Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Commentor Looking for Advice

Earlier today I received two intriguing comments that I thought I might share, along with my response.  Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section of this post, and give our young friend Ankin here our support!


Dear bbmal,

I need some advice on how to bust guys the incognito way. Seeing as to the fact that i am to young to use your tactics, id like to know if you had any ideas on how i could crush some stud eggs. I hope to try it seeing as to the fact that i am often alone with many studs.


P.S. i hope to hear from you soon, i might have the chance to do this soon. ;)


Dear bbmal,

I have a question that is not easy to find in a google search. How can you bust hot guys that seem to just you so happen to be spending alone time with. I once jerked of my hot cousin through his underwear, but that was very late at night, and we were all very tired. I hope to hear from you soon, seeing as to how theres a hot guys balls calling my name, and it just so happens to be that we are hanging out almost everyday this week, 0 people over 20.


P.S. its two guys and two girls, and it looks like im the youngest by more than 2 years and we are very "clean" per say, please reply soon ;)


My response:

Dear Anikin,

The answer to your question depends on what you mean by “incognito.”  I assume you are looking for a way to bust these guys in a way that does not lead them to suspect that you’re doing it on purpose.  In that case, there are any number of “accidental” busts you could pull off.  Younger guys seem to smack their nuts on things all the time, all you have to do is be in the right place and at the right time…

Just a couple of weeks ago, I watched a guy come up behind a friend of his and walked right in to a solid back-hand in to the nuts. It was accidental, and the timing just happened to sync up with the guy in front dropping his hands at the just the right moment while he was talking.  You can also try the old trick of dropping liquid over the guy’s crotch “accidentally” and then use the pretext of helping him dry off with a few paper towels to get your hands on his junk. 

An alternative strategy is to create a situation in which your intent to bust the guy is a little more direct.  You could have a “friendly” wrestling match that goes awry and results in your fist or knee finding its way between the other guy’s legs.  You could also create a pretext of some small slight or insult taken, that results in you retaliating by tapping the offender’s nutsac.  An alternative to this would be to tell turn one of the girls that are coming over against one of the guys… perhaps if you rile her up enough, and suggest that she hits the “instigating guy” in the nuts.  Also, don’t forget about games like ‘nut ball’ and ‘rock, paper, scissors, balls.’  If no one has heard about them, show them some clips from youtube and try to get them interested (even guys who aren’t in to ball busting still think it’s funny… especially when it’s not their nuts getting rocked… use that to your advantage!)

In my experience, I’ve found that sleepiness is nearly equivalent to drunkenness.  There’s a lot you can get away with when other guys are drunk/sleepy that you wouldn’t get away with under normal circumstances.  In fact, nearly every set of balls I’ve busted in the last few years has been under the guise of sleep deprivation and/or intoxication.  Let me be clear, I do not suggest that you do anything that is illegal, or will end up with you getting the crap beaten out of you by these older guys. 

The final option is to just bide your time, and when an opportunity presents itself, you go for it.  There have been a few times that a guy has stood next to me with his legs wide open, with his bulging groin just hanging out there, tempting me and I just couldn’t resist.  Going this route is a gamble, for sure, though the guy almost never sees it coming, giving you the chance to get one solid bust in before his defenses go up.  If you do try this, make sure it’s a good bust… because for one, you’re not likely to get an easy second shot again, and two, if the guy gets mad, you need him to be groaning on the floor long enough for you to get away!

My last bit of advice is that you ‘feel the guy out’ before hand… not literally, though, if you can get your hands on his junk, more power too you!  What I mean though is that you bring up the “concept” of ball busting.  Use expressions like “yeah, that’s a big kick in the nuts, isn’t it?” or, “she’s always busting my balls…”  and see if they mimic that…  You can also try to lure them in to trying to bust your balls, which of course is instant grounds for retribution and busting their balls.

No matter what you decide to do, just be sure to be save (and have lots of fun, of course!)  Be sure to let us know how things go, and if you think to snap a quick pic or vid of the busting (or aftermath) feel free to share that too!

Good luck to you young Skywalker, and may the force be with you… (lol, sorry couldn’t resist!)


P.S. Don’t worry about the guys you are going to be hanging out with are a little older then you.  Everybody’s nuts are sensitive and easy to hurt, no matter the strength or age of the male.  Take this guy for instance...  With all those muscles, he looks like he can lift a lot, and in a fight, he might take us both out pretty easily, but balls are the great equalizer here, and one solid strike to that big fat bulge, and this guy is going down!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, haha, i do get that a lot, i think this is.great advice, and i think ill go for.it, and thanks fir taking into account that the different areas in my life are a little bit "cleaner" per say, and im defenitely willing, it just intrigues me, balls, and i really do enjoy your ballbusting stories, because they include hot guys, but not overly muscled, big balls, but not scary, and it can all be real. I enjoy late teens early twenties guys being busted, or sruds in the early thirties. If you could, i belive a lot of us would enjoy a story where rob comes back, and alex is in town, and all of the men of the house people come togather and its just a lot of ballbusting, of course hayden HAS to be there. Id defenitely enjoy it :). Thanks agin.


Anonymous said...

No ballbusting tale in March and April? :(

Zevran87 said...

Thank you!! This web site is very interesting and very sexy... I like ballbust squeeze and other torture on handsome guys (and from handsome girls)!!
P.S.: I'm sorry for language but I'm an italian boy and my english is very bad! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Make another story PLEASE!

They're so awesome, especially because you're like the only one that uses great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Please upload a story soon
we love and miss them so much xxx

Nicholas said...

BBmal, you've become the Dear Abbey of ball busting! Good advice, though. I look forward to seeing your column in the Times. *wink.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, its been so long! I feel like I'm suffering a Ballbusting Tales withdrawal! More stories soon! Please?

Anonymous said...

Please dont let this site die
please write soon we love your stories

Anonymous said...

Area you alive hun???

Anonymous said...

:O what's going on :[

Anonymous said...

I want to bust these guys around me so badly but I can't, what should I do?

Knave said...

BBMal!!! Where are you?! Your public needs a new sexy tale of ballbusting fun! Hope you and yours are all well my friend.