Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eric and Jake College Buddies Series: A Deposit at the Sperm Bank

This is the next installment of the College Buddies Series.  This story picks right up several weeks after the events of The Man of Eric's Dreams.  You can also check out the rest of the stories here.  This story is primarily based in M/M and features the growing relationship between two young men, but there is a small F/M scene in the middle of it (just a fair warning!)  I hope you enjoy.


Eric rolled between the sheets of his extra long twin bed, turning his back to the wall as he felt the momentary twinkling of consciousness begin to recede as he slowly slipped back into R.E.M. sleep.  It was late and the dorm room was dark and quiet.

Eric heard the light rustle of movement in his roommate's bed as Jake stirred in his sleep.

He was just about to nod off when suddenly Jake called out from his side of the room.


Eric breathed in slowly.  The sound of his roommate's voice tugged him back into the world of the living.


"You awake?"  Jake asked in a hushed voice.

"What do you think?"  Eric replied groggily.  "I'm talking to you, aren't I?"

"Yeah.  I just meant-"

"I know what you meant.  It's just hard to sleep with you banging away at yourself over there."  Eric grumbled, still keeping his eyes closed.

"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."  Their was a moment of silence before Jake said anything else.

"You think you might be willing to come over here and help me out?"  He asked sheepishly. 

"No."  Eric responded almost immediately. 

"Come on . . ." 

"It's the middle of the night."  Eric grumbled.  He rolled over so that his back was facing his roommate.

"I know that, it's just, I'm so damn horny."  Jake said.

At least he was honest.

"When aren't you?"  Eric shot back from over his shoulder.  Jake had a funny way of showing interest only when it suited him.

"Seriously man, please?  I've got myself all worked up here, and if I try to go to sleep now . . ."

Eric groaned.  It didn't look like either of them was going to get any sleep until Jake's erection was dealt with.

"Alright, fine."  Eric growled, sitting up in his bed.  "But I'm not getting out of bed.  You'll have to come over to me this time."

"Awesome!"  Jake jumped to his feet and leapt in front of Eric's bed.  "Thanks, man."  His body was so tight and lean, he had the physique of a greek statue.

Even in the absence of light, Eric could see his roommate's large, ponderous nutsac swinging heavily below a massive erection that was pointing straight at him. 

Eric sighed and reached for the soft, flesh colored globes and gave Jake's huge balls a hard squeeze, digging his finger tips deep into the juicy ball meat of the hefty orbs.  He felt Jake's body convulse slightly and the handsome stud clenched his teeth while his cock twitched to life.

Eric tugged on Jake's distended ball cords and pulled him on to his bed.  He was too tired to bother punching or kicking Jake's gonads.  Squeezing them would be more efficient, and a heck of a lot easier.  Eric cupped Jake's mighty bull-nuts and lifted them, as if he were assessing their weight.  His roommate's testicles were truly huge, almost freakish, and yet familiar.  If a cannibal ever got their hands on them, they'd probably get a meal or two out of the two rubbery orbs. 

Jake began to pant and moan as Eric rubbed the muscled stud's nuts between his fingers, giving equal time to each as he worked then over in his hand.  With his other hand, he pinched the soft flesh just below the head of Jake's throbbing penis - the combination of which, sent Jake's head spinning.  He closed his eyes and moaned louder.

Eric went through a checklist in his head, and one by one he made sure to hit each of Jake's buttons.  A pinch here, a lick there.  As a result, Jake's 8-inch cock was transformed into a steel rod.  Jake pulled his hands back behind his head and hummed with pleasure as he thrust his hips and fucked Eric's hand - but a single hard yank on his nuts was all that was needed to remind him that Eric was steering the boat now, and he quickly settled down. 

Eric considered drawing things out and teasing Jake for longer, but the truth was that it was late and he was tired.  Instead, he decided to give himself, and his roommate, a treat. 

Jake's eyes were still shut, and his hips continued to twitch involuntarily as a clear stream began to trickle down his rigid pole.

Eric maneuvered his grasp so that he was holding both of Jake's monster nuts and put them through a few twists and turns before he really began grinding the twin orbs against the heel of his hand.  Jake grunted from the sudden rough treatment, and his eyes opened wide just as Eric bent down and swallowed almost the entire length of his girthy penis.   The suddenness of Eric's move, along with the intense pain and pleasure that began radiating from his groin was just too much for him to protest.  He simply lied back, and accepted it, while Eric went to town on both ends of his manhood.

Jake was so horny, that any thought of holding back or drawing things out was impossible by Eric's skilled mouth, tongue, and hands - rendering him powerless as his roommate began to force a massive load out of his baby-makers. 

They both knew it was all over when Jake's loins began to spasm.  

Eric began squeezing and sucking harder as the first glob of spluge hit the back of his throat.  He could tell by the force of splatter that this was going to be a big one.

Jake moaned loudly now, bucking his hips wildly as his dick pumped a torrent of jizz inside Eric's mouth that caused his cheeks to puff out.  Eric took it all, and continued to squeeze Jake's freshly-juiced nuts, extracting every last drop of cream until they ached.

Eric wiped his lips and swallowed the salty batch with one loud gulp.  Then he took a deep breath as he watched his collapse and let out a groan as he enjoyed the after-effect of his post orgasmic bliss.

Eric took another deep breath.  How had his life turned in to this?

It was a question he'd been asking himself a lot lately.  It had of course, started over more than a month ago, back when busting his hot, straight roommate's big, beautiful balls had been nothing more than a fantasy in a series of recurring dreams.  Back then, Jake had been a stereotypical 19-year-old college stud, who's regular pattern of partying, drinking, and having sex with coeds was interrupted by the occasional blow-off class.  But then came that fateful night that ultimately changed the nature of their friendship forever. 

Earlier that day, Jake had gone to his doctor for a regular visit, and during the regular course of the exam, his physician had noticed a swelling in Jake's normally monstrous nuts.  His doctor informed him that testicular swelling wasn't outside the norm, but he'd felt a something odd and wanted Jake to go for more testing to make sure.  The words "blockage," "surgery," and "cancer" came up at some point in their conversation, and by the time Jake left the office, his nerves were wrecked. 

