Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busting the Young Stud at Work: A True Story

As many of you know, since starting this blog I have stuck to keeping all of my stories in the realm of fiction. Partially this was for ease of writing, but also because I don't have many busting stories of my own. Now I'm hoping that that's about to change.

The story below is all true, as I've seen them from my perspective. Only the names have changed. I hope you enjoy.


It all started about 2 months ago when I was paired up on a project with the new guy at work. He was young, just about to turn 22 and fresh out of college. My first impression of him was good. He seemed like a bright guy and was very polite, and it didn't hurt that he was good looking to boot.

Since I was going to be the project manager, I suggested that we go out to lunch a few times and get to know one another. He agreed over the course of a few weeks we got to know each other better.

As it turned out, we had a lot of the same interests and in a lot of ways, Justin reminded me of myself when I was his age. Despite our generational divide, we shared the same taste in music and movies, and at work he was a big go-getter, always willing to put 110% into whatever he was doing. The big difference between Justin and me was that he was hot, and he knew it.

It was clear from early on that he considered himself a bit of a ladies man, which, based on his looks and physique, wasn't hard to believe. He's got thick black hair and olive colored skin and at 6'2", and 170 pounds, he has the build of a jock thanks to the years he spent wrestling and playing rugby in college. At work the most revealing clothes I've seen him wear has been t-shirts and jeans, but occasionally I have caught a glimpse of his flat stomach, down to the top inch of his underwear.

And then there's the bulge in his pants.

Every day we work together I sneak peaks at his package whenever I can. Through the jeans it's hard to tell just how much meat he's packing down there, but after weeks of checking out his goods, my instincts tell me that they're rather large. I suspect if I ever asked him to confirm it, he would undoubtedly agree.

Like many young men, Justin had a healthy image of himself. It's not to say that most of it wasn't deserved, because it was. He is smart, attractive, and a generally nice guy. But as I got to know Justin, it was clear that he was a bit of a narcissist, fashioning himself as an Italian stallion. When we were alone, he enjoyed telling stories of his conquests in college and for my part, I enjoyed listening. All the while I was imagining what it'd be like to get my hand on his balls.

In retrospect, I guess I started laying out the foundation early on. It can be a bit difficult to bring up the topic of ball busting in normal conversation, but I kept at it. The first time I brought it up was early on in one of our conversations about politics. My politics are pretty moderate, but perhaps less so compared to his. We traded views back and forth, and after a while he admitted that he was a Republican. It seemed funny to me at the time and I laughed, considering how liberal the rest of the of the people we work with are. As a joke, I remarked that he better keep his conservative views to himself or I'd have to kick him in the nuts.

It was clear from my tone that I wasn't serious, and he smiled back at me. "Yeah, I understand. You've got to do what you've got to do."

At the time it seemed like he was simply blowing off the comment, but it still seemed like a bit of an odd response.

As the weeks ticked by, Justin started to feel more comfortable around me, and I with him. As it turned out, another thing we shared was a mutual enjoyment for sarcastic humor, which often took the form of jibes and wise cracks aimed at each other. As the project supervisor, technically I am his boss, but that didn't stop Justin from dishing it out. It was all in good fun, though, the cracks that were closer to the truth always did sting a bit, and the banter almost always ended in my promise to kick his ass.

All the while as our professional and friendship continued to grow, I'd become more and more fixated on getting a chance to bust his balls. He was exactly the type of guy that I fantasized and wrote stories about. Hot, young, cocky, and from what I can tell, well-hung. Sometimes it felt like he knew how bad I wanted to bust him and teased me with it, often sitting back on his chair and spreading his legs open, leaving me with a wide, open target. I always took a good look and imagined how amazing it would be to take a crack at those nuts, but fear and uncertainty always held me back.

Then one day Justin surprised me again. We were working side by side at a desk, sharing the computer when he suddenly interrupted me while I was talking.

"Dude, I gotta say, I've got the perfect set-up for a cock punch right now." He said, pointing down at my own spread legs. "I'm trying to be nice and hold back, but . . ."

Now while I've known I've been into ball busting since puberty, I haven't busted many guys and I've been busted even less. In the past I've always been more interested in dishing out the pain, but, at that moment, I couldn't help but get a little turned on by the idea of Justin busting my balls.

"Oh yeah? You sure you want to start that?" I bluffed, but I pretended to sound confident. I didn't bother to close my legs, wondering what would happen.

Justin chuckled. "Yeah, sack tapping could be a new past-time at work."

More surprising news.

I shook my head and smirked. "I would so own you." I made sure to steel another glance at Justin's big, marvelous package in his jeans.

Justin laughed. "I don't know about that buddy. You could be like,
'DOOSHE,' Justin pretended he'd just gotten hit in the nuts and grabbed his crotch. "Hey what up Jack? Yeah, everything's great." He said in strained voice as he pretended to talk to the wall.

