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Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Alex's Long Weekend

This is the latest installment  in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends (Part 1 can be read here).  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  Also, this story has a cameo from one of my more popular characters from The Men of the House series.   I hope you enjoy!


Alex was spending the long holiday weekend back at his parent's house.  With all that had transpired between him, Karin, and Hayden the week before, he thought it was wise to get out of town and spend some time with his family, where both he and his manhood could get a chance to recuperate.

It didn't take long for him to slip back in to his old routine.  His dad picked him up from the bus station earlier that day and was met back home by his younger 14-year old brother Jake, and his 12-year old sister Laura.  After settling in to his old room, he found Jake watching TV in the family room while Laura was sitting off to the side, staring intently at her iPad.

Jake was a younger, leaner version of Alex.  He was short for his age, but he was wiry and fast, and one of the star players on his JV soccer team.

"Hey, what you up to?" Alex asked, taking a seat next to his brother.

"Nothing, just watching some TV before dinner."  Jake shrugged.  "Mom's making mac and cheese."

Alex nodded. It was his favorite too.

"You already did your homework tonight?"  Alex asked, swiping the remote out of Jake's hand.

"No, I'll do it in study hall tomorrow."

Alex shook his head and switched off the TV.  "Come on Jake, you need to take your school work more seriously."

"My grades are fine, and besides, I'm an athlete, so I don't need A's to get in to college."  Jake said with a grin.

"Is that so?"  Alex smirked.  "Well, Mr. big time athlete, why don't you put your money where your mouth is and try and take back the remote, if you can."

"You sayin' you want a piece of me?"  Jake asked jokingly.

"Yeah, bring it on... bitch."  Alex laughed.

"You're going down!"  Jake cried as he lunged at his brother.  He reached for the remote, but Alex managed to keep it just out of his grasp, and the two rolled on to the floor.  The two tussled back and forth, but Alex managed to keep his brother pinned within his thickly muscled arms locked around his head.

Alex had the advantage in both size and strength.  In a fair fight, there was no question that Alex would win, which is why Jake decided his only chance he was going to come out on top was if he played dirty.

The two squirmed around on the floor a bit longer until Jake found his opening.

Alex new he had his brother licked and was just about to end it when suddenly Jake made his move and sunk his knee in to Alex's groin, flattening the big fat bulge in his jeans in to a pancake.

"Ohhh!"  Alex recoiled as his nuts were crunched under Jake's weight and he let out a grunt.  "Hold up Jake, hold up...  ugh... you caught me right in the balls."

Jake looked feigned his surprise.  "Oh bro, I'm sorry.  Did I get you bad?"

"Not too bad, no.  It just knocked the wind out of me, is all."  Alex's voice was horse.

"Sorry man, here, let me help you up."  Jake said, extending his hand, but when Alex reached for it, Jake suddenly snapped his hand back and slapped it hard in to his brother's crotch.

Alex's body bucked and he fell back on to the floor clutching his shattered jewels. "Awwwww, you little bastard!  What'd you do that for?"

Jake shrugged and picked the remote up off the floor. "If you're gonna play, you've got to play to win."

Alex coughed and turned over.  He felt miserable and his balls ached, but at least he was home.


They all managed to get on with dinner without any further incident, and at 9:00 pm both Jake and Laura were sent up stairs to wash up and go to bed.  Alex decided to turn in early too, and after saying good night to his parents he followed his siblings.

Alex went back to his room changed out of his clothes and put on pair of flannel pajama bottoms.  Then he headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth, where he found Jake and Laura embroiled in an argument.

"Alright, take it easy.  What's all the shouting about?"  Alex asked as he walked in.

"Jake started it, he's gross!  He just farted in my face!"


"I did not!" Jake stomped his foot.  "She's lying.  Does it even smell like anyone farted?"

"I'm not lying! You're the liar!" Laura yelled, shaking her toothbrush in her brother's face.

Jake backed up, but he was blocked by Alex's hulking frame standing in the doorway.

"Am not!"  Jake shot back.  "Why don't you grow up and stop being such cry baby about everything?"

"Who are you calling 'cry baby', 'liar?'"  Laura's face was pink, hot with anger.

"You, you stupid cry baby!"

"Don't call your sister stupid!"  Alex barked.

"But that's what she is, a stupid, little whiny cry baby."  Jake sneered.

Laura's clenched her fists as the rage swelled with in her.  "Shut up, or I swear I'll kick you right in your wiener!"

"Go ahead and try, see what happens to you."  Jake muttered.

That was all that Laura needed to hear.  Then she reared her foot back and sent it flying up between Jake's open legs.

Luckily for Jake, he was ready for her and he caught her shin, absorbing the blow before it could do any damage.  Alex on the other hand, who was standing directly behind Jake, hadn't see Laura's kick coming and was ill prepared when her socking-clad foot came crashing up between Jake's legs and buried itself in to his delicately cradled balls inside his pajama bottoms.

