Friday, February 25, 2011

Men of the House - Part III

This story contains young and old mixed bb. The first two stories in this series can be found here and here.


It was the weekend in the Johnson home. Dylan and Corey's mom was out on business, called away at the last minute, she'd taken the red-eye Thursday night. She'd left the two boys home alone on dozens of occasions, but this was the first time she was planning on being away for a week. Dylan assured her that they would be fine, and at 17, he was capable of taking care of himself and his little brother. Nonetheless, she remained uneasy about leaving the boys alone for so long and asked her boyfriend Rob to stay at the house until she returned.

Neither Dylan or Corey liked Rob that much. In front of their mother, he was sweet and charming, but alone, he was cocky and arrogant. He never had children, and he didn't particularly care for kids. He had no use at all for two teenage boys, a fact that Rob hid only from their mother.

Dylan did his best to avoid Rob as much as possible. He didn't have to like him, and so long as he made his mother happy, he managed to tolerate her new boyfriend. That was of course, until Rob moved into their house.

The first day went by without incident. On Friday, the boys went to school during the day, and Rob had gone to work. In the evening they had ordered a pizza and watched a basketball game they had recorded earlier in the week.

Then things took a turn Saturday morning. Rob was an early riser and woke the boys up just after dawn to start on housework. He ignored the boys' protests and after breakfast, set them to work. Dylan was given a list of tasks that kept him outside, mowing the lawn, painting the shed, and washing their mother and Rob's cars. Inside the house, Corey was given an equally long list including cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the rugs, and polishing the furniture. The work took all day. It was late in the afternoon when Dylan finally came back in to the house to the sound of shouting.

Dylan sprinted from the kitchen into the living room where he heard the commotion. He stopped in his tracks as he entered the room. Shattered pieces of a vase were strewn across the carpeted floor and Rob was holding Corey roughly by the wrists. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Shut up and stay out of this." Rob spat. His face was red with anger.

"It was an accident, I'm sorry." Corey cried.

"Don't lie to me you little shit," Rob hissed, slapping the boy across the cheek, "you did that on purpose."

Corey winced, grabbing his face and swallowed back his tears.

Dylan seethed with anger and noticed the three empty beer bottles on the coffee table.

"Go get a broom and clean this mess." Rob growled, shoving Corey toward the kitchen.

Being the protective older brother, Dylan sprung into action and charged toward Rob. "Don't touch my brother."

Rob smirked at the teen a moment as if he were considering the request. Then suddenly he lashed out grabbed Dylan's throat.

Corey yelped in surprise and pressed tightly against the wall.

At 38, Rob was still in good shape. He was tall and fit, his large frame was dense with muscle. He towered over Dylan and had at least 50 pounds on him.

Dylan tried to squirm away, but Rob's fingers held like bands of iron around his neck.

"I know you boys grew up without a father, but by God I'm gonna teach you some respect." Rob spit as he slammed the teenage boy down onto the floor hard. It looked like something from the WWE, but the pain in Dylan's back was real.

Dylan thrashed, fighting furiously to break free as Rob straddled him and continued to bare down on his throat. His head was spinning, and bright flashes of light were streaking across his eyes. Desperate to break free, he suddenly lifted his knee up between Rob's spread thighs, sinking softly into the older man's groin.

Rob grunted as the full impact of the hit to his balls began to register. He released his hold on Dylan's neck and punched him hard in the temple.

Dylan's cried out. The pain was searing and he saw stars.

"So you like playing dirty huh?" Rob asked as he grabbed his crotch with one big hand and massaged its contents. "Well, two can play at that game."

Dylan shook his head furiously, trying to fight back as pain exploded out of his groin. His stomach tightened and rumbled like a far off thunderstorm. Rob dropped his knee into the teenager's nuts again for good measure and pulled Dylan up on his feet by his throat.

Dylan howled and reached for his agonized testicles, but he was thrown back against the wall.

"I told you boy, you're gonna learn to respect me." Rob snarled.

The whole room was spinning now and Dylan fought to catch his balance, but Rob was in no mood to show mercy. With one thick arm pinning Dylan fast against the wall, Rob sent his knee between the boy's spread legs again, crunching his nuts hard inside his jeans.

Dylan gasped as all the air emptied out of his lungs and his body was rocked with pain. Again and again Rob powered his leg into Dylan's gonads, each time the impact sent shockwaves of pain throughout his body and he felt like he was going to vomit. Occasionally Rob would take a break to catch his breath, but the reprieve was only temporary and before long, he was back at it.

Rob laid into him a few more times before he took another rest. His cheeks were puffed out and he was breathing heavily from the exertion of pulverizing the teen's testicles.

Dylan moaned miserably and grabbed his crotch. It was the worst pain he had ever felt in his life. His legs wobbled beneath him and he would have fallen over if not for the fact that Rob still had him pinned against the wall. Then suddenly he felt Rob's grip on his neck loosen and Dylan slumped back against the wall. He coughed a few times and when he finally looked up, he couldn't believe his eyes.

