Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teaching My Roommate a Lesson

A special thanks to Reginald who took the time to write this story and share it with us. Bravo!


This my favorite photo of Dan, my room-mate. I took it a few weeks ago after an encounter that ended up changing our relationship forever.


Like so many arrogant studs, Dan’s a total jerk to everybody, unless he’s making a move on some innocent girl. He’s a master in the art of manipulation and always uses his stunning looks to full advantage. When he applied to rent a room from me, I fell under his spell and accepted immediately, a decision I immediately regretted.

I’ve never seen him do a day’s work yet he always pays the bills in cash. He seems to spend his life working out, hanging around in the flat or sleeping. Hot girls fall for his looks and superficial charm and many nights I’m kept awake by the sounds of wild sex from his room. But these girls never stay beyond dawn and I rarely see the same girl twice.

As you can see Dan has the build of a fitness model, the result of a total obsession with his own body. He can’t pass a mirror without stopping to check himself out. He snubbed my initial attempts to befriend him and generally acted like I didn't exist. And then, one day, he noticed me gazing as he flexed his biceps after a workout. From that point it seemed he got a real kick out of flaunting his hot and totally unobtainable body, just to taunt me. When he spoke it was to brag about his sexual conquests or how he had defeated other guys in fights or tests of strength. He frequently asked me how he looked as he flexed in front of me. Once he asked me to measure his biceps and another time he convinced me to test his rock hard abs with my fist. I should have told him to go to hell, but I always humiliated myself and complied.

After showering he would spend the evening wearing only a thin towel that failed to conceal the profile of his impressive package. He would lie on the sofa with his legs casually spread, giving me a partial view of his thick cock and exquisite, meaty balls. In short he had the body of Adonis and the mind of a cruel, dysfunctional bully. After some weeks I wanted to kick him out of my flat, but he was so hot it was a difficult decision.

It was pointless to try to fight him, I had seen him working out and knew his hot muscles were not just for show. So I started to fantasize about how to bust his heavy nuts and he gave plenty of opportunities to try. When he showed off his biceps I could have smashed my knee into his oversexed testicles, crushing them against his pelvis. Or as he slept naked in his bed I could get my hands around each meaty orb and squeeze with full force. Yet I resisted each chance that came. I know some guys can handle a kick or squeeze to their jewels and if Dan was as tough as he looked, he would immediately take revenge on mine.

I had to use his weakness against him and his weakness was sex. I needed to find a girl, tough and cruel, that would help me get even. To find this type of girl there was one place to start looking : fem-dom web sites. I searched relentlessly, she had to be ‘his type’, young and hot with big breasts, but for my plan to work she needed to be physically strong and adept at fighting. I soon found a few good candidates and began sending out emails hoping to get a response. It took a few days of sending emails back and forth, but eventually I settled on a plan to teach Dan a lesson he'd never forget. If it worked out, I was going to knock him down a peg and maybe even change my mind about letting him stay in my flat.


Friday evening started as usual. Dan came back from the gym, showered and sauntered up to me wearing only his towel. He saw me glance at his swinging package and sneered. He touched the bulge in his towel and made a comment about how his balls felt like they were bursting and aching for some pussy.

"What kind of chick should I go for tonight?" Dan asked as he flexed his biceps behind his head.

"How should I know?" I replied testily.

Dan ignored the obvious tone in my voice as he continued to stretch the muscles in his limbs. "Maybe an Asian." He mused aloud. "No, wait, I brought a Korean chick home last week."

I glared back at him for a moment. Then I shrugged my shoulders and decided to play along. "You should go out of your comfort zone, you know, find someone different - like a girl with a tattoo."

"The ink doesn't matter." Dan shook his head. "They're all the same dude, at least down where it counts."

I blinked. "Yeah right. I'll bet you your share of next month's rent that you can't bag a girl with a tattoo tonight."

Dan lifted an eyebrow as he stared back at me and then he broke out a great big, confident smile and took the bait.

About 4 hours later I heard the door slam and Dan strode into the flat, alone and in a rage. He ripped off his designer shirt and yelled about some ‘conniving bitch’ that had toyed with him until the bars were closed, then she disappeared, leaving nothing to show for his efforts except a big swollen set of blue balls and a text message that promised that she'd make it up to him tomorrow. I smiled discretely, but didn't say a word.

He collapsed on the sofa, holding his head with both hands. He was wearing the tight jeans he reserved for picking up girls. They hugged his muscular thighs and ass and the fabric stretched over the bulging mound at his crotch. He cupped this bulge and groaned in discomfort, then slowly unbuttoned the fly to release the pressure. Moments later he removed them completely and dropped them on the floor. He was wearing only white lycra briefs that showed his porn star assets in anatomical detail. I almost choked as he fondled his egg-sized gonads through the thin fabric, now released from their crushing confinement.

I announced that I was going to sleep, and after wishing him luck tomorrow with his mystery date, I snuck to my bedroom. Things were going according to plan.

Next day I woke early, checked the preparations and made my phone call. Then I peeked through the door of Dan’s room. He was asleep, sprawled naked on his stomach. Between his muscular thighs I had a great view of his big man-eggs. I could hardly contain my excitement as I stared at the fat round orbs. Today I would find what it would take to crack them.