Alex howled as his freshly bruised testicles were driven home and he slumped the floor holding his junk, his eyes shut tight.

Jake jumped back in shock and then began laughing uncontrollably.

"Alex, are you ok? I'm so sorry!"  Laura bent down next to her eldest brother.  She looked like she might cry.

"I'm not alright, but it's ok Laura.  This isn't your fault, it's Jakes."  Alex moaned.

"Mine?  How is this my fault?  I didn't kick you!"  Jake replied indignantly.

"Not this time, no.  You already got me twice though."  Alex scowled up at his brother, "and you got Laura all worked up."

"Whatever,"  Jake scoffed and headed back to his room.  "You might want to put some ice on that."

"Yeah..."  Alex grunted, still nursing his nuts.

"Alex I'm so sorry, really."  Laura's lip quivered.

"Don't worry about it, it was an accident."  Alex winced as he changed his grip.  "Just finish brushing your teeth and go to bed.  Everything will be fine."

Laura did as she was told and quickly head off to bed, nervous that he might change his mind and tell their parents.  Alex stayed where he was on the bathroom floor, waiting for the pain that had radiated up from his nuts in to his gut, to subside.  When it did, he brushed his teeth too, and went to bed.

Then, sometime in the middle of the night, Laura was in his bedroom, standing next to his bed.  Alex awoke with a start, forgetting where he was.  He told her to go back to her own bed, but she'd had a nightmare and was looking for comfort.  In the end, Alex let her climb in to bed with him and was asleep by the time he rolled back over.


Birds were chirping outside the window in the early autumn morning when Alex arose to find the covers stripped off of him and exposed, with only his bright green boxer briefs to hide his morning wood.

Laura was awake too.  Staring at the large lump in his shorts as it pulsated against his soft cotton underwear, she poked at the it with her finger, causing Alex's prick to throb involuntarily.

"Is that your wiener?"  She asked innocently and poked at it again. "It looks funny.  Why is it poking up like that?  Is it swollen because I kicked you last night?"

"No Laura, I'm fine, really.  Stop it, you shouldn't be touching me there!"  Alex grunted.

"What?  I'm just checking to make sure you're ok!"  Laura scowled.  She kept poking her finger in to the fleshy mass of Alex's dick, which to his horror, was responding to his little sister's touch.

Laura cocked her head to the side.  "Look, I think it's looking worse, now it's starting to point up!"

Alex tried grabbing at her hand, but that only seemed to frustrate her more.  Even worse still, the sudden movement threw off her aim, and causing Laura to miss Alex's bulging phallus and drive right in to the center of the soft squishy mound where his testicles were obscenely bulging.

"OAF!!!" Alex grunted, cupping his nuts.  "Oh my god, my bawwwwllls... I think you just skewered righty with your sharp little fingers!"

"Oh no, Alex I'm-"

"I don't care,"  Alex cut her short. "Please, just get out of my room and let me be for a while."

Laura looked hurt, but she did as she was told and left, closing the door behind her.  Alex rolled over and moaned in to his pillow, futily trying to rub the soreness out of his bruised plums.

He spent nearly an hour in bed, coddling his aching baby-makers until he finally felt strong enough to get up and dressed, and when he pulled on his jeans, he took extra care not to squeeze or pinch his genitals in the process.

When he opened his door, he found Jake standing in the hallway with another boy.

"Hi Alex, this is my friend Corey from next door."

"Hey Alex," Corey said cheerily and extended his hand.

Alex shook it.  "Hi," he sighed.

"Corey plays JV soccer with me.  He's one of the best kicker's on the team."

"Is that so?" Alex asked, sounding only mildly interested.

"Sure, you should come to one of our games."

"Yeah, maybe next time."  Alex shrugged.

"I invited Corey over so we could practice kicking some balls around.  Are you up for joining us?"  Jake smirked.

"We have practice later today, but I can give you a little demonstration right now..."  Corey's smirk matched Jake's.

A confused look crossed Alex's face when Corey suddenly arched his foot back and sent it flying straight up in to Alex's crotch.  The kick was so strong, it lifted the college stud square off his toes and sent Alex crashing down.

Alex closed his eyes and cried.

"See, I told you Alex.  Corey's the best kicker on the team." Jake patted his friend on the back.

Alex could only manage a grunt.  He was numb to everything, except for the pain radiating from his groin.

"That was an impressive kick, Corey!  I bet you've got Alex here tasting his own sperm right now."

"Maybe," Corey laughed. "But now you're up."

Jake aimed a few light jabs at Alex's groin, but they were all deflected by his hands.  He may have been down, but he wasn't out.