Later that night, after having mulled it over for hours, Jake reached out to his roommate and told him everything that had transpired  during his doctor's visit.  Eric was of course, shocked, but not nearly as surprised as when Jake then asked him to bust his balls.  On this point, the logic had always been fuzzy for Eric, but Jake was convinced that a little 'tough love' might clear the blockage and help save his precious jewels.  Eric of course, happily accepted his charge, and that very night, went about busting and draining the big hunk's hefty baby-makers.  Twice.

The next day, Eric was stunned to discover his hot stud of a roommate sharing his bed. Once Eric's heart stopped racing long enough to recall the previous night's encounter, he explored Jake's naked body with his fingers and hands, paying extra attention to his growing morning wood. 

By the time Jake finally opened his eyes, his nuts were sore and his dick was rubbed raw, but it was the orgasm that woke him.  It was the biggest, ball-draining, cum explosion that he'd ever experienced in this life. 

From then on in, their friendship taken a radical turn. 

Each day would begin with Eric busting and milking a fresh load out of Jake's massive sperm banks, and at night, it was usually two more.  A full week went by before Jake got the first batch of results from the tests his doctor had ordered - all negative - but their private little sessions continued on.

Eric quickie became quite good at bursting the cream out of Jake's extra-large stud-eggs, and h'd even devised a three-step combo that worked almost every time.  A solid knee aimed between Jake's thickly muscled thighs, followed up by a wicked uppercut crushing his sac from underneath, and finished off with a long, two-handed squeeze usually was all that was needed to crack Jake's massive marbles and force out a fresh batch of jock-juice.

For his part, Jake seemed to be adapting quiet well to the rigorous ball-busting sessions.  His pain tolerance seemed to increase over time, allowing him to stay on his feet for longer and longer periods of time while Eric pounded his balls into submission. 

Masturbating alone quickly became a thing of the past too.  Their twice a day schedule usually left Jake's tanks pretty close to empty most of the time, but on a few occasions when Eric had to postpone a 'therapy' session, Jake found that it was almost impossible to maintain a full erection without smacking himself in the nuts a few times, and even then, he never got enough of a rhythm going to finish in orgasm. 

Jake even went so far as to ask one of the chick's he brought home from a club to bust him while they banged.  It was awkward and all wrong.  The girl just never managed to strike the right combo between pain and pleasure, and ultimately, their encounter ended with her leaving in a huff and only half dressed - and Jake laying out on his bed, with a big case of sore, blue balls.  Eric laughed his ass off when he came home and  Jake told him what had happened.  Then, of course, he ended helping Jake out by draining his nuts and sent him off to bed.

As much as Eric enjoyed his new role in Jake's life, there was still a big gulf that divided them.  Jake was straight.  For all the access that he was given to Jake's big, juicy nuts - by and large, his cock remained off limits.  Jake preferred to stroke himself off, and most of the time Eric was left feeling like a kid with his face pressed up against a candy-store window while Jake pounded his meat just inches in front of him.  But was even worse than that, all his interaction with Jake was a one-way street.  Jake had made it very clear that he only wanted his balls busted, and wasn't interested in the least about seeing to Eric's needs.

At first Jake's conditions didn't seem that hard to live with.  Eric just focused all his attention on those two gorgeous jewels that resided in Jake's delicate sac. Kneading, pinching, scratching - even biting - Jake's prize plums.  But as time went by, Eric began to feel less and less ok with their arrangement. 

In a very short period of time, Eric's disillusionment had struck full force, which is why when the final batch of Jake's medical tests came back negative, Eric was not only happy for his friend, but also happy that his ball-busting chores would come to an end.  Just like the cum inside Jake's balls at the end of one of their sessions, all the fun and enjoyment had been drained from the entire situation. 

But after an entire month of being ball-busted to completion, Jake found it difficult to go back to the status quo.  He'd gotten used to the nice, warm ache Eric was able to achieve when he worked over his nuts - so much so that he soon discovered he had a hard time achieving an orgasm without it.  And with Eric out of the picture, Jake quickly realized his access to satisfying ball-busting was rather limited.  Self-busting wasn't an option, as he could never seemed capable of busting himself hard enough, and the one time he'd asked a girl had been disastrous. 

After a few days past, Jake came back to Eric and practically begged him to bust his big, ripe plums.  The straight stud wanted it so badly, he didn't even care if Eric stroked him off while he did it.  That was all the sweetener Eric needed, and using his newly granted access to Jake's massive member, he edged the stud for over 40 minutes before he granted him the relief he so desperately desired.  With Jake's big, bloated sac cradled in one hand, Eric worked his thick, veiny shaft with the other, in a long, gradual buildup - and when he finally allowed his roommate to cum, he squeezed Jake's globes so hard, they dented inward as the plump, sweet nut-meat within unleashed a continual spray of his man-milk.  With all the cum-shots Eric had witnessed, he'd never seen his roommate shoot that much.  Ever. 

It must have startled both of them, because even Jake, who usually got quite a rush from the endorphins of a fresh ejaculation, remained rather tight lipped after that.  They both had to take showers, and then went to sleep.   Not another word said about what happened that night, or even the next day.  It made Eric wonder if Jake had gotten scared, or perhaps he'd finally gotten his fill of the whole situation. 

Another day passed before he got his answer, and Eric was called upon to help his roommate take care of another massive erection.

It was amazing how far the dynamics of their friendship had shifted.  After all, having a handsome, hung, college stud offer up his prime-cut manhood was no small trifle, but Jake's ardent heterosexuality prevented him from reciprocating the favor for his roommate. That often left Eric feeling rather irritable, and even moody at times. 

When it came down to it, Eric was living a skewed version of his fantasy in which he never was able to take any personal pleasure, and that made him frustrated.  Explaining that to Jake would be pointless, he knew, but that just made it all the more disheartened. 

