Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun and Fantasies with Friends: Blue Balls for Alex

This is the first installment of a new series I've aptly named, Fun and Fantasies with Friends!  All the stories in this series are works of fiction, but they are based on real people from my life!  Keep in mind that the names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the plots are based on my conversations, interactions, and fantasies with two great guys, Justin and Alex.

Getting us kicked off is a story featuring Alex, which was inspired by a conversation we had about something that many of us have experienced first hand, the dreaded case of "blue balls."  Of course, I've taken a fair amount of creative license with this and added a whole lot of ball busting.  Keep in mind, this story has both F/M and M/M ball busting, and also includes a scene with straight sex between Alex and his girlfriend.  I hope you enjoy it!


Alex rolled over on to his back, listening to the silence save the rustling of his bed sheets and let his eyes adjust to the bright rays of light streaming through the curtains.  He'd woken up early that day.  Though he'd taken the day off from work, he had plenty of things to keep him busy - most of which was centered around cleaning up the apartment before Lauren arrived in the afternoon.

Alex stretched his thickly muscled arms and slid his hand down his rippled abs, grabbing the hard lump that rising to meet him.  It had been more than two days since he'd last allowed himself to jerk off, which meant that today's morning wood was particularly stiff, but he was saving himself for Lauren later that night and he wanted to make sure he was fully loaded.

Alex allowed himself allowed himself a couple more tugs on his hardened dick before finally managing to drag himself out of bed and went to the bathroom.  Peeing was a little tricky while sporting an erection, but he managed to get most of it in the bowl without hitting the seat and cleaned up the rest before flushing.

When he stepped out in the living room, he found his flatmate Will watching TV while  eating a bowl of cereal.

"Hey."  Alex offered, unenthusiastically, still wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Hey."  Will replied in kind.

They watched the sports recap on the local news in silence.

When it was over, Alex shrugged.  "So, you go home with that skank you picked up at the bar last night?"

Will grinned.  "Maybe."

Alex chuckled.  Man, this girl was ugly - even worse than the chicks Will usually hooked up with.

"Did you at least ask her to shave before you let her suck your cock?"

Will's grin melted and he stared back at Alex for several long seconds, appearing to decide just how to respond.

Then suddenly, his hand came whipping through the air and caught Alex square in the crotch, crunching the tender nuggets inside his soft pajama bottoms that were still warm from the previous night's sleep.

Alex's face withered in to a scowl and he coughed as he reached for his damaged gonads.

"At least I got some."  Will replied, turning back to the TV screen and disregarding Alex's whimpering.

The two sat in silence again while WIll finished his bowl of cereal and Alex rubbed his package.

"I've got to run.  They want me in before 8:00 today."  WIll said when he was done.

"Alright dude, see you later."  Alex replied, his eyes locked on the TV.

"Lauren's still coming today, right?"  Will asked, almost as an afterthought.

"Yeah, after 3:00."  Alex said, still staring ahead.

"Good, well make sure you give her my regards."

Alex raised his eyebrows, a confused expression on his face. "Uh, for what?"

Will grinned.  "For doing this…"

Half a second later, Will's cereal spoon was flying between Alex's spread legs and made a loud CRACK as it thudded into Alex's fruit basket.  He couldn't have aimed better, considering the open side of the spoon clopped right in to Alex's right testicle.

"aaawwWWWWUUUUUuuuuggghhhhh!" Alex choked and gagged as Will snickered.

Alex folded up on the couch in the fetal position and buried his head deep in to the pillows.  "You dick,"  he mumbled as he punched the fabric a couple of times before simply melting in to a pile of quivering muscle.

Will's smile was split ear to ear.  "Have a great day man!"

There was little chance of that for Alex, considering that he'd already been hit square in the nuts twice and he was only 15 minutes into the day.

He remained crumpled in a ball and miserably nursing his nuts while he heard Will head in to the kitchen and then walk out the back door.  He was still in the same position an hour later when he decided that he couldn't wait for the pain between his legs to subside any further, and decided to start with house chores.  It was tough going, and every bump and jostle only seemed to reactivate the throbbing in his gonads, but somehow he powered through.

