Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello All! I hope you have a happy holiday with friends and family, and are looking forward to the new year! I know I am! There are lots of story ideas that I've had floating around for a while that I am finally looking forward to putting on paper (figuratively at least). I am really psyched for the final unveiling of a new comic by my good friend Knave (the legendary creator of bbtoons) that will be coming out some time at the beginning of next year. It is based on a story written by yours truly, and will include Sara and Boris, two characters from one of my earlier stories, and Sara's mother Stacey. When the cartoon is ready for release, the story will it is based on will be posted here!

Sorry, but I can't give anymore away than that at the moment, but you could always peruse the archive to see where Sara and Boris left off, and if you visit Knave's blog at, and click on April 2010, you'll see sketches of the three characters.

As a nod to those of you that will be traveling by air this holiday season, I've posted a short story I wrote a few weeks ago while I was on vacation. I hope you enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas!


Security Check

Martin stood with his arms folded and leaned against the wall as the long line of travelers slowly snaked their way passed him. He had two hours left in his shift and he was feeling bored. He clicked his pen in his hand as he counted the passengers, ticking them off one by one. Ten, Fifteen, Twenty. A family of four with two little girls paused in front of him as the parents struggled to keep track of their luggage while their children tried to squirm free of their parent's grasp to go investigate the toy store they'd just passed in the terminal.

Martin had worked in airport security for 18 years, and 7 of those years had been with the TSA. It wasn't a bad job - considering the economy, he knew he should be happy having a job at all. The pay was decent enough, and despite the occasional 'tough customer', he enjoyed working with people. The problem was with how the TSA operated. Every six months a new directive was being issued that would change their protocol and he would end up spending three days in pointless trainings and certifications.

The most recent change was the new body scanners. The airport had just finished installing four of the devices, just in time for the holidays. The scanners were top of the line, capable of penetrating through a person's clothing and generating a full body image in seconds. Martin had watched a news report on TV that showed passengers complaining about the new procedures and promising to avoid traveling by air, but luckily he hadn't encountered any of them at his job - though some people may have grumbled when they were pulled out of line, but most people went through the scanners without incident and were sent on their way.

There were of course some people who refused to use the new scanners. It was never clear to Martin why, especially since refusal of the scanner meant a full body pat down. They were becoming the worst part of his job. The search required a full contact, police style frisking that left no room for modesty. It was an extremely difficult and embarrassing situation at best and it was his job - but that didn't mean he had to like it.

Earlier that morning Martin had to preform a full body pat down to an overweight 50-year-old insurance salesman from Chicago who refused to be put through the new body scanners. It hadn't been pretty. The encounter left both men embarrassed and set Martin off in a sour mood for the remainder of the day.

Martin watched the clock and counted the minutes until his shift was over. He still had another hour, but at least the end was in sight. He started counting passengers again, but gave it up when he couldn't remember where he'd left off from earlier and simply watched the line crawl past him.

A dozen feet in front of him another TSA agent was directing travelers through the metal detectors. Occasionally she would pull a person from the line and send them through to the full body scanner. Martin counted - about one person out of every twenty passengers were selected.

He continued to watch for a bit longer until his attention shifted elsewhere and he lost track. When he looked again he saw an attractive young couple enter the line and put their carry-on baggage on the conveyor belt. They both looked like they were in their early 20's. The woman was tall and fair skinned, with shoulder-length brunette hair. She was wearing a tight black skirt and a white cardigan. Behind her, her boyfriend was pulling his shoes off and placing them on the conveyor belt with the rest of their things. He was a handsome youth, standing several inches above his female companion, dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.

As they approached the metal detector, one of the TSA agents pointed at the man and waved him off the line. Martin began walking toward them, but was still too far away to hear the exchange.

"Sir, please step out of line. You have been randomly selected for enhanced screening." The TSA officer was explaining as Martin got closer.

"I told you already, I'm not going through that. I am happy to go through the regular detector." The young man replied firmly. His girlfriend looked worried as the other people in line started to stare at them.

"Listen sweetie, I'll go." She said in effort to appease both of them.

"No you're not." The man replied sharply.

The TSA officer seemed to sympathize with the young woman. "I'm sorry sir, but once someone is chosen, they must submit to the search. Please stand aside." Then as if an after thought, the officer turned back to the woman and said, "Ma'am, you can step on through and collect your baggage."

The woman looked at her partner for a few seconds, unsure what to do.

"Please go through ma'am." The officer repeated as she ushered the young man toward the full body scanner.

"I'm not going through that thing." He repeated as they walked.

The female TSA agent remained calm and nodded. "That's fine sir, then you will have to go through a full body pat down."

The young man huffed. "Christ, whatever . . ."

"Please wait hear." The agent said as she turned away and walked toward Martin. "We've got another tough customer requesting a pat down. He's all yours." She said with a smirk.

Martin grimaced as he walked up to the young man and directed him to follow Martin back to the private screening area. By now his girlfriend had passed through security and was waiting with the rest of their bags at the outside of the security check point, watching the two of them as they disappeared behind an 8 foot tall screen. From the inside, the area looked like an office cubical, except for the missing desk and rolling chair.

Martin directed the young man to stand tall and lift his arms to form a 'T'. He grumbled under his breath, but reluctantly did as he was told. "This is just ridiculous, all those people out there and you picked me."

Martin rolled his eyes as he frisked the young man's arms and torso. It was hardly necessary - the snug fitting t-shirt clung close to his body, revealing every bump and ridge of his muscular chest and abdomen, but Martin followed protocol and checked anyhow.

"I realize this is your job, but really, do you think I look like a terrorist?" The young man continued.

Martin shook his head. This kid was really starting to annoy him. He shook his head again. "No, sir." Martin said without further comment as he proceeded to pat down the back and sides of his legs. They felt skinny, and yet they had muscle tone.

"Widen your stance sir so that your feet are 18 inches apart." Martin instructed.

The young man looked at him skeptically and hesitated. Martin rolled his eyes. "Please sir, the sooner you comply, the sooner we'll be finished."

The young buck scowled at him for another moment before he did as he was told and widened his stance. Martin nodded curtly and knelt down and checked around his ankles.

"Seriously, you guys keep inventing new reasons to justify your jobs."

Martin grit his teeth.

"I mean, I get that, but why do you have to infringe on other people's civil liberties? Why can't you get a real job?"

Martin's jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed.

"What's wrong with you people? You like feeling up old people in wheelchairs and kids?"

The young man went on and on as Martin's hands traced along the inseam of his jeans. Martin was fuming with anger, and the more this kid yapped, the angrier he felt himself get.

"I hope you realize that you're actually performing an unlawful search right now. I know we're supposed to pretend that because you have a badge, it's OK for you to grab my junk, but if you didn't work for the government, I'd have you arrested for-" Suddenly his words cut out as Martin's hand shot up into his groin and closed around the soft jean bulge.

"Hey, what the hell man? Let go!" The young man yelled into the TSA agent's face as Martin squeezed the contents of his jeans.

On the outside, Martin kept his composure, but on the inside his blood was boiling. Martin grit his teeth and tightened his grip until the younger man squeaked.

"I'll ask that you keep your voice down sir and let me do my JOB."
Martin punctuated his sentence with another firm squeeze.

The young man covered his mouth and coughed. "Ugh, fuck."

Martin ignored him and continued to squeeze the contents of the young man's prominent bulge. "Now what do we have here?"

"Are you kidding? Dude, those are my nuts." The young man replied angrily.

"Is that so?" Martin asked as he sunk his fingers deeper into the youth's tender gonads. "I'm a little surprised. I'd of though a smart, good looking guy like yourself would have enough sense to show some respect to a man who's got you by the balls."

The young man nodded his head. His face was flush, but he no longer looked angry so much as he looked scared. "Yes sir, you're right. I'm sorry."

Martin allowed the muscles in his face slacken and he gave the young man a nod. "Alright." It wasn't much of an acknowledgement, but the young man sounded sincere. "Now that we've got that sorted, I'm going to ask you to remove your pants."

"Excuse me?" He looked back incredulously at Martin, but the TSA stared back at him.

"Your pants, take them off." Martin replied flatly.

The younger man continued to stare back at him. Though the sounds of the airport filtered above the divide, no one had come int to check on them. They were completely alone.

"Why do you want me to take my pants off?" The young man insisted.

Martin's jaw tightened. "TSA regulations stipulate that we can require individuals to remove loose or concealing clothing. I am within my rights, now strip."

"I want to talk to your supervisor." The young man replied.

"Fine sir, I will get him right after you comply and lower your pants." Martin shot back and gave his junk another squeeze.

The young man shook his head and angrily worked the buckle of his belt. When it was free, he unclasped his jeans and let them fall down around his ankles, revealing a tightly-packed pair of white boxer briefs. He stared back at Martin defiantly, every bump and curve of his manhood was visible through the soft cotton fabric.

"See, no God damn weapons, or drugs, or anything. It's all me down there." The young man said. His eyes were smoldering.

Martin's face was expressionless. He simply walked up to the young stud and rammed his knee into the young man's soft bulge. The boy cringed and bent forward. "Fuck, what the hell man?" He croaked.

Martin lifted the boy up by his shoulders and sunk his knee into the boy's juicy nuggets once more. "What'd I say to you earlier about respect, BOY?"

The young man was unable to respond and felt himself begin to gag as the taste of bile entered his mouth.

Martin kneed the young man in the crotch again, crunching his nuts up against his body. He double over and teetered on his toes as Martin held his knee in place, drawing out the agony as he continued to grind the poor boy's balls against his pelvis . When he could stand no more, the young man let out a miserable moan and collapsed on the ground, cupping his crotch.

Martin grinned as he stood over the young man's twitching body. "The next time you pass through airport security, you remember what I said about respect. After all, we are here to serve and protect you."

The young man's only response was a loud groan.

"I'm going to go get my supervisor now, so make yourself comfortable, it may take a while." Martin walked back out into the public screening area and checked his watch. Ten minutes left in his shift. He paused and looked back at the screening room and shrugged his shoulders. Someone else could finish dealing with the problem passenger - he was done. Martin nodded as he past the young woman standing at the edge of security and kept going, whistling as he went.

The end.

- And here's our young stud. -

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Survival of the Fittest

*** Warning, this story contains extreme ball busting.***

Sorry for lack of stories around here lately. At the moment I am working on several projects and will post them as soon as I can. The story below is the product of a collaboration with Nicholas, a great friend and fellow BB author. Enjoy!


The door chimed, and the titanium elevator door opened. The five virtually naked men, all in black silk boxers and all with throbbing hard-ons stepped out in the hallway. Before them stood a tall, sleek, beautiful woman in a lab coat and her hair in a tight bun. She had on glasses, but they only accentuated her emerald eyes.

She appraised all five of them with an arched brow, then lifted her clipboard and made some notes. Finally she spoke.

“My name is Leisha, and I’ll be your docent today. Follow me, boys.” She pivoted in her high heels, and walked down the hallway. They all watched as her tight ass wiggled in her clinical mini-skirt. Hugh could swear he saw the lip of her bush, and his rock hard dick started to leak. As she walked, she talked, speaking in a slightly bored and condescending tone. After all, these men where here because they had good genes, not because of their scintillating personalities.

“The government has been running this program for nearly a hundred years now since the end of the last world war in 2075. As you all know, the war was started by two idiot males who got in a pissing contest and ended up blowing up half the continent, and we are still living with the consequences of that war today. Their stupid display of alpha-male one-upmanship left us a country pocked with radioactive fallout and a poisoned water supply."

"In only a few short decades the female birthrate has dropped virtually to zero, while the male population has skyrocketed. Scientists are hard at work trying to determine the cause of the epidemic, but if steps are not taken now humans may die out within two generations. This program is a stop-gap measure to ensure that doesn't happen, and every fertile female must have as many children as possible. Which brings us to . . . this door,” she stopped, then opened it and motioned for them to go through the door, “. . .and you.” Luke was lucky enough to brush Leisha’s tits as he walked by, and his boner quivered. He couldn’t help himself. He spun around and looked at Leisha seductively.

