Saturday, February 20, 2016

Foreign Exchange - Part 2 - Consequences

The second day of courtship was even worse for poor Liam.  It had started off well with some flirtatious talking and even making out, but before he knew what was happening, she had his jeans down around his ankles and she was aiming kicks straight in to his balls.  Lucky for him, she missed a lot, but when she did connect, it felt like her foot was smashing his gonads in to the stratosphere.  Five kicks was all he could manage before he simply became unable to rise back on his feet.

At least she had noticed and appreciated that he’d swiped a pair of bright orange boxer-briefs from her little brother Paul and was wearing them as apposed to the white briefs he usually sported.  The only problem was that Paul was younger and had a slighter build then Liam, and his size medium trunks looked a bit silly on the Irish stud’s large frame.  Julie particularly liked how they hugged Liam’s butt and crotch, but Liam mostly found them troublesome as they had a tendency of riding up and snagged his boys in a desperate choke hold that left him rearranging his junk every 10 minutes of the day.

Worst yet, Julie had insisted that he not masturbate unless in her presence, but with her seemingly insatiable desire to bust his balls, he hardly had the desire to contemplate walking, let alone pleasure himself.

Night after night the pattern continued, with each occurrence leaving Liam looking and feeling more bruised than the last.  Tuesday night had been a long series of punches and punts, Wednesday had been an onslaught of vicious knee strikes, and that night had been a brutal stomping of his nuggets. Yet nonetheless, the nightly sessions of heavy petting, followed by rough ball play had resulted in his nuts becoming sore and bloated with the pent up sperm of a virile teenage boy.  Julie had noticed the tension, but only teased Liam all the more and sent him out of her room molested, busted, and frustrated.

Liam was feeling particularly demoralized Thursday evening as he shuffled back to the bedroom he was sharing with Paul, Julie’s 16 year old brother.  He hadn’t even bothered buttoning his pants back up all the way as he shuffled in to the room.

Paul watched him come in from the top of his bunk bed.  “Hey Liam, what’s up.”

“Not much, Paulie.” Liam said sounding a bit dejected as he plopped backwards on to the mattress.

Paul raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”


Paul let out a sigh.  “Doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“It is. Promise.” Liam replied as he snaked his hand down the front of his jeans. “I just need to get some sleep, is all.”

“Oh?” Paul wasn’t convinced. “And where are you skulking back from this evening?”

“No where, Paulie.”  Liam groaned.

Paul shook his head.  Liam had started calling him “Paulie” lately, a nickname he didn’t particularly care for.

“Dude, are you getting yourself some tail?” Paul asked, but Liam said nothing.  “You dog, man.  You’re railing some chick, aren’t you?”

“No,” Liam responded.

“Who is she?” Paul asked as he descended from the top bunk. 

“Feck off man!” Liam groaned as he pulled his jeans off and went back to massaging his sore nuts.

“Hey dude, are are you wearing my underwear?” Paul asked, spying a familiar pair of striped red and blue boxer briefs.

“Yeah man, I am.” Liam grunted, holding himself.

Paul climbed down from the top bunk. “I was wondering where all my underwear was going!”

“Yeah, sorry man,” Liam grunted. “Julie want’s me to wear boxer briefs and I don’t have any of my own.”

“Julie?”  Paul asked incredulously. “My sister cares about what underwear you’re wearing?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Liam shrugged.

“Wait, what?”  Paul shook his head slowly. “Are you and my sister… I mean, are you… are you drilling my sister!?”

Liam chuckled.  “I wish! No, it’s not like that…not yet, at least.”

Paul suddenly looked furious.  “What the fuck, man?”

“No, no, relax. Nothing’s happening, it’s just a misunderstanding.” Liam tried to say calmly, but Paul was having none of that.

“It’s not a misunderstanding if you’re shoving your dick inside my sister!” Paul yelled.  “You come skulking in here, in a pair of my underwear that you are wearing for my sister, and… and…”

The rage in Paul’s young eyes is almost cute, if not disturbing. 

“It’s not like that, I swear.” Liam replied as earnestly as he could.

“Damn right, I’m not going to let you get away with it!” Paul snarled.  “Now stand up!”

“Listen, I understand you feel the need to defend your sister’s honor and all, but I’m telling you, there’s no need.  She’s a big girl and can take care of herself.” Liam said calmly as he rose off the bed.

“Screw that, I’ll take care of you!” Paul yelled and sent a jab at Liam’s nose, followed by a strong left hook into Liam’s jaw.

Liam grunted and raised his hands to protect his face.  He had to have 30 pounds on his opponent and at least 6 inches.  If he wasn’t careful, Paul might really get hurt.  “Stop man, you don’t understand!”

“Yes I do, you sneaky bastard!” Paul hissed as he jabbed at Liam’s face again, but the bigger teen was ready this time and deflected the blows.

“Son of a bitch,” Paul huffed as he circled.  The scene was almost comical, with Paul in his pajamas and Liam half naked, wearing a snug pair of boxer briefs.

“Come on, buddy.  There’s no need…” Liam’s words were cut short as Paul ignored hims and delivered a nasty blow between his legs, kicking his testicles straight up against his body.