That's perhaps why for the last week, he'd thrown up a bit of resistance to Jake's advances, and even given him a nasty case of blue-balls.  He'd told Jake that he wasn't feeling well, and was sorry, but the truth was that he'd done it on purpose.  He was still feeling guilty about it when Jake woke him up that evening, which is why he'd agreed to the late-night nutting in the first place.

Eric watched Jake take in long, deep breaths as he laid next to him.  There was a big smile on the handsome jock's face, and he looked quite satisfied.

"Alright, back to bed.  I need to get some sleep."  Eric announced as he shove Jake off his bed with his feet.

"Sure thing buddy . . . and thanks."  Jake flashed his white teeth with a big smile and sauntered back to his side of the room.

"Your welcome."  Eric whispered under his breath and pulled up the covers. 

Within seconds of hitting the pillow, Jake was snoring.  Even in sleep, he sounded blissfully content.

Eric huffed and stared up at the ceiling for a long time, thinking. 

It was a long time before he fell back to sleep.


A few days later Jake was sitting at his desk in the dorm.  It was late in the afternoon, and with classes done for the day, he was playing Starcraft2 on his laptop.

"Hey,"  Jake said, appearing in the doorway with a piece of crumpled up paper in his hand.  "Guess where I just came from."

"Class?"  Eric didn't move his eyes from the screen.

"Well, yeah.  But on my way back I saw this flier."  He said, shoving the piece of paper between Eric and his laptop.  "The fertility clinic down town is looking for sperm donors and are willing to pay $200 per visit!  That's a pretty decent stud fee."

Eric closed his laptop and glanced at the flier.  "It says they're looking for young, college educated applicants - and that you have to take a physical."

"Yeah, I know.  That shouldn't be a problem, and besides, I know my baby-batter is top notch."  Jake shot him a big, shit-eating grin as he grabbed his big, bulging nuts through his jeans.  "I'm going down there today, and once they check me out, I'm going to make a boat-load of money."

Eric nodded his head.  "Sounds like a good plan."

"I know, right?  You should go too.  I mean seriously, all you have to do is aim in a cup and they'll give you $200."

Eric smirked.  "No thanks."

"Ok, suit yourself - just leaves more work for me."  Jake was checking himself out in the mirror. "You wanna come with me anyway?  You know, for moral support?"

Eric looked down at his laptop and paused video game.  "Uh, well . . ."

"Come on Eric, please.  It's going to feel weird if I have to go down there by myself."

"How does it make it any less weird if I go?"  Eric raised an eyebrow.

"Well . . . it doesn't, it just . . . I don't know, at least I'll have someone to talk to in the waiting room."  Jake said, sounding a tad flustered.

Eric chuckled.  "Alright, fine you big baby.  Hand me my shoes."

"Thanks."  Jake grinned.

The bus ride downtown took them 20 minutes, and another ten minutes to walk the three blocks before they reached the clinic.  It was a low, 2-story structure with double glass doors and tinted windows.  Next to the entrance, there was a big sign with blue and white letters for all to see that read "NEW TOMORROW'S FERTILITY CLINIC."

The waiting room was small, less than a dozen chairs.  In one corner, a middle-age woman reading a magazine sat next to a teenage girl.

Jake took a steadying breath and walked up to the receptions desk.  "Hi, I'm here to apply to be a . . . a donor."  He made sure to whisper the last part.

The woman behind the counter looked unfazed by the young hunk's offer of sperm. She appeared to be in her late 50's or early 60's, with short grey hair.

"I see. "  She nodded discretely.  "Fill out this questionnaire  and we'll have our nurse call you over in a few minutes."

Jake took the clip board and thanked her.  Then he slumped down in the seat next to Eric.

"I've got to fill out this form, and then they'll call me back."  Jake repeated what the receptionist had told him.

Eric nodded.  "You ok?  Feeling nervous?"

Jake shot him a grin.  "Na.  Nothing I haven't done before."

Eric wondered if Jake saw the irony in that statement, and remained quiet as Jake finished filling out the the questionnaire and handed it back to the receptionist.  Then, before he got a chance to sit back down, a nurse in blue scrubs called him back.

"Good luck."  Eric grinned reassuringly.

"Thanks."  Jake smirked as he turned and followed the nurse.

First Jake was led into an examination room where he was weighed and his blood pressure was taken.  The nurse then drew three vials of blood. "So we can screen for pathogens and STDs."  She explained.  "Alright, we're done.  Sit tight, and the doctor will be in shortly."

Jake fidgeted on the examination table as he waited and studied a poster of the female reproductive tract on wall next to him until the doctor walked in. 

"Hello, I'm doctor Winchester."  She said shaking the young man's hand. 
She was attractive, probably somewhere in her thirties.  She had shoulder-length locks of blond hair and wore a white lab coat that ended just past her knees.  "I've reviewed your chart and everything seems to be in order.  How do you feel?"

Jake shrugged, "Fine."

"Good,"  the doctor said as she glanced back at his chart.  "We'll get the results from your blood test in a day or so.  The only thing left is a quick physical and a sperm sample and you'll be on your way." 

"Ok, sounds good." Jake nodded. 

The doctor pulled out a pair of blue nylon gloves and snapped them on.  "Why don't you stand up and drop your pants for me."   

Jake grinned and unclasped the top of his jeans, letting them fall to his feet.

"Oh, underwear too I'm afraid."  She added, smiling reassuringly.

Jake did as he was told, and unceremoniously pulled down his boxer-briefs, revealing his lush, young package.

Something seemed to catch in the doctor's throat and her eyes ever so slightly bulged when they fell on Jake's limp dick and two ripe plums, hanging low and heavy in his sac. She coughed to mask her flustered reaction, and lifted the head of his penis for inspection.  "Hmm, no lumps or bumps anywhere?"  She asked, as she pulled his cock this way and that.

"Not that I'm aware of."  Jake replied, his gaze was directed straight up to avoid making eye contact.

"Great."  The doctor smiled and grabbed his testicles rather energetically and pinched each gonad in turn until the thick ball-meat bubbled out between her fingers.  "And do these seem a little swollen today?" 