"How about you and I go find a quiet corner and I help you get started making some babies of your own."

A broad smile spread across Leisha's face and she stepped tentatively forward. "Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer."

The rest of the men just watched – astonished at Luke’s boldness and curious as to Leisha’s response. Leisha wrapped her elegant arm around the blond stud's waist and pulled him close. Luke beamed with excitement and his cock throbbed with anticipation. He stared at Leisha's luscious dick-hungry lips. He leaned in. Standing so close, Leisha couldn't help but notice the heavy scent of musk rolling off of Luke's body, a truly heady mix of sweat and testosterone. She made a mental note to have him sanitized before getting anywhere near the copulatory chamber.

Just as Luke was in kissing range, Leisha grabbed his shoulders and jammed her knee with lightening speed, sinking into his groin with a hollow THUD. Luke's eyes went wide with shock and he swayed on his feet before doubling over and grabbing his nuts.

“Does that answer your question, Lover Boy?” She watched him bend over in pain. He coughed.

Leisha gave Luke a quick look of scorn and pushed past him, ignoring the smirks from the other men – she enjoyed taking men down a peg. Gritting his teeth against the pain, Luke straightened up, forced his body to relax and acted as if nothing had happened. This was no time to look weak.

The room they were in was large and circular, the floor was covered in pristine white tile and the walls were bare, except for a long 12 foot wide mirror that was positioned on the far side. The room was warm, almost humid, but it still had a clinical, impersonal feeling to it, which made Anton shiver. Lisa had the five men line up, side by side, and she was pleased to see each pair of black boxers was pitching a tent. Big tents.

"The five of you have been chosen to be potential breeders with the woman who is watching us behind this two-way mirror. You have all passed through the pre-requisite genetic and behavior testing. However, due to the severe shortage of reproductively competent individuals, a final test remains that will determine which of you is the most fit to procreate. This will be assessed through physical combat."

The men looked at each other wearily. Most people just dismissed the rumors about the breeding program being vicious and cruel. Apparently the rumors were right.

Leisha adjusted her glasses and continued. "You will be fighting in pairs. The last man standing, wins. There are only two ways to lose. Either you submit, or your injuries leave you unable to successfully impregnate the pretty young thing on the opposite side of the glass, understood?"

The four out of the five males looked at each other and then nodded. TJ raised his muscular hand instead. "So I can kick one of these crackah’s in the nuts a few times and move up to the next round?"

"Well, yes, if that's all it takes." Leisha smiled thinly. "Hitting your opponent below the belt is not only permitted, it's encouraged!" Murmurs rippled through the group. "Winning will get you a one way ticket to plow our fertile female. Keep in mind that you will only have one chance to get your nut off boys, before your nuts come off. Once you've spent your seed and the pregnancy has been confirmed, you will be de-balled and sent packing."

Several of the men looked confused. Before signing up for the program they had been warned that after successful mating, male subjects would be sterilized, but no one mentioned they'd lose their gonads in the process. The loss of your manhood in a male dominated society was no small sacrifice. It would mean decades of hormone supplement and lead other men to look down on them. Nonetheless, they all seemed eager to do their duty. After all - getting to fuck a real woman was the chance of a lifetime. Most of them had never seen a real one naked and their knowledge of female anatomy was limited to decades old pictures and vids. They were itching to get their hands on the real thing.

Leisha briefly assessed them, her piercing green eyes traveling up and down their muscular bodies. Each of them was incredibly fit: clear, smooth skin, toned muscles and a sort of sexy pliability which radiated from them. From reading their files, Leisha knew they were also all very well endowed, had no genetic weaknesses and were exceptionally virile – thus insuring their sperm would take in just one application.

Hidden in the adjoining room, another woman inspected the group of men. She was slight, with a medium build and shoulder length sandalwood brown hair, and deep, dark brown eyes. She wore a long white robe opened at the front, the soft silky material hugged close to her fertile body.

Alia scanned through each man's file, matching up the faces to the names and trying to learn more about her potential breeding partners. She'd already spent the morning reading through their dossiers and had yet to settle on a favorite.

There was Hugh, a fit white guy with a strong jaw and raven black hair. He was the oldest out of the bunch, already in his late 20's, with broad shoulders, and narrow waist and what appeared to be a sexy bubble-butt. Coming from one of the big cities, he was an aggressive ex-professional athlete turned phys-ed teacher. Hugh had learned early on that the only way to make it in life and to win was to be the best. To him it was simple, four other sets of testicles stood between him and victory, and he was more than ready to bust those nuts so he could bust his own inside the luscious cavity of the woman on the other side of that mirror. He couldn’t’ wait to drop his drawers and get going.

Next was Anton, a sexy young guy with a swimmer’s build, mussy brown hair and innocent blue eyes. His family had pressured him into joining the program and wanted him to produce a son and namesake. Eventually he agreed for the sake of his family, knowing full well his nuts might be destroyed even if he succeeded in the program. At the moment he was torn between his eagerness to be with a woman, and the fear of losing his manhood. After all, in a world dominated by men what else could be more important?

But in his heart, Anton was a classic romantic, tragically born in the wrong century. Even as a boy, he'd shied away from the guts and glory of modern culture. None of that had any appeal. What Anton truly desired was a family. He never told anyone, but when he slept, he'd often dream about having a wife, and living in a house filled with children. He'd seen stories like that on old vids, but of course, that was impossible now. All that was left to him was the chance to pass on his genes to a child he may never meet in a government regulated breeding program. It was hardly the stuff of a romance novel, but romance was no longer a factor when it came to survival.

Beside Anton was Luke, a tough looking muscular blond, prone to street fighting. He radiated health and virility. He'd been in enough brawls to know that fighting dirty was the surest way to win. That sort of mentality had resulted in busting and being busted dozens of times, but he'd never lost a match and had no doubts that his fat, cast-iron nuts would outlast any of them, nor that his rock hard fist would crack theirs. It'd only be a matter of time before he was declared the winner and ramming his lodge-pole into that tight virgin pussy.

Not to be outdone was TJ, an athletic chocolate brown stud whose body had already begun to sweat in the high heat and humidity. He could feel his balls churn with excitement, and wanted to get to the fighting as quickly as possible. Of course he wanted to plow the chick in the next room, but at the moment, he was looking forward to crushing the other guys' nuts much, much more. For those who knew him, TJ had built up a reputation for himself as 'The Nutcracker'. It was based on his signature move in which he'd finish off his opponent by going after their testicles. He’d already kneed a dozen guys in the groin until their balls exploded, and he’d actually pulled off the scrotum of some asshole farmer in a bar fight once. He wouldn't hesitate to do it again. TJ's fingers were twitched as if they were already wrapped around one of these white guy’s balls, squeezing the life out of them.

Last, but not least, there was Wade, a lean muscular Asian guy, shorter than the rest, with tough, wiry muscles, super smooth skin, and a determined look in his eyes. He was here because it was his duty. All Asian men were expected to sire offspring. He was no exception. He knew that he’d be nutted today, but his honor and indeed his entire life had been training for this moment. Years of karate, judo, kick boxing, all culminating in this one event – a fight for a winner-takes-all ball busting competition. He stood still and stared straight ahead, focused and ready for anything.

"Now," Leisha said with hint of excitement in her voice, "let's have a look at your wedding tackle. Strip!” She smiled as she watched the boys pull down their underwear over their bobbing erections. She always marveled at how, even in the face of destruction, men could get a raging erections. Their jutting penises pulsed with excitement, and their naked balls hung free. She was pleased to see they were all endowed with above average packages, even the Asian was sporting a decent sized member and a pair of juicy plums packed in a tight, hairless scrotum. Now, it was time to start separating them men from the eunuchs.

Leisha pressed a button on the wall near her, and a humming sound filled the room. The central floor opened like an oculous and a fighting pit appeared in front of them, laying right below the two way mirror. “As I call your names, you will take turns fighting each other in this pit. Should any of you try to escape beyond it’s bounds, you are immediately disqualified. And,” she held up a metallic rod with a vicious looking tip, “I will electrocute your balls until they’re roasted chestnuts.” She sparked the tip for just a second, lighting the room with coruscating blue electricity.

Several of the males shifted nervously and shielded their hands over their crotch.

"Remember the rules, the fight isn't over until one of you submits or your nuts are cracked." Leisha smiled and glanced down at her clip board. "Ok, first up is . . . Hugh and Wade! Let’s see those balls burst!” The two men looked at each other gravely, and stepped down into the pit. The area was only eight feet in diameter. Not really big enough to tumble or evade and too big to simply grapple. It was definitely a challenge. Hugh, the bulkier of the two just spread his feet apart and hunkered down, positioning his body so that his nuts were an easy target but also a lure. Wade took a martial stance, one foot before the other, his arms ready to deliver lighting fast blows – he looked much like that ancient film star, Bruce Lee. They were waiting, tense, neither daring to make the first move.

On the other side of the window, Alia spread herself out on the plush mattress of a large divan. She was naked and her legs were spread, but the elevated heat and humidity of the room helped keep her comfortable. She licked her lips with anticipation as she watched the first two combatants step down into the ring. Her eyes darted over their immaculate muscular bodies, down to their swaying members, then up to their handsome faces and back down. She dipped her hand into her silky snatch and began to rub herself, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body.

With a sudden "kai" yell, Wade made the obvious move to kick at Hugh’s crotch, Hugh was ready for it, and tried to seize the leg speeding towards him, but the kick was only a ruse. Wade twisted around the other way and made a high spinning kick to Hugh’s vulnerable head. Wade’s foot struck the side of Hugh’s temple with a deep cracking sound, and Hugh let out a moan, his hands migrating from the crotch they had sought to defend to his head. Wade followed this success with a side kick to Hugh’s torso and then solid foot to his chest. Hug fell over backwards, leaving himself apparently vulnerable. Wade stepped towards the prone man to finish him off. He tried to do a jump-kick to Hugh’s jewels, only to find him . . . not there. Hugh had rolled to the side and as Wade landed, Hugh made a calculated kick with his right foot – directly at Wade’s kneecap. Knees are the most unstable joint on the human body, and after years of being an athlete and phys-ed instructor, Hugh was well aware of this.

Wade’s left leg buckled beneath him and he cried out. Hugh staggered to standing and he rushed the smaller man, making swift punches to the head and shoulders. He tried to pummel the Asian’s upper torso to submission. Wade fell over on his right side, his nose bloody, and his body bruised. His left leg wouldn’t support him. The best he could do now was try to grapple his opponent.

Hugh was so busy trying to punch the little guy that he didn’t realize Wade was repositioning himself. Wade rolled onto his bad side, leaving his good left leg free to strike. Hugh was over him trying to punch his face, and Wade took his shot. His right leg smashed up between the brunette’s legs and hit home, temporarily squishing Hugh’s two dangling testicles flat. The brunette gasped and stumbled back. But Wade wasn’t really able to follow up the success as he could barely move. Hugh’s face suffused with blood, hate and anger flushing it with passion. He was going to turn this Asian’s walnuts into goo!

Wade kept his right leg coiled to defend himself but he knew he was close to loosing. Hugh rushed him, and avoided Wade’s defensive strike. Hugh swooped down to grab the ankle of the injured leg and wrenched the thing in its socket. Wade gave a shrill scream. As he dry heaved in pain, Wade knew he was finished. Hugh lifted the useless leg, kicked away the other one and drove his foot into the distraught Asian stud's crotch. Over and over, he slammed his naked toes into Wade's exposed balls as hard as he could. It had never occurred to him to count how many kicks it would take to get to the center of a man’s balls, but now he did. Ten, fifteen, thirty. Wade was past helping himself, and was just drooling, his eyes rolling in their sockets. Thirty five. His balls were swollen and mushy, and they looked like a pair of bruised cumquats, yet his dick defiantly remained hard. With one great heave, Hugh rammed his foot into the twin berries, and they exploded with a wet SPLAT. Then, to add insult to injury, he stomped down on Wade’s six inch penis, resulting in a satisfying crack as the penis broke in two. Hugh dumped the twitching leg, and hobbled over to the ring’s edge.

