Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Camping with the Boys

This is the third story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


It was a dream come true.  A three day weekend, out in the wilderness with two of my best (and hottest) friends in the world.  Some parts of the weekend are just a blur, thanks to the copious amount of alcohol we consumed, while others are indelibly etched in to my brain.  Lets just say, we left that cabin in the woods a whole heck of a lot closer then we did entering it…

A few weeks back, a friend of mine offered for me to use his cabin in the mountains.  It was two hours away, and set just a few dozen feet away from the most picturesque lake I've ever seen.  Of course, I took him up on his offer, and by Friday afternoon, Justin, Alex and I were cruising down the highway to our weekend getaway. 

By the time we reached the cabin, it was late and the sun was just setting behind the mountains.  It was even more beautiful then I remembered, as we watched the clouds on the horizon change from a bright orange to a deep crimson.

We ended up spending the rest of that night unpacking the car and settling in.  Soon after, sleeping arrangements were settled, in which Alex claimed the top bunk, leaving the bottom for me, and the couch for Justin.  Neither of us cared, since Alex was the shortest of the three of us, he was most likely to actually fit up there.

Despite it being Saturday, we got up early the next morning to hike the 6 miles of trails that zigzagged the nearest mountain.  By the time we got back we were exhausted, and spent the rest of the afternoon fishing for our supper.  If we'd been dependent on my hunting and gathering skills alone, we would have been dining on granola bars that night; but thankfully, Justin managed to snag half a dozen decent sized perch that we grilled later that night.

After dinner, we piled the wood onto the smoking embers until we had a huge bonfire while Alex pulled three beers out of the cooler set on the edge of the pond.  We drained those rather quickly, and moved on to our second and third round as we stared in to the fire and bullshitted about life for hours.

It probably wasn't until my forth beer that I started to feel a bit of a buzz begin to grow.  Three beers later, that buzz grew from a slight hum, to a steady drum beat.

By now my friends know me well enough that the more I drink, the quicker my inhibitions drop - which in their case, means the more likely I am to bust them. To be honest, I'd been biding my time and had spent the day waiting for an opportunity to bust either of them, but I knew the time was finally right.  At the moment, Justin was squatting down in front of me, rummaging through his pack that he'd taken hiking earlier that morning.  I remember being struck by how awkward he looked in that position, a lot like a frog sitting on a lilly pad.  Then my eyes just about dropped out of my head when I saw the huge bulge in his shorts. It looked amazing… and completely enticing, just plopped out there like that, a big, beautiful mound against the smooth outline of his nylon bottoms.

I licked my lips in anticipation, knowing immediately that I wouldn't be satisfied until my foot was planted square into my friend's mound.

I took a few steps toward him to get a better look, employing subterfuge to mask my true motivations by offering to help him in his search.

"Nah, thanks, I'm fine."  Justin shot down my offer without looking up.

I took another step forward.

"Hey man, don't move, ok?"  I said in a hushed voice.

Immediately Justin's head shot up.  "What?"  He whispered, glancing around quickly, trying to ascertain what direction danger might come in.

"It's alright, just don't move.  I think I see a snake."  I replied in a calm, even tone.

Justin's eyes widened and he looked back and forth more urgently.  "Where is it?"

I placed my finger to my lips and pointed behind him, which of course resulted in Justin turning to face the nonexistent snake.  That offered me just the opportunity I needed, with Justin distracted and his big, manly love-pouch hanging out there for all to see.  I closed the distance between us in less than a second, and punted my foot in to the center of his clearly-outlined bulge.

Justin immediately let out an "oaf!" when my kick hammered in to his baby-makers and squished them against my instep, sending the big stud rolling down on the ground in pain.

"Awwww, that was just mean dude…"  he whispered, groping his balls.

I laughed.  "What?  I'm sorry!  I thought I saw something long and thick in your shorts!"

Justin groaned and rolled over on his back.  "Not anymore.  You definetly just killed it..."  He coughed. 

Alex chuckled and shook his head at me.

I could tell by the way Justin was holding his groin that I must of nailed his dick too, making it three for the price of one!  I adjusted my own shorts to hide the raging boner I'd developed and grabbed another beer.

Things settled down soon after that. Justin skipped the next few rounds to let his stomach settle, but soon after we were all drinking again - and by the time we'd gone through half the beer we'd brought, Justin had not only caught up but he'd managed to surpass both Alex and myself.

Alex and I watched in fixed fasination as Justin put them back, one bottle after another.

"You might want to start taking it easy on this one, bro."  I said handing Justin a fresh bottle.  "We've got all night to get drunk."

