Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teaching My Roommate A Lesson: Part II

- By Reginald


This is a picture of my jackass roommate Dan. We've been living together for several months now, and until just recently, he's been a real dick to me. To be fair, he's a dick to everybody, but I finally got fed up with his crappy attitude and devised a plan to knock the big guy down a few pegs. I used the best weapon I could against a meat head like Dan . . . his balls. You can check out the first part of my story by going here.


It was only one day since I had carried out my plan to get revenge on my arrogant roommate. Now I stood in his room surrounded by a daunting array of exercise equipment and stacks of weights ready for my first workout…with Dan as my personal trainer ! As I waited nervously I thought about all that had happened in the last 24 hours.

With a devious plan and a ruthless accomplice, I had succeeded in bruising more than just Dan's ego and even gaining his respect. I smiled, as I thought back to my moment of glory just the day before. The girl had almost crippled Dan with a hard knee and a brutal kick to his naked balls, but to make things more entertaining she had given him time to recover. I had waited until the brave stud finally attacked again and even managed to control the girl. Then I delivered my coup-de-grace ! My shameless, cowardly kick from behind crushed his tender balls for a third time and put him on the floor for good. To cover my crime I had blamed the girl and eventually defeated her in a carefully rehearsed fight.

Dan now treated me with new-found respect…I felt like the brave hero with balls-of-steel that had rescued his vulnerable manhood from destruction. Best of all, I had talked him into letting me crack his man eggs on a regular basis to toughen them up ! Having Dan as my personal trainer was the icing on the cake. More chances to see his gorgeous muscles in action and a chance to build some of my own.

When Dan came into the room he looked stunning wearing only his black Lycra compression shorts. I was impressed by his quick recovery; he showed no sign of discomfort from the brutal ball busting of the day before. He picked up a clipboard and explained the exercises he had planned and the goals he would set me week by week. I was quite surprised by his organized, scientific approach and that he treated me almost like a professional client, with none of his usual mocking tone. After a lengthy explanation, he took out the first set of weights and I started my workout.

That first day with Dan was brutal but rewarding. Ahead lay a daunting challenge : to turn my skinny frame into the body of Adonis, but we were both determined to succeed.
For a full hour my untrained body strained against the weights he lined up for me as he systematically led me through the tortuous routine. Dan stood in front of me counting out my reps, pushing me to keep going through the pain and denying any pleas to reduce the weight or take a break. In truth he was a great trainer, constantly pushing me beyond my normal limits, but his verbal pressure meant nothing compared to the motivation I felt from his physical presence. Each envious glance up at his muscular torso inspired me to push harder. However as Dan stood over me forcing my aching body to it's physical limits my real inspiration lay right in front of my eyes. The thin fabric of his Lycra shorts hugged his muscular ass and powerful thighs and revealed every contour of his impressive manhood. His long uncut member hung down to the right and between his thighs his mighty balls bulged proudly. I felt powerful knowing that I could defeat this stud by cracking those big eggs.

Finally I completed my last set of barbell curls, dropping the weights with a clash on the floor and collapsed, exhausted onto the bed.

"You ok, man?" Dan enquired, sitting next to me.

I nodded.

He was looking at the notes he had made. "I'll give you credit," he smiled, squeezing my arm jokingly. "You pushed yourself pretty hard."

"Thanks man," I panted, "you pushed me hard too."

"But you know you're really pretty weak," he added. "It's going to take a long time to get you muscles like these."

I gazed across at Dan's rock hard body, as he flexed his abs and chest. Inevitably he finally brought up his arm to show off his bulging biceps.

"Feel it man," he smiled "This is what chicks love… and other guys fear."

I reached up and touched the hard peak of muscle, slowly running my hand over the warm sculptured bulge. Dan closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he flexed even harder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan's flaccid cock pulsing under the Lycra, Dan was really enjoying the attention.

"Damn," I sighed, still rubbing his big arm, "I really am weak."

Slowly I reached my other hand down to his shorts and grabbed his bulging nutsack.

"Aaaaggh." Dan gasped, and immediately both his hands shot to his groin.

"What's wrong tough guy? I'm far too weak to hurt a big guy like you." I joked. I'd gotten a nice firm grip on his right nut and though I was only gently fondling the meaty orb through the thin fabric of his shorts, the threat was clear.

"Ok, ok take it easy," he gasped, smiling nervously, "seriously man, they're still sore. Not today ok?"

I laughed and finally released the big egg. I glanced down at his crotch and saw his cock was now straining against the tight fabric.

"Don't worry," I added "tomorrow you can show me how strong you really are."

I playfully squeezed his muscular arm again and went to take a shower.


The day had finally arrived when I would get to train Dan's nuts for the first time. I had arrived back from work early to plan our first training session that evening. My whole body ached from my workout the day before but it was a good kind of pain. The sound of clinking weights told me my room mate was already at home. I sat down on the sofa with the same clipboard we had used for my workout and started to list some ideas. Dan had surprised me with his meticulous preparations and now I felt under pressure to match it. It was stupid of me to leave my planning so late, clearly there was no way I would get away with just randomly busting Dan's meaty nuts each session.

Soon I had page full of ideas but nothing resembling a plan. I swore in frustration and tore out my page of notes, crumbling it into a tight ball. I took a deep breathe and picked up the clipboard again. The next sheet was already used, full of scribbled notes in handwriting I didn't recognize. I scanned the text and soon realized these were Dan's preparations for my workout. He had listed groups of exercises for the main muscle groups and improvement goals. Suddenly it dawned on me that with a few adjustments I could use a similar approach to train Dan's nuts. I found a blank page and within a few minutes my preparations were complete.

