Monday, April 16, 2012

Busting Alex: Our BB Weekend Part 1

A lot has transpired since my last post about Alex and our work-place antics.  Needless to say, things have heated up between Alex and myself and I've gotten the chance to bust him… many, many times, including an attempt today that he managed to block - but this weekend took the prize.  I busted Alex better and harder than I've ever busted anyone in my life!  It was so hot… and it resulted in a record breaking "explosive" situation when I got home, I assure you ;-)  But first, I'll start out by filling you guys in with what's been happening up till now.

Now that Alex is well in to his project, we've been spending a lot of time together - both at work, and outside of work.  As it turns out, we both enjoy hiking and photography, and we've gone on several excursions together.  Also, being the big hulking beefcake that he is, he goes to the gym regularly and I've tagged along to pick up a few pointers.  I can honestly say that we've got a good relationship going and we share a lot of common interests, which is completely awesome!  Of course, it helps that he's a hot stud (even though he's straight with a girl friend) - but the real pièce de résistance is the big, bloated package he's got hanging between his legs.  It completely amazes me how something so big and heavy can feel so soft when I slam my fist in to it…  um, yeah… anyhow, I digress...

In my previous post I described the first time Alex left himself open to a nut tap and I actually worked up the nerve to reach out and smack him in his sack.  It was beautiful, because he didn't expect it at all - and though the strike had not been very hard, the surprise factor seemed to enhance the discomfort 10 fold and he ended up spending several minutes rocking on his haunches, laughing and moaning.  It was awesome, and I immediately wanted to do it again of course, but I couldn't find another opening and was left with the solitary tap.

Interestingly enough, the next day Alex brought up the fact that I'd sac tapped him the night before in front of another co-worker.  Oddly, he didn't remember my motivations for busting him being fueled by his preening muscle stretch.  I shrugged my shoulders, wondering if perhaps that blow his nuts received had dislodged something?  It's been known to happen. But almost two weeks would go by before I got my second chance to bust him again.

Because of the nature of our work and our schedules, we are often on our own, which gives me plenty of chances to take a crack at his tender nuggets. Hardly a day goes by now that he doesn't either gets hit in the crotch, or a reference about him getting hit comes up.   But that only started after one particularly late night at work last week.  The project that we are working on required a large amount of set up, and so one night Alex and I stayed late to finish it.  By the time we were done, it was midnight and the building was empty except for us.  I'd told him about a few beers I'd kept squirreled away in one of the fridges and offered him one, which he quickly accepted.  An hour later, we'd finished through my four beers and we were taking hits off an old bottle of Segrums that I kept in my desk for just such an emergency.  It tasted like turpentine, but at least it got the job done - and before we knew it, we were pretty well toasted and on the lookout for more beer.  I told Alex I knew where there company stash of booze was held and suggested that we reallocate a few bottles.  Of course he agreed, and before I knew it, we were sauntering down the hallway toward the kitchen. 

Alex's eyes widened when I opened up the refrigerator and revealed the large stockpile of Bud, Coors, and Yuengling.  There was more than enough alcohol left over from picnics and Christmas parties past for half a dozen people to get smashed. 

With Alex's attention drawn toward the beer, I looked down and couldn't help but notice the big bulge in his jeans pointing straight at me.  I was kneeling in front of the open fridge, and with Alex bent over (and yet still standing) and facing me, I was immediately struck by the urge to send my fist up between his thighs.  For a split second I considered my options and remembered how tender Alex's manhood felt as it squished against my hand the last time I busted him - and before I could even feel the full effect of my surging adrenaline, I whipped my hand out and crunched Alex's nuts against my fist.  The contact was perfect, and I watched as Alex clutched himself and cringed in slow motion as he collapsed on to the floor, face down and moaning.

Of course on the outside, I was laughing my ass off, but on the inside, my heart was thumping and I was sporting some massive wood. 

After a moment Alex began laugh between moans and the occasional, "Oh my God," and, "Oh, you got them good that time." 

I continued to laugh and handed Alex a cold bottle of beer from the fridge.  "Here, take this, it's cold."  Alex accepted the beer and to my utter shock he pulled back his jeans and shoved the bottle down inside his underwear and groaned.  It was so hot… and the thought of the cold bottle biting against his warm, tender plums just got me even harder.

We quickly gathered several bottles of beer and headed back for our office.  On the way, I made sure to ask him how his nuts were.  "Freezing."  he replied, "now they're tight and sucked up against my body."

I just smiled back at him.

It didn't take long for us to drain the additional bottles of beer we'd procured from the kitchen.  By that time, it was getting so late, it could have been considered early.  Both of us were completely smashed - which of course didn't inhibit us in the least from carrying on our conversation about everything under the sun… then it happened.  Alex brought up the fact that I'd hit him in the nuts earlier that night, and that they were still sore. 

