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Men of the House - Part V

After much adieu, the next installment of the Men of the House series is finally here!  In this story, the plot follows Corey and his best friend Jake in the aftermath of an altercation that occurred a few weeks earlier (you can check that story out here).  Enjoy!


Turning the Tables on Corey

Jake watched his reflection in the bathroom mirror staring back at him as he brushed his teeth.  Steam from the shower had already fogged around the edges, and slowly were making there way inward, closing around his reflection.   He was a good looking kid, a tall, lean 14 year-old teenager with a somewhat muscular physique for his age.  His olive skin was matched by his jet black hair, which jutted out over his forehead to a point. 

Jake paused and glanced through the opening of the shower curtain and watched as Corey lathered up his bar of soap and began to scrub his chest and arms.  Sleepovers were a common enough thing between them, even on school nights, but on this night, Jake was resolved to get revenge on his friend.

A couple weeks earlier, Jake’s older brother Alex had been home visiting from college. Jake and Alex’s relationship had always been wrought with some degree of tension, and so at Corey’s suggestion, the two teens conspired to knock Alex down a few pegs.  The initial phase of their plan went off without a hitch, and they counteracted Alex’s larger size and strength by using teamwork and focusing on immobilizing him with a series of well-aimed crotch-shots.  Then, once he was down, Corey went in for the kill and worked poor Alex’s gonads over hard, and forced a big load of cream out of the college stud. 

Then, before Jake even got to take his turn, his younger sister Laura stuck her nose in and derailed the whole thing.  A fight broke out between Jake and Laura, and out of no where, she floored him with a mean little sucker-punch that drilled him square in the nuts. 

If that hadn’t been enough he was betrayed when, at Corey’s urging, Laura was coached in to stripping him, and proceeded to squeeze and twist on his balls so hard she actually busted a load out of him too!

After that day, neither of them spoke about what had happened, or the role Corey had taken in helping Laura to bust his balls.  Jake simply waited, biding his time until he could return the favor…

…and the time had come tonight.

Jake finished at the sink and left the bathroom so Corey could dry off after the shower in privacy.  On the way back to Corey’s room, he bumped in to his friend’s older brother, Dylan. 

“Sup, bro?”  Jake grinned.

Dylan shrugged, “Same old, same old.” 

Dylan was tall, and lean, and handsome, towering over Jake by a good six inches.  He was a nice guy all around, and even though he was older, the 18 year old treated Corey like he was his best friend.  Jake had often wished his relationship was half as good with his brother Alex, or even Laura for that matter, but then that had never been the case.

“Hey, I heard you got hurt earlier, I hope you’re feeling better.”  Jake said seriously.

Dylan looked perplexed.  “What do you mean?  I’m not hurt.”

Jake shrugged, “Oh, my mistake…”

Then suddenly, his arm whipped out like a cobra and the back of his hand smacked flush against the fat bulge in Dylan’s shorts.

Dylan’s eyes crossed and his knees knocked together as he cringed in pain and shock. 

“Shit, man…” he grunted, cupping his injured jewels.

“Sorry- I must have screwed up on the timing.  Now I hope you feel better!” Jake smiled, patting Dylan on the head as he passed.  Dylan only grunted in response as he stood fixed in the hallway, gripping his aching manhood.

Jake walked back to Corey’s room and a few minutes later Corey returned, his hair still damp from the shower, and the two boys climbed in to his bed together.  It was warm, so they chose to sleep in only their underwear.  They stayed up for a few minutes, watching a couple of youtube videos on Jake’s iPad before turning in.  It had been a long day for both of them, but despite how tired he was feeling, Jake remained awake and waited for his friend to fall asleep.

Jake dozed on and off as he waited.  Finally, after about 40 minutes, he heard the steady rhythm of Corey’s breathing, telling him his friend was asleep.  Jake listened for a few more minutes, just to make sure.

Carefully, be began to creep closer toward his friend’s sleeping form until he was just beside him, peeling back the sheets and blankets one layer at a time like the veil on a bride's wedding day.  When he was done, Corey was stripped bare, lying on his back with only a flimsy pair of checkered boxers separating Jake from his intended targets.