Leisha nodded with satisfaction, and pointed for him to return to the line-up. She seemed merely amused by the fight, but behind the window, it was another matter. Alia was masturbating herself furiously, one hand massaging her left tit, the other inside herself, glistening with dew. She’d watched the destruction of the Asian’s balls with relish. It'd been for the best - his nuts and modest sized dick weren't nearly as impressive as his opponent's. Alia laid back and sighed with pleasure, remembering the sound that Wade's nuts made under Hugh's heel, suddenly she threw her head back and moaned as her body was wracked with a second orgasm.

Hugh was huffing from the fight, Anton was fidgeting, afraid he’d be next, Luke was flexing and clenching his jaw and TJ was grinning, his large white teeth shining against his cocoa skin – somehow he had a feeling he was going to be called next.

Two large orderlies filed in through the door. Both were wearing pristine white uniforms, their expressionless faces showed nothing as they climbed down into the arena, picked Wade and hauled him away.

“TJ and Luke! Get down into that ring.” TJ’s grin became wider as his gaze settled on Luke's swinging basket. The white boy's nuts looked fat and firm - it was going to be a real treat to bust them.

They hopped down into the ring, and began to circle each other, neither afraid and both eager. Their hard-ons bounced and their nuts jiggled from side to side as they paced and circled. Then, TJ made his move.

Being taller than Luke, he rushed the blond and with his longer reach grappled his opponent’s shoulders, and threw him to the floor. Luke just rolled with the momentum and sprang back to his feet. This black dude would have to do better than that.

They circled again. Each keeping their groins out of reach of the other. Then – a flurry of fists and elbows. At the same time they engaged each other like boxers, trying to break the other’s nose and crack his ribs. This brought them close to one another. Each could smell the sexy musk of the other as they wove and ducked, punched and blocked. TJ was the first to disengage, and he did so by grabbing a fist aimed for his head and then pulled on it. Luke was jerked forwards. Then TJ grabbed the blond’s shoulder with one hand, grabbed the man’s dick with the other and lifted Luke's body into the air before he slammed him back down on his back. TJ followed up by viciously twisted and wrenched the blond boy's meat stick.

Luke was totally dazed after having the wind knocked out of his lungs, and unable to fight back as TJ used his big hands to pin the white boy to the floor. TJ knelt between Luke’s legs and jammed his thigh into the white guy’s big, bulging scrotum. Luke coughed in pain. TJ took his time, and leisurely mashed Luke's balls.

Luke struggled to break free as TJ pumped his knee into those two big, fat juicy nuts. He moaned, lamenting for his sore and swelling testicles, but was unable to break free. TJ’s arms were like bands of steel, and the freight train knee slamming into his balls didn’t help any. Then, when all things seemed hopeless, Luke jerked his head straight up and butted his forehead into TJ’s face, breaking his nose. TJ groaned and his grip relaxed. Luke brought his legs up and kicked TJ in the stomach, pushing him back to the edge of the ring. Bloody, bruised, balls bloated, but still kicking, Luke rose to standing. TJ was holding his face, his legs spread wide. An open invitation. Time to move.

Luke didn’t wait, he rushed forward and kicked this big black dude between the legs as hard as he could. He could feel the vulnerable organs flatten under his foot and squish between his toes. TJ may have been bigger and stronger, but that didn't make his nuts any tougher. Luke kicked those puny suckers repeatedly and watched for signs of retaliation. On his seventh kick TJ’s hands stopped his foot in mid kick. With brute strength, TJ held onto Luke’s leg and twisted it, toppling the blond to one side. TJ growled. It was going to take more than a few kicks to his nads from this little white punk to put him in the grave.

He fell on Luke and began to rain blows down upon him, slamming his fist into any patch of open skin. Bruises were springing up all over Luke’s chest, and his skin was blistering.

“I’m gonna kill you suckah! Make mashed sweet potatoes out of those spuds of yours”. TJ was trying to get Luke to open his legs and expose himself. Before that could happen, though, Luke caught the two wrists trying to punch him and suddenly the game became one of pure strength. Each one pushed, trying to force the other away. With a massive heave, Luke pushed TJ not only off him, but out of the ring entirely. TJ scrambled back to his feet, standing up on the lip of the pit, planning his next strategy, when a blue arc of lightning struck his nuts as Leisha zapped them from between the back of his legs. TJ’s face made a big “O” and he fell forward back into the pit. His big black balls had just been fried.

“Fuck woman!” he screamed.

Luke took the opening and did a roundhouse kick into TJ’s head. TJ toppled over. The end was close. Luke stomped hard on several protruding body parts until TJ seemed a bit more subdued. He spread the big black stud’s legs, let the big floppy balls drop onto the floor and then just stomped them into putty. He rammed his foot on those ebony eggs until they gave way. It was like bursting cherries on a warm afternoon. When his nuts finally gave way, TJ sat up and screamed before collapsing. Luke was sweating, but still whole, and ready to win. He limped back up to the line, nursing his nuts.

Leisha seemed more excited this time. “Good job.” She jumped down into the ring and knelt beside TJ’s muscular frame. She reached over and felt the squishy remnants of his manhood. “Hmm, nice work Luke - it looks like you took TJ's two walnuts and left him with a sac of peanut butter." Leish got back up. “Well, well, well. Two down, two to go.” She returned to her place and waited for the two orderlies to reappear and haul off TJ. “I’m sure our client is enjoying this. That was quite a fight.”

And indeed, Alia was enjoying it. She’d been imagining that the black guy would win the tournament, and have his huge shlong fucking her, spurting its seed into her, but she was surprised to find it equally thrilling to see his nuts turned to mush. Alia’s juice was flowing so heavily, it was now dripping onto the floor.

“Next up will be . . . Hugh and Luke. Mmm. Let’s see if you can both keep-it-up.” Leisha was looking pointedly at their two swaying dicks. Still hard, despite the suffering inflicted so far, and they still seemed eager to fight. Anton on the other hand was just fidgeting nervously. He hadn't fought yet, and the anticipation was killing him.

Hugh and Luke, both bloodied, stepped down into the ring. Behind the mirror, furious masturbation was ensuing. Alia was going to try and time her next explosion with the bursting of another pair of nuts. Her hands were dripping and she was basting herself with her own juices.

Luke smiled at Hugh with bravado, showing he wasn’t afraid of a lightweight phys-ed teacher. He’d squashed smaller guys in dozens of bar fights, no problem. Hugh meanwhile was psyching himself up for another round. He was dancing in place, putting on his game face, and ready to do business. Both men’s members were swaying and their balls, both about evenly swollen, were dangling, just out of reach - a tantalizing prize for both of them.

All of a sudden, Luke just rushed and grappled Hugh, pulling him to the floor. He didn’t go for the balls, instead wrestling with the brunette for a firm grip. The two naked men writhed together, each maneuvering for good handholds on the other, pushing, pulling, pinning. Their two sweaty bodies were sliding all over each other and the floor. Luke managed to get Hugh into a head lock, and sure enough, Hugh’s soft, tenderized balls were nestled right up against Luke’s thigh. He ground that thigh as hard as he could. Gonads were made to be squished, hanging outside the body like that. Just as he had countless times before, Luke was using that weakness to his advantage.

Hugh made a gurgling sound in the back of his throat, both from the lack of oxygen going to his brain, and the pressure on his nuts. What could he do? He stopped scrabbling to remove the tight arms around his neck and instead groped around for his opponent’s junk. He found Luke’s massive rock hard dick and began to bend it backward. Hugh was in trouble. His airway was completely blocked off and his face was almost purple. He had to break free from Luke's grip or he was finished. With all his might he twisted and squeezed Luke's dick until, CRACK.

Luke let out a scream that could be heard a mile away when his dick snapped. Half way up it's length there was a kink in the shaft and a growing bruise. His grip on Hugh slackened. With a heave and grunt Hugh pushed his opponent off. Luke just rolled around, holding his penis, and Hugh took a moment to regain his breath. His throat hurt like a motherfucker. But there was no time to waste.

Swiftly he shoved Luke over and scissored his leg’s open, lifting one of Luke’s legs on his shoulder. Luke's eyes widened in terror and desperately fought to protect his manhood as Hugh wrestled Luke's balls from his cradling hands. With one powerful jerk, he yanked down on his testicles and slammed his fist into Luke's twin orbs.

Hugh grit his teeth, looking determined. He was going to pound those big suckers into mush. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Hugh tried to make his two fists connect, to make nut butter between them. SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. The two meaty jewels were really swelling now, and Luke was howling. His penis was one massive bruise and his gonads were being pounded into hamburger - but Hugh had him pinned and there was nothing he could do about it.

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. After dozens of hits, Luke's testicles were swollen to the size of softballs, and already getting soft and mushy. Luke shook his head, delirious with pain. "Ok, ok, no more - please, stop . . . " he groaned, "I give up." Luke's voice was a ragged whisper. Hugh looked up at his opponent and smirked. He saw the terror in the younger hunks eyes and smiled, pulling his right arm back as far as he could, gave one last smashing fist into doomed gonads, and when they went, the sound they made was a sicking, wet SPLAT.

Luke's scrotum went slack and his once proud family jewels were nothing more than soup-in-a-sack. Luke coughed and choked as the taste of bile entered his mouth and he leaned over to vomit. Hugh winced as he was sprayed with several drops of his opponent's puke and watched the ruined blond stud's eyes roll back in to his head and pass out. Hugh let the leg fall off his shoulder and fell back, exhausted. He just lay there while two orderlies dragged Luke’s bulk away.

“Get up, meatbag,” said Leisha sternly. “Don’t make me zap those bloated balls of yours.” Hugh dragged himself to his feet, and shuffled back in line. "That was quite an impressive display," said Leisha addressing the two remaining studs. "but I'll remind you that forcing your opponent’s concession is good enough to disqualify him and allow you to progress."

Hugh shrugged his shoulders. "I know, but I always finish what I start." He gave Anton a fierce glare. Anton swallowed hard.

Leisha chuckled. "Yes, we've seen that you do.” Now she turned serious, “There will be a brief delay while the arena is cleaned. The final round will commence in ten minutes."

Hugh cradled his sore testicles in his hand and made his way back toward the door they'd entered the room through and eased himself down onto a narrow metallic bench. When he noticed Anton was watching him, Hugh shot back a confident stare. His muscles were sore and his testicles ached, but none of that concerned him. One look at his opponent now confirmed what he'd already guessed. The fear in Anton's eyes was impossible to miss. Hugh noted the younger man's muscular arms, toned chest, and his monster cock that hung limp between his legs. The thing was huge - a foot if it was an inch.

Hugh felt a pang of envy, but he told himself it wouldn't matter, Anton was never going to get a chance to use it - he was going to crack those virgin balls and claim the ultimate prize.

Across the room a shiver ran down Anton's spine. He didn't like the way Hugh was staring at him and he turned away to watch the two orderlies as they re-appeared with cleaning supplies and proceeded to scrub down the floor of the fighting pit. Anton sighed and wished anew that he hadn't agreed to apply for breeding program. Having seen first hand the type of men that took part, it was obvious that he was not like any of them, and the brutality of the fights were unnerving. The first three rounds had proven Hugh to be the superior fighter, but the truth was that all the combatants had shown to be more skilled than Anton. It'd been sheer luck that he'd gone this long without being eliminated, but now that luck had run out.

When the orderlies were finished and the fighting area sanitized, Leisha stood before the two combatants. "This is the final match, so make it good. Once the winner is decided, he will be taken from this room and prepped for your audience with the young woman watching." Leisha nodded toward the long mirror on the opposite side of the room.

Hugh grinned and winked at his reflection. He wondered what the woman behind the glass looked like. Would she be as attractive as their docent, or even hotter? Leisha was gorgeous but so . . . controlled. Hugh smiled to himself as he eyed the tall, clinical brunette. She probably lets loose in bed, he thought to himself. Yeah, definitely a screamer.

