Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jessica Busts a Pothead

"Paul, lets not make this difficult. I've already talked to your roommate, he told me it was your pot. There's no point denying it, and I don't like it when people lie to me. If you keep smoking pot in the dorms, some serious steps will have to be made." Jessica said in a flat tone as she stared coldly at the boy. Despite his calm outward demeanor, she could tell that he was terrified of her. Perhaps it was because he was an 18 year old freshmen, straight out of high school, and she was a senior resident assistant. It was most likely because she had a no-nonsense reputation that kept all of the boys on her floor in fear of her unique disciplinary methods. College pranks were a campus wide issue, but not on Jessica's floor.

Paul remained silent as Jessica scrutinized him. He was tall and lean with a swimmer's scrappy build. His hair was closely shaved to his head, leaving a half inch of short buzzed hair and he had deep blue eyes. She enjoyed dolling out her little punishments immensely, but never more so when the boy was as cute as Paul was. She waited until the silence forced Paul to make eye contact with her. Jessica held his gaze for several seconds, letting the fear fully take hold of him. An audible gulp from Paul broke the silence, and only then she continued to reprimand him.

"Paul, I understand that freshmen, such as yourself, often make mistakes in their first year of college, and I am not indifferent to that. Unfortunately, the university feels differently. If I write up this report, you will have to go before a judicial review board and a notation will be added to your permanent file." Jessica stopped as a new wave of fear washed over Paul's face. She smiled broadly and continued. "I don't think that's a good idea, especially on a first offense."

Paul sighed in relief. "So you won't report me?" he said, his voice cracking a bit.

"That's up to you, Paul. We can either go the official route, or you can agree to an alternate punishment that won't involve the university, it would just be between you and me. I can't let you go entirely unpunished, but I can give you this other option. I must warn you though, if you agree to take my punishment, you can't change your mind." Jessica said.

"But how will I know if it is any better than going before the judicial review?" Paul protested, sensing that she was leaving something important out.

"It won't be any better, but remember, my punishment will only be between the two of us. There won't ever be a record of the incident." Jessica said.

Paul sat silently for a moment as he decided. He didn't like agreeing to something without knowing what it was, and yet, Paul had ambitions to go to medical school after college and though a blemish on his permanent record could hurt his application. "Alright, I'll go with your punishment, as long as no one else finds out about the pot."

"Ok, I won't report it, no judicial review." Jessica said with a reassuring smile.

"So what do I have to do?" Paul asked skeptically.

"Well, whatever I tell you to do, remember? First, I'd like you to stand up . . . here." Jessica had stood up and pointed to the rug in front of her bed. Paul stood up next to her as she sized him up. He towered at least a foot above her. "Wow Paul, how tall are you?"

"Somewhere around 6'3" or so, why?" Paul said.

"Wow, that tall? You've must have played basketball in high-school." Jessica said.

"No, Varsity baseball. Second base." Paul said.

"Oh, alright, I want you to put your hands up behind your head." Jessica said. Paul began to protest, but she cut him off. "When you decided not to go through formal disciplinary action, you agreed to do whatever I asked. Now please do as I ask."

Paul didn't know what Jessica was up to but doubt was starting to enter his mind. Reluctantly he put his hands up behind his head and stared back at Jessica in silence.

"Very good, now stay still." Jessica said. Paul looked nervous but he did as he was told. Jessica ignored Paul's glance and lifted up the front of his T-shirt. She traced the outer lines of his abdominal muscles with her fingers and followed his V-line from his hips down to where they disappeared behind the waistband of his boxers. Jessica grabbed the bulge in his shorts and began to massage its contents.

Before Paul new it Jessica had her hands around his junk and had taken control. For a second he thought Jessica was coming on to him, but her uncomfortably tight grip on his balls suggested otherwise. None the less, she was a hot girl touching his manhood and his dick began to respond.

'How simple boys are,' Jessica mused as she felt Paul's dick start to harden. She hadn't planned on giving him an erection, but Jessica went with it. She slipped her hand down past the waistband of his boxers and wrapped her fingers around Paul's ranging boner. Her fingers felt like ice, but Paul enjoyed it. After a few strokes his dick was as hard as a rock. Satisfied, Jessica reached her other hand deeper into his underwear.

