Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's next for poor Liam?

We've seen Liam's affections for American heart-throb Julie turned against him, and Paul (Julie's little brother) defend his sister's honor.  In both cases, Liam's got his nuts wrung out for it!  Now here comes the big question...what's next for Liam?

Does Liam finally get lucky with Julie, or continuously busted and milked dry by Paul?  Or does Liam's nuts get cracked for good?

If Liam was getting a vote, I think I know which way he'd prefer it, but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks!

Some people have come out strongly toward the Irish ginger losing his balls...

“Not sure if I’m speaking for a majority or a minority here but I’d definitely like to see some permanent damage on Liam’s manhood.” 
- Anonymous

“No, I hope the band does it’s work and Liam is not the wiser.  I like the idea of his boy berries wither on the vine.”
- Anonymous

And others have been weighing in and supporting Liam (and his bruised, but intact, nuts!)

“I didn’t see that coming! I really hope this won’t be the end of Liam’s balls!” 
- Alex

“Oh no! Save Liam’s poor nuts!” 
- Jimmy


I haven't made a decision either way, but I do see some concerns with Liam getting de-nutted - namely, how can he keep getting busted if his balls are gone? Also keep in mind I plan on Trey's hefty danglers to be exposed to some extreme trauma in the next story series.

Let me know what you'd like to see in the comments.  I'm open to several possibilities, so make sure you share your thoughts in the comments and you might just read about it here!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Foreign Exchange - Part 3 - Banded

Liam’s gaze drifted downward lazily as he watched Julie’s head bobbing up and down in his lap.  He listened to the quiet slurping noises emanated from her mouth as she sucked on his rigid member. 

Liam couldn’t remember anything feeling so good in his life - instead, he simply laid back and enjoyed it as her tongue went around and around the crown of his prick.  His erection was already hard as a slab of granite and in a few more moments, he’d reward her with some of his own baby-batter, sliding down the back of her throat.

As if she had read his mind, Julie released Liam’s cock from her eager mouth and let it slap against his flat stomach with a loud ‘PLOP!’

“Oops! Must have slipped,” Julie said with a devilish grin.

“Don’t want that,” Liam replied, licking his lips expectantly.

Julie smiled and grabbed his cock, sliding the slick pole between her fingers.  Amazingly to Liam, her hand felt even better than her mouth!

She jerked him off in long, teasing strokes, sending shivers through his spine.  Liam moaned with lust, pleading her to keep going. 

Then he felt her begin to massage his ballsac.  Slow at first, in a clockwise she gently kneaded and squeezed his balls which somehow made the handjob feel even better.

“Yes, please…” he muttered, unable to finish his thought from the pleasure he was experiencing.

Julie smiled as she continued to play with his gonads in her hand, palpitating the dense, spongy orbs between her fingers - all while pumping his cock faster and faster.  The excitement in his loins soon filled his entire body. It felt so good, he never wanted it to end.

A nasty twist to his baby-makers made the lean Irish stud gasp, but he was so horny that a little ball misery wasn’t going to prevent him from cumming.

Liam felt the euphoria begin to build and he knew he might blow his load at any moment. At the same time, Julie’s grip got even tighter on Liam’s dangling love-spuds.

“Yes, yes…” Liam grunted and his hips began to undulate. “Yes, keep doing it…keep doing it!  I don’t care if you squeeze my fucking bollocks off, just don’t stop!”

Liam’s nuts were yanked down hard, stretching his scrotum as far as it would go and twin orbs were crushed into a vicious nut claw.  The force brought to bare on the tender flesh caused the shape of the plump gonads to deform forced a wail from the Irish stud.

The pain would have stopped a mustang in his tracks, but Liam’s teenage lobido steamed along.

Within seconds, Liam’s dick was shooting one large glob after another of thick, white cream.

Liam moaned, both in pleasure and pain in his contracting balls as he shot his load like a geyser, painting his thighs and stomach with a seemingly never-ending reserve of his seed.

First eight, then ten… it wasn’t until the fourteenth blast that his cock finally stopped shuddering.