Jake started at his friend’s boxer-draped bulge and felt his heart skip a beat.  He breathed in slowly, savoring the excitement and anticipation of the moment.

Then he went for it.

Jake slid his hands up Corey’s thighs, plunging them up in to his boxer shorts and seized his sleeping friend’s manhood.  He’d actually expected Corey to wake up immediately at the sudden invasion and he was ready, but Corey continued snoring silently as Jake rummaged around inside his underwear. 

Jake felt the warmth of Corey's sac rub up against his skin as he explored his friend, cupping the plump orbs in the palm of his hand while tracing his fingers down Corey's semi-hard shaft.  The teenage cock stirred almost immediately at the sudden stimulation and pulsed gently against Jake’s wrist. 

At this rate, milking a load out of his friend was going to be child’s play.

Corey began to stir in his sleep, suddenly aware of the intrusion into his underwear, his eyes snapped open mid snore and found his friend Jake staring back at him.

“Dude, what the hell?”

“Shush,”  Jake whispered as he tightened his grip on Corey’s nuts, “you’re not going anywhere.  This is payback for that little episode between you, me, and my sister a few weeks ago.  Now just lie back and take your punishment like a man.”

Jake emphasized his point by giving Corey’s balls a hard, long squeeze.

“The hell I am,” Corey grunted, but Jake had a dead-lock on him and was grinding down on his testicles without mercy.  A full minute didn’t even go by before all the fight was squeezed out of him, and Corey waved his hands in submission.

“Ok, ok.  Take it easy bro, fuck.”  Corey croaked.  He let out a sigh as he felt Jake’s grip slacken and he let his head fall back on to his pillow.  

Jake grinned and proceeded to rub the contents of his friend’s sac roughly between his fingers as Corey’s dick began to rise.

Corey let out an involuntary moan.  “Shit, I think I may have taught you too well,” he whispered.

Jake nodded.  “Maybe.  I guess you should think about that the next time you think about ganging up on me with my sister,” Jake said, as he began slapping his friend in the sac.  The two round orbs inside jiggled with each impact, absorbing blow after blow as Corey grunted in protest.

Despite the obvious pain he was experiencing, Corey’s prick continued to grow until it slipped free of his boxers and pointed straight up at the ceiling.

Jake could tell by the look on his friend’s face, it wouldn’t take long to make Corey pop.

“You know, these aren’t the first set of the Johnson’s family jewels I’ve gotten my hands on tonight.  I nutted your brother earlier tonight on the way back from the bathroom.  I hit him so hard, he couldn’t even speak.”

Corey’s eyes widened at the mention of his brother.  His breath became ragged as Jake locked his finger and thumb around the neck of his scrotum and yanked down on his balls.

Jake noticed Corey’s reaction.  “I think it’s only fair that I get to bust your brother, after what you did to mine.  In fact, after I’m done with you, I might go sneak in to Dylan’s room and bust a load out of him too.”

Corey shook his head vigorously, but the thought of his best friend busting his brother, who he dearly loved, and milking a load out of him turned Corey on so much, he couldn’t help himself.

The reverberations coursing through Corey’s cock swelled up in to a tempest, spasming uncontrollably as cum erupted from its head and spilled on to his chest.

Corey moaned as Jake dug his fingers down deep in to his balls, squeezing out more and more of the precious spunk.

When it was over, both boys were left panting and sweaty.

“Shit dude, that was pretty awesome.”  Jake grinned wickedly as he stared at the huge splotches of jizz on his friend’s chest.  “I wonder if I’ll be able to get your big bro Dylan to shoot so much.”

At the mention of his brother, Corey’s expression shifted.  “You’re not seriously going to try get him too!  You can’t!  His balls are mi… uhhh, I mean he’s my brother!”

Jake scoffed.  “Ha, oh yeah?  And just how do you think you’re going to stop me?  You’re hardly in any shape to fight me.  I mean just look at you, lying there in a puddle of your own spunk.  And don’t forget, I still own your ass, remember?”  Jake said with a great deal of bravado as he climbed up and straddled Corey’s chest, shoving his crotch in to his friend’s face as he reached back and grabbed Corey’s sore, empty nuts.

