Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trading Balls for Grades Part I

Christian looked at the clock on the wall of his office that read 8:05. He dropped his pen on the stack of ungraded papers and leaned back on his chair. He hated office hours and hated waiting for students who couldn't keep their appointments even more. However, this night would be different from the rest.

He had been a graduate student in the English department for 3 years and was stuck teaching a lower level American literature class. Most TAs played a supportive role, but the professor for this particular class was approaching retirement and relied on Christian to take up much of the slack. It was a full time job in itself that often left him buried in paperwork and no time for his own. At least the professor has given him use of his office for grading and meeting with students so he might have some privacy. Privacy was never much of an issue though, there was never anyone else around this late at night.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. 'Finally,' Christian thought. He took the time to clear his throat and said, "come in."

The door opened and in walked one of Christian's less studious pupils. Lee was tall and had an athletic build, he had the look of a skater boy and Goth, but in reality he was neither. He was a 22 year old senior classman who spent most of his time ignoring his studies and played in a band. He had spiky, jet black hair, blue eyes, and a tanned complexion despite the fact that it was the middle of winter. He was wearing a blue striped polo shirt and his jeans were dotted with holes and tears.

"You're late," Christian said without looking up from his papers. There was no response, so he went on. "You came here tonight, so that must mean that you have accepted my terms."

This time he waited for Lee to answer him. "Yeah."

"You don't sound too appreciative Lee. I was under the impression that passing this class was important to you." Christian said.

"No, it's important to the university, they won't let me graduate without it." Lee said indignantly.

"I see, that must be why you are taking the class for a second time." Christian said smiling.

"Listen, we have already talked about this. I know it's my fault that I am flunking, I mean, that's why I'm here, right? Lets just get this over with." Lee said taking off his jacket.

"I admire your enthusiasm, but your academic future is on the line here. The only way I will let you pass this class is if you cooperate completely, do you understand?" Christian asked in a sarcastic tone, knowing there was little choice left for the wayward undergrad. Lee nodded his head silently without a word.

"Good, so lets get started." Christian said getting up from his chair, he closed the door and locked it. Then he stood in front of his student and examined him from head to toe.

The combination of his matted black hair and worn clothing gave Lee a rough looking stud appeal that Christian found attractive. Even under his baggy clothing Christian could make out the lines and curves of his trim, muscular body on his tall frame.

In many ways Lee was the exact opposite of Christian, who was shorter by nearly a foot, skinnier and in no way athletic. He peered back at Lee's crystal blue eyes through a set of thick rimmed glasses. To most, Christian would probably be mistaken for being the younger one, when in fact he was three years Lee's senior.

"Are you ready?" Christian asked.

Lee stared back blankly and nodded his is head.

Without hesitation Christian reached down and grabbed Lee's crotch and rubbed his bulge. The thick denim didn't reveal much of what lied just beneath, but Christian discovered a hole ripped just below the zipper. He reached in with his fingers and touched Lee's junk through a layer of soft cotton. Lee shifted uncomfortably as Christian's fingers explored through the breach in his jeans.

"Alright, take off your clothes." Christian ordered.


"Yes, I'm serious. Do it."

Lee pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular chest. He threw the shirt on the couch behind him and stood there awkwardly.

Christian waited a moment and then sighed with frustration. "You do remember our agreement, don't you?"

"Yes." Lee said flatly.

"Then why are you playing games and wasting my time? If you don't want to go through with it, you can forget about passing this class and you can leave right now." Christian said. He was getting annoyed, and though he desperately wanted to get his hands on this stud, he wasn't about to tip his hand. Lee said nothing, so Christian turned around and began gathering his things.

"No, wait." Lee said, his fingers fumbled over the catch in his jeans and they dropped to the floor. Christian eyed the stud ravenously. His young body was firm and was draped in little more than a pair of navy blue tight-fit boxer briefs that displayed a magnificent bulge. Christian dropped the stack of papers and tweaked Lee's exposed nipples.

"Ouch, that hurt."

"Sorry." Christian's hands explored the muscles in Lee's arms and chest, tracing each line from his pecs and abdomen down to where they disappeared into his underwear.

Lee watched nervously and wondered if graduating on time was really worth all of this. If he hadn't been such a slacker, he never would have gotten into this situation. He chastised himself for his stupidity. It was only out of pure desperation that he had agreed to come here tonight and let his little queer TA jerk him off, but now that he was actually going through with it he started to have his doubts.

Christian could see his puipil was lost in his own thoughts as his hand snaked down the front of Lee's boxers. He reached out until his fingers brushed against Lee's warm, soft flesh and gasped in delight. He wrapped his fingers around Lee's thick prick and began to stroke it. Even soft its length and girth was impressive.  Christian could just imagine all the the co-eds Lee had slayed with it. 

He gave the shaft a few short jerks and felt Lee's cock begin to thicken. 

Lee's discomfort with another guy holding his dick was obvious, his face twisted into a grimace and he groaned in disgust. He had expected it to be bad, but this was so much worse. He hated himself for agreeing to do this and hated Christian even more for making him do it. All his anger and frustration seemed to boil over and before he could stop himself, a single word slipped out of his mouth . . . "fag . . ."