When I entered Dan's room he had finished his workout and was carefully stacking his equipment against the wall. He was wearing only his revealing Lycra shorts and his pumped muscles glimmered with perspiration. He greeted me casually and stashed the last pile of weights into the corner.

“OK. So what do you plan for me today”. He seemed surprisingly enthusiastic.

I briefly described the plan we would follow. Each session would start with a warm up exercise and then move on to focus on a particular type of groin attack. I explained that today's session would focus on one of the most common: the knee to the groin.

Dan bit his lip and shook his head as if trying to shake off a bad memory. He looked me in the eye and there was an awkward silence before he finally spoke up.

“I want to tell you something, but this is in strictest confidence. It stays within these walls, OK?” Dan started.

“OK I promise.”

“You know, that other day that black chick kneed me right in the balls…” he continued cautiously.

“How could I forget,” I interrupted “ that girl was a psycho, man. I saw it all. She smashed a knee right in your balls. Actually I was impressed that you stayed on your feet.”

“True but…”

“I tell you Dan, that's a good sign. It means that your nuts are pretty tough already.”

“But what I mean is, well that wasn't the first time a girl has busted my balls.” He finally confessed. "I fucking hate getting owned by anyone, especially some stupid whore, but I've been floored a few times."

"Really?" I pretended to act surprised. "I'd of thought you'd be able to handle a little tap to the family jewels, but what kind of crazy bitch would dare attack a big stud like you? I mean look at you, you're totally ripped you could tear my head off without breaking sweat."

“True but you think an angry bitch can think straight?”

He paused and clenched his fists in anger. “It takes more than a tap to the balls to drop me,” he fumed. “But for some of these skanks, it's not enough to hurt you, they want to fucking ruin your chances to have kids. It's like that black bitch from the other day, she had me retching my fucking guts out on the floor and she still probably wouldn't have stopped if you hadn't stopped her."

“You're telling me!” I replied. “I told you about my ex, she was ruthless.”

“The problem is that girls are so damn possessive. They get one glance at me and they want it all to themselves," he said proudly as he traced the outline of his meaty shaft.

"They get pissed when they find out how much you get around, huh?"

"Dude, they get down right pissed." He smirked. "I guess I can't say that I blame them for wanting to hold on to me. Luckily, I know how to handle them. You know, when they act mad it's either hormonal or they're putting on a show. Either way they really just want another chance to ride my shaft."

"Right," I pretended to empathize.

“So I take my chances, you know, I won't be intimidated by some crazy-ass chick. I take what I want, like a real man.” he boasted.


"Hell yeah. Most of the time they just melt in my arms man, and before know it, they're sucking on the end of my knob. He paused to grab an imaginary head with both hands and hold it against his crotch. “Now that really shuts them up,” he sneered, "I tell you, once they start, chicks just can't get enough.”

“But I guess it doesn't work every time." I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah no shit! Some of them are complete bitches. They draw me in, you know, wait 'til I drop my guard and then BAM, they slam a knee right in my fucking jewels.” he scowled cupping his bulging shorts.

“Ow,” I said sympathetically

“Yeah no shit, 'ow.' You ever been racked when you've got blue balls?” He winced, still cupping his groin. “It fucking hurts, man. I mean, I can handle it…but it's the worst time to get busted. I swear the pain lasts twice as long."

“Sure,” I replied, "and you can't let a woman know how much it hurts. They're more likely to bust you again than try to help."

"Fucking-A right, man." Dan agreed whole heartedly.

"My ex used to do that to me all the time. I'd be standing there after she kneed my balls into my throat, trying to tough it out when . . . BAM . . . she'd send another one right in the baby-makers, like this . . ." Dan offered no resistance as I pulled his wrists and slowly raised my knee into his crotch. It was like a self-defence video in slo-mo. I ended with my knee buried deep, but painlessly, in his sexy bulge. I could feel the two fat lumps in Dan's shorts pressing against my legs and I smiled. In just a few minutes I would be doing this for real. I couldn't wait to see his reaction when I actually crushed his nuts for real.

“Ooooof!” Dan played along bending slowly forward with a smile.

I chuckled back, but the smile on my roommate's face quickly faded. "Seriously man, I've got to do something about the sensitivity in my balls. A few solid hits down there and I'm out for the count and throwing my fucking guts up."

“I know, I've been there,” I agreed, “it's totally humiliating. The good news is once you're through with this training that will NEVER happen again. We're gonna toughen your balls up so that if any chick ever goes for them again, they'll regret it!"

“Yeah… Balls-of-steel!” He sneered patted his bulging shorts. "Then they'll be sorry when they're gagging on my fat cock."

I grinned back at Dan. He was really getting into this.

"Let's go, let's do it man!" Dan shouted. "How we gonna do this? Am I ok in these shorts?" He gazed downwards and adjusted the stretched Lycra.

“Well,” I pondered, biting my lip. “I guess they're fine. You know I don't really want to see your naked junk swinging around but I have to warn you it hurts more if your nuts are constrained”

Dan seemed uncertain and continued gazed down at his crotch. His thick cock was held strapped to the side and his hefty nuts bulged impressively through the tight fabric. His entire manhood looked awesome, yet terribly vulnerable pinned against his hard body. I knew those big eggs would take the full brunt of any accurate strike.

“No pain, no gain” Dan nodded fondling his bulging manhood “I'll keep the shorts. Anyway I don't want you getting too jealous of my huge package!”

“Ok but before we start there are a few ground rules.” I was trying to look and sound serious. “Remember you're the one being trained here. Your nuts are going to hurt pretty bad but don't even think about getting revenge.”

“Don't worry,” he reassured me, “I don't pick on smaller guys.”

“Secondly, we will both agree to a training plan at the start of each session, OK?”

