Monday, April 6, 2009

Trading Balls for Grades Part II

It was the night after Christian's encounter with Lee in his office and half an hour before he was supposed to show up for Round Two. Christian had called Jess, his best friend and fellow ball buster, and invited her over to his apartment. Christian walked into the room with two glasses of red wine and handed one to Jess before sitting next to her on the couch.

"I'm glad you got here early so we could catch up." Christian said.

"Yeah, I wanted to know how this all started." Jess replied.

"Oh, well, one of my students from 201 is complete slacker, hasn't shown up to class, failed the last two exams, at this point I would be surprised if he's literate." Jess chuckled and sipped from her wine glass while Christian continued. "I'm serious, I haven't seen him since the first week of classes, and I only recognized him because he's hot. So anyway, last week he stays after class and asks me if there's anything he can do to improve his grade. I told him the best thing for him would be to drop out and start over in the fall semester. He said he couldn't because he was a graduating senior and he needed the class. Then he told me he would do ANYTHING."

"Sounds a bit desperate." Jess said.

"Yeah, so I thought alright, I'll mess with him. In my most flamboiently gay voice, I told him that I might be able to do something, but he would have to do something for me." Christian said.

"You didn't!" Jess scream-laughed.

"I swear, I just expected him to get embarrassed and leave." Christian laughed.

"Obviously he didn't." Jess interjected.

"No, he asked me what I had in mind. So I told him I could make him cum so hard he'd see God."

"And he agreed?" Jess asked.

"Pretty much. He told me he wasn't into guys and he didn't want anything up his butt, but he was up for anything else." Christian replied.

"Sounds interesting." Jess said.

"Yeah, but he got cold feet or something last night. Right after I grabbed his dick he called me a fag." Chrisian said.

"What did you do?" She asked.

"I got angry and busted his balls." Christian said. "Then I kicked him out of my office and called you."

Just then the door bell rang, cutting their conversation short. Christian put down his glass and answered the door. Lee followed Christian into the living room and stopped in his tracks when he saw Jess. He looked at Christian with a perplexed expression.

"Oh, I invited my friend Jess over. Jess, this is Lee." Christian introduced him to his friend.

Lee step forward awkwardly and shook Jess' outstretched hand. She wasn't half bad looking, but Lee had dated better.

"Why don't you have a seat on the couch?" Christian suggested gestured next to Jess. Lee sat and looked around the room.

Though she didn't find him particularly attractive, she could see why Christian liked him. With his dark complexion and blue eyes, Lee had a grungy, Indie rocker look that Christian probably loved.

"So, how are you feeling Lee?" Christian asked.

"OK, I guess . . ." Lee replied.

"How do your balls feel?" Christian asked with a grin.

"Um . . . " Lee looked at Jess and back at Christian.

"I've already told her about last night, so there's no point in being bashful." Christian said. "Are they still sore?"

Lee silently nodded his head. It was one thing to have what happened last night done to him, but it was even worse to find out someone else knew about it.

"Have you jerked off since last night?" Christian asked.

"No," Lee said in a flat tone.

"Great, alright why don't we get started?" Christian asked.

"What, in front of her?" Lee gestured towards Jess.

"Yeah." Christian replied.

"Do we have to?" Lee asked. Her presence clearly made him uncomfortable.

"Yes." Christian said impatiently. "You still haven't earned a passing grade in my course, now get up."

Lee got to his feet and stood before Christian, waiting expectantly. Christian turned him around so that he faced Jess, make sure she got a good view. Then he pulled Lee's T-shirt up over his head, exposing his muscular chest.

"Hmm, nice." Jess commented.

Lee uncomfortably shifted his arms, unable to find a comfortable posture. Christian enjoyed watching him squirm. He worked the clasp of Lee's jeans and pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion, letting Lee's thick dick and balls flop out into the open. Christian reached through his legs from behind and fondled Lee's rubbery nuts.

"You want a go?" Christian asked Jess with a smile.

"Oh no, this is your boy toy, I'm just here to watch." She said.