Corey groaned, feeling his nuts get crushed against Jake’s firm grip as he stared directly at his friend’s tightly bulging boxer briefs.  Jake was clearly getting off on this, his erection was throbbing so hard against his underwear, it looked like his dick was trying to burst out.

It was now or never. 

Corey knew if he didn’t act fast, there’d be no stopping Jake.  Staring directly at the throbbing mass in his friend’s tightly packed cotton bulge, he lurched forward, smashing his forehead directly between Jake’s spread legs.

Jake let out a grunt as his dick and balls were bashed against his pelvis, looking rather stunned.  Seeing that he’d caught his friend off guard, Corey rammed his cranium home again and again, squashing Jake’s tender orbs repeatedly.

“Ouch!  Stop it, that really hurts!”  Jake cried, rearing back.

Corey pressed on, lunging forward once more, only this time with his mouth wide open.

Jake suddenly howled in pain as Corey’s mouth engulfed the cotton pouch containing his twin orbs and started clamping down with his teeth.  Unable to do anything to stop the onslaught, Jake could only whimper as Corey’s powerful jaw mashed Jake’s poor baby-makers against his incisors.

By the time Corey finally stopped, Jake was speechless and moaned pitifully as he fell over on his side, worn and beaten.

With Jake knocked out of commission, now it was Corey’s turn to have some fun.

He started by stripping off Jake’s undies only to discover a bright red pair of balls at the base of his erect cock.  Corey fondled the bruised orbs, noting the marks left behind by his teeth. 

“Please don’t… I don’t think I can take anymore.”  Jake groaned, fearing the retribution that was sure to come.

Corey grinned back at his friend as he continued to gently rub and tug on Jake’s tender plums. Then, without warning, he bent forward and swallowed the top half of Jake’s penis, plunging his head up and down in long, steady motions.

Jake gasped in shock.  “What are you doing?  Stop that!” 

Despite his protests, Corey felt Jake’s hips begin to thrust in to him as he got more and more in to it. 

A couple minutes more went by before a moan escaped Jake’s open mouth.

“Shit dude, I really need to cum.  My balls are so sensitive right now!”  Jake whispered with a euphoric look on his face.

Corey’s mouth made a slurping noise as he pulled back and let Jake’s cock smack wetly against his abdomen.  Jake opened his eyes to find his friend grinning back at him.  “Why are you stopping?”

“You didn’t think I’d let you off that easy, did you?”  Corey smiled and quick as a wink, drove an uppercut right up in to Jake’s waiting ballsac. 


In the room next-door , Corey’s older brother Dylan was leafing through 500-page SAT Prep book he’d picked up earlier that day.  He’d planned to just go through the introductory chapter before turning in, and he had his Godsmack playlist running on random just to produce some upbeat white noise. 

Just then, Jake’s blood-curdling scream rang out, cutting through the din of heavy metal and pierced Dylan’s ears.  Dylan jumped at the sound, which somehow seemed familiar…

In the confusion of the moment, Dylan turned his head too quickly and managed to crack his skull hard against the thick, wooden corner post of his bed, causing him to grunt and lose his grip on the heavy prep book in his hands.

Dylan let out another longer, more pitiful moan as the book fell in to his lap, the spine of the nearly 10-pound book drove straight down, flattening his crotch and squashed his balls.

“Fuck me,”  Dylan whispered in pain.  He shoved the book off his bed and rolled over, his hands buried between his legs, the scream from Corey’s room already forgotten...


Jake whined like a dying animal and tried to grab his shattered balls, but not before Corey managed to grip him by the base of his cock and resumed sucking on the teenage boy’s meaty member.

Jake moaned, whether in pain or in pleasure, it was too hard to say.  Twice more Corey paused to punch Jake in the nuts again, crunching his bulbous ballsac and making Jake cringe in pain.  Then, once Jake was sufficiently worked up, Corey went in for the kill, mashing and grinding away at the tender balls within Jake’s scrotum until the poor boy was shrieking in agony all while sucking on the thick tip of Jake’s hard prick like there was no tomorrow.