Liam moaned again, finally coming down from his climax to fall smack dab in to a painful ball ache. 

He moaned, and tried rolling over, but he couldn’t and simply let newfound surge in fatigue take over until he drifted back to sleep.

Paul grinned like a fiend at the sound of Liam’s light snores and gently jangled the loose, warm testicles resting in his hand.  Now that they were empty, they felt a bit lighter than before. They looked almost silly, covered in pink wrinkly skin that was set in direct contrast to the pale white skin of Liam’s legs.  

He ran his finger through the cool sperm that was crusting over on Liam’s skin. Better to be jerked out of him than used to fill his sister’s womb, he reasoned.  Liam was due to stay with the family for another few months, but draining the teenage boy was becoming a chore that was losing it’s luster. 

Sure, it’d been fun to bust Liam’s balls at first, especially since he was so expressive when hit below the belt!  He’d huff and puff and his eyes would cross before dropping to the ground.  Paul had even made a game of trying to see how many strikes he could make before Liam went down.  And milking his dick dry wasn’t all that hard either, since Liam seemed to be horny most of the time…which was usual for teenage boys, of course, but that didn’t make Paul’s life any easier.  After more than a week of depriving poor Liam of his seed, Paul was beginning to get tired of his self-appointed roll of protecting his sister’s honor.  That’s why he’d spent the last day or so reading up on castration. 

Paul had taken a few days to get used to the idea.  Eventually he’d decided there was only one way to make sure Liam didn’t make him an uncle - but how would he do it?  The use of chemicals seemed out of the question, so the only practical option left was manual castration.

The thought of breaking Liam’s balls, though entertaining, perhaps, had difficulties of it’s own.  Cutting could lead to a big bloody mess that he didn’t have the stomach for, and smashing seemed equally unlikely.  Despite their softness and malleability, Liam’s nuts were stubbornly strong and resistant. De-nutting the Irish teen bare handed had proven useless, along with kicking or kneeing poor Liam in the nads, and the thought of using something hard like book or a hammer seemed equally unlikely.

Paul had all but thrown his hands up in failure, until he read about banding.  It appeared to be a common enough practice with livestock - just take a bit of rubber or plastic, wrap it around the neck of the scrotum until blood flow is constricted, and let the testicles wither like grapes on a nicked vine.

Paul had scoured the house for something suitable.  At first he’d considered a thick rubber band from his desk drawer, but the initial trials had ended with it snapping in half.  That’s when he thought to go to his father’s work-bench in the garage and found the rubber gasket.

Paul rolled the pink orbs within Liam’s nutsac and watched them shift in his grasp. 

“You’re kids are going to feel this one,” he mused as he slid the black piece of rubber against the base of Liam’s scrotum. 

It was tough going and Liam’s balls were much too big to fit easily through the tiny whole.  Paul had to isolate Liam’s nuts and try feeding them through one at a time.  Even then, Liam’s plump testicles did not want to budge and Paul was forced to squeeze and manipulate Liam’s manhood until, finally, Liam’s left ball was forced through the other side and separated from its comrade. 

The Irish boy groaned and shifted in his sleep.

Paul grunted with some measure of satisfaction and went back to work.

Liam’s right nut was even more troublesome than the left.  Paul swore as he spent over twenty minutes trying to press the slippery nugget through the rubber ring, but the stubborn bullock didn’t go easily.  When it finally did pass, it crashed into Liam’s waiting left testicle, causing the red-headed teen to cry out in his sleep.

“Finally,” Paul huffed as he inspected the two orbs bunched together against the tight rubber ring.  The skin around Liam’s balls was tight and shiny, already turning a rosey-pink.

“Nice,” Paul said to himself and gave Liam’s nuts a short squeeze.  They wouldn’t be going anywhere so long as they were trapped at the base of his sack. “You’re going to have a rough few hours, I think.  By the time you wake up tomorrow morning, your balls are going to be so sore, I bet you won’t be able to walk.”

Paul pinched the fat danglers between his fingers one last time before throwing the sheet back over him.