Paul silently watched as Jessica peered down into his shorts and examined his manhood with both hands. He hadn't been with too many women, but a few steady girlfriends in high school had given him confidence and he was proud of his manhood. Jessica would have agreed with his previous girlfriends, Paul did have a nice set of equipment. A larger than average penis two plump testicles hung loosely between Paul's muscular legs. He had an abnormal lack of pubic hair, which was either due to frequent shaving or his youth.

Jessica let Paul's shorts and slip to the floor and scooped up his nutsack into her palm. The skin was warm and rubbery, and the two soft orbs it contained felt out of place in contrast to the rest of Paul's lean body. The male genitalia never failed to amuse her, even the most cut, muscular men were running around with these soft sacks of flesh dangling between their legs. Jessica was glad to be a woman, after all she didn't have to worry about her reproductive organs hanging out of her body.

Paul seemed to have gotten over the awkwardness of this situation and really was enjoying the treatment Jessica was giving him. He hadn't been with a girl for at least a month it didn't bother him that she was his RA, in fact, if this was how she was going to punish him, he was going to break the rules more often.

A huge smile spread across Jessica's face, she had complete control over the young man. Up to this point she had been relatively gentle with Paul's gonads, but she couldn't wait to see his cute boyish face contort with pain. She started by roughly kneading Paul's nut sack like a lump of dough, working and squeezing its contents of his smooth scrotum. With her thumb and index finger locked tightly around his sack, Jessica proceeded to yank on Paul's precious plums with several sharp twists. Paul winced and coughed with each yank.

"What are you doing?" Paul groaned.

"Administering your punishment, now shush!" Jessica hissed. She clamped down on Paul's sack and squeezed his trapped balls into her palm. Paul started to breath heavily through clenched teeth as Jessica ground his nut-meat between her fingers. Jessica ignored him and tightened her grip, causing Paul to moan in pain.

Paul tried to protest, plead with her to stop, but Jessica shushed him again and grabbed his balls with both hands. Boys nuts were stubborn and did not break easily. Years of ballbusting had taught Jessica that. Even Paul's soft, young ball flesh was surprisingly resilient, but that's what made it more fun! It was always the same, no matter how endowed guy had been, even the biggest, heaviest balls were no match for her tough little fingers.

Paul felt like his nuts had been caught in a vice. Waves of pain washed over his body and he found it difficult to breath. Try as he might, he could not extricate his manhood from Jessica's crushing grip and he was getting weaker by the second. His eyes frantically shifted from Jessica's face down to her hands that were locked around his nuts and crushing the life out of them. His stomach churned and his abdominal muscles began to cramp. Paul was starting to panic. Surely his balls wouldn't be able to resist her assault much longer. As the pain peaked a new height, Paul began to fear that it was the end for his testicles, along with any ability to father children. His breaths became short, and ragged while his heart pounded like a diesel engine.

In the end, it was his knees that gave way, not his balls, and he fell back onto Jessica's bed. Finally free of Jessica's deadly grasp, he bent into a fetal position and nursed his battered balls. Jessica watched with great satisfaction while Paul moaned with his hands buried between his legs.

Jessica helped Paul lie back on her bed and sat next to him. Despite the damage she had just inflicted to his manhood, Paul remained highly cooperative. She could tell that he was a good guy over all, he just needed a bit of encouragement to stay out of trouble.

"Paul, I want you to promise me something." Jessica said after a moment.

"What?" Paul whispered. His eyes were closed and his jewels were cradled in his hand.

"Promise not to smoke any more pot, I don't want to catch you doing drugs again. Do you understand?" Jessica asked the question because Paul wasn't listening. He seemed to be completely preoccupied with his genitals.


Still waiting for an answer, Jessica sighed, a bit frustrated. She climbed on top of Paul, pried his hands away from his crotch and flung her knee into his sore nuts.

"Oooof" Paul exclaimed.

Jessica planted her knee in Paul's crotch, and ground down. Trapped between his muscular body and her bony kneecap, Paul's soft balls were crushed against his pelvis.

"No more drugs, do you understand me?" She waited for Paul to nod, then continued. "I'm putting you on probation Paul. If I catch you with pot again, I'm going to take it out on your nuts." She pressed down on his balls to emphasize her point.

"Ahhhhhhh, . . . .ok OK." Paul panted. Jessica kneed Paul in the groin a final time and climbed down off of him. Paul folded into a fetal position and fought down the urge to vomit.

Just then, there was a nock at the door. Jessica cleared her throat and asked, "Who is it?"

