steve sneered and ambled to his corner, casually stretching his shoulders and bouncing his hard pecs. He was in his element now and had hardly broken sweat.

When the bell rang it was Esteban that took the initiative, storming out of the ring to attack my surprised boyfriend with grim determination. A hard punch in the face left Steve stunned and forced him on the defensive. The crowd roared their support, seeing this challenger still had some fight left in him. Steve was on the back foot as he he blocked and dodged the fierce attack. Then as his opponent tired he started to turn the tide. Soon the cocky fighter had regained the initiative and was toying with an exhausted Esteban. After dodging a wild swing, Steve powered a gut-buster into the Latino’s mid section leaving him doubled over and gasping. With a smile he stepped back to admire the effects of his brutal punch. As the crowd urged the winded Mexican to fight on, Steve stood just out of range and taunted him. He ran his hands over his own sexy abs as if inviting his opponent to test them.

“What are you waiting for?” I yelled at Esteban. “Scared of those muscles, huh? Grow some fucking balls and fight like a man!”

Steve laughed at my comment and glanced down, gyrating his hips to show off his superior equipment. He turned to me and winked when, with a desperate yell, the Mexican charged and launched a brutal kick. I gasped in shock seeing that heavy boot aimed straight at my boyfriends bulging junk. Just before impact Steve shrieked in fear turning his hips just in time to save his manhood from getting crunched. The Mexican’s boot barely brushing his cock as it struck air, throwing him off balance. As the Latino stumbled Steve pounced, sending a vicious punch to the back of the head and his opponent fell like a stone, groaning and dazed at Steve’s feet.

The bell rang to end the round and Steve puffed his chest out and stood over his sprawled foe. For a few seconds he looked stunned and cupped his vulnerable balls clearly relieved that they had escaped that devastating kick.

Slowly his lips curled in a mean smile as he filled his chest and clenched his fists to show off his hard trained body under the spotlights. The arrogant stud looked truly invincible standing over his floored opponent who lay sprawled on the mat groaning weakly.

The sullen crowd fell silent in utter disappointment. Some muttered their misgivings while others scowled at the despised champion.

Enjoying their dismay, Steve pumped his fist again and thumped his chest as if inviting a more worthy challenger. Then he flexed his hot muscles to further incite the crowd’s anger. I climbed through the ropes towards my valiant warrior and sensually ran both hands over his solid muscular body, my head resting on his powerful chest. My ears were deaf to the jibes and howls of the crowd as I continued to shamelessly worship my invincible man. As I ran my hand down his hard abs and over the rim of his trunks I could hear his slight gasp as my fingers spread like tentacles around that big manly bulge.

As I groped and rubbed his porn-star assets I could feel the warm, wet feeling spread between my legs. Within seconds I could feel him responding to my sensual massage. His big rod was soon throbbing in my hands and pushing out to the side of his tight trunks. I continued to stroke his swelling cock as I reached down with my other hand to roughly grope his big beefy balls. Steve moaned in response and I knew this stallion was totally under my spell now. My blood raced as I felt his trained body go tense, all those manly muscles at the mercy of my slim fingers. The crowd’s jeers of disgust seemed to add to the ecstatic thrill.

Suddenly I yelled out in pain as my hand was struck hard. My palm was forced up against Steve’s pelvis, squashing those big testicles in a painful sandwich. The big stud roared in confused anger pushing me away to the ropes as he leaned forward clutching his groin. I looked around in fury, rubbing my sore hand. The Mexican low-life was slowly crawling back to his corner to escape retaliation from his cowardly attack. I was fuming that this filthy cheat had managed to upset our passionate display and crowd’s obvious enjoyment was really making my blood boil.

“Coward !” I yelled, glaring at the cowering cheat “You still want to fight, huh? So get on your feet if you’ve got any balls and Steve will kick your pathetic ass!”

My words seem to register and I smiled meanly as I watched the Latino weakly struggle to his feet. Now I would see Steve unleash his fury on this pathetic opponent.

