Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jessica Teaches Her Sister How to Bust Balls

It was the second day of Marie's visit to her sister's college and she was having a blast. This was the first time they had been able to hang out alone, without parents or friends - they could do whatever they wanted. They had stayed up late the previous night watching old movies and slept in Saturday morning. When they got up at noon, they went to the gym for half an hour and ate lunch afterward. When they got back Marie took her shower first and then Jessica left for hers. Marie was still drying off when there was a knock at the door.

Marie reached for her clothes. "Just a minute!" She shouted through the door. She quickly pulled on a pair of capri pants and a white top. Marie opened the door and came face to face with a tall, cute guy with curly brown hair, sweet blue eyes, and a great smile. He was wearing a buttoned T-shirt that fit tight around the chest, blue jeans and flip flops.

"Hi, I'm Nick, Jess' boyfriend. You must be Marie." He said with a dazzling smile.

"Yeah I'm Jess' sister. Nice to meet you." Marie said as she checked out Nick's body.

Nick waited awkwardly for a moment and asked, "Um, can I come in?" Nick asked.

"Oh yeah, sure." Marie moved aside and checked out Nick's butt as he walked by. "Jess just stepped out, she'll be back in a minute."

Nick took a seat at Jessica's desk. "So you're visiting for the weekend?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I'm considering coming here for college." Marie replied.

"Cool, you'll like it here." Nick said.

Even though Marie had just met him, she was enamored by Nick. It wasn't just that he was cute and older than her, he had a charm to him that none of the boys from high school possessed.

Jessica returned after a few minutes and found Nick had already arrived. "I assume you two have already met," she said.

"Yeah, I was just telling Marie what it was like going to school here." Nick said with another smile.

Jessica closed the door behind her and turned to her sister. "Marie, do you remember what we talked about yesterday when you first got here?"

"Yeah . . ." Marie trailed off. Why was Jess bringing this up now?

"I talked to Nick and he's agreed to help you." Jessica said smiling.

"What are you talking about?" Marie asked, looking perplexed at her sister and Nick.

"I want you to practice kicking a guy in the nuts and Nick has agreed to participate, haven't you babe?"

Nick nodded his head, this time without a hint of his characteristic smile.

"What!? That's crazy, I'm not doing it." Marie replied.

"Marie, you need to learn some time." Jessica admonished her sister. "I won't be around next year, you have know how to do it right."

"Why?" Marie complained.

"How do you plan to defend yourself? What do you do if you are at a bar and a guy corners you?" Jessica asked.

"Fine, I'd kick him in the balls and run." Marie replied.

"What if you're nervous and miss? It's not always as easy as it seems." Jessica folded her arms and stared down her little sister. "What if you lose your head and panic?"

"I didn't think about that." Marie was starting to give the idea a chance. "What about Nick, I don't want to stop him from having babies or anything."

Nick cleared his throat with an audible 'gulp.'

"Aww, don't worry, I won't let you hurt Nick too badly." Jessica said in a baby voice.

"Are you sure Nick?" Marie asked.

Nick nodded and gave a reassuring smile.

Jessica had them wait for her while she grabbed some clothes and dressed quickly. When she was ready she had Nick stand in the middle of the room, opposite of Marie.

"The first thing I'm going to have you do is kick him between the legs. Don't forget, a guy's balls usually hang right here . . ." Jessica gently grabbed Nick's bulge from below - " . . . and you want to use your foot to come up, underneath here and push his balls into his body." Jessica pressed her palm into Nick's jean-clad crotch, visibly flattening his bulge up against his body. Nick shrugged his shoulders and smiled, apparently unphased.

"Got it." Marie said confidently. Nick said he was also ready, standing bravely with his legs spread apart. Jessica gave her the go ahead, so Marie quickly closed the gap between her and Nick, arched back her foot and swung her sneaker clad foot up into his groin. Just as Jessica had demonstrated, Marie's foot caught Nick right in the crotch and crunched his nuts. Nick grabbed his groin and staggered back.

"Nice job Marie!" Jessica said smiling. She looked over at her doubled over boyfriend, "You did great too babe."

Nick coughed.

"That was really great, but you won't always be in a situation where you can kick a guy. What do you do if he is standing right in front of you?" Jessica asked as she helped Nick stand back up.

"I don't know, knee him?" Marie replied.

"That's one possibility, and probably the easiest. You want to use your knee just like before to come up, and smack his balls into his body." Jessica demonstrated by wrapping her arms around Nick's neck and gently nudging her knee into his groin.

When it was Marie's turn, she couldn't reach all the way up around his neck so she grabbed Nick by the shoulders and jammed her leg up between his thighs. Nothing happened, Nick didn't seem to be affected at all.

"Did I hurt you?" She asked.

Nick shook his head "Not really."

