Monday, March 26, 2012

Busting Alex: Another Stud Gets Nutted at Work

Many of you will recall that around this time last year I was in a full-fledged bb-affair with a younger co-worker at work named Justin.  I'm sad to say after several months of working together, Justin moved on and though we have retained our friendship, there hasn't been any bb incidents between us for months.  With the loss of Justin from my day-to-day life, I was just getting used to the fact that my experience with ball busting had been downgraded back to writing fiction and buying the occasional bb clip - and then, Alex showed up.

When I first met Alex he struck me as a cute, shy sort of kid.  He was quiet, but smart and capable for his age (in the middle of his third year of college).  I liked him immediately - and took it upon myself to try to get him out of his shell.  I soon came to realize that my initial instincts about him had been correct and quickly discovered that we shared quite a few interests. 

Of course, in the process of getting to know Alex, I spent a fair amount of time checking him out.  Like I said, he was a good looking guy, and scoping out cute boy's packages has become an unconscious compulsion for me.  Thus, it hardly took long at all for me to notice the nice, ample mound that tended to poke it's way through the seat of his pants whenever he sat for long periods of time.  After a bit more observation, I became thoroughly convinced that this was not some artifact of loose clothing - but in fact, that protuberance in his pants was all Alex... and from the visible portion of his waistband sticking out at the top of his underwear, I came to surmise that Alex was in the practice of almost exclusively wearing cute, designer briefs - or most likely - boxer briefs, which seemed to have a habit of bunching up on him and typically resulted in him reaching down and repositioning his junk from time to time.

For a couple of months took great pleasure in my role as a spectator, often fantasizing about what it would feel like to flatten juicy, plump bulge.  Then one day, we had an uncharacteristic warm snap in early spring, and to my utter delight, Alex came in to work in a tank top and board shorts. I was astonished to discover that Alex was ripped - his arms were thickly corded and he had legs like 20 year old tree trunks.  I remember being shocked and I had a hard time masking my surprise.  I knew Alex was fit, but nothing like this.  I even found myself commenting on it - to which he shrugged.  Apparently he'd hit his growth spurt late in high school and he'd spent the first two years of college bulking up.  Whatever the case, my image of Alex was suddenly shifted - he wasn't the cute kid at work anymore.  He was a stud.  Sure, a smart, mild-tempered, and even a bit nerdy at times, but a stud nonetheless.

If anything, my sudden discovery of Alex's stud-status only made me want to bust him that magnificent bulge of his even more.  Like I mentioned, he's quite handsome - sort of a unique blend of Asian and caucasian ancestry, and with that tight, lean, young body - it was almost too much to resist.  My experience with Justin taught me that if I wanted to go through with it, I simply had to bide my time for the right time to strike.  And that time came today.

The set up was almost too perfect.  For some reason, Alex and I seemed to be the only two people working this evening.  The hall on our floor was deserted, and left to our own devises, we ended up spending the majority of our time goofing off and bullshitting about non-work stuff.  All very typical - in fact, that's how we spend the majority of our time together, squeezing in work here and there between the gaps in conversation. On this occasion, Alex was sitting down at one of the computers, working on something as I stood near by, sipping my 3rd cup of coffee for the day.

"Hey, would you mind coming over and taking at look at this for me?"  Alex asked, calling me over to his work station.

"Sure," I said, putting down my coffee and taking a seat next to him.  Alex pushed his chair away so I could sit in front of his monitor and stood up for a stretch.  I surreptitiously kept watch out of the corner of my eye, just in case I might catch him reaching between his legs to shift the big, fat wad he was sporting in today's cargo pants - but in stead, Alex lifted his arms and stretched them above his head and yawned.  Then for reasons that escape me, he began flexing his arms and smiled.

"Check these babies out."  He grinned playfully as he mockingly grit his teeth and thrust his arm out for my inspection.  Perhaps he was recalling how I'd taken notice of his bulging biceps the day he'd worn the tank top, and was trying to show off.  By now our relationship had become closer and less formal, and joking around was hardly new ground for us.

I turned to him and smiled at his silly expression.  The idea of such a nice, mild-mannered guy as Alex acting tough was a joke - which made me laugh out loud.  Then my eyes darted down to his crotch where his big, sweet bulge protruded out invitingly between his beef-cake thighs.  He was standing close - very close - hardly more than a foot separating me and his delicate baby-makers. 

He clearly was oblivious to the fact that he was in the presence of someone who desperately wanted to bust his balls - but his loss would be my gain. 

It took me less than a second to realize that the time had come - this was my chance to take my first crack at Alex's virgin nuts, and I was taking it.  I felt the familiar boost of adrenaline flood in to my veins and time seemed to slow down for just a moment.  My mind was already made up - I was going for it, and before Alex, or even I knew what was happening, my hand was surging toward his manhood.

Alex was still focused on his biceps, waiting for me to acknowledge the impressive gun show on display, and quite oblivious to the peril he was in as my hand flew up between his legs. 

