Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busting the Young Stud at Work: A Quick Update

Last night Justin and I had a few beers after work. It was fun and we ended up bull shitting most of the time. Nonetheless, I kept my eye open for the opportunity to bust him. It came about 4 beers in when he was sitting back in his chair (again) with his legs nice and spread. By now I'd think he'd learn to stop giving me these clear shots to his groin. Perhaps it was the beer that made him feel relaxed - the beer was clearly having an effect on me, but still I managed to keep my wits and make my move.

Justin was sitting back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling tiles as I stood up out of my chair and I stole a glance at the nice big bulge in his jeans. Perhaps it was an effect of the alcohol, but it took me a moment to realize that I had a nice open shot to crunch Justin's nuggets good. I got excited and without thinking I sent my fist straight down into Justin's crotch.

Justin sat back up and groaned. "I'm gonna get you back." He croaked, but after a few seconds, he was fine again.

It was obvious by how fast he recovered that I hadn't gotten him all that well. Silently I admonished myself. I'd squandered the best opening I'd had all week on a wimpy punch that had hardly connected. As I sat back down, I thought about all the ways I could have busted him harder, better, hoping that I might get a second shot. Perhaps next time I could swing my fist like a mallet, crunching his junk up against his body. That certainly seemed effective. Or perhaps I could have lifted my leg and slammed my heel into his crotch. That seemed less likely to have worked, but maybe with the alcohol in our systems I might have been able to pull it off.

Unfortunately, my second shot never came around. We ended up finishing our beers, and then met up with Justin's girlfriend for pizzas. It felt like I was in college again, eating really bad pizza late in the evening as we tried to sober up. Justin was taking a bit longer to get sober. He was being sort of grabby with his girlfriend and he kept making sarcastic comments to her. I joked, asking her how she can handle him without hitting him. Then to my surprise, Justin piped up and mentioned that I'd cock punched him several times, including that night, and that he was going to get me back.

We all laughed, but it made me wonder why he'd bring that up in front of his girlfriend. Perhaps he was just drunk, and over sharing. Perhaps he didn't care, and would have mentioned it anyway. Maybe it was a warning to me or perhaps he was trying to get some sympathy sex out of her later that night. Either way, I'm kind of glad that he brought it up. I don't mind if he actually tries to get me back, cause even if he does, I'll be more than happy to return the favor. ;)


Anonymous said...

*nicholas gets out the popcorn and waits to read more updates. munch munch munch

Darrel L said...

Mmmm... i'm waiting for the busts...

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of the story?! I´m waiting, you are torturing us!

bbmal said...

Sadly, 'Justin' got another job and he is leaving at the end of the month. I did, however, get one last good bust in, for which he reciprocated ;). Don't fret, I'll probably edit this post some time soon to include the latest busts (which were freakin hot as hell, if I do say).

I'm not sure what direction our friendship (of future bb-relationship) will go once he moves to his new job, which is over an hour out of town. I do know that fondness makes the heart grow stronger, and at the very least, I'll most likely design a character and plot based on the real-life 'Justin.'

Until then, take care for now!

Anonymous said...

=(, ok!!
I'm waiting =)!
Please, don´t make me wait too much ok?! =D