Behind me the spectators were jeering and clapping and I turned slowly to see what the commotion was about. My jaw dropped in horror at the site in front of me.

My boyfriend was now fully doubled over and swaying weakly as if mortally wounded. His handsome face was screwed up in pain and both hands were tenderly nursing his groin. With a pitiful cry the champ finally surrendered to his pain, slumping to his knees to the delight of the crowd. Steve fell hard on his side, his fit young body rocking in agony as he clutched his traumatized testicles. I stared, dumb-struck, unable to believe that my rugged hero had been floored so easily. I swore loudly, stamping my foot in frustration which only drew hysterically laughter from the crowd..

“Screw you! All of you!” I screamed at the faceless mass and stormed towards my boyfriend who was still shamelessly clutching his battered bulge.

I grabbed his hair angrily and stared into his tortured face. “What the fuck are you playing at ?” I snarled.

“Oh fuck,” he pleaded in broken gasps. “Honey...he got the balls...of fuck he smashed my fucking balls!”

I slapped him hard across the face to bring him to his senses. “You’re a disgrace!” I barked forcefully. “Get on your feet like a man and stop acting like a fucking loser!”

With a hard pull on his hair I raised the wounded fighter to his feet, pushing him upright in his corner. I grabbed his throat and raised my knee until it touched his groin. “Now kick his fucking ass or I will show you what it's like to REALLY have your balls wrecked!"

I pushed him into the corner once again and stepped back. My harsh words seemed to sink in and with extreme effort he stayed on his feet.

“Fuck!” Steve spat in fury, shaking his head defiantly and gritting his teeth. "No one goes after these nuts and lives!" He said grabbing his sore baby-makers and giving them a rub. “That son of a bitch is going to fucking pay!”

Every muscle of this fighting machine was tensed and ready for revenge. I noticed Esteban was standing uneasily in his corner and I retreated to my seat, ready to watch the carnage unfold.

The bell rang out for another round and both fighters emerged cautiously from their corners. Esteban still looked dazed and groggy while Steve was slow on his feet and clearly troubled by the pain between his legs. The champ stalked his battered opponent with one fist raised for attack while the other hand cautiously guarded his groin. The Mexican would not get another shot at his vulnerable bull-balls.

“Come on Steve, make him suffer!” I yelled.

I licked my lips as I watched my man, all pumped-up and snarling, clearly intent on revenge. His opponent was a beaten man, and Steve was planning how to inflict the most suffering. After circling the weary Mexican for a while he finally went on the attack, feigning a punch to the jaw, then followed up with a wicked blow to the gut causing Esteban to double over groaning in pain. Steve followed up with a flurry of light punches leaving his opponent to defend in desperation. Driven against the ropes, Steve now pounded his battered torso, each strike leaving a deep red mark and drawing painful groans from the Latino. Soon Esteban was rocking on his feet, unable to defend himself and ready to drop at the next punch.

Steve finally stopped the onslaught and took a step back to admire his destructive power. Then he snarled, and drew his fist back for the final killer punch, aimed at the Mexican’s jaw. The crowd was silenced, knowing what was to come, Steve’s deadly uppercut had never failed to lay an opponent out cold.

I gasped as Steve launched his fist but, at the very last moment, he changed target. Crouching down he powered his fist hard into Esteban’s silky trunks. The sickening thud echoed around the basement as Steve’s fist struck the Latino’s groin lifting him clear off the ground.

The poor Mexican kid landed, howling in agony and clutching his groin. Red faced he stumbled towards his corner, doubled over and coughing deeply. He clutched at the ropes, rolling his head and rubbing his crushed manhood.

“Yeah !” Steve yelled again, pumping his fist ecstatically. He held the pose admiring the powerful muscles that had just crushed his opponents sex organs.

He smiled as he watched his opponent suffer then sauntered up him and roughly slapped him on the back. “So you like to fight dirty? Huh?“ he snarled,“Well let’s see you fight now I’ve crushed your puny balls.”