Liam moaned gently as he slumbered, never waking all the while his nuts slowly asphyxiated.

- Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Foreign Exchange - Part 2 - Consequences

The second day of courtship was even worse for poor Liam.  It had started off well with some flirtatious talking and even making out, but before he knew what was happening, she had his jeans down around his ankles and she was aiming kicks straight in to his balls.  Lucky for him, she missed a lot, but when she did connect, it felt like her foot was smashing his gonads in to the stratosphere.  Five kicks was all he could manage before he simply became unable to rise back on his feet.

At least she had noticed and appreciated that he’d swiped a pair of bright orange boxer-briefs from her little brother Paul and was wearing them as apposed to the white briefs he usually sported.  The only problem was that Paul was younger and had a slighter build then Liam, and his size medium trunks looked a bit silly on the Irish stud’s large frame.  Julie particularly liked how they hugged Liam’s butt and crotch, but Liam mostly found them troublesome as they had a tendency of riding up and snagged his boys in a desperate choke hold that left him rearranging his junk every 10 minutes of the day.

Worst yet, Julie had insisted that he not masturbate unless in her presence, but with her seemingly insatiable desire to bust his balls, he hardly had the desire to contemplate walking, let alone pleasure himself.

Night after night the pattern continued, with each occurrence leaving Liam looking and feeling more bruised than the last.  Tuesday night had been a long series of punches and punts, Wednesday had been an onslaught of vicious knee strikes, and that night had been a brutal stomping of his nuggets. Yet nonetheless, the nightly sessions of heavy petting, followed by rough ball play had resulted in his nuts becoming sore and bloated with the pent up sperm of a virile teenage boy.  Julie had noticed the tension, but only teased Liam all the more and sent him out of her room molested, busted, and frustrated.

Liam was feeling particularly demoralized Thursday evening as he shuffled back to the bedroom he was sharing with Paul, Julie’s 16 year old brother.  He hadn’t even bothered buttoning his pants back up all the way as he shuffled in to the room.

Paul watched him come in from the top of his bunk bed.  “Hey Liam, what’s up.”

“Not much, Paulie.” Liam said sounding a bit dejected as he plopped backwards on to the mattress.

Paul raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”


Paul let out a sigh.  “Doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“It is. Promise.” Liam replied as he snaked his hand down the front of his jeans. “I just need to get some sleep, is all.”

“Oh?” Paul wasn’t convinced. “And where are you skulking back from this evening?”

“No where, Paulie.”  Liam groaned.

Paul shook his head.  Liam had started calling him “Paulie” lately, a nickname he didn’t particularly care for.

“Dude, are you getting yourself some tail?” Paul asked, but Liam said nothing.  “You dog, man.  You’re railing some chick, aren’t you?”

“No,” Liam responded.

“Who is she?” Paul asked as he descended from the top bunk. 

“Feck off man!” Liam groaned as he pulled his jeans off and went back to massaging his sore nuts.

“Hey dude, are are you wearing my underwear?” Paul asked, spying a familiar pair of striped red and blue boxer briefs.

“Yeah man, I am.” Liam grunted, holding himself.

Paul climbed down from the top bunk. “I was wondering where all my underwear was going!”

“Yeah, sorry man,” Liam grunted. “Julie want’s me to wear boxer briefs and I don’t have any of my own.”

“Julie?”  Paul asked incredulously. “My sister cares about what underwear you’re wearing?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Liam shrugged.

“Wait, what?”  Paul shook his head slowly. “Are you and my sister… I mean, are you… are you drilling my sister!?”

Liam chuckled.  “I wish! No, it’s not like that…not yet, at least.”

Paul suddenly looked furious.  “What the fuck, man?”

“No, no, relax. Nothing’s happening, it’s just a misunderstanding.” Liam tried to say calmly, but Paul was having none of that.

“It’s not a misunderstanding if you’re shoving your dick inside my sister!” Paul yelled.  “You come skulking in here, in a pair of my underwear that you are wearing for my sister, and… and…”

The rage in Paul’s young eyes is almost cute, if not disturbing. 