At 9:00 am I heard Dan enter the bathroom and start up the shower. I figured I had half an hour or so and made another call to my contact. Minutes later there was a discrete knock at the door and opened the door to discover a young black woman. We had spoken several times by phone but I recognized her immediately from the website. She introduced herself using her web name, Nagini. She had medium dark skin, black hair and an accent I couldn’t identify but suggested African origins. She was slim but with a very athletic build and defined muscles. She was dressed in tight jeans that hugged her curvy hips and her firm breasts bulged through her skimpy shirt that also revealed the toned muscles of her abdomen. However her most distinguishing feature was a sexy tattoo that ran down the side of her neck, portrayed a python crushing a giant egg. She showed me the small tazer hidden in her back pocket and we finalized the plan.

Finally Dan emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a small towel. He still looked sullen and dejected form his humiliation the night before. I called out to him, "Hey Dan, there’s a visitor for you!"

Dan turned and his jaw dropped when he saw Nagini get up from the sofa. He looked bemused and shocked, unsure if he should be angry or relieved.

Nagini broke the silence. "Dan! Wow, nice body!" She licked her lips sensually, walked straight up to him and embraced him, rubbing her pert breasts against his naked chest. She slowly slid her hand down his muscular torso.

"Sorry about last night, honey. I was tired and I need all my energy for such a . . . big bull!"
Her hand had slipped into his towel and grabbed his impressive package.

Dan gasped and his body tensed as she grasped his plump danglers and started rolling them expertly in her hand.

"Fuck, yeah," Dan whispered, closing his eyes "You you don't waste any time, huh?" He groped her ass playfully, then bit his lip as her fingers closed around his prize assets. Her rough foreplay was creating a bulging tent in his towel.

Nagini was sticking exactly to the script that we'd worked out. The plan was to put Dan through some serious pain without doing any permanent damage to his manhood. At the moment, she was checking out his tender testicles to see how much punishment they were capable of resisting. Her expert hands assessed their shape, and felt the surface of each nugget for any weak points that might easily ruptured. When she was satisfied, she carefully squeezed Dan's gonads one at a time to test how well each orb kept its shape.

As Nagini removed her hand, Dan’s huge engorged cock broke through he slit in the towel. Even at this distance I could see the thick vein winding down his thick throbbing shaft. The girl glanced at me with an evil smile and gave the thumbs up. Dan's eggs were nice and firm, they wouldn't crack easily.

Dan was panting deeply, he was hot and horny and I guessed his sperm banks were ready to explode inside this chick. Grabbing the girl by the ass he lifted her effortlessly and walked her into his room. His door swung back but I had blocked it from closing completely. Silently I crept along the dark corridor to watch the action through the gap.

Dan’s back was blocking the view and I had to duck to see through his spread legs. My heart began pounding when I caught site of his bulging low hangers dangling between his legs, behind the big throbbing cock that he was sensually stroking.

The girl was lying on the double bed by the window at the end of the room, very slowly unbuttoning her jeans. Dan’s room was pretty large. An array of weights and gym equipment lined one wall but the rest of the room was spacious and uncluttered.

"Oh yeah, you ready for this cock?" Dan's hips gyrated sensually for Nagini and his cock swung in front of my eyes, "Let’s see if your sweet lips can fit around this grade-A piece of meat. If suck it nice and slow I'll fill you’re mouth with my milk." Dan continued to prepare his weapon for action and gave his nutsack a squeeze. "You might even get seconds. These big nuts of mine are nice and full, I can probably cum all day long."

Nagini slowly got off the bed and approached, still wearing her jeans.

"Hey, not so fast big boy," she purred. "You sure can talk a good game, but I want to see what else you can do with your tongue." She rubbed her crotch through the tight jeans.

Dan stopped stroking his cock.

"Hey, I’m the man, I call shots here." He replied firmly. He held the girls wrists and walked her forcefully towards the bed. "Now take my huge cock, you know you want it."

"You’re hurting me," Nagini protested, trying to release her wrists, but Dan’s grip was firm. Finally she looked up into his eyes submissively and, without warning, drove her knee into his groin. Her technique was well practiced. She attacked from his left, her hard knee totally avoiding his swinging dick as it crunched his unprotected balls. Dan gasped and released her. His hands shot down to his nuts and he doubled over with a groan.

"Aaah fuck!" he yelled, every muscle tensing as he held his large nuts, trying to fathom the sudden pain.

The girl made no attempt to follow up. She just smiled watching his reaction. That strike was less than full-power but enough to leave most men on their knees crying .

I smiled as I watched the arrogant bully fighting through the pain. I whispered quietly, "Come on you big stud, you can take it."

A minute later , Dan slowly straightened, breathed deeply and pumped out his powerful chest. He glared threateningly at the girl, holding his throbbing jewels.

"Ok bitch," he snarled. "That’s really all you’ve got? My balls are tough enough to handle anything you can dish out."

He reached out suddenly for her, but his hand just grabbed air. Nagini ducked and slipped away easily, but seemed unsure of her next move. Dan sneered arrogantly at the nervous girl. She had played her ace and she'd come up short!

He approached and slowly flexed his biceps, and with a knowing smile he raised his arm and licked the sculpted mound of muscle. I almost choked at this display his male superiority, an irresistible show of muscular and sexual prowess. He stood confidently, legs apart and hips forward, his cock was now fully erect, and slapped against his six pack abs. His sperm filled nuts were now pulled up tight at the base of his rod, like smooth, shiny pebbles almost bursting through the tight skin.

