Monday, February 21, 2011

Men of the House - Part II

This is a sequel to the original Men of the House story which can be read here. The next chapter is still being written, but it will be posted soon. Enjoy.


It was late in the afternoon when Dylan walked through the back door of the house and grabbed a cold soda from the fridge. He'd just spent the last hour cleaning out the garage, a chore he'd been ignoring for weeks. He sat down at the kitchen table and drank his Coke in silence. With his mom still at work, he knew it would be his job to start dinner, but he felt tired and his body was covered in sweat and dirt.

Dylan sat back in his chair and contemplated getting another soda when he heard a loud thump followed by a scream from upstairs. He sprinted up the stairs two at a time, and rushed toward his brother Corey's room where the noise had come from. He moved quickly, plagued by images of damage and injury Corey was capable of causing when left alone. He should have kept a closer eye on him. After all he was the older brother, it was his responsibility to look after him.

When he reached the door to Corey's room, he didn't bother knocking and burst through.

Corey and his childhood friend Shawn turned and looked surprised as he stormed in.

"Is everything ok in here?" Dylan said panting as his eyes swept the room for damage.

"Hi Dylan." Shawn waved in greeting. He'd been friends with Corey for years and had come up through the grades together. Shawn spent a lot of time with Corey, and either at his house or visiting theirs. He was older than Corey, but only by a few months. He was tall for his age, and had brown wavy hair.

"Everything's fine!" He said cheerily.

His brother Corey was sitting upright on the floor, and both boys were laughing.

"Ugh, no it's not. Shawn just floored me with that last kick." He groaned and his hands were buried between his legs. Shawn was staring down at his friend and beaming with a big grin on his face.

"What's going on? Shawn, why'd you kick Corey?" Dylan was still catching his breath and look bewildered as the two boys started to giggle in unison.

"Don't worry, it's nothing. We're just playing a game." Corey replied as he took Shawn's hand and pulled himself off the floor.

"A game?" Dylan replied skeptically.

Corey stood up brushed himself off. "Yeah, roshambo."

Dylan shook his head. "Corey, you could get hurt."

"He's fine, we play it all the time." Shawn chimed in.

Corey smirked, still cupping his nuts. "Two out of three?"

"Right on." Shawn grinned. "Care to join us Dylan?"

"No thanks." Dylan shook his head and pulled his little brother aside. "I'm serious, I don't want you playing roshambo with your friends. You could injure yourself of Shawn permanently."

"It's ok Dylan, really. Shawn's right, it's just a game." Corey said with a smirk. Then he turned away so his friend couldn't read his lips. "Usually I let him win the first round so I can soften him up a bit before I finish him off." Corey winked.

Dylan went wide-eyed with shock from his brother's admission. "I'm serious Corey, I want this to stop right now, or I'll tell mom."

Corey sighed. "It's not big deal."

"Yes it is!" Dylan snapped. "You have to listen to me. I'm in charge until mom comes home, and I'm telling you that you can't. It's dangerous, irresponsible, and stupid!"

Corey couldn't remember the last time he'd seen Dylan this upset. Then he thought of the incident that had happened a few weeks before when Corey decided to take his ball busting urges on his older brother. Dylan never told their mom, but he made Corey promise never to try to hit him below the belt again. Corey had managed to keep that promise, though he still thought about it all the time. He'd even told Shawn about it. His friend hadn't believed the story at first, but after a while he began asking for more details. Corey took great delight in describing the encounter. He loved Dylan, but he was equally proud of how he'd owned his brother and his big nuts.

"Ok, I'm sorry, alright? We'll stop, just don't tell mom." Corey conceded.

Dylan looked back at his younger brother and sighed. Perhaps it was all just boyish nonsense, but Dylan started to wonder if Corey had a problem.

Forgotten, Shawn stood by watching as the two brothers whisper between each other in hushed tones. Neither of them were paying much attention to him and he was getting bored waiting. Then Shawn's eyes settled on Dylan. His interest in Dylan had been peaked a week ago when Corey confided in Shawn that he had busted his big brother. Dylan was nearly 18 years-old, practically a man, and according to Corey, endowed with a hefty pair of low hangers. Corey claimed that just one kick was enough to take him down, but Shawn found that hard to believe. Dylan was bigger and stronger then the two of them put together, surely his family jewels were tough enough to handle a kick from a kid.