Meanwhile, Alia (who’d cum again just as Hugh had let loose the last punch to Luke’s nuts) was almost close to screaming herself. It was ironic that she knew how to please herself so much better than any of these males ever would, but breeding was a serious responsibility. She didn’t have any more choice than they did. Still, she might as well get as much pleasure out of it as she could. It was meager compensation for nine months of pregnancy and hours of being in labor.

"Step down and wait for my mark." Leisha instructed and waited as Hugh confidently swaggered back down into the pit, with Anton following close behind. The two men stared at each other, sizing one another up, looking for weaknesses to exploit.

On Leisha's signal, the fight began as the two men vaulted toward one another. Anton seemed to be taken off guard, allowing Hugh to wrap one of his arms around Anton's head and right shoulder. Anton struggled to break free of the headlock, as Hugh tightened his grip and pulled back. The move forced Anton to lean back and widen his stance, his big horse-dong swung wildly between his legs as he fought keep his feet. Seeing his opening, Hugh suddenly let go and swung his foot up into Anton's crotch. Anton croaked, stunned by the surprise strike and the wave of pain that flooded his entire body. He tried to protect himself, but he moved too slow, giving Hugh the chance to launch another vicious kick up into his valuables.

Hugh grinned as Anton doubled over and sunk to his knees, his hands covering his balls. Hugh sauntered around the small arena dripping with confidence. Even with that big meat-pole in the way, he'd managed to drop his opponent 15 seconds into the match, and Anton didn't appear to have much fight left in him. He was groaning, still holding his junk, his face was a mask of pain. If circumstances had been different, Hugh would have preferred to take his time finishing Anton off, enjoying the complete destruction of the boy’s family jewels, but now was the time to settle for a quick and easy victory. After all, he real prize awaited just in the next room behind the long tinted mirror.

Hugh circled the downed stud, readying himself for another attack. When he was ready, he charged from behind and buried his foot between Anton's ass cheeks, the tips of his toes connected with the backside of Anton's scrotum. Anton whimpered and fell onto the floor.

Hugh chuckled and bent down over his fallen foe. His eyes were stone cold and focused, intent on winning this contest and snuffing out Anton's chances for fatherhood. He grappled with Anton, slowly prying his fingers away from his testicles until his own fingers were locked around the soft, fleshy orbs.

Anton screamed from the top of his lungs as Hugh closed his hands around his nutsac and dug his fingers into Anton's tender nuggets. With one last surge of energy charged by fear and desperation, Anton planted his foot into Hugh's left shin with a bone snapping CRUNCH. Hugh grunted in pain and staggered back in surprise. With the pressure on his nuts suddenly removed, Anton was free to send a second kick into Hugh's right knee-cap. More pain exploded into Hugh's body. Anton quickly followed up the attack and swept Hugh's legs out from under him, sending him crashing to the floor. Hugh's body twisted as he fell, slamming the back of his head on the edge of the arena wall on the way down. The downed hunk slumped to the floor and remained still, a tangle of muscled limbs.

Anton staggered to his feet and stared down at Hugh's unmoving body. He grabbed his shoulder and shook the comatose man, making sure he was out cold. Anton looked up at Leisha expectantly. "He's unconscious."

Leisha adjusted her glasses for a moment. "Yes, well done Mr. Antipov, unfortunately, the terms of the contest stipulate that you must force a concession from your opponent or unman him completely."

Anton frowned. "Surely that's not necessary. He’s out like a light."

A smirk played across the docent's face. "Sorry, those are the rules."

Anton huffed and looked sadly at his defeated opponent. He knew if their situations were reversed, Hugh wouldn't have had a moment's hesitation, and yet Anton was filled with regret. His gaze drifted down and settled on Hugh's nutsac and its twin baby-makers as they dangled invitingly between his spread legs. Anton wished there was another way to win, but he knew Hugh would never give up his claim. Realizing what must be done, Anton let out a sigh.

"What are you waiting for, do it. Finish him!" Leisha squealed with enthusiasm, dropping her air of detached professionalism. Just as on the opposite side of the one-way mirror Alia was giddy with excitement. She watched eagerly as Anton picked up Hugh's ankles and spread them apart, her fingers working furiously between her legs as his instep collided with Hugh's big swollen balls. A surge of pleasure coursed through her veins as his foot found its mark a second, third and fourth time. Again and again Hugh's gonads were pounded into his body. Alia felt herself getting taken away by the excitement, awash in ecstasy, her pleasured screams filled the chamber and overshadowed the loud 'PLUNK' Hugh's testicles were rammed home with Anton's final kick.

Anton's eyes went wide when he heard the sound and his face was ashen. He dropped Hugh's feet and took a step back. Leisha descended down into the pit, kneeling down beside Hugh and unceremoniously probed the contents of his scrotum without detecting a trace of either testicle. She made a note on her clip board, then stood back up and straightened her skirt. "Congratulations, it appears you are our winner."

"Thank you." Anton said robotically, not sure whether to feel pleased or sick. He followed Leisha out of the fighting arena and into the hall, leaving Hugh to the orderlies. Leisha led Anton into another room several hundred feet away from the chamber housing the arena. It was smaller than the one they'd just left, on one side, a shower head stuck out of the wall above a large drain in the floor. On the opposite side, there was a bench with clothing folded neatly in a pile. Leisha left the room while Anton washed the sweat and dirt off his body and put on the white robe that had been left for him. When she returned, she handed him a glass of water and a large white pill.

"What's this for?" Anton said as he took both from her.

"Just swallow it." Leisha replied curtly as she flipped through several pages of her clip board. Anton did as he was told, and washed the pill down in one gulp. Leisha nodded and took the glass from him. "It’s now time you met the future mother of your child. Follow me." Anton grinned. He liked the sound of that.

Anton stayed close behind as Leisha lead him further down the hall. When they reached their destination, he read the plaque on the door. Copulatory Chamber #3. Leisha touched the panel beside the door, causing it to open. Anton peered into the dimly lit room. The walls were bare and the only furniture was a large bed with a high canopy. Anton hesitated at the doorway for a moment - the room was empty.

"Go on," Leisha said reassuringly.

Anton stepped into the chamber as the door silently closed behind him. "Hello?" he said nervously. He heard the sound of satin sheets rustling as he approached the bed. A slender hand reached out from inside the bed and pulled back the curtains. A young woman lay before him, sprawled out on a mound of pillows. She was petite, no more than 85 pounds, thin limbed, yet she looked limber. She was also wearing a white robe, open at the front so that Anton could see her small, pert white breasts. She had shoulder length brown hair, a plain face, and warm brown eyes. She may have not been a supermodel, but to Anton's eyes, she was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen.

"I'm Alia." She said propping herself up on one of the larger pillows. Anton tried to speak, his mouth had gone dry and the muscles in his throat tightened. Alia smiled back at him and pushed open her robe, revealing her supple, naked form. Anton's mouth dropped open and his instincts took over as he devoured her with his eyes. Overcome with desires of lust, his long, throbbing-love rod grew to its full length, causing his robe to tent out.

Alia giggled and crawled to the edge of the bed to where Anton was standing and stared into his hazel eyes as she pealed his robe off of him. She held the gaze for several moments before moving on to explore rest of his body. Her fingertips grazed against his broad chest, skimming over the bumps of his rippled abdomen. Anton's dick quivered as her hand continued down and her fingers gently wrapped around his shaft.

"Oh my." Alia whispered as she watched a large drop of precum drip from the tip of his cock. Anton's cheeks turned red and he smiled bashfully. Alia stroked his penis a few times, sending waves of pleasure coursing through his body. Then she lifted it up and inspected his scrotum, caressing his heavy, cum-laden testicles between her fingers. Anton's cock twitched as he stared down at Alia as she slowly caressed his manhood. Anton tried to fight the urge bursting in his loins, but already his resistance had already begun to crumble, like a dam giving way to a storm surge.

Alia tightened her grip and squeezed Anton's plump balls, lifting the hung stud up onto his toes. Anton coughed and moaned as she mercilessly twisted and pulled on his bag until his urge to cum receded, only to be replaced by a deep, hollow ache in his nuts.

"That was close." Alia sighed as she loosened her grip on his junk and pulled him onto the bed with her. "Come on stud, let's get started before we have another unauthorized launch."


Meanwhile, in a darkened room several stories below, Leisha sat before a bank of monitors patched into the building's security system. She took a moment to scan the various feeds across the complex before punching in an access code into the terminal. In seconds a live camera feed from Alia and Anton's room flickered onto the screen. Leisha watched the two as they rolled around on the bed, their bodies grinding and limbs tangled in a passionate embrace. Leisha lingered for a few more seconds before switching over to a second feed. The frame panned across a bare room, with a desk and chair in one corner. In the center of the room sat what looked to be a gynecologist's chair, complete with stirrups and a leather harness. She watched as two orderlies carried Hugh into the room and lower him into the chair. They worked on the straps in silence, checking the strength of the bonds to make sure his limbs were securely fastened.

Leisha got up from the security desk and made her way to the examination room she'd just seen on the monitors. By the time she arrived the orderlies were gone and Hugh lifted his head to great her.

"Oh, it's you. What the hell's going on here?" Hugh barked as he pulled against his restraints.

Leisha smiled as she approached. "Hello Mr. Plummer, I'm glad to see you're awake." Hugh was still naked from head to toe. Soft, black hair that covered his legs and portions of his chest and arms, formed a thick forest of pubic hair over his genitals. Below his thick, proud penis rested limply over his deflated nutsac. "Although you failed to win the final match, I'd like to congratulate you for your many successes in the ring."

Hugh closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the back of the chair. "Yeah, thanks. It doesn't matter though, I still lost."

Leisha took a clipboard off of the desk next to him and glanced at the top sheet. "As you know, it's policy to have all volunteers examined by our medical staff before they are released."

"I know, I just spent the last 20 minutes getting poked and prodded!" Hugh snapped. "Why am I still here?"

Leisha smiled, returning the clipboard, and pulled on a pair of white examination gloves. Then she reached between Hugh's legs and grabbed his empty scrotum and rolled the loose, silky skin between her fingers. "It would appear that your testicles survived their encounter with Mr. Antipov. A scan of your abdominal cavity has confirmed what out doctors suspected. Your gonads are safe and sound, but at the moment, they're lodged up in your body.

Hugh's eyes when wide with shock and cleared his throat. "So . . . what now?" He asked hoarsely.

"Just sit tight and keep quiet." Leisha replied sternly as she placed her fingers just below his navel and pushed down. She repositioned her fingers a couple centimeters over and probed his abdomen again. Finding nothing, Leisha moved closer to the base of Hugh's penis, only this time when she pressed down, her fingers hit a plum-sized lump.

Hugh let out a throaty groan, confirming that she'd found what she was looking for.

"Got it." Leisha said confidently. She locked her fingers around the trapped orb and pressed down with her thumbs into Hugh's abdomen. Hugh groaned with pain as Leisha worked Hugh's testicle out from it's hiding place until, PLOP the missing gonad tumbled back down into his scrotum. When it landed, it hit Hugh like a ton of bricks, causing him to cough and choke. A moment later, his left testicle popped down as well and joined its twin.

Hugh threw his head back and let out a gurgling scream as his body was wracked with a hell storm of pain and nausea. Leisha ignored his cries and scooped up Hugh's bloated ballsac in the palm of her hand and squeezed its contents. His nuts were fat and swollen, but intact.

"Fuck." Hugh whispered, his face was twisted in a grimace. Leisha smiled back at him and grabbed his dick with her other hand. Before long, she felt it stiffen in response. Hugh moaned happily as Leisha worked his cock, pumping the long shaft with expert care, yet keeping a firm grip on his tender jewels. He was panting heavily, his body covered in sweat.

"Oh, fuck . . ." Hugh repeated, as Leisha increased her pace, her hand flying up and down his pole. His mouth dropped open and his body spasmed. "Fuck, I'm cumming . . ." Hugh groaned as his cock erupted with long jets of creamy white cum that flew through the air. Leisha aimed his penis down, saving her lab coat from being blasted, causing Hugh's spunk to settle in pools on the floor.

