Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Foreign Exchange - Part 4 - Playthings

Liam woke up before sunrise feeling worse than he ever had in his life. His stomach was in knots and when he shifted in the bed, his head spun and he felt like throwing up. 

Liam let out an audible groan as he gingerly reached between his legs and touched the source of his problem.  Wincing in pain, he quickly discovered the source of his discomfort came from his swollen balls that appeared to be dragging down his sac like a pair of lead balloons.

Liam moaned as he carefully kneaded his distressed clackers, but nothing seemed to ease his discomfort.  If anything, he seemed to be making matters worse - with even the slightest touch sending new plumes of pain to radiate up into his body.

With no relief in sight, Liam decided to drag himself out of bed and managed to stagger to the bathroom.  His mind was too groggy and preoccupied from waking up to this ball-ache to bother putting on clothes.  Every movement seemed to send new waves of nausea that made Liam gag, but in the end, he made it.

Once in the bathroom, he turned on the light and stared at his reflection. He had a tall, lean frame - the body of a swimmer - and his pale, white skin was speckled with freckles and tufts of red body hair. Just above his crotch grew a thicket of tangled ginger pubic hair and below, a pale 6-inch flaccid cock draped over his bloated, red scrotum.  Liam lifted his dick up, out of the way and immediately saw there was something pinching his scrotum just above his balls.

Liam grunted and peered into the mirror intently as he inspected his manhood.  The rubber band was cinched around his sac appeared to be separating his balls from the rest of his body, trapping his boys all the way down to the base of their pouch.

It was a tight fit for Liam’s nads.  Their sheer mass and density were being used against them, stretching the skin of his ball bag against the sore orbs, Liam’s balls had never looked so red or bloated.

He sighed as he stood before the mirror and fondled his nutsac, trying desperately to ease the pain.  In fact, Liam was so preoccupied with his own problems that he failed to notice the approach of someone coming down the hallway.

“Why good morning! And what do we have here?”  Julie suddenly whispered in to Liam’s ear. 

Liam jumped in surprise as she snaked her hand between his open thighs and grasped the root of his nutsac.  One tiny squeeze was all that was needed to make his knees knock together.

“Oww, Julie, please…”  Liam moaned.

“What’s this?” Julie asked, ignoring Liam’s pleas. “You banded your nuts together so they’ll be easier for me to play with? How considerate!”

Liam’s head lolled around and nearly retched.  He managed to steady himself enough to shake his head no, but Julie was fascinated with her new-found playthings.

“I’ve never seen anyone tie up their nuts like this before…I wonder if they are any more sensitive,” she smiled as she gently tickled the base of Liam’s bulging balls and gave them a light smack.

“No, don’t!” Liam fell into the wall and nearly fainted. “Oh fuck…”

“Ooooh, they do seem a lot more sensitive!” Julie squealed with glee and slid her knee up between his bony legs and crushed his ripened man fruit.

Liam’s lips curled and his eyes narrowed until they crossed.  His mouth opened wide but nothing came out beside his silent scream.


His nuts bounced around noisily as Julie’s kneecap drilled into them with devastating affect.

“God, these are so much easier to hit now!” Julie laughed as she pummeled poor Liam’s clackers again and again.  Now she had to hold him up just so that she could keep up the assault. 

“Julie no…”  Liam gasped in to her hair just as she smashed his balls hard into his bony pelvis.  He was dead on his feet and slowly slipped out of her grasp until he landed on the tiled floor with a THUD. 

Liam winced and cried gently, cupping his painfully swollen sac.  “My balls…fuck…they hurt so much, I think you broke them…you broke my fucking balls,” he weeped.

Julie stared with lust at the hot Irish stud lying on her bathroom floor and cradling his manhood.  Bringing him down had been so easy, the simple thought of it sent a shiver down her spine and made her panties wet.

She knew what she wanted, and she was going to get it.

Julie crouched down next to him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.  “Hush now, you’ll be fine Liam, I swear.”

Liam shook his head slowly, still holding himself.

“Yes it will. Promise.” She pressed, pushing the side of his head directly in to her pert breasts. “I’m sorry I hurt you so bad, but your nuts look so funny with that band around them. Why don’t we get some scissors and get you back to bed?”

Liam nodded, but turned his head so that he was directly facing her deep cleavage. 

Julie smiled.  She had him. 

She hugged him tighter, driving his head deeper into her breasts.  She was wearing only a t-shirt, so he could easily feel the softness of her bosom press against his face.  It moments his teenage dick sprung to life and he was hard in a second.

Liam tried to cover himself, but he was naked and there was no where to hide his boner.

Julie noticed it too, but instead of getting mad or freaking out, she simply slipped her fingers around his cock and stroked it gently. 

Liam gasped, his brain almost unable to process the pleasure he was experiencing.  “Julie… God, please don’t… don’t…”

“Don’t what?” she teased, slowing the movement of her hand to a crawl.

“Don’t stop…fuck…it’s amazing…”  Liam panted.  In just seconds, his dick had become as hard as a metal rod.

Julie gave him another few strokes.  “I won’t, so long as you come with me.”

Liam was pulled up on to his feet while Julie kept a grip on his manhood and continued to stroke his dick.  His balls were still killing him, but he wasn’t willing to risk anything that might stop her from playing with his prick.  He followed her as she led Liam back to her bedroom.  She asked him to close the door behind them and pulled him to the center of the room. 

Liam was breathing heavy and gently moaned as she worked the head of his cock methodically, her hands slick with his precum. 

“I bet if I keep doing this for much longer, you’re going to cum for me, aren’t you?”  Julie’s whispered and slowly nodded her head.

Liam nodded back dumbly.  “Ugh-huh.”