I wasn't so sure our boss Jack would approve of sack tapping in the work place, but just the site of seeing Justin pretend to take a blow to the nuts got me so turned on and I knew I wanted to make him feel that pain for real.

Another few days past before we were back in the same situation, only this time, it was Justin who had left himself open. Once again we were sitting side by side, and Justin had his legs spread wide apart and his big, jean-clad bulge was just sitting there, begging to be busted.

I stared at his exposed crotch for a few seconds, wondering if I should take the shot.

The banter between us had gotten edgier as we got to know each other better and learned each other's buttons. Rather early on Justin discovered that one of mine was my age. Now I wouldn't call being 28 old, but I've already started to notice my loss of connection to the younger crowd that I had always considered myself a part of. Nonetheless, Justin used this to his advantage whenever he got the chance, and at some point, I'd decided that I would use that as a pretext when I finally got up the nerve to bust his balls. Now there he was not more than a foot away, spread eagle and practically serving his balls up on a platter. The only problem was that he hadn't thrown a jibe in my direction for quite some time.

I kept staring at his crotch for a few more seconds until I finally wimped out and pointed to his groin.

"Now who's giving who a cock shot?" I said sarcastically and raised my eyebrow.

"Ooo, you should have taken it man." Justin said as he recognized his vulnerability. He shook his head and grinned as he made a point to sit up and close his legs.

"Yeah, that was your free warning. Now we're even, so get ready." I said with a blend of humor and sarcasm.

"Alright, it's on." Justin chuckled.

At the end of the evening we parted ways with our ritualistic, nightly fist bump, but Justin must have not liked the way I cocked my fist back and his hand shot down in front of his groin.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Just being prepared." He shook his head and smiled.

We finished the bump and headed our separate ways, but it definitely got my mind going. I've never encountered anyone who seemed so comfortable with getting his nuts wracked, but I was more than happy to oblige.

The next day started back up again as usual. On the outside, nothing was different, but on the inside, I knew I was going to bust Justin's balls the first chance I got.

The morning didn't offer up any opportunities, and after lunch, we were sitting side by side again, on I was so concentrated on getting a clear shot to Justin's gonads, I forgot not to leave myself open.

Justin cleared his throat. "Dude, you're leaving yourself open again." He said, nodding at my open legs.

"Oh yeah," I said casually, "you should have taken the shot." I made sure to sound confident as I repeated the words he had said to me the previous night.

Justin smirked back at me and I looked up from our work. "Seriously, next time you leave yourself open, I'm not going to hold back."

"You might want to be careful, I'm a pretty big guy. I wouldn't want you breaking any bones in your hand." Justin smirked as rubbed the bulge in his pants.

I laughed hard at that and it took me a few moments to calm down before I could speak again. "What have you got down there, balls of steel?"

Justin shrugged.

I liked where this was going, so I pushed a little further.

"Listen, I will kick your ass, any time, any place." I said.

"Oh, don't be so sure about that buddy." Justin shook his head.

"Why not, I am your superior, after all." I replied rather weakly.

"That won't matter. It has nothing to do with that and has everything to do with the fact that I'm a stud." Justin was laying the confidence on rather thick, which made me laugh.

"We'll see." I said, shaking my head.

When he turned away, I stole another glance at his crotch and wondered just how tough his balls might be. As it turned out, I didn't have to wait for long.

After a few minutes we were back to work and I was pretending to focus on the report in front of us, all the while keeping a close eye on Justin. I could see that his mind was drifting and waited for my moment to strike.

Justin finally gave me the chance I was waiting for when he leaned back and lifted his arms up above his head in a long stretch. I heard him yawn and watched as his t-shirt was pulled up, exposing his belly button and the dark wisps of hair that made up his happy trail and lead down into his blue boxer briefs and the bulge in his pants. Justin had been sitting in the chair for quite a while and it had caused his jeans to ride up, giving more detail to his junk. I couldn't see a clear outline of his dick or balls, but his package looked large and heavy.

I felt a surge of adrenaline as I realized what I was about to do and I'm sure that my heart skipped a few beats. Then I cocked my fist back, aimed for where I thought his balls would be, and slammed it into Justin's crotch.

Everything seemed to happen so fast, it was hard to tell exactly what I hit. Only one thing was clear - despite his boasts, Justin didn't have balls of steel. The contents of his package was soft and flattened under my fist, absorbing the force of my punch as I rammed Justin's baby-makers deep into his pelvis.

Despite my earlier warning, the blow caught Justin entirely off guard and he lurched forward. "Ohhhhhhhhh." Justin groaned loudly, his mouth wide open. It sounded like all the air was being forced out of his lungs. He cringed and grabbed his crotch. "Oh, you got'em."

I began to laugh, but inside, I was excited and nervous at the same time. It'd been a long time since I'd busted a guy, and I suddenly started to wonder what would happen. Would he get mad and yell, or would he think it was funny?

Luckily, I didn't have to wait for long when Justin grinned through the pain and began chuckling as he got up and walked around the room, with his hands cupping his balls. "Ohhh," he kept groaning, pausing occasionally to bend over, trying to catch his breath.

