Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ruling the Roost

After a long first day of classes, Jamie walked home from the bus stop. She walked alone down a suburban street lined by two story houses that lacked definition or originality, typical of new construction. Jamie picked up the pace and turned the corner onto a similar looking street.

Jamie had moved to Columbia only a few days ago to begin classes at the University of South Carolina. She hadn't been able to find a place of her own, but luckily she had family that lived only 15 minutes away from the school by bus. Jamie's aunt and uncle had been nice enough to let her stay with them until she found an apartment.

Having lived in the northeast all her life, Jamie hadn't had much interaction with her aunt and uncle, apart from the occasional funeral or wedding, but they seemed nice. She had also gotten to know her cousin Nathan, who was only a year younger than her. Despite their close age, the two shared little in common - but she hoped to change that.

Jamie was still trying to get accustomed to living in the south, the city and the people were different, but it was even more obvious at her relative's house. Her Aunt Elise was sweet, but she clearly ruled the roost and she ran a very tight ship. She ordered her husband and son around rather, but she was surprisingly kind at times. Jamie got the impression she was the sort of woman that did not abide any nonsense. It made Jamie feel a bit uneasy while staying at their house, which was why she planned to move out as soon as possible.

As Jamie walked up the steps to the house she could see the downstair lights were still on. She found the front door unlocked and let herself in.

"Hello?" She called out from the foyer. There was no response, so Jamie started up the stairs when she heard something that sounded like a groan come out of the family room. Jamie walked down the hall to investigate.

Jamie turned the corner and was shocked by what she discovered. The whole family was there, both her uncle and cousin were stripped down to their boxers and they were each leaning back on one of the sofa's armrests. Her aunt was dressed normally and speaking to both men in low hushed tones. She looked up as Jamie entered the room.

"Hi Aunt Elise, what's going on?" Jamie asked.

"Hello dear," her aunt walked over to her took her hand. "I'm glad you're here."

"You are?" Jamie asked apparently puzzled.

"Of course," her aunt replied. "I was afraid that you might miss miss our little family tradition."

"Oh, OK," Jamie looked at her uncle and cousin, and then back at her aunt. "What are we doing?"

"Monday is disciplinary night." Aunt Elise replied.

"Excuse me?" Jamie couldn't have heard her right.

"Oh don't be shy now, my men are proper gentlemen, but running a house with two men can be quite a job. As women we need to keep control to maintain order."

Jamie shook her head. "What are you talking about?"

"Have you ever tried riding a horse without its reins?"

Jamie shook her head again, having never seen a horse in person let alone ride one.

"Without the reins a horse will go wherever it pleases and take the rider with him. The reins are used to help direct the horse in the right direction. Men are the same way, but unfortunately the good lord didn't give men reigns, so we have to use their testicles instead." Aunt Elise said with a smile. "Now come on, time's a-wastin'."

Her aunt pulled Jamie over to where her uncle and cousin sat patiently and waited. "Most nights I have to manage with the both of them, but you can take Nathan and I'll take your Uncle Ron."

"Wait, we can't do this . . . it's not right!" Jamie cried

This time her uncle spoke up, "Sweetie, the Bible is chock full of men killin’ and destroyin’ and rapin’ women and such. Men have done most of the evil in this world, and God knows it. I couldn't raise my son up proper without teaching him to respect women."

"Respect for women is one thing, but this . . ." Jamie turned to her cousin, "Nathan, you don't actually want me to kick you . . . down there." She made a gesture towards his groin.

"Why, sure I do," Nathan said smiling. "Oh, but not just kick, you knee 'em or squeeze 'em if you'd like."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, why don't you two men drop your drawers?" Aunt Elise suggested.

"Yes mamm." Her cousin replied as both he and his father pushed their boxers down to the floor. The resemblance between father and son was uncanny. Rugged good looks, brown hair and blue eyes, Nathan was an 18 year old version of his father. His muscular physique mirrored his father's, who had the build of a football player. Both men had a proud, soft six inch cock and two big low hanging balls, though his father's balls seemed to bulge out a bit more, the men looked like two bookends.

