Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teaching My Roommate a Lesson: Part III

by Reginald

It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks had passed since my obnoxious roommate got his balls busted by a cruel, black dominatrix that I had hired specifically for the purpose. My goal had been simple: to get even with the dominant bully for constantly treating me like a worthless inferior. In truth, I shamelessly worshiped the sexy stud but my envy was only feeding his bloated ego and I needed to knock him off his perch.

So with this humble intention I had set a cunning trap to scramble Dan’s fertile eggs, assuming this would be my one chance to see my tormentor humiliated.

I have told already how I masterminded Dan’s downfall with the help of that black chick. I had watched in stunned silence as the arrogant jock was cruelly reminded where his weakness lay. Her brutal bitch-kick to his vulnerable, cum-filled jewels had left the mighty stud doubled over in gut-wrenching agony, his mighty muscles rendered powerless by the sickening pain from his sensitive balls. From that moment Dan’s fate was sealed and I easily disposed of the stricken hunk with a cowardly boot from behind that left him writhing on the floor, clutching his groin and begging for mercy.

Moments later, as I comforted my distraught room-mate with mock sincerity, it dawned on me that here was my opportunity to get what I really wanted from the sexy stud. And so, having convinced Dan that I was on his side, we struck a deal that would give me the chance to bust his hefty balls for the foreseeable future!

It was sweet and simple. We would each use our strengths to help each other. So Dan, with his obsession for physical perfection, would become my personal fitness trainer. Whist I with my “balls of steel” (or so Dan believed) would teach the big guy how to handle a low-blow like a real man. And that, I assumed was that.

If only life was so simple! For no sooner had my carefully laid plans fallen into place than the scenario changed again. It all started with the aftermath of Dan’s first ball-training session and, as usual with Dan, it involved a girl.

Before I had aimed my first knee at his low hanging globes, my macho room-mate started begging me to take it easy on his nuts, unwisely revealing that he had planned a date for the next day. Imagine my joy! As if abusing his big balls wasn’t sweet enough, here was my chance to inflict some serious sexual humiliation and I was determined to put the horny stallion out of commission for his big day.

With a cruelty that surprised even me, I slammed my knee each time, full force into those fat, juicy organs. I wanted to see the cocky stud squirming in gut-wrenching agony and I was hardly disappointed! It didn’t take much before Dan’s tough-guy façade was shattered once again and the former he-man was on his knees wailing about his weak, busted balls. But his pitiful pleas only inspired me to finish what I had started and by the end the wretched hunk actually passed out from the pain before almost puking his guts out at my feet.

Naturally I was dying to know if Dan’s mangled boy bits would be in working order for his big date. I got up early the next morning after a restless sleep, my dreams invaded by images of those big gonads getting pounded into defeat.

Dan didn’t emerge from his room until ten. I was sat on the sofa watching some mindless morning TV when he stepped out of the bathroom. He slunk cautiously into the living room, his swinging junk wrapped only in a skimpy towel that left nothing to the imagination.

“Hey what’s up?” I greeted him as if it was just another day.

“Hey,” he croaked weakly and slumped next to me. I was relieved that he didn’t seem too mad at me, considering I'd spent most of the previous day squashing his big, oversized gonads.

After shifting around in obvious discomfort , he reached one hand under his towel and leant forward moaning softly.

“So, um, you still feel a little sore?” I asked tentatively. I grabbed his shoulder and gently massaged the thick slab of muscle, trying to sound concerned.

Dan tried, halfheartedly, to shake me off and scowled.

"Just lay off me man, ok?" He groaned. His handsome face was screwed up in a wince as he fondled himself under the towel.

"Oh, my fucking balls," he muttered under his breath.

“I know what you going through. Believe me Dan, I know how it feels.” I empathized, still rubbing his back. "I did warn you that our first session was going to be hell, but at least those big nuts of yours passed the test with flying colors!"

He turned to me suspiciously, looking to see if I was mocking him.

“Yeah right!” he retorted, breathing deeply and flushing slightly. “Flying colors? You mean black and blue… Bastard!”

He spat the last word bitterly then winced, hanging his head in dismay. I inched away slowly, waiting for the cloud to pass until finally he bit his lip and turned to me. The anger in his eyes melted away, leaving only frustration and disappointment in its wake.