“It’s not like that, I swear.” Liam replied as earnestly as he could.

“Damn right, I’m not going to let you get away with it!” Paul snarled.  “Now stand up!”

“Listen, I understand you feel the need to defend your sister’s honor and all, but I’m telling you, there’s no need.  She’s a big girl and can take care of herself.” Liam said calmly as he rose off the bed.

“Screw that, I’ll take care of you!” Paul yelled and sent a jab at Liam’s nose, followed by a strong left hook into Liam’s jaw.

Liam grunted and raised his hands to protect his face.  He had to have 30 pounds on his opponent and at least 6 inches.  If he wasn’t careful, Paul might really get hurt.  “Stop man, you don’t understand!”

“Yes I do, you sneaky bastard!” Paul hissed as he jabbed at Liam’s face again, but the bigger teen was ready this time and deflected the blows.

“Son of a bitch,” Paul huffed as he circled.  The scene was almost comical, with Paul in his pajamas and Liam half naked, wearing a snug pair of boxer briefs.

“Come on, buddy.  There’s no need…” Liam’s words were cut short as Paul ignored hims and delivered a nasty blow between his legs, kicking his testicles straight up against his body.

Liam coughed hard and slid down to his knees. “That was uncalled for, mate.”

Paul took a step back and watched as Liam tried to right himself. “Really? Is it as uncalled for as you emptying out your fucking ball-bag in to my sister?”

Paul kicked Liam square in the crotch again before he could reply.

Liam coughed and slid forward, and his groin was ground zero for one huge throbbing mass of pain.

Paul hauled Liam up on to the lower bunk and shook his head as he stared down at him. “Well, don’t worry. I”ll make sure you’re never going to be able to fuck my sister again.”

Liam couldn’t believe it! He actually hadn’t ever gotten to have sex with Julie, and now he was getting his balls battered by her little brother too? It was as if someone was turning his fantasy into a nightmare!

“And just how are you going to manage that Paulie? You gonna cut my nuts off?”  Liam joked, but he could see Paul was still mad as ever.

“Maybe not, but I can make sure you remain out of commission.” Paul grunted with the exertion as he wrestled Liam on the bed.

In a fair fight, Liam would most likely come out on top of such a tussle, but five consecutive days of getting his balls smashed by Julie had much of his strength and will.  Still, it was a bitter match that ultimately resulted in Paul latching on to soft, swollen bulge in his shorts.

Paul let out a triumphant roar and immediately began applying pressure to Liam’s baby-makers, squeezing and pumping hard enough to make the Irish stud moaned.

“Fuckin’ bollocks… you’re going to pop them at that rate!” Liam squeaked and coughed.

“Fine by me!” Paul grinned.

Liam’s head rolled side to side as Paul continued the assault on his manhood.  He tried squirming out of his attacker’s grasp, but that failed when Paul simply yanked down his boxer briefs and squeezed his naked nuts instead.

Liam moaned miserably.  He lost track of time while Paul went to town on him. Seconds felt like hours, and minutes felt like weeks.

Paul focused all his anger and rage at the two orbs between Liam’s legs, as if they were the root of all evil on earth.  How could a guy who he practically looked up to like a brother, live with him, share meals with him, and then go behind his back to deflower his sister?  Liam was wrong and out of line, and he was going to be the one to set things right. 

The tall ginger stud seemed to be in a daze now, but he’d moan a bit louder from time to time when Paul really gave his nuts a hard turn.  Perhaps he’d stop soon… or, perhaps he’d just squash the lying bastard’s balls flat, right there!

But things suddenly took a turn that dashed that thought.

“Dude, are you starting to like this?” Paul asked? He was still grinding Liam’s nuts between his fingers, but something else was different.

“Fuck no, you’re killing me!” Liam gasped, still weakly trying and failing to protect himself.

“Ok, fine, but then why is your dick fucking hard?” Paul grunted and nodded at Liam’s pale rod pointing up in the air.

“Shit… I don’t… know…”  Liam’s groans seemed to be shifting in pitch as Paul worked the sensitive ball cords just below each ball.  “Fuck, what are you doing? Stop it!”