The Latino gagged and suddenly his muscular body convulsed as he coughed deeply.
“Yeah!” Steve mocked him “Go on, fucking puke! That’ll teach you to kick a real man in the balls.”

Steve turned away from the Latino to face the wrath of the crowd. With a cocky smile he flexed his hot muscles again and thrusting his hips forward rhythmically. Enraptured by his erotic celebration I stepped gracefully into the ring and stood, licking my lips, as he continued to show off his hot body. He was really enjoying himself now, pumped with adrenaline and gleefully inciting the hatred of the maddened crowd. He had taken his sweet revenge and the cheating Latino was suffering the consequences. He scowled in annoyance when a hand grasped his shoulder.

Steve turned, glaring and a look of shock passed his face as he recognized the grim face of the Latino fighter. In the same instance Esteban rammed his leg upwards into Steve's trunks. The crowd gasped as the brutal knee nailed it’s target with a sickening crunch. The shocked champ could only stare blankly as he felt his aching jewels getting pulverized. Steve’s jaw dropped in horror and he staggered back feeling for his crushed testicles. Suddenly his legs collapsed and he thrashed around on the floor uselessly pawing at his crotch with his gloved hands. All of those proud male muscles now flexed uselessly as he writhed and twisted on the mat. I felt a rush of blood to my head, but it wasn’t just shock and anger. I could actually feel myself getting flushed and wet at the site of my hot stud tortured by the crushing blow to his proud male organs.

Of course I still screamed at the big stud to take it like man but Steve was deaf to the world, drowning in a sea of pain. He was now gasping and crying out in pain, desperately clutching at his wounded balls.

“Fuck…uuuugh…oh god… oh my balls. I GIVE, I fucking give…oh my fucking balls!” he cried out between gasps as he slapped the mat in submission.

I was totally crushed by Steve’s submission and turned angrily to face the Latino that had caused us both such humiliation.

Esteban looked down in apparent disbelief, his fit tanned body glimmering with sweat and was heavily bruised from Steve’s punishing fists. Wincing he rubbed his aching groin, then slowly raised his fist, smiling meekly. With a roaring cheer the crowd leapt to their feet and converged in unison towards the ring in a chaotic rabble. Powerless, I was swept forward by the tide.

I struggled in vain to escape but was forced up against the edge of the ring by the stampeding herd. As the crowd swept past to cheer their new hero I looked up to see Steve on the mat right right above me. He was on his hands and knees, alone and almost forgotten by the crowd. He clutched at his rock-hard abs and suddenly his powerful frame convulsed as he dry retched and spat weakly on the mat. For the first time I actually felt sympathy for the poor brute. This big macho stud had seen victory torn from his grasp, his proud young testicles had been brutally mashed and to add to his humiliation he now looked on the verge of puking. I passed him a metal bucket from the floor and reached up to stroke his back. He turned to me, groaning weakly as he cupped his poor busted nuts and shook his head in pain and disbelief. He cried out suddenly as a wave of pain racked his hard body and clutching his washboard stomach. After retching deeply he vomited violently into the bucket before falling on his side, moaning and clutching himself in despair.

Two burly bouncers soon emerged to carry Steve out of the ring to the delight of the crowd. The ring was now empty and the crowd turned their attention back to me for their amusement.

“Hey lady, where’s your tough hero now, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess Steve’s the one with no balls now?” another guy laughed.

“You won’t be getting any action tonight, bitch!” shouted an older woman.

“Hey. I’ll screw her!” shouted a young kid, “if she wants a man with balls that still work!”

For the first time I was speechless and I just kept my head down and tried to force my way out of the crowd. Eventually I escaped and crept cautiously towards the fighters’ changing room. Seeing Steve puking his guts out had really unnerved me. It had been fucking hot seeing Steve getting nutted but now I was deeply concerned that his fragile bull-balls may have ruptured. My sex-life was at stake here and it would not be easy to find another guy that could match Steve.

I hid behind a locker and peered into the room. There was my poor man alright, sitting on the bench, groaning and feeling himself. I was shocked to see the proud man reduced to this pathetic wreck.