"Come on, put your lips on it," he announced beckoning her towards him. She gasped loudly at the site of Dan in his potent naked glory. Resistance against his god-like masculinity was futile and she approached obediently. Her disguise was working perfectly and once she got close enough, she swung her foot back and attacked with an ear-piercing scream.

Dan appeared to be caught up in the moment, gloating over his victory, failing to react until it was too late. Nagini's powerful leg lashed forward and smashed into Dan's tightly packed ballsack. This time she didn't hold anything back, striking Dan's manhood full force. His proud male organs had no chance to escape and bore the full brunt of her lethal kick. I cringed and grabbed my own groin at the sickening sound of boot crunching his testicles.

Dan raised up on tiptoe, a hopeless attempt to reduce the impact. For a second he stood, still flexing his muscles. Then he screamed and doubled over. Both hands desperately clung to his agonized groin, searching the contents of his sac. He stumbled to the side and fell against his weights bench.

"FUCK!!!" he yelled, "my balls! . . . Bitch . . . not my fucking balls!"

He clung desperately to the barbell while his other hand assessed the damage. His muscular body heaved as he coughed hoarsely.

The girl glanced to me and winked. Then she turned to Dan. "What’s wrong Dan? How are those big, powerful balls doing now?"

Damn, this bitch was cruel! Dan was grasping his sac in despair and I feared his mighty bull balls had been turned to mush or booted into his stomach.

Dan released his groin and clutched his muscular abs. The painful kick had causes him to lose his hard-on and his package now swung heavily between his legs. With relief and surprise I saw the clear outline of both nuts bulging defiantly in their thin sack.

The muscles of Dan’s jaw flexed hard on his flushed face as he gritted his teeth in agony. I was surprised by how well he was taking it, though silently I was praying that he stay on his feet a little longer. I watched Dan's legs begin to wobble as his body was continued to be wracked with pain.

Nagini watched Dan then glanced at me and shrugged. This arrogant, fearsome hunk was now doubled over and his smashed nuts hung exposed and vulnerable. A child could have finished him off but I signaled her to give him more time. He continued swaying, holding his tortured sack and muttering incoherently "Fuck . . . damn bitch . . . ugh . . . my fucking nuts’

She approached his bent figure and gripped his neck with her hand.
"Listen," she spoke forcefully, "you think you’re such a hot stud but you’re just an arrogant jerk. What the fuck do you expect? You called me a bitch and treated me like you owned me."

She paused but no reaction. Dan was still in his own world of pain clinging to the bar and holding his wrecked nuts. He looked ready to collapse any moment

Nagini turned back at me and shot me a smile. "Apologize in the next ten seconds and I’ll leave you and your pathetic balls intact."

Without waiting for a response she started counting.

"Ten . . . Nine . . . Eight . . . "

Dan groaned again. I saw him grab his tender jewels and grimace. He cursed under his breath, furious at his own weakness. He coughed, gritting his teeth and clenching his fist in determination.

" . . . Seven . . . Six . . . Five"

Dan watching his fist then gazed down at the rock hard muscles of his arm. He shook his head as if to shake off the pain. He wasn't finished yet.

" . . . Four . . . Three . . . "

Slowly, with pain still etched on his handsome face, Dan raised his athletic frame and filled his chest. He charged, falling hard on Nagini, grabbing her waist and throwing her towards the wall. She doubled over and he held her from above in a bear hug, locking her arms against her sides.

"OK bitch," he snarled, "You like fighting dirty? Let’s see if your tits are as tough as my nuts."

This time Nagini had been taken by surprise. She fought back hard, but Dan was dominating her with his recovering strength. She tried to get to her tazer, but she couldn't reach it as Dan grabbed at her firm breasts, squeezing them brutally.

My sex-crazed tenant was incredible, even his dick was rising again, still horny despite the trauma to those two mighty orbs, which even at that moment were slapping against his muscular thighs as he struggled to contain the agile black girl.

I decided It was time to make my entrance.

Quietly I entered the room and approached the two of them from behind. Nagini was desperately trying to break free by hitting Dan in the groin. A good direct kick would surely finish him, but she was in big trouble. It was a blind target and she was in pain, restrained and bent forward. I saw her boot strike his thigh and another smack into his cock but Dan barely reacted.

Dan had no idea the danger he was in. Bent forward, his meaty nuts made an unmissable target for me.

I waited until the girl kicked out again, then I stepped forward and swung my foot hard into the heavy swaying targets. Dan's nuts were propelled forward, and with a sickening ‘slap’ were crushed between my foot and his rock hard abs.

I punched the air and retreated back out of the door.

"Aaaaah, you bitch!" Dan roared. He squeezed the girl harder, as if trying to break all her ribs. He let out a long, tragic groan, shaking his head wildly, as the fearsome pain hit him. Finally he released the girl from the crushing hold. His hands moved again to his groin seeking his poor, swollen baby-makers.

"What the fuck’s going on?" I shouted from the doorway, surveying the room as if for the first time.
"Dan, are you ok?" I ran up to him and put his arm under my shoulder.

Nagini fell to the ground exhausted and I held the broken stud on his feet by his thickly muscled arm. His powerful legs could not support him now and he pitifully tended his poor busted balls. Dan held me tighter and dropped his head on my shoulder. He looked at me in horror.

"My balls," he gasped in despair and his body dropped forward as he dry-retched.

"Come on tough guy," I whispered, struggling to hold him up. "You can take it, man. You can’t be beaten by a girl."

