Thursday, April 9, 2009

Punishing the Coach

This story is based on a so-called true story posted on Kramtoad's site. I have taken a bit of artistic license with it, embellishing some parts, and changed the structure a bit. ***

The scent of sweat and musk sifted into Tony's nostrils as he walked into the high school gymnasium. It was the smell of hard work, toil, and self-discipline. Already at the age of 17, he understood how important these things were and he embraced them. No one worked harder than him, and his determination had paid off. He was the ranked at the top of his weight class in his division, but that wasn't good enough - he was focused the upcoming league championship. Luckily for him, the wrestling team got a new coach that year, a talented 26-year old former wrestling champion who had graduated from his high school. Coach Brad was his ace in the hole and he was counting on him.

At least that had been the plan. Tony had asked Brad for the last two weeks if he would be willing to train with him after practice. He even offered to come in on the weekends, to do whatever it would take - but after each request had been denied, it was obvious that he was being dodged. The coach always seemed to have an appointment or meeting that he couldn't miss. Tony didn't let that stop him - each day after practice he asked the coach if he could spare an hour, and each time he was told no.

The problem was that tonight was Thursday and the last time Tony could practice with Brad before the Championship that weekend. Tony spotted the coach supervising while two of his teammates sparred with one-another in a practice session.

Brad liked to instruct by example, often entering the ring himself to show off to the younger wrestlers. During practice he even wore his old training singlet from his high school days. Perhaps he did it to make his wrestlers feel like he was more part of the team, but Tony suspected it had more to do with vanity than comradery.

"No Kowalski, you need to start off lower if you're going to try to lift him - try again!" Brad shouted at the heavy-set teenager. The boys shifted to their starting positions and executed the take down again.

"Hi Coach." Tony waved at Brad.

"Moretti," Brad nodded. "Why are you late?"

"I'm not late coach, I started practice right after school." Tony said with a smirk. "You weren't here yet, so I spent some time in the weight room."

Brad stared at the 17-year old coldly. "Don't be a smart ass Moretti, get started with your drills."

"Sure thing Coach." Tony replied, leaving Brad behind. He wondered how the coach had ever been a champ with that kind of attitude.

Nick joined the rest of his teammates and started his warm-up routine. The practice proceeded normally, each wrestler paired up with a team mate and drilled. They gym was filled by the noise of young men grunting and groaning while practicing their holds, lifts, and takedowns. As usual the coach inspected each pair, providing criticism and advice.

Brad didn't make it to Tony and his partner until the very end of practice. Tony grappled with his teammate who must have had at least 25 pounds on him. Despite the obvious disadvantage, Tony used his superior speed and agility and managed to lock his opponent into a Full Nelson.

"Good foot work Moretti," Brad commented. Then he blew his whistle, "That's it guys, have a good night!"

The majority of his team members filed out of the gym, but Tony stayed back to speak with the coach.

"Hey Coach, do you think you could stay late with me and practice for a while?" Tony asked.

"Sorry son, I can't do it tonight," Brad said without lifting his eyes off his clip board. It drove Tony nuts that the coach called him 'son.' Brad only had nine years on him, he had been a kid himself when Tony was born.

Tony ignored the derogatory 'son' comment and focused on the fact that he was being ditched yet again. "But Coach, tomorrow we head out for the league tournament! I could really use the help." Tony tried to reason with him and managed to maintain a polite tone.

"I'm sure you could," Brad replied sarcastically, "but I'm not available."

"But Coach!"

"Look Moretti, tonight is my one-year wedding anniversary." Brad interjected. "I'm going home, taking a shower, eat the dinner my wife cooked me, and then if I'm lucky, I'm going to screw her brains out, got it?"

Brad started walking towards his office.

"Coach I understand, but if you could just give me twenty minutes-"

"No I don't think you do understand!" Brad whorled around and to face him. "I really give a shit about you. If I had to choose between practicing with you and banging my wife, you'd lose. If it was between staying here with you or going home to an empty house, you'd lose. Don't you get it, I don't care what you do."

Feeling as though he had put the young man sufficiently in his place, Brad turned around and made his way back toward the locker room.