Perhaps worried that they might be discovered, they decided to drag Alex toward Jake's bedroom, but even that proved difficult.  Even incapacitated as he was, Alex was too large for them to move easily.  They managed to get him half the way in before Alex began fighting back in earnest, jabbing with his fists and kicking at anything he could.

Laura watched silently from the door of her room as the tussle between her oldest brother and the two young teens unfolded.  She couldn't see everything, but she heard a lot of grunting and groaning as the three battled it out.  Alex was on his back and kicking his legs furiously at Jake and Corey, but he seemed to be losing ground.  Then, there was the sound of a zipper being forcefully ripped opened, followed by more grunts and groans, until finally Alex let out a low, throaty moan and his body went limp.  It was all over in just a matter of minutes.

"What's going on?  Why are you fighting?"  Laura finally asked, unable to mask her curiosity.

The two boys rose to their feet, looking like a pair of kids whose hands had been caught in the cookie jar.

"Oh my gosh, did Alex pee himself?"  Laura giggled and pointed to the large wet splotch that covered the front of his jeans.

Alex croaked and turned away with a groan.

"No it's...well, don't worry about it. Just get out of here, ok?  This is adult stuff."  Jake crossed his arms across his chest.  "Shouldn't you be outside, playing with a doll or something?"

A scowl fell across his little sister's face and she inhaled quickly as if she were about to scream. "Stop talking to me like I'm a baby!"

"But what's what whoo awww, a wittle cwry baby."  Jake laughed mockingly.  "I want to be tweated wike and adult, and I- UGH!"

Jake was cut short suddenly Laura's little fist struck out like a cobra, biting in to the soft bulge in his mesh nylon shorts and squishing it against his lean, skinny frame.

Jake's eyes bugged out and he coughed as he slid down to the floor, whimpering and clutching his crotch.

"Nicely done."  Corey said, with a reassuring nod.  "That was one solid punch."

"If you call me a baby, I'll do the same to you." Laura said with a grin.

"No way! You're way too tough for me,"  Corey covered his groin and smiled.  "Actually, I thought you might like me to teach you how to deal with older brothers.  Would you like that?"

Laura nodded, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Corey shot her back a matching grin. "OK, then.  Just watch what I do and follow my lead."

Laura nodded again and knelt next to Corey beaming with enthusiasm as she watched him reach for the zipper of Alex's jeans and yanked them down with a loud 'ZIP.'

Alex groaned groggily in protest, but Corey's hands moved quickly and methodically like a trained surgeon.  Without too much trouble, he managed to pull Alex's pants down far enough to reveal the bright green boxer's Laura had seen him wearing under the covers earlier that morning.  Laura wondered about the large wet spot that now covered the front pouch as she watched Corey stick his hand up one of legs of Alex's underwear.  When his hand reemerged, he pulled out a large flap of skin the size of a small purse, and inside the pouch there appeared to be two large orbs.

"Are those his..."  Laura trailed off, unsure of what to call her brother's unearthed family jewels.

"These are his balls.  They are what help make boys grow to be big and strong like Alex here, but they're also the reason they tend to get in trouble."  Corey said as he rolled Alex's bull nuts around in his hand.  "Here, see how they feel."

Alex's nuts looked huge in Laura's tiny hands and she needed to use both to hold on to them.

"They're really soft."  Laura said, her gaze fixated on her brother's junk.

Alex grunted.

"That's right. A guy's balls are really soft, and sensitive.  You can make them do all sorts of things when you have control over their balls.  Keep that in mind next time you and Jake get in an argument."

Laura's head shot up. "Jake has balls like these too?"

"Why don't you check it out and see for yourself?" Corey shrugged.

Laura dropped Alex's junk, letting them plop softly against the side of his thigh and crawled over to her second oldest brother who was still lying on the floor, cupping his crotch.

"Hey Jake, move your hands, I want to see your balls."  Laura said, giggling just a little as she pounced on top of her brother.

Jake groaned.  "No way, get out of here.  You already crunched them bad enough."

"Come on, move.  I'll scream if you don't!"  Laura grunted as she tried to wrestle Jake's hands away in vain.

"I'll scream if you do!"  Jake shot back.

Then from behind, Corey suddenly grabbed his friend by the wrists and pulled them away, giving Laura the opening she needed.  Laura moved fast and pulled down Jake's shorts and underwear all in one swipe, exposing his teenage manhood out in the open, and reached for Jake's balls.

"Ouch! Stop, you're squeezing them!"  Jake groaned.  His legs flailed, but his arms were still held fast in Corey's grip.

"I'm hardly even pinching them!"  Laura scoffed as she pressed the delicate nut-meat between her finger and thumb.  Jake's balls were quite as large as Alex's, but she still needed to use both hands to maintain her grip on the walnut-sized orbs.