Aunt Elise grabbed ahold of her husband's gonads and began to knead them. "Nathan, help your cousin."

"Yes mamm." Nathan immediately began to pull and tug on his sac, stretching out his ball cords.

Jamie shook her head. "I can't do this Nathan."

"Why?" Nathan stared back while he kept massaging and loosening up his balls for what was to come. "Don't worry, I've washed."

Jamie looked at him confused for a moment and shook her head. "No, I mean . . . I don't want to hurt you."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, my nuts sure can take a lot - but I want you to try." Nathan said with a genteel smile.

"He's right dear," Jamie's aunt chimed in. "Nathan's balls are almost as strong as his fathers."

Jamie could not believe the situation she had landed into. These people were crazy and they had brainwashed her cousin into thinking this kind of behavior was normal!

"Go ahead Jamie, their ready for you." Nathan said, leaning back on the couch with his arms behind him.

The pressure on Jamie was immense. Three sets of eyes watched her and waited in anticipation. Reluctantly she reached out and grazed Nathan's flesh-colored orbs with the tips of her fingers.

"Go on." Aunt Elise pressed.

Jamie scooped up Nathan's walnut-sized nuggets and cradled them in her palm. They felt heavier and less delicate then she had imagined. Feeling a bit more confident, she gave Nathan's nuts a firm squeeze and watched his muscles ripple in his abdomen and chest.

"That's it Jamie, you're doing wonderfully!" Aunt Elise said encouragingly while simultaneously crushing her husband's nuts.

"I've found it most effective if you squeeze the ball-meat with your lower fingers while also squeezing the tubes behind the ball with your thumb and finger." Jamie's aunt demonstrated on her husband. Jamie's uncle began to pant hard as his wife's grip crushed his manhood like a vice. He grit his teeth and bravely took the pain inflicted on his studly eggs.

Jamie tried to emulate the grip her aunt had shown her but she was having trouble. "Here, let me help," Nathan said and proceeded to position his cousin's fingers around each of his own nuts so that it was just right. "Now give it a try," he said with a smile.

Jamie pressed the 18-year old's tender ball flesh and crushed them between her fingers with devastating effect. Nathan was covered in sweat and his legs wobbled as the boy fought to to maintain his balance. Spurred on by her aunt's encouragement, Jamie dug her fingernails into the back of Nathan's ball cords, causing the young man to howl in pain.

As Nathan's body began to gyrate, his cock grazed the back of Jamie's hand. It was only for a second, but Jamie could have sworn that it had been hard. But before Jamie could confirm it, Nathan threw himself down on the floor and grabbed his battered balls.

Jamie looked around at his parents, but they seemed not to have noticed. "Well done my dear," Aunt Elise released her husband and hugged her niece. As long as you're with us I want you to discipline my men any time you see fit."


The next morning Jamie went down stairs to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. The rest of the family was already dressed and ready for the day. Her Uncle Ron was dressed in a black business suit and red tie, sitting at the kitchen table and reading the newspaper. Aunt Elise was wearing a sun dress and white cardigan, bent over at the sink washing dishes. Even Nathan seemed dressed up for school, wearing a green polo shirt and tan khakis. Nathan was standing up against the kitchen counter with his legs spread in the same stance he had taken previous night.

Aunt Elise turned around and greeted her niece as she entered the room, "Good morning, do you have class today?"

"Morning," Jamie said yawning. "My first class is at eleven."

"That's lovely dear." Jamie's aunt replied with a bright smile. "Could I interest you with some orange juice? It's freshly squeezed."

"I'm fine with coffee, thanks." Jamie took a sip from her cup.

"Alright dear, but if you can help yourself if you change your mind." Aunt Elise replied wiping her hands dry with a dish towel. Then she turned to her son who had been quiet all morning and pointed to the sink. "Cleaning up after dinner is one of your chores."

"Yes mamm," her son replied in a nervous tone. "I made sure to wash up before I went to bed."