"Jess?" A girl's voice responded through the door. "It's Marie!"

She had almost forgotten. Her little sister had planned a visit this weekend. Jessica picked up Paul's clothes and whispered for him to get dressed. He weakly pulled on his underwear and shorts just before Jessica opened the door and hugged her little sister. Over Jessica's shoulder, Marie could see a cute blond haired guy pulling up his shorts.

Jessica told Marie to drop her bags on the bed and turned back to Paul. He had a stricken look on his face seemed to be having trouble standing upright.

"We're done for today Paul, but remember what I said." Jessica's hand snapped out and and squeezed Paul's junk through his shorts. "If I catch you again, I'm going to take it out on these."

Marie couldn't hear what Jessica had said to him, but she watched blond boy nod and limp out of the room.

"What was that?" Marie asked.

"Oh, nothing." Jessica replied. "That was Paul, he's one of the guys on my floor. Last night I caught him and his roommate smoking pot and today got disciplined. Normally we are supposed to call campus police, but I like to settle things on my floor myself."

"Did you have sex with him?" Marie giggled.

"What!? Oh, no. I busted his balls!" Jessica snorted.

"Why?" Marie asked.

"Well, it's complicated. Paul needed to be taught a lesson, and, well . . . it's fun!" Jessica laughed.

"Fun?" Marie replied incredulously.

"Sure, wait, don't tell me, you've never hit a boy between the legs?" Jessica asked in a serious tone.

"No, of course not-"

"Marie, you must be kidding. Every woman should know how, you never know when when it might come in handy . . ."

- Paul is based on a guy I met in college that looks like David Oliver -

Eric and Jake College Buddies Series: The Slumbering Roommate

Eric was startled awake by someone pounding on the door to his dorm room. He lay in bed dazed for a few moments and wiped the sleep out of his eyes. The alarm clock next to his pillow burned a crimson red - it was just past 2 am. There was another pounding at the door. Eric got up and peered through the eye hole. His roommate Jake leaned against the other side of the door and apparently too drunk to let himself in. Eric groaned and opened the door.

"Hey, were you sleeping?" Jake slurred.

In the back light of the hallway Eric could see that Jake was still in his club clothes, tight jeans and a stained blue collared shirt. Jake was a handsome nineteen year old, he was had a tall, lean frame, short cut brown hair and warm brown eyes that made the ladies melt.

"Yeah." Eric replied.

"Sorry dude, I lost my keys," Jake said as he stumbled into the darkened room. Eric closed the door and climbed back into bed without answering. Jake was a nice guy and a good roommate for the most part, he just liked to party too much. It normally wouldn't bother him, but Eric didn't like being woken up in the middle of the night. At least he hadn't brought anyone home this time. Last week Eric had been awoken by the sound of Jake screwing some coed's brains out and didn't get back to sleep until they had finished.

Eric shut his eyes and waited for sleep to come. Sleep came sooner than he expected, but it didn't last long. A deep rumbling noise slowly crept into his dream and grew into a monstrous cacophony of sound. Eric awoke to find the source of the loud rumbling came not from his dream, but from across the darkened room. The alarm clock blinked 3:13 am. Jake appeared to be sleeping deeply, an amazing feat considering the loud gruttal tones that emanated from his throat.

Eric sighed and tried to settle back to sleep, but Jake's snores seemed to only get louder. After several minutes he gave up and tried shouting, but to no avail. Eric climbed out of bed and shook Jake's shoulder. It was no use, Jake was out cold.

In the dim light of the room Eric was just able to make out his roommate's sleeping form. Jake's arms and legs were splayed out on top of top of the sheets and he appeared to be wearing nothing but a pair of red boxer shorts. Eric could barely see Jake's muscular chest rise and fall with the rhythm of his breathing.

After living together for several months, Eric had developed a crush on his roommate. Jake of course was straight, so with no possibilities of romance, Eric resigned himself to stealing quick glances whenever he could. Unfortunately Jake hadn't turned out to be an exhibitionist, so Eric's chances were few and far in between.

Eric opened the blinds just enough to let a thing ray of light from the street lamps peak through to illuminate his roommate's sleeping form. Jake had been a jock in high school and had taken good care of his body ever since. Eric could see why he got so many girls, he had a tight body, cute face and nice personality to match.