Justin grinned back at me and took the bottle.

"No man, he's drinking to manage the pain.  You probably cracked one of his nuts with that little stunt back there."  Alex gave me a stern look before taking a pull off his beer.

Though I'd busted both several times, Justin had always taken it better than Alex.  Of course, that didn't stop me from taking every opportunity I got to wrack his nuts - if anything, it only made me want to bust him more.

Alex was sitting at the picnic table, leaning back with a beer in his hands as he stared up at the stars.  Many of them were obscured by a large patch was blotted out by clouds, but at least a dozen could be seen twinkling in the blackened sky.

I hesitated.  I was still feeling a tad guilty for using trickery earlier to bust Justin's balls, but this was different.  Alex was just siting there, with his legs spread wide open and his crotch was just hanging out there, completely exposed and defenseless.

It only took a moment for the argument in my head to play out, just long enough for the better angels in my brain to get shouted down.  Thinking back on it after the fact, the outcome was inevitable.  Alex's beefy bulge just hanging out there, ready to be plucked?  It was just too good to resist!

 "Hey Alex, how about another beer?"  I asked, slowly slinking forward.

"Yeah buddy, hit me up with one."  Alex replied, still staring up at the sky.

I couldn't help but grin at his wording, because that was exactly what I had in mind! 

My grip tightend around the neck of the bottle in my hand as I lifted it between Alex's legs.  Then just as I was about to make my move, Justin saw what I was about to do and shouted in warning, but it was too late!  By the time Alex's head had snapped forward it was just in time to watch the bottle smash in to his jean-clad balls, pancaking them hard against his lean, muscular body.

Alex let out a yelp.  Then he cougand rolled over on his side.  "Ohhhh, you bastard."

I laughed, almost uncontrollably. All the alcohol and the adrenaline was now mixing in my brain, causing bad side-effects. 

Luckily for me, the combination of alcohol and nut-pain hadn't left Alex in any state to retailiate - but I could tell he was angry at me.  I apologized, and even tried to justify my actions by arguing that he had asked me to "hit him up with another beer," but no one else bought it.

Things remained a little tense after that, until Justin saved the night by pulling out a bottle of whiskey.  I never cared for the stuff personally, but it was the only hard liqor we had and I was all about gettind drunk at that point.  The stuff Justin had brought was a particularly foul brew - just the sort of thing used to strip engine parts, but a coulpe shots in and we were all riding high.

By midnight, we were all completely hammered.  None of us could stomach any more of the whiskey and we had gone back to beers, but we were rapidly nearing the end of the last case.

It was obvious that our dwindling stock of brew wouldn't last another couple of rounds so I decided to throw out a suggestion that would ensure our evening ended on a high note - well, at least for me ;-)

"Only four beers left, but three of us... how do we decided who gets it?"  I asked.

"How about the person who payed for it?" Justin grinned.

"I bought that case."  I reminded him.

"Oh... never mind...."

I smiled.  "How about we have ourselves a little chugging contest?  First one who downs his beer gets the last as his prize."

Alex and Justin shrugged in agreement, and once everyone had their beer we stood in a circle next to the dying fire.

"Ready?" I asked, holding up my beer.

"Yeah man.  You bet."

"Ok, on three chug, one... two... three!"

I lifted my beer but didn't drink as I watched both Justin and Alex fevorishly on their bottles like a pair of newborns on their mother's teat. I couldn't care less about the competition, and instead was focused on my own prize - another shot at my friend's nuts.  They were so fixated on drinking, neither of them seemed to notice the peril they were in, or the fact that they had left themselves open within my striking distance.

I knew I had to make my move quickly or the element of surprise would be lost.  Dropping down to my knees, I got another eye-full of my two best friend's man-meat-stuffed packages.  Justin's crotch was draped in a thin layer of nylon mesh that left his manhood looking exposed and vulnerable, while Alex's jeans had managed to ride their way up all night and now snug enough to outline every feature of his big, fat package.

I licked my lips, knowing that what I was about to do was going to feel like heaven for me, but hell for my friends. Then I went for it - and reached out and grabed two fistfulls of grade-A stud beef.

Justin and Alex both reacted simultaneously, spitting out their beer and crying out as I squashed both sets of juicy plums - but it was Justin who was getting the worst of it.  The thin shorts he was wearing did little to prevent me from getting a solid lock on his nuts and going to town.  On the other hand, Alex's jeans made it really tough to get a solid grip and in the end, I just decided to throw a couple of punches in to his sac until he dropped to the ground.