Liam’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Paul experimentally manipulated the older teen’s nut chords. The Irish stud let out a loud groan and his dick got even harder and began to throb.

“Fuck…looks like you’re ready to blow!”  Paul hissed with awe.

Liam’s lips curled and he moaned.

Without any warning, Paul sunk his thumbs directly in to the center of each orb, causing poor Liam to screech.  Moments later his dick began pumping a copious load of thick, warm baby batter that splashed against Liam’s face. 

Liam’s cries were cut short as the taste of his own semen entered his mouth.  Nearly a week of pent up spunk was now being forcefully evicted from his balls and there was nothing he could do but ride the wave.

Liam’s dick hummed with the orgasm that was racking his body, pulsating with each new gush that blasted his chest and stomach.

“Fuck dude,” Paul sighed quietly as he wrung Liam’s bruised, bloated ballsac a few more times before he was sure they were completely empty. “That was a pretty big nut.”

Liam opened his eyes and saw the huge puddles forming on his chest and stomach, and he groaned.

“Probably not going to be able to fuck anything for a while, huh stud?”  Paul smiled.  His anger seemed to be gone now, replaced perhaps by something else.

Liam shook his head, but remained silent.

“Good.” Paul smirked and smacked him hard in his exposed danglers.  The sound of his hand hitting Liam’s soft balls made a hollow thud that filled the room with a sickening ‘THUD.’

Liam’s eyes crossed and he rolled over in pain.

 - Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Foreign Exhange - Part I - The Courtship

Liam had only been in the United States for two weeks on a foreign exchange program, plopped right smack dab in the middle of a small city in the Midwest, but that was long enough for him to know he loved it. The food tasted better, the weather was warmer, and despite the rumor’s he’d been told, the people were some of the most friendly he’d ever met.  Heck, even the girls were hotter than the ones he’d left behind in Ireland!

Liam had had his eye on one girl in particular, practically since he’d arrived in the Anderson household - Julie, their 18 year old daughter. She was a senior in high school, though she was only six months older than Liam, she seemed more experienced and even exotic when she spoke in her casual American accent.  That, along with her breathtaking good looks had left him dumbstruck with the teenage girl that he one day dreamed to seduce.  Each night he’d fantasize about sneaking in to her room and kissing her red, velvety lips, or even get his hands on her soft, ripe melons hidden beneath her bra.  The thought often left him hard and frustrated, and in need of jerking off - which was difficult since he was sharing a room with Julie’s younger brother Paul who was 16 years old. 

Julie had noticed Liam’s attentions. The stares and awkward pauses.  She found poor attempt at chasing her amusing and at times, egged him on.  It was so much fun to watch how frustrated he got, that she often would disrobe with the door to her room ajar, just enough to allow the cute foreign exchange student to get a glimpse of her.  On several occasions, she was sure she’d made the young man pop a boner, but since he always seemed to be wearing ‘mom-jeans,’ it was hard to tell.

The truth, of course, was that Julie’s displays had left Liam’s teenage hormones roaring.  Often he would have to excuse himself to the bathroom to masturbate a few times before he could put his jeans back on without having them tent out obscenely. 

Lately, Julie seemed to be doing everything she could to get Liam’s attention, and Liam was spending more and more time in the bathroom.  If things continued as they were going, Liam feared that he might die of dehydration and the Andersons would find him curled up on the floor with his dick in his hands.

He decided that he couldn’t let things continue this way, and that this was the time to act.  He was going to ask Julie out once and for all.

Liam made his move after dinner one night.  After the plates had been cleared from the table, Liam, Paul, and Julie made their way back to their rooms to finish their homework.  Liam sat down and opened up his math textbook, but he was already planning what he’d say to Julie.  Now and then he’d steal glances at Paul, but the boy seemed to be focused on the book he was reading for English class.

Liam put down the textbook he was holding and let out an exaggerated yawn.  “I think I’m going to go to the bathroom, that ok or do you need it?”

“Sure man, whatever.” Paul replied after a moment, not once looking up from his book.

