Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun and Fantasy with Friends: Hayden's Challenge

This is the fifth story in the series, Fun and Fantasies with Friends.  As the series title suggests, this is a work of fiction, though it is based on a very real friend in my life.  I hope you enjoy!


It was the beginning of a new semester and after one of Alex's roommates dropped out of school, an old friend that he'd known since grade school moved in his place.  In a lot of ways Hayden was a much better roommate than the previous occupant, and the fact that he and Alex went way back was definitely a plus.  He was handsome, with an average build and height, and he tended to maintain a constant stubble that gave him a slightly disheveled look that women seemed to like.  More times than not he would stay out all night, going home with whatever girl he met in the bar that night.

"Maria Toscano, remember her from school? I bumped in to her when I was home over the break, and man has she gotten fat." Hayden said as he pulled two beers from the fridge and handed one to Alex.

"How can I forget?  What a bitch,"  Alex shook his head in disgust.  "Did I ever tell you about the time she jumped me?"

Hayden shook his head and smiled.

"It was in between classes and I had to run to my locker, which unfortunately was righ next to hers.  Anyway, she comes up on me out of no where, spins me around and starts screaming her head off about some dumb shit, and then before I know what's happening, she rears back like a fucking brahma bull and kicks me square in the balls.  And this wasn't a light kick, I'm talking a full on, taking a running start and my fucking nuts so hard up in to my gooch, I swear they got sucked back up in to my body."

Hayden chuckled.  "What'd you do?"

"What do you think?  Crumpled to the ground like a sack of potatoes and cried like a girl - which is what she basically turned me in to until my balls finally dropped back down a couple of hours later."  Alex's expression was ashen and he looked sickened as if the mere memory of their encounter were enought to make his testicles throb.

"Fucking bitch," he grumbled and emptied half his beer in one swallow.

Hayden took a pull of his own beer.  "Yeah, I know.  I'm pretty sure she got all of us at one point or another.  Actually, come to think of it, I think she nailed me twice."

"Ugh, you should have walked up to her and punched her right in her couter."  Alex said, his hand slowly found it's way to his crotch, cupping the bulge in his sweats gingerly.  "It'd serve her right. She probably single highhandedly lowered the sperm count of half our school."

"Nah, that was nothing compared to what my sisters did to me."  Hayden grinned.

"Seriously?  Your sisters busted your balls too?" Alex said, looking shocked.

"Oh my God, man, all the time!  When my older sister wasn't pummeling me in the nuts, then my two younger sisters were at it.  Talk about tough love, right?"

Alex groaned, his hands clutching his own groin even tighter in sympathy for his friend. "I forgot you grew up with sisters... oh man, that must have been brutal!  I don't even know what I'd do if I was in that situation."

"There's nothing you can do.  After a while I just gave up and came to expect it."  Hayden shrugged. "You know, you'd wake up in the morning and without fail one of them would take a crack at 'em - and they ended up getting me more times than not."

"Sorry man, that's awful." Alex groaned.

"Yeah, it's alright.  It stopped after I left for college, and seriously, with all the years I've taken hits below the belt, I've got one tough set of nuts to show for it now."  Hayden said with a hint of pride.

"After that, I'm sure."  Alex nodded.

"No, seriously dude, my balls are fucking tough as shit.  You could kick me, hard as you can, and I bet I wouldn't even flinch."

Alex rolled his eyes.  "Yeah, whatever."

"What, you don't believe me?  Because we can settle this right now."  Hayden put his beer down and stood up.  "I bet you 20 bucks you can't floor me with a kick."

Alex shook his head.  "I'm not going to bet you.  I'm just saying, your balls are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.  If someone kicks you, it's going to hurt and you'll probably start crying."

"No way.  I'm serious, put $20 on the table and I'll prove it to you."  Hayden put down his beer and spread his legs.

"We're not doing it."  Alex insisted.

"Fine, you can have two kicks, it won't matter."  Hayden boasted as he grabbed his jean-clad crotch.  "These babies might as well be cast-iron."

"You're insane. What's your deal?  You trying to not ever have kids?"  Alex chuckled.

"Quit being a pussy and just try to floor me.  What's wrong, you don't think you can?"  Hayden taunted.

"I know I can, but man, this is just... weird."

"Tell me about it.  What's weird is that you're gonna owe me twenty bucks.  Now lets go.  You can take three kicks if you think it'll improve your chances - but just so you know, it won't."  Hayden resumed his open leg stance and lifted his arms above his head.  That made his shirt ride up, exposing his washboard abs and the bright white elastic band of the briefs he was wearing, which left his manhood neatly tucked in a tight pouch that bulged out against the front of his jeans.

Alex glanced at the target and shook his head.  "Get ready to be nuetured and cough up 20 bucks."

Hayden shifted his stance and thrust his hips forward in defiance.  "Bring it."

Alex shrugged and without any further adieu, he brought his leg forward in a long arch and sunk his toes in to the soft mound of Hayden's groin, crunching his friend's gonads with a hollow THUD.

Hayden's body jumped at the impact, but to Alex's surprise, he seemed to weather the blow incredibly well. "One,"  Hayden counted off.

Alex paused a moment and waited, but once he saw that his friend was still standing firm, he reared back for another kick.  His aim was perfect, only this time he put twice as much force in his kick as it drilled into Hayden's baby-makers.

Hayden howled in pain as his nuts were forcibly pancaked against his body.  He teetered on his toes, but he managed to right himself and let out a loud grunt.