"Stop, stop!  You're crushing my nuts! I'm going to throw up if you don't stop!"  Jake moaned and his dick twitched.

Laura looked up at Corey.  "What should I do now?"

"Just keep it up! You're doing great!"  Corey nodded approvingly.

Jake scowled at his friend for egging his ball-ocidal little sister on, but he was overtaken by another wave of pain as Laura continued the onslaught.

She squealed with delight as she squeezed her brother's perfectly round balls against one another, flattening them in to one large mass.  The best part were the sounds he was making. A series of short, pitiful grunts and groans that made it clear - she was owning him.

"Ok, ok, Laura, I'm sorry I was mean to you before, but please..."

"You're sorry for treating me like a baby?"  Laura asked, twisting her brother's sac in a knot.

"Yes, YES!"

A twitch suddenly ran down Jake's penis.

"-and for acting like a jerk?"  Laura gave Jake's sac another quarter turn, make his balls bulge out against the skin.

"Oh God, yes! I'm sorry!"  Jake moaned.  His balls were throbbing in his little sister's grasp.

Jake moaned, his dick was hard an on the rise.

Laura cocked her head to the side.  "How do I know you mean it, and you're not just trying to get me to stop hurting your little ballsies?"

"I do, I swear... ughhhh,"  he panted.  "Please, I'll never be mean to you again, just let to before I... I... UGHHHHHH..."

Laura felt Jake's balls contract against her grip as his dick rise to its full height, straight and rigid like a tent pole.

"I think he's gonna be sick!"  Laura giggled, still bearing down on Jake's  nuggets with all her might.

"Oh God..." Jake's eyes crossed and his dick was pulsating violently.

Then, pressure on his balls was too much and his teenage cock exploded with a huge spurt of spunk in to the air.  Spurt after spurt of the white cream shot out of Jake like a fountain, coating his chest and stomach with a spray of his thick white cream.

"Oh my gosh, I think Jake's wiener just threw up!" Laura cried out.

Corey released his friends arms, allowing Jake to clutch his emptied nuts and collapse in a heap.  "It sure did," Corey chuckled.  "I think Jake here is going to think twice the next time he decides to be mean to you."

"I hope so," Laura nodded as she rubbed Jake's cum between her fingers, "but what is this stuff anyway?"

"That's Jake's spunk.  Boys make it in their balls, and store it there until it gets released.  Of course, if that doesn't happen, more and more of it gets made and it backs up inside his balls, until the pressure gets to be too much, and they start saying and doing stupid, or mean things, like Jake here."

Jake groaned as Corey patted him gently on the head.

"That's why it's important to make sure his balls never get too full, or else he'll go back to being the mean bully that you hate." Corey smiled reassuringly.

"Uh oh, we don't want that."  Laura shook her head.  "How long before I need to drain him again?"

Corey shrugged.  "A day or two, it's hard to say.  I try to hit up my brother Dylan up at least a couple times a week."

Laura nodded, feeling the weight of her new found responsibility.  "You do this for your older brother too?"

Corey grinned.  "Sure, of course I do!"

Laura perked up.  "Really?  Tell me about him."

"I will," Corey nodded, "but first, I think you should check on Alex, don't you?"

Laura glanced over at the pink pair of nuts dangling out of Alex's green boxer-briefs.  "What do you mean?  Do you think he's blocked up too?"

Corey shrugged.  "You can't be too careful."

A broad smile crossed Laura's face as she crawled toward her big brother.

A few minutes later, the sound of heavy panting and moaning could be heard from Jake's bedroom.  Then, a high pitched yelp rang out, followed by sound a loud thump against the floor.

"What's going on up there?"   They're mother called up from the kitchen.

"Nothing!"  Laura shouted back.

"Stop fooling around up there and come down here.  Breakfast is getting cold!"

"Coming!" Laura stood up and smiled as she looked down at her two brothers.  They were both holding on to their freshly emptied balls and writhing around on the floor next to each other, covered in their own spunk.

"Tell your brothers to stop horsing around and get their butts down here too," their mom added.

Laura looked at Corey and grinned as the two made their way downstairs.  "I think they're gonna need a couple more minutes before they're ready."

Alex and Jake rolled their eyes at each other and let out a collective moan.

-A view of the big bulge in Alex's jeans.-

-A quick shot of Alex reacting to getting his nuts crunched.-

-And this is Alex's teenage bro Jake.-


Anonymous said...

HOT story!!!
waiting for men of the house part V

Alex said...

Poor Alex... His little brother and sister are quite an evil combination... And Corey's cameo is fantastic!

Great work, bbmal - I love this story! Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Haha, nice to see your blog and Corey back at it at the same time. Jake totally deserved what he got. Love to see a sequel with him and Corey after soccer practice...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe a bit of fooling around and playing with each mother's balls.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant other's ball, not mother's

M. Attie said...

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