Friday, February 26, 2010

Manhandling the Underwear Model

The photographer tapped the front of his watch impatiently to check if it was broken. "Where the hell is he?" Roland balked.

"He's still with the hair stylist," Jean said with a smirk. I'll go check."

Jean had been working with Roland for nearly a decade, her title was 'assistant photographer,' but her real job was to guide the models through hair, make-up, and wardrobe before Roland had a conniption. Sensing that a fit was coming on, she left Roland with his camera and walked down to the prep room.

"He's just about ready." The stylist said as Jean walked in.

"Good, Roland's heading toward a meltdown." Jean smiled.

"When isn't he?" Both women laughed. "Alright, you're done here, Jean will take you from here."

"Hi, I'm Jean." The assistant photographer said putting her hand out. She had a kind face and a slight hint of a southern drawl. The young man smiled awkwardly and shook her hand.

"I'm Ryan," the model replied shyly. Jean didn't care much for the way the stylist had made his hair, lush blond curls that had been arranged to look like a mop top. None the less, Ryan was handsome, with piercing steel blue eyes and a baby face, he couldn't be more than 20 years old. Having already gone through wardrobe, he was already wearing a modest, but sexy pair of white Calvin Klein boxer-briefs.

She led Ryan back into the studio where Roland sprung immediately into action. Foregoing introductions, he directed the young model over to a series of lamps and adjusted the light. After taking several quick snaps, he re-adjusted the light and snapped off a few more rounds.

Roland stepped back and shook his head. "This isn't going to work." He growled.

"What's wrong?" Jean asked defensively. "I set the panals the way you told me."

"No it's the model," Roland turned his head so that only his assistant could hear him. "You know our client, she's not going to go for this."

Jean looked over his shoulder at Ryan. "I thought he'd be OK."

"You remember what happened last time. It was made clear that if she was not satisfied, she won't pay." Roland growled.


"Just get him out of here." Roland waved his hand dismissively.

Jean sighed and walked over to the model. "Ryan, would you come with me please?" She led him out of the studio and back into the prep room, closing the door behind them. She hated this part of her job, but Roland's lack of basic communication skills meant that the task fell on her.

"I'm sorry, but we're going to have to ask you to go home." Jean said in a soft, comforting tone.

"What do you mean?" Ryan ask quizzically. "It can't be over yet, did I do something wrong?"

Jean saw the disappointment in his eyes and tried smiling to soften the blow. "No, of course not. I'm sorry, I don't know how to say this but, you just don't have the look that we need."

"What?" Ryan asked rubbing his chest self-consciously. "Is it my body? Cause I've been working on my arms and chest a lot."

"No dear, you look great, really." Jean smiled sadly. "It's just that we work for a very demanding client - and they require all our underwear models to be a bit more substantial," she paused, "-below the waist."

"Oh." Ryan replied quietly. "You mean . . ."

"You aren't filling out the underwear the way we'd like you to." Jean said diplomatically.

The model looked down at his package. "I thought I was at least average." Ryan said defensively.

"Oh, no dear you look fantastic - but our client . . . " Jean shook her head and smiled.

"Please." Ryan began to beg pathetically. "This is my first shoot. If I mess this up, I may never get a second break."

"Honey I understand believe me, it's just . . ." Jean's words trailed off, she was at a loss. Despite her years in the business, she was surprised to find that the young man's sincerity moved her.

"I'll do anything - anything at all. Just please don't send me home." Ryan replied desperately.

Jean looked back at him skeptically. She wanted to help him, but Roland had been clear about the matter.

Her eye traced over his body head to toe, and back again. "Hmm, broad chest, firm abdomen . . . you do have a lovely physique." She said quietly to herself. "There's really only one problem area."

Ryan's cheeks went pink and he covered his crotch bashfully. "I'm not big enough?" He asked nervously.

Jean studied him quietly. "Well, maybe if you could try - readjusting things down there?" Jean suggested.

"Oh, sure." Ryan said timidly.