He was standing up at the time, and rubbing his flat, rippled stomach at the time while he stared off in to the distance.  Of course, the mere mention of his nuts drew my attention down toward his crotch, which was snugly cradled in his tight designer jeans - just hanging there, begging to be busted.  Even drunk - I know enough not to let an opportunity to nut a cute guy go by without taking it up. 

Luckily for me, he hadn't noticed the wicked grin that had spread across my face.  I ever so slightly edged a little closer so that I was in perfect striking distance, and then - POW - I lifted my open palm up into his groin, allowing the heal of my hand to press in to the soft mound inside his jeans.  The strike was rather light, but the fact that I'd caught him off guard once again, along with the fact that I'd nailed his nuts from underneath made it all the better. 

Alex groaned and laughed.  "Aww, you fucker.  That's the second time!  Oh, that was all lefty..."  I could tell by his laughter that he wasn't angry at me, and sat back in delight as I watched hims cup and massage his balls inside his jeans with one hand and downed the rest of his beer with the other. 

Alex could be considered a cute stud any day - but that gets multiplied by a factor of 10 when he's busted.  He moans and laughs at the same time, letting you know that he's in a fair amount of discomfort, and just the way his big, thick, muscular frame twists and contorts as he tries to coddle his bruised manhood sends sparks of lightening down my shaft.

Needless to say, I considered that evening a great success.  Of course, by the time I got home and to bed, woke up, and got back to work, I was only left with a couple night's sleep - but that didn't matter.  I had a hot stud at work that I genuinely liked, and I'd just spent the night hanging out, drinking, and busting his balls.  Does life get any better than that?

As it would turn out, life did get better than that… by a factor of 2.

The next day Alex showed up to work, tired, but looking good.  He was wearing a T-shirt over a pair of tight, form fitting corduroy pants that he must have owned before he started working out.  They bulged out everywhere, and not in the least, around his crotch.  I took one look at that bulge and I immediately wanted to bust him again, but once again, I decided to take the cautious route.

By mid-day, we found ourselves sitting around and waiting for one of the machines to process a sample.  At the time we were bullshitting, and Alex was kidding around and giving me a hard time - mentioning that he might have to take me down. 

I laughed at his boast.  "Really, are you sure?  Don't forget, I fight dirty."

Alex stopped mid-laugh and his eyes widened.  Then he instantaneously covered his crotch.  "Oh right, I'm sorry… I didn't mean it, you win!  Just please don't hit me in the nuts."

I laughed all the harder at his discomfort.  "Oh man, that's right I forgot - you've got some weak balls." 

"No I don't!  You just hit really hard."  Alex insisted.

I rolled my eyes and smiled.  "Yeah, whatever."

Then I took a seat next to him and he seemed to instantly forget our conversation from just a minute before, leaving that big, soft, corduroy-encased mound exposed between his thickly muscled legs.

Seeing my opening and keen on making my point, I reached over and jabbed my fist into Alex's pouch.  This time I could actually detect the delicate flesh within get smashed between his thigh and my fist.

"NOOoooo!"  Alex howled and lurched forward.  "Awwww, douche bag…"

I laughed mockingly.  "Seriously?  Are you kidding me?"

Alex took a moment to gather his wits until even he realized that the hit had been very light. 

"Alright, I guess it wasn't that bad… this time!" 

"I know."  I said confidently. "It was just a little tap."

"Maybe, but you folded up my dick and my nuts in on each other.  They're all clumped up together in my underwear and you just squished them."

That assertion mad me heart jump in to my throat.  I knew Alex tended to wear tight American Eagle boxer briefs, and knowing that - and the fact that I'd just felt his junk fold against my fist - got me super horny. 

"Sorry, I guess I should take it easy.  You're nuts are pretty fragile… I mean, if I keep busting them you're kids are probably going to come out pretty messed up."

"Yeah, and then I'm going to come after you and punch you in the nuts until they break - in half!" 

I'm not the kind of guy that relishes the idea of getting his nuts destroyed, but in that moment, Alex's response wasn't only justified, it turned me on.

"You know, you're right.  I've sac-tapped you quite a bit.  Tell you what, you can have a free shot at mine, right now."  My heart was racing as I spread my legs to give him a nice clear shot at my nuggets.

Alex rolled his head.  "No, that's mean.  Besides, I don't want charity… I'm going to get you back when you don't expect it."

I smiled, wondering if he'd come through with his threat.

"You sure?  I'm not going to offer again."

"Yeah, don't worry about it."  Alex grinned, still nursing his balls.

"Ok."  I smiled back.

