Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chronicles of a Cum Vampire: Episode 2

The steps creaked under Salem's feet as he passed into the catacombs under the abandoned church. The others had believed the trail had gone cold, but he knew better. He spent the last few days searching for quarry before he picked scent back up again.

He stopped at the base of the stairwell and sniffed at the air. Time and neglect had left the structure above on the verge of collapse, but the foundation remained intact. The basement reeked of must and dirt.

In his human form, he still retained much of the speed and strength, but confronting a vampire in his lair was dangerous. That is why Salem waited for the sun to rise high in sky above before coming any closer. But noon had come and gone, and time was running out.

Salem walked across the room to a door that looked like it had been recently opened. Testing it, he found it was locked from the inside, and reinforced. He pulled hard on the handle, twisting the metal until the latch gave way and broke in his hand. Throwing it aside, he grabbed the door and heaved with all his might until the hinges gave way, breaking loose of the concrete.

Salem slipped through the doorway and descended a second staircase. At the bottom, he could see the chamber was filled with the soft glow of candle light. Standing at the edge of the light, he stopped to listen for movement but heard none. Satisfied, he stepped forward into the chamber.

Darius had been alerted to the werewolf's presence moment he'd entered the church above and judging from the sound of his forced entry into his sanctuary, he was either very foolish or very powerful.

"Come." Darius called out to the dark figure in the shadows. He watched the man step forward into the light. He was rather short in his human form, perhaps 5"9', with a muscular chest and broad shoulders. He looked rather young, his slate-grey eyes and broad face were framed by thick eyebrows and a thin black beard that ran along his jawline. Wearing plain white t-shirt and jeans, he looked quite normal, which was anything but true.

"You are very foolish to enter my lair alone." Darius said, rising to his feet. "Why have you come?"

"I have but one purpose." Salem replied as he quickly scanned the room. "I have come to kill you," he growled in a low feral tone.

Darius laughed a long, hollow laugh that echoed throughout the chamber.

"You may try." The vampire hissed, his voice cut through the air like sandpaper.

Salem leapt toward Darius, his arms slicing through nothing but air as Darius stepped nimbly away.

"Tisk, tisk." Darius mocked. "You'll have to do much better than that."

Salem let out a loud wolf-like growl and charged back at the vampire, closing the gap quickly. He swung his powerful fists, but he failed to land a single blow. Darius' agility and speed was impressive.

Filled with frustration, Salem charged into his opponent, a mass of muscle and fury, and slammed his forehead into Darius' nose. A loud crack filled the room, and dark blood trickled down the vampire's mouth as he staggered back.

Darius growled, barring his fanged teeth. Shaking off the blow, his fist hammered into Salem's broad chest, knocking him half way across the room.

Salem gasped, sucking in long deep breaths and jumped back to his feet just in time to watch Darius' misshapen nose correct itself and heal before his eyes. Fear and desperation filled his mind. He'd never seen such a powerful vampire, even during the daylight hours, Darius' powers were too great. It was pride that had convinced him to go down their alone. He thought it show his honor to the others, but instead, the foolish mistake might lead to his death.

Rushing forward, Salem feinted to the left and launched a bone-jarring kick between the vampire's legs, smashing his groin. Darius was caught off guard, the force of the blow lifted him of the ground and doubled him over.

Seeing his opening, Salem charged again, launching himself at Darius, but he was ready for him. Using the werewolf's momentum to roll back, in mid-air Darius thrust his knee into Salem's crotch, crunching his nuts against the weight of his body and launching him back across the room.

Salem slammed into the wall and fell in a heap. He groaned, holding his groin.

"You should never have come here." Darius said as he walked over to the werewolf. Reaching down, he grabbed Salem by the neck and dragged him up to his face. Darius stared into his eyes, the hypnotic energies already flaring up in his dark pupils.

"You will tell me where the rest of your brethren are." Darius said in a dry, monotone voice.

Salem struggled to break free, his arms and legs thrashing. Werewolves could resist the charms of a vampire, but not indefinitely.

"Tell me!" Darius growled.

Salem stopped struggling and paused, looking deep into Darius' deep eyes. Then suddenly his hands shot between Darius' thighs, ripping and tearing at the vampire's testicles.

Darius blinked and his eyes bulged as Salem's strong fingers bore down on his ancient gonads. The sensation was unfamiliar, stirring up memories long forgotten. Centuries had past since the last time he'd experienced true pain, and its intrusion into his body was unwelcome.

Darius grabbed Salem's wrists and pulled the werewolf's hand off his groin. Salem let out a low growl and his muscles strained as his fist withered in Darius' grasp.

"That was bold, young one," The vampire murmured. "But ill-advised."

Darius' smile was wicked as he plunged his cold, clammy hand down into the front of Salem's jeans. The expression on the werewolf's face suddenly shifted to panic and winced as Darius worked his way down and seized his hairy balls.

"One ill-turn deserves another." Darius quipped, detecting a hint of fear in his enemy's eyes.

Salem snarled as Darius constricted his fingers around his scrotum and slowly crushed his nuts.

"Tell me where the others are." Darius demanded, twisting Salem's heavy ballsac.

Salem growled in pain.

"Never," he sneered.

A faint smile curled the edges of Darius' lips. "Oh, no no, my mongrel friend. Never is such a long time."