Jean turned around and waited patiently as Ryan reached into the crisp Calvin Kleins and shifted his manhood. When he was done, Jean turned back around and shook her head, "I'm sorry sweetie."

"No, please!" Ryan pled.

"Honey, there's nothing I can do." Jean sighed in frustration. Her hands were tied, she couldn't risk losing her contract. Nonetheless, she sympathized with the young man. It was a shame, everything else about him was perfect - his trim, muscular body and piercing blue eyes . . . She had to admit it, he had a great look and tons of potential.

"Alright, why don't you let me take a crack at it?" Jean suggested.

"You mean-"

"Fixing your skivvies so they fit right." Jean interjected. "Now come over here."

Really, would you try?" The desperation in Ryan's voice was obvious. He wanted to model so badly he could taste it.

Jean smiled. "Why sure."

Ryan flashed a dazzling smile. "Oh, thank you."

"Alright," Jean said, "let's stat off by letting me see what we're dealing with, drop those drawers."

"In here, now?" Ryan asked bashfully.

"Sure," Jean replied. "Ain't no body going to come in and bother us."

"Oh, OK." Ryan nodded his head. He slid his thumbs under his waistband and hesitated just a moment, and then slid the underwear down to the floor.

Jean's eyes widened a bit at the first glimpse of the 20 year-old's flawless manhood. Even soft, the shaft of Ryan's penis was a well over six inches and was capped with a thick, shiny head. The naked model nervously cleared his throat, his eyes fixed on Jean, but she said nothing. Reaching out, she lifted the tip of Ryan's shaft with a finger and revealed a tightly packed, hairless scrotum. Jean nodded and removed her hand.

"So what do you think?" Ryan asked after several seconds of awkward silence.

"Oh, very nice." Jean cooed.

The compliment immediately put the model back at ease. Ryan smiled and rested his hand confidently on his side.

"It looks like you have plenty of meat here," Jean said gently while still staring at his manhood, "-but hardly any potatoes."

"Potatoes?" The young man staggered, "You mean my b-, my testicles?"

"Yes sweetie," Jean replied evenly. "They're tucked all the way back there, I can hardly see them!"

Ryan looked down at his groin self-consciously. "Oh."

Jean shook her head. "You can't model underwear like that."

"What now?" Ryan asked anxiously?

Jean sensed the young man's unease. "Don't worry dear," she reassured him, "we just need to get your two little soldiers to drop."

Ryan's cheeks went red with embarrassment.

"OK, let me try." Reaching down and grabbing his own nutsac in his fist, the young model proceeded to twist and tug on his own gonads.

Jean watched Ryan grimace and grunt as he struggled with his own manhood. Glancing down at her watch confirmed what she already knew - that time was running out. Roland would be banging on the door any minute.

"We don't have all day sweetie," Jean sighed. "Come over here, I'll do it."

Ryan stepped in front of her and bit his lip with anticipation. Jean smiled reassuringly and then without a hint of hesitation, she reached out and cupped the younger man's gonads. Ryan's jewels were average in size and soft, but his scrotum felt tight and unyielding. Jean rolled the rubbery nuts between her fingers gently, working Ryan's nuggets between her fingers, she began stretching out the skin.

Ryan watched in quiet fascination as the assistant photographer manipulated his manhood. He did not feel comfortable having a perfect stranger touch him in such an intimate manner, but if it meant he could stay and finish the photo shoot, he would just have to bare it.

In the mean time, Jean had made some real progress loosening Ryan's sac. She began massaging the sensitive underside of his nuts, stimulating the ball-cords to relax. Then, squeezing each ball between her fingers, she tugged down.

Ryan shrieked and tried to protect his nuts, but Jean ignored him. "See, you're still young enough that your testicles more ductile and respond to more gentler forms of - stimulation."

Gentle, wouldn't be how Ryan described it, but there seemed little point in arguing the matter.

"Ah, here they come," Jean said smiling.