"Suit yourself." Christian shrugged. He released Lee's package and positioned himself directly behind the stud. Lee tried looking over his shoulder, but he was told to face front. Jess watched the discomfort on his face while Christian arch his leg back and kick Lee's balls from behind. Christian's bare foot connected with Lee's meaty orbs, crunching them into his body, making him shriek.

Lee slid to the ground and let out a gurgling groan. It sounded something like a deflating balloon. "What was that for?" He asked in a hoarse whisper.

"That was to remind you of last night, and what will happen if you get mouthy again." Christian replied.

He let Lee recover for a moment before he pulled him up onto the couch. Lee didn't seem to have much fight in him, which only made it easier for Christian. After spreading his thighs apart, he climbed into Lee's lap and kneed Lee in the balls several times. Christian's bare knee viciously slammed into Lee's naked nuts, pulverizing his nuggets against his bony pelvis.

"Fuck!" Lee screamed. Jess squinted and cringed sympathetically while watching the young college stud getting his nuts crushed. A single tear had formed in the corner of his eye - presumably from the pain - and swept down his cheek.

"I think we're warmed up now, why don't we move on to bigger and better things?" Christian said playfully while grabbing Lee's soft dick. He rubbed the shaft enthusiastically, paying special attention to the head - rubbing it with his thumb. Despite the pain, Lee's member hardened in Christian's hand, becoming firmly erect in a matter of seconds.

With Christian on one side stroking his dick and Jess on the other watching, Lee felt extremely exposed. He just wanted to cum and get it over with, but that was easier said then done. Maybe it was the busting his balls had taken, or perhaps stage fright, but the minutes passed without an orgasm.

A new problem had arisen, friction had began to build on his cock and the skin was quickly becoming raw. "Do you have any lube?" Lee asked.

Christian shook his head, but told him not to worry. Bending down, he took the entire length of Lee's dick into his mouth. Lee's eyes widened as he felt the tip of his dick massaged by Christian's tongue. After a minute he stopped blowing him and continued to jerk Lee's cock, now sufficiently lubricated with his own saliva.

Lee closed his eyes and fantasized about the hottest women he could think of to distract from the fact that he was getting a handjob from a guy. No matter what he did, nothing seemed to shift his attention from Christian pumping away on his cock- that is, until he felt Jess' delicate fingers caress his nuts. She was really working them over, massaging them, squeezing them, even gently pinching them. It felt fantastic and gave Lee something to focus on.

With the help of Jess' caressing touch, Lee's cock stiffened and his hips began to shudder. Just on the verge of cumming, Christian took over, jerking his prick with one hand and holding his nuts with the other.

"Oh God," Lee gasped as he threw back his head and moaned. His dick began twitching uncontrollably as thick ropes of cum shot onto his stomach and lap. Lee moaned with pleasure as the contents of his nuts were finally given release. Lee exhaled sharply and laid back, enjoying the pleasure induced by his orgasm. Christian continued to play with his studly nuts, giving them one last twist, a small drop of cum oozed out from Lee's dick.

Christian left the room and returned with a bath towel, handing it to Lee. He accepted it without comment and wiped up the puddle of cum that had formed around his navel.

Christian reached for his glass and drained it. "I think we're done here, you can put your clothes back on."

Lee stood up and pulled his pants back on. "So you'll let me pass the class?" Lee asked nervously.

"Yeah sure." Christian nodded.

"Oh, great." Lee replied. Addressing Jessica he asked, "will you give me your number?"

"No, sorry sweetie- your not my type." Jessica replied with a smile.

"Oh . . ." Lee said rejected.

Christian walked Lee out, giving him his assurance that he would be allowed to graduate on time. Then Lee thanked him and left.

"That was fucking hot," Christian sunk back into the sofa.

"So, did he earn an A?" Jess asked while pouring him another glass of wine.

"Probably not, but I'd say he earned a solid B for his performance tonight." Christian said after sipping from his glass.

"Why a B?" Jess asked.

"Oh, just in case he comes back, I'll need something to negotiate." Christian said laughing. Jess joined in the laughter and poured herself a drink.

- More pictures of Lee, inspired by Fuller from Sean Cody-

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