"Then why did I spend half the morning washing last night's dishes, darlin?" Aunt Elise reached between Nathan's spread legs and grasped her son's nuts through his slacks. He whimpered and leaned back on the counter while his mother crushed his manhood in her vicious nut claw.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing right," Aunt Elise said in her rich southern drawl.

"Yes mamm." Nathan whispered.

His mother tugged down on his nutsac. "Please don't mumble, I couldn't hear you."

"Yes mamm!" her son repeated louder.

Aunt Elise released her son's manhood and finished up at the sink. Nathan bent forward and grabbed his crotch.

"I better head off," Uncle Ron put down his newspaper and put on his suit jacket.

"Alright dear, half a nice day." Aunt Elise said. He leaned down and kissed his wife on the cheek. Then her uncle stood up straight, spread his legs and presented his groin. Aunt Elise grabbed her husband's large biceps kneed him in the crotch.

Uncle Ron bent forward and groaned. "Thank you darling." Then he stood back up, said goodbye to Jamie and Nathan and left for work.

Aunt Elise looked at her son, "You should be off too sweetie, I don't want you to be late for school."

"Yes mamm, I just need to go get my things." Nathan walked past his mother toward the stairwell.

"Don't I get a kiss goodbye?" She asked.

Nathan turned around and kissed his mother on the cheek. Then he spun around and tried to leave.

"Ah, ah, ah, come back mister and present."

Nathan looked at his cousin and then back at his mother who looked rather insistent. He stood up straight, and presented his groin to his mother, legs spread and arms behind his back.

"Every morning I like to send my men out of the house with a kiss and a kick in the pants. I like to think of it as a reminder that I love them and that they better stay out of trouble." Aunt Elise pivoted, clutched Nathan's broad shoulders and sunk her knee deep into her son's groin. Nathan let out a cough and shook his head slightly as if shaking off the blow. His mother smiled and patted him on the chest. "There, now have a nice day dear."

Nathan said goodbye to his mother and cousin, grabbed his books and went off to school. Jamie's aunt told her to help herself to anything she could find and left for work as well, leaving Jamie alone to rome the house. Jamie didn't know what to make of the situation with her aunt, though she had been extremely kind to her, Jamie was happy she wasn't her nephew.

Jamie finished her coffee and went upstairs to take a shower. A few minutes she was dressed and out the door. She walked the block and a half to the bus stop and arrived on campus with plenty of time to spare. Tuesday was a light day for her, after her classes were over she ran some errands and headed back home by 2:00 pm.

The house was quite while everyone else was out at work or school, so Jamie decided to lay down on her bed in the guest room and read. Half an hour later she heard the front door open and footsteps coming up the stairs. "Hello?" Jamie called out.

Her cousin popped his head into the doorway. "Hi Jamie."

"Hi Nathan, how was school today?" Jamie asked.

"Just fine, how was college?" Nathan replied.

"It was good, I already have homework though." Jamie giggled.

"Yeah, me too. I'll be in my room if you need me." Nathan said with a wave and walked down the hall.

Jamie laid in her bed and thought about her cousin. Despite her aunt's odd method of parenting, she molded her son into an upstanding young man. He already acted more maturely than any of the guys she met on campus. Maybe her aunt was right about busting men's balls.

Jamie got up and followed her cousin to his room. "Hey," she said standing in the door way.

Nathan dropped his book bag and faced back at her, "Yes?"

"I just . . . I was wondering if I could practice my squeezing . . . you know, like last night." Jamie stumbled over her words, not knowing the proper way to preposition a guy to bust his balls.

Nathan caught on to her meaning and nodded his head. "Sure."

"Really?" Jamie sounded shocked.

"Of course, your family. Momma said you could bust me any time you'd like." Nathan replied with a smile. "We can do it after I finish my homework, or now if you'd like."

"I'd like to do it now, if you don't mind." Jamie said a bit timidly.

Nathan nodded and assumed the 'presenting position' with his legs spread.

"I don't think I'm advanced enough to do this through clothing," Jamie said as she began unbuttoning Nathan's trousers. "You don't mind, do you? I've already seen everything."