Liam got up from his desk and stole another glance at Paul before stepping out to the hallway and closed the door behind him.  Then, creeping on cat’s paws, he made his way to Julie’s room and knocked softly.

“Hello?” He asked quietly.

“Come in,” Julie’s voice beckoned. 

Liam opened the door and rushed in, closing it tightly behind him.  “Cheers, Julie.  How’s it going?”

“Fine.” Julie smiled, brushing her hair in front of the mirror.  She was wearing a long t-shirt that did little to hide her generous bosoms and stretched down just low enough down her thigh that it was unclear if she was even wearing underwear. 

With one glance, Liam could feel his prick begin to stiffen as he imagined what was just below that t-shirt.

“Liam? Liiiiiiaaaaam?  Are you ok?” Julie asked mockingly as she watched the handsome ginger snap back out of the trance he seemed to be stuck in.

“Oh, yes. Of course!”  Liam smiled bashfully. Then he cleared his throat and took a step forward.  “I was just wondering if you’d like to go see a movie with me sometime.”

“A movie?” Julie fluttered her eyes dramatically.  “Do you mean, like down in the den, or out… like a date?”

Julie watched with glee as Liam stammered a bit.  She’d caught him off guard and she was loving it.

“Well out, I suppose, like a date.” Liam finally blurted out, his accent much thicker than planned.

“A date? Oh my.” Julie said playfully.

“Yeah, I just figured we could get out of the house for a bit, you know.”  The red-headed boy shifted his stance uncomfortably in front of her.

“I see, well…” Julie cleared her throat.  “I think that’d be fine, assuming you’re eligible to go out with me.”

“Eligible?” Liam asked.

“Yes, indeed.  Don’t you have to do this in Ireland?” Julie asked, rising from her seat and faced him for the first time.  She seemed even more beautiful in that moment. Her long, straight brunette hair draped over her shoulders of her slight frame, which seemed incapable of supporting her large, perfectly shaped breasts and ass.

Liam was hooked.

“In America, when a boy would like to spend time with a girl, first he has to court her and show his worth… as a man.”  Julie ended her statement flatly as she glanced down at the bulge in Liam’s baggy jeans.

Liam cleared his throat again.  “No, I don’t think so.”

Julie flashed a smile.  “Oh, well it’s usual for a boy to court a girl before they go out.”

Liam shrugged. “Ok, fine.  Let’s do it.”

“Are you sure? It can get a bit… rough.” Julie teased as she pinched the top button of Liam’s jeans sensually.

Julie grinned.  “Ok, great.  First, some ground rules. One, you don’t get to touch me, but I get to touch you.”

Liam nodded cautiously. “Ok.”

“Rule two, I need to see what you’re working with, so I think you should drop those pants.”  She said nonchalantly. 

“Are you serious?” Liam asked sounding a bit dumbstruck.

“Oh yeah, now strip!” Julie barked as she folded her arms and waited.

Liam could hardly believe what he was being asked to do, but already he had his shirt up, over his head showing off his thin, lean torso and lightly freckled skin. 

Julie noticed the way Liam’s biceps bulged and the thin red line of pubic hair that made up his happy trail sink down below his belly button.

Liam’s fingers fumbled a moment at the clasp of his jeans, but after seeing no signal that she’d changed his mind, he pulled open the fly of his jeans and let them fall down, around his ankles, revealing his muscular, lightly freckled legs and a prominent bulge in his tighty-whitie briefs as they hugged his boner within the confines of the cotton pouch.

“Well, well, well, well, well…” Julie trailed off as her eyes drank in Liam’s naked body.  He stood tall, switching his stance uncomfortably as she inspected him, causing his cotton bulge to shift.

“Any chance you like what you see?” Liam asked trying to sound confident, but it failed on Julie.  She knew she was the one in control, not him. 

“Shush!” Julie whispered, stepping close as she continued to analyze his physique.  “Tighy- whities? Really?  You’re going to have to get yourself some boxers… or at least some boxer-briefs.  You can borrow some from Paul for the time being.”