Seeing Steve alone I was about to approach when a dark figure walked in silently through a side door and stood in front of the suffering hunk. It was that damned Latino, Esteban. He was stark naked but still wearing his unlaced fighting gloves. I stayed out of site, wary of being caught in the men’s changing rooms.

Steve face was screwed up in pain. He glanced up nervously to see what was blocking the light and groaned seeing the perpetrator of his torment.

Esteban remained silent and started to do Steve's victory pose that he did in the ring and gyrated his hips slowly, making his genitals swing between his legs. I gasped quietly. Damn, I had got this Latino all wrong, this dude was seriously hung! Behind his long meaty cock his heavy balls swung low in a hairy sack. I was really enjoying this spectacle and impressed that this timid Mexican had the nerve to taunt my arrogant boyfriend. Esteban knew full well that his package was in no way superior to Steve’s but at least he was still standing!

"Hey amigo, I guess my big cojones are pretty tough, huh? How are yours?” He said with a thick accent.

“Leave me … alone” Steve groaned and spat down at the floor.

“Sorry amigo," the Latino smiled and rubbed Steve’s neck. "Still feeling a little sore?”

“Fuck off!” Steve growled. It was a hollow threat as he was totally at the mercy of the Latino. His big frame convulsed as he was racked by a wave of pain. “Oh fuck… my nuts” he croaked pitifully as he held his manhood.

Esteban peered down at my broken boyfriend with a look approaching sympathy. “You’re a damn good fighter, amigo.” He said genuinely. “You deserved to win today and I would accept defeat at your hands."

Steve peered up confused.“If you weren’t such a fucking jerk, you . . . fucking cheat!" he paused to rub his crotch while Esteban smiled. “You only won . . . ‘cos you kneed me . . . in the fucking balls . . .” he gasped through gritted teeth, struggling to speak through the pain. “and those…those PUNY balls would be mincemeat…if you weren’t wearing a fucking cup!”

Steve scowled his face turning red with shame and anger.

Esteban raised his eyebrows. “Cup? You think I wear a cup, amigo?” he chuckled. “Did you feel plastic when you punched my cojones?”

Esteban waited for a reply and I continued to gaze, fascinated to see where this was going.

Steve opened his mouth to speak but could form no words. He seemed to gawp like a frog before lowering his head in defeat and turning his attention back to his poor weak testicles.

“That’s right amigo!” Esteban grabbed his hairy nut sack, stretching his bulging meatballs towards Steve’s face. “Real men don't need to shield their manhood in a fight."

Steve clenched his fists by his side and glanced up at the tempting target. Esteban must have noticed, because he was smiling again.

“Yeah, take your best shot, champ,” the Latino smiled totally unafraid, admiring his hefty balls. “They’re not so puny, huh?”

There was no doubt Steve deserved this humiliation but I was starting to get pissed. This was my boyfriend after all.

“You…fucking queer!” Steve spat. “I'll fucking waste you right now." He winced from another bolt of pain and leaned forward clutching his guts. He made a pathetic attempt to push the Mexican away.

“You really think so ?” Esteban smiled raising his eyes “So stand up and show me!”

“Fuck you!” Steve yelled in exasperation.

“Come on! All those muscles and you can’t even stand.” Esteban smiled mockingly, grabbing Steve by his upper arm, but Steve remained planted on the bench. "What's wrong homes? Did I crack your huevos? Damn man, those are some weak balls man, even for a white guy. What do you have down there, baby nuts?"

By now I was really fuming both at Esteban’s audacity and Steve’s weakness. No doubt the Latino had a hefty pair of nuts but surely he had noticed the huge bulge in Steve’s trunks before he crushed it with his knee. I was confident that Steve’s smooth bull-balls were superior to those hairy Latino eggs. Why the fuck didn’t Steve face the music!

Damn, if Steve wasn’t man enough to defend his honor I would do it myself. I saw the Latino lean over to drag my boyfriend to his feet and saw my opportunity to attack!

