Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Introducing a New BB Author: Lazar Jones!

In January I was contacted by a new BB author, Lazar Jones.  He’s just started writing stories, and they’re great!  His first big project is called “After School Ball Busting Babes #1,” and let me say, it doesn’t disappoint.  There’s plenty of ball busting and sexual tension that leads the reader right up to the end.  Moreover, the great and talented Knave has illustrated a cover for the story, which captures the hotness of this tale. 

I strongly recommend you check out his blog and download his story ($0.99 from Smashwords or Amazon).

You can find out more about Lazar here, and read his blog here.  I know I'm looking forward to Lazar's future stories!


Anonymous said...

Dear bbmal,
I need some advice on how to bust guys the incognito way. Seeing as to the fact that i am to young to use your tactics, id like to know if you had any ideas on how i could crush some stud eggs. I hope to try it seeing as to the fact that i am often alone with many studs.


P.S. i hope to hear from you soon, i might have the chance to do this soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear bbmal,

I have a question that is not easy to find in a google search. How can you bust hot guys that seem to just you so happen to be spending alone time with. I once jerked of my hot cousin through his underwear, but that was very late at night, and we were all very tired. I hope to hear from you soon, seeing as to how theres a hot guys balls calling my name, and it just so happens to be that we are hanging out almost everyday this week, 0 people over 20.


P.S. its two guys and two girls, and it looks like im the youngest by more than 2 years and we are very "clean" per say, please reply soon ;)