Perhaps it was the way his coach had reacted, or maybe it was just part of a series of insults that had accumulated over the last few weeks, but something seemed to snap in Tony's brain. He sprinted ahead of Brad and stood directly in his path.

"What do you think you're doing?" Brad asked.

"You can't leave yet, you're going to do your job and help me." Tony said defiantly.

"Yeah, right." Brad said a bit amused. "I'm leaving and you can stop me."

Brad pushed past him, making sure to bump his shoulder as he walked by. Tony flew into action, grabbed Brad's arm, spun him around and sent his knee directly into his crotch. Brad's eyes widened as Tony pressed his kneecap firmly into his groin and pulverized his nuts. He moaned as Tony took him down to the mats with his knee still planted in his balls.

Tony could see that the coach was in serious pain and unable to move. Oddly enough he seemed to be getting aroused - either because of the busting his balls has just taken, or the thought of screwing his young wife was making him excited. As his erection began to grow, it strained against the tight spandex singlet - outlining every detail of his package.

The coach had been a real prick and Tony felt he deserved a little payback. Tony took aim at Brad's clearly defined orbs and smashed them with his fist. He shrieked out in pain and his heart was pounding. He desperately searched for someone to help him, but the rest of the team had left and they were alone. Blow after blow, the 26-year old's balls absorbed the full force of each impact dead-on, making Brad howl.

Tony paused after what must have been the 9th or 10th punch and watched Brad shoot off a huge load of cum in his singlet.

"Oooh, that's not going to make the wife happy." Tony said mockingly.

The coach was completely out of it, practically unconscious.

He pealed the sticky singlet past Brad's hips and grabbed his cum soaked balls. They swelling and red. Tony smiled and yanked down on Brad's nuts, squeezing them for all their worth.

Brad moaned, speaking words that didn't make any sense at all. He tried to fight Tony off, but the effort was half-hearted because his nuts were already locked in Tony's deadly grip. Oddly enough he noticed the coach was getting hard again.

Tony worked over his balls hard, keeping up the abuse until Brad shot another load. His dick began to shudder and leak precum - then it erupted with the second batch of his man juice emptying out onto his chest.

If only his coach had been a little more cooperative, none of this would have happened. Tony reasoned that Brad had no one to blame but himself. While he wasn't going to be training with him that evening, Tony doubted that he'd be doing anything with his new wife either. He did feel a ping of regret for Brad's wife, but then again - she married him.

Just to make sure Brad wasn't holding out on him, he squeezed each nut in a separate hand. Tony pressed his thumbs deep into each orb, burrowing down to their center. Brad whimpered, only barely aware of what was going on. His nuts had swollen to nearly twice their size and looked liked they had been mangled in a vice. The lack of responsiveness suggested that his balls had already been emptied, but Tony remained determine.

In the end his persistence paid off, and after a very long time Brad's shaft leaked clear liquid. Tony maintained the assault on his precious jewels until his cock spit out a third pitiful load. Confident in the belief that he had forced every drop of cum out of his cocky coach's nuts, Tony decided to call it a night.

He headed back to the locker room and got changed. He wished he could be there when Brad broke the bad news to his wife and wondered what excuse he would use. He doubted he would tell her the truth, that a kid from his wrestling team had kicked his ass and drained his balls. Tony checked the gymnasium and saw the coach was still on his back, but at least he was moving.

"I guess he's not going to be making any babies tonight," Tony chuckled. Then he pushed through the double doors and headed out into the fresh night air.

- Tony in his wrestling singlet -

- Coach Brad in his wrestling singlet -

- Coach Brad's juicy testicles -


Alex said...

Another great one! I loved all those teasing remarks about Brad not being able to fuck his wife, and the fact that Tony drains his balls not once, not twice, but three times... Ouch...

Are you thinking about a sequel? Now that Tony knows how to do it, maybe there are some guys on the wrestling team that he'd like to humiliate...

Thanks for your fantastic work! I really enjoy your stories...

bbmal said...

Thanks Alex, I'm glad you liked it! I wasn't planning on doing any more with this story line, but perhaps I will if I can think up a good plot line.

ader687 said...

Great story, bro!