Eventually Eric's eyes drifted to Jake's crotch, where even in the dim light he could make out the large bulge in his underwear. Knowing he would never get a chance like this again, he reached out and shook his roommate's shoulder, but Jake didn't stir. Feeling more adventurous this time, Eric tapped his exposed thigh and waited, but Jake continued snoring unaware. Eric spent the next seconds wondering whether or not he should go through with it, but in the end lust won out.

He very gently reached out and slid his hand over Jake's groin. The flesh below was warm and soft, and it filled out his underwear nicely. From what Eric could tell, Jake was a stud in every way. The thin cotton material left little to the imagination. Eric could feel every contour of Jake's long shaft and two fat balls. Slowly at first and then building up speed, Eric stroked and massaged his slumbering roommate.

Eric actually felt envy for all those women Jake had been with. Why should they be the only ones to get access to this stud's equipment? Eric tried not to dwell on those thoughts. Instead he focused on Jake as he continued to work his cock for several minutes until it was rock hard and straining against his underwear.

"That should give him a nice start on his morning wood," Eric thought to himself.

Eric was growing tired once again so he decided it was time to call it a night. He left his sleeping roommate with his boner and climbed into bed. He wanted to be awake when Jake woke up and discovered the hard-on Eric had given him. If he pretended to be asleep he might even get to watch Jake finish it off. Eric smiled at the prospect and waited for sleep to take him.

He waited a long time, but It didn't come. As the rush of adrenaline faded it was replaced by the loud drone of Jake's snores. Eric covered his head with a pillow and tried to shut it out, but it was no use. He looked at the alarm clock - nearly 4 am. He'd have to get up in another two hours and he needed to sleep.

Eric got out of bed and shook his roommate. He yelled at him and pleaded for him to wake up, but it was no use. It was amazing, there was no response at all. If not for the snoring, Eric would have thought he died. Feeling frustrated, Eric smacked Jake in his exposed chest. Nothing. He tried again, this time Eric punched his six-pack abs. Nothing. What else could he do? Eric looked down at the boner tenting in Jake's boxers and smacked it. Still, Jake did not stir from his drunk coma.

How could he still be sleeping? Eric had heard of deep sleepers, but this was rediculous! Maybe Jake was faking, playing some sort of practical joke. Eric didn't think so, but he couldn't be sure. Having exhausted nearly all his options, Eric reached between Jake's spread legs and smacked his crotch, catching the slumbering stud right in the gonads. Jake paused in mid snore and repositioned his head. His breathing became quiet and relaxed and the room was engulfed in silence. Unfortunately the lapse was temporary, moments later Jake resumed his deafening snore.

Having finally discovered Jake's snooze button, it was time for Eric to get some payback. He wrapped his hand around Jake's two heavy plums and gave them a tug - eliciting another short pause in snoring. Eric tried again and got the same result. He continued to tug and squeeze Jake's nads many times, but he made no long-term progress. Though effective, as soon as he released Jake's oversized baby-makers, the snoring resumed.

Eric was on the right track - he just needed to turn up the pressure. He slid his hand along the inner track of Jake's thigh, following the contour of his muscular leg all the way up into his boxers where Jake's tender testicles hung snug in their delicate sack. Eric cupped Jake's big juicy balls and rolled them between his fingers to inspect their shape and size. Wrapped in velvety skin, they felt soft, yet firm. He squeezed Jake's nuts into his palm, gradually increasing the pressure.

Whatever pain Eric was inflicting on his gonads, Jake didn't show a sign of it. Feeling flustered, Eric changed his grip so that Jake's balls were trapped between his bony fingers. Though not silencing him completely, the crushing force on his orbs seemed to stifle Jake's breathing enough to ease his snores. Eric grinned, pleased that his plan was finally working, he continued to squeeze the life out of Jake's balls with all the force he could muster. It would have been enough to stop a bull in his tracks, but it wasn't even enough to wake Jake. His bull balls were taking everything Eric could give them, and yet Jake continued to doze.

If Jake was truly unaware of Eric's actions, his dick was a different story. Having become fully alert and erect, it strained against confinement. Eric had always wanted to see Jake's cock fully erect, he wasn't about to waste a perfectly good opportunity. He reached into Jake's underwear and pulled the throbbing organ out through the fly of his boxers. Free and exposed, it sprung to life pointing straight up. Eric stared at it with awe, from tip to base the thick rod stood proudly at nearly 8 inches tall.