“Sorry dude, but you fucked me up really bad. It's been over 12 hours now and my nuts are STILL killing me. Seriously dude, it's worse then when that black chick came after me!"

He looked down, caressing his battered equipment. I couldn't help but smile to myself, proud that he ranked me even higher than Nagini. Carefully I adjusted my shirt to hide my swelling erection.

"Dan, I'm not sure what to say. I'm sorry you're still in pain, but believe me, you are one tough guy! Seriously, there were a couple of times I thought you were down and out but you just kept coming back for more.”

I paused, hoping he had forgotten how I dragged him to his feet as he begged for mercy.

“You just need to be strong and believe in this training. I promise, it'll pay off in the long run." I said, trying to sound as confident as possible.

“Yeah right,” he muttered in resignation, still groping his junk under the towel. "God, everything's still bruised and swollen down there. I swear, if this fucks up my date . . . I mean, seriously, screw it man. I'm not going to risk my sex life any more for this stupid training!"

“Your nuts are still swollen?” I tried to look concerned but my voice revealed my utter disbelief. “Dude, you really expect me to believe that those monster nuts of yours can swell any bigger!”

He half smiled at the compliment and looked down at his groin. “It may be funny to you. But seriously man, why'd you have to knee me so fucking hard on the first time out? You knew I was planning to meet up with Veronica today.”

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll manage." I said with a wink. Then I remembered our wager from the day before. Half way through our training when Dan started getting cold feet, I promised him that if he wasn't able to perform for his date, that I'd pay his share of the rent.

I arched my eyebrow mischievously. "But if I'm wrong, and you're not the big, tough stud I thought you were, and screw that girl's brains out, then at least you won't have to pay next month's rent."

Dan scowled at my obvious affront toward his manhood. "How can I fuck anything with my nuts in this state?" He asked miserably, still holding his groin.

I sat silently for a moment, my mind filled with mixed emotions. Of course I was thrilled that my knees had busted this stud’s balls so thoroughly. On the other hand I was disappointed that my macho room-mate was so willing to give in. More importantly my carefully laid plans for busting Dan’s nuts now hung in the balance.

"Who'd you say the girl was again?" I asked suddenly, changing the topic.

"Veronica." He mumbled back.

"Oh, yeah. She's that Russian chick from the gym, right?" I pressed. "That hot, blond chick in the black Nike top that couldn't take her eyes off you?"

“Yeah, that’s my Vee.” He raised his head, breathing in deeply and glancing down at the ripped muscles of his torso. “She said she loved a man with muscles,” he sniffed sadly.

“No shit!” I shouted enthusiastically, rubbing his rock hard abs. "I saw the way she looked at you, and between you and me, she seemed even more interested in the contents of your shorts.”

“Come on, man.” I tried to sound encouraging. “You’re seriously gonna turn her down because your balls are a bit sore.”

“Sore? They’re totally fucked!” he protested.

"Calm down there, stud. It'll be alright." I said softly.

"How the hell would you know?" Dan snarled, but the moment he said it he appeared to regret it. A few moments passed between us before either of us said anything. Then Dan sighed and his head dropped back. "Sorry about my temper, I'm just frustrated, that's all."

"I understand, it's ok," I said, nodding my head slowly. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Dan paused as he pushed his fingers through his hair and looked up at me. The big stud scowled and stared grimly into space. When he finally began to speak, it wasn't in the harsh tones that I'd expected, but rather in a thin, nervous voice that cracked.

“Look man, I need you to do something for me… as a friend.” He muttered in shame as if at confession and I saw his face flush as he spoke. “It’s disgusting I know, but I really want your honest opinion . . .”

My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for his next words.

"But, I figure, you've already seen everything there is to see . . ."

"Ok," I gulped nervously.

". . . and I guess it's fitting, since this is your fault, at least partly . . ." Dan said, already opening his towel.

I faked a look of distaste as I peered between his spread legs. I almost laughed at his attempts to hide his big cock from my site as I peered into the dark valley between his legs. There, partially protected by his tree-trunk thighs, lay the very source of his manliness. I gasped as my eyes focused on those juicy testicles, the fragile myth behind Dan’s male power. Despite the abuse they looked the same virile specimens that I so deeply envied and I had to resist the urge to grasp them in my hands.

