Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blake’s Aches Part 2: A friend who’s kneed… is a friend indeed

-By Reginald

This is the second installment of Blake's trials and tribulations.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out Part 1.


Ann strode purposefully along the pathway like an assassin leaving a crime scene. Close behind lay her victim, a stocky sixteen-year old boy whose wretched body lay writhing in agony on the pathway. She could still hear his miserable sobs yet she didn’t feel the slightest misgivings for the cruel injuries she had inflicted . On the contrary, she was still buzzing from the thrill of victory after this little battle of the sexes.

It was as if fate had delivered the villain to her for penance and Ann had duly smote him down like an avenging angel ! It was such sweet justice and Ann couldn’t wait to see her friend Lucy’s reaction when she learnt that her demon had been conquered.

It was just the night before at the Halloween party, that this young villain had committed his heinous crime. Poor Lucy had stumbled innocently into a carefully laid trap and suffered the shame of being deceived and ultimately raped by the sex-crazed teenager.

 Fortunately Ann knew exactly how to deal with scum like Blake but it had still taken a lot of guts to take him on. After all, their encounter at the Halloween party had left a stark warning of his physical prowess. The spandex skeleton suit that had concealed his boyish face had hugged every chiseled contour of his impressively buff body. The mere sight of all those sexy muscles bulging through the stretchy fabric was enough to make any girl wilt, to say nothing of the bag of goodies slung between his stocky thighs!

When Ann came across Blake on the pathway earlier that morning she had barely recognized him dressed in jeans and a hoody. However she could clearly picture the two meaty orbs she had seen bulging between his legs at the party and she knew exactly how to bring the sex-crazed bastard to justice. Blake’s big, manly muscles offered no defense as her cruel kick pulverized his juicy plums and when she followed up with a ball-crushing knee, the horrified stud collapsed to his knees in agony clutching his shattered testicles.

‘Game Over already?’ she thought with a sneer. Men are so weak!

"Come on little boy, get up!” She had cruelly taunted the ball-busted teenager “What are you waiting for, huh ? Oh, did I hurt your weak little boy balls!"

Ann’s poisonous words must have stoked Blake’s rage and Ann was shocked to discover that her tormented foe still had some fight left in him. She was totally caught off-guard by Blake’s sudden, ferocious charge. His powerful shoulder slammed into her slender body and when his brutal fist ploughed up into her snatch she was almost paralyzed by the awful, mind-numbing pain.

It was then, just as victory was slipping through her fingers, she made her final match-winning move. Thrusting her hand deep inside his jeans she clutched at the core of his male power.  What euphoria she felt when her vengeful fingers finally grasped those plump dangling jewels!

The young stud’s reaction was priceless! With a cry of alarm Blake instantly dropped his guard, and pawed  wretchedly at the hands that had violated his sensitive private parts – but it was all to no avail. The terrified teen could only whimper in terror as Ann’s hands locked in a controlling grip around his fragile testicles. Then without warning she bore down on them with all her pent-up rage! Blake’s muscular frame jolted as if struck by lightening then jerked in violent spasms as his vulnerable sex organs yielded to the destructive power of her ball-claw.

That moment of glory replayed through her mind as the victorious girl continued along the path. What a fucking power-rush to humiliate and destroy a horny stud by exploiting his sexual weakness. The thrill of squishing those virile male organs to bursting point between her fingers had left her panting and breathless. The warm flush in her cheeks was already  radiating across her entire body and she could sense a moist prickly sensation deep in her loins. Trashing  that rapist’s worthless sex toys had made her so damn horny !

Ann stopped suddenly in her tracks and took out her cell phone. After leaving a brief and rather hurried message on Lucy’s answer-phone she turned down a side street towards her boyfriend’s place. There was only one way to satisfy such raging, lustful feelings and her unsuspecting lover was in for a real treat today!


As soon as the striding girl disappeared from sight, a shadowed figure emerged from his hiding place behind a parked car. Cautiously he crept towards the pathway and after peering around the street, reached down towards the agonized form of the beaten boy.

Blake was sobbing miserably and writhing in pain with both hands groping between his legs. He was moaning incoherently, praying for relief from the blazing inferno that still raged in his groin. It was some minutes before he was even aware of the firm hand grasping his shoulder. He tried weakly to shrug it off but the movement only made him more aware of the outside world.     