Eric squeezed the head and was rewarded with a clear stream of precum leak from the tip. Eric wondered, what if the reason Jake was sleeping restlessly was because he was horny? If that was the case, Eric had only made things worse up to this point by giving him a boner and crushing his nuts. He had no idea how long it had been since Jake had ejaculated, but he suspected he was one of those guys that let it build up all week for the night go out and hook up. Jake had come home early and alone, and probably full of cum.

Eric decided that the only way either of them was going to get a good night sleep was if he drained his roommate's nuts. He began to stroke Jake's shaft slowly, gliding up and down the length of his dick while he gently kneaded Jake's bloated balls. Jake seemed to respond immediately, his erection stiffened and his breathing steadied. Eric continued to work for several minutes, alternating his focus between Jake's stiff member and engorged sack. Sweat began to accumulate on his naked chest and his hips twitched, matching the rhythm of Eric's strokes. Despite his body's actions, Jake was still sleeping soundly, by all accounts having a sex dream of his own.

The room had fallen to silence as Eric worked furiously on Jake's erection. Suddenly his dick became rock hard and his balls churned - seconds later hot white semen erupted several feet into the air. Wave after wave of hot sticky boy juice was pumped out of Jake's balls and shot all over his chest, arms, and legs. Eric continued to jerk Jake's cock until every last drop of cum was expelled.

Having finally released their load, Jake's jewels felt softer and lighter than they had only moments before. Eric gave them one last twist and stuffed Jake's soft dick back into his boxers. Jake seemed happier too, no longer snoring and sleeping quietely.

Finally able to go to sleep, Eric looked back on his half naked roommate covered in his own sweat and spluge. It served him right, but Eric covered him up with a blanket before turning into sleep. He figured waking up with a pair of sore, empty nuts was enough punishment - it didn't have to get compounded by catching a cold. Crawling back into his own bed, Eric closed his eyes and listened to Jake's long, gentle breaths and smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

- This story was inspired by art from Jacob Mott -

- and Jake was inspired by this guy -

Sara's Payback

This is an old story I wrote years ago under the pen name 'Magic Man' on Kramtoad's story forum.

Sara was making the final touches on dinner, placing a basket of rolls down on the table and lighting two candles at its center. She expected her boyfriend Chris to be coming home from work any minute now. She had met Chris during graduate school. He had been the shy college student and she had been the older, sexy teaching assistant. Of course, it was against university policy for TA's to get involved with their students. The year he graduated, Sara and Chris started dating openly and soon after, moved into an apartment together.

A year later, they were still together, though their relationship had been going through hard times. Chris hardly had time for Sara between his nursing classes and work. Often this would often lead to a fight and resentment from both of them. She thought that a good home-cooked dinner after a long shift at the hospital might help patch things up between them.

Sara heard Chris come in and went to greet him. He stood in the hallway, still wearing a worn looking set of scrubs. He was a good looking 22 year old man, with strong angular features in his face. His hazel colored eyes peered out of thin rim glasses. Sara loved when Chris wore his scrubs. She especially loved how they hugged his but and did little to mask his crotch. She came over kissed him. "Hi honey, how was work?"

"Too long, I couldn't wait to get out. What's for dinner?" he said as he peered over her shoulder and saw the table set.

"I made your favorite, baked haddock. I thought you deserved a nice dinner after working all day."

"You shouldn't have gone through all that trouble, but I appreciate it." Chris said as he sat down across from Sara. They talked about eachother's day, both making sure not to bring up the latest round of fights. Near the end of the meal Sara looked up at Chris as he ate the last bit of broccoli off his plate. She got his attention by slowly sliding her foot up his inner leg and gently placed her foot in his groin. He looked up at her a bit shocked but she only smiled back at him. With some hesitation, he sat back in his chair and let out a sigh.

"Sara, I've been thinking about our relationship lately. Things haven't been going so well and I'm not sure how to, ahh . . ." Chris gasped as he felt Sara's foot begin to massage his groin. It felt so good that Chris was finding it hard to concentrate. Soon she was using both feet to rub up and down his shaft, causing his dick to swell. Sara then turned her attention down to his soft squishy balls, fondling them with her toes through the thin material of his scrubs and underwear. Chris struggled to focus, "Sara I've been wanting to talk. I think maybe we should think about sep . . ."

"Chris," she interrupted him again, "I was hoping that after dinner, you can take a shower, I'll clean up here, and afterwards we could watch TV in bed. "

"Alright," Chris said as he gently pulled away from the reach of Sara's massaging feet, "but after I get out of the shower, I want to talk with you."