“You want me to borrow your brother’s underwear?” Liam’s indigence was suddenly cut short by shock and pleasure when Julie suddenly reached forward and stormed the head of his rigid pole through his briefs. 

Liam moaned in pleasure, unable to believe that Julie was just going for it.

The teenage beauty grinned like a jackal. 

“The third thing? I get to do whatever I’d like to you, and you’ll have to just take it.”  Julie sneered.  Then without warning, she reached under the shaft and firmly grasped the twin nuggets that were outlined in his briefs. 

Liam gasped and his knees locked as she squeezed his testicles hard between her fingers. 

“Oh God, no, please…”  he grunted and pawed uselessly at Julie’s arms.  “You’re twisting me ghoulies!”

“Ghoulies?  What…you mean your balls?” Julie admonished him and pumped Liam’s poor nads between her fingers. “In the states we call these things that are causing you so much discomfort at the moment, balls… ok?”

“Yes, yes, got it!” Liam coughed and wretched, trying and failing to release his gonads from her crushing grip. “You’re squeezing my BALLS! Now stop, please!!!!”

“Better,” she loosened her grip, but was still holding the poor teenage boy’s crotch. “Come to think of it, we call these things ‘nuts’ too…though for the life of me, I don’t know why.  These things are so much softer than nuts, and they sure don’t make a cracking sound when you hit them!”

She drove home her point by lifting the protruding bulge of Liam’s cock off to the side in his briefs and smacked her hand right up under Liam’s bulging ballsac. 

Just as Julie had predicted, there was not “crunch” noise, and yet, Liam felt as if his whole world was crashing down around him.  His knees knocked together and he lost his balance, landing flat on his butt. Worse yet, when he landed, the full weight of his body had come down and caught the back of his scrotum and clipped his nuts.

Liam was moaning and curled up in to a ball, his hand buried deep between his legs.

Julie watched the crumpled teenage boy on her floor and tried stifling her laughter halfheartedly.

“Oh, come on, I didn’t hurt you that bad.  I just gave your little ballsies a swat.  Come on now, why don’t you show me what a big, strong man you are and get back on your feet?” she asked, make sure not to sound too condescending as she helped drag the prostrate teen stud back on his feet.

Liam felt like he still might retch at any moment, but he managed to stand up straight, albeit with Julie’s help. 

“There now, that’s gotta be better!”  Julie beamed as she inspected the pale teenage boy before her.  Liam was tall, skinny, and looked incredibly innocent and exposed in his white briefs. 

“Not really,” Liam groaned and bent over halfway at the waist for a few seconds before standing back up. “Feels like my gho- I mean, balls, were caught in a vice!”

Julie laughed and Liam looked exasperated as he reached both hands in to his underwear and repositioned his junk.

“Is that so?” She kept laughing. “Well maybe I should inspect the goods and see for myself!”

Liam inhaled sharply as she pulled the elastic band and peered into his underwear.

Julie clicked her teeth.  “Well, there’s the meat,” she said, eyeing the thick phallus at the base of Liam’s briefs.

Liam cleared his throat as he scanned Julie’s face as she spent long, agonizing seconds scanning his member. Was she actually impressed with the size of his dick?

Then, as if in answer to his thoughts, she reached in and grabbed his shaft while pulling down his underwear until it was down around his knees.

“Oh my,” she said, clearing her throat. “…and there are the potatoes.”  She’d angled his dick up, and there, just below a thick tangle of orange pubic hair and root of his cock hung two plum-sized orbs, nestled snuggly in a wrinkled, pink sac.

Liam’s dick twitched expectantly within Julie’s hand, but she didn’t seem interested and instead grasped his plump gonads in her fist. 

“My gosh,” Julie said in wonder as she manipulated his sore nuts against her palm. “I can see why Ireland went through a potato famine a while back. Your family was storing them here!”

Liam couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, despite the ache in his balls. 

“I’m going to have a lot of fun taking a crack at these things.”  Julie squealed quietly with glee.

“Crack?” Liam cleared his throat. “You’re not actually going to try to crack my balls, I mean…right?”