"I think she broke my balls," he cried, then coughed deeply and clutched his agonized stomach. He looked pale and I thought he might pass out. I took this opportunity of gently handling his swollen balls for the first time. They felt as big and fragile as hard boiled eggs. I welled up with pride from the thought that my kick had been the final straw that put this young, hard stud out of commission.

I straightened Dan’s beautiful body against the wall. "Your balls feel ok. Now be strong Dan. I’ll get that bitch."

Nagini was getting back to her feet. I removed myself from Dan and the defeated young stud collapsed to his knees then fell to his side.

"What the fuck did you do to my friend?" I shouted across the room.

"He’s pathetic!" She snapped back. "He forced himself on me, but I guess he doesn't got the balls to follow through with it."

"You’re going to regret this!" I snarled. We approached each other purposefully.

"What?" she challenged me. "You think you can do any better?"

I approached and tried to grab her. Again she showed her speed, taking a step back and with a piercing scream kicked me full force in the balls. I gasped, but before I could hold my nuts her leg powered back up and nailed them again lifting me clean off my feet.

I held my crotch instinctively, then gave a fierce roar of defiance and attacked the girl. Grabbing her outstretched hands I tried to power her to the ground but she immediately fought back. Her trained muscles were hard as rocks and I was struggling to contain her surprising power. We twisted, forcing me to the wall then she yelled and smashed her knee full force into my balls. I yelled out as her powerful knee struck it’s target.

"Give up now?" She asked smiling. I looked back angrily and defiantly shook my head.

"Fucking idiot." She smashed her knee into my balls four more times. I bent forward groaning and I saw Dan watching in horror.

"How about now?" She snarled.

"Fuck no!" I yelled.

The girl looked back in amazement, then she forced my arms out to the side, slammed her shoulder into my chest and grabbed at my groin with both hands. I yelled hoarsely holding her wrists as her muscles flexed harder and harder. After a full twenty seconds she released her hold and I groaned, doubling over, gasping and clutching my groin.

"Had enough now?" she snarled and turned her attention back to my room mate.

Dan still lay on his side with both hands between his legs, he moaned as he saw her approach. She knelt down, ruffled his hair and squeezed his un-flexed biceps.

"Come on stud, show me those big muscles again." She mocked. Nagini ran her hand down his defeated muscular body, over the thick bulge of his pecs and each bulge of his hard stomach. Finally she slid her hand down between his legs and over his cupped hands.

"No, please." Dan begged miserably.

"What’s wrong big guy?" She asked innocently. "Did I hurt your big, tough-guy balls?"

She grabbed Dan’s wrists and pulled hard. He struggled but the girl overpowered his weakened muscles to reveal his drooping cock and low hanging nuts.

"Now be brave and I’ll check them out."

She released one arm and thrust her hand to his groin. Dan defended instantly, shielding his vulnerable balls just in time and grabbing her wrist. She let go of his other arm and attacked now with both hands. Dan cried out in fear, using all his remaining strength to hold her wrist out of range while desperately shielding himself from her free hand.

The girl giggled as she probed for her target, each time he shielded she struck again from a different angle.

Suddenly Dan let out a blood curdling scream and thrust his hips in the air. Her free hand had reached between his thighs, grasping the neck of his ball-bag and pulled its priceless contents behind his legs. Dan flailed helplessly, his arms reaching behind and grasping the girls arm that held the source of his manhood. With a gentle tug she forced Dan onto his chest and sat herself in the V of his spread thighs. Dan groaned in abject defeat. She had him by the balls and there was nothing he could do.

"No PLEASE!" Dan wailed, banging the floor in submission. "I give, I GIVE! Please . . . stop hurting my nuts!"

Dan was writhing slowly in terror, his muscular ass cheeks thrust up like cannon balls while his powerful thighs flexed uselessly. Between these powerful slabs of muscles the girl’s slender hands tenderly held his male weakness.

"Dan, I think an apology is in order." It was less a suggestion and more of a commanded.

"Sorry, I swear I’m sorry," he whimpered.

"Admit it, your balls weak and pathetic."

Dan remained silent, not willing to submit until Nagini gently squeezed the two fleshy orbs.

"YES!" he gasped. "Please stop."

"Yes what?"

"My balls are weak and pathetic." Dan began to mumble incoherently. All I could make out was him repeating one word. "Please . . . please . . . please . . ."

"Good, I'm glad you finally admitted it." Nagini smiled. "And now it’s time to punish you for your lack of respect."

Suddenly I shouted out. "You get the hell off him bitch!"

I pulled the girl away from him, lifted her to her feet and punched her square in the gut. The blow caught Nagini off guard and she was unable to block the attack. Spinning her around I locked her arm behind her back making her yelp in pain.

"Now it's time you get the hell out of here." I shouted. With one arm pinned I forced her out of the room.

In the corridor I released her arm and we walked quietly to the entrance. I shook her hand, and whispered my thanks. The plan had worked flawlessly. As she stepped outside, I signaled that we would be in touch then slammed and bolted the door. I quickly reached inside my underwear, removed the padded cup I was wearing and hid it in my workbag. Then I ran back into Dan's room to check on my tenant.

Dan was trying to get on his hands and knees, still pathetically cupping his swollen gonads.
"Come on Dan, let’s get you to bed."

I strained to help him to his feet and slowly walked him to the edge of the bed and sat him down. For the first time he looked at me with gratitude then he leaned over. He was slowly recovering.