I crept along the wall behind Esteban who was straining to lift my humiliated boyfriend. His tanned legs were spread revealing his tough man-eggs as a perfect target for my boot. Up close they looked even larger and heavier. Time to see how tough those balls really are!

With a running start I powered my foot up hard between his muscular legs. A loud ‘crunch’ echoed around the locker room. The Latino fighter made a guttural scream and he fell forward on top of Steve. With his head resting on Steve’s shoulder his hands dropped to clutch his mighty balls. The poor fighter coughed deeply and I knew my heavy boots had found their targets.

With a scream of agony he raised his head and turned to seek his attacker. He staggered, eyes blinded by tears and he shook his head from side to side wildly as if in denial. With a fearsome howl he raised his head to face me his gloved hands pathetically groping his tortured groin. I waited for him to collapse but he remained doubled over on his feet and coughed again.

“How are your big cojones feel?" I yelled. "You don't look so tough now, do you?”

“Puta!” He spat and coughed again. Then he made a sickening groan and with great effort slowly rose to his full height and cautiously stepped towards me, one hand shielding his wounded balls.

“Holy fuck,” I whispered to myself, deeply impressed. I nearly ruptured testicles with these boots and his guy was still standing. Well, not for long, this tough son of a bitch was about to face one tougher bitch!

The Latino was weakened and in agony but he was still a pro fighter and a very angry one. One mistake and he could kill me. I had to fight smart and take advantage of his blind rage. I looked around for anything I could use as a weapon and grabbed the only thing at hand a shoe lace from one of the benches.

Suddenly the naked Latino charged at me, looking for a quick easy win. I was prepared and spun away out of his grasp. He crashed into a wall of lockers, stunned but still wisely protecting his injured balls. I attacked instantly, wrapping the boot lace around his muscular neck and pulling both ends tight.

“Bitch!” he gagged, his one gloved hand pawing uselessly at his throat. He thrashed trying to throw me off but I kept the lace tight as his body bucked in desperation. He tried to punch my body but I danced away, keeping my tight grip on the laces all the time. He was soon making hideous gasping noises and both hands tried to save his neck from the throttling.

He leaned forward and I saw the gap I wanted. The Latino gasped for air as I released the lethal cord but his relief did not last long. "No!" He screamed out in despair as my hands shot between his legs and grabbed his hairy ball-sack.

“YES!” I screamed in reply, squeezing his bruised bruised baby-makers with both hands. Damn! His nuts were impressive, probably even a mach for Steve's!

"I can't believe you were boasting about these pathetic things." I snarled and twisted his nuts between my hands. "But lets see how tough they really are."

I sensed the Latin jock's panic as I shifted his meaty testicles between each hand. He knew I owned them and there was nothing he could do about it. Then with grim determination, I grit my teeth as my slender fingers bore down on his vulnerable sex organs. I ignored the agonized howling and writhing of the Latino fighter, and focused solely on crushing his sex organs. This ball-busting bastard had tried to ruin my sex-life and now I was going to ruin his, for good. With any luck, this would finish his fighting career as well as any hopes of having little cheating kids.

“You want to give in?" I yelled, already beginning to feel flustered.

“Aaagh! Fuck you bitch!” he screamed bravely.

I did not want Steve to see my limits of cruelty so with a vicious grip on his balls I forced him to walk forward through the door he had entered. It was a small room, probably used for relaxation or massage before the fights and I saw the Latino’s clothes bundled in a corner next to a low bed. I closed the door to hide the noise.

“Puta bitch, let me go!” he ordered, squirming as I increased my tight grip on his nuts. "Ugh, no . . . please."

“Si !” I screamed, almost in orgasm as I felt the soft meaty orbs flatten between my brutal fingers. Each renewed squeeze drew screams of agony from the tortured fighter but when I relaxed my grip he would swear and bravely try to escape my grip. I shrieked in my efforts to rupture his sperm banks, yet after each brutal squeeze the flattened organs stubbornly resumed their normal shape. Maybe not balls-of-steel but these testicles seemed un-burstable and the tortured Latino was still fighting.

