Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Surprise - The Continuation of a True Story

Here's a quick update that continues on my previous story about the young stud at work.


I got another good bust in at work today. I've been purposefully leaving myself open lately to see if he'd take the bait and try to bust me, but so far, no luck, so I decided today was the day to reintroduce a little more ball busting into our relationship.

We were sitting next to each other, carrying on a conversation. I kept my legs pretty wide open, giving him a clear shot to my nuts, all the while checking out his package whenever I could. Once again I felt the surge of adrenaline once I decided it was time to make my move. Justin had his legs spread, and his arms behind his back, cradling his head.

"Hey, it's St. Patrick's Day, but you're not wearing green." I said, trying to sound casual.

"| know, I forgot." He replied, looking down at his shirt and jeans.

I pretended to stand up, but instead I swung my fist into Justin's crotch. Unfortunately, Justin saw it coming and lurched forward, shifting his jeans just enough that my hand hit nothing but fabric.

We both laughed.

"I knew you were going to try that." Justin laughed.

I smiled and walked over to the water cooler with Justin close behind, following me into the break-room. I In my head I was kicking myself for messing up the perfect opportunity to bust him, but on the outside I was trying to play it casual.

"So it's definitely on now." Justin asked as I lifted my mug.

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "I thought it was already on."

Justin shook his head. "Sack-tapping is one thing, punching guy in the nuts when he isn't looking is another." He was standing a foot away and the bulge in his pants was hanging invitingly between his legs.

"What, like this?" I asked as I made another attempt to wack Justin in the balls, but once again, he was expecting it and covered his groin.

"No, not like that, I saw it coming." Justin said, still shielding his crotch with one hand. "You've got to wait until the guy isn't expecting it."

I nodded my head and took a sip from my mug, hoping that Justin would take the bait. Right on cue, his hand whipped out toward my crotch. He missed and followed up with another shot, but I twisted my hips in the nick of time so that my junk caught only a glancing blow.

Justin was grinning at me, looking proud of himself. Luckily the break-room was empty except for the two of us.

"Ok, I got it." I said, keeping my cup in my left hand and allowed my right hand to drop. Then I took a step forward, closing the distance between us. Justin tried to back up, but he was pinned in the corner - a fact that he realized too late.

Justin tried to grab my arms, but by then my hand was already sailing between his legs and smashed up into his groin from below. "Ungh," Justin groaned, signaling that I had hit my mark. I pressed the back of my hand deeper into Justin's crotch, and for a moment, considered turning my wrists and grabbing a big-old hand full of his stud eggs. Unfortunately he bent forward and grabbed his crotch before I could get ahold of his nuggets. He winced in pain, breathing hard, and took a couple of steps before doubling over again.

"Oh, you definitely got one of my nuts that time." Justin winced as he bent down into a crouch, with both hands holding his balls.

I thought about asking him which one I hit, but I decided against it, and instead, took pleasure in watching the young stud groan and grab his nuts. Once again I felt myself get hard as I watched him squirm. I must not have busted him too hard this time, because he was up on his feet after another minute. Still, I enjoyed imaging how the ache I had caused in his family jewels.

I pulled out a tray of ice and offered it to Justin to soothe his wounded pride.

"No thanks," he only groaned, shaking his head.

A little while later, we were back at it, working side by side when Justin threw a wise crack my way. He was standing to my side so I tried to take another swipe at his nuts, but unfortunately it was with my weaker left hand and I missed widely.

"Hey, easy now." Justin smirked, his hands were shielding his groin.

I smiled. "If you plan on continuing to busting my balls, you can expect me to bust your balls back."

Justin grinned back at me and just shook his head.

- Here's another picture of a guy that also looks like 'Justin.' They both have thick black hair, boyish good looks, and a nice, toned body. -


Anonymous said...

Erm. The one thing I will say about this situation (aside from it being way hawt) is . . . You realize he's gonna get you too, at some point. Are you as eager to get nutted as you are to nut him? A lot of people segregate themselves - either they're a buster or a bustee. Can you handle both? If so, then I'd suggest giving him a few freebies so that, later he might do the same for you.


Anonymous said...

My bad. I skipped to the good part of the story. You know, like all of us do. To hell with the intro!
You were letting him have at your balls. He just didn't take the bait.
Too bad :D

Anonymous said...

And when he did, you avoided it. lol

bbmal said...

Yeah, so on one hand, I'm sort of turned on by the idea that he is trying to nut me, but that doesn't stop me from instinctively wanting to protect myself. I'll keep giving him chances to get me back, but that doesn't stop the fact that I'm going to trying to bust him when I can.

The way I look at it, I'm willing to risk getting busted in order to get to bust Justin and so far I'm holding my own, two decent busts on him to zero busts (except the one lame one) to me. So far, I like my odds. ;)

On a side note, I'd really like to change things up a bit with the way I'm busting him. It'd be kind of sweet to get to throw in a knee or a kick to the mix, but I'm not sure how to (or even if I can) make that happen without throwing up a red flag.

For example, today Justin made a bet with me about a fact that I knew I was right, and before we actually looked up the answer, we were trying to figure out what the winner would get. I really wanted to ask for another clean shot at his junk, but I knew that would be a weird response. Huff** So, I got a six pack of beers out of it. Maybe when we start swinging them back after work, I'll get the chance to bust him again?

Anonymous said...

Or swing them INTO his nuts. Beer nuts, indeed. Then he can press the cold cans into his balls to sooth them.

Anonymous said...

It's been my observation that a lot of wrestlers have found out the hard way (multiple interpretations) that some people like hitting or or getting hit in the balls. As a result the way they react often differs somewhat from the general population and can be particularly hard to predict.

I would continue joking threats of bb or the occasional fake out, leave yourself open, and subtly provoke him in other non-physical ways for a week or two to see if he gets you back.

Consider inviting to join you on an activity of some sort, drinks, a game of basketball, join an adult softball or soccer team, paintball, say you're think of taking up boxing/karate/mma/etc ask if there are any gyms he'd recommend, etc. He might be uncomfortable pursuing this at this office even if he really wants to.

bbmal said...

Lol, actually, that was my first thought about the beer. He would have his legs open nice and wide for me, distracting him by offering a beer with one hand. When he goes to reach it, I could then swing my bottle right into that big, soft bulge in his pants. hmmm.


Second Anon., thank you for sharing your suggestions. I think you may be right, there's only so far I (or he for that matter) would be willing to go while we're at work. Granted, I've only busted him when no one else was around, but still, it's not exactly the most appropriate environment. Ideally, it would be nice to meet up in a more relaxed environment where he might be more interested in reciprocating. I'll try to work your suggestions into my plans, thanks!

Anonymous said...

couldn't you just invite him to go to your house??! You could aks him to help you with some work or something....

Anonymous said...

That awkward moment when your guy is looking at ballbusting stories and reads something exactly like what he's going through...

bbmal said...

Huh? Are you talking about the guy in my story, or something that's going on in your life?

*Scratches head.*

Sorry, but your enigmatic comment has me a little confused.

Anonymous said...

You should do something with multiple men and a few women, like a 2 or3 to 1 men to women ratio, like a school for naughty males from ages 14 to 25. I dont know, maybe medieval times or modern. Or a house full of male slaves. Balls poking out of holes in walls, stuff like that.