Dylan was still lecturing Corey in hushed tones as Shawn edged closer to listen to what they were saying. Shawn' paused when he was a few feet away. Dylan's back was still turned and his hand was on Corey's shoulder, his tall, lanky frame towered over his younger brother.

Shawn quickly realized that he was in the perfect position for a sneak attack. Shawn's heart began thumping hard in his chest and he felt himself getting excited. He took a deep breath to steady himself and listened to the conversation between the brothers. Still neither of them seemed to sense his presence. Then when he was ready, he took aim and launched a kick between Dylan's legs.

Shawn's foot connected with the bulge in Dylan's jeans dead-on, his instep collided with the older boy's jean-clad balls and rammed them up into his pelvis.

Dylan looked like he didn't know what hit him. He stopped mid-sentence and his mouth dropped open and a hoarse whimper escaped his throat.

Corey stared at his brother, puzzled, as Dylan grabbed his crotch and slid down to his knees. Then there was a loud thud as Shawn's foot slammed into his groin and he doubled over.

Corey coughed. When he looked up, he saw Shawn smiling.

"What'd you do that for?" Corey asked in a raspy voice.

Shawn shrugged. "I got tired of waiting, so I decided to get things started on my own."

Corey shook his head and stared down at his brother as he slowly rocked back and forth on the floor. "You shouldn't have. He's going to get mad and tell my mom."

"No he won't. Don't worry, I'll handle him." Shawn chuckled. He sounded confident, but Corey didn't look convinced.

Shawn bent down over Dylan for a moment to inspect his handy work. The older boy was still on his back and holding his crotch protectively. Shawn grabbed his hands and tried to peel them off.

"Dude, what the hell? Let go." Dylan snapped.

Under normal circumstances he would have been more than capable of fighting Shawn off, but the shot the nuts had taken something out of him. Back and forth, the two boys grappled for control. Dylan had strength and size on his side, but Shawn was faster and landed a hard punch into his ribs.

Dylan grunted and doubled over again.

Seeing his opening, Shawn pushed Dylan's legs apart and threw a punch at Dylan's crotch. His knuckles connected with Dylan's nuts, making the older teen gasp in surprise and let out a yelp.

Shawn snickered as he followed up with another punch and sunk his fist into the soft mound in Dylan's jeans. Corey had been right, busting an older guy sure was a lot of fun!

Dylan squirmed in pain and screamed from the top of his lungs as Shawn's punches rained down on his groin and his tender gonads were smashed again and again.

"Come on, that's enough Shawn." Corey said, looking worried.

Shawn grinned and shook his head. "Hold up, what's the rush? The big guy here isn't going anywhere for a while and there's one last thing I want to check on." He grabbed the legs of Dylan's baggy jeans tugged on them until they slid off. Then Dylan's boxers soon followed. Dylan groaned, only vaguely conscious of what was happening to him over the constant throbbing in his testicles.

Once Dylan was stripped from the waist down, Shawn could see that Corey's description of his older brother's junk hadn't been an exaggeration. Even soft, his long dick had a slight curve to it as it draped over a pair of two of the juiciest, low-hanging nuts Shawn had ever seen in his life. The moment he saw them, he knew he had to touch them.

Shawn scooped up Dylan's hefty orbs and rolled them against the palm of his hand. They were heavy, soft and yet, firm.

Dylan moaned as Shawn's hand closed around his sac and began to fondle his big balls. He knew the danger he was in, but he was too weak to fight back.

"Shawn?" Corey saw the nut-lust in Shawn's eyes and decided that it was time to stop this before things went too far, but his friend didn't seem to hear him.

Shawn was filled with a sense of euphoria as he held Dylan's nuts hostage. Slowly he began to experiment, first with light squeezes, but he quickly dialed up the level of pain.

Dylan groaned louder and thrashed his legs a few times, but it was no use. Shawn's lock on his manhood was solid.

"Shawn." Corey repeated. "He's had enough."

Shawn ignored his friend's protest and focused his attention on Dylan's large, left nut. He rolled the fat orb between his fingers and pulled it to the base of his sac, isolating it from its twin before he started bearing down on it.

Dylan's hips bucked and he let out a low, miserable moan.

After a few seconds, Shawn released the tortured nut and it plumped back to its normal shape. Then he grabbed Dylan's right nut and gave it the same treatment, causing Dylan to moan again.