My heart was racing and I could feel the hardon growing in my pants as I watched him grab his crotch. A coworker passed by and shot us a confused look, but he didn't bother stopping.

"Ohhhh, thank god that was mostly a cock-shot. It would have been brutal if it was just the nuts." Justin croaked as he sat back down next to me, with his hands still between his legs.

I laughed back. I was still enjoying the rush from the moment to come back with anything witty.

I also couldn't help but feel a little proud of myself. I'd meant the punch to be a 10, but at best it had only been a 6, and despite all his bragging about being tough, I began to wonder if I'd be able to drop him with a single punch. Perhaps with a clear shot to the balls it could happen, but for the moment I was pleased with all the moaning and groaning and crotch grabbing I'd caused.

A few moments later our boss came in and asked me a question about another project. Justin managed to pull himself together, and I answered Jack's question, trying to ignore the pounding in my chest or the erection in my pants.

After he left, I sat back next to Justin and we got back to work. This time I could see he was a bit more guarded and I couldn't help but smile.

The feeling I got from busting that big, cocky stud's nuts had gotten me so excited, I wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, Justin was much more cautious and the opportunity never presented itself. Still, every now and then I noticed he'd sit in a chair that was far enough away from me and spread his legs out. At first I wondered if he was trying to give me another shot at his nuts, but more than likely, he was just trying to get comfortable after all the soreness I'd caused for his balls.

I tried testing my theory a few times, but every time I got close he'd cringe and place his hands over this groin.

"I'm just watching out for myself." Justin smirked. "The truce is over, so you better watch out."

I smiled back at the treat. "I think you ought to be the one to watch out."

Justin grinned back at me, but it left me wondering if this was truly a taste of the things to come.


Now it is obvious to say that I am looking forward to bust Justin in the future. I think after yesterday, my need for a pretext for busting him is pretty much covered and if he ever gets me back, I'll even be in a better position. Nonetheless I'm not sure how I should proceed. It seems that he's in to busting, if only in a college guy, harmless fun kind of way, but I don't want to push things too far, or too fast. Sad to say, but my real-life busting experiences have not been all that extensive and I'm at a bit of a loss. This is of course why I spend so much time writing these stories, but I was hoping that maybe some of you might have a few ideas. He's 100% straight, so it would never become a sexual thing, but I think he might actually be interested in busting and getting busted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

- I won't post any pictures of the real guy that works with me, but I will say he looks a lot like the model Justin Clynes. If Justin is a '10', then "my Justin" would probably be a solid '8' (for both his body and his face). -


Anonymous said...

Uhm. Wow. Someone's sure lucky. Never had a coworker engage ME in sacktapping, nor is there anyone sexy enough to sack tap at work.

Care to switch jobs for a day?


ps. who knows . . . maybe he'll find your blog one day and really fulfill your fantasies!!!!

bbmal said...

Lol, tell me about it! I feel like I just hit ball-busting pay dirt! I'm just afraid I'm going to mess it up by being too over zealous. On the other hand, I don't want to lose the momentum that I think I've created with him, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how Monday goes.

In the back of my mind I keep a little hope alive that he's actually a closet BB enthusiast. I mean, he seems to display all the signs, but then again . . . I could be making it all up in my head. Still, it would be so fucking hot to get to squeeze the cum out of his nuts . . .

Ugh, well, for now I'll just have to be content with casually busting him from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Aye. It's exciting, but I'd also advice caution - a straight guy who discovers you're getting off on nutting him might get ugly. Sexual harassment suits or physical assaults on you come to mind. I don't want to hear about you on the 11 o'clock news!

But, other than that, have fun! And keep us informed :D


bbmal said...

Good point, caution is best. Truth is, I'm a bit scared since this is happening at work. Luckily we end up working late a lot when there aren't a lot of people around. The next time we're alone and he leaves himself open, I'll give his nuts another shot and see how he reacts. Like with all things, context matters. I'll just have make sure that it doesn't come off being weird.

If any of you have any ideas how to bait him into getting busted, please share!

Anonymous said...

Give him a chance and make it the perfect nut shot opportunity for him if he take it then... have fun!

bbmal said...

Alright, so quick update guys. At one point in the day, the nut-tapping event on Friday was brought up and 'Justin' mentioned that there would be a reckoning, indicating that he was planning on getting me back. The fact that he hasn't forgotten about it and is bringing it up seems promising. Unfortunately I haven't gotten the chance to bust him again . . . yet, but the longer this goes on, the more it seems that he's into it (perhaps he doesn't share the same motivation I have, but still). So, that being said, the first clear shot I get, I'm going to wrack his nuts again.

Anonymous said...

<----- waiting with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Any time he looks scared and shields his nuts you should joke about his "balls of steel" :-)

Anonymous said...

Give him a chance and make it the perfect nut shot opportunity for him if he take it then... have fun! [2]