Darius acted quickly. Giving Salem's nuts one final tug, he whipped his hand back out of his pants and fired off a thunderous kick into the young werewolf's gonads before he could react.

Salem shrieked as his tender orbs were pulverized by the vampire's instep. Had he been a mortal, Darius' kick could easily have broken every bone in his body. He reached between his legs and whimpered, sliding down to the floor.

Darius grabbed Salem's ankles and pulled his legs apart, stretching the muscles in his groin. Salem groaned, fearing what was about to happen but powerless to stop it. Darius smiled down at him, his razor sharp fangs glistening in the candle light. Salem grit his teeth, but was unprepared when Darius finally stomped his foot down, grinding his hands into his testicles.

Salem cried out and slumped to the floor in a heap, desperate to protect his aching nuts.

Devoid of pity, Darius reached down and grabbing Salem's belt buckle and ripped open his clothing. Dark curly hair covered his chest and legs, meeting in the middle to form a thick mane of pubic hair that surrounded his genitals. His long cock and two huge balls dangled between his legs.

Pouncing atop him like a large cat, he grabbed Salem's thick shaft with one hand and his big, meaty balls with the other. Salem groaned as Darius roughly manipulated his manhood, squeezing and twisting the orbs inside the werewolf's bloated sac.

"Tell me . . . where are the rest of your brethren?" Darius whispered as he kneaded Salem's juicy plums.

"I don't know." Salem gasped and swallowed hard. Once he'd discovered Darius' true strength, he knew he was doomed. The vampire had simply been toying with him up until that point, but now that game was over he would be tortured and eventually killed. "I set out alone, two weeks ago." He croaked.

Darius stared at Salem, studying the movement of his face.

"I don't believe you." The vampire growled, sinking his fingers deeper into Salem's reddening orbs.

The werewolf howled in pain. "Please, I tell the truth! I swear!"

Darius let up on the pressure and stared into Salem's frightened face. Perhaps he was telling the truth. Werewolves rarely stalked their prey alone, relying on the strength of their pack. They certainly wouldn't send out a hunter that was so young. Though fully grown, Salem was hardly older than a pup, and a poor match to fight a vampire on his own ground.

As Darius massaged Salem's manhood, he was suddenly taken by the sheer size and weight of his massive balls. Bulging out through the tight skin of his sac, they were the largest the vampire had ever laid his hands on. Darius squeezed the heavy orbs, sensing the large reserves of cum that boiled within.

His hunger awoken, Darius decided he must drain every last drop of the young werewolf's semen. Salem's dick stiffened as Darius pumped the long shaft, the head was shiny and dripping with precum. Darius licked his lips as the scent of Salem's sweat and musk wafted into his nostrils.

Salem's pace quickened and his breathing became shallow. He stared up at Darius and for an instant, saw a flicker of glee in flash across his dead eyes.

"What are you doing?" He panted heavily, shaking his head. "Why?"

"Just lie still, and give me what I desire." Darius hissed as he steadily pumped Salem's rigid member.

Salem groaned as Darius worked his nuts through his fingers, groping and prodding the fat gonads to release their giant cum reserves. He felt his pace quicken and his heart pounded loudly in his chest.

What the vampire desired was obvious and at the moment there was nothing Salem could do stop him from taking it.

Darius' hand moved faster along Salem's growing cock while his fingers twisted and squeezed the boy's hefty plums.

A soft moan escaped Salem's lips, signaling that the end was near.

Darius tightened his grip as Salem's penis began to throb and closed his hand around his nutsac like a vice. Salem inhaled sharply, the sudden influx of pain was quickly drowned out by the euphoria that had already begun to build. His body tensed and his cock shuddered uncontrollably, eager to release it's load.

Darius bent down, impaling his mouth on the young werewolf's dick just as the first jet of white cream blasted forth from it's tip. Wave after wave, it fired in an unending barrage, filling the back of Darius' mouth.

Salem moaned as he released his sticky load. The vampire took it all, greedily swallowing the salty splooge. Tightening his grasp, he mashed Salem's beefy balls, extracting every last drop.

Salem screamed at the top of his lungs, desperate to break free, but Darius held strong. He wrung each gonad separately, and then together, ensuring the werewolf's balls had been thoroughly drained. Once he was satisfied, he licked Salem's dick clean before pulling away.

Salem whimpered, bending forward to massage his battered nuts.

Darius stood up and brushed himself off.

"You will remain here as my servant." He said in a dry monotone.

Salem reached up to touch his forehead where his temples throbbed. "You're servant?"

"Yes." Darius replied.

Salem looked up at him, wincing in pain. "What if I refuse?"

Darius shook his head. "Then you will die."

Salem held his bruised cock and battered balls. Naked, his clothes scattered across the chamber floor, he was in no shape to fight his way out, so what choice did he have?

"Yes, I understand -" Salem replied, then quickly added, "my master."

Darius looked pleased and exited the chamber, leaving Salem broken and battered on the floor.

- Darius is based on Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries -

- Salem is based on Tucker from Chaosmen -

Friday, August 13, 2010

Men of the House

Corey had always looked up to his older brother Dylan. With nearly four years separating them, Corey had spent his childhood emulating Dylan in every way possible. Of course, this was due in part to the fact that their father had disappeared shortly after Corey was born, leaving few male role models for the boy.