"No, uh . . . I don't think so."  Jake replied awkwardly.

"Hmm, ok.  You are a big boy, aren't you?"  She said somewhat jokingly as she continued to fondle the stud's equipment.  She'd never seen testicles this large, and Jake had quite a set. 

"They do hang rather low though, it could be a hernia.  Would you mind turning your head and cough?"

Jake did as he was told, and when he turned his head, he felt the doctor's grip tighten around his massive-marbles as he choked out a few coughs.


On her command Jake coughed a second time, and once again, felt her fingers pressing in deeper, crushing his big-boy sex organs against her gloved hands.  The sensation made his mouth drop open and tingling run down through his cock as it began to harden. 

"Do you feel that?"  She asked, rolling his thick left nut between her fingers and pinched isolated plum.

Jake nearly choked, trying desperately to maintain his composure while his erection began to rise.  "Uh, yeah, I think so. . ."

Jake's eyes widened as he saw his prick lifting toward middle-aged woman and just reacted, smacking a plastic jar of cotton off a nearby tray.

"Ooops, kind of jumpy, aren't ya?"  She smiled as Jake bent over and began picking up the white bits of fuzz strewn across the floor.  "Don't worry about that, we'll have it swept up."

Jake smiled nervously, but he didn't dare move for fear of revealing his long bobbing member.

Then he was saved when the door suddenly opened and the nurse stuck her head in.

"Excuse me, doctor?  We need you in room 221."  The nurse said as her eyes flickered first at the doctor, and then Jake who was standing behind her with what looked like the biggest erect penis she'd ever seen in her life.

The doctor sighed.  "Again?  Tell them to wait, I'm in the middle of an examination with a patient!"  She huffed in a snippy tone, which was exaggerated by the swinging of her arms, and brought her slender hand back and sailing up into Jake's loose-hanging ballsac.

Jake let out a loud groan that startled both women and made the doctor turn around and gasp as the 19-year-old stud clutch his groin and double over.

"Ouch."  The nurse said, opening our mouth wide in sympathy. 

Jake moaned and he handsome features of his face became distorted with pain.

"Just tell them I'll be their in a minute!  And close the door!"  The doctor snapped as she turned her attention back to Jake, who was still groaning.

"Oh, you poor dear.  I'm so sorry about that, here let me check and make sure they're alright." 

"No, no!  It's alright."  Jake gasped, terrified to reveal his erection.

"Don't be silly, I insist." The doctor's tone had suddenly softened now that they were left alone and she gently cupped Jake's meaty nuggets.  "I bet they're kind of sore at the moment."

"Yeah, a little."  Jake took a big breath and blinked.  His cock had gone absolutely turgid by now, and he had to use both hands to try and hide his pulsating shaft.  "It's ok now though, really."  He tried to assure her.

"Why are you holding your penis?  Did I hit that too?"  She asked sounding concerned. 

When she pulled his hands away, eight inches of throbbing meat rose to great her.

"Oh, my,"  she gasped.

Jake bit his lip and looked and embarrassed, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Well, everything seems to be working properly."  The doctor said uneasily as she rubbed the muscles in her neck. 

She cleared her throat as she took him all in with her eyes.

"Alright then, we're done so you can put your clothes back on."  The doctor said quickly as she scribbled something down on her chart.  She didn't look back at him again, and quickly exited the room after mentioning that the nurse would be back for him shortly.

Jake did say a word while he shoved his semi-hard dick back into his underwear and pulled on his clothes, and then spent the next few minutes staring down at the floor until the nurse arrived.  It was the same woman had barged in during the exam.  She didn't mention it, but by the way she was smiling at him, Jake knew she was still thinking about it.  She led him down the hall to an unmarked room with the number 201 on the door.  The nurse handed him a small plastic cup and left him with instructions to bring it back to her at the nurse's station once he was done.

Inside, the room was rather small.  Just enough room for a cot, a table and a small tv.  On the table there were a couple of video tapes and a few Maxim magazines.  Jake flipped through the magazines, and then decided to put in one of the tapes.  It was an old porno, probably from the late 70's or early 80's based on the clothes the man and woman was wearing.

Jake placed the plastic cup and made himself comfortable on the cot as he watched the scene between a house wife and a plumber unfold on the screen.  The woman playing the house wife was a blond too, and reminded him of the doctor that'd just examined him.  The porn wasn't doing much for him, so instead he tried to focus on the doctor and her tough little fingers, recalling how neatly they wrapped themselves around his big, loose ballsac and fondled his enormous testicles.

The thought made his cock stir.

Jake unzipped his fly and started stroking himself off as he cupped his balls as he fantasized about the doctor squeezing his nuts harder and harder.  Jake's dick grew to it's full height of 8 inches, but he quickly discovered that he couldn't maintain it.  If he messed up his pacing, or paused just for a few seconds, his dick softened like a limp noodle.

Jake became agitated as he tried everything he could think of.  He feverishly pulled on his prick, and even slapped himself in the nuts - but it was all to no avail.

After 20 minutes went by, the nurse knocked on the door to check on him.  He told her he was fine, but in reality he was in trouble and he knew it.  Then he remembered Eric, still sitting out in the waiting room.

Jake grabbed his cell phone and tapped out a quick text and sent it to his roommate.  "In trouble.  Need help.  Room 201."

Then a minute later, there was a light tapping at the door.  "Jake?  You in there?"  He heard Eric whisper on the other side.

Jake quickly opened the door and pulled Eric in to the room and started explaining everything that had happened since he last saw him.  Jake's words tumbled out of his mouth in a jumble, "And now I'm supposed to give them a sperm sample, but I can even get hard and I need your help!"

Eric shook his head and groaned.  "No way."

"Eric, please, come on buddy, I really need this favor."  Jake begged.

"Yeah, you're always asking me for 'favors'.  Well, I'm sick of it.  All you seem to care about is yourself.  I can't even get a full night's sleep without having to help you take care of your needs - and now you want me to get you off in the middle of a fertility clinic, just so you can make some money?  Seriously?  I'm supposed to be your friend, not some . . . sex slave, whose job it is to see to your every desire."  Eric was fuming with anger and it was almost like watching a dam spill over as weeks worth of repressed rage finally found their outlet.