Christian's head snapped up and he stared coldly into Lee's blue eyes and saw a mix of raw hate and fear. "I am gay, and proud of it! But you're supposed to be straight right?" He motioned towards Lee's dick that had become rock hard from Christian's constant stroking. "But I just gave you a boner, so who's the fag now?"

Before Lee could respond to the insult, Christian's knee slammed between his spread legs into his groin. With Lee's cock firmly in Christian's hand, there was nothing to prevent the stud's balls from being smashed up into his body. The surprise attack on his junk caught Lee totally unprepared. He cried out and fell backwards.

Christian kept a tight grip on Lee's prick and pushed him back into a large armed chair. The rage that had made Lee feel so strong and empowered was forgotten as hot pain radiated from his groin. With Lee's hands preoccupied cupping his balls, Christian used the opportunity to pull his underwear completely off.

Wearing nothing else but a pair of old white socks, Lee squirmed in his seat and cradled his big, loose balls. Despite the busting they had just taken, his dick remained hard and flopped against his washboard abs.

Christian grabbed his prick and yanked it hard.

"Owwww," Lee moaned and shifted his hands to protect his sore member. Christian used the opening to grab the punk's gonads and squeeze hard.

Lee's face changed immediately and his mouth opened to form a wide 'O'.

 Christian's fingernails tore into Lee's soft scrotum and ground down his balls.

"Oh God, stop . . . please, stop . . . your crushing my balls!" Lee shrieked.

"That's right, and if you say one more derogatory word you're going to loose them for sure." Christian said coldly, giving Lee's manhood another quarter turn.

"OK, OK, please, just stop!" Lee wailed.

"Apologize." Christian said sternly, not making any effort to relax his grip. The mass of each testicle worked against the other, sending new flashes of pain through Lee's body.

"I'm sorry, please . . . " Lee's voice cracked and gave out.

Christian cracked a small grin and loosened his grip on Lee's jewels. He couldn't help but smile at the dumb prick's submission. Lee had a well defined muscular body that suggested he worked out regularly and in a fair fight Christian wouldn't have had a chance, but he had managed to use his intellect to immobilize a guy that was tougher and stronger in every way, or nearly every way, but all Lee's strength seemed to wither away while Christian crushed his balls.

The night hadn't gone anything like Christian planned. Initially he just wanted to help his studly student get his rocks off with a hand job, but he busted them instead. Using his new-found leverage he had Lee sit back in the chair while Christian knelt between his legs to get his first good look at the younger man's package. His pubic hair was trimmed neatly and his dick was at least 7 inches hard and cut, below which hung two plump nuts.

Christian explored every contour of Lee's penis and every fold of skin on his scrotum. Lee looked disgusted but new better now not to complain, and he watched in total silence as Christian worked over his genitals with admittedly more skill than any woman he had met. After a while, Christian's hands slid along his shaft too and caressed his balls in an alternating pattern that was beginning to really drive him wild.

The thought of getting turned on by another guy made Lee feel sick, but the steady rhythm Christian applied to his schlong was irresistible. Lee's cock got harder as he approached climax, but his momentum was suddenly interrupted when Christian tugged down hard on his nutsac. Christian didn't seem to notice and switched his focus back to his erection. A few minutes later the pattern was repeated, Lee nearly shot his load but it was ruined when Christian gave his jewels an ambitious tug. Aside from the discomfort of having his testicles repeatedly squeezed, a different kind of ache began to percolate in his balls.

"Fuck," Lee whispered through gritted teeth as he felt his balls begin to swell.

Christian maintained his concentration and continued to work over Lee's manhood. Five minutes passed before Lee showed the signs of a man about to cum when it was interrupted a third time by a mean twist of his aching balls.

"Fuck!" Lee yelled. "When are you going to let me cum?"

Christian looked up and smiled sarcastically. "What, did you switch teams all of a sudden? Now you WANT me to jerk you off?"

"Fuck you, fag!" Lee snapped back impulsively. He immediately regretted it when he saw the anger flare in Christian's eyes.

Christian shoved Lee's cock up out of the way and palmed the little punk right in the nuts. The sound of his hand smacking Lee's nuts up into his crotch made a sick 'thwack' noise that echoed in the small office. Lee coughed and tried to bend forward as the pain hit.

Christian pushed Lee back into his chair and slapped his naked balls a second and third time before ending with a solid punch that smashed Lee's balls down into the hard seat of his chair.

Lee shrieked and fell to the floor on his hands and knees.

Christian rose to his feet and looked down on the prostrate young man while he made odd mewling sounds. Two juicy balls hung invitingly just below his ass. Unable to resist such a easy target, Christian swung his leg back and kicked Lee's exposed gonads. HIs penny-loafers collided with Lee's baby-makers and crushed them into his pelvis.

Lee's face contorted into a mask of pain and he let out an agonized wail.

Even from where he was standing he could see Lee's nuts were pink and swollen. Lee moaned softly and cradled his throbbing testicles.

Christian walked over to his desk where he wrote out his address on a small slip of paper. He looked up at the clock, seeing that it was nearly 9:00 pm.

"Alright, I think we can end early tonight. Be at this address tomorrow at 8:00 sharp." Lee took the slip of paper without comment. Christian sat back down at his desk and watched as Lee dressed and limped out of his office. When he was gone, Christian picked up the telephone and dialed his friend Jes.

- Lee is a guy from college that looks like Fuller from Sean Cody -

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