Justin followed him down a second later, and I was left staring at my two hot friends clutch their manhood in agony as I finished off my beer.

I held out the bottle and grinned.  "I finished, so I guess technically... I win."

"Fuck you."  Alex spat, apparently still gagging.

Justin rolled over and groaned.


I can't quite remember when I passed out that night, or what had happened after, but I do know that I was still drunk when I woke up.  It was dark out still, and I'd apparently found my way to the couch in the cabin. My mouth was dry, but I could still taste the beer from earlier.  I needed to find some water.

It wasn't until I made an effort get up that I realized that Justin was lying next to me on the couch - no, correct that, he was practically on top of me!  His head was on my shoulder and his arm was draped over mine.

I looked around the room but didn't see Alex.  He must have found his way to the bed, but Justin hadn't made it that far.  He was out like a light and gently snoring in to my ear. 

I glanced down and stared at his crotch.  I've always wanted to see what Justin was packing, but I'd never been in a position to do so.  I'd once stolen a glance at the urinal once, but I only got a look at the head.  Perhaps this was my chance to satisfy my curiosity for good.

Before making a move I decided to test the water by giving Justin a gentle nudge, but he didn't stir.  Then I tried again, a bit more forcefully this time, and whispered in to his ear but he only snored back at me.  Then once I was convinced it was safe, I slid my hand down until it found his thigh.  It was thick, muscular, and the exposed bits were covered with hair.  Pausing, every few moments to check for any movement, I rested my hand on top of Justin's crotch. It felt soft and warm to the touch.

Gently, I began rubbing the contents of Justin's shorts - the mound inside yielding to my every move.  Then, with courage I never thought I might have, I peeled back the opening of Justin's shorts and reached inside his boxers.

Immediately I was confronted with a thick forest of pubic hair.  It was hardly a surprise, considering Justin was covered from head to foot with thick black curls, but even that was dwarfed by what he had going on below the belt.

Feeling a tad more confident, I pushed forward though the thicket of hair and didn't stop until my hands closed around the shaft of his dick.  By now the blood was coursing through my veins like a stream surging in the spring time.  After years of wondering what Justin had between his legs, I finally had it in the palm of my hand.  I tried guessing the size, but it was impossible to tell by feel, and after a while I decided to risk it and pulled his cock out of his shorts.

Even in the poor light I could tell that Justin owned a beautiful piece.  A solid 6 inches which may even get bigger when he's hard, and thick too!   I twisted the shaft between my fingers for just a few seconds, and to my great surprise, I felt Justin's dick twitch in response.

I smiled.  Glad to see he was so… receptive.  I traced my fingers along the length of Justin's shaft all the way down to the base.  Then, very carefully, I scooped up my friend's nutsac in to the palm of my hand.  I barely managed to stifle my gasp... Justin's nuts were huge! 

I could barely contain my excitement as I pulled the two orbs out in the open and was confronted with an even bigger surprise.  Justin's left testicle was a perfectly formed nugget, just a tad bigger than a full-sized walnut, but his right was something altogether different.  Justin's big right nut was twice the size of its counterpart, dwarfing it not only in size but also weight, based on the way it seemed to drag down against the base of his scrotum.  For a moment I worried that something was wrong, that perhaps I'd caused some damage from busting his balls earlier that night, but on closer inspection I couldn't find any bruising.

I swallowed back the saliva that had built up in my mouth and gave Justin's fat orb a squeeze.  I expected it to be different somehow - to be harder or softer than his left, but the truth was that one of Justin's balls was massive.  Then having come to accept it, I decided to take wondrous baby-makers for spin and spent the next several minutes working them over.  I paused now and again to make sure Justin was still sleeping, but then I'd always return to that big-ol righty. 

I may have gotten a bit rough on a couple of occasions.  The last time it happened I could have sworn I heard Justin let out muffled moan, but there never seemed to be a break in the snoring so I just kept going.

Having gotten over the initial shock and awe of Justin's impressive manhood, I was becoming overtaken with the urge to find out just how much spunk was stored in my friend's double-stuffed sac.  I knew that it was crazy for me to even think of doing what I was planning, because it would most likely end our friendship the moment he woke up, but the idea of milking Justin's tender family-jewels was just too tempting.

To say that I was astounded would have been underselling what I was feeling when Justin's dick hardened in my hand almost instantly.  Apparently everything that had led up to that point had gotten Justin's engine's revved up!  Take his dick in my hand, I worked my fingers over his shaft and head with the delicate dexterity of a master craftsmen, rubbing and massaging every inch of the throbbing phallus, and making sure to pay special attention to the sensitive spot under the head.