Jake was taken aback by Eric's flying allegations and looked dumbstruck.  "I'm sorry man, I never knew that's how you felt.  I thought you liked . . . you know . . . doing what you do to me.  I never was trying to use you."

"Oh yeah?  What do you call it when you take something out of a friendship, and not ever put anything back in?"  Eric pressed.

Jake shook his head.  "Dude, what are you talking about?"

Eric snorted out loud.  "Come on, your not the only one with needs.  Do you have any idea how many times I've gotten blue-balled while I was 'taking care' of you?"

Jake's eyes dead panned.  "Oh, man . . . I'm really sorry.  It's just . . . you're a dude."

"Yeah, and so what?  I mean, for a guy who's supposed to be completely straight, you sure do seem to cum at the drop of the hat for me."  Eric said, folding his arms over his chest.

"That's different . . ."

"Really?  You think so, huh?"  Eric interjected.  "'Cause you know what I think it is?  I think your afraid - and selfish."

Jake stared back at him blankly, unsure of what to say.

Eric waited to hear what Jake would say in return, but realized that he'd hit a brick wall with his roommate.  "Nothing to say to me, huh?  Fine.  See you back home." 

Eric turned to leave, but Jake moved in front of the door and blocked his way.

"Come on, move.  I don't want to be in here with you anymore."   Eric said, as he tried to push past his hunky roommate, but it was little use.  Jake was much bigger than him.  That didn't stop Eric from trying though, and the two boys began shoving each other pretty hard, back and forth, until it quickly devolved into a full-scale melee. 

Then from amidst the tussle, a piercing yelp echoed against the walls of the tiny room as Jake's muscular thigh thundered between Eric's open legs and smashed into his crotch.

Everything suddenly stopped, as Eric doubled over and let out a hoarse moan.  "Ohhhhhh, what was that for?" 

Jake stifled a laugh.  "Oh God, I'm sorry Eric, it was a mis-"


With the front pouch of Jake's boxer-briefs at his eye level, Eric fought through the pain and his fist easily connected with it's target, and smashed into the two round lumps.  Jake's cotton-encased love-spuds were slammed up into his body and flattened like pancakes.

"Oh fuck, that was a good one,"  Jake winced as he slid to his knees.

Eric grunted and tried to stand straight.  "Alright, enough.  I'm going - UGH!"  Eric staggered back against the wall as he recoiled from Jake's backhand squishing the soft mound in his jeans.

"Fuuuuuuuck."  Eric cringed in pain as he slid down to the floor next to his friend.  "Stop hitting me in the balls!"

Jake shot him a grin. "Oh, so you like dishing it out, but you can't take it?"

Eric cupped his balls and coughed.  "Yeah, something like that."

Jake shook his head and smiled.  And then he had a wicked thought.

"Are you saying that all the times you wracked me, you can't take a little nut tap?"  Jake asked as he pried Eric's hands away from his crotch.

Eric groaned pitifully.

"Funny . . . it's hard to imagine a guy who's so into ball busting, doesn't like to get busted?"  Jake grabbed Eric's balls in his fist and squeezed.

"Eric's eyes snapped open and he suddenly looked scared.  "Oh no, God no Jake . . . please . . ."

Jake pumped his thick fingers into Eric's nuts, causing his friend to gasp.

"I think you're right about me asking you to take care of my needs, when I've been neglecting yours.  Time to change all that."  Jake kept one hand wrapped around Eric's nuts, and with the other, he unzipped his friends jeans.

"No Jake, that's not . . . this isn't what I meant . . ." 

Eric groaned as Jake let go of his balls just long enough to pull his pants and underwear down.  Then he grasped Eric's soft nutsac and grabbed his naked nuggets for the first time.  They weren't nearly as large as Jake's, but they were plump and firm.

Jake rolled Eric's virgin nuts in his hand and then he squeezed.

"SHIT!!!"  Eric yelled and he bent forward and pressed his body into Jake's, as if they were embraced in a hug, and whimpered into the nape of Jake's neck.

"Had enough yet?"  Jake whispered into his friend's ear.

Eric's nod was almost imperceptible.  "Yes," he sobbed.  "My balls fucking ache."

"Good, 'cause that helps make the next part even better."  Jake said.  Then he loosened his grip on Eric's gonads, and grabbed his dick and started jerking him off.

Eric's mind was blown as a wave of pleasure washed over his body when he realized that it was his roommate's base-ball mitt fingers that were sliding along his cock.  The speed at which his dick hardened could have broke the sound barrier, and Eric threw his head back and moaned.

"Oh, God . . . Jake . . . that feels so fucking good . . ."  Eric moaned.  He was practically delirious with pleasure.  "Ugh . . . that's gonna make me cum."

"Good,"  Jake grinned.  "That's what's supposed to happen."

Eric reached over and grabbed Jake's package, causing the big stud to slow down.  All this ball-busting action had gotten him horny too, and his erection swelled inside his underwear.

"Take those off."  Eric whispered, his breaths were getting shallower by the second.

Jake did as he was asked, and pulled off his boxer-briefs, allowing his mighty prick to spring into the air and reveal his two, fat gonads dangling between his legs.

Eric grabbed Jake's heavy scrotum by the root and twisted as he felt his own orgasm begin to circle for the approach. 

"I'm gonna cum."  Eric whispered. "Shit, here it comes." 

His entire body seemed to clench in preparation for the flood.  Then before he knew what was happening, he was cumming.  The first few few shots sprayed into the air like a shower, coating Eric's stomach in legs in a glossy sheen before Jake improved his aim, had pointed Eric's cock into his open hand. 

Jake was amazed by the sheer volume that Eric was pumping out.  Even though Jake had been gifted with far larger manhood, his orgasms were almost never so big. 

"Yeah buddy, get it out.  Let it all out."  He cheered Eric on as he continued to milk his friend's cock. 