"Thanks, man. That damn bitch tried to castrate me. My nuts are killing me!"

I put an arm around his powerful shoulders. "You’ll be ok tough guy."

He was silent for a while, then he raised his eyes. "Yeah I guess so." He still winced from the throbbing pain and his voice wavered.

"What the hell happened in here Dan?"

"That girls a psycho bitch!’ he started. "You saw how forceful she came onto me! We came in here and I lied down so she could suck me off. I close my eyes for one minute, and then suddenly out of nowhere she stomps down on my balls with her boots!"

He paused for added drama. "I guess she thought I was finished after that but I’ve got pretty tough balls. I’m hurting, but no bitch is going to defeat me like that, so I get up to tackle her and she pulls off some karate shit, pokes my fucking eye and starts kicking my fucking nuts again. After, like 5 kicks I’m still standing then she takes out this taser . . . "

I sighed quietly, Dan was getting back to his old self.

"Dan," I put my hand up to stop him. "Dan, I have to confess something. I saw the whole thing."

"What the . . . ?" He looked at me in surprise.

"Look, I'm sorry, but she was hot. The moment that hot chick came in the flat I wanted to see her naked. I'm really sorry man but I was watching through your door."

"But . . . " he sputtered confused.

"I know what happened. I saw her knee you in the nuts. Dude, you nearly collapsed. Then after you tried to to intimidate her, she kicked you in the balls. I heard you scream and watched you collapse to the floor."

Dan looked embarrassed and remained silent, still clutching his groin.

"Dude, I wanted to step in then, but you seemed to turn things around pretty quickly. She looked like she was done, ready to give up. Then she connected one little kick with your nuts and you were finished. That's when I decided to come in here and save you."

Dan looked me right in the eye, there was no hint of his usual arrogance.

"You’re right," he confessed. "My balls are fucking killing me. One little kick and I felt like I was going to puke."

Dan groaned as he shifted his hold on his nuts.

"How the hell are you still standing? I saw her slam her knee into your crotch like a dozen times. Even after that, you managed to pry her hands off my junk and kick her ass out of the apartment."

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I would ended it sooner if she hadn't caught me off guard. Or if I had muscles like yours." I grabbed Dan's biceps and gave them a squeeze.

"Yeah, lot of good they did me." Dan moaned. "Seriously, what you have down there, balls of steel?"

I chuckled and shook my head. "No, not exactly. Look, I never told anyone this, but when I was younger, I had a girlfriend that got off on busting guys balls. It always made her really horny."

Dan looked horrified. "What are you telling me man? Are your balls broken?"

"No, no, nothing like that. Everything's still there." I laughed and patted the bulge in my pants.

Dan shook his head. "I've never seen anyone take kicks like that." He sounded genuinely impressed.

"Yeah, well I didn't start out that way. It only took a few kicks to my nuts and she'd get wet and totally turned on. The problem was that at first, I was like you, on the floor curled up and sucking air." I laughed and nudged Dan playfully. "I realized that if I wanted to keep dating her, I needed to toughen my balls up."

"Seriously?" Dan seemed surprised. "I knew a guy who got his nuts ruptured by an ex-girlfriend."

"Dude, if you saw her, you'd understand. She was so hot, it was totally worth a try. So we started this training plan, kind of like working out, but she would test my balls with kicks, squeezes, knees. It was brutal and terribly painful at first, but after a few months I built up my resistance and now my nuts are tough enough to handle almost anything.

I grabbed his big muscles again and Dan smiled meekly as he was reminded of his own weak gonads.

"Don't worry tough guy," I joked. "You did ok! Most guys would have been floored by that first knee, but you took it well. The problem isn't with your balls, it's dealing with the pain - you're just not used to it."

Dan nodded quietly. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

He remained silent for a while longer looking contemplative.

"Look, I have an idea. I can help you build your body up like mine. You know, I can be like your personal trainer. Seriously, I owe you one after you stepped in and saved my ass today."

"Really?" I was beaming. "Ok, thanks. That sounds great!"

"Maybe in return you can . . . you know . . . help me train my nuts . . . like what you did with that hot girlfriend of yours."

I nodded, making sure not to appear too anxious. "I don't know Dan, are you sure? It's going to hurt like hell?"

"I know, but it'll be worth it. I can't go through life knowing that any time I be laid out on the floor just from a simple kick to the nuts." Dan sighed. "Not if there's something I can do about it."

I smiled back at him. "Ok."

"We'll alternate . . . one day we'll work on strengthening your muscles, then the next we'll work on my balls. But this has to be our secret. No one can know." Dan looked admit.

"Right." I agreed, still trying to mask my excitement. "It's not like I'm going to publish this on the internet."

Dan groaned as he repositioned his junk. "Ugh, we're going to have to start with the gym tomorrow. My nuts are fucking sore as hell, they're going to need a little break." He removed his hand from his groin and giving me a chance to check out his awesome, if slightly battered package up close. Then he grabbed his low hanging testicles and lifted them up for me to see.

Damn, I was going to have some fun with his stud.

"I'll get you some ice." I offered and headed for the door. On my way out, I noticed my camera that I had lent Dan a few days ago sitting on his bookshelf. I picked it up and focused it on Dan, but he was to preoccupied with the throbbing between his legs to notice. I snapped the picture, then turned and left the room.