Dan nodded.

“It's my job to make sure you complete that plan to the end. I will be forceful if necessary but it's the only way you"ll succeed. I will NOT let you submit if you're too weak to handle it.”

Dan scowled and I realized I had touched a nerve.

“No-one calls me weak,” he glared at me and grabbed my shoulder threateningly. He filled his chest and stared down at me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm just giving you fair warning."

He gazed down at his hard muscular body as if to reassure himself of his power.

"Don't worry about me little man, I'm sure these nuts can handle it." He said, cupping the prominent bulge in his shorts. "In a few weeks these rocks will be harder than your little marbles, then I'll show you what it means to have balls of steel."

I almost laughed out loud. Just a few minutes ago he was confessing to being floored by a girl.

“You're right Dan,” he looked at me surprised “It's all about self belief. Now stand against the wall there and we can get started. Show me how tough your big balls are.”

I positioned Dan against the wall with his legs slightly spread and told him to keep his hands behind his head at all times.

“Let's start the warm-up, ok. I'm going to hit you ten times with an open palm. Basically a bitch-slap to the nuts.”

“What's the point?” Dan looked irritated. “Who would ever slap my nuts?”

“Well, there are two types of nut pain,” I explained. “The short stinging type from a fast impact and the lasting dull ache when the testicle is squeezed. This exercise is to get you used to the stinging type.”

“OK whatever” The hot stud shrugged, looking determined but slightly nervous. His breathing had quickened and I gazed at his gleaming, powerful chest rising and falling. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

I approached and my hands reached forward to grasp both of Dan's big nuggets through the lycra shorts.

“Ugh, what the hell?” he protested, gasping as my cold hands wrapped around the bulging targets.

“Sorry Dan, I'm just checking for any weakness in your nuts. You know I would feel terrible if I ruptured one of them…like that buddy of yours.”

He cringed at the thought and gritted his teeth as I fondled his big eggs. My heart was pounding from the thrill of man-handling his priceless jewels and I hoped he wouldn't notice my excitement. I had the big stud right by the balls and was taking my time to get a good grope of his beefy nuts. I saw his cock had swelled considerably and was slowly throbbing through the tight shorts. His powerful muscles were twitching and his face blushed from the humiliation.

“Damn, you've got a HUGE set, man!” I whistled quietly, “And they feel really tough. Seriously, I bet I could stand on those rocks without breaking them.”

I kneaded them a bit longer before releasing my hold. He breathed out loudly and shook his head.

“Ok time to start.” I announced after a little while longer. I drew my hand back about a foot and then swung it fast intentionally aiming directly at his cock. I was determined to deflate that boner. My open palm struck a stinging blow right on the head of his throbbing shaft. His whole body contracted instantly and he flung his hands down to cover his cock.

“Shit, man that's was my dick,” he protested. “Fuck! Be careful I might be needing that later.”

“Sorry Dan, I guess my aim was off.”

He glared at me took a deep breathe and prepared for the next hit.

My first strike had achieved success, his long shaft was clearly retracting and getting smaller. Easy come, easy go!

Again I repeated the action, this time slapping harder and getting both balls dead-on. Dan growled, and bent forward slightly. He took a few deep breathes, shook his head and straightened for the next shot.

I continued for the next five hits, each impact just hard enough to make the big stud groan and lean over but not hard enough to cause lasting pain. Dan was struggling to keep his composure but managed to keep his arms behind his head. Even a bitch-slap to his vulnerable balls was enough to unsettle this tough stud and I was enjoying watching him suffer from the stinging pain. Now was time to turn up the pressure.

On the eighth strike I swung my hand further back and struck his meaty nuts hard with a loud 'THUD' feeling the soft flesh compress against my palm. Dan's jaw dropped in shock and he doubled over, groaning deeply and struggling to keep his arms behind his head. I grabbed his shoulders forcefully and pushed him back up against the wall.

“Come on tough guy” I encouraged him.

The next slap was full force and this time I struck his big left nut with the bony base of my hand and then pressed my palm against the tender orb.

“Fuck” Dan spat as he doubled forward and every muscle tensed instinctively. His biceps formed hard sculptured peaks behind his head, the mounds of muscles straining through the skin.

“Aaaahhh, my fucking balls !” He groaned as my hands continued to squash his sex organs against the large wall of muscle. For a while he twisted and writhed, but he managed to take it until finally he reached down to pull my hands away from his nuts. I immediately closed my fingers around Dan's left ball and with the other hand I pushed him hard up against the wall and looked him straight in the eye.

“Get your hands back up NOW” I ordered. Dan was breathing hard, he looked at me nervously and winced as I gave him a threatening squeeze.

“Come on, Dan,” I urged him. “Don't make me hurt you.”

Slowly he straightened and raised his arms again.

Dan gasped in relief as I released his trapped nut. He face was still etched with pain and his muscular body glimmered with perspiration.

It was time for the last strike of the warm-up. I placed my opened hand close to Dan's groin like a golfer lining up for a swing. Dan was taking short nervous breathes as he watched my hand nervously. I swung back slowly and then started the forward swing. Immediately Dan whimpered and raised one leg to shield his sore groin. I stared at him angrily and waited until he cautiously spread his legs apart again.

At lightening speed I then attacked, this time with a clenched fist aimed like a club at his tender eggs. At the same time I stepped forward ramming my shoulder into his chest to keep him upright. My fist smashed into Dan's defenseless nuts like a hurled rock. Dan screamed and crossed his legs but only succeeded in trapping my hand between his thighs and his delicate balls. I had really cracked his big nuts this time but I was going to make sure the big stud stayed on his feet.