“You’re coming with me,” the voice whispered fervently in his ear.

Blake protested feebly but he soon felt himself being hauled up against his will like a sack of trash.

With Blake’s inert body slung over his shoulder, the figure trudged slowly along the path. Some minutes later he paused by a small gate leading to a private garden. Satisfied that he was not being watched, he unlocked the gate and dragged his prize roughly through the entrance.

Through tear-soaked eyes, Blake saw the blurry, nondescript house but he had no clue where he was being taken. He groaned in protest as he was roughly pulled through the doorway and then dragged down a steep stairway to a dark basement. He landed in a heap on a firm, padded floor. Moments later he heard the solid door slam shut behind him. The heavy thud rang through his head, bringing Blake gradually back to his senses.

He realized he was alone. It was almost pitch black and the only sound was the pounding of his heart and the strained rasping of his labored breathing. The merest trickle of daylight leaked through a narrow window by the ceiling but he could make out nothing as he stared blankly into the gloom. Despite his sickening pain another unusual feeling was gradually swelling up inside him. FEAR!

There was no doubt he was trapped and in his current condition he was utterly at the mercy of his captor. He felt weak and nauseous, and even his powerful muscles seemed to have changed into useless slabs of dead meat. What had he done to deserve all this! He sobbed weakly as he slipped his hands into his jeans to assess the state of his manhood.

Gently he slid his fingers down his beautiful cock hoping for the slightest relief from his pain. His prized tool seemed to have survived unscathed yet it felt strangely numb to the touch, almost as if he was feeling-up another man. The sickening thought made bile rise to is throat. In despair he groped deeper, whimpering in agony when he found the two tender, swollen lumps at the base of his scrotum.

“Oh, my poor balls” he sobbed in despair. Tears welled in his eyes and trickled down his handsome face. Once again his big manly balls had been targeted and turned against him with devastating consequences. He had suffered another humiliating defeat at the hands of a girl but this time the evil bitch had been hell-bent on castrating him. And as if things could get any worse, he had now been dragged to this hellhole.

“Fuck!” Blake suddenly snarled in fury, pounding the ground with his fist. This was no time to give in to despair. So long as there were balls between his legs he would damn well act like a man. Now he had some important things to figure out. Like where the hell was he? What bastard had dragged him here? And how the hell was he going to get out?

As Blake’s bleary eyes grew slowly accustomed to the dark, dim objects started to materialize before him. From the middle of the room he could now trace the silhouette of a bulky object that swayed eerily from the ceiling. A little further away was a series of ghastly contraptions from which ropes and pulleys thrust out like giant limbs.

His pulse pounded in his ears as he tried desperately to rise to his feet but he sprawled heavily on his side as his wilting legs collapsed. He started to panic as the full horror of his predicament dawned on him. His battered balls now rendered him totally defenseless and he was at the mercy of the pervert that had hauled him to this hellish dungeon.


The noise behind him made Blake freeze in terror. The door was slowly opening and he felt a cold bead of sweat trickle slowly down his neck.


Suddenly sparks of light flashed from the ceiling above him and seconds later the room was flooded with a blinding white light. Blake shielded his eyes from the glare and cautiously peered around like a cornered rat.

“Huh? What the fuck!” he spluttered as his eyes slowly recognized the objects in the room.

This was no dungeon after all! As if by magic the hellish torture chamber had transformed into a clinical, well equipped gymnasium. Several exercise machines lined the far wall and a heavy punching bag hung from the ceiling. There was even a raised boxing ring at the far end and the entire floor was clad with heavy rubber matting. Nervously Blake raised his head upwards towards the face of his captor.

Blake blinked in surprise and stared back at the startling apparition. It seemed like an angel in white was beaming down at him with a rather surprised expression. Nervously Blake pulled his hands out of his groin and glanced back up at the remarkable figure.