Alex spent the rest of the morning tidying up the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher and then filling it with a new load of dirty dishes that had piled up in the sink.  Then he moved on to the laundry room to confront a pile of clothes that had been left in a heap on top of the drier.  The room was dark, save for the light that filtered in from the kitchen.   Though the single 60 Watt bulb that hung above in the ceiling had died more than three weeks ago, no one had thought to replace it just yet.

Alex grumbled to himself about his useless roommates as he bent down to organize the menagerie of various detergent and softener bottles - many of which were empty - and by the time he'd finished, he managed to double the open floor space.  It still wasn't great, but it was an improvement.

With a few angry kicks, he pushed the rest of the debris back in to a far corner and turned his attention back to the clothes on top of the drier when he felt the odd sensation of something long and hard under his foot.  Then a moment later, there was a flash of movement out from the corner of his eye as an object came swinging up out of the darkness that was hurdling straight between his legs.

Alex cried out in surprise, blocking the strike before it could find it's mark and yanked the thing in to the light to discovered the object to be a wooden handle to a broom that he'd inadvertently stepped on.

He let out a sigh relief, though his heart was pumping inside his chest like a runaway locomotive.  He still hadn't managed to completely dislodge the horrible sting from his nuts thanks to Will's well-placed spoon strike, so getting nutted by a broom was just more then he thought he could bear.  Thankfully, his reflexes had kicked-in, in time to save… this time.

Alex shoved the handle aside, allowing it to fall harmlessly to the floor and scooped up the pile of clothing in his big beefy arms - but this task turned out to be more difficult then he expected.  There was just too much to hold on to, and he kept losing pieces.  A stray sock here, a pair of shorts there.

On the third attempt he managed to rearrange things enough to the point that he was able to take everything at once and pivoted toward the door.  Perhaps if the clothes hadn't been piled so high he might have noticed the recently discarded broom strewn across his path, but sadly for Alex, he missed it.

He was just a couple of steps from reaching the doorway, Alex's foot hit the edge of the broom head and sent the handle flying back up. It only took his mind a fraction of a second to determine what it was, but before he could do anything to avoid it, the end of the broom handle came back up, rocketing between his legs and smashing in to his already bruised baby-makers with a deep, hollow THUD.

What can only be described as a death-rattle eked from between Alex's lips as all the clothes in his arms slipped through his fingers and he dropped to his knees.  His hands searched for site of impact - a very sore set of nuts that already felt like they were beginning to swell.

"Fuck me," he howled, his blood boiling with anger - at himself for being stupid, and at the inanimate broom that had caused him a fresh dose of misery.

Alex toppled down on the floor, oblivious to all but searing pain in his testicles.  Luckily for him, the pile of clothes below him absorbed the majority of the fall, but they provided little comfort compared to the far-overreaching discomfort that was spilling from his throbbing nutsac and spilling out in to his abdomen.  He stayed down on the floor for quite a while, doing all he could to avoid all contact between his balls and the rest of the world.  Then, when enough time passed, he pulled down his pajamas and boxer shorts and peered in to view the wreckage.  Even with the poor light, he could tell that his scrotum was redder than normal and blotchy from the multiple point of impacts he'd sustained.  The good news was that his balls appeared to at least look the same, their size and shape appeared normal, but they felt a lot tighter and a hell of a lot more tender then they ever did before.

Alex stayed put on the floor for a long time, still groaning from time to time, until he finally felt well enough to drag himself back to his feet.  Even then he just managed to handle the trauma his super-sensitive sac was subjected to, getting jostled around between his legs simply in his attempt to stand back up.  Considering how tender everything bellow the waste still felt, Alex decided to hold off on cleaning any more and took a long, warm shower.  The heat seemed to help, allowing the knots in his muscles to unwind and the tightness in his gonads to loosen just a bit.