I opened my hand and roughly groped at his huge balls. It was impossible to fit them both in my hand, so I closed my fingers around the right nut.

Desperately he grasped at my wrist with both hands and threw his head back with a muffled scream. I was in complete control and was again enjoying the power I had over the arrogant bully. Slowly I rolled his huge testicle between my fingers like it was a big stress ball while the defenseless hunk squirmed and moaned, desperately clawing at my wrist. Despite his obvious pain I could see that his huge cock was swelling up again in his shorts.

“Fuck!” Dan finally yelled, “get off my fucking balls.”

“Promise to stay on your feet!” It was more of an order than a question and I squeezed his nut to press home my point.

“Aaahhh. It fucking hurts” Dan moaned pitifully. He was leaning heavily on me, his hard body squirming against mine as he tried to pry my hands away from his trapped egg.

“Alright Dan, promise to stay on your feet and I'll let you go.” I was really working his big meaty nugget between my fingers.

“Ok, ok. I promise.” he begged.

Slowly I released my grasp and Dan doubled over, groaning and breathing hard. I grabbed him by his thick arm, squeezing his gorgeous but useless muscles and helping him stay on his feet. Those last three hits had been really hard and the big stud's balls were now in some serious pain. I could only hope that he would recover quickly or my training plans would be ruined.

“Good job, tough guy” I patted the groaning hunk on the back. “That stinging pain will be gone real soon. Let's take a short break, then we"ll start with the main exercise.”

There was no reply from Dan. He was still bent over, holding his balls and groaning. I left him and went to the kitchen to get a drink. I had got really turned on by squeezing Dan's balls and I had to adjust my clothes to hide my raging boner.

A while later I walked back to the room. Peering through the door I was relieved to see that Dan was recovering. He was moving around the room gingerly occasionally pausing to massage his manhood. One hand cupped his groin and occasionally he adjusted his tight shorts to relieve his sore organs. I waited outside the door a while longer and then finally entered.

Dan was standing in front of the full length mirror, which was hardly unusual except for the one hand that seemed glued to his crotch. He turned to face me looking furious.

“How are we doing?” I enquired in a friendly voice.

He stood breathing through his flared nostrils like an angry bull.

“Are you ready to keep going?” I continued.

He glared at me and for a moment I was genuinely scared but the stand-off did not last long. Dan dropped the alpha-male routine and turned away, cradling his head in one hand and his manhood in the other.

"Fuck you," he muttered, more in shame than in anger and he punched his fist against the wall in frustration. "My fucking balls are killing me."

“Dan, I'm sorry.” I said softly. “The thing is, your nuts are way tougher than I expected.”

"Fuck you! They fucking hurt like hell," he moaned miserably. "You cheated, those weren't just slaps! You fuck punted your fist into my balls, and then you squeezed them until they damn near broke off!"

"Dan, I'm really sorry. You hardly reacted to my slaps, so I thought I should dial it up a notch." I explained. "I'm sorry, but we have to break past your normal limits if we're really going to toughen up your nuts."

Dan was silent.

“I tell you, man, wearing those tight shorts, I'm impressed that you stayed on your feet.”

His expression softened slightly and he seemed satisfied with my answer. "Alright, I guess that makes sense."

“Look, let's give it a few more minutes.” I continued “We won't start the main training until we give those tough nuts of yours enough time to fully recover.” I offered, sitting down on the bed.

I sensed that Dan was more ashamed at showing his weakness than angry with me and after a short while he joined me on the bed. I pulled out my clipboard and showed him the training plan, explaining that my ex-girlfriend had used a similar system to train my nuts. I reminded him that today we would focus on the knee. And the first step of each training session was to decide how many hits he would take in the session.
Then I showed him the points system. Each knee he received would be worth 5 points automatically then there were a further 5 bonus points available depending on his reaction.

On the clipboard the bonus system was explained :

5 points : “Balls of steel” Stays on his feet. Ready for next hit in under 1 minute
4 points : “Tough guy” Stay on his feet. But needs time to recover.
3 points : “Down but not out” Drops to floor but ready for next hit within 5 minutes
2 points : “Wimp” Drop to knees and not on feet after 5 minutes
1 point : “Loser” Passes out or pukes. Option to submit.

Dan looked over my scale carefully. Finally he spoke out. "Ok I think I get it. So the more hits my nuts can take the more points I get?”


“And the quicker I recover the more points I get?”

“In a nutshell, yes,” I replied, “except that you sign up for the number of strikes at the start. That's the beauty of this…to improve your points you have to set more ambitious targets each session and try to recover quicker.”

“But . . .” he paused, “what if I can't make the target. I mean, what happens if I get floored and can't get back up for the next hit?”

“Well that depends,” I smiled. “If you're down more than five minutes I have to help you up. I'll allow a maximum time limit of ten minutes between hits and I help you up after five. Of course if you actually pass-out or throw-up then you have the option to submit and take your loser point.”

“Option to submit?” Dan raised his eyebrow and held his balls nervously.

“Sure, if you still want to reach your target I won't stop you…I actually did that a couple of times with my ex, but I wouldn't recommend it.” I winced, touching my groin before continuing. “So, Dan, how many knees do you think those tough balls can take?”

Dan frowned and bit his lip. He gave each of his bulging nuts a hard squeeze as if he was testing their resistance.

“Fuck, I don't know.” He shuddered and bit his lip as he thought about his response. He seemed genuinely scared about committing his gonads to the crushing power of my knee. At the same time he had his tough-guy image to protect.

“Look man, how about three knees, hard as you like…OK?” he sounded nervous.

“Only three?” I sneered.

“Yeah, but you know, full force, right in my balls, man…” The bravado in his voice was gone and he was now gazing into my eyes like an innocent child.