"See? Just look at them! My balls look like they've been through a wringer!" He groaned as we both stared down at his tremendous manhood.

“I’m sure they ache, Dan, but seriously, they really look fine from here.” I reported casually, to reassure him.

He sat grimly in silence for a while, apparently unconvinced by my response.

“This is important,” he said finally. Then he stood up slowly, casting his towel on the sofa. He towered above me in all his naked glory, his entire manhood swinging heavily in front of my eyes as he turned to face me. "Sorry, man . . . but, I need you to check them properly,” he ordered.

I raised my eye brow. “You mean…”

“Yeah, whatever man just get it over with.” Dan frowned and looked away in shame.

For a while I gazed, entranced by his colossal flaccid member. Under his carefully trimmed pubes, the thick shaft swung down long and heavy, totally smooth from root to tip. The subtle bulge of the head was neatly enclosed in a tight foreskin.

Sensing Dan’s impatience I reached forward, brushing that flopping sausage to the side to reveal his tightly packed scrotum. My heart pounded as I tenderly stroked his bulging plums making the big stud growl like a threatened lion. Cautiously I cupped his big balls, weighing them in my hands before enclosing them carefully in my grasp to assess their size.

“Aaagh,” Dan groaned, his body tensing as he realized his vulnerable predicament. "Take it easy!" he shouted.

“It’s ok,” I said soothingly. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my body and I was getting turned on by the feel of his big, tender nuts resting in the palm of my hands, fully aware that I could bring him to his knees with one little squeeze. “Just tell me when it hurts.” I added.

My fingers carefully explored the thin protective shell of his family jewels, amazed that such a delicate shield could withstand the blunt trauma of my knee. I carefully squeezed the slippery organs in my fingers, applying increased pressure until Dan gasped and desperately grabbed at my wrists. It was instantly clear that his larger left nut was also the most tender and I recalled how this superior twin had borne the full brunt of one of my crushing knees, flooring poor Dan in the process. I didn’t doubt that Dan was feeling sore, but under my critical inspection, they really did look and feel as good as new. I smiled knowing it would take a lot more to burst these bubbles.

Gently I drew his big nuggets forward for a closer inspection when I was distracted by a strong throbbing from his cock. I smiled knowing that this straight stud was getting horny from my ball massage. I brushed the pulsing shaft as if by accident and it immediately throbbed harder, swelling in length and girth like a party balloon. Dan moaned subconsciously and then gasped in horror, grabbing his towel to hide his shameful erection. He turned around quickly as he covered himself and my view was filled with his bulging muscular ass.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Your nuts are in good shape, but I think I saw some swelling elsewhere."

Dan's face turned beet red. "Sorry."

"It's ok." I shrugged my shoulders and shot him an evil grin. "You can't help what turns you on."

Dan uttered a string of obscenities and stormed towards his room, before stopping at the door.

"Veronica's coming at five for our date," he stated bluntly, "and you know what that means. So keep out of my sight!”

I nodded and then pumped my fist in victory as he slammed the door forcefully behind him.

I decided to stay out of Dan’s way for most of the day but arrived back to the apartment in time for Veronica’s arrival. I slunk into the flat unnoticed while Dan was in the shower and headed straight for his room, sabotaging the lock on the door so it wouldn't close completely. Glancing into Dan’s room, I realized he had arranged the place with uncharacteristic attention to detail.

I hid in my room as Dan made his final preparations until eventually the doorbell rang. I glanced through the crack in my door as Dan opened the door to reveal the tall, stunning figure of Veronica. She was dressed in a figure hugging black shirt and matching shorts that accentuated her curvy figure and the highly trained, feminine muscles that had caught my eye in the gym.

Without replying to Dan’s warm greeting, she stepped straight up to the surprised hunk until her chest pressed firmly up against him. In her short heels she stood almost eye to eye with him and with a smile she kissed him and lustfully embraced his powerful frame. Clearly she had not come here to talk!

Dan ran his hands down her fit young body and she softly moaned, biting at his lips and wrapping her leg around his waist. She grabbed at his hard manly muscles and aggressively slapped and groped his tight muscular ass. Soon their horny coupled bodies were edging their way towards Dan’s room, still sucking and groping each other and panting heavily.