While Sara was rushing to clear the table, Chris was standing under the shower head, allowing the water to rinse off all the sweat and dirt that had accumulated during the day. He was practicing how he was going to tell Sara that he wanted to break up with her and move out of the apartment. For a moment he considered starting over again. She hadn't brought up their arguments over dinner, and part of him still loved her. The moment passed and he decided that it was time to tell her it was over.

After finishing his shower, he walked into their bedroom and and put on a pair of grey boxerbriefs that Sara had given him for his birthday. Hearing Sara walk into the room, he turned to see her standing in the doorway with nothing on but a tight yellow T-shirt that showed off her pert C sized breasts and a skimpy pair of pink panties. She walked over to Chris and put her arms around him.

"Honey, I've been thinking, its been such a long time since we've had sex." She slid her hand down Chris' torso and rested on his groin. As she spoke, she gently kneaded his dick and balls through his underwear. "How about it tonight?"

"Sara, I really wanted to talk to you . . ."

Sara suddenly kissed him passionately in mid-sentence. Chris stopped struggling and began kissing her back. She continued to massage his groin until his dick was rock hard and straining against the fabric of the boxerbriefs. They fell on the bed together and had two hours of the best sex of their lives. After an hour and a half of wild, passionate love making left Chris exhausted and his nuts drained, he laid on his back next to Sara and stared up at the ceiling.

Suddenly he remembered his plans to tell Sara that he was leaving. He rolled to the edge of the bed and slid his underwear back on.

"Sara, I've been trying to tell you something all night."

"What is it honey?"

"Things haven't been going so well with us. Not for a long time." He turned back to look at her. "Sara, this isn't easy. I've been thinking about this a lot. I know we keep on trying to fix things but it never seems to work."

"Chris, what are you saying?

"I think I should move out," his voice cracked as he spoke. "I think we should break up."

"You tell me this NOW? After we just had sex!? You BASTARD! How could you do this to me!?" She jumped out the bed screaming furiously.

Chris immediately realized that he made a mistake bringing this up now. He got up and tried to hug Sara, telling her that he was sorry.

"Get the fuck off me! Leave me alone you asshole!" She struggled under Chris' grip. Despite her best effort, Chris was too strong for her to get free. The rage and pain began to well inside her. She just wanted to get free and be left alone. Without thinking she jabbed her knee up between Chris' thighs, crushing his empty nuts into his pelvis. Unfortunately Chris' boxerbriefs didn't provide any protection, they only held his balls firmly in position for Sara's knee. Chris just stood there in shock, just barely holding Sara.

Sara stared at Chris for several seconds, slowly realizing what she had just done. Her initial reaction was to apologize, but then the pain and anger rushed through her body once again. She grabbed ahold of Chris' shoulders, causing him to haunch down to her eye level, and slammed her knee into his groin 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 times. Each impact lifted Chris off his feet smashed his balls. Chris grunted through grated teeth.

"How does that feel asshole!?"

Chris couldn't speak. The pain was horrible and he felt as though he was going to throw up. He wanted to crawl up into a ball but Sara was still holding him up. His mouth was wide open and it took all his strength just to keep breathing. Sara saw the pain that registered in his eyes and suddenly felt sorry for hurting him. She still loved him and was just reacting out of pain, anger, and fear.

"Honey, I'm so sorry, I was so angry . . ." She helped him limp to the bed and laid him down on his back with his feet hanging down to the floor. His hands were cupped over his crotch and he continued to moan. "Oh God Chris, I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you this bad . . ."

Chris' only response was a long low pitched moan. Sara looked down at her boyfriend, worried that she may have damaged him perminately. After all, she had felt his balls flatten between her knee and his pelvic bone. It occurred to her that she should check to make sure their wasn't any obvious damage. Though it took a lot of coaxing, she finally got Chris to move his hands away from his groin. She grabbed ahold of the waistband and pulled his underwear down to his ankles as gently as possible.

Chris' cock laid over two meaty balls that were now pink and seemed to be slightly swollen. Sara gently slid her hand underneath his nuts and slowly began to rub them. She noticed how squished as she rolled them around in hand. Chris was a bit jumpy at first, but eventually he settled down, trusting Sara with his most prized possessions. With one hand she reached up to Chris' head and brushed his hair off his face, with the other, she cradled his aching jewels. Sara could feel Chris begin to relax, listening to him take in slow deep breaths. Suddenly the thought came to her; Why did Chris want to break up? Could there be someone else? There were several attractive nursing students that Chris often worked with, could he be dumping her for one of them?