I shook my head, continuing my look of disappointment.

“Come on, I've never been kneed by a dude before.” He looked at me with real concern. “Seriously man, girls have dropped me with one good hit. I'm already taking my chances agreeing to take three!”

“Dan, come on! You're the biggest and strongest guy I know, your tough balls aught to at least handle five." I urged him. “Don't forget you've got time to recover after each one.”

“Five!” he gulped in horror.

I continued staring at him and said nothing.

“Fuck!” he spat, “look, I didn't tell you before but . . . I've got a date tomorrow …”

There was another pause.

“She's totally hot, you know, and I need my equipment fully functional.” He was staring at his crotch “Five knees could wreck my balls and knock me out of commission.”

“Look Dan, I'll make you a bet. I reckon you can handle five knees and still drill that chick tomorrow.”

He looked up at me expectantly, unsure of what to say as I continued. "And if I'm wrong, and you can't pump your load . . . you don't pay rent this month."

He looked at me a moment longer and grinned. “I mean, I know you need the cash and all . . . but, I guess if you're sure, then . . ."

Dan paused in thought before answering and I noticed he was rubbing his big twin globes against his palm as he considered my proposition.

"Ok, deal." He said finally. "But I'm ditching these shorts. I think you were right about it hurting more with them on - and at least now my boys will have a chance to breath."

I shrugged, but almost choked with excitement as I watched Dan's big, heavy plums swing into view. Damn, I would get to bust this stud naked!

“OK let's do it !” he sounded determined walking to the bed. He bent over and slowly stripped off his Lycra shorts revealing his smooth muscular ass. Walking to the wall I could hardly avert my gaze from the porn star assets swinging between his legs.

I positioned him against the wall facing the mirror on the opposite wall. He was looking down in grim determination, the muscles of his torso flexed rock hard as if prepared for a punch in the gut. I squeezed his hot muscular arm and playfully slapped his six pack abs.

“Look at yourself” I ordered and he raised his head to gaze in the mirror. “Check out that power, man. you've got the strength, you've got the balls. No one can beat you. You've just got to believe it.”

He nodded and gritted his teeth.

“Come on!” he snarled, psyching himself up.

I pushed him hard against the wall, spread his arms to his side and roughly kicked his legs apart. Under the carefully trimmed hairs Dan's flaccid cock flopped like a smooth rubber hose.

I gazed at it in awe. Even in this soft state it probably had more length and girth than the average erection. Bulging out on each side were my real targets, the vulnerable, pendulous balls swinging gently between his spread thighs. I decided to attack from the side where those delicate eggs would not be shielded by his meaty cock. It was a trick I had learnt from Nagini, the black chick that had busted him brutally a few days before.

I placed my hands just above Dan's hips, where his v-shaped torso tapered to it's narrowest point. I could feel myself getting turned on by the feel of his sexy lower abs and the taut muscles around his slim waist. Gently I pressing my fingers into his tanned skin and immediately realized how well-trained my room-mate was. Under his smooth skin I could feel the tight bands of muscle that seemed delicate in contrast to the slabs of meat on his legs and upper body. The time had finally come to put this stud to the test!

Grunting loudly I powered my leg up between his smooth hard thighs. With a resounding thud my knee crashed into his bulging ball bag, catching both of Dan's testicles dead-on and ramming the meaty globes into his pelvis.

Dan eyes crossed as his balls were crushed by my merciless attack. The blood drained from his face and for a second he stared, mouth open in horror as his hands reached for his agonized balls. With a pitiful groan his heavy frame doubled forward until his head was level with my crotch. “Yes!” I hissed quietly, pumping my fist. Just one hard strike had rendered my tough room-mate defenseless. In a real fight I could now break his pretty face against my knee but I was going to have more fun. Dan's was bent at the knee gasping for breathe desperately fighting the pain in his groin.

“Get up, Dan!” I barked angrily squeezing his powerful shoulders, “That was just one hit. Take it like a man!”

His mouth was clenched and he growled in grim determination. With one hand under each armpit I strained to raise his heavy body. He groaned deeply, his face still masked in pain.

“Twenty seconds to go.” I barked trying to push him against the wall. “Open your legs, Dan. Show me you've got the balls!”

“I . . . can't . . .” Dan gasped in my ear. He placed an arm over my shoulder and rested heavily on me.

“Aaagh,” he groaned, “it fucking hurts.”

“Fifteen seconds. Come on! Balls-of –steel!” I yelled, holding his hand that was gently cupping his hurting groin. “Ten, nine, eight…”

With a determined roar Dan shrugged me away and stood, teeth clenched, with one hand on his thigh while the other held his battered balls. He shook his head angrily and slowly removed his hand from his groin, letting his stud balls drop between his clenched thighs.

“YES!” I yelled approaching for my next strike, “you can do it!”

He took a deep breathe and looked up. Then suddenly he cried out as a wave of pain surged up from his sore balls. Slowly he doubled over again clutching his groin and groaning miserably. I turned to the mirror and smiled seeing myself towering over the helpless stud. Unseen by Dan I flexed my meager biceps with a playful snarl, like a pro wrestler humiliating his defeated foe.

“Don't worry,” I patted Dan on the back. “Hang in there, man. Stay on your feet. You can still get four points!”

It took a couple of minutes and a lot of groaning before Dan was ready to face a second knee to his tender groin. The worst of the pain was gone but the big guy was still breathing hard and his muscles glimmered with perspiration. Again I positioned him firmly against the wall and looked into his reddened but achingly handsome face.

“Good job, tough guy. Nine points in the bag!”

He nodded in grim determination staring at the reflection of his trained body.

