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Ball Busting Strip Poker

This is story is a VERY belated gift to Alex, the great author and creator of ballbustingboys.blogspot.com. The decision to start posting my stories up on this blog was due in large part, to Alex's encouragement and support. I'm sure we all miss his writing, but the large collection of stories he's given us continues to provide inspiration and entertainment. I hope you enjoy this story, and join me in thanking Alex for all his hard work!


Tom and John were old college buddies and the best of friends. From the moment they met the first week of classes they'd become inseparable. Everything they did was together, they shared the same classes, played the same sports, and at one time or another, dated the same women. Their friends used to call them the 'Dynamic Duo,' a label that stuck even after they graduated and were hired straight of college by the same company.

Nearly four years had gone by since college and everything seemed to be working out for them. At work, Tom's star was on the rise. He'd just been promoted supervisor of his development team and he was living with his girlfriend Amy, who he'd spent the last year dating. Things were going equally well for John. He'd just gotten engaged to his long time girlfriend Kelly. They'd met John's senior year in college and continued dating ever since.

It was the weekend now, and Tom and Amy had invited John and his new fiance to their place to celebrate their engagement. They spent the afternoon lounging on the back patio drinking and catching up while the men tended to the grill. After their lunch, Amy and Kelly stepped inside to make pina coladas while Tom and John remained outside, slinging back beers and reminiscing about old times.

Tom handed his friend a beer out of the cooler and sat in the deck chair next to him.

They were both in their late twenties, just old enough to have learned a few things about life but they still looked young and handsome. Tom was average height and build, with a thick head of black hair. He had a slightly chiseled face, which was set by high cheek bones, a strong jaw, and crystal blue eyes that could cut ice.

John was nearly his physical opposite, several inches taller, he was broad chested and muscular with thick brown hair that covered most of his body. In college his nickname had been 'Big John,' a point of pride that he enjoyed spreading around, especially with the ladies. He had warm brown eyes set in a slightly rounder face, and though he shaved regularly, he sported a perpetual stubble that gave him a slightly edgier look.

They spent the rest of the day behind the house, bullshitting about work and the big college game playing that weekend. They talked about the future and their plans to start families. After years of friendship, there was no topic they couldn't discuss. They finished off an entire case of beer as they watched the sun go down, clinking their bottles together to toast John's engagement.

As dusk gave way to night, the two friends brought the party inside and joined up with their female counterparts in the living room. One look at their girlfriends and you could see that Tom and John shared tastes in women. Amy and Kelly could have been sisters. They were a pair of beautiful brunettes, their bodies were hot and supple, though standing next to one another, Amy appeared to be the more slender of the two. They were sitting on the couches, chatting about this and that, sipping on their frozen drinks.

"Look who it is. Have you boys come to join us?" Amy said smiling. "While you two were outside, Kelly and I were catching up. She filled me in on what you two were like in college. It doesn't sound like much's changed." She followed with a wink.

Tom shot John a grin and shrugged. "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up."

Kelly laughed. "See, I told you."

Amy nodded her head. "Actually we were planning to go find you and ask if you were interested in playing a game."

John's ears perked up. "What kind of game were you thinking?"

Amy turned back and looked at Kelly. "I don't know, we've got the Wii and I'm pretty sure we have a few board games. We were thinking of having a drinking game."

Tom pulled out two tattered boxes of Monopoly and Risk from the closet. The group considered both options, but neither seemed appealing. Then Tony remembered the deck of cards in the cabinet under the TV.

"What about poker?" He suggested.

"Great idea." John said enthusiastically.

Neither of the girls looked particularly interested. "I don't know." Amy said hesitantly.

"I don't know how to play." Kelly admitted.

"That's ok, I'll teach you. It'll be fun!" John's voice boomed with excitement.

"Easy big fella. Listen, don't be fooled. John is a shark, he even won an amateur championship a few years back. If we play for money he'll find a way to clean us out of our rent." Tom said, catching the sly look John shot him from across the coffee table.

"No look, I can teach you how to play. Besides, we don't have to play for money, it'll just be for fun." John replied as he took the deck of cards from Tom and started shuffling them. "Of course, we could make things a little more interesting if you want. How about strip-poker?"

The two girls looked at each other and silently came to an agreement between themselves before they nodded their heads in unison. "Ok."

"You serious?" Tom sounded surprised.

"Yeah, why you scared?" Amy teased.

"Hold on, I'll play, but only if I get to practice first." Kelly stipulated.

"You got it babe." John smiled.


They spent the first few rounds going slowly as John explained the rules as they went along. As it turned out, Kelly picked everything up quickly and after a few more rounds, they were ready to play. The game was five-card draw. The girls sat at one end of the coffee table, the boys at the other.

Once they were ready, Tom shuffled the deck and dealt the first hand.

