Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Alex Gets Humbled... Again

 I apologize for not posting stories more regularly, but my day job is going to be taking most of my effort for the next couple of months.  I'll still try post a quick little story now and then, when I have time and inspiration to do so!  If there's something specific that you'd like me to write about, please leave me a description in the comments and I'll see what I can do (make sure to include details - characters and general plot ideas).


This is the sixth story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


Ever since the night of "the bet" the center of power had shifted in Alex and Hayden's friendship.  Alex severely regretted breaking the terms of his bet with Hayden, the consequences of which had ultimately resulted in an open season being called on his balls. 

Day or night, it didn't seem to matter, if Hayden was around, he could count on getting busted.  Even though he'd come to expect it, Hayden was wickedly sneaky in his tactics and managed to find a way to crunch Alex's gonads.  Sometimes it was a side slap, other times it was a kick from behind.  He used anything and everything - hands, feet, wet kitchen towels - whatever it took to knock down Alex's sperm count.

The worst had happened the day before when Alex came out of the bathroom.  He'd just taken a long, relaxing shower after a particularly long day.  The frustrations of school, work, and a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend was all taking their toll on him, enough that he decided to release some tension by rubbing one out under the hot, steaming water.  A few tugs on his shaft was all it took for release, and he breathed in the hot, humid air as over a week of pent-up stress and splouge spilled down the drain.

After drying off Alex wrapped his towel around his waist, leaving his sculpted chest naked and exposed, and came out of the bathroom feeling more relaxed than he had in days. Hayden was standing in the hallway, with his back turned, apparently engrossed with something on his phone.  Seeing an opportunity to even up the score a bit, Alex crept up silently behind his unsuspecting friend. 

"Hey, whatcha doing, buddy?" Alex blurted out only inches away from Hayden's ear.  At the same moment, he reached around Hayden's waist and gave Hayden's jean-clad groin a moderate, open-handed slap.

"Oooooohhh,"  Hayden groaned, leaning over and started laughing. "I forgot you like playing dirty!"

Alex was laughing too.  "Well, let's not forget who started this...UNNNNNGGGHHHHH!"

Alex's world crashed down around him as Hayden closed his fist on his manhood and started squashing his nuts in to butter.

Alex's body bucked and he groaned like a wild boar as Hayden's grip transformed the calm and serenity he'd just enjoyed from his recently drained testicles, to two twin  points of agnoy that opened up a pit in the middle of his stomach.  If there was a hell, the devil would most certainly use the same grip, dragging Alex through the seven rings of hell by his balls - which is exactly what it felt to Alex in that moment.

Alex slumped to the floor, cradling his busted spuds and folded up in a fetal position.  He'd managed to keep his towel, which was small conciliation for the searing pain radiating from his balls.

Hayden laughed as he looked down on his humbled friend.  "Oh man, when are you ever going to learn?"

- This is just an upclose shot I snapped of Alex when he wasn't noticing... man I love that bulge. -


Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Men of the House...

Anonymous said...

x2 Men of the House. How bout Dylan joins the wrestling team?

Alex said...

Great story! It's short and lighthearted - an awesome little episode of Alex' and Haydan's everday life. As much as I love "Men of the House", I think I've fallen in love with Alex and Hayden... :-))

Anonymous said...

I love your stories!

Could you please write a Female busting Male story please?
Maybe something regarding male strippers being busted?

Heres some male suggestions I hope youll like

Sean Cassidy -

Charlie N

Paul Logan

thierre di castro

Anonymous said...

When is the next story coming out? been looking forward for the next one for over a month :)

Anonymous said...

Love your stories so much!

Please please pleassse write a F/M story about Alex Pettyfer, I want his busted so bad!!!


chapik said...

please write more stories!