“ Look at me, man.” I spoke firmly just as Dan had done during my gym session. “Now it's going to get really tough. OK?”

Dan nodded again.

“From now I may treat you pretty rough to get you through this.” I made sure he understood every word, “I may insult you or mock you… and I expect you to prove me wrong.”

“Go on. Try me” he replied.

I sneered and put a hand roughly around his neck to prove my point.

“Right wimp,” I snarled meanly, “now I'm going to put you on your fucking knees!”

“Fuck you!” he snarled back “I can take it”

I approached again from his left side and looked down at his awesome genitalia. His ripe plums still looked firm and healthy after my first brutal attack. Like many guys his left testicle seemed slightly bigger than the right and hung a little lower in the thin sack. I gritted my teeth determined to wreck this superior love-organs.

Dan shuddered as I slowly raised my knee to target his vulnerable ballbag.

I swung back my leg and attacked with fearsome power and pinpoint accuracy.
Again my hard knee fired up into his groin. My bony kneecap struck his sweaty left nut bang in the centre and drove it hard into his pelvis. I ground my knee hard into his groin, feeling the rubbery orb compress under the brute force. His big right testicle flopped against the side of my knee, mercifully saved from the torturous blow.
Dan screamed from the top of his lungs and grabbed at my thin leg that was still crushing his vital organ. After a few seconds I lowered my leg and the mighty nut dropped back to meet it's twin.

My big, studly room-mate doubled over and roared in agony, stumbling blindly forward. I grabbed my own nuts in sympathy as I watched the stud wailing in pain, the sculptured muscles of his ass jutting out towards me. Between his thighs I could see his hand cradling his abused left testicle while the right nut swayed heavily between his thick legs. His hard body rocked in agony.

“What's the matter Dan?” I yelled mockingly, “I thought you could take a knee in the balls.”

“Fuck… you!” he roared angrily between gasping breathes.

I watched for a few seconds as he battled the stabbing pain from his super-sized eggs. He cried out each time a wave of agony washed through his ripped body. My heart pounded in exhilaration as I realized the big stud was going to drop to his knees.
I advanced, grabbing his hair and turning his head to face mine.

“Come on, wimp.” I mocked him, “Stand up and spread those legs!”.

Dan stared at me open mouthed with both hands buried between his legs. With a final miserable moan he slowly dropped to the floor. For some minutes Dan was on his knees, his hands cradling his nuts, as he moaned in pain. Then he slumped forward silently and lay still taking shallow gasping breaths.

Cautiously I approached the hunk and gently touched his shoulders. There was no response so I squeezed a little harder.

Turning his head he looked up at me with a look of shame and anger. It seemed the pain had subsided.

“Fuck!” he yelled angrily, pounding his fist on the floor.

“Yeah I guess you can't quite handle two knees, yet ” I said, deliberately trying to provoke him.

“Shit, man. You got my fucking left nut,” he moaned, as if that explained everything.

“Lucky hit I guess.” I smiled

After a little persuasion I managed to get Dan nervously back on his feet. He was naturally reluctant to spread his legs and release his aching left ball.

“Four minutes on the clock, that means eight more points! Not too bad.” I smiled “Down but not out!”

Dan smiled nervously as I approached.

I moved again to his left and Dan instinctively shielded his nuts.

“No please!” Dan pleaded “Not the left again, man. It's really tender.”

Reluctantly I agreed.

“Let's see if your right nut is any tougher,” I sneered, “it certainly looks smaller.”

“Screw you!” Dan said defensively, “you want to get your puny balls out and compare?”

“Hey. That's the spirit big guy,” I smiled. “This time you're going to stand and take it like a man."

“Hell yeah.” Dan gritted his teeth and tensed his muscular arms by his side, admiring his reflection in the mirror.

“Wow!” I gasped, and Dan smiled as I wrapped my fingers around his semi-flexed biceps. Without warning I kneed him as hard as I could in the groin. At this close range my lower thigh smashed into both of his dangling baby-makers and the glancing blow to his long rubbery cock made it bounce up and slap against his hard abs.

Dan screamed in shock and pain, trying too late to close his legs.

I grunted loudly powering my leg up harder into his soft genitals making the big stud rise up on tip-toes. For the briefest moment his proud stud balls were supporting most of the weight of his muscular frame and I felt his biceps explode outwards like a baseball in my hand. He threw his head back with a strangled scream and grasped at my leg to relieve his crushed testicles.

I withdrew my knee and Dan immediately doubled over, his powerful body rocking in agony, both hands thrust between his thighs. He coughed deeply twice and staggered before collapsing to the floor. It reminded me of the death of a fighting bull after the matador performs the estocada. The great power of the muscular beast overcome by a well placed strike in it's weakest spot.

The analogy fell apart as Dan hit the floor. Unlike a valiant dying bull, Dan was now wailing in pain, his perfect body writhing and bucking as he grasped his big throbbing balls.

I stroked my rock hard cock as I gazed down on the tortured stud. I had nailed those meaty balls three times and the big dude was now a complete wreck.

By the time the clock had ticked past the four minutes, Dan was still on his hands and knees, holding his dangling sack and groaning miserably. I caught the occasional glance of his magnificent bull-balls and, despite Dan's awful pain, they still looked as sexy as ever. Ready to be crushed again by my knee.

I knelt down next to my room mate and massaged his powerful shoulder.
“Come on, stud. Get back up” I urged “You can still get three points.”

“Ah my fucking baaawwls!” he moaned, massaging the heavy orbs between his thighs, “you crushed my fucking balls."

Dan breathed deeply for a few seconds.

“Are you sure ?” I tried to sound concerned.

No response.

“Show me!” I ordered.

