Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Anniversary?

Well it looks like another year has past us by here at ballbustingtales. I thought it might be fun to repeat what we did for New Year's and put up a pic and you leave comments about how this stud ended up in this predicament. Perhaps this is the handiwork of a jilted girlfriend, or the result of a boxing competition gone wrong.

You decide.

Please post your ideas below. Last time, it resulted in an awesome story by Reginald. Perhaps someone else will feel like picking up the ball on this one and writing a story of their own? If so, I've got some more pics of this guy that we can post along with the story ;)

Over the past 12 months I've posted (on average) a little more than one new story every month. I hope you've all enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them! My day job keeps me pretty busy, but I still find time to write whenever I can. In April you can expect to see a new story featuring Boris and Sara, two characters that will be featured in Knave's highly anticipated new comic. The story will take place before the events depicted in the comic, so it should get everyone's juices flowing and ready once the comic is released. I also plan to return to our young brothers, Dylan and Corey in the Men of the House series. As always, please feel free to send suggestions or requests, and thanks for visiting!


jess said...

that definitely looks like the work of a chic.... guys bust each other playfully, chics really nail you cause they have no idea how bad it is. I bet they were boxing, and when they took off the gloves she smacked his nads. ;)

btw cool blog, check out mine if you want... just started it but I plan to update a lot.

bbmal said...

Good suggestion, thanks! I just added your blog to my links too.

Anonymous said...

This Latin macho interruped my shadowboxing session at the gym. He started punching me and got me stuck at the corner of the boxing ring. He started punching my pinches huevos so many times I almost passed out from the pain. He saw my muscular, sweaty and twitching pecs, pinched my nipples with his boxing gloves and gave me a thunderous knee kick to my fucking nuts. I recovered despite my agonizing pain and decided to do the same to him for revenge. I punched his nuts repeatedly with anger and gave him a furious kick to his nuts. We were both in serious pain and grabbed each others' nuts with our boxing gloves and squeezed hard. Both our bodies were sweating, our pecs and abs were twitching, nipples hardened, our faces making the most agonizing expressions and the veins and muscles in our arms were well defined as we squeezed the jizz out our testicles. The squeezing went on for half an hour, the sight and screams of two Mexican boxing warriors busting each other was sexually invigorating. We both dropped in the boxing ring and violently thrashed ourselves all over the boxing ring. This pic was taken at a bed in the boxing gym's medical room. You can see, we will be in agonizing pain for a while, we were told we won't be asked to do anything else for the next few months but eat, rest and caress our painful balls while we recover in bed. Our constant pain will force our muscles to work extra hard and keep us in shape.        

BBB said...

I love ur blog! heres an idea for a story, its kind of like your 'Survival of the Fittest' (which is one of my fav stories)

Female aliens are trying to stop the human race from reproducing to take over so they transform into hot female women to seduce men.
they track down the most musclucar, fitess alpha males and stop them reproducing as they have the best genes.
the lore the hunks who have the most sex, masturbates the most and best bodies, and jerks them off to have samples of sperm to experiment with then destory the hunks balls after they are done

what do you think of the story?

bbmal said...


Wow, I didn't realize that I'd grabbed a pick from your little busting session, lol. I wonder if it's really possible to get a good enough grasp on a set of nuts with boxing gloves. Either way, thanks for posting this great little story! The busting must have been top notch in order to knock the two of you out for the next few months. ;)


Thanks for the suggestion. It's funny, this was sort of an alternative plot I had going through my mind before we settled on 'Survival of the Fittest.' I like the concept a lot, I'm just not sure how to structure it (I don't want to have a repeat of SofF). I'll think on this and try to come up with something. If you'd like to throw in some more of your suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email. It's fun to brainstorm and when left to my own devices, I'm always afraid that my ideas are a little stale.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I wish it was my busting session, but it feels good to fantasize, thanks for the reply and hope you enjoyed the little story. For this story let's assume both our balls are huge and low hanging because of the summer heat, which makes it possible to easily grab each other! Have a great time fantasizing ;)

jess said...

thanks man, that's cool you put me up on the links... haha good stories about the guy's balls

BB_Daddy said...

I'm suck at writing story but I would like it to be more extreme like
'Survival of the fittest'.
That one is my favourite.
I have my delight time but most of them are way more intense XD

BB_Daddy said...

By the way
Is there any chance I could access to Nicholas's blog?
I never read his story except his collaboration with yours but from the URL name
That is definitely my place lol

Anonymous said...

I am liking bbb's story idea for fake hot ladies to ruin many stud boys balls.

Anonymous said...

BB_Daddy, my new blog is up and running.