Of course, my appetite was far from sated, and all this talk of busting between us openly had made me so horny I was practically giddy.  I decided Alex had one more good bust in him, and I was going to exploit it.

Just then, the machine finished processing the sample and I handed Alex a pair of gloves so we could get back to work - but for some reason, he seemed to dawdle with them in his hands.  I watched him fumble with them for a few seconds, and felt myself getting a bit impatient - until I realized that Alex's crotch was well within striking distance and unprotected.  I paused to consider whether tapping him would seem too cruel, and decided that even if it was, the opportunity was just too good to pass up - and instead lobbing a soft smack, I reared forward and drove my palm into the only soft target on Alex's body, crunching his balls hard against his pelvis. 

Alex dropped the gloves and fell backward into a chair. 

"Ohhhhh, you fuck.  Awwwwwwww.  GOD!  I think you pushed them all the way up in to my abdomen!"

I watched with a huge measure of satisfaction as Alex gently kneaded the lump inside those tight corduroy pants of his.

"My balls fucking ache… you're the only one, of all my friends, that goes ahead and sac taps me."  He groaned, yet still relatively cheerful - considering the circumstances.

I smiled, taking what he said as a pure compliment. 

"Awww, sorry weak balls."  I mocked him playfully, "gotta work faster next time, I guess."

Alex threw his head back and grunted.

All in all, it was an awesome day.  Including the night and early morning before, I'd managed to bust Alex's balls on four separate occasions, all of which had been extremely hot.  But as I would soon find out, that day would pale in comparison to what happened over the weekend….

To be continued...

- This is a pair of Alex's undies that he left sitting on his bathroom floor.  Of course, I couldn't help but think about what he looked like in them, and imagined how tight and compact they must be on his nuts when I'd busted him all those times.  All I can say is, thank God for elastic ;-) -


Alex said...

Oh God, I wanna be you! :-))

And I can't believe this is just part 1 of your BB weekend... You are one lucky guy and I hope you have a lot more fun with Alex!

Anonymous said...

Great (real life) story. Beautifully written, and yes you are one lucky guy! I look forward to the next installment :-) Reg

bbmal said...

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it! (I know I did). Alex and I have a great friendship, and I'm really liking the way ball busting has become part of that... he brings it up too now, all the time... and he's gotten REALLY good at blocking my hits. I guess it's time to get a little more sneaky ;-)

Nicholas said...

Did you really say, "I mean, if I keep busting them you're kids are probably going to come out pretty messed up." ?

lol. that's Hi-Larious. And classic.

Every time you bust him, you'll have to come up with more great one-liners. :D It's literary gold.

bbmal said...

Yes indeed Nicholas, I actually did say that... I've gotten quite cheeky with the language. I can attest that 98% of what I wrote is pretty spot on accurate - with a little room for error (just because it's hard to remember EVERY little detail with perfect accuracy). The awesome thing is that Alex follows my lead and responds in kind! So sweet... ;-)

Darrel L said...

Another superb story :-)

Anonymous said...

where is part 2???!!!

bbmal said...

Ahaaaa, you caught me.... The truth is, I have part 2 half written, but I've just been too busy to finish it. Perhaps I can get to finishing it off by this weekend... stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Uggh I need this site to be posted more :|| and make sure that you don't tap him EVERY SINGLE TIME you're with him or he won't wanna hang anymore or he'll think you're weird xD and you need to leave yourself open a few times or he won't think it's that fun of a game. Imagine you both wrestling, both of you guys are open, both of you going for each other's nuts. And then you can squeeze his package or punch it over and over again once you have him in a good position. Just keep it up and you can do that and have fun ;3

Anonymous said...

wow man, almost 2 months without new posts... I agree with the last anonymous, I need this site to be posted more! =) your stories are too hot, don't leave us waiting for so long! And I am DYING to read part 2!!

bbmal said...

Thanks guys... you're right of course, I've been a big tease about this Alex story and I'm sorry about that. I've been VERY busy for the last 3 months and I just haven't had the time to sit down and finish it... I will try my best to make sure it is finished and posted in the next few days.

As for the lack of recent posts, well, I wish I could post every day, but that would make this gig a full time job! Still, I will make an attempt to squeeze in more time for BB writing :-D Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

We need more storiess with the usual awesome pictures!!!!!

bbmal said...

Sorry for the long break in writing everyone. Things in my little slice of the world have been VERY busy. Sadly I still haven't had time to finish off part two of this post... My schedule has limited my activities in the BB world as almost exclusively as a consumer of content, rather than a producer. The good news is, I should be getting a bit more spare time in the next few weeks and I have lots of ideas for stories that I hope to write! Until then, thanks for your patience!

Anonymous said...

Very nice dude

bbmal said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it :-D