I heard them tumble clumsily through the door and their muffled moans and shrieks continued behind the closed door. I raced out to the corridor to peek through the gap. They were lying on the bed, fully clothed and writhing like snakes as all hands explored the young sexy flesh in their grasp. Veronica suddenly took the initiative grabbing Dan by the hair and pulling their heads together, panting lustfully.

“So time to show me those muscles big boy,” she purred, speaking for the first time and delivering a solid fist to his gut.

“Ugh!” Dan groaned playfully clutching his stomach, then he smiled as he knelt over the girl, hurriedly pulling off his white designer shirt to reveal his hard muscular torso. She sat up facing him, overwhelmed by desire at the sight of his perfect body. She unbuckled his belt and fly and then reached up longingly, running her fingers over his smooth abs and bulging pecs to rest on his broad shoulders.

“Yeah, you like that, don't you?,” Dan snarled as he flexed his powerful biceps, the peaked muscles bulging from his arms like grapefruit. The girl shuddered and moaned as she grasped the rocks of muscle, gripping them like handles as she pulled her body up against him.

“Oh fuck” she moaned weakly as she worshiped his big arms, licking and squeezing his flexed guns as Dan gazed lovingly at the reflection in the mirror.

“God, I love your studly muscles,” she purred. “How about a little wrestle before we get down and dirty?”

Dan peered down at the girl still flaunting his strength.

“You want to wrestle ME ?” he grinned smugly and crossed his arms. "I don't wrestle women unless they're naked."

Veronica cocked her head and clicked her teeth. "Well then, that can be easily arranged."

Dan licked his lips as he watched her shorts slip down to the floor.

They both laughed as they tore off their remaining clothes as if they were on fire.

The girl’s body was white as a sheet in stark contrast to Dan’s tanned body. Her pert breasts seemed to burst out of her chest but otherwise her young body was lean and hard like a sprinter. She pushed Dan playfully then flexed her trained female arms.

“Still think you can beat me, stud?” she jested.

Dan’s jaw dropped in awe as his eyes rose from her soft breasts to take in the site of her fit muscles. Her sexy biceps seemed to have risen from nowhere, exploding out of her arms like tennis balls.

“Wow nice arms!” he seemed genuinely impressed.

“I may have some real competition,” Dan joked, comparing his hard muscle against the girl’s, his bulging male muscles towering over Veronica’s impressive effort.

“But I guess I win.” he smirked grabbing her hands and slowly powering her down on to the bed.

He wrapped a leg over her, gasping as his dangling balls slapped against her firm thigh. Pinned on her back by the hunky male the girl bravely struggled to resist, her hard muscles bulging uselessly under his greater weight and power. Finally she lay still exhausted.

“So do you want to submit ?” Dan was enjoying the domination and started rolling his hips, his huge throbbing cock rubbing against her thigh.

“No way,” she purred, “how about you?”

Dan looked down quizzically then his jaw dropped in horror.

Veronica’s knee was thrust up between his legs, her powerful thigh threatening his meaty testicles.

“Aaagh” Dan yelled in fear, feeling the pressure on his aching balls. “No, don't-”

“Sure you don’t want to give, tough guy ?” she purred increasing the pressure on his jewels.

“No, please! Ungh. Oh my fucking balls” he yelled, writhing as he tried to trap her leg between his thighs.

“Wrong choice” she smiled, powering her thigh deeper into his groin with a deep thud.

Dan screamed, releasing the girl and clutching at her leg buried deep in his groin, squashing his ample gonads. Moaning in agony, Dan doubled over and clutched his battered ballsack while the girl sprung up onto his back like a tigress, forcing his hulking frame down to the floor. Then, thrusting her hand underneath his muscular ass, she yelled out in victory as she seized her prize. Dan wailed helplessly as his tender testicles fell into the clutches of the girls hands. Terrified he arched his back and his thighs clenched tight around her wrist as she squeezed and fondled his monstrous gonads.

“Veronica, PLEASE!” he pleaded. Every muscle in his body seemed to tense as he desperately sought to pry her hands away from his trapped testicles. “Aaagh not my fucking baaaaaaaaaalls.”