This another picture I snapped of Dan a few days later at the beginning of one of our 'sessions.' Dan looks a bit discouraged at the moment, but I keep reminding him, it could take months before we start seeing results.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working Late with the Boss

Jill clicked her nails irritably on her keyboard as she sat at her desk and stared out the window from the 42nd floor office suite. The crush of rush hour had ended over an hour ago, and yet the streets and sidewalks were teaming with people. Jill slumped back in her chair. It was already 9:00 pm and all the other executives had gone home for the night, but Jill's boss insisted on working late again, which meant she was working late.

She was an attractive woman in her mid 30s with shoulder-length black hair and warm brown eyes that were usually hidden behind a set of thin-rimmed glasses. She kept active, regularly visiting the gym during the week and during the warmer months, she jogged through Central Park on the weekends. Most of her friends were married and had started families. Jill wanted to settle down too one day, but for now, she was happy with her life and focused on her career. She'd been out of college for over ten years, eight of which she'd worked for Cerberus Corporation as an administrative assistant until recently, when she was promoted to officer manager for the new Assistant VP of Communications.

Nearly two months had passed since Jill had taken the position and yet, most of what she'd learned about her new boss had been through rumors and water cooler gossip. Steven Cline Jr. was cocky young hire, fresh out of Harvard with his MBA. He was smart, handsome, and in Jill's opinion, a bit too confident for a 25 year-old. In public all the other junior executives agreed that he was the best man for the job, but privately most attributed his success to his father, Steven Cline Sr., and the current CFO of the company.

Others could say what they wanted about him, but Steven Cline Jr. was a go-getter just like his old man. In all her time at the company, Jill had never seen such a strong work ethic. He worked late every night, often by himself, though on occasion he asked her to stay late with him to help wrap up a project. Tonight was one of those nights.

Jill turned and watched as the door opened and Steve came out of his office with a stack of papers in hand. Jill studied him as he approached. His hair was cut short and his handsome young face was set with a strong, angular jaw and a dimpled chin. Steve dressed well, his hand-made $2,000 suits managed to accentuate his impressive physique gave him the look of a high-end fashion model. He was the most attractive man she'd ever met in her life.

As Steve took the last few steps to her desk, Jill's eyes were drawn to the bulge in his pants. A took a moment for her to realize that she was staring and her eyes darted away, but it was clear that Steve was carrying something around in his pants fatter than his wallet.

"Already done, I'll get stared on these right away Mr. Cline." Jill said, slipping her glasses back on.

"That's great." Steve grinned. "You know, when we're working alone like this, you don't have to be so formal. You can call me Steve."

Jill looked back at him and shrugged with a grin. "Ok, thanks."

Steve smiled in return as ill began pouring over the reports. "You know we'll be done soon. If you're not doing anything, perhaps we can go out and get drinks, maybe even grab a late dinner and get to know each other better."

Jill turned and stared at Steve's hand, which had settled on her arm and was gently squeezing her shoulder. "I'd like that Mr. Cline, but-"

"Steve." He interjected.

"Right, Steve." Jill cleared her throat. "That sounds nice, but I have plans tonight. Can I take a raincheck?"

"You have plans tonight, after 9:00pm?" Steve shot her an inquisitive look as he leaned against her desk and folded his arms across his chest. "What, are you going out on a date?"

Jill shook her head. "That's a bit personal, don't you think, Steve?"

"Maybe," Steve smirked and nodded at the use of his name. "So who's the lucky guy? Anyone I'd know from the office?"

Jill grit her teeth into a smile. "Of course not, that would be against company policy."

"Oh, that's right, I forgot about that." Steve's smile broadened. "So that must be why you keep shooting me down every time I ask you out to dinner."

Jill huffed and pushed back her keyboard. "No, sir."

"Or is it because I'm your boss?" Steve grinned. He seemed to enjoy reminding her of that whenever he got the chance.

"Well, yes. That's part of it I suppose." Jill replied.

Steve tapped his finger against the dimple in his chin. "Hmm. So if I wasn't your boss, you'd consider it?"

Jill could see that he wasn't going to let this out of his teeth. "Yes, I'd probably consider it then."

"Is that so? I guess if I want to have a shot, I'll have to fire you." Steve joked and edged a bit closer. "Unless of course, you can pretend for a minute that I'm not your boss."

"I suppose I could try that." Jill replied quietly. The longer they played this game, the longer it would take her to finish. She just wanted to go home.

"Good." Steve whispered, staring intently in Jill's eyes. They were only inches apart, Jill could smell his cologne and feel his hot breath against her face. Then suddenly he made his moved, closing the distance quickly. Before Jill knew what was happening, they were locked in a passionate kiss. At first she tried to resist. Everything about this was wrong, but the longer they kissed, the more Jill wanted it, until all reason and logic was swept away in the heat of the moment.

"This is so wrong." Jill whispered as Steve's hands delved into her cardigan and began to fondle her breasts.

"Shhh." Steve kissed her again, exploring her mouth with his tongue as his hands continued to explore his body. Jill liked the way his lips tasted on hers, and soon, she was fondling him as well, grasping at his biceps and broad, muscular chest. As their bodies pressed closer, Jill felt the rigid outline of his cock rub against her through his slacks and she nearly gasped. It was huge. Jill reached down and grabbed Steve's crotch and massaged his hard-on through his pants.