Liam coughed hard and slid down to his knees. “That was uncalled for, mate.”

Paul took a step back and watched as Liam tried to right himself. “Really? Is it as uncalled for as you emptying out your fucking ball-bag in to my sister?”

Paul kicked Liam square in the crotch again before he could reply.

Liam coughed and slid forward, and his groin was ground zero for one huge throbbing mass of pain.

Paul hauled Liam up on to the lower bunk and shook his head as he stared down at him. “Well, don’t worry. I”ll make sure you’re never going to be able to fuck my sister again.”

Liam couldn’t believe it! He actually hadn’t ever gotten to have sex with Julie, and now he was getting his balls battered by her little brother too? It was as if someone was turning his fantasy into a nightmare!

“And just how are you going to manage that Paulie? You gonna cut my nuts off?”  Liam joked, but he could see Paul was still mad as ever.

“Maybe not, but I can make sure you remain out of commission.” Paul grunted with the exertion as he wrestled Liam on the bed.

In a fair fight, Liam would most likely come out on top of such a tussle, but five consecutive days of getting his balls smashed by Julie had much of his strength and will.  Still, it was a bitter match that ultimately resulted in Paul latching on to soft, swollen bulge in his shorts.

Paul let out a triumphant roar and immediately began applying pressure to Liam’s baby-makers, squeezing and pumping hard enough to make the Irish stud moaned.

“Fuckin’ bollocks… you’re going to pop them at that rate!” Liam squeaked and coughed.

“Fine by me!” Paul grinned.

Liam’s head rolled side to side as Paul continued the assault on his manhood.  He tried squirming out of his attacker’s grasp, but that failed when Paul simply yanked down his boxer briefs and squeezed his naked nuts instead.

Liam moaned miserably.  He lost track of time while Paul went to town on him. Seconds felt like hours, and minutes felt like weeks.

Paul focused all his anger and rage at the two orbs between Liam’s legs, as if they were the root of all evil on earth.  How could a guy who he practically looked up to like a brother, live with him, share meals with him, and then go behind his back to deflower his sister?  Liam was wrong and out of line, and he was going to be the one to set things right. 

The tall ginger stud seemed to be in a daze now, but he’d moan a bit louder from time to time when Paul really gave his nuts a hard turn.  Perhaps he’d stop soon… or, perhaps he’d just squash the lying bastard’s balls flat, right there!

But things suddenly took a turn that dashed that thought.

“Dude, are you starting to like this?” Paul asked? He was still grinding Liam’s nuts between his fingers, but something else was different.

“Fuck no, you’re killing me!” Liam gasped, still weakly trying and failing to protect himself.

“Ok, fine, but then why is your dick fucking hard?” Paul grunted and nodded at Liam’s pale rod pointing up in the air.

“Shit… I don’t… know…”  Liam’s groans seemed to be shifting in pitch as Paul worked the sensitive ball cords just below each ball.  “Fuck, what are you doing? Stop it!”

Liam’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Paul experimentally manipulated the older teen’s nut chords. The Irish stud let out a loud groan and his dick got even harder and began to throb.

“Fuck…looks like you’re ready to blow!”  Paul hissed with awe.

Liam’s lips curled and he moaned.

Without any warning, Paul sunk his thumbs directly in to the center of each orb, causing poor Liam to screech.  Moments later his dick began pumping a copious load of thick, warm baby batter that splashed against Liam’s face. 

Liam’s cries were cut short as the taste of his own semen entered his mouth.  Nearly a week of pent up spunk was now being forcefully evicted from his balls and there was nothing he could do but ride the wave.

Liam’s dick hummed with the orgasm that was racking his body, pulsating with each new gush that blasted his chest and stomach.

“Fuck dude,” Paul sighed quietly as he wrung Liam’s bruised, bloated ballsac a few more times before he was sure they were completely empty. “That was a pretty big nut.”

Liam opened his eyes and saw the huge puddles forming on his chest and stomach, and he groaned.

“Probably not going to be able to fuck anything for a while, huh stud?”  Paul smiled.  His anger seemed to be gone now, replaced perhaps by something else.

Liam shook his head, but remained silent.

“Good.” Paul smirked and smacked him hard in his exposed danglers.  The sound of his hand hitting Liam’s soft balls made a hollow thud that filled the room with a sickening ‘THUD.’

Liam’s eyes crossed and he rolled over in pain.

 - Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -


Alex said...

Oh, poor Liam!

Great story! I love it even more than the first part!

bbmal said...

I agree with you Alex! Liam is certainly being put through the ringer. Too bad for him it's only going to get worse! lol.

Part 3 is coming up soon!

Anonymous said...

This is so hot!
waiting and hoping to read more :-)

bbmal said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Knave said...

HAhahaha! Oh man, poor Liam!

Jimmy said...

Dear bbmal

That was such an enjoyable story! I am really liking Paul as a character and I cannot wait to see how he continues to assault our star Liam in his breadbasket. Although Liam maybe able to get Paul back a bit, always like when some good revenge can happen! Looking forward very much to part three!