Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Unsolicited Advances

This is the fourth story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


It was getting late when Alex pulled away from his physiology text book and checked the time on his laptop.  He'd spent all day with his head in the books and it looked like he'd be at it for several more hours before he'd get to go to sleep.  Next to him Karin was paging through notebook with the same weary look that was on his face.

"I don't want to study anymore."  Alex sighed, and shot her a smile.  Karin was a nice girl.  They shared a few of the same classes and mid way through the semester, they began studying together.  She was smart and nice, and it didn't hurt that she had one of the nicest set of tits Alex had ever seen.

They'd started out in the afternoon studying on the couch in the living room, but once Alex's roommates came home they had dinner and retreated back in to Alex's bedroom - which was the only quiet area left in the house.

"I know, I'm so tired studying anatomy and physiology.  Enough, I get it, the kidneys are important, so let's move on."  Karin sighed.

Alex's smile grew.  "Yeah, I wish we had time to take a break.  Exam's tomorrow though."

Karin pushed her book to the side and leaned back on the bed.  "I know, I'm just tired of the renal system.  Can't we at least focus on something else for a little while?"

"That's probably a good idea.  What are you thinking?  Respiratory, cardiovascular, or digestive?"

"How about we skip ahead to the reproductive system?"  There was a moment's hesitation as Karin's hand slid up Alex's thigh and closed around his crotch.

"Oh, hey now… umm…"

"I tired of all this internal anatomy.  I want to study something I can get my hands on."  Karin said, rubbing his cock through his pants as she began to work the zipper.

Alex laughed nervously.  "Karin, um, you shouldn't do that."

Karin didn't hesitate and unbuckled his belt.  "Why, you're not gay.  I've seen you looking at my breasts."

"What?  No!  I'm not gay.  It's just we're friends and this is weird."  Alex was flabbergasted.

"Just relax. I've been wanting to do this for a long time."  She already had his pants half way down and she was reaching for the elastic band of his tight-fitting yellow, American Eagle boxer briefs.  She'd always known he was cute, but it wasn't until they'd started studying together that she'd noticed that Alex had a killer body.

"No seriously Karin, stop.  I have a girlfriend." Alex stuttered as he fought to regain control of the situation.

"Oh yeah, since when?  There's no reason to play coy with me, Alex."  Karin said, climbing in to his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"No, no, no.  I'm not joking, I have a girlfriend.  You have to stop right now!"  Alex blurted out.

When Karin saw from his eyes that he was serious she scowled.  "Son-of-a-bitch, seriously?"

Alex nodded slowly.

Karin sighed.  "For how long?"

"Two and a half years.  She goes to school back home." 

"Why is this the first time I'm hearing it then?  We hang out all the time!"  Karin said, sounding flustered.

"It just never came up."  Alex shrugged.

"And all the times I've hit on you, you didn't say anything then either??

Alex shook his head at a loss for words. "I didn't know you were serious until right now."

Karin rolled her eyes and sighed.  "Well this sucks, because I like you a lot."

"I like you too, it's just… as a friend."

"Yeah, I've got plenty of friends already."

"Karin, I'm sorry if you think I misled you, but I'm already in a relationship."

"Screw that, I don't want someone to hold my hand, I'm looking to get laid!"  Karin pouted.  "I bet you're hung like a horse too?"

Alex grinned and shrugged.  "I've never gotten any complaints."

"I bet you haven't…"  Karin cooed, reaching down and grabbing the front pouch of Alex's boxer-briefs and massaging the contents within.  "Oooooh, it feels really big.  I'd love to see it."

"Ahhh, thanks, but I don't think that's a good idea."  Alex shifted uncomfortably.

"If you take it out, I'll give it a big wet kiss."  She pressed.

Alex's eyebrows furrowed. "Oh…uhhh…"

"I've been told that I'm really good at giving head.  Here, let me show you."  Karin reached for Alex's underwear more insistently this time.

"Karin, no, stop. This can't happen."

"Relax, you're girlfriend won't know."

"Yeah, but I will. Karin, seriously, I don't find you attractive."

That stopped Karin dead in her tracks. "Oh, God… really?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.  I just don't-"


Having heard enough excuses, Karin snapped in to action and planted her knee right in to Alex's family jewels, squashing them against his pelvis. 

Alex's eyes rolled up in to the back of his head and he yodeled in pain.