Hugh laid back in the chair in post-orgasmic bliss as Leisha continued to fondle his balls and milk his dick dry. A shiver ran down his spine as she rubbed the underside of the head with her thumb. The sensation was amazing - far better than anything he'd been able to achieve on his own - and Leisha was smoking hot, her ample breasts were practically pouring out of her lab coat. If Hugh had been free, he'd fucked every hole on that cold fish.

Leisha paused mid-stroke and gave Hugh's nuts another squeeze. "I think you're all empty now." She sounded like a naughty school girl. Hugh grit his teeth and grunted. "Yeah baby, but if you wait a little while, I'll be able to whip you up another batch in no time."

"There's no need for that. They're so much easier to pop when they're empty!" Leisha giggled. Hugh's eyes went wide with fear. What'd she just say? He tried to protest, but before he could get out a word Leisha gave his nuts hard jerk. Hugh coughed, his body already going into spasm as Leisha yanked down again with surprising strength, testing the limit of his ball cords.

Hugh groaned as Leisha turned her attention to squeezing his trapped, swollen orbs. Pulled down to the base of his scrotum, she pumped and kneaded Hugh's two meaty balls for several minutes. Securely fastened to his chair, Hugh was in agony and watched helplessly as Leisha worked to turn his manhood to mush.

This was Leisha's favorite part of her job, but thanks to Hugh's methodical behavior in the fighting pit, his were the only testicles she had the chance to wrap her hands around. Leisha sighed, feeling the warmth between her legs begin to spread. She reminded herself to be more appreciative. Hugh was a real stud, with a nice set of juicy nuts. Cracking them was a great consolation prize, and yet, she couldn't help but feel cheated. Anger began to well inside her, and was channeled into squeezing Hugh's testicles even harder.

Hugh's body thrashed as he was wracked with pain from head to toe, he tried to scream, but there was no sound left to his voice. The pressure in his bloated balls begin to build and Leisha felt his scrotum tighten. She began to alternate pressure, focusing on one ball at a time. First the left, then the right, and back again. It was no surprise that Hugh's testicles were just as tough as the man himself, but eventually both began to wear down.

Hugh's left testicle was the first to give out. Leisha switched over and focused all her strength on the endangered gonad, sinking her thumbs down into its core. Opaque white goo began to dribble out Hugh's cock. Leisha continued to squeeze his trapped nugget, until finally it finally gave way with a loud SQUIK, followed by a volley of white fluid arcing out of his cock.

Without missing a beat, Leisha scooped up Hugh's remaining right testicle, locked it between her fingers and squeezed it like a vice. Once the left nut was gone, his right didn't put up much of a fight. In only a matter of seconds, it popped too and another gush of clear nut-juice shot across the room. And that was that. The end of Hugh’s virility. Leisha squeezed his scrotum for good measure, finding nothing but a sac of mush.

Hugh's eyes were closed, his head slumped to the side. He didn't stir when Leisha got up and walked to the far end of the room. She looked back at the ruined stud and grinned, pulling off her examination gloves and stuffed them in her pocket. The orderlies would come soon and see to the drained stud. Leisha passed through the door and into the hall. It was time to see how Alia and Anton were progressing.


When Leisha entered the copulatory chamber, she was confronted with the sound of Alia and Anton making love. Alia was straddled over Anton in reverse cow-girl position, bobbing up and down, impaling herself on his great big love-sword. It sounded like a wet boot stuck in a mire.

Anton's face contorted and he began to breath hard. His face was beaded with sweat and flush as Alia picked up the rhythm. "I'm gonna cum again." He whispered.

Alia looked back at him, and shook her head with an impish smile. "Not so fast there stud." Alia reached down, grabbed ahold of his balls, and with her fingers tightly wrapped around them, she tugged on them as if she were pulling back on the reigns of a horse, while with her other hand, she was rubbing her clit like mad. Anton's body bucked and he groaned, but it was too late. Suddenly Alia felt Anton's hot seed rise up inside her and fill her pussy. She tightened her grip on Anton's balls and screamed with pleasure as her body was wracked with yet another mind numbing orgasm.

When she was finished, Leisha approached the pair. "I came to check on you. By the looks of things, I'd say you were getting along well."

Alia climbed off of Anton and sat beside him. "Oh yes, very well." She repeated and gave Anton's erect dick a slight squeeze. Anton blushed and smiled bashfully at both of them.

"I'm glad to hear that, dear." Leisha said with a broad smile. She pulled out a thin metal probe from her lab coat pocket and pricked Alia's finger. It was a pregnancy test, Leisha explained, and after a few moments, the device chirped twice. Leisha smiled. "It appears that Mr. Antipov here has successfully impregnated you. Congratulations."

Alia rose off the bed and thanked the docent as Anton put his hands behind his head and leaned back, beaming with pride. He didn't catch what the two women were discussing at the foot of the bed. Instead, his mind was filled with one thought alone - he was going to be a father.

A few moments later Leisha left the room and Alia returned to him on the bed. She smiled at him and he smiled back. "What now? Is Leisha coming back for me?"

"In a little while. I asked for a little more time," Alia said.

"Time for what?" Anton asked.

Alia snaked her hands down between Anton's legs and grabbed his still rigid cock. Anton breathed in deeply - it was obvious what she wanted. Alia stroked the shaft, causing his dick to instantly grow harder.

"I want to have twins," she said with a wink.

Anton breathed in deep, his chest heaving with excitement as Alia straddled him once again, only this time, she was facing him. Anton studied her face and stared into her eyes as they began to make love. With each thrust, he buried his cock deeper into Alia, making her moan while her soft, wet pussy accepted every inch of his long meat pole. The feeling was incredible for both of them. Alia was getting into it too, her cold, business-like demeanor had thawed towards Anton. Now and then, she would pause long enough to bend over and kiss Anton on the neck and cheek before she threw herself back down on his long love-rod.

After only took a few minutes Anton was shooting off another huge load inside her.

When he finished, Alia grinned with satisfaction, she kissed Anton on the mouth, pushing her tongue against his. Anton's mind swirled with lust with his penis still buried deep inside her, he returned the kiss passionately.

Anton felt the blood rush to his face as Alia kissed him. He had known having sex with a real-life woman would be an amazing, life altering experience - that's why he had signed up for the breading program - but he was not prepared for the feelings it unleashed. As soon as that Pandora's box had been open, instincts took over and he was flooded with a host of base sexual urges and desires, but there was something else there as well. With each thrust of his hips, he tried to satisfy those desires, but there was something else that he could not easily describe. He wanted Alia. Not just now, in the moment, but for the rest of his life.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted pulled away, still panting from the long kiss, and up to her breasts. They were warm and covered in a light sheen of sweat. Lust overtook him once more, and he explored the soft mounds and traced the ring around each nipple with his fingers. Alia moaned with pleasure as Anton sat up and began to suck on them.

With Anton distracted for the moment, Alia reached under the covers for the device Leisha had left for her. It looked like a woman's bracelet, nearly two inches wide, it had a key pad on side and a series of blinking lights. Alia glanced at it quickly, then keeping her eyes fixed on Anton, she reached behind her and slipped his testicles into the apparatus. After three hours of continual sex, Anton's beefy balls hung lose in their sac and easily plopped into the machine one after the other without him noticing. She checked to make sure they were inserted all the way and then pressed the red button on the side of the bracelet. The lights on the device immediately began to blink in response and the soft hum of an electric motor kicked on.

Still unaware of the device, Anton remained fixated on Alia's breasts as he continued to kiss and suck her nipples. Alia pushed him back against the pillow. "Our time has almost run out, but I think we can get in one more fuck before we go. Do you think you're up for it stud?"

Anton had a eager grin on his face and nodded his head. He'd never cum so much in his life and his balls were sore from the effort. In fact, his whole body ached, but he wasn't about to let that stop him.

"OK," Alia giggled. She'd never seen a man with such stamina, having forgotten momentarily that his dick was already inside her, hard as a rock.

Alia began to lift and lower herself on Anton once more, sending new waves of pleasure rippling through both of their bodies. She moaned out loud as the head of his dick pressed against the back wall of her vagina and dug her fingers into Anton's washboard abs. After climaxing over a dozen times, Alia was shocked just how quickly she was ready to cum. It was too soon! Alia slowed her pace and looked into Anton's eyes.

Anton heart was racing as he felt the walls of Alia's vagina grip the long, fat shaft of his cock. He was still getting used to the sensation, but he knew that he liked it. Already he felt his body recoil in preparation for a new climax and his balls tighten.

Alia stole a glance behind her to make sure that the device was operating. The lights blinked, counting down the seconds as the series of rings rotated and closed tighter around Anton's trapped baby-makers.

Anton let out a deep, throaty moan as the pressure in his gonads continued to build. He'd never felt such a strong desire to cum, his balls were aching for relief. The anticipation was killing him. Straddled over the top of him, Alia was rocking his world, bouncing up and down on his man-pole.

Alia's toes began to curl as she felt the orgasm build in her loins. She had to hold on just a little bit longer. She reached down and stroked the side of Anton's head. "Come on baby, cum for me."

Anton grunted and grit his teeth under the exertion as the device steadily compressed his nuts. They were so far beyond sore that Anton could barely stand it. Then it happened. A tiny tingling in his loins that signaled the beginning of an orgasm. Anton breathed in slowly as the tension in his body built and his dick hardened.

Alia sensed the change and slowed down just in time to feel the first jet of Anton's baby-batter splash the back of her vagina before she was overcome by her own orgasm. It came on quickly, building up like a hurricane - her tiny frame shuddered with excitement as she fought to keep her balance. She'd hardly finished when suddenly the bracelet locked around Anton's gonads let out three long beeps.

Anton scanned the room from side to side to determine the source of the odd noise - then suddenly, there was the sound of gears grinding. Anton's eyes froze and his mouth dropped open as the device clamped down on his tender nuggets. For a few horrifying seconds Anton felt his testicles strain against the walls of the dilator before finally caving in with a loud SQUIK. Anton's body shuddered and Alia was thrown clear as his eyes rolled back into his head as he fell back against the mattress.

When it was over, Alia climbed up along side of him. She brushed back his mussy brown hair and stared down at Anton's handsome face. His breathing was shallow and his eyes closed tight. Idly she reached over and flicked his still half erect penis and grinned. Then she unlocked the black metal bracelet and probed his mushy scrotum with her fingers. Anton's sac was swollen and discolored. It looked funny to her without having solid balls in it.

Alia scanned the room, expecting to see Leisha standing in the doorway, but the room was empty. She rolled onto her back next to Anton's comatose hulk and stared up at the ceiling allowing the full effects of her latest orgasm to subside. Her breathing was deep, her skin flushed.

Suddenly a speaker on the was suddenly buzzed to life with a woman's voice. It was Leisha's. "Sorry, I had to step out for a few minutes. The orderlies are on there way."

"Thanks,” she said between panting.

"I watched the last few minutes from the control room. It looked like you were having fun." Leisha said.

"I did." Alia said, licking her lips. "Best fuck I've had in a long time."

"I'm glad to hear that." Leisha said.

After another pause, Leisha spoke through the console. "I have paperwork to finish, but I'll be there soon."

"Of course.” Alia ran her hands over Anton’s muscular body and ended up squeezing his manhood. It was always over way too soon. She balled up her fist and smashed it into his ball bag.

Anton didn't make a sound. Alia expected as much, and yet, smashing her fist into his emptied sac made her tingle. She repeated the maneuver several more times until she was wracked with yet another amazing orgasm. Breathing in deeply, she allowed the last vestiges of pleasure was over her before she got up and put on her robe. Leisha met her at the door and looked back across the room at the naked stud on the bed.

She nodded in Anton's direction. "You seemed to have used up Mr. Antipov."

Alias grinned. "He was excellent, to bad his balls didn't last longer."

Leisha shook her head. “They just don’t make men the way they used to.”

“Mmm,” said Alia as she smiled, “Perhaps they should screen for that too when they take on new candidates. It would certainly help make the sex last longer."

Both women laughed.

“Coffee?” asked Leisha.