Dylan loved his brother, and despite being a high school junior with his own things to do and places to go, he always made time for Corey. Dylan would take him out for a ride in their mom's mini-van, often stopping for ice cream in the heat of summers.

They'd just celebrated Corey's 13th birthday the week before, in which they had family and a few friends over for cake and presents. As always, Corey was at his brother's side, playing ball, throwing horse shoes, and taking a late swim in the pool just as the sun was setting.

Corey was excited to be a teenager. It meant that when school started back in the fall, he'd get to go to the middle school, which was joined to the high school. Most importantly, it meant that he wouldn't have to take the bus to school, instead, he'd be riding with his brother.

Corey was changing in other ways too. The transformations were subtle in the beginning, but as Corey's body started to change, he became curious. A few times Dylan caught his brother staring while changing in front of him. It was normal for kids his age to be curious, and preferring not to make a big deal about it, Dylan pretended not to notice.

But Corey's new fascination with his brother's body had taken a new turn.

Just like most boys his age entering adolesence, Corey and his friends' first foray into sexual maturity was a widespread bout of nut-tapping. Throughout the summer, competition among the boys was fierce. Corey established a reputation for being a real terror, having wracked each of his friends several times and only getting nutted a few times himself.

Corey's success among his friends eventually led him to wonder what it would be like to bust a guy who was bigger and older, like his brother. Dylan was four years older than Corey and having already fully developed, he knew his brother was much more well endowed then he or his friends.

Nutting his friends hardly seemed like a challenge, but Dylan was bigger and stronger than all of them. Would Dylan fall to the ground and cry, or would his voice squeak up into a high-pitch like in the movies?

Corey tried to put the thought out of his mind. He loved his brother, admiring everything about him, but the thought always lingered in the back of his mind.

One day, Dylan was standing in the kitchen, searching through the fridge for something cold to drink.

Finally overcome with the urge to bust his brother, Corey walked up to him and brought his foot crashing into the bulge in Dylan's jeans. Corey's size 9 trainers slammed into Dylan's crotch, smashing his balls, and knocking the wind out of Dylan's lungs.

Dylan gasped in pain as his precious jewels were flattened inside his jeans and stumbled to the floor.

Corey roared with laughter as his brother doubled over and grabbed his nuts, grimacing in pain.

"That hurt." Dylan squeaked.

Corey laughed harder, gasping for breath.

Dylan lied on the floor for several minutes before he climbed back to his feet.

"Don't do that anymore, ok?" Dylan groaned, bent over from the pain between his legs .

Corey apologized and promised Dylan he wouldn't do it again, but that promise was broken several days later while they were out swimming.

Their mother was out of the house with her boyfriend Rob and the boys decided to go out back for a swim. Dylan ran to the deep side and dove into the fresh, cool water. He was a natural swimmer and worked as a life guard at the Y on weekends.

"Come on, let's see you dive!" Dylan called out to his brother.

"I can't." Corey grumbled. "I've tried, but I don't know how."

"It's easy, I'll show you." Dylan grinned.

Dylan swam over to the ladder and as he climbed out of the pool, his smooth, muscular body glistened with water. His wet swim trunks clung around his package, highlighting every curve.

Corey was hypnotized by the way his brother's big bulge shifted between his legs as he walked towards him. Despite his earlier promise, the sudden urge to bust Dylan's nads became irresistible.

As Dylan approached, the muscles in Corey's leg seemed to take over and swinging up between Dylan's thighs, he nailed his brother's wet package with a resounding 'smack'. His bare foot slammed into Dylan's groin, crunching his ample nuts against his pelvis.

Dylan let out a miserable moan. He exhaled and blinked.

"Shit." Dylan groaned, bending over as the pain set in. His hands were nursing his package.

The grin on Corey's face disappeared when he saw the anguish on his brother's face.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Dylan panted.

Corey was at a loss for words. Why had he done it? He knew it was wrong and he'd promised not to.

"I'm sorry Dylan." Corey replied. How could he explain it to his brother when even he didn't understand it?

Dylan's eyes squeezed shut and he gagged as the taste of bile filled his mouth.

Corey helped his brother hobble over to a deck chair.

Dylan sat quietly for a long time, slowly rubbing the soreness out of his nuts. Then after a long pause, Dylan asked, "Why do you keep hitting me in the nuts? Are you mad at me or something?"

"No." Corey shook, his eyes cast down on a crack in the concrete patio.

"So what's going on then?" Dylan pressed. "That's the second time you nailed me."

Corey sat down wearily next to him. "It' just a game I play with my friends sometimes, you know -"

"Oh," Dylan nodded his head.

"It's just for fun." Corey quickly added. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Dylan sat quietly while thinking to himself. Corey sat quietly too, wondering how much trouble he was in.

"Alright," Dylan said finally. "It's OK."

"You're not mad?" Corey started feeling relieved. "You're not going to tell mom, are you?"

"No." Dylan replied. "But you have to stop. You can't go through life just walking up to guys and cracking them in the nuts."

"I know." Corey said glumly.

"Especially when it's me." Dylan shot his brother a small grin. "If you keep it up, I won't be able to make you an uncle."