After the shower, Alex carefully dried himself off, making sure to avoid any quick motion that might result in any bouncing, and pulled on a pair of boxer-briefs.  Alex never particularly cared for the way the tight-fitting underwear had a habit of pulling his balls up into the notch between his thighs, but at least they gave his boys some support and hopefully, keep them out of trouble!  Then he eased in to a pair of shorts and t-shirt and got back to his chores.

With most of the day shot, Alex's regimen of cleaning was more akin to damage control, but somehow he still managed to make the place look passable by the time Lauren arrived. He greeted her with a kiss, that quickly devolved in to a ten minute make out session that ended on the couch and left them both looking a little flushed.

Alex wanted to take things further, but they had dinner reservations at 6:00 pm and would have to postpone anything further until after that.  It made sense, but that didn't stop Alex from feeling frustrated at the minor delay.  Instead, he decided to defuse some of his pent up energy by bringing her bags in from the car, and then he took Lauren out back and showed her the new hammock he'd set up at the edge of the property.

"It's really relaxing.  Sometimes I bring a book out here, but most of the time I just end up falling asleep."  Alex said, demonstrating the comfort of the hammock by hopping in.  The strong nylon fabric stretched to encapsulate his body between the two tall cedars it hung between. "You should try it."

"I don't know, it looks a little unstable."  Lauren said, timidly.

"No babe, it's built for two.  Come on, you can come in."  Alex replied reassuringly.

"Are you sure, it feels like the whole thing is going to flip over."  Lauren said as she pressed the edge of the hammock.

"Yes, I'm sure."  Alex replied, not quiet capable of masking the annoyance in his voice.  "Trust me," he added in a softer tone.

A bit wobbly, Lauren lifted one leg up to the hammock while the other teetered over the ground.  The jerky movement caused everything to shake and tilt.

Lauren felt herself begin to lose balance as her foot left the ground and she let out a shriek as she felt herself falling backward. It was a short fall, but instinctively her hands grasped for something solid to hold on to.  It was a natural reaction, but sadly for Alex, that attachment point that Lauren found purchase on, turned out to be his groin.

Alex's eyes widened into saucers and crossed in toward each other as his girlfriend's flailing hand dug in to his crotch with the fear and fervor of a drowning victim clawing on to the first fist-full of solid ground. Not only had she managed to grab both his dick and his balls, all 120 pounds of her appeared to be pressing down on to his manhood as she fought to right herself.

She was too scared to notice the grim look on her boyfriend's face and was completely oblivious of her contribution in drastically reducing his sperm count.  Even when she finally did, It took too many painful seconds for her to realize what was happening - that the reason Alex's entire body had suddenly gone rigid was because she had a death lock on his love spuds and she was squishing the life out them… slowly.

"Oh my God, Alex!  I'm so sorry!"  Lauren cried, immediately releasing her hold on him but it was already too late.  His balls were throbbing.

Alex's legs folded up tightly and he let out a low, guttural moan that sounded like something that would come out of a dying animal, drawn all the way up from the base of his toes.

Lauren tried help as best she could.  She offered to get a bag of ice, or even to try to give Alex's bruised gonads a gentle massage, but Alex chose to stay where he was until the world around him stopped spinning.

When it finally did, Alex managed to climb back out of the hammock and gave Lauren a reassuring hug.  She felt awful and had apologized over a dozen times, though Alex doubted she felt any worse than him.  After all, he was the one with the busted balls, not her… but there was no point in arguing it and simply agreed.

From there, they decided to scrap their reservations and go to dinner early, which actually ended up going off without a hitch.  When they arrived at the restaurant and were seated right away and once they ordered, the food came out quickly.  Best of all, Alex made it through the entire meal without exposing his testicles to any further abuse.  To be fair, the only time he was in any danger was when the waitress accidentally spilled half a carafe of coffee on the table, but Alex managed to move fast enough to prevent the scolding hot liquid from crashing in to his lap.

By the time they made it back to his apartment, Alex was feeling even better, and with the proximity of his girlfriend who he hadn't seen in three weeks just within striking distance of his bed, his horniness finally overtook the last traces of discomfort in his loins and he decided to go for it.