“So do you give now? Tough guy!” she barked, smiling as she tightened her grip.

“Yes, YES! I give! I fucking give!” he begged, tapping the palm of his hand against the floor. His body fell completely limp at her mercy as he panted in fear, sighing as she relaxed the grip on his nuts.

“Good boy,” she purred, jiggling his meaty balls around in their sack before slapping his ass and releasing him.

Dan rolled onto his side, clutching his groin and groaning.

“That was fun,” she purred stroking his muscular arms. "Wow I can’t believe I beat a big strong stud like you. I guess those big balls of yours must be really weak.”

Dan sat up slowly, his face beet red in shame and scowling at her mocking tone. His still cupped his nuts under a massive erection. Her playful squeeze was clearly not enough to deflate his mighty rod.

“No way! My balls are tough!” he protested, trying to defend his honor. "But yesterday . . . I had an accident. I- I fell off a ladder out back and landed on the fence. Right between the legs!"

Veronica scoffed and raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Seriously, they're still bruised." Dan said as he rolled his twin orbs between his thick fingers.

She scowled back at him for a moment, and then broke into a smile.

“Well at least this thing still looks in working order,“ she laughed, moving to his lap and taking his hard shaft in her hands. Dan sighed as she took him in her mouth and soon their two heavenly bodies were writhing and thrusting in passionate love-making.

I slipped back to my room feeling faint after what I had seen and nursing my own rock hard erection. I listened for what seemed like hours to the lustful panting, shrieks and moans from Dan’s room until a sudden ecstatic scream shook the apartment as Veronica reached her climax. It was followed by an eery silence, with only the briefest sound of muffled voices. Minutes later, I heard the girl leave the flat on her own, almost as suddenly and wordlessly as she had arrived.

Hearing Dan eventually enter the bathroom I left my room and moved to the couch, hoping to extract his version of the events.

I had a brief feeling of déjà vu as I saw Dan shuffling out of the bathroom wrapped once again in his thin cotton towel. He slumped down next to me on the couch, only this time and despite his obvious discomfort, he was beaming with pride.

"Hey Dan, I just got in a little while ago, so tell me, how'd things go with Veronica?" As soon as I asked the question Dan shot back a cocky sneer.

"Great," he smirked, folding his hands behind his head. "That chick could hardly walk out of here after riding my massive tool. Damn, she was hot."

"Glad to hear it. So there were no, problems?" I pressed.

"Shit." Dan swore as he reached under his towel to massage his exhausted sex toys and I saw his wince at he rubbed his tender orbs. "If I came any harder, it would have been falling out of her ears!" He boasted. "She couldn't believe how much cum I had stored up in these bull balls."

"Ok, ok. Enough, I get the picture." I said shaking my head. "I'm glad everything went off without a hitch, though, that means you'll still half to pay next month's rent." I shot him a smile and a wink, which he returned.

"Not a problem, I'm just glad everything still works down there." Dan grunted, still rubbing his jewels, apparently deep in thought.

What he said next, I did not expect.

"Hey, you know you told me about your ex. You know, I mean the girl that liked busting your balls?” he asked in a hushed, serious tone.


"She got off on busting you, right?" he pressed.

I nodded. "Sometimes."

“Well I think Veronica might be the same,” he confided. “I mean, she kept groping and squeezing my nuts the whole time. Nothing too rough, but enough to let me know that she liked it."

“Wow man, lucky you!” I tried sounding excited for him.

“I dunno man,” he looked unsure. “Don’t get me wrong, I mean she’s hot as hell and a damn animal in bed dude! But …”

“But what?” I smiled squeezing his neck.

“But … look, next week she wants to wrestle me. You know, no-holds-barred, mixed wrestling!"

"Oh," I gasped. "You mean with ball-grabbing and knees to the groin and stuff.”

He nodded. "We'd just finished fucking, and then she comes out with all this shit. She said she wants me to prove I'm a real man before she lets me fuck her again."

“Go for it dude!” I urged him on. “That sounds fucking hot. What’s the problem?”

“It’s my balls man, I don’t think they’re up to it,” he sighed in frustration. “Apparently there’s some dude she’s seeing already. She says his nuts are almost un-bustable! Like she’ll only fuck me if I can compete with this asshole.”