“Love some,” said Alia as they walked away, passing the orderlies on their way out.

- Anton -

- Hugh -

- Luke, TJ, and Wade -

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tony's Revenge

*** Warning, this story contains severe ball busting.***

This story is the final installment in a three-part trilogy that showcases the struggles between our ball busting wrestling champ Tony and Jarret Russo, one of the most popular boys in school and the star quarterback on the football team. If you haven't already, you may want to read A Visitor Comes to Call and The Quarterback's Retribution. before you read this story.


Several weeks had passed since the night Jarret and Jenny left Tony in the abandoned weight room outside the gymnasium. Tony didn't know how long he'd been unconscious, but when he finally awoke his balls were beet-red and swollen. His heart raced as he massaged each orb through his fingers and took a sigh of relief when he'd determined that there was no permanent damage. His testicles felt like they'd been run over by a dump truck, but at least they were still intact.

The hour was late and the school deserted as Tony slowly made his way out of the weight room. The going was slow, as a shiver of pain shot emanated from his groin with each step. After a long, hot shower, Tony got dressed and used the key his coach had given him to lock up behind him.

The next few days passed without much incident. Jenny refused to speak to him at home, and at school, she showed nothing but open contempt. Tony tried to talk to her, but soon gave up after several failed attempts that resulted in her screaming at him.

On the bright side, Jarret Russo seemed to be avoiding him altogether. Tony watched from a distance while the star quarterback strutted and showed off among his friends. Occasionally they would turn and look at him before erupting in a volley of laughter. It made Tony livid, but what could he do? Jenny made it clear she didn't want him interfering into her life, and at the moment, that meant Jarret.

Tony's blood boiled at the thought of that meat-head pawing at his kid sister alone in his car. Why couldn't she see Jarret for what he truly was? Jarret was just using her to get to him. He had to find a way to get through to her, but as the weeks past and no solution came, Tony was beginning to give up.

That was until late Saturday night when his cell phone rang.

When he answered he could just make out the sound of his sister sobbing on the other end. "Jenny? What's wrong?" Tony asked.

Jenny took a moment to take a large gulp of air. "Nothing." She sniffled. "Are you home?"

Tony paused. "Yeah, where are you? Are you alright?"

Jenny began to reply, but her words were soon drown out by her sobs.

"What's going on?" Tony asked as the worry in his voice continued to grow.

I'm alright." Jenny said, still crying. "Can you come pick me up?"

"Yeah, where are you?" Tony yelled into the phone.

"Thatcher Park." Jenny whispered.

"Stay there, I'm on my way." Tony closed his phone and dressed.

In minutes he was out of the house and in his truck. Tony raced through the village streets toward the park, unsure of what he might find when he got there. Within moments he was speeding down the lone dirt road leading into Thatcher Park and pulled into the deserted parking lot. Under a solitary streetlight, Jenny sat on the ground, hunched over.

Tony cut the engine and ran out to her. "Jenny?" He called out.

As he approached, Jenny lifted her head. Her eye's were swollen and her makeup was running down her cheeks.

"Are you alright?" Tony asked.

"Yeah." She was whispered, unable to meet her brother's gaze.

"What are you doing out here?" Tony looked around to confirm that they were alone.

"I was on a date with Jarret." Jenny whispered, her eyes still focused on the ground. "He left me here."

Anger immediately flared into Tony's eyes. "Why?" Tony growled.

"Please, don't be angry." Jenny sobbed.

Tony paused a moment and sat down next to her. "Tell me what happened." He said softly.

Jenny sniffled again and wiped her eyes. "We came here to be alone." She started. "He brought me here before. Mostly we just talked, but a few times we made out."

Tony scowled but Jenny continued on.

"Tonight was our one month anniversary. Jarret said it was special night. He told me I was beautiful and nothing like the other girls he's dated."

Tony rolled his eyes.

"And then he asked me to give him a blow job." Jenny ended abruptly.

Tony grit his teeth involuntarily. Finally after a long pause, "Did you?" He asked.

"No, of course not." Jenny scowled.

Tony breathed a long sigh of relief. "So what happened?"

Jenny shook her head slowly. "He wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. He pulled his pants down and tried to push my face down into his lap."

Her brother's eyes went wide. "What'd you do?"

"I punched him in the nuts until he let go. Then I opened the door and ran out." Jenny sighed and stared out into the darkness. "So Jarret left me here, alone."

"I'm sorry Jenny." Tony was at a loss for words. He wrapped his arm around his kid sister's arm and held her as she quietly wept into his shoulder.


It was late Tuesday night after football practice as Jarret made his way back to the locker room. He'd stayed behind to talk to the coach about the upcoming game and now walked alone through the empty school. He was still wearing his football uniform and his helmet cradled in his arm as he turned the corner, down the long stretch of corridor leading to the men's locker room.

As he passed the open doors of the gymnasium, he heard a slight noise that turned his attention into the darkened entryway. Jarret paused and peered in, but the room was pitch black. After another moment, he turned to leave when a shadow rushed toward him. Jarret had little time to react as Tony's 185 pound frame slammed into him, knocking him into the hallway.

"Piece of shit." Tony growled as he launched his knee between Jarret's muscular thighs. As Tony's leg slammed into Jarret's groin with stunning force, the hollow sound of bone hitting plastic rang out, echoing along the deserted hallway. Shit! Jarret was wearing a cup!

Jarret smirked as he forced Tony back against the opposite wall, his corded muscles rippled as he wrapped his arms around Tony's torso. Tony squirmed to break free, but Jarret gripped him tightly and pulling him close, he slammed his forehead into Tony's nose.

"Fuck!" Tony swore as blood began to trickle down his nose.

Seeing his opening, Jarret brought his fist up between Tony's legs a strong upper cut. Tony grunted as all the muscles in his abdomen tightened and he doubled over.

"What the fuck asshole, didn't you get enough the last time I kicked your ass?" Jarret taunted.

Tony groaned, his hands cupping his crotch as the pain radiated up into his stomach.

Jarret gripped his t-shirt and lifted him up off the ground. "Big mistake coming here."

Tony winced and coughed.

Jarret powered his knee between Tony's legs, driving his hands into his crotch. Tony doubled over and moaned.

Jarret smirked smugly. "What's wrong, never learned how to win a fair fight?" Jarret smirked, knocking his knuckles against the plastic cup.

Tony shook his head slowly and struggled back to his feet. His breath was shallow and his voice ragged. "Just leave me and my sister alone."

Jarret smiled smugly. Then he rushed Tony, grabbing his neck and closed his fingers around Tony's throat. "Who the fuck do you think you are? You're just a fuckin' punk, and after I kick your ass, I'm gonna go to your house and bang that little bitch sister in your bed."

Something inside Tony snapped, and as a result the anger that had been simmering suddenly exploded. In one movement, Tony wrested free of Jarret's grasp and delivered a bone-cracking uppercut into Jarret's jaw, slamming his head back against the cement block wall. With a single thud, Jarret dropped to the floor in a heap.

Tony scanned the hallway to make sure that no one was watching and kicked Jarret in the ribs to make sure he was completely out. Then grabbing Jarret's ankles, he silently dragged the unconscious quarterback into the darkened gymnasium.


Jarret's broad chest and stomach muscles heaved as he awoke. The damp, must smell of a basement flooded his nostrils. Slowly he opened his eyes and peered across the dimly lit room. The walls were bare and there were boxes stacked up against the far wall.

Jarret's head was pounding, and he reached up to touch it when he realized that his arms were secured to the wall. He strained against his bonds, but the knotted rope held firm. It wasn't just his arms, his feet were tied down as well against pipes sticking out of the floor, holding his legs spread wide apart. Jarret struggled to remember how he got there. Still wearing his jersey and shoulder pads from football practice, he suddenly remembered his encounter with Tony outside of the gym. A cold shiver ran down his spine as Jarret struggled in vain to free himself.

"Ah, you're finally awake." Tony was standing in the open doorway.

"Fuck you, let me go!" Jarret roared.

Tony smiled and slowly approached the football stud as he desperately tried to wriggle free, like a fish caught on a hook. "I hope you don't mind, I wanted to finish our conversation in private."

Jarret continued to struggle and curse. "Get me out of this now, or I swear-" his threats cut short when he noticed the baseball bat in Tony's hands.

Tony scoffed. "I'd settle down if I were you, you're hardly in a position to be making demands."

The wicked look on Tony's face chilled Jarret to the bone as he rested the bat on his shoulder. "We've got a score to settle. The last time we were alone like this, you stomped on my junk with your cleats. That was excessive." Tony said flatly.

Jarret's eyes darted down when he realized he was wearing the very footwear. "Look bro, I'm sorry I roughed you up . . . I just, I had to look out for my reputation . . ." Jarret stuttered and winced as Tony slowly swung the bat between his legs and he jumped when the Louisville Slugger connected with his crotch. Luckily for Jarret, his protective cup absorbed the blow. Jarret sighed with relief.

Tony swung the bat into Jarret's crotch again, this time harder and faster, catching Jarret off guard and causing the jock to grunt in surprise. "Listen, just let me go and I won't tell anyone-"

The bat flew down and hit Jarret square in the junk before he could finish the sentence. The quarterback coughed, pulling hard against his bonds.

Blow after blow, Tony continued to hammer away at the trapped football player's exposed groin. He wondered how long Jarret's cup would hold up to constant barrage. Of course in the end, it wouldn't matter - he had a feeling he wouldn't have to wait for long.

Jarret grunted and cringed under Tony's withering assault. Though the cup shielded his genitals from the majority of the strikes, the relentless collisions with the baseball bat left Jarret's gonads sore and bruised. Jarret grit his teeth and looked inward in a desperate attempt to wall away the pain when suddenly he was snapped back into reality by the sound of plastic breaking.

Tony grinned when he heard it, having lost count, he no longer cared about keeping track and slammed the Louisville Slugger into Jarret's crotch again. Jarret cried out and gurgled as Tony sent the bat between his legs again.

The sound of plastic snapping was unmistakable.

Tony continued to hammer Jarret's groin until the cracking noises ceased and the end of his bat found it's mark with a dull 'thud'. Jarret's eyes opened wide and he screamed, his body bucking like a dying stallion.

Tony tossed the bat and knelt down between his rival legs. Jarret was unable to speak and gasping for air, but Tony saw the fear and anger in his eyes. "This all could have been avoided if you'd simply listened to me. I told you to stay away from my sister and did you?"

"I never touched Jenny." Jarret coughed and shook his head.

Tony's eyes blazed at the mention of his sister's name. "That's not the way she remembers it." He replied coldly.

Jarret blinked, deciding on whether to lie. "Yeah, OK you're right, but we never did anything."

Tony shook his head. "You forced yourself on my little sister, and when she stood up for herself, you abandoned her in the middle of nowhere at night."

Jarret gulped. "We were fighting, she told me to leave . . ."

Jarret's body shuddered as Tony reached into the leg of Jarret's shorts and after rummaging around for a few seconds, pulled free the shattered cup. Hairline cracks stretched across the plastic shielding like spiderwebs and a 5 inch split ran down the center. Jarret's eyes widened and he gasped as Tony inspected his handiwork before tossing the cup aside.

"Ok bro, enough, you made your point." Jarret groaned as Tony delved his hands back into Jarret's shorts, sliding his hand up into his jock and cupped the football star's balls.

Tony smirked as he felt Jarret's sweaty nuts rub against his palm and clamped his fist tight.

Jarret gasped. "Fucking fag, let go of my nuts!"

Tony smiled as he fondled and squeezed Jarret's manhood, his two ripe plums hanging heavily in a fat, juicy sac.

"That's the trouble with you meat-heads on the football team; all you want is to have a good time." Tony remarked as he pressed Jarret's nuts even harder.

Jarret groaned as his rival took his testicles to task, twisting and grinding his nutsac with ruthless efficiency. He was utterly helpless and they both knew it. Jarret tried to put on a brave front, but he knew he was in trouble the moment he discovered his arms and legs tied down.