Alex threw Lauren down on the bed and gently straddled her, bending down to kiss her soft, pink lips.  Her kiss back was strong, and equally filled with desire.  They spent the next minute ripping each other's clothes off, in some cases several pieces at a time, until they were naked and both chests were heaving with excitement.  Alex's cock was already hard, and pointing straight at Lauren like a torpedo ready to sink her battle ship.

With Alex kneeling on the bed and facing the head board, Lauren scooted down between his open thighs until her face was just a few inches away from his thick rod.

"I've been thinking about this all day."  Lauren said in a sultry voice as she kissed the head of his dick and licked at the light trickle of precum that she found there.

Alex closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.  He'd been thinking the same thing…

"Mmmm, you taste good."  Lauren grinned as she worked the end of his shaft.

She loved her boyfriend's body.  Of course, it helped that he was ripped like a 5'8" adonis, with muscles flexing from neck to calfs to buttocks.  There wasn't an ounce of visible fat on his naturally hairless body, which made his generously sized manhood look even bigger.  When you threw in his boyish good looks in to the picture, what you had was a knockout.

Alex could tell from the way Lauren was fawning over him that she was really getting in to it, which only made him feel hornier.  He wanted to fuck her so bad, he knew that if he wasn't careful he might split her straight down the middle with his dick.

The thought excited him, but he was instantly snapped back and let out a croak as he felt Lauren's fingers close around his nutsac, ushering back the sore, achy sensation he'd suffered from all day.

"Careful, I got hit in the nuts today."  Alex gasped, barely able to handle the light grasp Lauren had on his testicles without crying.

"I know, I'm really sorry about that, but I'm going to make it up to you…"

Alex shook his head. "No, I mean before that even.  That wasn't the first time."

"Ohhh, poor baby,"  Lauren replied without a hint of mockery as she rolled his fragile nads between her fingers.  They felt impossibly soft and vulnerable, which was made more sexy by the contrast by the rest of his thickly muscled body. "We'll just have to be extra careful with them, won't we?"

Lauren didn't wait for an answer, and Alex watched as his dick slipped in to her mouth and disappeared again.  By the time he felt her soft, delicate tongue massage the sensitive underside of his cock, he forgot about his balls completely and was filled with another healthy dose of lust.

"I want to have sex with you right now."  He said, hardly capable of speech.

"Ok."  Lauren whispered back as she felt Alex's arms pull her in close.

It seemed like they were at it for hours, pumping and thrusting in the throws of passion as their young, taught, beautiful bodies entwined around each other.

Lauren liked sex just as much as Alex, and it made it even better that he was good at it.  By the 60 minute mark, Alex had already gotten Lauren to climax twice and he was half way to making it a third, but the experience hadn't nearly been as satisfying for him.  He was still hard and leaking precum like a water fountain, but  there hadn't been a single ejaculation in sight.

Alex was used to being able to last for a long time, but he'd never gone this long without cumming, and to be honest, it was all starting to take a toll on him.  His muscles were tightening and beginning to cramp, his dick was beginning to feel raw and tender, and his nuts felt so constricted and tight he actually stopped mid-fuck to make sure Lauren's hand weren't wrapped around them.

"Babe, I don't know how much longer I can keep going."  Alex said at one point, though he was still managing to keep up with Lauren's rhythm and tempo.

"Just another minute, I'm so close."  Lauren murmured.

"That'll be your third, but I haven't even gotten one!"  Alex replied indignantly.

"I promise I'll focus on you in a minute, just another… minute… hold on… aaaaa…….aaaaaa……..aaaahhhhhHHHHHHHHH!"

Alex knew the tell tale sign of his girl friend's orgasms and simply kept pounding her until her moaning subsided and they were both gasping for air.

"That was amazing."  She said, reaching up to kiss Alex on the mouth.  "Now, you come down here and we'll see if we can get you to come join the party."

Alex allowed himself to be pulled down on to the bed and Lauren to straddle him.  "Babe, I don't think I can do this any more.  It's been a long time and things are a little tender."