"What, do you mean like this?"  I quipped back with a devilish grin as the back of my hand whipped into Alex's groin, center-mast.  As my hand smashed into his crotch, I immediately noted how soft and and pliant Alex's junk felt against the back of my hand.  His cargo pants offered little resistance as my hand drove in deeper, squashing Alex's dick and tender nuggets in the process, stopping only when it finally came up against the hard, flat edge of his pelvis.

There was a half second delay before the hit registered in Alex's brain and his mocking smile was instantly replaced by a wincing, open mouth groan as the poor young stud dropped down to his haunches and began laughing through the obvious discomfort.

"Owwwww," he moaned between fits of laughter. "That was good... I didn't see that one coming."

The fact that Alex was smiling and laughing after just getting sucker-punched below the belt just made me like the kid even more.

He remained hunched over, cupping his crotch for more than a minute as I pretended to ignore him and stared at the screen.  I just kept thinking about how soft his nutsac had felt against my hand and quickly came to the conclusion that Alex had one delicate set of of plums.

It took him a while, but eventually Alex managed to crawl his way back up in to his seat.  Surprisingly, he was still smiling and laughing at the situation. 

"I haven't gotten sack-tapped in a long time," Alex grinned as he kept his balls firmly cupped in his hand.  He looked impossibly cute with his junk in his grasp.

"Ugh, you definitely got righty with that one, but you missed lefty."

I turned and shot him a big grin.  "Oh yeah? Come closer and let me fix that."

Alex's whole body seemed to cringe reflexively.  "No!"  He laughed nervously.

I laughed back at him and returned my attention to the monitor in front of me, but out of the corner of my I kept watching as he continued to nurse his nuts.

"I think I'm bleeding down there."  He sighed, rubbing the magnificent lump in his pants.

I smiled again.  Of course, there was no sign of blood  - or any other liquid stain for that matter -  on the front of his pants, but it gave me an excuse to check out that sexy, freshly busted bulge.

"Jeeze, and you really got in there and got 'em good.  You had some serious wrist action."

I rolled my eyes and grinned back at him. "Seriously, man?  That was a light hit…"  I smiled tauntingly.  Perhaps I was exaggerating a bit, but the truth was that the strike had been solid, but only half of my strength had gone in to it - but perhaps even that was too much if you're nuts are as sensitive as his appeared to be.  Apparently size wasn't everything...

"Oh, Jesus!"  Alex rolled his eyes and chuckled, still cupping his tender gonads gently.

Things soon settled down after that and the rest of the evening went on rather un-eventfully.  To my utter delight, the sacking came up a few more times during our conversation, and I even mocked him for having 'weak balls,' but amazingly Alex seemed to take it all in good humor.  Not bad for our first foray in to ball busting…

Another thing I learned from my experience with Justin was that once I'd taken aim at his gonads, I'd in effect, "opened the flood gates" for the possibility and likelihood of future busting.  Sort of like once you've cracked the seal to the cottage cheese, it's expected that you're going to come back for seconds at some point.  So, perhaps I'll get to bust Alex again in the future. Perhaps, perhaps not - time will tell - but if anything does happen, you'll get to read about it here :-)

- Below is a pic of a Ethan Mitchell, a young model that bares a striking resemblance to the young stud I work with. -


Nicholas said...

Your place of employment is a never ending source of hot guys. Where exactly do you work again? Are they hiring? I'm good with petri dishes, and I do a mean autoclave . . .

Nicholas said...


Shouldn't I be getting something for always being the first person to reply to your stories?

Like an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas? Or a catamaran? Or how about just a single box of Riceroni (The San Francisco treat!)?

It's not easy checking your blog every day, you know . . . .

Alex said...

Wow - that sounds like the beginning of a great friendship! I really hope that Alex will stay longer than Justin so that you'll be able to really develop your work relationship... :-))

bbmal said...


I admire and appreciate your constant support, but isn't being the first to comment it's own reward?

Alright, I sense I might be losing you with that one, how about a cookie? No? Wait! Hold on, I have it, I'll send Alex "on assignment" to stop by your place so you can check out "the goods" for yourself. There, does that make us square? ;-D

As for joining the team, we constantly are reviewing applications - but I should probably warn you that I have a habit of putting new recruits through a "rigorous orientation process" - as you very well know from reading my stories ;-D

bbmal said...


Thank you, I hope you're right! I ended up developing a fantastic friendship with Justin - and I like to think that our bb-experiences in the beginning was the glue that helped bond our friendship... lol, that might be a tad of wishful thinking, but it's a nice thought nonetheless, and after all, I'm a romantic at heart. ;-)

Nicholas said...

A cookie would be just fine. Send it UPS or FedEx, I don't want it to arrive stale.

Unknown said...

You should let him participate too, Next time you do it, let him get in a free shot but do it "accidentally". When he falls to the ground on his knees, stand up in front of him so you're crotch is in his face and pretend you don't think he'll tag you. He should probably punch your balls. After that, you can start an actual war with each offer, keep punching and jabbing each other's dicks(: lmao

Darrel L said...

Very hot!! Alex should get his nice big balls busted till he cums :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Unknown, you lost your chance with Justin because you never let him get you.