Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busting Alex: Midweek Drinks

 - This story is NOT a work of fiction.  It's based on REAL EVENTS from my life and are actually about 99% TRUE as it happened! I hope you enjoy :-) -


I had been looking forward to Tuesday night all week.  A case of good Belgian beer, a couple of movies and a completely free evening on a week night with my hot friend Alex all to myself meant life couldn't get any better. 

Alex and I had been hanging out a lot lately and in the process, we'd been having a lot of fun - and though I got plenty of chances to scope out his nice, ample package it'd been ages since I'd had the chance to bust him. 

The last time I tried hadn't gone all that well over a month back.  We had had a few beers that night too, and the spirits gave me just the added liquid courage I needed to make a move - but when it came, Alex managed to deflect the majority of the backhand I had intended to his big, fertile sperm-tanks.  Unfortunately, the booze had inhibited my judgement as well, and instead of simply moving on, I doubled down and attempted to grab Alex by his balls!  Well, needless to say that didn't end well.  There was a struggle for possession over his marbles, which he eventually won, and I got two solid punches aimed at my balls for my troubles.  What was worse, Alex was pissed and told me stop hitting him in the balls, or else. 

He didn't specify what he meant, but I got the picture - Alex's gonads were no longer acceptable targets.  It made me sad, but I understood where he was coming from and apologized - and since that night, there hadn't been a ball busting altercation between the two of us since - at least that is, until last night.

Before we had even opened our first beer, I'd decided that this was the night I was going to try to bust Alex, and since the last time hadn't gone so well, I was going to make sure that if I was going to risk incurring Alex's wrath, I was going to make it count! 

What I really wanted was another chance to get my hands on his balls and give his two boys a nice, hard squeeze - but how could I pull that off?  You can't just walk up to a guy and grab his nuts… not unless you re-directed his attention… I thought about this for a while and finally came up with a plan.  At some point in the night I'd put my arm around Alex and tell him that he was a great friend, in fact, one of the best, and that I hoped he'd understand that what was about to happen didn't diminish that fact one bit - followed by my other hand swooping down between his thickly muscled thighs and clomping my hand around his big, beefy balls, giving them a nice, hard squeeze until he cried, or fainted, or lost all control and creamed right in his pants for me. 

At the time, it seemed like a good plan and I proceeded with the evening waiting for just the right moment to set my friend up for the 1-2-3 (hug, smack, grind) combo, but as the night wore on and we continued to drink, I felt my confidence slip bit by bit along with my sobriety.  Several hours later, we'd managed to finish all the high-priced beer I'd brought and I still hadn't managed to close the deal on Alex's nuts.  Time was now my enemy, and I was beginning to panic.  It got even worse when Alex pointed out that it was late, and we should probably turn in for the night, considering we both had work in the morning.  I knew that meant that if I wanted to get a chance to crack my hunky friend's nuts, it had to be then.

When I finally got up from my chair, I felt the room spin around me a bit as the alcohol levels in my blood came to hit their climax and I decided to play that up, making it clear to Alex that I was really quite drunk.  When I asked, he said that he was pretty drunk too, though he wasn't entirely smashed.  Together, we unrolled a sleeping bag on the floor where Alex intended to spend the night, and we stopped to say good night.

'This is it!' My mind screamed, 'you're going to blow it!!!!  Do something!!!!'

Alex held out his fist for me to bump, something we usually did when we parted ways, and I indulged him, but followed it up with a hug.

"I love you man,"  I said awkwardly.

I couldn't see Alex's face, but I assume he was grinning at me.  "You're really drunk, huh?"

"Yeah,"  I exaggerated.  My heart was thumping with adrenaline and my dick was hardening at the prospect of being so close to my target.

Alex chuckled, "I love you too."

"Yeah?"  I asked, genuinely touched.

"Sure, you drunk bum."  Alex laughed, clearly buzzing himself.

