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Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Tag-teaming Alex

 You probably have noticed the lack of posts lately.  I started a new job a few weeks ago and it has me running ragged, but I plan on making an effort to publish a new story every few weeks (for as long as I can manage). Thanks for checking in, and as always, feel free to post comments or story ideas!

This is the seventh story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


"What's up, brosef?"  Hayden said peering over his iPad in his stereotypical greeting as his roommate emerged from the living room and yawned.

Alex was looking a tad on the scruffy side this morning.  His hair was unwashed and matted and he was still wearing yesterday's clothes, a grey t-shirt and a pair of white Calvin Klein chinos.  The soft linen fabric made them the most comfortable pants Alex owned, but they had a habit of riding high and bunching up around his junk.  His girlfriend Lauren liked them on him, but overtime he wore them, he ended up spending half the day re-adjusting his crotch just to stave off suffocations!

"Nada."  Alex sighed as he reached in to the fridge and grabbed himself a beer. "Studying for Organic Chem, you?"

"Steve and I are cramming for Phys." Hayden nodded to a tall, blond beanpole of a guy standing in the corner. 

Hayden's friend Steven was a nice enough guy, but whenever Alex saw him he always had a big goofy grin on his face. 

"You're drinking beer this early?  Jeeze, Orgo must be grim."

Alex tilted the bottle, "Breakfast of champions.  Actually, I haven't gone to sleep yet, so technically this is dessert."  He widened his stance to ease some of the tension in the front of his pants, but the fabric was already pulled taught and lifting up on his junk.

Alex shot Steven a nod.  "Hey man, how's it going?"

"G- Good."  Steven stammered.  "Bu- b-ut not as good as Hayden, I think."

Alex arched his eyebrow.  "Oh really, how's that now?"

Steven's dumb grin got even wider. "Karin came home with Hayden last night," he winked.

"Oh, really?" Alex took a pull from his beer.

"Yeah bro, she's still in my bed, passed the fuck, out.  I drilled that so hard..."  Hayden got up and taking his roommate's lead, pulled out two more beers and handed one to Steven.

"You da' man."  Steven grinned, accepting the beer.

"Damn straight I am."  Hayden crooned.  "That girl is a freak!"

Alex shook his head silently and took another pull from his bottle.

"Did I mention, numb-nuts over here had a chance with her a couple of months ago and blew it!"  Hayden gestured toward his roommate and drove the reference home by driving the back of his open hand directly in to the center of Alex's bulging crotch with an audible "SMACK."

After a moment's delay, Alex's eyes crossed and he set down his beer to reach between his legs. "Not cool dude," he coughed.

Hayden and Steven laughed.

"Sorry bro, but I was checking to make sure you hadn't traded your balls in for a nice, tight vagina."  His roommate chuckled.

"NO, you dick.  I didn't fuck Karin because I have a girlfriend."  Alex was seething with anger.

"Oh, right."  Hayden winked at Steven, which only pissed Alex off more.  "You keep telling yourself that."

Alex let go of his nuts and made a menacing step forward towards Hayden.

Hayden either didn't notice the rage in his roommate's eyes, or didn't care.  Either way, it made what happened next even worse.

"Anyway, good luck studying…  fag!"


Hayden had been waiting for Alex to let his guard down and at the first chance, drove his fist square in to big, soft, round bulge.

Alex moaned as he folded over and collapsed on the floor chocking and cupping his injured gonads.  All his rage was suddenly diverted to the nut-crunching pain that was working it's way out from his groin and up in to his stomach.

Hayden and Steven broke out in historical laughter.

"Later bro."  Hayden smirked as he and Steve made their way through the back door of the apartment, leaving Alex moaning and sore on the kitchen floor.

"Fuuuuuuuck,"  Alex sighed as he rolled over on to his back and gently caressed his tender nuggets.  It was a long time before he moved from that spot, coddling his wounded manhood with the side of his cold beer bottle - and his pride, with thoughts of revenge on his roommate.

When the throbbing eventually subsided, Alex rose to his feet and was struck by how fatigued he suddenly felt.  He decided it would be more productive to take a break from studying and get few hours rest.

Alex staggered back to his bedroom, pulling off his t-shirt and pants and threw them down on a pile on the floor.  He turned and scoped himself out in the long mirror on the wall.  Sporting nothing but a pair of teal green boxer-trunks that scooped his gentiles in to one, tight package between his legs, Alex flexed his lean, muscular body. 

"Next time Hayden goes for my nuts, I'm gonna knock his teeth out,"  he mumbled to himself.