“What the fuck?” I replied sympathetically. "Don't worry about it man, I bet that dickhead is hung like a mouse - and you know, she's probably just winding you up. Chicks love it when guys fight over them."

Dan grunted and nodded. "Yeah, you're probably right. Still, I'd do it if it meant I'd get to fuck her again."

I smiled. "She must be some good lay in bed then."

"Dude, trust me, she's worth it." He said with a slight grin. "It's just . . ."

"Just what?" I asked when he didn't elaborate.

"It's just that I'm sick of having weak balls." He sighed as he fondled his meaty nuggets. "When I wrestle her, I want to be able to fondle her tits and still be able to handle her knee slamming into these tough balls."

He started fondling his nuts like stress balls.

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

"I want to be able to use these muscles to break down her defenses, even while she's trying to crush my huge nuts in her hand."

"Fuck yeah!" I yelled. I could see Dan was pumping himself up. It was hot as hell to see him like this, rubbing and squeezing his fat orbs between his fingers.

“I’ll fight my way back even if she stomps my balls into the mat, and when she’s tried everything, I’ll pin her into submission and, make her kiss and suck on my fucking balls until she admits she’ll never defeat them!”

He was breathing hard as he ended his monologue.

"YES. We're doing it. We only have a week to train, so we should start tomorrow." I urged. "Do you think your nuts will be up for it?"

He opened his towel and pulled out his heavy scrotum.

“They look ready to me,” he smirked. “What a set of balls, huh?”

"Good! We'll start tomorrow!" I replied enthusiastically, but the sight of Dan's huge stud eggs just lying there, resting gently between his legs was too much of an opportunity for me to let go. "Can I show you what I have in mind?" I asked tentatively.

"Dan exhaled and nodded. "Ok, but take it easy. Remember, tomorrow we train for real." He added nervously.

I smiled as I reached over and took his heavy gonads into my hand.

"You mentioned that she liked squeezing your nuts, so, we should try testing out the classic girly self defense trick."

I suddenly clutched the neck of his scrotum, making his nuts bulge obscenely through the tight skin at the base. Dan roared in surprised pain and was panting hard, as he realized the pain was far less than he imagined.

“Followed by the twist.”

I rolled my wrist slowly, twisting the lifeline of his testicles.

Dan stared in horror.

“And then the squeeze.”

I grabbed his trapped nuts and squeezed moderately hard. Feeling the warm flesh deform under the pressure of my fingers.

Dan screamed, grabbing my wrist, his huge muscular body flexing and twisting in agony.

I released my grip and he fell from the sofa, collapsing to the floor before rolling on his side sucking air.

“Shit, sorry man, I guess you really are still sore today.” I apologized rubbing my groin as I watched him suffer. He glanced at me, in a shocked daze and I looked down at my watch.

“Hey Dan, it’s time for my workout. I’m feeling strong today, and I need a good spotter.”

The poor stud nodded and slowly got to his feet and limped back to his room.

As I walked back to my room, Dan’s words floated around my mind and I suddenly realized what to do next!

I was going to track down Veronica at the gym and find out more about this mystery man of hers. I smiled meanly at the thought, determined to exploit this sweet love triangle and add a little more spice to my ball-busting exploits.


- This is a pic that I stole off Dan's computer that he uses when he chats online with chicks. His muscles look amazing of course, but I can't believe how much it undersells his package! Hell, it damn near looks photo-shopped compared to the real thing, but then again, I suppose the sheer girth and weight of his massive member might scare some girls away, (you know, the ones who don't want their internal organs punctured by his humongous meat-pole.) -


Alex said...

Nice, very nice! Great characters and great writing! I can't get enough of Dan! :-))

Anonymous said...

Good job, really looking forward to seeing Dan get busted again, and would like to see him get humiliated by having his nuts drained by a dude. That should knock him down a peg, heh heh.

Darrel L said...

Great story! I blew my load even before the end... Lol.

bbmal said...

Wow, well if that isn't a ringing endorsement for Reg, I don't know what is!

Stephanie Park said...

Thousands of CFNM ballbusting pictures and stories at http://mixedbattles.com - updating weekly!