"Try again!" Jessica said supportingly.

Her sister had been right, this was harder than it looked. Marie focused on Nick's groin again and imagined his testicles were a pair of hens eggs that needed to be cracked. She aimed her knee directly under his bulge and rammed her knee up into it. Her kneecap crashed into Nick's gonads at full force and knocked the wind right out of him.

Nick coughed and doubled over. "Ouch." Nick said rubbing his balls.

"Much better that time. If you keep it up you'll be a pro!" Jessica teased.

"Thanks, but most guys aren't going to just stand there and let me kick them." Marie replied.

"True, sometimes you may get lucky, but I see your point. Most guys will try to protect themselves." Jessica thought about it for a moment. "OK, I have an idea. Marie, I want you to try to hit Nick in the balls, and Nick will try to protect himself."

Both sister and boyfriend nodded. Nicked held one hand in front of his crotch and used the other to block Marie's attacks. Marie made several attempts, but they were all predictable and easily deflected by Nick. She began to feel frustrated, and after being shoved a bit to roughly, her temper spiked and she smacked Nick across the face. The blow caught him off guard and when he reached up to touched his face, he left his groin exposed. Seeing the opening before her, she exploited it and kicked Nick square in the balls.

Nick crumpled to the floor. "Fuck," he whispered under his breath.

Jessica clapped and laughed. "That was awesome!"

She reached over her moaning boyfriend and gave her little sister a big hug.

Marie broke away from the hug. "Do you think I can try one more time?"

Jessica smiled down at her boyfriend and ran her fingers through Nick's curly hair. "OK, just one more."

They pulled Nick up off the floor and had him resume his protective stance. This time he remembered to guard both his crotch and his face, but Marie had expected this. She sent a few feints at his head and then jammed her heal down on his bare toes. Nick yelped in pain and grabbed his foot. Marie used the distraction and snuck behind him. Clenching her fist, she punched Nick' nuts from behind, crushing Nick's baby-makers and driving them into his pelvis.

Nick howled and fell to the floor. He whimpered holding his foot with one hand and his nuts in the other. Jessica congratulated her sister and helped Nick up to her bed.

"That was great!" Marie exclaimed. She thanked and hugged her sister, then she hugged Nick and thanked him too.

"You were fantastic Marie! Where did you come up with that last move?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, I saw it movie I think. I can't believe it worked!" Marie giggled.

"Well I think you are a full fledged ball buster now - men beware!" Jessica joked.

Nick moaned in approval.

"What about Nick?" Marie asked, still giggling.

Jessica shook her head. "Don't worry about him, I already promised to make it up to him later."

"Oh, so he didn't volunteer-"

"Not exactly." Jessica watched her boyfriend squirm on the bed. "I had to give him a little incentive."

That seemed to make Marie giggle even harder.

"Have you ever seen a guy naked?" Jessica asked.

Marie shook her head. "Not below the belt."

"Well I think you should - it's important to know what's down there if you are going to be taking guys on."

"I don't think Nick-"

"It won't be a problem, Nick doesn't mind." Jessica cut her off and tugged on Nick's pants.

Nick was still a bit out of it after the busting he had taken. He tried to protest, but Jessica was determined. She unbuckled his belt, pulled his pants down to his knees. Then she grabbed the waist band of his green boxer shorts and yanked them down too, revealing his package for inspection. Nick had an average six inch dick that rested above two plump testicles. Jessica pushed Nick's penis to the side and grabbed his scrotum.

"So here they are, these are Nick's balls." Jessica said while carressing his tender orbs. "Squeezing a guy's nuts is best way to bust them, but only if they're naked."

"How come?" Marie asked.

"Because clothing can protect them, but they're really sensitive to pressure." Jessica replied. "If you can your hands on a guy's nuts, game's over."

"Wow," Marie said with a hint of amazement. "Can I touch them?"

"I don't know . . ." Jessica seemed to hesitate.

"Please, I promise it'll be quick!" Marie begged.

"Alright, just for a second." Jessica said.

Marie grabbed Nick's nutsac and jiggled his balls. They were softer than she had expected and they were wrapped in saggy skin. She could see how having a pair of these could be a liability in the wrong hands.

"Nice," Marie commented as she released Nick's plums.

Jessica helped Nick pull his pants back on and then he said he had to go. "Thanks for being such a good sport babe."

Nick nodded his head and smiled. Marie thanked him as well, and after a few minutes he left. Once they were alone Jessica and Marie chatted away about what had transpired. They both agreed that it had been a great success.

Jessica's opinion meant a lot to Marie, so to her it felt as though she had just completed a right of passage. Jessica couldn't have been prouder of her little sister. She felt secure in the knowledge that no matter what happened, Marie could look out for herself.

- Nick is inspired by Jesse from -

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