"No problem, I know just how to fix that!"  Lauren replied cheerily and hopped down on to his knees, and bending down in close so that he could feel her breath on his manhood.  Then she slowly pulled off his condom and lowered her face down on his cock.

Alex let out a loud moan, but unlike the many times earlier that day, this was from pleasure, not pain.  A few short, blissful minutes later, his dick felt like it was made of iron and point up at the ceiling, but still there wasn't a drop of cum.

"What's wrong?"  Lauren asked finally.

"I don't know."  Alex shook his head, "but my balls really hurt now."

Lauren could see that her boyfriend's nuts were taught and lifted up against the base of his dick, just how they normally looked when he was about to bust his nut, but they were a bit darker than normal, perhaps sliding towards a shade of purple, and they looked tender.

"Ohhh, I think these are blue-balls."  Lauren said as she gently lifted the juicy orbs and cupped them in her hand.  "See, you can tell by the color."

Alex nodded slightly. "Oh, great," he grunted as he gingerly grabbed at his constricted gonads.

"It's alright, we can fix this!  I have an idea, but you'll have to trust me."  Lauren pressed.

Alex regarded her with scrutiny.  Then he nodded his head again, "I do."

"Alright, then lay back and get ready to have your world rocked!"  Lauren giggled as she bent down and then scooped not just his left, but his right nut and plopped them into her mouth before Alex could say another word.

Alex's mouth shot open as his brain was hammered with a wave of nausea.  Lauren's mouth was too small, and his balls were too big for them to be sharing the same space, but after a moment his anxiety began to drop as his girlfriend began working her magic.  Despite the cramped conditions, the overall effect was enjoyable and the subtle motions she made with her tongue against the soft, spongy orbs quickly sent Alex to new heights.  At some point she began stroking his cock too, slowly and gently at first, but gradually picking up in pace until the steady beat seemed to match his racing heart rate, and suddenly Alex felt like his loins might explode at any moment.

"Ughhhhhhhhh,"  Alex moaned, a sound mixed with relief and pleasure as he felt Lauren's lips and hands work him in to a frenzy that drove him wild.

Alex was just starting to experience the familiar sensation that preceded all of his orgasms - the feeling of being lifted to great heights only to be plunged back down with the release of the first fat wad of cum.  Of course, after having had his balls busted as frequently as he had in the lead-up to this point, the tightness in his nuts only seemed to intensify as he got closer to orgasming to the point of distraction.  He began to wonder what would happen when he finally did get to cum, but then at this point, a release in any form would be preferable to the constant build-up.  It was so intense, he began to fear that if something didn't happen soon, he'd run the risk of his gonads bursting from the inside-out!

Just as he felt like he couldn't stand it another second, he felt the juices in his loins begin to churn and he knew that the end was near.  After being denied for so long, he became excited with the sudden surge of endorphins that flooded his bloodstream and thrust his hips hard against his girlfriend's tiny fist.  Then, his entire body tightened in anticipation and Alex gave one last thrust….

Out of no where, there was a loud, abrupt knocking at the door that sounded like a stampede of wild bison.


Through the door, his roommate Will rapped on the door a second time.  "Take it easy in there, some of us need to sleep!"

The staccato beat of Will's fist against the door was jarring, rattling the door and the picture frames on the wall with such a force, it startled them both.  For Alex, it meant that his body jerked back a couple of inches in to the air, an action that brought instant pain down on his balls, as they were still engulfed in Lauren's mouth.  What made matters worse, was that the suddenness and intensity of the banging triggered Lauren's jaw to reflexively clench shut.

The effect was devastating and Alex's world came crashing down around him as his girlfriend's teeth chomped down hard in to his gonads, crunching deep in to the tender flesh of his twin sperm-banks with unforgiving force.

Alex's head snapped back and he screamed, but there was no sound left in his throat.  He'd never experienced a pain so intense in his life - a perception that was made even more complicated by the fact that he had already started to cum.

There was a lot of laughing on the other side of the door as their footsteps receded backdown the hall.