Even though things were winding down, his cock was still spewing a fresh jet of splooge every few seconds.  When it was over, Eric's orgasm had gone on for nearly 60 seconds, and Jakes palm was filled with his Eric's love-sauce.

Jake looked around the room for a tissue or a towel, but there was none to be had.  There weren't even any sheets on the cot, it was just covered in some sort of plastic.  Then he saw the cup on the edge of the table, and wiped the rapidly cooling splooge into the container.

Eric sighed. 

"Holy shit, that was awesome.  I haven't cum like that . . . ever."  He said, rubbing his crotch as he peered up at his grinning roommate. 

His eyes fixated on Jake's throbbing boner.

"But maybe it's time I return the favor."

Jake shrugged.  "That's alright, man. Really."

"No, believe me, I want to."  Eric had a devilish grin as he reached for Jake's sac with both hands.  "Besides, you still have to give that sperm sample, right?"

Jake's mouth opened wide as Eric grabbed each gonad between his thumb and index finger, and rubbed the delicate ball cords behind each testicle.  The manipulation of his big boys sent shivers down Jake's spine and his cock twitched.

"That feels good, doesn't it?"  Eric asked.

"Oh yeah."  Jake murmured through partially spread lips, as his friend continued to massage the tender nut-flesh between his fingers.  He never knew his balls could give him such pleasure until he met Eric.

"Yeah, well too bad, cause THIS'll probably hurt."  Suddenly switching tacts, Eric drove his thumbs into each delicate orb and then yanked down, pulling Jake off his feet and onto the empty cot.

"Owww, fuck.  You're right, that did hurt."  Jake moaned as his legs were spread open, providing a better view of his meaty nutsac testicles.

Eric shot him a big grin and brought his arm back before sending it smashing into Jake's juicy plums.  The contact between Eric's knuckles and Jake's balls made a sickening THUD.

Jake's body shuddered and his eyes blinked shut.

Eric looked down at his targets before he pounded Jake's poor nuts again, forcing another gasp from the big stud's lips.

"I think I'm going to pound the cum right out of you."  Eric said, grabbing Jake's massive phallus and giving it a few hard strokes.  "That sounds fun, doesn't it?"

"Sounds kinda painful, actually."  Jake grumbled, but he was too distracted by the way Eric was tugging on his shaft to get angry.

Eric chuckled as he powered another vicious fist into Jake's baby-makers.  The blow was absorbed equally by both his nuts, and temporarily deflated before popping back into their normal shape.

Jake let out a hoarse moan as precum began to ooze out from his cock-head and dribble down his shaft.



Eric landed two more punches, sending a jolt through Jake's body as his nuts were rammed up against the rigid base of his dick.

"Fuck!"  Jake grimaced.  He was panting hard and sweat was beading up on his handsome face.

Eric smiled and gave Jake's cock a few tugs.  "Come on big boy, time to give it up."  He laughed and punched Jake square in the nuts with a loud SPLAT.

"Unggghhhh!"  Jake moaned in pleasure and pain as Eric alternated between punching him and jerking him off.  A few repetitions was all it took before Jake's balls began to retreat back up toward the base of his cock, and his body tensed.

"Oh yeah, here we go.  Come on man."  Eric exclaimed as Jake's cock began to quiver and his eyes glazed over.  He let go and watched Jake's big meat-stick as it pointed straight up at the ceiling.  It was leaking a constant stream of precum that was slowly coating his balls.

Eric grabbed the plastic sample cup that had been used to collect his earlier load and got it ready as Jake's testicles churned inside his sac.  Jake was teetering on the edge and all he needed was one little push.

Eric gave him two.

Thump, THUMP!  Eric threw his fist into each of Jake's throbbing nuts, first his left, and then his right in quick succession, causing Jake to scream in pain and his scrotum contracted as long ropes of cum began barreling out of his dick.

Eric tried to catch them inside the cup, but several failed attempts, he simply pointed the end of Jake's exploding cock-head into it. 

Jake moaned happily as Eric jerked him off to completion, half filling the cup in long, steady streams.

When it was over, Jake threw his head back and groaned as he cupped his sore, empty nuts.

Eric whistled as he swirled the contents of the plastic cup.  "Nice job.  I think they'll be pleased with this."

"They better be.  It's gonna be a while before I can provide them with another sample."  Jake grimaced while rubbing his nuts.

Eric grinned back at his friend.  "I better get back to the waiting room before they notice I'm back here."  He said, pulling his pants back on.  "Just take your time."

"Thanks."  Jake smiled weakly and watched as Eric left the room, closing the door behind him.

It took a while before Jake felt well enough to pull his clothes back on.  Then when he was ready, he brought the sample with him to the nurse's station where he found his nurse from earlier.

"All done?"  She asked cheerily.  "That took a while, didn't it."

"Yeah, I guess."  Jake looked like a naughty school boy as he placed the cup on to the counter.

The nurse looked at the double load and grinned.

"Everything looks in order.  We'll let you know how things turn out in a few days."  She said with far to large of a smile as far as he was concerned.

Jake left the nurse's station and met back up with Eric out front by the receptionist's desk.

"All ready."  Jake nodded.

"Sweet."  Eric grinned as he opened the door for his roommate.  "Let me know the next time you come down to the sperm bank, I'll come down with you.  I'm good at making deposits."

Jake rolled his eyes and grinned as the two friends made their way down the hall and out to the street below. 

On the outside, they were the same two teenage guys who had entered the fertility clinic an hour ago, but on the inside, something had changed.  Eric could sense it now, even in the way Jake walked next to him, and it made his heart skip a beat.  It was too early to put a label on it, but Eric knew in his gut that their relationship had just undergone a fundamental change.

Jake caught Eric smiling at him and he smiled back.  "What?"

Eric couldn't believe how hot Jake looked in that moment.

"Nothing."  Eric grinned, and grabbed Jake's hand as the walked down the sidewalk together.