“Yeah, I bet you are.”  Julie repeated seductively. “You’re going to cum really hard too - but before you do, I’m sure you won’t mind if we make sure I get to too, right?”

“Oh, absolutely!”  Liam said enthusiastically.

“Good darlin’, that’s it.”  Julie smiled and pushed his long legs apart. 

Liam’s thoughts were lost in lust too much to realize what she meant. At the moment, he was lost staring at subtle shift of her breasts under her tight t-shirt.

Julie stood back and put her hands on her hip as she sized him up.  “Perfect.”

Liam glanced down to see what she was talking about.  His dick was rock hard, with all 6.5 inches of the Irish stud’s member was pointing straight at her, and below, two very sore, bloated balls were drawn up tightly against the band that separated them from the rest of his body.

When he looked back up he found Julie’s gaze just as the petite girl reared back and kicked him square in the groin, her instep collided with Liam’s hefty plums and drove them up against the base of his hard-on.

Liam bellowed in agony, cupping his busted spuds as he fell sideways on to the carpet.

At the same moment, Julie felt her extremities tingle and her body was flooded with a euphoric sensation.  The feeling was amazing and one she was intent on chasing. 

Julie leapt atop the downed ginger and wrested for control of his manhood.  The contest didn’t take long, and it ended quickly with Julie taking a hold of Liam’s left nut and giving it a hard squeeze.

Liam collapsed in pain.  “Why…” he gasped exhaustedly.  He was done putting up any sort of fight and was at her mercy.

Julie’s body hummed with warmth as stared at the naked boy on her bedroom floor, a tangle of long, lean limbs and his cock jutting out over a pair of fat balls.  Happy to discover Liam’s cock was still hard, she bent down and started sucking on his nob, making loud slurping noises as she did. 

Liam let out an audible moan, which told her she was on the right track, so she kept sucking his pole as she rolled his balls together in her hands.

He didn’t last long, with Julie working over his manhood from both ends before Liam shot his first load.  Liam’s hips bucked and his nuts contracted in Julie’s hands just before hand, and when he was ready, he shot his gooey load right against the back of her throat.

Julie took it all greedily as he pumped more and more of his stud sauce into her mouth, and even tried squeezing more out of his balls after he was done.

“Wow, you taste really, really good.”  Julie said, wiping the edge of her mouth.  “Here, you can see what I mean.”

Before Liam could say a word, Julie kissed him.  It was a hard, invasive kiss that flooded his mouth with a salty, alkaline taste - no doubt the flavor of the big load she’d drawn out of him. 

Liam pulled back reflexively, but Julie drew him back by pulling on his nuts and sunk her fingers into the plump flesh.  Liam groaned into Julie’s open mouth and Julie cackled as she continued making out with the trapped boy.

Liam cringed as his nuts were twisted around in Julie’s fingers.

“Oh my gosh, your dick is still so hard!”  Julie said as her grasp returned to his hard-on.  “I bet your ready to fire off a second round, aren’t you?”

“No, please…” Liam croaked. “My balls!”

Julie ignored his pleas, flipped him over, and began jerking off his cock hard enough to make his nutsac bounce back and forth. 

“Julie no, your hurting my-“ Liam’s protest was cut short when Julie sucked one of his nuggets in to her mouth.  “Owww… oh God…”

“Shush!”  she scolded him and went back to focusing on his nuts. 

Liam moaned and cringed as Julie licked, sucked and mashed his nuts against the side of her mouth, all the while she was pumping his prick.  For Liam, it seemed to go on forever.  His testicles throbbed and swelled so much, they seemed to have their own heartbeat.

Then, without a warning, SNAP!

The band hugging Liam’s scrotum broke and his bloated balls were suddenly allowed to migrate back up into his sac and ballooned up to the size of clementines.

Julie sunk her thumbs into the swollen orbs.

Liam’s eyes crossed and he shrieked like a gelded stallion.

At the same moment, Liam’s dick erupted a second time that morning, with long ropes of cum splashing on to his face, shoulders and chest. 

Julie’s body was tingling once again as she forcefully emptied the content of Liam’s nutsac.  His dick twitched with each fresh thrust of white cream which sent her closer and closer to the edge.  Before he even stopped, Julie began punching his sac like her own personal speed-bag.

Liam screamed as his delicate orbs were drilled again and again by Julie’s fists until they felt like they were going to pop.

In the hallway, the muffled sound of the Irish teen’s wails were suddenly drowned out by Julie’s screams of ecstasy.  It went on for nearly a minute and once it was over, quiet descended back over the second floor of the Anderson house once more.

- Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -


Jimmy said...

Hey BBmal,

That last story was super great! I was throughly excited (no pun intended) to see where you took the characters and the story. It's so good, I for one am looking forward to what happens next!



Alex said...

Awesome! I'm so glad that Liam's balls survived - and by their own power no less. They must have a strong survival instinct that'll probably be very good considering that Julie and her brother are likely to continue assaulting Liam's poor babymakers... :-))

Great story!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, what will Paul do when he finds out what Liam did with his sister?

Jimmy said...


That will be interesting to see indeed! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

im so glad that u back man, u write best stories i have ever read.

Jimmy said...

I agree with you!
Bbmal's stories are always amazing! Not sure if you saw the list of stories that he is interested in writing but it's a lot to look forward to! I'm so glad that he has gotten the writers itch to come back and keep all of us entertained with his brilliance on a keyboard.

More balls will be squished, busted, and grabbed soon I am sure!


Anonymous said...

I hope you didnt leave for another 2 year hiatus. :(

bbmal said...

Not to worry, I didn't fall down a well or anything. I had to put writing on pause for a bit, but I'm getting back to it now. There will be more to come soon!