“What?" he groaned miserably

“Dan, if your testicles are injured we"ll stop now….but I reckon your tough nuts can take a lot more.”

“What the fuck, man?” he gasped in exasperation and seemed unsure what to say next. Finally he shook his head and widened his knees to let his whole manhood swing unconstrained. He held his head in his hand.

“Go ahead,” he spoke quietly, barely a whisper. “See for yourself.”

I put a hand on Dan's solid back and leaned down to peer under his smooth muscular ass. I could barely contain myself as I got another close-up view of his fat young testicles. Hanging low and heavy in the smooth sack they really did seem as large as hens eggs. From the outside there was no trace of bruising or swelling, they really were that big. After my brutal pounding they still hung proud and virile as if in defiance.

“Holy shit” I whispered.

“What's wrong?” Dan sounded alarmed.

“They're fine,” I laughed. “Really they look good as new, dude. A big tough pair of nuts.”

“But they really fucking hurt.” Dan complained.

“Get on your feet and stop being such a pussy.” I gave him a playful slap on his naked ass. Dan glared at me then looked down at his swinging package. With a sigh he slowly started to get to his feet, still in obvious pain.

I shoved Dan back against wall. The big stud looked finished and did not try to resist my rough treatment. He looked pathetic, shielding his vulnerable low hangers with both hands.

“Eight minutes on the clock,” I muttered in obvious disappointment, writing a note on the clipboard, “so just two points, Wimp!”

Dan looked glum and made no attempt to defend his honor. I stood face to face trying my best to look stern.

“Not so hard this time,” he begged. “Seriously man, don't forget, I've got a date tomorrow.”

I nodded. I had no plan to go easy on the big stud. I was really enjoying torturing this arrogant bully. I had dropped him to his knees twice already and now I had two more chances to make him suffer more.

“Hands behind your head and eyes closed,” I ordered.

“Please, man,” he whispered as he slowly complied.

I ran my hands one more time down his hot muscular body.

“Come on Dan. How can I hurt a big guy like you?”

I put my hands on his hips again and his powerful body shuddered in anticipation.

“I want you to take this like a MAN !” on the last word I rammed my knee up into his gonads. A resounding thud echoed in the room and Dan's reaction confirmed.

“Oooof !” The air rushed from his lungs and he fell forward holding his battered nuts.
“Fuck!” he screamed “My fucking balls”

I watched with unashamed rapture as once-again the big stud slipped helplessly to his knees overwhelmed by the pain from his weak balls.

Dan was kneeling on the floor clutching his tortured groin, his jaw opened in a silent scream. Then slowly he keeled forward until the side of his head hit the floor with an audible thud. His muscular ass-cheeks jutting upwards looking both erotic and highly comical. His ashen face gaped at me in wordless agony as his strong hands cupped his busted manhood before settling on the hard muscles of his stomach. He groaned weakly and then suddenly grasped his abs tighter as his powerful body was racked in agony. Every muscle tensed as he retched violently.

I realized the hot stud was lost in a world of testicular pain. I knelt down and with a courage that surprised me, wrapped my arms around the suffering stud. Reaching under his writhing body I placed my hands on his hands that clutched his stomach. Then I moved my hands to get a good feel of his hard abs. The muscle contracted wildly each time he retched.

Only a few weeks earlier Dan had invited me to punch his abs and had mocked my futile attempts to hurt him. Now I knew the secret to defeat his muscular gut…go for the balls!

There was no reaction as I slipped a hand under his muscular ass and carefully cupped his mighty balls. Again my pulse raced as I held the source of Dan's masculinity in my hand.

I imagined crushing these huge nuts, squeezing with all my strength and forcing my fingers into the delicate ball flesh until the mighty organs ruptured in my hand. But somehow the image of Dan as a eunuch didn't really fit and I was getting enough lustful pleasure from feeling up the hot stud in his moment of agony.

As Dan started to return to reality, I lost my nerve and settled for massaging his neck and tight shoulders. He had curled up on his side and was sobbing pitifully, occasionally racked by a fit of coughing. I tried consoling and encouraging him but it was several minutes before Dan could speak.

“Stop…please!” he gasped.

“Come on tough guy,” I tried to encourage him.

“Oh, fuck me . . .” he groaned, “I think I'm going to puke.”

He retched again.

“Come on, you've got one minute.” Now I was going to get tough.

“I quit, man. I fucking quit,” he begged then moaned miserably. “My balls are so fucking weak . . .”

“Stand up NOW” I ordered “Don't be such a fucking pussy!”

Dan ignored me.

“Get up wimp. If you've got the balls” I barked.

“Fuck you!” Dan sobbed. "What the hell do you know about being tough? Maybe if you had any balls of your own, you'd have a little more sympathy . . ."

“You don't think I've got balls!” I yelled. “I'll show you.”

I leapt towards Dan and straddled his powerful body facing backwards. I was pinning his chest to the floor, facing the awesome view of his muscular buttocks and thighs. As Dan thrashed I thrust both hand between his muscular thighs. Dan yelled angrily and clamped his thighs shut trapping my wrists between the hard muscles. My finger searched frantically for their targets.

“Yes” I screamed, almost in orgasm, as I closed my right hands around an oval-shaped object causing Dan's body to buck wildly. His legs thrashed releasing my left wrist and immediately I thrust my hand deeper and grabbed the second nugget.

Dan screamed and reached behind his back to grab my wrists, but I kept my grip and continued to apply pressure to his sensitive sex organs until he gave up.

“Please man,” he wailed. His body had gone totally still and he was gently sobbing, totally in my power. "I'm sorry. Please . . . don't crush my balls."

“Get on your feet!” I ordered.

“I can't,” Dan sobbed. “Please let go of my balls. Oh fuck. NO. I'm gonna puke.”