"God, shit… please, no…"  Alex gasped as Karin pumped her leg in to his crotch.

"Oh yes…  now this is happening."  Karin spat.  She twisted her knee one last time, eliciting another cry and whimper from Alex before she grabbed his golden boxer-briefs and tore them right off his body.  Then without missing a beat, she took hold of Alex's bull nuts and bore down on them with all her might.

Alex squealed like a stuck pig.

"Karin, don't!  Why are you doing this, you're crushing my balls!  I'm going to need those later!"  Alex's voice took on a peculiar high pitch.

"Why, so you can blow your wad in to that pretty little girlfriend of yours and make a baby some day?  The world already has it's fill of the little assholes, not to mention the big one in this room."  Karin spat as she squeezed both of his nuts at the same time.

Alex wasn't unfamiliar to the pain of having his balls busted, but what was being wrought on his manhood was like nothing he'd ever experienced.  His ears were ringing with the thousand screams of future generations being snuffed out as Karin ruthlessly choked the life out of his nuts.

Alex tried to kick his way free, but Karin's grasp was too tight and all this strength had been sapped through her crushing fingers.

He  was in trouble.  Alex had been awake for nearly 24 hours, his body was wracked with exhaustion - and now, paralyzed with crippling pain - both Alex and his manhood were at the mercy of a crazy bitch intent on crushing his nuts in to oblivion.

Left with no other options, Alex did the only thing he could do.  He talked.

"I thought you liked me.  Why do you have to break my… UGH….. my balls."  Alex groaned as Karin alternated the intensity of her grip.  "That's not how you go about getting a boy friend - assaulting your guy friends and then castrating them when they reject you."

Karin's nose scrunched up as she shot him a dirty look and drove her thumb in to the center of Alex's juicy left nut, causing the 20 year old college stud to howl.

"Don't be stupid Alex, you're different.  We've hung out dozens of times, and I only find out NOW that you have a girlfriend?"  Karin locked her finger and thumb around the top of Alex's sac and the yanked down on the the meaty globes.

"Unghhhh, my balls…" Alex groaned as his stomach turned inside-out.  "Christ… you're breaking them."

"Hmm.. perhaps you're right… I have been neglecting your dick," Karin smiled, and with his nuts firmly in one hand, she grabbed cock and began to stroke it.

Alex's eyes widened, terrified that she was about to inflict the same sort of pain on his member that she'd visited on his gonads.  He was then shocked when he discovered tender affection Karin gave his cock.  It was only a matter of seconds before he was hard and his erection was pointing straight as a flag pole.

"Karin no, stop it. This isn't funny!" Alex stammered.

"I'm glad, because this isn't a joke ." She replied flatly, as she slowly began to twist the sensitive head.

Alex moaned, but for the first time that evening, it was out of pain, but pleasure.  He really was in an awkward place now.  His balls were fucking throbbing, and still getting crushed in Karin's grasp, but her hand on his dick felt amazing and he watched in horror as his penis grew to it's full six inches.

For a few moments, Alex just stared in disbelief at the surreal situation he now found himself in.  Karin might be crazy, but she sure seemed to know here way around his dick.  Part of him told him just to lay back and enjoy it, but how could he ever look his girlfriend in they eye again?

"Wait, Karin, I thought you were angry at me,"  Alex suddenly interjected with a bit of logic. "but then how is jerking me off a punishment?"

"Silly boy," Karin laughed. "Making you blow your wad is a nice bonus, but it's the after-effects I want."

Alex cocked his head to the side and shook his head.

Karin drew back on his nutsac, pulling the skin taught  until the delicate orbs within appeared shiny.  "Guy's nuts get super sensitive after they cum.  That's when the real fun starts!"

Alex's face flushed with anger as the orgasm begin to build in his loins.  Apparently his dick had gone rouge and it was going to shoot it's load regardless of Karin's plans to torture his sensitized nuts.  He tried resisting it, but it was a losing battle.  When he finally hit the point of no return, he saw the look of pure glee on Karin's face.

"Oh here it comes, now open wide!"  Karin laughed as she pointed Alex's dick straight at his face.

"Fuck you,"  Alex grunted as his body became riddled with the orgasm and a thick jet of his baby-batter splattered against his chest.  It never got anywhere near his mouth, yet he kept his teeth clenched tight until the fit passed and his stomach was left glistening with a shiny opaque sheen.