Karin stood behind Hayden's door and watched through the gap as Alex flexed in front of the mirror wearing nothing but his underwear.  She hadn't spoken to him since the night of their failed romance, but the sight of the half-naked stud suddenly filled her with desire to bust his balls all over again.  She watched silently as he walked across the hall in to the bathroom, and moments later, she heard him taking a leak.  Slowly, she stalked toward the bathroom to discover Alex's back turned to her, his underwear half way down around his ankles and aiming a long golden stream in to the toilet.

On cat's feet, Karin creeped even closer, until she was less then a foot away and peered down until she could spy just the base of his sac and two meaty-globes.  She suddenly became flush with the knowledge that she could crush Alex's stud nuts at any moment with just one kick… but what would be the fun in that?  Besides, with his underwear only half way down his thighs, there was no way she could be assured of a direct strike.  No, she would have to get her hands dirty to make sure she squash Alex's gonads, which suited her just fine.

Without any further a'due, Karin dove her hand between Alex's parted thighs and seized his precious plums.

"Need a hand?"  Karin cooed in to his Alex's ear as she closed her grip around his pouch and gave his balls a firm squeeze.

Alex jumped in surprise at the sudden seizure of his manhood and his muscles contracted instinctively, sending urine flying over the back of the toilet seat.

"Hmmmm, looks like I can squeeze more than just cum out of these things."  Karin giggled as she mashed Alex's twin love-spuds together.

Alex's lips curled and his nuts began to ache under the oppressive assault inflicted by Karin's tight grip. He tried grabbing at his attacker's tiny fists in an effort to rip them away, but it was no use.  Karin knew what she was doing, and Alex's gonads firmly in her grip, she was already squeezing the last ounce of fight he had left in him.

Alex's legs thrashed uselessly as his balls were slowly crushed in the petite blond's grasp.

"No Karin, please… don't! You're boyfriend already nailed me twice in the nuts this morning." Whined, hopelessly squirming under Karin's grip like a fish caught on a hook.

"Who, Hayden?  He's not my boyfriend.  We occasionally have sex, but that's all.  Nothing complicated.  Exactly the same deal I offered you a couple of months ago, actually."  Karin scoffed.  "But you weren't interested, if I recall... Now let go of my hand right now, or I swear to God, I'll rip your balls clean off and shove one down your throat, and the other up your ass!"

To prove her point, Karin twisted his sac so hard, it nearly brought a tear to Alex's eyes.

"Ok, ok, take it easy.  Stop crushing my nuts and I'll let go."  Alex croaked and pulled his hands away.

"Good boy," Karin loosened her grip and patted the walnut-sized orbs inside their sac like the head of an obedient dog and pushed Alex back against the wall. "Now we can have some fun."

Karin elicited another groan from the nutted-stud as her hands wrapped around Alex's tender jewels once more and squeezed.

"God, I've wanted to do this every time I've seen you since that night we spent together."  Karin smiled brightly, like a child on Christmas morning.  "You have such an amazing body, but your nuts are so soft…"

Alex slammed his hand against the wall, but he was unwilling to test Karin again.  He'd already learned what happened to him and his manhood when he tried to pry Karin's hands away from their prize the hard way.

Karin kneaded the soft nut-flesh between her fingers and applied equal amounts of pressure to each tortured orb until Alex's legs shook uncontrollably.

"If you keep squeezing any longer, I wont have any balls left!"  Alex groaned through grit teeth.

"Don't be silly, you may have soft balls, but they're resilient.  They're a long way off from popping, see?"  Karin grabbed the neck of his scrotum and cracked her knuckles in to his twin orbs in three, rapid jabs.

Alex shrieked, falling back against the bathroom wall.

"See, still standing!"  Karin grinned, giving Alex's nuggets a reassuring pat.

Alex coughed. "Now that you're with Hayden, why don't you give his nuts a go and leave mine alone!"

Karin tilted her head back. 

"You're crazy if you think I haven't already tried, but Hayden's a tough nut to crack, while you?  Well, lets just say yours crack so much more easily."  Karin giggled as she rolled Alex's plump balls together in her hands.  "Besides, he's much better with his cock.  That boy is packing some heat.  Next to him, you're practically sporting a baby-dick."

"Fuck you!" Alex spat.  "Get the fuck off of me!"

Karin scowled and tightened her grip on his manhood until both orbs became bright pink and shiney.  "There's no need to get cross, you have a nice dick too.  Hayden's is just, bigger… but we shouldn't let rivalries spoil our fun," she smiled.