Oh, yeah." Steve murmured as he reached inside her shirt and fondled Jill's large breasts. They were so warm and soft in his hands, his cock shuddered as he imagined what they'd feel like to fuck her tits. Reaching for her nipples, Steve pinched them between his fingers, causing Jill to gasp.

Things were moving too quickly for Jill and she knew she needed to stop before things got out of hand. She tried to push Steve back, but he held on tight, still kissing her neck and trying to pull off her cardigan. Steve ignored her pleas and continued to ravish her until finally Jill let out scream.

A startled Steven was pushed back against the desk, both of them were panting from the excitement

"This isn't right." Jill said shaking her head.

"Why not?" Steve asked, still panting. "I want you, you clearly want me. This doesn't have to be any more complicated than that." Steve's cocky grin had returned.

Jill studied his face. She could see that he was used to getting his way with women, .

"Come on let's not ruing the moment," he pressed. "You've got this whole Mrs. Robinson thing going on."

"Mrs. Robinson? Just how old do you think I am?" Jill replied, unable to mask the anger in her voice.

Steve rolled his eyes. "I'm not saying your old, just that you're - older. It's not a bad thing, in fact, I'm sure you could teach me a few things."

Jill's face was still flushed, but slowly she managed to curl her lips into a smile and slid her hand up her young boss' thigh. "I have worked for the company a long time," she admitted "I suppose there are any number of things I could teach you."

There was an edge to her voice that made Steve grin. "I bet you could."

As she spoke, Jill's fingers worked the clasp of Steve's black Italian leather belt and unzipped his pants. "Tricks of the trade to help you become a better exec." Slowly, she slid down his suit pants, revealing Steve's underwear, a designer pair of black boxer briefs.

Steve's eyes were locked on hers, filled with desire. He tried to reach out and grab her, but Jill recoiled and shook her head.

"Success only comes to those who are willing to take risks. If you're going to make it in this business, you've got to have balls." Jill said with a smirk.

Steve shot her a knowing smile. "Is that right?"

"Oh yes, very, big balls." Jill cooed as she playfully gave his package a squeeze.

Steve's smile widened. "I think I have that covered," he replied confidently with a wink, "but I'll let you be the judge."

Jill smiled back at him and hooked her finger on his the waist band of his underwear and pealed his boxers off with one yank. What she saw caused her to stop in her tracks and clear her throat.

As if being being born into money wasn't enough, Steve had been given the perfect package. He had a beautiful nine inch long cock, capped off with a thick, pink head and a heavy pair of juicy, egg shaped balls, that swung pendulously between his legs. Even his scrotum was smooth and shiny, free of blemishes. For a moment, Jill remained still, staring in awe.

Steve sat back and watched with pride as Jill's eyes feasted on his manhood. "What do you think, do I have the balls to become a captain of industry?"

Jill remained speechless as she reached out and touched his throbbing erection. Steve shuddered as she lifted his shaft out of the way and wrapped her fingers around the soft, pink orbs. They felt like putty in her hand.

"You were right, you have quite a set here." Jill cocked her head to the side and gave Steve's bull balls a firm, gentle squeeze.

"I'm glad you agree." Steve said, still smiling confidently.

Jill continued to roll Steve's large gonads between her fingers for a few moment longer. "But there's one other thing more that you'll need to become successful."

"What's that?" Steve asked looking bemused.

"Respect." Jill replied flatly.

"Respect?" Steve repeated.

Jill nodded, slowly increasing the pressure on Steve's testicles. "Respect can make or break you in this business, for your clients, your investors, even your employees. You're position exists because of them, so they all deserve your respect."

Jill no longer bothered to hide the irritation from her voice. She had a tight grip on Steve's baby-makers, so tight in fact, that Steve began gasping for air as his mild-mannered secretary worked over his nuts.

Steve's face became flush and his jaw tightened as his heavy testicles were kneaded like they were two lumps of dough. He was used to women playing with them during foreplay or even squeezed while having sex, but he'd never had his balls manhandled by an angry woman. Already his nuts had begun to ache and the muscles in his abdomen clenched up as Jill continued to grind his precious jewels between her fingers.

"Alright!" Steve squeaked. Both Jill and Steve were both surprised by the high-pitched tone in his voice. "I get the point, ok? Could you ease up a little?"

Jill shot him a dirty look and squeezed his sac even harder, forcing his nuts down to the base of his scrotum and proceeded to smack his twin orbs with her hand the way a mother would swaddle an unruly toddler's behind.

"Unghhhh!" Steve groaned and his entire body bucked as his large, juicy gonads were flattened against the palm of Jill's hand.

Jill continued to smack Steve's nuts a dozen more times until they were good and sore. Steve whimpered with each impact, his fingers turning white as he clutched the edge of her desk. A single tear slid down the side of his cheek.

Jill paused a moment and listened to the sound of Steve's breathing. He was panting hard and staring back at her wide-eyed. He looked frightened.

"As long as we work together, don't you ever disrespect me again. I'm not some eye candy for you to drool over, I expect to be treated like a professional." Jill said in a stern voice. She knew it was completely inappropriate for a subordinate to speak to her boss in this way, but the tables were turned and she had Steve by the nuts, so she got to make the rules.

Steve nodded wordlessly, still staring back into Jill's eyes like a deer caught in the headlights.

The entire situation made her smile.

Changing tact, Jill loosened her grip and began to soothe Steve's traumatized testicles, rubbing them gently between her fingers. Steve seemed surprise by the welcome change, and let out a long, soft moan as the pain in his nuts was slowly ebbed away and replaced by pleasure. Almost as quickly, his dick began to respond to the improved treatment in a matter of minutes, his cock was jutting up into the air at full mast once again.