Sara let Chris go and pushed herself away from him. "Why don't you want to be with me anymore? Don't you love me? Or is there . . . someone else?"

Chris propped himself up on his elbows. "No, I would never cheat on you. I just don't think it's working between us anymore."

"But Chris, we can work through it, like we have in the past." Sara's voice began to crack as she looked into Chris' eyes. "We love each other."

Chris shook his head, "I'm not sure anymore. I still care about you, but . . . I'm just not attracted to you anymore."

"You're not attracted to me anymore? That didn't stop you from fucking me! What did you think, you could use me one more time before you dumped me!"

Pain and rejection washed over her once more as her eyes flared with anger. Chris hurt her more than she had ever been hurt before. She was so angry, she wanted him to feel as much pain as she was feeling. In a flash, she jumped on top of Chris. He looked up and recognized the anger in her eyes as Sara, only to be racked with paralyzing pain. Sara had grasped both of Chris' already tortured nuts and was now cruelly yanking them, stretching his ball-chords to their limits.

Chris let out a screech that must have been heard by their neighbors, but that didn't stop Sara. She used both of her hands to trap Chris' balls at the base of his scrotum. "How does that feel asshole!? You can't just fuck me and break my heart, I'll break your balls!"

Chris looked up at Sara helplessly, pain mirrored in his eyes. He tried to pry her small fingers off his nuts, but his strength was quickly sapped by the pain. "No, Sara, please let go. I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry, I made a mistake!"

It was too late for Chris though, she wasn't listening. Seizing a ball in each hand, she pressed her thumbs into each meaty orb simultaneously. Chris shrieked and his legs thrashed beneath her as Sara focused all her rage into squeezing the life out of his nuts. As his nuts began to compress laterally in Sara's grip, Chris began to wish he could pass out, if only to escape the pain. He could feel his balls throbbing in her hands and a nauseating pain creep up his abdomen. Chris felt like he was going to wretch. He pleaded with Sara to let him go, but that only seemed to make her grind his balls into her palms even harder.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Chris screamed as tears welled up in his eyes from the pain.

"Oh, poor Chris! I bet this break up is killing you. Too bad I wasn't good enough for you!" Each word was emphasized with a squeeze to Chris' nuts. She was so angry she wanted to rip his balls off. Holding his sac in one hand, she began punching them again and again. She ignored Chris' cries and continued to savagely wrack his poor battered testicles. By now they were swollen to the size of big grade A eggs and the broken blood vessels turned them as red as strawberries.

Sara continued to take her aggression out on Chris' tortured manhood for several minutes. She used different combinations of squeezing, pinching, and stretching to punish his big swollen nuts. By now Chris was so weak that he couldn't do much more than moan and hold onto Sara's hands as they slowly crushed his manhood into oblivion. He didn't think he could stand another moment of this torture. A part of him even wished that his testicles would give in, if only to escape from the pain.

Sara watched Chris' eyes roll back into his head. Just as he was about to pass out, Sara slammed her fist into his fat balls with a sickening 'thud.' Chris' body jerked and his head snapped up only to watch his soon to be ex-girlfriend continue to mash his spuds.

It turned out that Chris gave up before his gonads did. After nearly an hour of excruciating torture, Chris laid motionless on the bed. Sara looked down at him and surveyed the damage she had done. His balls looked mangled and swollen. She rolled them around in her hand and still could feel a hard center in each nut. Sara thought of ending his sex life then and there, but her courage drained with her rage.

She left him there, passed out on the bed all night. The next day, Chris began packing his things. His balls were swollen for days after and he found it hard to walk without his nuts bouncing off his thighs. Sara was there when he brought the last box out to his car. When he came back to the door to give Sara his key, he tried to apologize one last time. She looked at him sweetly, swung her foot up under the bulge of Chris' crotch. The jeans offered little protection to his sensitive, battered balls as Sara's shoe slammed into his groin.

Sara watched Chris crash down to the floor. "Later Fucker!" She slammed the door behind her, leaving him on the floor in the hallway.

- Chris is inspired by a guy a used to know and looks like Carson from FRATMEN.TV -