"Seriously dude, how are you still standing?"  Alex asked in disbelief.

"I told you..."  Hayden whispered, but was interrupted as Alex's third kick rocketed him square in the balls. 

He began to cough and gag as the familiar taste of bile filled his mouth and his testicles began to ache.  His legs wobbled like a pair of young pines caught in a gale, and yet Hayden managed to keep his footing.  Gasping for air, he bent forward and grabbed his thighs.  "See, I wasn't joking."

"Dude, what the fuck?"  Alex started at his friend with an exasperated look.  "Do you even have nuts left after that?"

"Fuck yeah I do, and their sore as shit right now."  Hayden groaned.

"Then I guess they're gonna feel even worse after I do this..."  Alex said, suddenly grabbing Hayden by his hips and drawing him in as he lifted his knee all the way up in to his friend's vulnerable gonads. 

Hayden yelped in surprise and pain as Alex rammed his knee in to his already damaged balls two, three, four times before Hayden's legs finally gave way and he collapsed on his knees, cradling his pummled manhood.

"Awwwwweeee, what the fuck man?  That wasn't part of the deal!"  Hayden spat as he looked up and confronted ths smug look on his friend's face.

"You wanted me to go for it, so I did - and now your nuts are crushed.  I hope you're happy."  Alex grinned sarcastically.

"Not yet I'm not..." Hayden moaned, still cupping his crotch protectively with one hand. 

Alex was still gloating when he felt Hayden's uppercut catch him square in the sac, shattering his bravado in an instant as Hayden's fist drove Alex's tender nuggets home.

Alex squealed and dropped to the floor hard with his hands between his legs.  His handsome face was contorted in pain and his big, bulging muscles flexed uselessly as his body crumpled in to a ball.

It was a well established fact amongst all his friends that Alex owned a glass pair of nuts, so it was particularly dangerous position he'd landed himself now that Hayden was on the war path, eager to get revenge.

"Oughhhhhh, alright you got me, I deserved that."  Alex panted.

"That was just my opening salvo."  Hayden grunted as he grappled with his prostrate friend. 
Alex fought back, but the punch to his balls had seriously hampered any form of resistance he might offer.  Hayden ceased on Alex's disorientation and slipped his hand down the back of Alex's sweats, and began rummaging for his friend's family jewels.  His job was made easier by the fact that Alex was wearing boxers, and without too much difficulty, Hayden's fingers managed to close around Alex's nutsac.

The moment Alex felt Hayden's firm grip on his manhood he panicked and pleaded to be released, but Hayden only chuckled and tightened his hold.

"Alright, you made your point!  You win!  I'll give you the $20."  Alex stammered.

"I don't care about the money.  This isn't about the bet anymore, this is about teaching you a lesson."  Hayden smirked, knowing he had Alex on the hook.

Alex didn't have to ask what he meant, because a moment later Hayden gave his nuts a hard squeeze, sending him in to fits.

"FUCK!!!!!!!  STOP!!!!!"  Alex screamed, but to no avail.  Hayden owned his nuts, and he was intent on squeezing the life out of them.

Alex gasped and coughed as Hayden roughly pumped his testicles with alternating pressure and intenstity.  The cumulative affect began to build gradually at first, but quickly grew to a level that was unberable and turned Alex's baby-makers into one huge aching mess.

"My balls, fuck, my balls..."  Alex moaned, unable to say another word or lift a finger to halt Hayden's assult, who seemed hell bent on breaking his nuts.  He was almost completely out of it, with the pressure on his gonads making it harder and harder for him to breath.  Even so, he could sense things were coming to a head and we was confronted with the thought that he'd never get to father children when it finally happened.

The pressure in his loins finally met their limit, Alex's underwear suddenly became wet and sticky with his own semen as he involuntarily shot his load.  Hayden's death-grip on his nuts had been enough of a distraction that he failed to notice his dick harden, tenting his boxers until it quivered with the threat of releasing a deluge of his sticky stud-sauce.

Alex moaned as his love-spuds contracted, pumping jet after jet of warm jizz in a steady stream that filled his underwear and covered manhood, along with Hayden's hand. 

Hayden waited for the spasms to subsided before giving Alex's nuts a final squeeze, ensuring he'd drained them thoroughly before pulling his hand out of his friend's pants.

Alex moaned, his hands buried between his legs.

Hayden watched Alex for a moment before bending down close to his ear and whispered, "You should remember this the next time you think about playing dirty with me.  Next time I might not be so nice."

Alex grunted.  It was all he could manage, but he understood, and if this was Hayden being nice, he didn't want to know what he was like when he wasn't.

Alex nodded and rocked gently on the floor as Hayden climbed to his feet and limped toward the couch to tend to his own manhood. 

It was a long time before either of them said a word or moved from where they were.

 - This might be a slightly idealized version of Alex, though it's not too far off the mark from Sebastion Monroe ;-) -

 - And Hayden sure does look a lot like the model, Martin Pichler -


Anonymous said...

Men of the house... pleaasee....

Alex said...

Great story! Hayden is a great new character! His balls of steel and Alex' glass balls are a perfect combination... :-))

bbmal said...

I hear you anon. I just have to get the time (and motivation) to write one up, but I didn't forget.

Thanks Alex, I like Hayden a lot too. I think he'll have a good influence on Alex and provide him plenty of opportunity to toughen up his nuts ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! (Reg)