Tony glared at Jarret as he mercilessly pumped Jarret's big throbbing balls. The quarterback's handsome face was contorted in a mask of pain and his square jaw was locked as his teeth were clenched.

A small grunt escaped Jarret's throat and his cock quivered. "Oh, no." He whispered.

Tony grinned fiendishly and kept going.

"Please . . . stop . . ." Jarret pleaded, his dick already twitching. Tony ignored his rival and adjusted his grip just as his cock began to spew, filling his shorts with a big load of his jock-juice.

Wracked with orgasm, the quarterback let out a loud throaty moan that seemed to echo throughout the room.

"Fuck." Jarret groaned, his head drooped down looking spent and exhausted.

Tony smiled, climbing back to his feet and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going? You can't just leave me here!" Jarret bellowed.

Tony was back a moment later holding something small and black. "Don't worry, I've got more activities planned for us."

Jarret's eyes narrowed with fear as Tony reached in his shorts and pulled out his nutsac. In a matter of moments he stuffed one and then both of his nuts through the band. The fit was snug, and caused his balls to bulge down to the bottom of his scrotum.

"What's that for?" He whispered, already fearing the answer.

"You'll see," was Tony's only response as he continued to stretch the trapped stud's poor nuts. When he was satisfied, Tony took aim and smashed Jarret's delicate gonads with his fist.

Jarret shrieked out in pain, his heart pounding so hard it felt like it might burst out of his chest.

Tony hammered away at Jarret's balls animal-like ferocity while the tight band held his nuggets firmly in place. Tony must have landed over a dozen blows before he stopped to pause and watch Jarret shoot off another huge load of cum in his shorts.

"Ohhh, so soon? I thought you big guys were supposed to be known for having more stamina." Tony quipped, but he got no reaction out of Jarret. The football player was completely out of it. Jarret was nearly unconscious, his eyes were rolled back and slumped back against the wall.

Tony chuckled and bent down to examine Jarret's manhood. His balls were swollen and red. Tony gave them a short squeeze and stood up.

"None of this would have happened if you just stayed away from my sister." Tony said in a low monotone as he stared down at Jarret's sprawled body. Jarret's head snapped back at the sound of Tony's voice and for a few fleeting seconds, the two rivals locked eyes. Tony saw fear and desperation in those eyes, but there was not a hint of remorse.

Tony clenched his fists and lifted his leg until it hovered over Jarret's groin. Jarret's eyes went wide and he frantically shook his head. "No, please . . . please, don't I -"

Jarret screamed as Tony's sneaker jammed down between his legs. Both of his nuts were simultaneously smashed between Tony's heel and the ground. Before Jarret knew what was happening, Tony slammed his down into Jarret's balls twice more. Jarret's whole face went pale and in seconds he was vomiting all over himself. Tony stepped back to get out of the splash zone and waited for the fit to end.

The pain was incredible and disorienting to Jarret. The room felt like it was spinning and the smell of his own puke was making him nauseous. Jarret fought to keep his eyes open, but even that task was proving to be too much for him and slowly he drifted off.

Tony checked to make sure he was out before he untied Jarret's arms and legs. Then he reached down and gently removed the thick rubber band off of his swollen nutsac. Tony was surprised at the ease with which he was able to pull the band off. He paused and was shocked when he discovered Jarret's big reddened sac contained only one ball. Tony worked his fingers from one end to the other, but again he failed to find Jarret's missing testicle. Tony's experience with male anatomy was extensive, and yet several seconds passed before he realized what had happened. What he'd done. Tony swallowed hard as the realization hit him.


The rumors swirled around the halls of Ridgemont High the next day when Jarret Russo was found unconscious in the men's locker room. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that he suffered from a ruptured testicle. His doctors and parents were all flabbergasted by his lapse in memory that prevented him from telling them what happened. The only clue, a shattered protective cup was found suggested that the device had failed at some point during football practice and resulted in the injury. Of course, that wasn't true, but Jarret was the only one who knew that - and Tony.

Eventually Tony told his sister what had happened that night he'd fought Jarret to win back her honor. Jenny was shocked at first, but the feeling quickly gave way to gratitude and respect. She hugged Tony tight, with tears in her eyes she whispered, "thank you."

- Jarret Russo is based on Tom Salvitore -

- Jarret tied up -

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eric and Jake College Buddies Series: The Man of Eric's Dreams

Jake's bare testicles made a resounding 'smack' as Eric's fist drove between the center of the fat orbs, flattening them against his roommate's pelvis. Jake groaned and his eyes widened. Eric leaned back and watched Jake's broad chest rise and fall rapidly, savoring the surge of adrenaline as it flooded into his bloodstream.

Jake was naked from head to toe, lying back on his bed in a pool of his own sweat. The muscles in his abdomen tightened and his limbs strained. Eric licked his lips as his eyes settled on his roommate's awe-inspiring manhood as it hung heavily between his thighs. The big jock's erection had already grown to its full height, towering over a pair of two meaty balls that hung proudly in their soft, hairy sac.

Jake winced, wiping the sweat off of his forehead.

"OK, I'm ready." He nodded, a slight smirk curling in the corner of his mouth.

Eric winked back at him and brought his arm back before sending it into the jock's hefty gonads, his knuckles connected with Jake's juicy nuts with another 'smack'. The brief delay of pain was merely the calm before the storm, and as the full affect of the blow set in, Jake's body shuddered, causing him to curl up in a ball and moan.

"Man, that last one was just mean." Jake croaked, his head dropping back onto his pillow.

Despite his grumbles, Jake’s hardon was already oozing precum. Eric chuckled quietly to himself and smacked Jake's rigid cock just for fun, watching it slap against his washboard abs.

Jake let out another long, soft moan. His dick twitched.

With one hand wrapped around Jake's meaty cock, Eric cupped Jake's big balls and kneaded the precious organs with the other hand. 

Jake grit his teeth, his eyes fixed on Eric.

Eric winked again, and a large smile spread across his face. With both hands now closed around each gonad, Eric gave Jake's juicy plums a single hard tug.

Jake gasped for air, but his cock quivered.

Eric grinned and squeezed harder, digging his fingertips into the soft flesh of Jake's plump balls.

Jake's moans continued to grow in volume and pitch as Eric turned up the intensity, grinding and squeezing the ample orbs with renewed zeal. Jake opened and closed his eyes, trying to blink away the tears that had begun to form.

Eric watched Jake's dick tremor, a constant stream of clear liquid trickling down the length of the meat pole as he continued to twist and squash Jake's proud baby-makers. Jake's lips twitched as his cum-laden balls tightened within Eric's vice-like grip and his body tensed.

Panting heavily, Jake threw his head back and released a throaty moan, and a thick spurt of thick, hot cum erupted from Jake's pulsating cock. It arced a good three feet, and Jake cried out as his testicles churned out the fresh, white spunk which quickly covered Eric's shoulders and Jake's chest. It ran down their bodies, like slick rich baby batter, and dripped onto the white sheets.

A couple seconds later, Eric let go of Jake's nuts and fell back, exhausted.

Jake moaned softly in pain and grabbed his tormented balls.

Eric grinned, pleased with his handiwork.

"You OK?" Eric asked after a while.

Jake opened his eyes and grunted as he shifted the grip on his sore manhood.

"Sure little bud, I'll be fine." He said with a smile. "Give me a few minutes before the next round, OK?”

Eric smiled back and crawled along side of him until he was staring into Jakes eyes. Jake stared back with a warm, knowing smile. 

"Let me give you a hand," Eric said. Reaching out, he began to fondle his roommate's balls. Despite having just been emptied, they still felt heavy and full.

Eric grinned, rolling Jake's huge nuts between his fingers, he leaned in close. "I've been waiting to do this for a long time." He whispered.

Jake leaned in too. "I know." He replied softly, their lips nearly touching.

Eric gently pulled Jake's nutsac, drawing him in closer -


The blare of Eric's alarm snapped him out of his bed with a jolt. He rubbed his eyes and scanned the room, unsure of his surroundings. The red digitized numbers on his alarm clock blinked 8:00. Eric reached over and hit the snooze button and settled back under his blankets, hoping to go back to sleep. He laid there awake in bed for several minutes before he gave up and pushed the covers back.

It had been several months since the night that Eric and Jake had gotten drunk together and played truth or dare. As a confident heterosexual, Jake boasted that girls were the only thing that got him off, a claim that Eric happily challenged. With two cases of beer on the line, Eric wagered that he could make Jake blow a big hunky load in five minutes flat. Despite his roommate's protests, Eric managed to milk Jake's bloated balls, forcing the stud to spill his cream all over himself.

Ever since, Eric noticed their relationship had changed as Jake slowly distanced himself from him. It didn't happen all at once, but Eric couldn't shake the feeling that his roommate was avoiding him. Jake rarely spent his time in their room during the day, spending most of his time out of the building, only to return late at night after Eric fell asleep. Eric tried to patch things up several times, but nothing seemed to work.

Eric worried that he'd wrecked their relationship beyond repair. Of course he still lusted over his roommate, but his friendship with Jake had been real and he didn't want to throw that away. Several more weeks passed without improvement. When spring break came along, the two boys said their goodbyes before leaving for vacation.

Eric spent an uneventful week home, catching up with his friends from high school and spending time with his family. When he got back to college, he was please to discover Jake's mood had thawed. Perhaps it was the physical separation that had helped or something else entirely, but when Jake returned he was back to his old self.

Eric was happy to have the old Jake back and they soon fell into their old routines as if nothing had ever happened, walking to classes to together and sharing meals in the dining hall. He did his best not to do anything that might screw that up.

But Eric often thought about that fateful night when he’d tried to force their relationship to the next level. It was stupid of course, and he knew well enough not to mention it, but it was constantly on his mind - and influencing his dreams. While he'd been away at home, his nightly fantasies involving Jake had ceased, but now that he was back, they seemed to have returned as well, plaguing his nights with thoughts that could never become reality.


Eric headed toward his dorm, cutting through the quad, he waved to a group of students he recognized from his English class sitting at the picnic table nearby. After a full day of classes, he was thankful to be heading home. He was in such a good mood, he whistled all the way as he climbed the stairs up to the third floor and down the hall.

When Eric got to his room, he found Jake bustling about pant-less. 

"Hey pal," Jake turned to greet him as he entered the room. "Sorry about the mess, but I've got a date with Stephanie tonight and I'm trying to get ready."

Eric nodded, happy to get a glimpse of the attractive young jock, Eric's eyes wandered down to where the tails of Jake's white button down shirt ended, revealing a snug-fit pair of grey boxer briefs.

"That's alright." Eric said, placing his book bag down on his bed.

"Thanks, I told her I'd pick her up in twenty minutes." Jake said, turning aside as he resumed his search. "But I can't find my black dress slacks, have you seen them?"

Eric shook his head. "Sorry, I haven't."

"I can't find them anywhere." Jake shrugged, bending down, he began searching through a pile of clothing on the floor.

Eric's mouth dropped as his eyes immediately locked onto Jake's ass as he bent down. His big, meaty bulge dangled invitingly, framed between his muscular thighs. Eric began to salivate as he stared at the two obvious lumps where Jake's two huge nuts rested comfortably beneath the cotton fabric.

Unable to resist and arching his leg back, Eric swung his foot up between Jake's spread legs, flattening the bulge in his underwear like a pancake.

Jake opened his mouth wide and cried out in pain, collapsing on the floor.

Eric laughed hysterically, watching as his roommate cupping his crotch and whimper in pain.

"Ugh, not cool dude." Jake mumbled. "I told you I've got a date tonight."

That made Eric laugh even harder. "Sorry dude," he managed after a few more bouts of laughter. "I just couldn't help myself." He declared honestly.

Eric's laughter must have been infections, because after a while, even Jake joined in.

"It can't be that bad," Eric chuckled, pointing down at Jake's crotch, the front of his underwear starting to tent with a growing erection. 

"Oh shit." Jake yelped, stuffing his hand down his shorts. "No, no, no, I can't start out the date with a boner."

"I'm sure Stephanie won't mind." Eric grinned.