John tapped his finger on the table while he waited for his cards, humming softly to himself. When he finally received them, he flipped over his cards and smirked. Right off the bat he'd drawn two pair of 6's and 8's. On the opposite side of the table, there were a few grumbles.

They went around the table, each person discarding their unwanted cards and drawing new cards from the deck. Then they made their final bets and laid their cards on the table. Neither Amy or Kelly had anything, and John's two pair was beaten by Tom's flush.

John grumbled as he unbuttoned his shirt, while Tom smirked at his friend and took a pull off his beer.

John sat back in his seat and started shuffling the deck. "See, what'd I tell you? Fun, right?"

"Yeah great. I just wish I thought to wear more layers." Kelly whined as she accepted the next hand.

The next few rounds went by quickly and clothes began to pile up on the floor around them. Things had gotten better for John after the first hand, but on the whole, the girls had been on a bit of a winning streak that had caused the boys to lose their clothes at an alarming rate. Still, he was doing better than Tom who had ended up losing several rounds in a row and was stripped down to his Calvin Kleins.

It was Amy's turn to deal. "Good luck sweetie," she said as she doled out Tom's cards.

John jabbed his elbow into Tom's ribs. "Yeah, I think he needs it. He's one hand away from saying sayonara to those tighty whities he's got on."

Tom smirked and held his cards against his chest. "Yeah, we'll see about that."

During their first round of bets, both of the girls dropped out early, each forfeiting an article of clothing and leaving the boys in the game. John looked down at the full house in his hand and doubled the bet.

"Hold on, that's not fair. I don't have anything to double down with!" Tom exclaimed. "You're just going to win by default."

"Hmm." John looked like he was considering the prospect. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Come on man, I've finally got a good hand here." Tom pressed. "At least give me a chance to play it out."

John sat back against the foot of the couch. "Alright bro, double or nothing, go. Show me what you've got."

Tom smirked as he laid out the straight on the table. "Read'em and weep."

"That's good." John smiled and nodded his head and put up his own cards, a king-high flush. "Too bad it's not good enough."

"Oh, fuck." Tom growled and drained the last of his beer.

"Oooo. You know what that means?" Kelly giggled, sounding a little tipsy.

"Oh yeah, drop those drawers mister!" Amy cackled.

"Yeah, yeah I know." Tom mumbled as he stood up. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or the fact that they were all close friends, but Tom showed little hesitation. After all he had little to be ashamed of and years of playing sports had gotten him desensitized to getting naked around men.

WIth one sweep, he pulled off his briefs and exposed his manhood to the group. Tom's long, limp dick slipped into view over a pair of hefty, low hanging nuts.

Tom shifted his pose after a few seconds and flexed his wiry muscles. "There you go, take a good look."

The girls hooted and cheered while John clapped. Then Tom took a deep bow and announced that he was going to the kitchen for a beer.

"Hold up buddy, if you recall, you doubled down on that last hand." One of John's eyebrows were raised.

"Yeah, but I'm out of clothes, what do you want me to do?" Tom asked shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." John smirked. Then suddenly he swung his fist into his friend's crotch, smashing Tom's balls from underneath with a well-placed uppercut. Both of Tom's nuggets were squashed by John's punch and Tom yelped in pain.

"Shit dude . . . not cool." He whispered in a hoarse moan, half bent over and cupping his throbbing balls.

John chuckled heartily, followed quickly by both of the women.

Tom winced as the ache in his balls slowly radiated up into his stomach. When he sufficiently recovered, he grabbed another beer from the kitchen and sat back on the recliner, gently resting the cold beer bottle against his junk.

With Tom out of the game, they began another hand which soon ended with John winning and the girls both losing another piece of clothing. The trend continued for the next few hands, until finally the lead the girls had enjoyed all night had disappeared. Amy had lost her top, but she still had her skirt on, while Kelly was down to just her bra and panties. John on the other hand, still had his undershirt, socks, and boxers, but after losing the previous round and having succumbed to peer pressure from the ladies, ended up losing his jeans.

"Anyone want anything from the kitchen?" Tom asked. He was still nursing his beer which had warmed up from being placed between his legs for so long.

"I could go for another beer." John replied without looking up from his cards. He was the last to enter his bet and once he did, everyone laid out their cards. John swore angrily when he looked over the table. He had doubled his bet, intent on finishing his fiance Kelly off, but somehow she'd managed to pull three of a kind out of her hat and won the hand.

Amy had lost the hand as well, but she'd been cautious and had only bet one piece of clothing. Then she shocked all of them when, instead of taking off her skirt, she reached in and pulled out a bright pair of pink underwear. Tom whistled as she twisted it around her finger a few times and tossed them aside.

John grumbled as he pulled off his shift and socks. Now he was in the same position Tom had been in earlier, staring at two women who still each had twice as much clothing as him.