In truth it was not quite an angel, but a boy about his age but of such uncommon beauty that even Blake found his features disturbingly attractive. He was tall and athletic with straw-blond hair and striking emerald-green eyes. His white clothing and honey-tanned skin seemed to enhance his angelic look although his running shorts and sleeveless T-Shirt was hardly celestial garb.  There was something familiar about his face also, and Blake finally recognized him as the quiet Russian boy that had just joined his school.

“Er, sorry to leave you like that in the dark.” The blond boy blushed slightly “You’re Blake, right? I’m Mirko by the way. Maybe you’ve seen me in school.”

“But what…er… I mean where am I?” Blake gasped in confusion, rubbing the cold sweat from his brow.

“I saw you lying in the street” the boy paused nervously before continuing in his soft accent “well,  you seemed a bit messed up. So I brought you back to my house.”

 Blake scowled silently. Although he felt secretly relieved to be safely indoors, his hard-man reputation felt compromised now this kid had seen him crying in the street. As soon as his damn balls stopped throbbing he would make sure this kid kept his mouth shut!

The thought made Blake peer back down at his groin.  Wincing he tried to reposition his sorry balls that were painfully compressed under the tight denim. He gasped suddenly from the stabbing pain and slumped forward with a groan.

“Dude, you must be hurting real bad.” Mirko touched his own groin in empathy as he gazed down at the wounded jock.

“No shit!” Blake snapped back angrily, cupping his groin “My nuts are fucking killing me! God, why do they always go for my damned balls!”

Blake turned back to his groin and bit his lip angrily. Fuck! He was supposed to be a tough guy and here he was blabbing about his weakness to a mere classmate. Get a fucking grip!

 “Listen kid!” Blake hissed through his clenched teeth after a brief pause “I was jumped by a fucking gang! You got that? No one can beat me in a fair fight!”

Mirko just smiled, then crouched next to the sore stud and put a hand around his shoulders.

“Blake” he spoke softly “Look dude, the thing is I… well actually I saw what happened. I mean you and that chick… But it’s OK, my lips are sealed.”

Blake suddenly turned to face him, his jaw dropping in dismay as his nightmare deepened. ‘Fuck!’ his brain seemed to scream at him ‘Your Blake for Christ’s sake! The toughest, best-endowed pussy-magnet of your generation and this freak has just watched your big nuts getting wasted by a chick!’ He clenched his fists instinctively as his mind filled with panic. Now he really had to stop this fucker from blabbing.

“Look, I’ll get you some ice.” Mirko sprang to his feet innocently and left the room seemingly unaware of Blake’s rage.

Blake sighed quietly in deep despair. He was in no position to threaten anyone so he had to find another way to silence this dangerous witness. After some deep thinking he bit his lip and frowned. It seemed there was only one way out, he would have to try to make friends with this soft spoken pretty-boy.

After taking a few deep breaths he sat up slowly, gritting his teeth and clambered heavily to his feet.

“Hey, this is for you”

Blake turned in surprise. He was still hunched over and Mirko was standing right behind him. Damn, it was freaky how this kid crept around so quietly! Blake peered up to see the blond boy holding up a huge bag of ice.

His scowl faded and his eyes opened in surprise as he caught sight of Mirko’s clenched arm. An impressive mound of muscle seemed to have sprung out of nowhere, bulging through the blond boy’s his tanned skin like a shiny goose egg. Although it was no match for his own guns, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat impressed. Blake took the ice without a word and sat down on a workout bench.

 “Oh… er thanks” Blake muttered belatedly, slowly kicking off his shoes before easing off his tight jeans. His compressed genitals seemed to spring out of the constraining denim as if relieved to be out in the open and Blake smirked as he heard the muffled gasp from his classmate. Well, it was only natural for the kid to be envious of such a manly package! Blake sat down carefully holding the ice against his naked gonads. He moaned in relief as his searing pain was gradually replaced by a blissful numbing chill.

Blake was so absorbed with relieving his nut pain that he really didn’t care that another dude was standing there, staring at his junk. Besides he had nothing to hide! ‘Go ahead pretty boy !’ he thought “Feast your eyes upon a real stud’s equipment.”

“I guess they’ll be OK, huh? Seriously you are one tough dude!” Mirko cooed softly with a concerned smile. Then he gave a cheeky whistle of admiration and cautiously patted Blake on the back.