Jake shook his head. "No dude, I'm serious, this thing's a ticking time bomb. What do you think will happen if we start making out and I prematurely blow my wad? I don't want Stephanie to think I'm some sort of sexual deviant!" 

"I don't know." Eric shrugged. "What do you want me to do?"

"Come on man, you started it, this is your fault." Jake tried in vain to hold down his penis, but the moment he let go it sprang back up in defiance. "Help me get rid of it!"

Eric sighed heavily and rolled his eyes. "Alright, move your hands out of the way, and spread your legs."

Jake looked worried. "Why?"

"Just do it." Eric replied brusquely.

Jake scowled at his roommate, but did as he was told.

"Eric, what are you doing?"

"Relax, I'm taking care of it." 


Eric didn't bother replying, sending his sneaker clad foot down into Jake's crotch, crunching his gonads with a sick 'thud'.

"Owwww." Jake winced in pain and curled into a ball. "Quit kicking me in the nuts!" he shouted.

"Shush. You asked for my help and I'm giving it you," Eric quipped as he grabbed the jock's ankles and spread the legs apart as wide as he could. 

Jake groaned, seeing what he was in store for and grit his teeth as Eric's stomped his foot down on his crotch. 

Jake gasped and his eyes bulged out.

Eric slammed his foot down between Jake's legs, causing the young stud to wail. 

Holding his foot in place, Eric grit his teeth and with a look of grim determination, continued to grind Jake's poor nuggets against the sole of his shoe.

Jake's lips trembled, his mouth opened wide in a silent scream. 

Caught between Eric's size 11's and the cold tile floor, Jake's love spuds were mashed as Eric pumped his foot up and down.

Jake let out a hoarse moan.

His dick was hard as a rock, trapped inside his underwear, a wet ring of precum forming around its head.

Eric grinned, twisting his shoe into Jake's nuts a final time as Jake arched his back and his body tensed. 

All at once, Jake's body convulsed and his balls pulsated as his underwear was flooded with his man-juice. His boxers turned dark and wet.

Giving his roommate a smirk, he pressed his foot down into Jake's soggy nuts one last time for good measure, squeezing out the last drips of cum.

Jake was panting, his body covered in sweat.

Eric waited until his roommate's dick stopped twitching and then pointed down at his deflated crotch. "Look, problem solved."

Jake whimpered, looking down to discover that his hard-on had indeed disappeared. A fresh wave of nausea seemed to wash over his body, causing the jock's eyes to cross and lose focus. He groaned, clutching his crotch, and slowly lurched sideways onto the floor . . .


Eric stirred under his covers, awaking to the sound of the door opening. Looking out the window, he could see that sunrise was still several hours away. He rolled over, pulling the sheets over his head and began to drift back to sleep, listening as Jake moved around the room in the dark.

"Eric? Are you awake?" Jake whispered.

"No." Eric mumbled through his blankets.

"Oh . . ." Jake paused, not sure what to say. "I was hoping we could talk."

"What? Now?" Eric could hear the concern in his voice. He sat up in his bed and turned on his desk light, flooding the room with a soft yellow glow. Jake's face looked pale, contrasting his otherwise dark complexion. He was pacing back and forth, wearing nothing but a pair of red boxer shorts.

"What's wrong?" Eric asked.

Jake stopped mid-stride and scratched his forehead. "I was at the doctor's today and got some bad news."

"Are you alright?" Eric sat up, more alert now. "Tell me what happened."

Jake paused for a moment, searching for the right words. "I was there for my annual physical, you know - and the doctor found something during the examination.”

Eric's eyes went wide. "What'd he say?"

Jake shook his head. "There's a problem with my . . ." Jake swallowed hard. "my nuts." Slowly Jake pulled down his boxers, revealing his beautiful, thick cock and two large, pendulous balls. Lifting his dick out of the way, Jake cupped his mighty gonads in his hand and presented them to Eric.

"You see?" Jake said, giving his heavy nutsac a light tug.

Eric swallowed hard, staring at his roommate's twin orbs with wonder. He assumed Jake was playing at some sort of joke, but the worried expression on the jock's face was real.

"What's wrong with them?" Eric stammered after a long moment.

"The doctor said that they're too big." Jake said solemnly. 

Eric had to stifle a laugh. It was true that his roommate owned the biggest set he'd ever seen on a guy, but it was hard to believe that they would become a health risk.

Jake shook his head as if he could read Eric's thoughts. "I know it sounds crazy, but I'm serious. The doc checked them out and said they're swollen, and something about a blockage."

Eric wiped the sleep from his eyes. "What does that mean?"

Jake sighed, gently caressing his manhood. "I'm shooting blanks." He said flatly. "They did a test to make sure, my sperm count's close to zero."

Eric looked down at Jake's imposing gonads and shook his head in disbelief. "Can it be treated?"

Jake scoffed. "Yeah, he said surgery might help."

"Might?" Now it was Eric's turn to look incredulous.

"Yeah." Jake gave him a wry smile. "I'm sorry to bother you with this, it's just got me worried. The doctor said I'd have to make a decision soon, the longer I wait increases the chances for long-term damage, maybe even cancer."

Eric shook his head. "I'm sorry man, that sucks."

"Yeah." Jake repeated.

"Maybe you should get a second opinion." Eric suggested.

Jake nodded his head slowly. "Maybe."

Eric could see that Jake was truly shaken up and he wanted to help. "If there's anything I can do . . ."

Jake seemed to wait for him to finish the thought, but Eric didn't know what else to say.

"Actually, there is one thing that came to mind."

"Sure, anything." Eric replied.

"It's kind of a big favor." Jake hesitated.

"Fine, what is it?" Eric asked impatiently.

"The doctor said that if blockage was to get dislodged, I won't need to have surgery."

Jake cast his eyes down on the floor. "I was thinking maybe you could, you know, help."

"How? Jake, I'm no doctor." Eric said.

"I know, but maybe you could hit me down there a few times and loosen things up." Jake whispered.

Eric shook his head. "What do you mean, like, kick you in the junk?"

Jake nodded. "Yeah, I guess . . ."

Eric sat quietly a moment to ponder the implications of what Jake was asking.

Jake sighed. "Look, I know it sound's crazy but it's important," he said genuinely. "You're the only friend I know I can trust."

Eric was genuinely moved by his roommates plight, but he was also eager to have another crack at those nuts. "OK, I'll do it."

Jake sighed with relief. "Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it."

Eric nodded, casting his eyes down at Jake's crotch. "Perhaps we should try something easy first. Maybe some light squeezes?"

"Yeah, OK, whatever you think." Jake said, releasing his nutsac, he thrust his hips forward. His massive gonads swayed between his legs. "You're the expert."

Eric glanced up at him to determine if Jake was being sarcastic, but decided he was sincere. Reaching out, he grabbed Jake's sac and squeezed his beefy balls, digging his fingers deep into the soft nut meat.

"Shit." Jake grimaced, stunned by the initial wave of pain that flooded his body.

Eric paused. "You OK?"

"Yeah," Jake nodded his head, still grimacing. "It's alright, keep going."

Eric shrugged and tightened his grip, he squished and squashed Jake's nuts for what to Jake seemed like an eternity, causing him to groan and gnash his teeth.

 After only a few minutes of squeezing his big, manly gonads, Jake's face was pale and he looked like he might faint.

"Squeezing might not get us where we need to be." Eric said finally as he slowly tugged down on Jake's nuts, stretching them out to the base of his scrotum.

Jake looked relieved as Eric paused, giving his already sore nuts a small reprieve.

"I've got it." Eric snapped his fingers far too quickly for Jake's liking. He stood up and faced his roommate. Jake was the taller by far, towering over Eric by 6 inches at least.
"Would you mind spreading your legs a little?"

Jake looked nervously back at his roommate, but did what he asked, widening his stance by several inches. His heavy, low-hanging nuts dangled invitingly between his two muscular thighs.

"And would you mind holding your penis out of the way?" Eric asked. "I wouldn't want to hit that by mistake."

Jake shot Eric another worried look, but again he did as he was told, holding his dick up against his stomach. Even soft, Jake's cock was a monster. 

With a clear path to Jake's baby-makers, Eric grabbed his roommate's beefy shoulders and lifted his knee up into Jake's low hangers. Eric's bony knee cap connected with Jake's oversized testicles and drove them into his pelvis, making Jake yelp in pain. 

Eric tightened his grip on Jake's shoulders and rammed his knee into Jake's crotch, pounding his balls again. Jake croaked as he was lifted off the ground and doubled over.

Despite the pain, Jake's dick began to twitch.

Jake wailed as Eric hammered his precious plums into his crotch over and over, causing the jock to moan louder and louder. 

When Eric finally let up, Jake's strength was sapped, holding his crotch and teetering on the verge of collapse.

At the same time his erection hand grown and was rock hard.

Taking a break, Eric stroked his chin as if deep in thought.

"Dude, I gotta call it quits." Jake said, gently massaging his nuts. They had taken on a distinct pink color and looked swollen. "My boy's can't handle much more."

Eric shook his head sympathetically. "Just a little longer." 

Under Eric's direction, Jake sat down on the edge of Eric's bed, allowing his two oversized globes to hang down off the side of the mattress. 

Eric grabbed Jake's rigid member, pumping the shaft several times. Then he lifted his leg and brought his knee down hard between Jake's legs, squishing Jake's plump testicles into his thigh.

Jake almost squealed, the pitch of his voice jumping an entire octave.

Eric twisted his roommate's cock and planted his knee down on top of his balls, causing Jake to roar in pain. 

Eric grinned and pulled away his leg as he sensed Jake's dick begin to convulse.

"Fuck." Jake whispered as the pressure in his loins rose.

Suddenly, Jake's cock started blasting loads of thick white cum.

Eric pointed his shaft down into his open palm, allowing filling it up with Jake's sticky juice.

"Sorry." Jake apologized once the orgasm ceased.

"No worries." Eric said cheerfully, wiping his hands with a dirty shirt he'd found on the floor. "Better out than in."

"Thanks." Jake said with a weak smile.

Eric nodded and smiled back.

Suddenly overcome by wariness, Jake let out a long yawn. "I'm beat. I think I should go to bed."

Eric inspected the contents of his nutsac and shook his head. "They still look pretty full."

Jake gave Eric a weary look. "Dude, I'm exhausted."

"We're not done yet. I thought you wanted me to help you." Eric said sternly.

"I do." Jake admitted. "I'm just tired - and my nuts hurt like hell, but I'll do whatever it takes."

A mischievous smile crossed Eric's face. If nothing else, his roommate was determined.
Eric had Jake lie down. Once he was comfortable, Eric climbed into bed along side him, he grabbed Jake's manhood, pumping his dick with one hand and crunching his nuts with the other.

Jake moaned softly, and after several more minutes, he let out loud throaty groan and shot out a second, equally impressive load into Eric's hands.

Eric brought his hand up to his face and tasted the salty splooge. He smiled and didn't stop until his palm was clean. 

Sleepiness soon began to claim them both, but Eric pressed on, continuing to bust and pump his roommate's manhood for as long as he could until he gently fell asleep.


Eric awoke to bright sunlight bathing his face in warmth. It was the weekend, so he knew there was no rush to rise. Eric considered pulling the shades, but decided that the window was too far away for him to bother. He vividly recalled the previous night's dreams and he preferred to get back to them. 

Reaching for the covers, he tried to pull them up but found that they would not budge.

Grumbling to himself, Eric rolled over and gasped as he discovered the large, hulking frame of his roommate lying naked next to him. Eric nearly jumped out of the bed, staring in disbelief as Jake lied on his back, snoring softly.

Eric's mind raced as he attempted remember what had happened. Slowly the memories of the previous night came to him, as Eric realized that it had all been real. He swallowed hard, allowing the reality to settle in. Then peeling back the covers, Eric gazed at Jake's thick 8 inch morning wood lifted to great him. Eric felt his own penis harden in response. Curling up next to Jake, Eric wrapped his fingers around his roommate's manhood and drifted back to sleep.

- Jake is based on the model Bernardo Velasco -