Corey laughed hard and shoved Dylan playfully. "Yeah, big deal!"

"Big deal?" Dylan shouted, chasing his brother out of his chair and into the pool.

The two boys tussled back and forth, splashing water as they wrestled. Dylan held one hand protectively over his crotch, making it easy for Corey to grab his head and arms. They spent the rest of the morning wearing themselves out, laughing and roughhousing.

Around mid-day, Dylan had to take a leak and went in the house. Corey stayed in the pool, preferring the cool water over the humid August heat and swam laps. Pushing off the side of the pool, Corey propelled himself through the water quickly as he crossed to the far side and reversed back.

Corey practiced his breast stroke, exercising his muscles hard as he swam . He enjoyed the smell of chlorine in the water, and the way it mixed with the smell of cut grass. After a while, he turned and floated on his back as he watched the clouds pass above him.

It was then that he'd noticed that Dylan hadn't come back out of the house.

Corey climbed out of the pool, and wrapping his towel around his waist, stepped through the sliding glass door into the kitchen.

"Dylan?" Corey called his brother's name, but there was no response.

After searching the downstairs, he headed up to the second floor.

All was silent in the house and Dylan's bedroom door was closed. Corey crept to his brother's door and pressed his ear up against the wood. The room was quiet, aside from a faint rustling noise. Corey slowly reached for the door nob and silently turned the handle. He cracked the door open and peered inside.

Corey's eyes widened at the sight of his naked brother, sprawled out on his bed. Corey held his breath, trying desperately not to make a sound as he watched Dylan thumbing through a magazine with pictures of naked women while tightly gripping his penis in his hand.

Corey cracked the door another inch.

Though he'd seen his brother naked plenty of times while growing up, he never saw him have an erection. A thin trail of dark hair leading down from his navel, fanned out into a lush forest of pubic hair surrounding his manhood.

Dylan's dick was longer and thicker than Corey remembered, pointing straight up at the ceiling. His cock looked shiny, clear liquid dripping from the tip as he ran his hand up and down it's shaft. Below the shaft, two plump testicles dangled heavily just below his ass.

A surge of adrenaline hit Corey's bloodstream as he watched Dylan's hefty low-hangers bouncing around between his legs. They were so big and full, Corey wished he would look like that one day.

Corey slipped through the door into his brother's room as Dylan pumped his dick in a slow, steady rhythm. Covered in sweat, the muscles in his chest extended and contracted. Dylan moaned softly, gripping his penis tightly and threw his head back. Dropping the magazine, Dylan reached down and cradled his testicles, massaging the bulging orbs between his fingers.

Corey snuck closer, stepping over the swimsuit that sat in a wet pile on the floor and stood at the foot of Dylan's bed. The voice of reason in his head told him to get out, but the urge to reach out and bust his brother's big, meaty balls was too much to resist.

Suddenly his hand shot out, and Corey grabbed Dylan's large set and yanked down as hard as he could.

"Shit!" Dylan screamed with surprise. The sharp tug on his nuts pulled him back from his pre-orgasmic bliss. "What the hell are you doing Corey? Get the hell out!"

Frightened by Dylan's outburst, Corey panicked and locked his fingers around Dylan's nutsac and squeezed his beefy balls.

Dylan let out a grunt and his dick began to twitch.

"Please, I'm sorry, I-"

"Just let go of my nuts." Dylan pleaded in a haggard voice. "Please, Corey."

Corey tried to open his fist, but the muscles in his fingers refused to bend. In that moment Corey was struck warmth emanating from Dylan's precious orbs. His silky scrotum almost felt slippery in Corey's hands.

"Shit." Dylan moaned as his little brother tightened his grip on his tender testicles. His rock hard dick began twitching heavily.

Corey continued squishing the contents of Dylan's sac, kneading the older boy's juicy plums sharply between his fingers.

"Oh, shit." Dylan gasped. His breathing had reached a rapid pace and his cock was spasming uncontrollably.

Dylan's body bucked as the orgasm began to build. Corey felt his brother's balls tighten in his sac and glanced up just in time to watch the first jet of cum shoot up into the air.

Dylan groaned as his cock spat spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum like a fountain, splattering his chest and stomach. His dick continued to pulsate, erupting with fresh waves of thick, white spunk.

Corey stared in wonder at the geyser of sperm that erupted out of his brother. By the time it was over, the tension in Dylan's face had disappeared and he looked relaxed.

Dylan exhaled as the last drops of jizz oozed out of his cock.

Corey gave his brother's cum-drained nuts a final squeeze before releasing them.

Dylan groaned, reaching down to massage his shattered jewels.

"I'm sorry." Corey muttered. "Please, don't tell mom."

Dylan shut his eyes and held his aching gonads Corey waited and stared.

Dylan blinked several times.

"It's OK, I won't tell her." Dylan whispered finally, "just leave me alone for little while."

Corey bit his lip, stung by his brother's words. "I really am sorry, Dylan."

"I know, I just want to be alone right now." Dylan groaned.

"OK." Corey stopped at the bedroom door. "You're coming back out, right?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll be there in a little while." Dylan replied.

Dylan watched Corey smile and close the door behind him. He rolled over to his side and loosely fondled his balls, checking for damage. His nuts were sore and swollen, but OK otherwise. After a while the throbbing ceased. He grabbed a dirty t-shirt from the floor and wiped off his stomach and chest.