"You know, this doesn't seem all that fair, two against one. Maybe we should just quit now." John tried to make the suggestion sound reasonable.

"Hold your horses there stud. By my count, you lose one more round and you'll be joining your friend over there in naked town, so why would we quit now?" Amy asked.

"Is that so?" John cocked his eyebrow. "I was just trying to be a gentleman over here, and save you two fine ladies the embarrassment of losing the next two rounds, because that's what's going to happen. I've been holding back until now, but you're going to have to bring your A-game or count on a miracle to beat me."

"Oh yeah? We don't need your charity, so bring it on big boy, and get ready to lose those drawers!" Amy smirked.

Tom shook his head as he listened to his best friend and his girlfriend jockey back and forth. On his way to the kitchen he stopped to take a leak, and when he returned with the beers he found John strutting around the living room in his boxers.

"You see this? This is the product of working out, 2 hours each day." John rubbed his tight abs. "I know you want to see the rest, but I don't think that's going to happen." He said as he slipped his hand down into his boxers.

"Come on, shut up and let's play!" Kelly cried. They had already started the next hand while he'd been away and the girls were both holding their cards as John paraded in front of them.

Tom chuckled quietly to himself and shook his head. John had always been a preening meat-head, and it appeared that hadn't changed. He'd did it all the time when they were in college, showing off for anyone who'd watch.

Then Tom noticed the large gap between John's thighs and he got an idea. Setting the beer bottles on and end table, Tom crept up behind John on cat paws. John hadn't noticed him yet, and he was still going on about his daily exercise regiment.

Tom slowly closed the distance between them, and once he was in range, he brought his leg back and slammed his foot into John's crotch. John's boxers bunched up around Tom's foot as it drove into John's groin, cracking both of his nuts dead-on.

John's face contorted and he slid to his knees, groaning as all the air left his lungs.

"I've got your beer." Tom said cheerily, placing the bottle on the table in front of him and patted his head.

"Thanks." John groaned.

They took a break, giving John a few minutes to nurse his battered balls before getting started once again. With one hand still in his underwear, trying to rub the soreness out of his nuts, he picked up his cards and grumbled. Things didn't improve much after he drew from the deck a second time, and when it came time to show his cards, a pair of 10's were the best he could do.

Luckily, it was enough to beat Kelly's pair or 3's and keep him in the game. HIs fiance stripped the rest of her clothing off, revealing her succulent C-cup breasts and joined Tom on the couch.

"It's just you and me now Amy. I hope you're ready to lose." John tried to sound mocking, but the discomfort in his voice was impossible to miss.

"Bring it on big boy." Amy scowled. It was her turn to deal. She shuffled the deck slowly a few times, while staring back at him.

John thanked her for his cards and smirked at the cards in his hand.

Amy dropped two of her cards on the table and picked two more from the deck. When it was his turn to draw, John passed, eager to lay out his hand.

Amy stared at her own hand for a moment. "I'm going to raise you." She said after several moments of deliberation.

"Hold on, you know I can't match that." John said indignantly.

"Well, I guess that means I win." Amy smiled.

"No, no, hold on. Tom was in the same position earlier tonight and we gave him a pass."

After a moment Amy nodded. "Ok, fine. You can have the same deal he got."

John considered his options. It was obvious what he would be risking to win. The ache in balls were still smoldering from Tom's kick, and he didn't like the prospect of putting them back on the line, but then again, he couldn't let Amy cheat her way into winning. He looked down at his cards for a moment. He had a good hand, he just need a chance to play it.

"Alright, I'm in. Let's do it." He announced, placing his cards down on the table for all to see. Three 10's and a pair of jacks - a full house. "Suck on that!" John said confidently.

Amy sat back and studied his cards a moment. She cleared her throat. "That's a nice hand you've got there," she smiled curtly, "unfortunately, it's not nice enough."

John's mouth nearly dropped open as he watched Amy lay out her cards on the table one at a time. One, two, three, and then four queens were placed out in front of her, four of a kind.

"Christ," he whispered and threw his head back.

Tom grinned and Kelly slapped Amy a high-five.

Amy was bouncing happily in her seat. "Oh yeah! Suck on THAT, Mr. Champion poker player!"

The girls danced around the room in celebration. "Alright big boy, you know what that means, time to drop those drawers." Amy chuckled.

"Fine." John huffed as he got to his feet, and took a deep breath. The room got quiet and all eyes were on him. Then without any fanfare, John pulled his boxers down quickly, revealing a fat cock and two big, ripe testicles the size of hen's eggs. They seemed to fill the entire contents of his scrotum, snuggled up against the base of his dick. A thick mane of dark pubic hair converged around John's genitals, and covered his swollen sac.