“Okay, fine. Go ahead puke your guts out,” I snarled, “or get on your feet and take it like a man.”

I started to gently massage Dan's bull nuts in my hands and Dan groaned with the rythm of my hands. I wanted him to know that I completely owned him and I could sense his resistance fading.

“Get on your feet or I will drag you up,” I snarled, “by the balls!”

With one hand still thrust between his legs I got a firm grip around the neck of his ball bag, forcing the big plums to the bottom of his sack. My free hand reached beneath his armpit and with all my strength I heaved the groaning stud back to his feet. My big room mate was doubled over holding his muscular abs with one hand while his second gripped my wrist that in abject terror. With a gentle tug and a howl of agony from Dan, I pulled his danglers through the back of his thighs.

The big stud was sobbing pitifully, his eyes wet with tears and shame. His wide shoulders were slumped forward and his powerful chest heaved each time he gasped for breath. Even his proud biceps could only contract uselessly each time I put pressure on his big balls.

I felt proud knowing I had rendered all those muscles useless by targeting his weak balls.

I glanced up. The clock showed twelve minutes. Now was time to finish this bully for good.

Suddenly I realized the set-up was perfect for a knee from behind. With one hand around Dan's ball-bag I was holding his big throbbing eggs right under his muscular ass cheeks. I took a deep breath and prepared. Then with a determined yell I powered my knee one final time into those bulging orbs.

This time I got a perfect view on Dan's meaty testicles being flattened against his muscular butt.

I heard a short scream then Dan's glazed eyes turned to me then slowly rolled up into his skull. Before he could fall I powered my knee one more time into his mighty nuts.
I released my grip and Dan dropped to the ground like a stone. His powerful body lay slumped on his side, his arms and legs spread out haphazardly. My attention was drawn immediately to his semi erect cock that lay heavily on his stomach. My rough handling of his big nuts had clearly got his hormones flowing.

Kneeling over the inert hunk I raised his relaxed arm and released it, watching it drop to the floor with a thud. Gaining courage I placed my hand on his engorged cock. Seeing no reaction, I wrapped my fingers around the big member and stroked my hand up and down. Within seconds I could feel a throbbing under my hands and the huge member started to swell and harden. Carefully I slid my other hand under his big drooping testicles and closed my fingers around the heavy organs. Now they felt slightly swollen but I was impressed by the abuse these big nuts had just absorbed.

I fondled his baby-makers in my hand, kneading them like stress balls as I continued to stroke his hard cock. Dan's ballbag was slowly tightening as the big nuts were hauled up towards his body. Soon I could feel his sperm factories churning ready to release their massive load. At the same time I heard Dan groan weakly. Reluctantly I released my hands and stepped away from my room-mate to enjoy the show.

Dan moaned and his powerful muscles started to flex involuntarily. He opened his eyes, mouth open, his handsome face still looking groggy and confused. Suddenly his expression changed to a look of despair and with a pitiful cry he cradled his tortured groin and clutched his lower abs. He made a long guttural groan as his powerful body rocked in pain. The hot stud was gasping looking nauseous and ghostly pale.

Dan was really working hard for his single “loser” if passing out wasn't enough he now looked ready to throw up. Suddenly his body convulsed violently and he bent forward his mouth almost touching the floor as he dry heaved several times. Only his empty stomach saving him from puking his guts out then and there.

A few minutes later he was still rolling around on the floor, clutching his crushed balls wailing in pain. Dan turned towards me, his face screwed up in pain and his eyes red and streaming. His mouth tried to form words but no sound came out.

“You did it man!” I congratulated him, “Five knees in the nuts!”

“Oh god my balls.” he sobbed quietly “Oh fuck… you broke my balls.”

I chuckled. "I know they it feels like that now, but trust me, you'll be ok."

Dan didn't say anything, he just stayed on the floor moaning.

"You did good today, Dan. I think we made some progress." I said as I approached him. "But for now, let's get you up onto the bed."

He offered no resistance as I pulled his arm over my shoulder and hauled him up like a dead weight. With great effort on my part, I managed dropped him onto the bed. Then I sat down with the clip board and started tallying Dan's points as my roommate curled up into a ball and groaned pathetically with both hands thrust between his legs.

I waited for a long time and felt myself getting impatient waiting for the busted stud to pull himself together. It seemed to take forever, but eventually he managed to drag himself to the edge of the bed, rocking gently and breathing through his clenched teeth.

I moved to sit next to him and put an arm around his shoulders. “You did Ok, tough guy.” I consoled him “Look man you got 37 points today.”

“Huh?” Dan looked up confused.

“Seriously man, look at these scores.” I raised the clipboard to show him his marks I had written for each knee.

“That's a pretty good start,” I continued “I told you your nuts were tough! I tell you, man, in a few weeks you"ll have fucking balls of steel.”

"Maybe, but what good does that do me right now?" He moaned. "It feels like somebody put a sledgehammer to my nuts."

“Yeah right.” I laughed. "That feeling will pass eventually - and look at the bright side, all the pain you're going through now is helping to make you tougher in the long run."

"Yeah, great." Dan scowled and massaged his aching balls. “But what about my date tomorrow?”

I stood up and ruffled his hair, laughing.

"Oh, I think it'll take a little more than a few hits below the belt to stop a big, horny stud like you."

I heard Dan groan in agreement at I turned to leave and I sauntered down the hallway with a spring with a spring in my step. Already my imagination was going wild with ideas for our next session and when I'd get to bust Dan's huge nuts all over again. I could hardly contain my excitement as I walked back to my room, closed the door, and began writing up my plan.

- The pics of Dan are actually from the model Tyler Davin/McPeak -