Taking a deep breath I changed my tactics, grabbing his swelling right nut in both hands.
“Say goodbye to your balls!” I screamed. I squeezed with all my strength, hoping to feel the resilient organ finally burst in my hands. Esteban was now wailing as his proud huevo was being deformed like putty. The big gonad was now almost flat between my hand so I started rolling the squashed organ between my palms. Even if that tough shell wouldn’t burst I was determined to mash it’s delicate contents.

“Ok, fine! I give!” Esteban screamed suddenly before losing the ability to speak to a violent coughing fit.

His humiliating submission made me smile, but I did not let up with my destructive testicle mashing.

My tough victim fell silent for the first time, mouth open in a silent scream as his legs collapsed and his face fell forward onto the bed. I still gripped his balls that were pulled through the back of his legs. With all my strength I held his ass suspended up in the air by the stretched cords of his crushed testicles. He bore the pain silently, his face was down into the pillows and his entire body quivered under my crushing grip.

Finally I released my grasp as my strength faded. The broken man collapsed on the bed, his mouth slowly biting at the air, as he felt for his wrecked manhood. His muscular body writhed for a few second before he fell unconscious. With great effort I rolled him onto his back. His busted testicles were now an unnaturally red, even bulkier than normal but incredibly still intact.

“Now you’re a real match for Steve.” I laughed and gently weighed his big balls in my hand. Then I stood back to admire my destruction of this proud male fighter.

Up to now I had spent so much time gazing at Steve and blinded by rage that I had hardly noticed how steamy hot this latin boy was. And a fucking tough stud too! It had taken some heinous methods to finally defeat him and only after Steve had pummeled his body and I smashed his balls!

I kneeled down to get a close-up of the damage I had wrought on Steve’s tormentor. For some reason my last words still echoed through my head like a broken record.

“Now you’re a real match for Steve.”

My heart was pounding as I tried to imagine this Latino as he could have been. With a few more muscles, a lot more fighting skill and maybe a trim here or there he would be hard to resist. I couldn’t help myself groping those big cojones one more time then I picked up his gloved hands and rested his hands over his dangling balls.

Seeing his masculine beauty up close I was stunned by the realization of what I had just done to this stud. Fortunately the door opened and I snapped out of my trance.

Steve staggered in naked, cupping his sore bull balls and wincing. He looked in shock at the sight of me standing over his former adversary.

“You…you beat him? But how?” he stammered in shock.

I turned to face Steve angrily and stood up. “If you ever piss me off, you’ll find out!" I smiled meanly. I was not going to forgive Steve so easily for humiliating me publicly.

Steve frowned.

“Yeah, ok whatever.” Steve dismissed me and stared down at his broken adversary.

“The next time we fight, I'll be ready for him, and his dirty low blows! Fucking cheater." Steve snarled at the body on the ground. Then he flexed his muscular body, to reassure himself of his power.

“Yeah, you’re going to wish you were never born, punk !” he cracked his knuckles.

I stared at him. "Ha! You think you’ve got the balls to face him?” I asked sarcastically.

Steve looked hurt. "Yeah, I’ve got the balls!” He snapped back at me, groping his groin.
Then he winced and looked uncomfortable. "There just a little sore right now but I can take it” he mumbled.

“You’re really pathetic.” I fumed. “One knee between the legs and you were puking your guts out.”

“No way” Steve protested “He got me twice and he was damned lucky! The bastard can’t land a punch all night but he caught me right in the fucking balls both times!”

I glared at him unimpressed.

“Honey, that bastard fucking cheated!” Steve pleaded angrily pointing at Esteban’s unconscious form. “Look you saw what happened! I had him beaten. The son-of-a-bitch was writhing on the ground like a pathetic worm then he launched his foot… right into my fucking balls !”

“Oh not your poor balls!” I sneered.

“Actually it fucking hurt!” Steve snapped, “but I took it like a man and fought on!”

I scoffed loudly, remembering the big stud writhing on the ground clutching his pathetic nuts. Steve just glared at me.