Shawn alternated back and forth a few times before eventually he gave up on squeezing and slapped Dylan's meaty nuggets.

Dylan howled and his dick twitched.

"Whoa," Shawn gasped. Then he gave them another smack.

Dylan's whole body jerked like he was hit by lightening and his cock lifted into the air.

"Do you see this?" Shawn said sounding amazed as he smashed Dylan's naked nuts a few more times. "He's getting a hardon!"

"Enough Shawn, you're hurting him." Corey was starting to sound annoyed, but that fact was lost on his friend.

"No way, I think he likes it." Shawn grabbed Dylan's cock and pointed it toward his friend. "Jesus, I didn't think this thing could get bigger."

"Seriously, this has to stop." Corey scowled.

"Just a minute, these suckers feel like they're bursting with cream!" Shawn said. He had one hand wrapped around Dylan's throbbing member and he was squeezing Dylan's balls with the other. "I'm going to squeeze the cum right out of them."

Shawn didn't lose any time getting started.

Corey stared in fixed fascination as his Shawn worked over his brother's gonads. Dylan grimaced and began making mewing noises as his meaty balls were stretched to their limit and time seemed to slow down. After only a matter of minutes, he was reduced to a whimpering pile.

"Come on already, shoot that big load for me, I know you want to." Shawn teased Dylan as he twisted his nutsac like he was wringing out a wet paper towel.

Dylan howled as his ball cords were ruthlessly pinched and stretched to their max.

Corey saw the torment on his brother's face and became worried. He had to do something!

"You can't force it out like that," He said, bending down next to his friend, "let me show you."

Shawn shrugged. "Be my guest, my fingers are getting tired anyway."

For a moment, both brothers eyes met. Corey gave his brother a reassuring look and smiled, but Dylan was in too much pain to smile back.

Gently, Corey lifted his brother's bloated balls and cradled them in his hand as if they were a pair of delicate eggs that might shatter from the slightest bump. Dylan whimpered, but didn't make a move to stop him as Corey slowly began to rub his testicles between his fingers, gently squeezing the sensitive underside of each orb in turn.

Corey knew he was on the right track when Dylan suddenly let out a moan. The tension in his face disappeared, and Corey realized that the moan hadn't been from pain, but pleasure.

Corey worked over his brother's heavy nuts, pausing occasionally only to give his dick a few short strokes before continuing. Thanks to Corey's delicate hands, Dylan's cock thickened and hardened in no time, and was pointing in the air, hard as a rock.

All three sets of eyes stared transfixed on Dylan's cock as it quivered, ready to release a big wad of the teenager's spunk.

"Come on, do it." Shawn whispered, his voice tingling with excitement. His fly was open and his hand down his pants nursing an erection on his own, as he watched Corey and his brother with fixed fascination.

Corey looked up at his brother. "Ready?" He whispered so quietly only the two of them could hear.

Dylan nodded his head, already feeling the familiar tingling in his gonads spread up into his dick.

Corey tightened the grip, pressing his fingers pressed into each of Dylan's nuggets and rhythmically pumped the tender flesh. Dylan's cock began to spasm as Corey fingers worked harder and faster, pushing him beyond the point of no return.

Dylan clenched his teeth and groaned as he was pulled over the edge. His dick tightened and he began cumming, unleashing a giant jet of creamy jizz that erupted out of his cock like a volcano.

Shawn gasped and looked stunned as he watched the spectacle play out.

Corey was brimming with pride and smiled. He'd managed to coax an unprecedented load of cum out of his brother's balls. By the time he was finished, both Dylan and Corey were covered in the salty goo.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Shawn shouted. The front of his jeans appeared to have a wet spot of it's own.

Dylan's eyes were closed, and his face looked calm and relaxed. Now that it was over, he had no idea how his brother would react to having his balls busted and then milked . . . again.

Corey's heart skipped a beat as Dylan's eyes slowly opened. He looked breathed in deeply, taking a moment to survey the puddles of his semen that had pooled up on his stomach. Corey held his breath as Dylan's eyes lifted and fixed on his, holding the gaze. Time seemed to slow down for Corey. He shifted uncomfortably, unsure of what he should do next. His worst fears began to play themselves out in his mind and he started to panic.

He was so caught up in the moment, a few seconds past before he realized that Dylan was smirking back at him.

- Our big brother Dylan is based on Dylan Ryan -


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Thanks guys! The next installment in the series will be posted very soon.