Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's next for poor Liam?

We've seen Liam's affections for American heart-throb Julie turned against him, and Paul (Julie's little brother) defend his sister's honor.  In both cases, Liam's got his nuts wrung out for it!  Now here comes the big question...what's next for Liam?

Does Liam finally get lucky with Julie, or continuously busted and milked dry by Paul?  Or does Liam's nuts get cracked for good?

If Liam was getting a vote, I think I know which way he'd prefer it, but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks!

Some people have come out strongly toward the Irish ginger losing his balls...

“Not sure if I’m speaking for a majority or a minority here but I’d definitely like to see some permanent damage on Liam’s manhood.” 
- Anonymous

“No, I hope the band does it’s work and Liam is not the wiser.  I like the idea of his boy berries wither on the vine.”
- Anonymous

And others have been weighing in and supporting Liam (and his bruised, but intact, nuts!)

“I didn’t see that coming! I really hope this won’t be the end of Liam’s balls!” 
- Alex

“Oh no! Save Liam’s poor nuts!” 
- Jimmy


I haven't made a decision either way, but I do see some concerns with Liam getting de-nutted - namely, how can he keep getting busted if his balls are gone? Also keep in mind I plan on Trey's hefty danglers to be exposed to some extreme trauma in the next story series.

Let me know what you'd like to see in the comments.  I'm open to several possibilities, so make sure you share your thoughts in the comments and you might just read about it here!


anifreak said...

I vote for that Julie crack his balls for good :D

Anonymous said...

Castration is so permanent. Leave Julie and her brother something to torment! Maybe let Liam get the girl and have her brother threaten to let their parents know unless Liam submits to his heavy handed abuse day after day.

Alex said...

I'd like to see Liam get double-teamed by Julie and her brother. Liam is a great guy and I don't think he deserves losing his beautiful balls - but he probably deserves getting them hit, kicked and squeezed a lot... :-))

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alex :-)
Let the two squeeze and play with Liam's balls togther (but not break them)

Anonymous said...

I vote for saving his balls. If he loses them, the story is over and I would like to read more. Maybe Julie finds the band and takes it off and possibly busts Paul to get even. She could have two sets to play with.

In the end, I think Liam should get something from Julie even if it is just a handjob.

I am not into permanent damage so I hope you don't go there.

OMB Stories said...

Let him wither away :p

Or if you want to keep him up for busting, why not crack one his nuts and leave the other?

Anonymous said...

I agree with OMB, make his recovery (from the band) as long and painful as possible and combine that with a trauma in one of his nuts. Liam could replace an injured nut with a silicone one, i.e. still have two plums for busting. Either way, bbmal - it's your show! :)

Anonymous said...

PLease no permanent damage... Too hardcore makes my hard go soft lol...

So happy you're back though!

Anonymous said...

I like Alex's idea. Permanent damage is too finale and devastating for Liam

Knave said...

Love the idea of a brother sister tag team on Liam. Let him keep his baby makers but make sure they're tormented for their trouble ;)

Jimmy said...

I agree that Liam should keep his packadge and I'm hoping that he gets revenge on his little brother and busts him back! Liam's received quite a beating and he deserved to see what it's like to bust his brothers nut sack.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't break his balls. Julie should bust Paul good for intervening in her relationship.

bbmal said...

Wow, thanks so much for everyone's input! Much appreciated!

It would appear that the prevailing opinion is for Liam to not lose his nuts... at least this time! There's always a possibility for them to get cracked sometime in the future? Say, a good bye present before he leaves the states?

Oh, and for those of you that would like to see some real damage, hold on hope. I've got an some things planned for Trey that you might like.

Thanks again all!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like him to keep both his nuts.

Have Liam suffering constantly from Paul. Maybe have Liam get tied up kinkily by Julie, but he says something which upsets her and she storms out, and then Paul spends hours punishing Liam until he thinks he's sure he's going to pop them.

In exchange for stopping Liam has to promise Paul that he'll come by for weekly punishments that push his limits, or video's which he's taken will go back to Ireland before him.

Unknown said...

@Bbmal Hello. I was wondering if you'd like to read a short story I wrote. I wanted to email it to you, but I couldn't find any email information. The next best thing was to comment on a newer post. If you could provide contact information I'd love to send you my story. If you like it maybe you could even post it on your blog? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm more a fan of F/M so I also like the idea of Julie coming to the rescue (maybe even trying to manually and painfully free his balls from the bands) and then she would teach her little brother a lesson about breaking her toys. But the brother sis tag team is a little too much for me and permanent damage is something I'm too squeamish for. But to each their own, luv ur work and glad you're writing again. -J

bbmal said...

Thanks guys for your comments! The next installment will be coming up quickly!

Hey Xaufer Bb, I'd be happy to read anything you send my way.

My email is at