For a moment Dylan considered telling their mom about Corey, but the idea of telling another living person that he's not only gotten owned, but the cum drained out of his balls by his kid brother was too much for him to stomach. He'd just have to be more careful when he was around Corey.

Climbing out of bed, Dylan pulled on his swim trunks and headed out back to pool where Corey was waiting for him.

- Corey's big brother Dylan is inspired by Dylan Ryan -

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jess' Self-Defense Class

Paul tapped his foot nervously as he sat in the lobby of the residence hall, waiting to be called into the common room. He checked his watch, assuring himself that he was in the right place.

A week earlier, while he had gone over to a friend's room in a nearby dorm and got busted for possession of alcohol and pot. Paul and his friends were written up and sent home. On the way back to his dorm, he thought about the deal he'd made several months earlier with his RA Jess. It was the first time he'd been caught smoking pot, so Jess had offered to deal with his indiscretion 'privately'. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to bypass the formal disciplinary protocols, but as it turned out, Jess' alternative methods were much, much worse. The punishment she unleashed on Paul's manhood was terrible, she kicked, punched and squeezed his balls with such fervor that his nuts ached several days afterward. Paul shuddered at the thought of receiving more of Jess' 'special discipline', which she'd promised if ever he was caught again with drugs. But since the incident had happened on another part of campus, with any luck Jess wouldn't find out.

Those hopes were dashed the next morning when there was a knock on his door. When he opened it, he found Jess staring back up at him. She came to tell him that she'd heard about the drug bust, and that he'd need to do some 'community service'. Paul asked what that meant, but without being given any further explanation, he was told to report to the building's lobby at 8:00 pm on Saturday night.

Paul worried about what this would mean, but left with no other options, when Saturday night approached he headed downstairs. When he arrived at the lobby, he was surprised to see four other guys hanging around the doors to the common room. They apparently all were there because they owed Jess some 'community service'. Paul had never seen any of them before and sat down on one of the couches, looking glum as some of guys talked among themselves.

There was Jake, a tall muscular jock with short black hair and brown eyes. He seemed to radiate an aura of confidence that defied the strange circumstances of their meeting. Clearly dressed for comfort, he was sporting a white wife-beater and grey sweat pants. Occasionally he would slip his hand down behind the waistband and adjusted the big bulge in his pants.

Jake's friend Ryan sat next to him as the two chatted to pass the time. Though muscular, he was thinner than Jake, with more of a swimmer's build. He had a strong set jaw, wavy blond hair, and steel-blue eyes. Wearing tan kacki shorts and a green collared shirt, the combination of his toned body and good looks, it would be no surprise to find out that he had done some modeling.

Lee was standing silently off the the side, with his back to the wall and arms folded. He had a tall, lanky build, with a dark tan complexion, blue eyes, and spiky, jet black hair. He was wearing a grungy black t-shirt that had ABERDEEN CITY printed on the back in big block letters, and tight black jeans that hugged his skinny legs and hugged tightly across his crotch.

Finally, there was Nick, a handsome guy with piercing blue eyes and curly brown hair. He was wearing a backward baseball cap, a button down collared shirt, jeans, and flip flops. He whistled as he rocked back on his heels and waved when he noticed Paul staring at him. He was the only guy that seemed totally calm and relaxed. Perhaps it was because he was Jess' boyfriend, and unlike the others, he'd volunteered to come and support her.

Paul looked across the lobby and stared at his own reflection in the double glass doors. His dirty blond hair was trimmed into a short buzz cut, along with blue eyes, he had a distinct, boyish look to him. He was wearing a plain yellow t-shirt, long nylon gym shorts, and plastic sandals.

Paul just could make out Jess' voice in the next room. The tone of her voice and the occasional stretches of muffled applause seemed to suggest that there were several people in the next room. Suddenly Jess popped out of the common room to address the guys in the lobby.

"Thank you all for coming." Jess said as she scanned their faces. "We are just about ready to begin. Please, follow me."

Jess led as the boys followed her into the common room in single file. Paul was the last to enter the room and saw that there were nearly a dozen girls on their feet and watching as they entered. Jess led them to a row of chairs at the front of the room, facing back toward the girls, and had them sit.

"Ladies, these are our volunteers." Going down the line, Jess introduced each boy to the crowd.

"And tonight's seminar is of course, Women's Self Defense in the 21st Century. By the time you leave tonight, you will have the skills to protect yourself from a male attacker."

Paul looked nervously at the pack of girls and then back at Jess, guessing at what was about to happen. Already he could feel his stomach begin to clench.

Jess took a few moments to discuss a few of the principles behind self defense.

"We'll start out with a demonstration," Jess said turning to Paul. "Paul, come on up and stand next to me."

Paul gulped, rising to his feet and walked over to where Jess was still talking.

"Alright, so as you can all see, Paul is a big guy." Many of the girls nodded, seeing in fact that Paul was nearly a foot taller than Jess. "So you could imagine how intimidating it might be if he approached me in a dark alley."

"OK Paul, grab my shoulders." Jess whispered softly.

Paul swallowed hard and did as he was told, reached over and grabbed Jess' shoulders.