"See, much better." Jean cooed as she continued rubbing his balls softly. Ryan glanced down and could see that his nuts had actually dropped down to the base of his sac, several inches below his penis.

"I think we should try something else," Jean said as she rifled through a box of underwear and picked out a pair of light blue boxer-briefs. "Try these on."

Ryan took the underwear gratefully and slid them on with Jean's help. The model waited while Jean adjusted the way the fabric hugged his crotch. Taking a step back, she clicked her teeth as she studied him.

"Is something wrong?" Ryan asked.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, the constant attention had awoken something in Ryan's virile 20 year-old body. Ryan desperately tried to ignore it, but the sensation had only grown.

"Something's not right." Jean replied. She reached down to readjust Ryan's package when she felt his dick stiffen. Jean looked up and smiled. "Sweetie, are you getting an erection?" she asked gently.

"Um, yeah - sort of." Ryan bashfully.

"You can't model for us like that." Jean said rubbing the back of his neck. "Can you get rid of it?"

Ryan stared back at her for a moment confused. "I don't know, maybe . . ."

Jean sighed with frustration. "We don't have the time."

Ryan looked back at her bleakly. Jean was going to send him home after all.

"Alright, come on we need to get past this." To Ryan's surprise, Jean pulled down the underwear and wrapped her hand around his dick. The younger man was shocked by her brashness, nonetheless his prick hardened instantly in her grasp.

Ryan's mind swirled with shock and excitement. He never would have imagined his first modeling job would turn out this way, but all that faded into the background as Jean's hands worked faster and faster over his raging cock. Ryan closed his eyes and felt his heart race as the first stages of climax began to sweep over him - he was so close.

"I'm gonna cum." Ryan whispered as he felt the adrenaline and ecstasy swell.

WIth one hand still fondling his balls, Jean aimed Ryan's shaft down toward the floor just in time for the first blast of cum. Ryan groaned as thick ropes of his spunk splattered the floor several feet away. Jean continue to pump and squeeze the young stud's balls wave after wave, milking them for every last drop.

"Please-" Ryan gasped as the last spasms of pleasure subsided. "There isn't any left"

Jean paused to blow a strand of hair off of her face. "We have a problem then darling, 'cause you're still hard."

Ryan's cheeks turned red. "Yeah, sorry about that."

Jean sighed and stared back at him. "Well, I'm sure that must please the ladies, but this isn't the set of a porno." Jean said with a hint of frustration.

"Maybe you won't be able to see it with underwear." Ryan said hopefully as he pulled new pair of athletic shorts on, but it did little to conceal the massive boner he was sporting.

Jean shook her head. They hadn't gotten this far to fail now.

"I've got an idea." Jean said finally. "But you've got to trust me."

Ryan nodded. "Alright."

Jean smiled reassuringly once more. Reaching out and tracing the muscles of Ryan's towing frame, her hands come to rest on his shoulders. She meets his gaze and recognizes the fear in his. Perhaps he already senses the danger, but too late - suddenly Jean's knee sinks into the space between Ryan's thighs, compressing the soft tissues of his manhood against his body. Ryan cries out just before pain explodes throughout his body and consumes him.

Ryan's cries sank to a whisper as Jean continued to pummel his balls again and again as her knee cap smashed into his precious family jewels. Pausing between shots only to check on the status of his boner, Jean crunched Ryan's nuts without mercy until suddenly his cock began to twitch.

Taking the hint, Jean reared back and delivered one last, massive blow to poor Ryan's over-eager plums. The collision was devastating, catching both balls and grinding them up against his bony pelvis, lifting him clear off the ground. Ryan's cock immediately began to sputter and fill the designer underwear with a second massive load of his love juice. Utterly spent and exhausted, Ryan collapsed on the floor in agony.

Standing over him, Jean watched the young man thrash and moan and shook her head. She was going to need to talk to Roland about getting a new model. Quietly she slipped out the room and closed the door quietly behind her.

- This character is based on the model Ryan Daharsh -

- Before Jean's 'conditioning -

- After Jean's 'conditioning -