Lauren jumped back and watched in terror as her big, strong boyfriend's limbs contorted in spasms and his dick shot a constant stream, painting his chest, abdomen, and legs with a layer of translucent-white frosting.  The torrent of spunk that came flying out of Alex was wild and violent - and more voluminous than anything she'd ever seen come out of him before.

It wasn't until the stream of cum had finally dwindled to a few short spurts and dribbles that she realized that Alex was passed out, lying on his back with his arms splayed out around him.  His eyes were shut tight and he did not stir, except for the occasional spasm passed through his chorded muscles.  He looked oddly serene in that moment, almost as if he was napping through a gentle dream… but that impression was dashed the moment she glanced down at his manhood.

His dick, now covered in a thick coat of his own baby-batter, was pink and rubbed raw, but his balls were another matter.  His scrotum looked like one big bruise, and his balls looked like a pair of swollen water balloons.  All the broken bloodvessels had turned them strawberry red, save for the neat row of her teeth marks that left behind their indentation.

Lauren rushed to her fallen lover's face and tried to wake him, but Alex didn't stir.  After having dealt with all the trauma of the past 12 hours, his body had finally taken over and he was out for the count.

Gently, she kissed his lips, which was the way she usually chose to wake him up, but that didn't work either.

After taking a movement to clean herself up and get dressed, Lauren went about the task of mopping up Alex's huge cum puddle,  which was actually a series of pools of semen that were rapidly cooling and beginning to dry on his skin. It was truly a massive load, a fact that became ever more apparent as she tried to clean him up, but every time she thought she got it all she'd encounter a new splotch a few inches away.

When she was done, she crawled back in to bed and nuzzled against Alex's sleeping form.  His breathing was soft and shallow now, causing his taught chest to rise in a slow, steady rhythm.

Lauren pulled in closer and reached down to inspect her boyfriend's penis.  It still felt hot, though by now the meaty-stick had softened to it's normal size.  Then, as gently as she could manage, she cupped his balls and felt around to check for damage, but with all the swelling, it was all she could do to keep them in her grasp.

Alex's eyes flickered open and he let out a little gasp.  "No babe, please... they still hurt so much," he whispered, appearing half conscious as if just emerging from a dream.

"I know, I'm just checking to make sure you're ok."  Lauren whispered back.

"They're not, they fucking hurt."  Alex groaned, still groggy.  "Ughhhhhhh, my baaaalllllssss…"

"I know, I'll be much more careful with them this time, I promise."  Lauren cooed softly as she gently caressed his precious orbs.

Alex made a noise that sounded like a scoff, but despite all that happened, he felt safe and secure with Lauren's slender fingers wrapped around his jewels.  He knew what had happened had been an accident, that Lauren loved him, and that she wanted him to father her children some day; but none of that changed  the fact that she'd nearly de-nutted him with her teeth just a short while ago.

When the throbbing had finally dwindled to a subtle purr, Alex felt himself drifting to sleep.  He was still thinking about how good her silky fingers felt against his skin, encased around his very livelihood as he slipped back into his dreams.

When Alex awoke the next morning, the first thought he had was to check and see what state his manhood was in.  He was still naked, having gone right back to sleep after his half-conscious conversation with Lauren, who was sleeping quietly along side him.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he found that his nuts appeared to be back to normal, though it was possible they were still a tad swollen and they were still definitely tender.

Alex grumbled as he thought of Will.  He knew he hadn't seen Lauren in weeks, and still his roommate had done everything in his power to screw that up…

After a while Alex realized he was too annoyed to go back to sleep and decided to get up, leaving Lauren to continue sleeping blissfully in his bed.  He pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of boxers and quietly stepped out in to the hall.

His eyes narrowed when he heard clink of pots and pans in the kitchen.

"Hey."  Alex's standard greeting was a bit cooler than usual as he walked in the kitchen and found Will getting ready to make eggs.

"Hey you, you have a good night?"  Will asked with a wink.

Alex shook his head.  "Yeah, but no thanks to you!"

"Me?"  Will stopped in his tracks, "what did I do?"