"OK, so do you see what's happened? Paul is using his larger size and strength to try to pin me down." Jess said, despite Paul's weak grip. "If you find yourself in this kind of situation, the first thing you want to do is to put your attacker off balance."

Suddenly Jess looked up and shouted "NO!" up at Paul, and shoved hard into his chest.

Paul let go immediately and coughed.

"There, you see. He wasn't expecting that and I was able to brake away." Jess said, addressing the crowd of girls. "Again."

Paul repeated his earlier move, grabbing Jess' shoulders. Just as before she yelled "NO!" and shoved against Paul's chest. Paul stumbled backward a step, but this time Jess followed up with him and reached for his crotch. Paul grunted as Jess' palm smacked into his loosely hanging nuts in his shorts.

A few of the girls cheered.

Jess turned and smiled to the crowd. "See, once your attacker is distracted, you can follow disable him with a blow to his groin, and give yourself time to run for help."

Jess repeated the move, jamming her palm into Paul's crotch several more times. Paul grunted in pain as Jess found her mark, smacking his balls a bit harder with each strike.

Just as Paul felt himself being pushed over the edge from the constant barrage on his manhood, Jess grabbed his balls through his shorts.

Paul jerked his head back, grimacing in pain.

"A good squeeze in the nuts can take down any attacker." Jess said as she squeezed the bulge in Paul's shorts. The girls erupted in cheers and whistles, while the guys covered their own crotches in sympathy.

Paul's lips began to tremble.

"When you have a good grip on the guys nuts, you want to give them a good quarter turn." Jess said, carrying out the demonstration as she spoke and twisted Paul's poor nutsac.

Paul's eyes bugged out and he groaned.

"- and you want to follow that up with a quick, but forceful, yank down - and use your leverage to force your attacker down onto the ground." Jess finished, pulling down hard on Paul's sore gonads and stretching his ball cords until his legs gave way and he tumbled to the floor.

Paul curled up into a ball, holding himself and moaned in pain.

"That's all there is to it. Knock your attacker out of commission and get away as fast as you can." Jess said, resting her foot triumphantly over the beaten boy.

"Now I'd like you all to break up into small groups and try this technique out with one of our male assistants." Jess said with a wide smile.

The guys stared at Paul writhing on the floor and collectively groaned as they were surrounded by gleeful girls and pulled out of their chairs. In a matter of minutes, the room was filled with the shouts and laughter of the girls as they repeated Jess' grab, twist, and pull technique. The boys groans and cries soon could be heard from the lobby as their gonads were squeezed and flattened by the rowdy girls.

Jess filtered through the room, watching as the young women practice on their male counter parts. In one corner, Becka, a girl with shoulder length black hair was laughing and already had her hand buried between Jake's muscular thighs. By the distressed look on the handsome jock's face, she could tell Becka had a tight grip on his nutsac and giving his hefty balls quite the workout.

A few feet away Cindy, a tall thin blond haired girl had managed to get ahold of two boys at once. With one hand wrapped around Ryan's crotch while gripping Lee's groin with the other, she squeezed down on both sets of nuts at the same time. The look on the model and punk-rocker's faces were grim, as Cindy slowly bore down on their gonads, visibly flattening the bulges in their pants. Cindy was beaming with pride. Then she tightened her grip, and yanked down on their balls simultaneously. On cue, the two boys shrieked in unison like singers in a soprano duet and collapsed on the floor.

Lost in the moment, Jess thought to check back on Paul who was still sprawled out on the floor and moaning. As she approached, she grinned as she watched Jolene leap on top of him. Jolene was a tall, heavy-set brunette with glasses, and more for a match for Paul. Paul yelped in surprise as the larger girl landed on top of him and shoved his skinny legs apart with great ease. Paul's surprise was peaked when Jolene then shoved her arm up into the leg of his shorts and closed her thick fingers around his plump, sweaty nuts. Jolene giggled and cheered as she held his tight, rubbery sac and kneaded Paul's balls in her hand. Paul clenched his teeth and groaned, his face turning beet-red as Jess and the other girls cheered.


Marie worked herself through the crowed of rambunctious young woman, finding Nick leaning up against a wall, holding crotch gingerly. When he saw her, he straitened up a little and grinned. Marie smiled back at her sister's boyfriend, already feeling the flash of warmth in her cheeks.

"Hi Nick." Marie said quietly.

"Hi Marie." Nick grinned, flashing her with a big bright smile.

"Would you mind it if we . . . practiced together?" Marie asked timidly.

"Sure, of course." Nick nodded. He rubbed groin, then stood up straight and widened his stance.

Marie started back at him, her gaze settling down into his deep blue eyes. Nick smiled back at her and nodded.

Marie glided toward him, as if propelled on a plane of air and gently grabbed Nick's bulging basket. Nick swallowed hard, as the pretty young girl wrapped her fingers around his neatly packed nuts and squeezed them in her fist.

Nick inhaled sharply as Marie turned up the pressure, pumping his package hard between her fingers.

Marie looked up and smiled as she watched the discomfort register in Nick's face. Giving his balls in his jeans a quick tug, she watched the way his nose wrinkled and the crinkle in his brow widen.

"It's funny we keep finding ourselves in this position." Marie said quietly, a whisper that only Nick could hear.