- As always, Jake is played by the hunky Brazilian model, Bernardo Velasco -


- And the role of Eric is played by Hayden Wolfe -

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Good bye 2011, hello 2012!  I hope everyone had a very happy new year and is well on their way to breaking their new year's eve pledges (I know I am!)  2011 was quite a year for ballbustingtales, and  hopefully 2012 will be even better!  There are lots of hot stories in the works, so keep posted!!!!

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And finally, a reader of this blog sent me a M/M story to post a few weeks back.  I love when you guys send in stories of your own, and what makes this even better is that this story is superb.  To be honest, I've been sitting on it for a while and waiting for a good occasion, which is today!  If you like it, please remember to leave a quick comment to show your appreciation.  If there's enough of a positive response, perhaps we'll get more hot stories in the future.  Enjoy!

Rick and Adam
 By Derek

At 25, I'm already starting to worry about my job security. I am getting kind of long in the tooth for a male model. I'm handsome, I'm ripped, I'm tall, and I fill out a pair of designer boxerbriefs enviably - but in this industry there's always someone younger and hotter on your heels.

So when I walked into the green room on this photo shoot for a big brand name retailer and saw the two other guys who'd be modelling in underwear with me, my heart sank. They were no older than 18 or 19, gorgeous, their young bodies toned and cut in all the right places. These two were being groomed to replace me in the campaign. I knew it instinctively.

During the first hour of the shoot, I gathered the dark-haired one's name was Rick. He had naturally intense, soulful eyes and masculine features; he had the more pumped physique of the two, tanned skin and a little hair sprinkled across his hard pecs and a trimmed trail from his navel down his tight abs. The other kid was Adam, blond and cream-skinned, well-toned but a little on the fey side, hairless body, full pouty lips. They were a sort of yin and yang and I could see why they'd been picked. They complemented each other well, and between them they'd entice every key demographic; straight girls, gay guys, straight guys who wanted to fancy themselves as steamy as this pair.

I had more muscle than either of them. On top of my age, my body type was kind of going out of fashion; I was more a muscle and fitness model type and had been frantically trying to trim some bulk lately but it wasn't coming off fast enough.

I was a little paranoid.

Anyway, the shoot involved the three of us mainly wrestling and horsing around with each other for the camera wearing tight white cotton boxerbriefs, sometimes posing with a football or some sporting implement. Rick and Adam seemed to be getting along fine - I was doing my job like a professional and looking great with the two of them, but when we'd stop so the photographer could dump his card, I'd stand off to one side with my arms folded while the two boys continued to laugh and joke.

I watched them hop around and even take a few swipes between each other's legs and raised my eyebrows. Adam landed a backhanded blow to jiggling bulge that stretched the tight fabric of Rick's underwear with a smack!

"Oof!" yelped Rick, more out of surprise than pain, because he laughed and quickly followed up with an open palmed slap that caught Adam right under his testicles and bounced his whole package up. His balls flopped heavily back into the bottom of the white cotton pouch while his penis bounced up and pushed against the revealing cotton, soft and bent in a way that gave him a funny extra curved lump above the two round bulges below.

Adam cringed and laughed too and as they dodged and ducked and swiped at each other, I rolled my eyes and looked away to see if the photographer was done. He wasn't, and eventually my gaze travelled back to Rick and Adam. Curiously, I noticed they both had semi-hardons now as they grappled and giggled. The curved lump made by Adam's soft rearranged dick had started to straighten out and strain lightly through the white pouch, and Rick's prominent bulge was extended at the front with more definition visible around the ridge of his cockhead. That seemed bizarre. Rick hadn't struck me as gay but who knew in this profession. Were they getting off on smacking each other in the nuts or something? Was that a normal gay thing? 

When we started to shoot again, the photographer seemed inspired by Adam and Rick's chemistry. He gave them lots of direction, asking them to keep up their horseplay but just giving me a perfunctory, occasional "you're doing great". For a couple shots, he asked me to keep up my energy but stand to the side, while he encouraged Adam to move behind Rick and wrap his arms around the brunette's ripped torso to stroke his pecs or tease the low-rise waistband of his underwear while he continued to sport partial wood.
I fumed. Was he gonna crop me out of the shots?

Suddenly I had a wicked plan.

Another hour or so later we took a break. I loitered with the photographer and pretended to be interested in checking out some of the shots while Rick and Adam went to the green room. I gave them about ten minutes to unwind and relax before I followed.

Adam was sitting on the counter in front of the vanity mirror, facing me; Rick was next to him, leaning over on the counter and inspecting a real or imaginary zit in the mirror and saying something about how he hoped his makeup hadn't sweat off and revealed it for the last few shots. Bent over like this, two spherical bulges peeked out at me slightly beneath his muscular ass.

Between Adam's firm thighs, I could see in detail how his cock and balls lay under the thin white cotton stretched over them, clinging to every swell and curve. His left nut rested low, touching the countertop, and his right nut sat above it against his inner thigh; his cock cradled it, curled to the left.

I locked on to my targets.

Adam glanced up at me. "How ya doing, David?" he asked politely.

I shrugged nonchalantly, and tried to look idle as I sauntered towards them. "Good. Got some nice shots, this might be a short day."

"One more setup," Rick muttered absently as he examined his chiseled face.

Adam looked back at Rick. "I guess we better get out there."

I seized the chance while neither of them was looking at me. From behind him I wrapped my arm around Rick's hips and cupped his crotch, felt two warm, squishy teen balls in my hand and clamped my fingers around them tightly. My other hand shot between Adam's muscled thighs and I grabbed his full, round testicles with an underhanded grip. I squeezed both boy-bulges hard.

They both yelped; Rick shot upright and tried to pry my hand off his meatballs. Adam leaned forward wide-eyed, mouth hanging open, and tried to wriggle his private parts out of my grip but succeeded only in causing himself increased discomfort. I was bigger and stronger, and I owned their sensitive young manhood now. I could sense their fear that I was going to do something even crazier.

"Ooof, hey what the fuck man!" sputtered Rick. "Let go of my balls!"

"Yeah," Adam groaned. "Ooahw, what're you doing..."