Jill wrapped her hand around Steve's shaft and slowly began to jerk him off.

"I like you, Steve." Jill said suddenly between strokes.

Steve cleared his throat, taken off guard by the sudden admission. "I like you too." He said sheepishly as Jill continued to pump his long cock. Seemingly appeased by his answer, she increased the speed of her hands, causing Steve to moan with pleasure.

"I am very good at my job, you know. Going the extra mile isn't a problem for me, I can be very discrete." Jill made it a point of fact.

"Oh, yeah." Steve moaned as Jill's wrists twisted and turned as she stroked his dick.

"I have a feeling we're going to get along just fine." Jill smiled.

"Yeah, me too." Steve whispered as he watched her hand pump up and down.

Jill remained silent for a few minutes and she let the tension build as she stroked Steve's massive meat-stick. She watched his chest heave and his breaths become light and shallow. His entire body seemed to begin to tense up.

"You know, I think I'll be up for a raise soon." She said with her eyes still fixed on her busy hands.

"Oh, Yeah?" Steve replied half heartily. His eyes were fixed on her hands too.

"Yeah." Jill slowed her strokes to a crawl until she was sure she had his attention. "I thought we could - negotiate."

Steve's whole body shuddered from the stalled orgasm, but his eyes were held fast in Jill's gaze. She had him and she knew it.

Steve exhaled slowly as Jill continued to tease his cock. "I'll give you anything you want," he blurted out, "just don't stop."

Jill smile brimmed with confidence. "I was thinking ten percent."

He cleared his throat. "Ten? I don't think I can get without authorization."

Jill made a playful pouting face. "Don't I deserve it?"

Despite her playful tone, Steve felt the weight of Jill's stare as she scrutinized his reaction.

"Of course . . . I just . . . I'm not sure if I can make that happen." Steve stammered honestly. "But I'll try." He quickly added.

Apparently satisfied with his answer, Jill went back to stroking his dick with a series of long, hard pulls that sent shivers down Steve's spine. In seconds, he felt the climax build up inside him, threatening to explode.

"I'm gonna cum." Steve whispered, his cock twitching uncontrollably.

The need to cum was so intense, he felt like he was going to burst. Suddenly Jill let go just as the first flood of white cream spilled out of Steve's dick like a fountain.

Steve threw his head back and let out a throaty moan as thick ropes of cum began gushing out, coating his stomach with the thick, rich batter. Steve's balls churned and tightened in their sac as jet after jet of his stick juicy was pumped up and out of his fat cock.

Jill watched with suspended amazement as Steve continued to shoot his big load all over himself. Even now, his dick was still dripping more of his juicy spunk.

Steve grabbed his cock and gave it a few short strokes. After squeezing out the last few drops, he sighed and tilted his head back, allowing the aftereffects of the orgasm to wash over him.

Apparently forgotten, Jill suddenly sunk her knee into Steve's groin, smashing both of Steve's balls.

Steve howled in pain, his orgasm ruined, he tried to cup his genitals but Jill kept her knee planted and his nuts pinned against between her leg and the mahogany desk.

"Perhaps you've forgotten how this works?" Jill twisted her knee, sending Steve into new levels of pain. "I thought we'd come to an understanding - I thought, you respected me."

"I do, I DO!" Steve squeaked. "Please!"

"Then you should be prepared to pay me fairly." Jill scowled.

Steve's balls were killing him. He felt like he was going to wretch.

"Alright, you'll get your raise. Ten percent, I promise!" Steve's voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Fifteen." Jill replied flately.

"Fifteen? Ten was going to be difficult enough, I can't give you a fifteen percent raise!" Steve croaked. He was almost on the verge of tears.

"You can't, or won't?" Jill asked. Her full weight was now pressing on his bloated gonads and they felt like they were going to burst.

"Can't, can't!" Steve squeaked. "The board would need to authorize it."

Jill stared at Steve for a moment, deciding wether she should believe him. "Fine, then ask daddy to take care of it. They'll sign off to anything if the CFO gives his endorsement."

"Ok, ok, fine, I'll talk to him, just please, stop hurting my nuts." Steve pleaded. He was gasping for air. He looked weak and like he was about to faint.

Jill grinned and lifted her knee off the desk.

Steve cupped his battered balls with both hands and slouched against the desk, sobbing in pain.

Jill adjusted her squirt as she stood up and gathered her things.

"I'll be going home now Mr. Cline." She said, already slipping back to her more formal demeanor. "I won't be coming in tomorrow, so you'll have to finish processing these reports yourself. Good night."

Steve's eyes were closed, still in too much pain to speak. Jill gave him a kurt smile, then spun on her heels and walked out of the office, leaving the speechless young executive, half naked and sprawled out on her desk, behind.

- Our young Mr. Cline was inspired by the model, Steven Kuchinsky -

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Happy New Year 2011!

Here's a pic I've been sitting on for quite a while. I'd originally planned to write a story to explain how this stud ended up like this, but I think it'd be a lot more fun if you guys came up with your own explanation! Post them in the comments section so we can all find out how this poor boy ended up in this situation!

I'm also bringing in the New Year with a new poll to gauge what level of busting you'd like to see in the stories you read here. I'm still working on few stories, so until then you can pass the time by voting.