Nick grunted and nodded his head, unable to speak. Marie's grip on his balls were making them ache and his head began to throb.

"You were my first, you know." Marie said, staring up into Nick's eyes.

"I remember." Nick grunted, panting heavily.

Marie smiled and released Nick's crotch. Nick moaned a sigh of relief, but suddenly without warning, Marie's knee rocketed back up into his groin, ramming his aching nuts up into his crotch.

Nick yelped in surprise and his eyes bulged as he slowly slid to the floor.


Once all the girls had had their turn, Jess called the group back together. The boys were worn out, collapsed on the floor and groaning in pain as Jess announced the next stage of training.

"Now that you've all tried one of the basic moves, it's time to move on to something a little more advanced." Jess stated as she looked back at the room of beaming faces. "This next part will help prepare you if your attacker resists your initial defense."

"Not likely!" Someone shouted from the crowd. The girls all giggled.

Jess smiled. "Yes, that's true," she said patiently, "but what if you miss the target, or the man deflects the blow?"

The girls murmured, but no one answered.

Jess continued. "In that case, the best thing you can do is stop and wait for clear shot."

There were a few nods in the crowd.

Jess walked over to Paul, who was still recovering from the most recent assault on his manhood, and helped him to his feet.

"For instance, if Paul here was going to try to rape me and he managed to block me first attempt to get his nuts, the best thing would be to hold back and wait for him to drop his guard." Jess said as she wrapped her arms around Paul's neck and planted her knee up into Paul's soft crotch.

Paul whimpered and reached for his testicles.

"But if your attacker really plans to rape you, you're best shot is to wait until he drops his drawers." Jess said. Stepping to the side, she pulled down Paul's shorts and underwear with one swipe.

Paul was horrified as the girls and even some of the guys leaned forward for a better view of his naked genitals. His generously sized dick hung limp to the side of a tight, hairless scrotum, packed with two pink swollen balls, dangled invitingly between his skinny white legs.

Jess walked back around him and continued. "A naked target can be a lot easier to hit, and far more effective." Jess concluded. Gripping Paul's broad shoulders, she sent her knee flying up between Paul's legs, smashing both of his juicy nuts against his pelvis with a loud 'SPLAT' that echoed throughout the hall.

Paul shrieked, tumbling to the floor, and clutched his poor testicles.

The crowd cheered and clapped happily.

"Alright, break up into groups and partner up with one of our volunteers." Jess said.

The girls surged forward and surrounded the boys. All across the room buckles and zippers were being unfastened, pants were pulled down and underwear was being forcibly removed. A sort of blood-lust seemed to take its hold on the girls as they surrounded the hot model Ryan, that his designer underwear was ripped clear off his body. Ryan howled as several hands wrapped around his genitals, squeezing them for all their worth.

After watching what had just happened to his friend, Jake suddenly lost his nerve and bolted for the door. He managed to get within reach of the handle before he was dragged down by a cluster of enthusiastic young women at the last moment. At the forefront was Mandy, a 4'5", 90 pound girl with long blond hair leapt on top of him and sunk her knee between the jock's legs and into his soft package, squishing his large nuts with a resounding 'thud.'

Jake thrashed violently, letting out a low, guttural howl as the girls climbed over him and pulled off his clothes.

Once all five guys had been stripped bare from waist-down, they were lined up next to one another as the girls compared their genitals. It was an impressive site as the girls ogled the naked, young studs. Five nutsacs and five plump sets of nuts were laid exposed for all in the room to see. Of course, Jake was the clear winner. His limp, thick cock had to be at least 8 inches long, and rested over a pair of fat, heavy balls that hung low in their hairy sac. Ryan and Nick were tied for a close second, followed by Paul and Lee, both who were sported above average packages.

With Jess' urging, the girls go back to work busting the now naked boys. Indeed, several of the girls found that it was easier to grab, punch, and kick the boy's exposed gonads. The room filled with hoarse groans and shrill screams as their fists and feet found their targets.


Jolene, the heavy-set brunette who had delved into Paul's shorts earlier, reached back between the skinny boy's legs, scooping up his pink, rubbery sac and resumed squeezing his jewels with renewed enthusiasm.

Paul's eyes opened wide and he let out a hoarse, throaty groan as Jolene's knuckles bore down on his nuts, sinking down toward the center of his sore, throbbing orbs. Paul's strength was quickly sapped and his legs wobbled beneath him.

Unable to stand another moment under Jolene's iron tight grip on his nuts, Paul collapsed into the larger girls arms and sunk slowly to the floor. Never losing her grip, Jolene followed Paul down, clutching his bruised plums all the way.


A few feet away, Brenda and Mandy took turns hammering Jake bloated nutsac. Brenda started things off with a strong, solid kick into the jock's dangling globes. Jake shuddered as his balls were smashed against his pelvic bone with a devastating 'crunch'.

"Shit." Jake cursed as he fell to the floor groaning.

"Nice one." Mandy congratulated her friend as Brenda stood triumphantly over the muscular boy.

Brenda grinned and pulled Jake to his feet so Mandy could take her turn. Jake whimpered in pain, his hands nursing his bruised balls.

Gripping his wrists tightly, Brenda pulled his arms back behind his back as Mandy powered her knee between Jake's legs, connecting perfectly with both of his fat danglers and ramming them into his pelvis.