With one hand continually kneading his balls, Karin used the other to grab Alex's shaft and began jerking him off.

Alex's head rolled back.  "You really think you're going to get me to cum after all of this?"

"I'll be surprised if it's only one load," Karin winked.

"Oh…..Ohhhh……… Oooooooooohhhhh," Alex gasped as the quick movement of Karin's hands sent shivers down his spine.

Karin's smile widened as she switched back and forth between squeezing and kneading Alex's precious nuts, then to stroking his thickening prick, and back to his nuts.  She only had to repeat the process a few times before she got the reaction she was looking for.

"Shit…"  Alex sighed, staring down at his dick pointing straight back up at him like a steel pole.  "Karin, you might be able to make me to cum, but I want you to know that I didn't ask for this, and I don't want it."

"Silly Alex, this isn't about what you want.  It's about what I want, and right now what I want is inside these."  Karin said as she roughly kneaded his tender gonads.  "Your balls are so bloated practically boiling with cum, and thousands of little Alex juniors just waiting to enter the world."

"Crazy bitch, what the hell are you talking about?" 

Karin cocked her head to the side.  "It's not all that complicated Alex.  First I'm going to bust your balls for a bit until they're good and tender.  Then I'm going to milk you dry… and I mean bone, dry… one load at a time, if necessary.  I'm not stopping until your sperm count hits the single digits.  And then I'm going to keep busting your balls until you're wishing you were never born with these things."

Alex scowled, unhappy with the prospect of having his manhood used to emasculate him so thoroughly, but any retort was quickly silenced as Karin suddenly gave his sac a quarter twist and she yanked down on his trapped testes.

Alex's mouth dropped to form a an 'O' and he wailed uncontrollably as the tiny blond girl squished his most valuable possessions in a dead-lock.

"You can't imagine what you denied yourself, when you turned me down.  I was willing to do things that would have left you begging for more… now all the begging I expect is for me to spare these worthless balls f yours.  Still, it's hard not imagine what might have been…"  Karin said, as she gently worked the head and shaft of Alex's prick.

Alex moaned, both in sympathy for his balls, and for the pleasure Karin was bringing his cock.

"You're a fucking crazy bitch.  You can't keep busting my balls, just because I turned you down for sex!" Alex spat defiantly, though the edge in his voice was considerably softened by the gentle, yet persistent tugging being applied to his cock.

Karin's smile was wide as she turned her attention downward, and stroked his cock even harder.  Her grip on his nuts was still iron clad, and left him anchored to the wall with no where to go but to stand there and take the punishment and pleasure.

A minute or two more was all it took to bring Alex back to the edge.

"You just got really hard… I think you're about to cream."  Karin gasped excitedly.

Alex shook his head vigorously, his chest heaving rapidly and his dick pulsating in his torturer's hands.

"Ooohhh, yes you are..." Karin emphasized her point by grabbing the neck of Alex's scrotum and giving it a nasty squeeze.

"Fuck…"  Alex gasped and rolled his eyes, the feeling of euphoria already washing over him that came just before an orgasm. 

"Here it comes!"  Karin squealed with glee.

"Fuck you, you fucking cunt…"

Karin's face screwed up in to a scowl.  "Aww, see, I was going to be nice and just let you cum, but you had to go and ruin it by being a dick." Karin said as she pulled Alex's stud-nuts down to the base of his sac.

Alex's cock quivered with excitement as the first jet of thick white cream burst forth from his loins and splashed the tiled bathroom floor.  Alex groaned as his entire body flexed from the exertion as his dick began to pump one large stream of man-milk after another. 

On the fourth spurt, a huge blob of semen shot out in the air as Karin's fist drilled in to Alex's trapped nutsac and crunched the meaty orbs inside their sac.

Alex howled in agony as Karin pounded his soft, bull nuts against her fists, drawing out more and more of his baby-batter with each punch.

One, two, three….

Punch after punch hammered in to the churning orbs, releasing more and more of his pent up sperm reserves until what appeared to be the entire content of Alex's big, beefy balls was forming puddles on the bathroom floor.

Alex leaned back against the wall looking dazed after having his body wracked with such severe levels of pleasure and pain and groaned.  Delirious with pain, his balls were reduced to a pair of sore, swollen, and pink lumps of flesh. 

Karin drew a final groan out of the spent stud, as she gave Alex's empty sperm-tanks a final squeeze.  She was rewarded with one last fat glob of spunk, that oozed out of his glistening dick head.