I let go of his shoulder and took half a step back.  "Well then, I'm really sorry about this…"

I could see from the confusion on Alex's face that he had no idea what I meant as I quickly whipped the back of my hand deep in to his groin.  The impact with cloth and soft, warm flesh was exquisite as I felt my hot friend's package get smashed with my hand and I followed up by pressing his junk back deep with the back of my fingers. 

"Uggnnnnnnnhhhhhhh,"  Alex groaned and bent forward.  "I should have seen that coming."

I laughed and nodded, though I didn't say anything.

Then a few seconds later as the ball ache made it's way up in to his stomach, Alex curled over on to the floor. 

"OOooooowww, there it is.  You really got them good," he croaked.

I just kept laughing, while the tension in my pants continued to build.

"Why'd you do that?  I was being nice!"  Alex groaned as he tried and failed to alleviate the pain.

"I know, I'm really sorry… you know what happens when you give me too much alcohol…"  I chuckled.

"Yeah, but you're the one who brought the beer!"

"Oh right, good point."  I said with a smirk… "I'm sorry, it's just really funny."

"No, it mostly just hurts like a bitch."  Alex grunted.

"I know, just hold on a sec…"

I'm not proud of what I was about to do next, but at the moment, it seemed like a fantastic idea.  Alex was lying on his back on top of the sleeping bag and looking up at me with his arms above his head and his knees drawn up - but his legs were left open and his perfectly shaped package was just hanging out and exposed. 

I'd like to believe what I eventually told him later on had been true - that in my drunken state I'd thought it would have been funny to leave my foot poised over his balls and pretend to stomp down on it to make him nervous - but the truth is - in that moment when I saw his exposed groin, my better angels were shouted down.  The thought hadn't even taken a full second to process, and the moment I saw an opportunity to stomp Alex's sexy boy bulge, I took it, forsaking everything in that moment (including our friendship) to squish his big, fat package.

Alex (and his balls) never had a chance.  My foot was bearing down on them before he even got a chance to react, and by the time he brought his arms back from behind his leg to reach for his groin, I'd already managed to grind his soft, squishy, meaty balls against the bottom of my socking-clad foot for a couple of seconds.  The fact that his legs were spread the way he did only made it worse, because it left no where for his boys to go while my foot dug into his groin like I was trying to put out a cigaret butt

Needless to say, the immediate effects of my ill-fated decision was a lot of moaning and cursing as Alex folded up in to an even tighter ball on the floor.  Watching him, I couldn't help but have my excitement tamped by the obvious agony I'd inflicted and I immediately felt guilty for my actions.

I tried apologizing, for which Alex did not initially accept.  He pointed out (quiet correctly) that if I was sorry, I wouldn't keep hitting him in the sac.  Of course, I didn't have much I could say in my defense, other than restate how sorry I was.  Eventually (I'm assuming somewhere around the point where the throbbing in his pants died down to a gentle roar), Alex accepted my apology, but by then my guilt was in full swing, and I apologized for my thoughtless action several more times before we turned in.

By the time I left him, Alex appeared to be back in good spirits, but that didn't stop me from bringing it up the next morning and apologizing once more.  Enough time appeared to have pass to pass that Alex took it well, and even made a joke about me stomping his sac.  I guess it was a first time for both of us, for him - getting his nuts squished under another guy's foot, and me - getting to do the squishing.

Even now I'm a bit conflicted about my actions that night, but still... what's done is done.  I suppose there's no point in having had Alex suffer without getting something good out of it, which is why I decided to share this little story with you fine people.  Will I ever get up the nerve to bust Alex again?  Who knows, only time will tell - but should that happen, rest assured you'll get to hear about it here!

- Here is a great side profile of Alex, which gives you just a hint of his package and what he's packing.... Mmmmm -

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Alex said...

Oh, you naughty naughty boy! Thanks for letting us catch a glimpse of your adventurous life! :-))