"I should have just laid him out cold there and then, but my nuts were sore . . . I was so fucking pissed! But I got my revenge when I punched his nuts back up into his throat!"

“Yeah I saw,” I yawned.

"It's not my fault the cheating bastard was wearing a cup! How the hell would I know? One second, I drop him like a rock, and the next, he's back up and drills me in the nuts again!" He continued, still grasping his balls protectively as if he was expecting another surprise attack on manhood. "It was fucking agony babe! I thought my boys were ruined; I just wanted to die!"

“Well, how the hell do you think I felt?” I yelled. “You’re supposed to be the tough champ and there you are writhing around clutching your poor precious balls! I’m a fucking laughing stock.”

“But honey, what the hell could I do. The bastard cheated! He almost crushed my damn balls. Do you know how much that hurts?”

“So how come he could handle it?” I pointed at the Latino hunk who had started moaning pitifully.

“Yeah right!” Steve smirked, “I’m way tougher than that little shit.”

“Oh yeah. Well that little shit WASN'T wearing a cup when I rammed my boot into his balls." My voice with filled with distain. "He didn't cry about his nuts, he just stood and took it like a man!"

Steve looked at me stunned and then looked down at the floor and blushed.

I could see that I had really hurt Steve's pride and I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. "Come on, get over here and let me check you out. For all your crying and complaining, I want to make sure you're still intact down there!"

Steve glanced down at the fallen Latin stud and slowly lifted his cock to reveal his magnificent dangling testicles. "Ha, you call those balls?" He said, pointing at Esteban's dark ballsac. “Now these are REAL balls. I’m built like a fucking bull! No wonder they’re such an easy target.”

I opened my eyes wide, looking impressed suddenly reached out, grabbing the neck of his scrotum. Steve yelped in shock, gasping despite my gently hold.

“Relax stud.” I licked my lips and rolled the hefty globes between my fingers.

Steve exhaled slowly. "He doesn't even come close, right?"

“I don't know . . ." I said after a moment, "it's hard to tell. Get down here and I'll compare them side by side."

Steve grinned, confident that mighty nuts could take his challenger's any day, he dropped to his knees and held out his smooth plums. Esteban was dazed and groaning but made no objection when I moved his hands to the side. I grasped his huge hairy sack and held the two sets of balls together to compare.

Damn, there was a lot of man meat on display. I weighted the nuts in my hand, first Steve’s smooth delicate organs, then the Esteban’s tough, hairy nuggets.

"Well, what do you think?" Steve licked his lips and smiled confidently. "Magnificent, aren't they?"

“Damn you’ve got beautiful balls,” I purred at my big stud. "But when it comes to size . . . I'm sorry, but it's a draw."

Steve looked at me confused then peered down. Reality hit him like a ton of bricks and he dropped his head. His proud bull balls had finally met their match.

“Now If I EVER see you lose to a low blow again it is OVER, understood?” I said, conveying my menace with a firm squeeze.

Steve nodded sheepish.

“So either get a fucking cup and admit to your weakness or you had better learn to take it like a man, OK?” I snarled.

Steve looked dumbstruck. “Ok,” he muttered.

“Now, put some fucking clothes on and come to my place. After this fucking day I need some real HARD sex!”

Steve gulped, feeling his big sore nuts as he walked out of the room.

“Yeah, then we’ll see what you’ve got in those big bull balls!” I called after him.

When he was gone, I leant over the poor Esteban who had finally removed his gloves and was moaning and gently cradling his wounded balls.

“Sorry about that,” I whispered with a cheeky smile, tenderly kissing him on the mouth. “Still I bet it takes more than a little girl to ruin your tough balls. Let me know when you your ready for a rematch.”

I stepped away, turning only to take the photo that you see here. As I walked through the changing room I glanced at my stunning reflection in the mirror.

'Damn I’ve got a nice set of tits,’ I thought as I adjusted my dress. ‘It’s pretty cool what I can get away with!’

- Here's an intimidating pic of Steve used for his promotional posters -