Nathan nodded and watched her unzip his pants and slide them down his legs. Jamie tugged down on his boxers and revealed Nathan's thick dick and low hanging balls. They hung between his legs like a pair of ripe fruit. Jamie cupped his Nathan's juicy balls and rolled them gently in her hand.

"How does that feel?" She asked.

"Just fine," Nathan replied with a smile.

Jamie pinched each thick nut between her fingers and watched Nathan's cock twitch. "Have you ever been with girl?" She asked.

"No, I'm waitin' till I get married." Her cousin replied.

"Oh, so you must masturbate a lot." Jamie said.

"Heck no, momma caught me once and taught me a lesson." Nathan replied.

Jamie went back to focusing on squeezing the life out of his genitals. Now that she was getting the hang of it, she was starting to do some serious damage. Nathan's head rolled and he moaned as she continued to crush his testicles. After grinding one ball against the other, Jamie focused on squashing his left nut. Nathan whimpered but continued to stand and accept his punishment.

"Do you like it when I bust your balls Nate?" It was the first time she called him Nate, and she said it with a soft, sultry voice.

"I don't mind, if that's what you mean." Nathan's cock twitched.

"No, I think you like it . . ." She gently stroked the side of Nathan's young cock. The 18-year dick stiffened immediately and stood at attention. "Oh, look who's up!" Jamie giggled.

Nathan looked horrified. "I'm sorry," He apologized.

"Don't worry about it, your balls are probably swimming in sperm." Jamie replied jokingly.

Nick looked ashamed and shifted his eyes.

Jamie released her cousin's cahones and told him to sit down on the bed. Nathan did as he was told while Jamie pulled his underwear and pants all the way off and sat next to him.

"What are you doin'?" Nathan asked.

"An experiment, now lay back and relax." Jamie replied. She waited for him to get comfortable, then she wrapped her hands around his adolescent cock and bloated balls. "Be honest, you like it when I bust your balls don't you?"

Nathan nodded his head sheepishly.

"I thought so," Jamie said. With one hand she began to grind away at Nathan's nuts while stroking his long shaft with the other. Nathan moaned, but it was unclear if it was because of the pain in his balls or the pleasure from his cock.

"No, please, don't . . ." Nathan panted.

Jamie locked her fingers around his swollen baby-makers and crushed them in her hand. Nathan's body bucked and he moaned.

"You like that don't you?" Jamie asked. She was really getting into it.

"Yes," Nathan sighed.

"Yes what?" Jamie twisted his nutsac.

"Yes mamm."

Jamie pumped Nathan's nuts one at a time, first left, then right, then left again - as the other hand jerked the full length of his prick. "What do you think would happen if I told you mom about this?" Jamie asked playfully.

The pleasure on Nathan's face switched to fear. "I'd get in a lot of trouble."

"I bet you would," Jamie replied as her hand slid teasingly slow along Nathan's cock. "What your mom do when she caught you masturbating the first time?"

"She squeezed my nuts so hard I passed out." Nathan groaned.

"That sounds fun," she whispered in his ear, "maybe I should do that to you too . . ."

Nathan's dick immediately become rock hard, giving her just enough time to slow down before the first shot of sticky white cum burst into the air. Gob after gob of thick white boy juice was discharged al over his chest and arms. Jamie had never seen a guy release so much cum from one ejaculation. By the time he stopped shooting, the front of Nathan's shirt was drenched. With the euphoria of climaxing beginning to fade, Nathan began to breath normally.

Jamie gave his nuts a final squeeze and got up off the bed. "You better clean that up before your parents come home."

Nathan looked down and surveyed the mess he had made and nodded his head.

"I've got some reading to do, I'll see you dinner." Jamie left her cousin's bedroom and walked down the hall with a grin on her face.

- Nathan was inspired by a model from Sean Cody of the same name -


Anonymous said...

that story is so extremeley HOT! i love it! really well done! pls continue the series pleeeeease!

bbmal said...

I'm glad you liked it and I do plan to write at least one more story with these characters. Do you have any suggestions or requests for the next installment?