Corey had watched with horror as the older man attacked his brother from across the room. Fear had overtaken him and he found that despite wanting to help, he could not move his arms or legs. Desperately he tried to will himself to act, but by the time he did, Rob had Dylan up against the living room wall and he was hammering his knee into Dylan's crotch. Corey had to do something to stop him, but what was he supposed to do? He only had one chance to catch Rob off guard, so it would have to count.

There was only one thing Corey could think to do - fight fire with fire.

Corey summoned the courage and slowly snuck up behind them. Rob was preoccupied at the moment, focusing all of his aggression out on Dylan, he didn't hear Corey approach, or even feel his small hand brush up against the hair on his legs as Corey reached for the bulge in his shorts. Corey's hand snaked up the leg of Rob's Bermuda shorts, pushing past a forest of rich, thick pubic hair until his fingers came to rest on the 38 year-old's meaty balls.

Rob gasped, realizing the danger he was in only too late as Corey seized his ballsac and yanked down on the fat nuts.

Until that moment, Corey had thought that Dylan was hung, but the size and weight of a full-grown man's gonads was incredible. Rob's testicles were enormous, though it wasn't just that they were large, but they were dense too, resting comfortably at the bottom of his sac.

Corey squeezed a handful of Rob's nutmeat and pressed his thumb into one of the orbs. It was solid and his fingers hardly made a dent. Corey imagined how much force it would take to crack Rob's iron-cast nuts and tightened his grip around Rob's two over-sized globes in a vice-like grip, squeezing like his life depended on it.

Dylan squinted through the pain, saw an odd expression cover Rob's face. Then he saw Corey's arm buried in Rob's shorts and put two and two together. He managed a smirk, despite the throbbing in his balls and pulled Rob's hands away from his throat. When he was free, he stumbled back a few steps and coughed again, rubbing the soreness out of his neck and crotch.

"Thanks," he whispered to his brother. Corey winked back.

Rob blinked his eyes and groaned as Corey's sneaky little fingers twisted and squeezed his meaty nuts inside his shorts. He reached for the boy's hands and tried to rip them away, but Corey simply dug deeper into his gonads, sending new shock waves of pain into his body.

"Ugh, my balls . . . my fuckin' balls . . ." Rob repeated. His muscular body seemed to whither on the vine as his large reproductive organs were crushed in the 13 year-old's hands. "Let go, or I swear I'll beat the shit out of you."

Corey snickered at the threat. There was no doubt that Rob would have attacked him if he was able, but Corey had already squeezed all the power out of his body with his tight little grip, and Rob simply had nothing left with which to fight him off.

Dylan stood next to his brother, listening to Rob's pitiful moaning as Corey kneaded the contents of his scrotum like a hunk of dough. Then he gave Rob's hefty testicles one final squeeze for good measure and let go.

Rob's eyes bulged and he coughed, sinking to his knees. Corey let him fall and smiled as he watched the grown man grab his crotch and whimper.

Dylan pat Corey on the back and the two boys smiled.

"You're up." Corey grinned, nodding in Rob's direction.

Dylan glanced at the fallen man in their living room and back to Corey, grinning. Then with all his might, Dylan swung his foot and wedged it between Rob's spread legs.

Rob yelped and curled up into a ball.

"Now who's fighting dirty scumbag?" Dylan yelled. Lifting his leg up, he stomped down on Robs hands, grinding them into his nuts.

Rob groaned, struggling to break free, but Dylan kicked him in the stomach and ribs.

"Fuck!" Rob groaned and grabbed his abdomen.

Now with a clear shot, Dylan grabbed Rob's ankles and stomped down between his legs, crunching his already sore gonads.

Rob let out a long, high-pitched scream.

Dylan pumped his foot up and down, squishing Rob's juicy baby-makers hard into his crotch.

Rob's body thrashed and bucked, but there was nothing he could do to halt the thrashing his balls were receiving. He let out one final moan until he finally his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out.

Dylan let go of Rob's legs and hobbled over to the couch, clutching his groin. His own balls were still throbbing from the bashing they'd received earlier. He sat down on the couch and cautiously reached into his pants and rubbed his bruised ballsac.

Corey sat down next to him and looked at the unconscious mass of limbs that was Rob's body next to the broken vase. "Do you think he'll tell mom what I did?" Corey asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

Dylan thought for a moment and shook his head. "Maybe, but I don't think Rob's the kind of guy that would want other people to know that he got owned by a couple of kids."

Corey was still looking at Rob's motionless form. "How are we going to explain all of this to mom?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll call her tonight and tell her what happened." Dylan tried to sound reassuring.

"You're going to tell her everything?" Corey asked, sounding worried.

"Well, maybe not everything . . ." Dylan shot a smirk back at his little brother. "I'll tell her Rob broke the vase."