He was getting a tad uncomfortable with the zeal that Julie was twisting his scrotum between her fingers and instinctively tried to back away, but Julie had the poor Irish stud right where she wanted him. She gave his sperm tanks a single tug to let him know who was the boss.

“You’re probably right, I mean, cracking these babies would take lots of work.” She said as her fingers were working the soft flesh of Liam’s balls so thoroughly, he was beginning to resent being born as a male. The incessant squeezing and jostling was forcing more and more strange grunts and groans from his lips. 

“But I think I might be able to use them if you’re the man for me.”  Julie grinned.

Liam cringed and his mouth formed a wide 0 as Julie twisted his balls down to the base of his sac and yanked in opposite directions, pulling his gonads apart before rearing back and letting her knee fly up between his legs. 

He cursed and watched in horror as Julie grabbed his broad shoulders and sent her knee in to his groin again, this time, catching half of his cock and causing it to fly in the air just as his left testicle was smashed between his pelvis and her kneecap.

Liam howled in agony, but that didn’t slow Julie down for one moment as she hammered his bullocks again and again until the poor teenage boy was mewing on the floor, grasping frantically at his scrotum that was swollen and as red as the hair on his head.

“Wow, that was impressive Liam.  I can’t believe you let me bust your balls that much!  They sure look bruised!” Julie laughed.

“Yup,” Liam gasped, agreeing with her observation.  In fact, his nuts felt more than bruised, and rather like they’d been trampled by a heard of bison!

Julie grabbed his dick, which had never gone all the way soft and held it in her hand for a few seconds, as if she were trying to ascertain it’s weight.  Even though he was in pain, the thought of having the American girl of his dreams holding his cock brought it twanging back to life.

“Now it’s going to be important that you not masturbate for the next week.  If you’re going to date me, then you’re going to have to get used to abstaining from that sort of thing when I’m not around.  But you can always pleasure yourself in front of me.

“No thanks.” Liam croaked through the feeling that his stomach was turned inside out.

“Oh, and don’t forget to start borrowing Paul’s underwear.  I don’t want to see you in any of these tightie-whities again!”

Liam sighed. “Yeah, ok, fine.”  He was sure that her little brother was going to love that idea.

“Excellent.  Well, let’s meet again tomorrow night after dinner, say, my room at 8:30pm?

“Sure.”  Liam whispered, still clinging to his manhood.

- Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finally an Update!

Hello All! It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a story here (for which I apologize), but lately I’ve gotten bitten by the bug to write again, so I’ll get back to it!

You may be happy to hear that I’ve been working on a story for the past few days, and I’m probably a few days away from posting!  At this point I’ve got two parts in mind and I’m working on them right now. 

Meet our character Liam! He is a 17 year old foreign exchange student from Ireland who finds himself in a bit of an odd situation.  More on that to come…

If you’d like to see more of him, check out Carl at Chaosmen.


Another model that I’d like to write about is Trey (also from Chaosmen). 

I haven’t yet come up with a good story for him, though he looks a bit older and has some outlandishly large balls.  I’m thinking he’s going to be someone’s son-in-law, and somewhere along the way get his big baby-makers busted… but how and why? Well, I’m not sure.  What do you think? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can come up with something bad… I mean good… or naughty? Can’t remember now.


And lastly, I’d like to do something with Kiero (surprise, surprise, also from Chaosmen).

I think I have an idea for him, but I’m not sure yet, and either way, it’d be a ways off.  If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see happen to him, make sure you comment!


Oh, and let me say that I haven’t forgotten about the Men of the House series (for all those MotH supporters). I have some ideas about it and an idea of what to do next, but I’ve not been inspired to write until recently.  What I can say though, is that 1) I have not stopped planning to put out more stories in the series, and 2) if you really like the premise and feel creative, why don’t you write a story up about them? As long as you don’t do anything too extreme (like permanently bust poor Dylan’s balls), I’d be happy to publish it here for all to read? Just a thought.  Keep it in mind.

In the meantime, stay tuned. There will be updates in the next few days. Take care all!!!