One of Rick's nuts squeezed out of my firm grip and he gasped in pain, wincing. I roughly juggled and kneaded his package to get the rogue gonad back into my crushing ball claw while he flinched and grunted with every movement.

"Oowhf! Unh! Oahw."

The boys' genitals were roughly the same size; both sets were rather large - not huge, but fuller and heftier than most. In spite of myself, I was impressed at what these two kids were packing in their designer undies.

Rick's testicles felt tender and rubbery; my painful groping and squeezing of the teenaged stud's crotch told me his nads were soft and squishy and compressed relatively easily. As I played with Adam's nuts, I was shocked to feel their incredible weight and firmness.  I pressed one ball with my palm against his groin to crush the dense orb in place while, with my thumb and index finger, I pinched his other nut experimentally; with a fair amount of pressure I barely made a dent. In spite of myself, I drew an awestruck breath as I fondled the kid's rocks in unfettered fascination with their perfect shape and structure. Adam groaned pitifully while I manhandled him.

"I'm showing you two cocky little pricks how to have some respect," I growled. "If you thought you could just waltz in here and steal my best gig, that I've worked for my whole career, you thought wrong."

I punctuated my point by squeezing both pairs of young stud-eggs extra hard. The boys howled - and as I hoped, I saw Adam's dick twitch, some veins twisting along its shaft beginning to stand out beneath the thin white cotton. In my right hand I could feel Rick's cock starting to fill up and swell too.

Adam stared at his crotch with horror and I watched with grim satisfaction as his growing tool rapidly tented his underwear, reaching its full above-average size, and stretched the white material to its limit. The porcelain-skinned model moaned and moaned as I kept up the crushing pressure on his big boy sex organs.

"It's not our fault," Rick hissed through clenched teeth, cords of muscle standing out in his back, veins bulging all over his ripped torso. Suddenly I felt his underwear tighten around his nuts, and none-too-gently adjusted my claw, jerking up on his balls with a sound like squashed grapes so I could feel the base of the suffering young hunk's cock; it was rock hard and  throbbing and sticking straight up against his abdomen. "What do you want us to do?! It's our biggest gig too..."

"Can't just walk out on it," Adam gasped, as a bead of sweat rolled down his neck and over his taut, pale, trembling pecs.

I could see a damp patch had formed at the tip of Adam's pole, spreading through the white material and rendering it translucent.

"You're not gonna have a choice," I said, and squeezed the poor boys' balls as hard as I could.

Rick and Adam screamed in unison. Their muscles flexed and twitched uselessly. Their raging boners quivered as I pulverized their proud packages. I visciously twisted and mangled their pretty-boy privates without any mercy. I could feel Adam's two firm lumps starting to tenderize in my palm, but boy did he have a solid pair of balls! It was taking everything I had to crack Adam's nuts. Tough though they were, however, Adam was clearly in immense testicular pain - and pleasure. His precum had soaked a large wet patch at the head of his hard cock and his juice was starting to collect in rivulets and run down the thick shaft.

As I noted this, Rick's soft nuggets started to lose the fight. His howl of pain turned into short moans.

"Ohh, ooaahw, unh, ohhh fuck!"

SQUISH! I heard and felt the dark-haired male model's testicles surrender in my hand as his body convulsed and he shot his first wad of cream in his underwear. Wracked by shudders, he kept jizzing; shot after shot of teen cum filled Rick's pouch as the orgasm shook his body. It was a huge load. I could feel his cock seizing repeatedly as it sprayed each glob, and I grimaced as the teen stud's boy-batter soaked through the cotton and made my hands sticky.

I guess the sight of sexy Rick creaming his boxerbriefs from my ball grabbing was enough to send Adam over the edge; I pressed my hand into the two big resistant lumps and ground them with the heel of my hand. With a satisfyingly sickening crunch sound, like two walnuts cracking in a wet cloth wrap, Adam's hard nuts cracked in my squeezing hand and finally gave up his hot man juice. He came violently, moaning and panting in disbelief. I watched his washboard abs flex rhythmically as he threw back his head and gasped while his cock pumped out a load to rival Rick's and saturated his underwear.

I had never cum as much as either one of these boys in my own entire life. I couldn't believe the force of the cum Adam was spraying into his underwear. The way the cloth was moving with the force of his cumshots and cock spasms, it looked like the Alien chest-burster was struggling to break out of a cotton prison. I could feel his balls spasming feverishly, as he gritted his teeth and cried out and his body tweaked. Nor could I believe the sheer volume of semen coming out of Rick, whose knees shook as he tried to stay on his feet, bent over the countertop on his forearms, screaming in orgasmic pain and pleasure as his squashed gonads continued to gush hot spunk out of his hard cockhead and all over my hand.

I crushed both boys' nuts hard until they were completely empty, squeezing every last drop of cream out of the aching organs. When they finally finished cumming, and I let go.

Adam leaned back against the wall, eyes closed, cupping his groin and whimpering; Rick hunched over the counter breathing hard, ragged breaths, sliding his hand into his pouch to cradle his busted balls, fearing they were broken, but I hadn't done any lasting damage to either of the model boys' precious baskets.

I wiped my cum-slicked left hand down Adam's tight chest and my right down Rick's strong back, and left them groaning in their puddles of semen. I was amazed I had literally just squeezed the cum out of two young bucks like I was juicing a couple of cherry tomatoes.

I walked back out into the photo studio, where the photographer was just getting back with a coffee and muffin. He looked at me, then his watch.

"Where are those kids? We need to get moving."

I shrugged. "I think they may be, know. Getting to know each other," I said suggestively.

The photographer shook his head. "That's so unprofessional. Hang on here, I'll go get them. Boy, I'll tell you, if they're wasting my time messing around like that I'll never shoot them again, that's for sure, and good luck getting a gig in this town..." he trailed off, marching toward the green room.

I smiled to myself. He was going to find the two hapless young boys together moaning incoherently with their photoshoot wardrobe soaked in their sperm...

Hey, it's a competitive market. A guy's gotta eat.

- Below we have our two hot teen underwear models, Rick and Adam. -