Jake bellowed, struggling against Brenda's grasp.

Several nearby girls roared with laughter, stopping to watch as Mandy's petite knee slam into Jake's super-sized junk three more times. Unable to squirm out of Brenda's hold, Jake screamed at the top of his lungs as his big nuts were pummeled again and again.


Ryan shook his head in sympathy, watching in fixed horror as his best friend Jake was getting owned by a pair of girls. Perhaps if he'd been paying more attention to his own surrounding's, he might have noticed the small figure approaching him from the left.

At the last moment Ryan sensed the danger, but too late. Pain exploded out of his balls, threatening to envelop his entire body.

Ryan grunted, as the initial wave of pain rushed through him and looked down just in time to see a small fist swing up and connect with balls a second time, flattening them against his pelvis.

Ryan groaned as his nuts were crunched and a fresh wave of pain flooded his body. The muscles in his abdomen tightened and his stomach began to cramp.

The girl that punched him paused a moment and smile, a gleeful look playing across her attractive face as she watched him suck in air. She pushed a long black strand of hair out of her face. Then she clasped her fists together as if she were about to pray, locking her fingers together, and swung them up into Ryan's meaty nuts, smashing them hard with a loud 'thud.'

Ryan's eyes widened and his lips trembled. "Fuck." He whispered, but before he could reach for his crotch, the girl grabbed ahold of Ryan's tightly-packed nutsac.

Ryan inhaled sharply as the brunette's fingers closed around his plump, juicy balls.

The crowd of girls surrounding them giggled and cheered as the girl clamped her hands shut and squeezed Ryan's nuts with all the strength she could muster.

Ryan let out a wheezing moan. "No, please . . ."

The girl looked up, loosening her grip on his balls and smiled. Ryan was panting heavily, but still managed to return a weak grin of his own.

Then tightening he hold once again, the girl twisted and yanked Ryan's gonads with renewed zeal. Ryan vainly fought to dislodge the girls finger's off of his valuables, but there was nothing he could do to stop her fingertips from digging deeper into the soft flesh.

Ryan clenched his jaw and moaned through grit teeth as his balls were mercilessly squashed by the tiny brunette. His muscles screamed and his stomach ached, leaving him drained and weak. Unable to take another second, he doubled over on to the floor, cupping his crotch and wept softly.


Ryan's mournful cries were quickly drowned out by Lee's shrill screams from across the room as Cindy launched several successive, hard kicks into his nuts from behind.

She'd snuck behind the skinny punk-rocker while he was distracted and planted a vicious kick between Lee's legs.

Some of the girls winced and cringed in mock sympathy as Lee cried in pain.

Cindy's sneaker-clad foot slammed into Lee's bulging balls again, smashing his pendulous orbs and sending his long, thin dick flying up against his abs.

Whump . . . whump . . . whump.

The sound of her sneaker connecting with Lee's naked testicles made a sickening sound as Cindy hammered away at his gonads.

Lee's eyes widened and his face turned red as the veins on his temples stood out. He swallowed, his eyes watering, and let out a thick, throaty groan.

"Yay!" Cindy exclaimed, laughing. Charging forward, she powered her foot between Lee's thighs, visibly compressing his balls and lifting the poor boy off the ground.

"Fuck!" Lee screamed in a throaty falseto, but his howls were drowned out by the shouting and cheering of the girls around him. Slowly his knees met and his hands reached for his groin before he sank to his knees and doubled over.


Jess scanned the room and watched as one by one, each boy was reduced to a quivering heap on the floor. Her boyfriend Nick, was the last to go down. Jess watched with pride as her younger sister Marie used a combination of knees and punches to drop the older boy.

Now teetering on the verge of collapse, Marie grasped Nick's broad shoulders and drove her knee into the boy's reddened baby-makers a final time.

Nick gasped and his lungs burned as the last breath of air was squeezed out of his lungs. Gently cradling his busted balls, he slipped down to the floor and moaned.

Jess cleared her throat.

"Alright ladies, it looks like you've worn out our volunteers." She said.

There were a few giggles from the crowd as they stared down at the boys, with their red faces and swollen balls.

"I'd like to thank all of you for coming to participate. I you learned something new and had fun," Jess winked, "after all, that is what these programs are all about."

There was general agreement among the crowd of girls as they clapped enthusiastically.

"And lets have a round of applause for our volunteers." Jess said, gesturing at the boys still naked from the waist-down and sprawled out across the floor of the common room.

Jess waited for the room to clear as the girls slowly filtered out. The boys took several more minutes before they managed pulling themselves up off the floor, dressing, and walked out the door. She walked over to Paul, who was still pulling his shorts back on.

"Thank you for coming Paul." She said.

Paul met her eyes for a moment and nodded his head.

"Come by my room tomorrow morning so we can discuss your - situation." Jess said with a wink.

Paul covered his nuts with his hands in reflex. The slight movement made him grimace, re-awaking the pain in his aching gonads.

Jess smiled and left to join her sister and boyfriend back in the lobby. Paul watched her leave, and standing alone in the common room, was left alone to consider his fate.

Many of the characters have been featured in other stories.

- Jake and Ryan -

- Paul, Lee, and Nick -