"Wow, that's impressive.  I bet now you're wishing that you'd just let me give you a blowjob." Karin smiled seductively.  "Still, I hope you at least got some pleasure out of it."

"Not really.  It loses some of the enjoyment when the load's forced out against your will."  Alex said, ever defiant.

"That's a shame, because it's going to get a lot less fun for you from this point on."  Karin winked.  Then she gave his nuts a hard twist and a yank before sending her fist down square in to Alex's vulnerable love spuds. 

Alex wailed and tried to fold up in to a ball to try to protect himself, but Karin had him just where she wanted him, and no matter what he did, her fist found it's way in to his nuts. 

Karin of course had been right, the moment he came his nuts had become A LOT more sensitive, and combined with refound zeal to smash, crush, and bust his balls, she was pushing Alex to the end of his endurance.  Alex was a young, strong guy, but none of that mattered the moment Karin took control of his manhood.  Both physically and sexually, she owned him and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Alex moaned something incomprehensible when Karin switched tactics and went back to squeezing his balls. They felt bigger and bloated in his redened sac.

The pure testicular-agony was too much to bare and Alex was beginning to truly worry about his reproductive future.  His heart was nearly beating out of his chest knowing that Karin might actually succeed and shatter his nuts - permanently.

"Karin, look I'm sorry… UGHHHHHH, shit….. ugh…. I'm sorry I gave you the impression I was interested you…."  He pleaded.


Alex was cut off as Karin drove his jewels in to his pelvis, pancaking them against her fist.


A tiny surge of jizz trickled out of Alex's cock. 

Karin stared at the white streak and rolled the trapped college stud's meaty nuggets between her fingers.  When she squeezed, she noticed another little bit trickle from the head.

Karin smeared some on her finger and inspected it.  "Looks like you were holding out on me, Alex."

"You're fucking crazy, you fucking b…. OOOOOOHHhhhhhh….. God, my fucking balls!"  Alex moaned as his study partner redoubled her efforts to grind his nuts in to paste.

"Don't worry, they won't be troubling you for much longer!"  Karin cackled with palpable joy as crunched Alex's stud eggs with growing ferocity.

The punishment inflicted on his testicles was becoming unbearable, and with no end in sight, Alex was coming to the realization that this might be the end of him and his manhood.  He tried to speak, but even his voice had deserted him and the last thought he had before he blacked out was the thought of going through life de-nutted.

Alex found himself in a deep, dreamless sleep.  Time came to a halt and he was numb to all else, except the ache in his stomach.

When he awoke, the room was lit by daylight.  Then the memories from the previous night all came back to him in a rush, and he immediately reached between his legs to find a very tender and swollen - though intact - pair  of nuts.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief and threw his head back against the pillow as he gently coddled his bruised baby-makers.  Next to him, there was a folded piece of note book paper with "Alex" written on it.  Alex groaned as he re-adjusted his grip on his manhood and opened the note.



Thanks for studying with me, but I think after last night it's a good idea I find a different partner.  I hope you understand.


P.S. After you passed out last night I was able to milk your balls a second time.  It sure was a lot of semen.  How much cum is inside your nuts, anyway?  I bet if I had stayed longer, I'm sure I would have gotten another load out of you.  Oh well.  I hope you weren't saving it up for your girlfriend ;-)  She's a lucky girl, but I'd suggest telling her you're out of commission for the time being.  Try some ice.  It might help with keep the swelling down!


Alex rolled over and sympathetically rubbed his nuts.  His boys were super tender and his sac had turned an angry shade of red.  Learning Karin had had her way with him and milked his sperm banks dry just added insult to injury.  That as going to make his trip home later that night awkward, but he couldn't worry about that now.  His first step was figuring out how to make it to the bathroom without perturbing bruised manhood in to a throbbing mess when the mere act of sitting up sent cramps through his stomach.

Alex groaned as he slowly climbed to his feet.  This was going to be a very long day.


Alex said...

Wow! That was a wild ride! And a very, very enjoyable one - maybe not for Alex but for your readers... Alex is a great character and I love all those nasty things that you make him endure... :-))

Anonymous said...

Great story! I love your F/M stories!!! I imagine this Alex as 'Alex Pettyfer,' I want bust his balls so bad!! dont you?

Thanks again for a great story Merry Christmas