Both girls cheered in unison as John tossed his drawers on the floor and stood next to his friend. Now that they were both naked, it was clear that Tom's dick was the longest, but John's balls were king.

"Nice." Amy whistled as she checked out both of their men's manhood. "But as I recall, there was a second part to our bet."

"Yeah, come on big guy. Time to face the music." Tom egged him on. Tom playfully reached over and took a swing at John's bulging bull nuts, but John managed to block it with his hands.

John grumbled to himself. After getting it in the nuts once that night already, he wasn't excited about having it happen again, but then, fair was fair. He walked over to Amy, who had pulled off the remainder of her clothing too. Now all four adults were naked, watching with anticipation.

At Amy's request, John sat down on the couch in front of her and spread his legs, allowing his heavy gonads to rest on the soft couch cushion.

"Let's get this over with." He grimaced.

"Come on John, don't be a sore loser." Amy smiled back. "So . . . how to go about this. Maybe I could knee them, or maybe I should just stomp down on them?"

"Either way sounds good to me." Tom chuckled and Kelly turned to him and gave Tom a dirty look.

"No," she paused a moment to consider, "I think I want to PUNCH THEM!" Suddenly Amy slammed her fist between John's thighs, squishing his beefy balls under her knuckles.

John croaked in pain.

"Hold on, I think I only got one that time, let me try again." Amy no sooner got finished saying as she punched John square in the nuts again.

"Oaf!" John groaned.

"Damn it, they're slippery little bastards!" Amy exclaimed as she smashed both her fists into John's baby-makers at once.

John howled as Amy sunk her fist between his legs again and again, slamming into his ballsac like it was her own personal punching bag.

Kelly watched in horror as Amy pummeled her fiance's tender nuggets. Both his face and his balls were beginning turn pink as the onslaught continued unchecked.

"Stop, please, you're going to hurt him!" She cried, turning to Tom who was laughing his ass off.

Tom shook his head in an attempt to steady himself. "I'm sorry Kelly, I hope you don't have anything planned later, 'cause I don't think there's going to be any stud service tonight."

Tom was laughing so hard that he didn't notice Kelly scowl back at him.

John coughed as Amy smashed his fat, juicy baby-makers with her fist again, his handsome face turning bright red and his eyes filled with tears.

"Come on Tom, this has gone too far." She grabbed his bicep. "I want him to be able to father my children some day."

'Thwack.' Amy punched John's big balls with a resounding smack.

"Don't worry," Tom assured her with a smirk, "there's always adoption." Then Tom burst out into laughter, cracked up by his own joke.

Kelly's eyes flared red with anger and frustration. Suddenly she reached down, grabbing Tom's naked nutsac and tugged down in an abrupt motion. Tom jumped back on his heals in surprise and tried to squirm away, but Kelly's grip was tight and she squeezed his plump testicles with everything she had.

Tom gnashed his teeth as his precious plums were squished and twisted in Kelly's hand. He was frightened, now finally seeing the anger in her eyes.

"What's wrong Tom, isn't this fun? What happened to your sense of humor on the subject?" She grinned wickedly as she tightened her grip on her new-found stress balls. Tom tried to protest, but the small groans and funny squeaks were all he could manage.

Both men were howling in pain as their girlfriends unleashed a world of pain onto their manhood.

Kelly kneaded Tom's nuts a few moments longer, really digging her thumbs into the center of each orb. Then she released Tom's sore balls and he collapsed on the couch next to his friend. The two of them looked like bookends, curled up, and cupping their battered gonads as they moaned in pain.

Amy glanced at her boyfriend and then back at John. The smirk on her face quickly spread to a smile.

"It looks like these two could use a rest." Kelly said, walking over to the pile of clothes on the floor and pulled on her underwear.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Can I fix you a drink? I think it'll be a while before they're ready for more." Amy said, not bothering with her clothes as she headed for the kitchen.

Kelly stared back at Tom a moment and licked her lips. "Sure, I'd love one." Following quickly after Amy, she left the boys alone to soothe their battered pride.

- Here we have Tom, and his best friend, John. -


Anonymous said...

Sweet story man. Definitely miss Alex's stories, it'd be nice to see him start writing again.

Anonymous said...

great story agen! u no the names of tom and john? xxx

bbmal said...

Thanks! The picture of "Tom" is from Ben Kirby. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down the real name of "John" yet, but if anyone knows his real name, please share.

Alex said...

Thank you very much, bbmal! I love it! Great story!

DavidJ said...


great story! any chance you could write a story about this guy? Ivan Rusilko? xxx

bbmal said...

Your welcome Alex! I hope the wait was worth it!

David - I checked out Ivan Rusilko. He's an interesting character, and has a decent-sized basket to boot. So yes, I'd be interested in writing a story about him. Email me and we can iron out the details.

Darrel L said...

Mmmm. Another hot story!!