Karin scooped it up with her finger and touched the tip of her tongue.  "Hmmm, good to the last drop," she cooed.  "Care to try some?"

Alex grit his teeth and turn his head.

"No, well, suit yourself," Karin shrugged as she licked her finger clean.  Then she grabbed the waistband of Alex's tight teal boxer briefs and yanked them back up over his still rigid pole. 

"All empty," she patted his boxer-clad bulge and smiled.  "I bet they even feel lighter now, huh?"

Alex's face was ashen, the slightest movement sending shock-waves of pain and nausea throughout his body.

 "By the way, you might want to consider getting yourself some looser fitting underwear.  Nut-huggers can really do a number on your sperm-count."  Karin winked as she lifted the front of his boxers until the fabric was pulled taught against his manhood and revealed the outline of two distinct nuggets inside the front pouch.

"Yeah whatever bitch.  My underwear choice isn't the problem, so much as the fact that you keep trying to neuter me every chance you get!."  Alex spat.

Karin smiled again. "Oh Alex, if I actually neutered you, how could I keep busting your balls?"

"I don't know, but at least you'd put me out of my misery."  Alex scowled.

"Well, I'll see what I can arrange."  Karin said with a wink.  "But until then…"

Karin grabbed Alex by the shoulders and pushed him back until he was firm against the wall.  Her speed was almost frightening, giving him just enough time to realize what was about to happen before Karin's knee smushed his nuts deep in to his pelvis.  Alex's head snapped back and his mouth opened but nothing came out as Karin slammed her knee deeper, and deeper in to his groin. 

Alex grunted and groaned as each blow was absorbed by his poor, battered balls. 

Karin kept ramming away at Alex's boxer-clad nuggets until the thickly muscled stud teetered on the edge of collapse.  Then without warning, a soft, yet audible wet 'crunch' echoed against the narrow bathroom was as Alex's testicles surrendered to Karin's knee lifts.  His body convulsed as he shot wad after wad of fresh cream in to his underwear.  Wracked by shudders, he kept jizzing uncontrollably filling the front pouch of his boxers as the orgasm shook Alex's body.

With her knee planted firmly against his groin, Karin ground down Alex's nuts until his cock spasmed for the final time.

Alex collapsed in a heap, unconscious before his head hit the bathroom floor.  A huge wet ring formed around the puddle of cum in his shorts, creating a sticky layer.

Just then, Karin heard Alex's roommate Hayden voice coming from down the hall.  "Babe?"

"In here."  Karin called from the bathroom.

Hayden wrapped his arms around her.  "What you doing out of bed?  I thought I told you to wait for me."

"I couldn't help it, I got lonely…"  Karin giggled, pointing down to the prostrate Alex.

"Shit Karin, what did you do to him.  Did you just de-ball my roommate?"  Hayden stifled a laugh.

"No, of course not.  Everything's still there."  Karin smiled, "check for yourself, if you want."

Hayden shot her a skeptical look, but to her surprise, he bent down and peeled back Alex's boxers long enough to get a good look.

"Jesus, it's a mess down here, but everything is still where it should be."   Hayden stood back up.

"Alex!  Get up!"  Hayden yelled, tapping his foot in to his unconscious roommate's wet bulge.  When Alex failed to stir, Hayden dropped his heel in to the exposed bulge.

Karin sighed, pressing her fingers down the front of her underwear.  "Keep doing that.  I want to watch you bust his balls."

Seeing how turned on this was making her, Hayden shrugged and grabbed Alex's ankles and spread his legs apart.  "Sorry bro, but I've gotta do what I've gotta do."

Karin cried out in pleasure as she watched wet, cum-laden bulge flatten against Hayden's heel as he ground his roommate's balls down like a discarded cigaret butt.

Karin grabbed Hayden and kissed him hard on the mouth. "I've never been so turned on before in my life."  She kissed him again, her hands reaching down in to his pants.

"Whoa, easy now. I'm not going to be able to preform if you give me the same treatment you gave Alex, here."  Hayden laughed nervously.

Karin stared down at Alex for a moment and then back at Hayden.

"Well… what would you say to a threesome?"

-To be continued...

- Here's a quick pic I snapped of Alex -


Alex said...

Wow! Smoking hot! I don't know if Alex is looking forward to that threesome - I sure am! The characters of Alex, Hayden and Karin are great, and I love the mix of m/m and f/m bb... Great work!

The_Pandyman said...

No, nasty piss ant violence and hatred toward ya room mates n shit, total turn off, sorry