I could feel Justin's body tense involuntarily and I knew it meant he wouldn't be able to last long.

Then my heart suddenly stopped.

Justin began to stir in his sleep and I watched in fixed horror as he repositioned his head against the couch cushion.

"What's going on?" He whispered still half asleep, never opening his eyes.

"Nothing, I..."

I didn't know what to say, I was at a complete loss for words.  Here I am, with my best friend waking up to find his cock in my hands.

"I guess you finally caught that snake you were looking for." 

I swear I could detect the slightest grin curling the corners of his mouth.

"Careful, I hear they spit," he added.

My mouth flew open.  I couldn't have just heard what I thought!

"Is that right?"  I finally replied, still a bit dumbstruck and slowly resumed jerking his cock.

"Ooooh, careful... keep that up and he definitely will spit at you."  Justin mumbled in to the blanket.

I was at a loss for words and put my focus back in to Justin's manhood.

"No man, slower, slower... I haven't cum in a few days and this feels like it's going to be a big one... I want to enjoy it."  Justin said, shifting position one more until his head was pressed back against my chest.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it."  I replied softly, slowing my stroking action on his dick down to a steady rhythm.  Then with my free hand, I gave his nuts a good hard yank, stretching them against his ball cords.

Justin let out a moan, but his cock only got harder.

To say that this is everything I've ever dreamed it would be is grossly underselling how awesome and hot it was to have one of my best friends by the root of his cock on the verge of cumming, all while I'm busting his balls. To his credit, Justin took everything I threw at him like a trooper, biting his lip even when I got rough to stomp himself from crying out - and all the while, a massive cumshot building up in his loins. By the time he was ready to shoot, his ballsac was covered in welts and swollen to an even more impressive size. 

Justin's face was peppered with beads of sweat and I could see that he was reaching the limits of his endurance.

"I think it's time we find out what's in this giant nut of yours, don't you think?"  I asked rhetorically, as I pinched Justin's massive nugget between my thumb and forefinger.

Justin nodded his head in agreement and groaned his ascent. 

Without another word shared between us, I began jerking off his cock harder and faster than ever before.  The action was matched by my other hand, which was still wrapped around his gonads and kneading the contents of his sac like there was no tomorrow. 

A little bit of extra pressure and time was all it took.

Before he even uttered a word, I felt Justin's balls draw in on themselves and pull up against the base of his dick.  A hush fell over the room, with only the sound of Justin's balls smacking against his body with each thrust of my hand.  Then when Justin's face suddenly went calm, I knew he'd reached the point of no return and aimed his dick away from our faces just before a  huge lob of goo shot out of his prick like a white bullet.  Then another splattered on to his chest followed by another and another, as a constant stream of his man-spray spilled forth and coated everything in range with a thick sheen. 

Justin moaned in relief as the final contents of his nutsac dribbled from the tip of his dick in to a small pool on his stomach and I squeezed his sac for good measure.

Taken over by exhaustion once more, Justin rolled on his side and promptly fell back to sleep, on this time his snoring was louder and much deeper than before.

I still couldn't believe what had just happened... could this all be a vivid dream?  I pinched myself to make sure, and then looked down at my hand where they were still cradling Justin's freshly emptied nutsac.  I gave the fleshy orbs another squeeze and wondered if I'd ever get a chance to milk them dry again. 

Perhaps, perhaps not... only time would tell. 

It was time for me to get some rest too, but the sight of Justin's big, meaty balls hanging out there for the taking was just too much to resist without taking one last swing at them.

I cracked my knuckles in anticipation and took aim before letting fist fly and watched my friend's sex organs flatten with a satisfying SPLAT.  My efforts were rewarded with one last spurt from Justin's cock, just a bit of cum dislodged by the blow.

I touched my finger to my lips, which contained a small trace of Justin's baby-batter and tasted it.  It was salty and thick, and I knew in that moment I'd just developed a taste for it.

I covered Justin and as myself with a blanket and nodded off to sleep, wondering if things would be different the next day when we were sober.

I was still thinking of Justin when I finally succumbed to exhaustion and drifted off to sleep.

- Tall dark and handsome... just like the real life Justin! -


Alex said...

What a great story! I just love this series. The real-life experiences with Justin and Alex that you shared with us are fantastic - and your fantasies are even better... :-))

The_Pandyman said...

I creamed myself the moment Justin said:

"I guess you finally caught that snake you were looking for"

too hot!!