"Seriously?  You don't remember nutting me two times yesterday before work?"  Alex replied indignantly.

Will's response was delayed a second in thought.  "Oh yeah, that's right," he chuckled.  "I guess that was a dick thing to do, sorry about that buddy."

The way he said it, it was obvious he wasn't sorry at all.

"And then last night, when you pounded on my door?"  Alex pressed.  He was now standing right next to Will, who's attention had already passed back to his breakfast.

"Yeah,"  Will grinned, "but in my defense, you guys were being a little loud… we could hear you moaning all the way in the living room!"

"That's because my balls fucking ached all day because of you, and then it hurt like a motherfucker when I finally got to cum!"  Alex hissed.  Now the anger and resentment was all bubbling up and really flowing.

Will stared back at Alex and regarded him  with a deadpan expression - but his discipline was weak, and he began to crack up, laughing so hard that tears formed in his eyes.

"Seriously?  Shit, that must of sucked!"  Will howled.

Alex's nostrils flared.  "Yeah, it fucking sucked, so thanks a lot man," he barked back, grabbing his nuts reflexively, as if Will's laughter might actually cause some sort of residual ache.

Will took a deep breath to steady himself.  "Awww, man that's awful, really.  But look on the bright side, I mean, I bet you didn't have to use condoms!"

Will exploded in to laughter again, though at least time he managed to pull himself together sooner.

Alex just stared back, his eyes smoldering with anger.

"Come on man, don't be angry.  It's a joke!"  Will said, still grinning.  "Stay and have some eggs with me."

"Nah, thanks."  Alex said curtly.

"Don't be silly, come on."  WIll said, turning to plop a pad of butter in to the warming frying pan.  "How do you want your eggs?"

Alex didn't answer.  Instead, his eyes darted down to the soft bulge in Will's boxers.

"Alex?  How do you want your eggs?"  Will repeated as he scooped up two extra-large hen's eggs.  When he turned, he saw Alex wasn't standing next to him anymore, but now was kneeling beside him.

"What the…"


Alex swung his chiseled arm like a sledgehammer, nailing Will right in the balls with such a force, it literally lifted him off the ground.

"Awwwwww,"  Will's mouth opened wide and he dropped the eggs on the floor, making two loud splats as they broke on impact.

"I prefer my eggs to be left alone and functioning, thank you.  But yours? I prefer them scrambled!"  Alex twisted his hand, which had found it's way around Will's bean-bag and he was crushing his danglers.

"Oh God… shit… alright, I get it, no more nut shots," WIll whined.

"No, that's only half right.  My nuts are now off limits, but these?"  Alex gave Will's plums a mean squeeze. "You can expect to getting your balls busted a lot from now on."

"Ok, ok, ok…. just please, let go…"  Will gasped.

Alex smirked and gave his roommate's nuggets one last turn before dropping him to the floor.

"Don't bother making Lauren or me breakfast.  I'm not hungry, and Lauren's going to be feasting on sausage this morning."  he said, giving his crotch a little pat.  Then Alex turned and walked back to his bedroom to serve his girlfriend breakfast, leaving Will curled up on the kitchen floor in agony.

- This is what Alex might have looked like waking up the next day. -



Alex said...

What a great, great, GREAT story! I enjoyed it very much! One of the hottest elements: the contrast between Alex and Will and the banter at the beginning and the end... Hmmmmm - fantastic! Thank you for sharing your fantasy with us!

bbmal said...

Thanks Alex, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I certainly know I had a ball writing it! Stay tuned, more bb-goodness is yet to cum, ehhh, I mean come.... *cough* :-)

Nicholas said...

Quite the enjoyable romp. I take it the useless roomate thing comes from personal experience? You know, the roomate who can't be bothered to do dishs or clean up. I think we've all been there . . .

bbmal said...

Yes, well what college experience is complete without the useless roommate? It's basically a modern archetype now, isn't it? lol.

Erik said...

Hey, really liked the story. I always thought blue balls were hot :). Keep em coming!!!

bbmal said...

Thanks Erik! There'll be another story in this series posted in a few more days!