Saturday, February 25, 2012

Man down!

I'm sure many of you aware of the amazing work of Lance Hart.  His is the Producer/Directer/Owner and star of the F/M Clips4sale store SheOwnsYourManhood, as well as the equally amazing M/M store ManUp!  The clips that Lance has been producing have really been top notch, and I hope he keeps making them for a long, long time.  In fact, Lance's M/M material is so great and original, that I teamed up with my friend and co-author Alex (of Ball Busting Boys) to create a blog dedicated to reviewing and discussing the clips produced on ManUp!   Click on the link below to check out our new blog and help support Lance!

In addition to the clip reviews, we have set up a page for future clip suggestions and information for how to become a model, and of course we're always brainstorming for more fun things we can do with the blog - so be sure to leave feedback (either for us, or for Lance) and remember to check out Lance's new clips!

Below are a few stills to give you just a taste of all the M/M ball-busting goodness that are in Lance's awesome clips!


Nicholas said...

The new fan site is well designed and puts Lance's great work front and center. Hopefully it will increase the traffic to both his clips site and his blog, and thus usher us into a golden era of M/M ball busting vids that will last from here to eternity!


bbmal said...

I second that sentiment!!!! Lance is producing some really great clips and we want to make sure he knows that the BB community is behind him 100% of the way!

Darrel L said...

Love the clips but the busts seem slightly fake. If the busts were more realistic, it would be really awesome!

bbmal said...

Some of the busts can be a bit light, but then there are some that really hit their target. Either way it's awesome to finally get to see some good quality BB clips.