When Jake was finally allowed to cum, the orgasm was explosive.  His body jerked and thrust as raw, untempered sexual energy flowed through him and out of his cock.  Great big salty batches of semen began filling Corey’s mouth as Jake’s balls began contracting in on themselves, rising higher and higher as more and more of his stud sauce was drawn out of him. 

Jake was panting heavily as he thrust harder and harder in to Corey’s open mouth, his spasming cock continued to dump load after load of his baby-batter, drawing on reserves so deep it felt like it was practically coming up out from his toes.

Corey spat out the huge wad of Jake’s cum that was threatening to choke him and continued pumping his friend’s raging dick.  He was rewarded with several more blasts of Jake’s cream and kept a firm grip on the young soccer stud’s sperm tanks until he was sure the tap had gone dry.

Jake fell back on the bed, throughly exhausted.  Everything below the waist felt like one big bruise, but he’d never felt so satisfied in his life.

Corey crawled up beside his friend and wiped the perspiration from his brow.  “Are you ok?”

Jake let out a long, content sigh.  “Yeah, I think so.”

Corey smiled back at him.  “Do you still want to sneak in to my brother’s room have some fun with him?  I won’t try to stop you this time.”

Jake’s eyes were shut but he shook his head.  “No dude, I’m way too sleepy right now.  I think you wore me out.”

Corey grinned and nodded.  “I hope so.  After all that, I’d hate to think you were holding out on me,” he said, reaching for Jake’s swollen sac.

“Easy, they’re sooo sensitive right now.”  Jake whispered in a ragged voice.  “You nearly broke me!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of these.”  Corey replied in a soft, soothing tone as he rolled the delicate orbs between his fingers.  “Now why don’t you get some rest?”

When Jake didn’t respond, he looked up to find his friend was already fast asleep.

Corey considered going to check on his brother next door and take care of him too, after so much excitement, he was tired too.  Dylan would have to just wait until the morning.

Corey settled in, snuggling close against the heat of Jake’s naked body and soon fell asleep with his hand still wrapped firmly around his best friend’s tender jewels.

- Jake and Corey are depicted by two models from Randy Blue, Cody Springs and Kyle Marx. -


Anonymous said...

That was amazing! I love your work and I have been waiting for the next sequel to this series for awhile and of course I was not disappointed. keep up the good work. I cannot wait to see what you do next.



Anonymous said...

I love this series so much!!!!

However, when Dylan or the older brothers get busted, that just gets me right off.

Anonymous said...

How come I never had friends like that growing up?

bbmal said...

Thanks guys, I'm really glad you liked this one. It was a long time coming, for sure. I already have an idea for the next story, which will bring Corey and Dylan back together again ;-)

I agree, for some reason, the idea of a younger brother owning his big, strong older brother is really hot for me too. Dylan' got off easy in this one, I promise, he won't make it through the next one without getting busted hard :-D

Sadly, I didn't have friends like this when I was younger either... I guess that's why I write stories about them now. *shrugs* Oh well, what can you do?

Thanks again guys, take care, and stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

I sound really dumb, but I almost cried from joy when I saw the sequel up! Thank you so much! Please post the next when you can!

bbmal said...

Lol, that doesn't sound dumb at all! Intact, you made my day! I know you Men of the House fans have been waiting for a long time for an update. The good news is that more is on the way soon... And, if I get a large enough block of free time, there may be a bonus surprise... Keep posted!

Alex said...

Fantastic story, bbmal! I love the "Men of the house" series and this chapter is an exceptionally hot one... :-))

Anonymous said...

I have a couple questions. You have several sexy bb stories about you busting your friends at work, and it got me thinking, "What first got you into ballbusting?" and "What was your first ballbusting experience (with you as the hitter)?" I REALLY want to know.

Thanks ahead of time!

Anonymous said...

what's up with part 6?

Anonymous said...

Hey i really love this. Maybe you could incorporate them playing nutball in your next story?

Anonymous said...

Corey and Jake should really make Dylan their ballbusting slave!

Anonymous said...

Will you write part 6?