"That's not what I meant." Corey scowled.

Dylan chuckled. "I know, I'm just messing with you. I told you not to worry, I'll take care of it."

Corey's eyes brightened just a bit. "Thanks Dylan."

"Sure little bro," Dylan grinned momentarily. Then he let out a long exhale and readjusted the grip on his package.

"Are you alright?" Corey asked, the look of concern on his face was obvious.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Dylan groaned. "But I'm thinking about wearing a cup from now on. Whenever I'm around you, I keep getting it in the junk."

Corey stifled a laugh and Dylan cringed as the discomfort in his abdomen settled in deeper.

"The crazy thing is, my nuts are sore as hell, but I've got a wicked boner." Dylan whispered.

Corey's eyes went wide.

"Maybe I can help with that." Corey said softly as he scooted closer to his brother.

"Thanks, but I think I can handle this one on my own." Dylan smirked. "I'm gonna go upstairs and rub one out. Do me a favor and keep an eye on Rob. When I get back, we'll clean up and I'll give mom a call."

Corey couldn't help but feel a bit cheated as he watched his older brother climb off the couch and head upstairs alone. He listened to the sound of Dylan's footsteps reach the top of the stairs, walk down the hall and his bedroom door close behind him. He sat back on the sofa and stared at Rob's unmoving body.

Rob hadn't made a peep in the last ten minutes.

Corey got up and walked over to him. Rob's eyes were closed and he was breathing evenly.

Corey tested the waters by tapping his foot against Rob's leg, but he didn't stir. Feeling more brazen, he tapped his arm.

There was no response.

Corey took a step back and continued to stare at Rob. He couldn't believe he was even considering what he was about to do, but his curiosity was insatiable and it was driving his actions.

Slowly, he knelt down and placed his hand on Rob's muscular thigh.

Still nothing.

Then slowly he slid his hand up Rob's leg and back into his shorts. Corey studied Rob's face for a reaction, but it was calm and his breathing remained steady. Again he encountered the thick patch of pubic hair that surrounded Rob's manhood, until finally he settled on Rob's balls and grabbed a handful.

Corey gave Rob's bull balls a quick tug, and then a longer, harder squeeze until he was convinced that Rob wasn't waking up. Once he was sure, he tried to yank Rob's shorts off, but found that too difficult, and instead pulled Rob's ballsac out through the leg of his shorts. It was a monster sac, and his balls were huge and fat. They dwarfed every other set of testicles Corey had ever seen.

Corey rolled Rob's big balls between his fingers and surveyed the damage he and his brother had done to them. The orbs were swollen and slightly red.

Rob was completely out of it, he just laid there motionless as Corey fondled his big, bloated baby-makers. He thought about how much cream Rob had in those nuts and gave them a squeeze.

Corey squeezed each testicle separately and then together. He spent several minutes at it, varying both the pressure and rhythm when he noticed the bulge in Rob's shorts. Corey grinned and went back to squeezing Rob's big juicy nuts for a while longer. It didn't take much until he noticed Rob's breathing had become shorter and quicker. Corey knew from his experiences with Dylan what that meant and he began kneading Rob's large eggs even harder.

Rob's cock grew to it's full height and strained against the lining of his Bermuda shorts, ready to blow. It was hard to tell if Rob knew what was happening to him, but the rest of him seemed to. His whole body seemed to tense in preparation for the release that was about to come. Then Corey felt Rob's big balls tighten in his hand and get pulled in toward his body.

Rob's balls were boiling with cum and his breathing had reached a fever pitch until suddenly, he let out a muted groan and his shorts became flooded with semen. His cock trembled as gobs and gobs of his sticky man milk spilled out.

Corey held on firmly until the entire contents of Rob's testicles were squeezed out. Once it was finally over, he shoved Rob's empty jewels back into his shorts and grinned. Whenever Rob woke up, he was going to be in for a sticky surprise.

Corey took a step back from Rob's unconscious body and wiped his hands on his shirt. Rob's eyes were still closed, but he looked rather content, as if enjoying a pleasant dream.

Corey sat back down on the couch and waited for his brother to return. The minutes ticked by slowly and he became restless once again. Dylan had told him to stay put until he returned, but Rob wasn't going anywhere.

Corey thought the matter over carefully. Perhaps he should go check on Dylan and give him a hand upstairs?

After having just busted and milked a full grown man, the idea of doing the same to Dylan gave Corey a boner.

It didn't take him long to make his decision.

Corey debated the matter for a few moments before he was sauntering up the stairs toward his brother's room, whistling all the way.

- Here's a picture of Rob from a few years ago -

- and Corey's big brother and savior, Dylan -


Drake said...

Dude, that was awesome.
How much time until part four comes out?

bbmal said...

Thanks Drake. I have an idea for the next installment, so now it's just a matter of putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

write another one
this is such a great story!

Anonymous said...

How big was Rob's cock?