Blake jaw hardened and he glared back threateningly. Friend or not, if this kid dared to mock him he was going to regret it.

“Seriously! I’ve never saw a guy fight back like that after having his balls busted so hard ! Dude, you were that close to beating the bitch! You should have seen her limping away down the street clutching her snatch.”

Blake tried to force a smile and Mirko continued with a chuckle “Seriously, she was like this, dude…”

Mirko leant forward, with his knees together and his hands buried in his crotch.

 “Oh my poor little vagina! My fluffy foo-foo! Oh the nasty boy hurt me!” The blond boy stumbled around the gym, sobbing and wailing in a squeaky voice.

Despite his own pain Blake couldn’t help smiling at the Russian’s display.  

“Man, that chick was so dumb!” Mirko chuckled, shaking his head “She really thought she could beat a stud like you with one little kick in the junk!”

Blake smile slowly faded as the last words sunk in.

“What do you mean LITTLE KICK?” Blake snarled through clenched teeth, barely able to contain his anger “She booted me like three times right in the fucking balls, asshole!  Each one was a direct, fucking hit!”

Mirko gulped nervously and backed away but the storm passed quickly and Blake turned back to nursing his battered testicles with loving care.

“You have no idea what these big boys have been through today.” Blake moaned, before facing his classmate with a dominant sneer  “You know what kid, if someone kicked your little cherries, I bet you’d be on the floor squealing like a little pig!”

 “Yeah, I guess,” Mirko sighed sadly but Blake failed to notice that his lips were curled in an ironic smile as he groped himself through his thin shorts “Well, I guess we can’t all have big balls-of-steel like you”.

 “Anyway if that that bitch comes near me again I’ll rip her head off” Blake continued, puffing up his chest “Although first I’d make her choke on my teen spunk. You know? Just to show her it’ll take more than her bitch kicks to break these big boys !”

After this macho monologue, Blake felt a strong urge to show his classmate what he was really made of and remind him what he would face if he stepped out of line. Casually he yanked off his hoody and peeled off his tatty grey wife-beater. With an exaggerated motion he casually pumped his pecs and flexed his trained arms, gazing with admiration at his bulky muscles that strained through his pale skin.

“No shit, dude,” Mirko purred, cautiously squeezing Blake’s rock- hard biceps. “You could have ripped her in half with those guns!”

“Yeah, that bitch was mine!” Blake bragged loudly with a snort. Then he shuddering as reality struck home. “Well, least ‘til she got her filthy hands around my...”

The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs made Blake pause and turn towards the door with a  startled expression.

“Don’t worry, man. That’s just Vadim, he’s just my kid brother” Mirko grinned, getting up to open the door “He’s learning to box and I said I’d spar with him today. Feel free to watch if you like. Oh and let me know if you need more ice for those big boys.”

He gave Blake a playful shove  before walking towards the door.

With a  crash a new arrival burst through the doorway just as the young stud was scrambling to cover his nakedness. Seeing Blake nervously clutching a bag of ice in front of him the young boy broke into hysterical laughter. Mirko playfully grabbed his brother by the ear and dragged him towards the boxing ring.

Blake scowled at the blond haired brat who clearly shared the same genetics as his older brother. The boy looked about 14 years old and was almost as tall as Mirko although far less muscled. He was already dressed up for the occasion in long silk shorts and heavy-looking boxing gloves.

Mirko picked up some gloves from the floor and asked Blake to help tie them up. Minutes later both boys were facing off in opposite corners of the ring.

“This time I’m finally going to beat you bro. I’m getting stronger every day.” Vadim boasted as he danced around in his corner practicing his punches. With a big smile he flexed his biceps showing off his modest but nicely defined peaks. Mirko whistled in respect and flexed his own sexy biceps with a cocky pout before showing off his boxing moves.

Blake was forced to admit that Mirko looked like a pro in the ring. The way his muscles bunched on his tightly clenched arms and those slick, sharp movements as he danced and jabbed away in his corner.  In contrast his little brother looked comical as he bounced around in his corner dressed in oversized gloves and baggy shorts that flapped around his bony knees.

“Come on then Vadi” The older boy laughed. “Now remember to keep your guard up and your legs moving all the time…Round one….FIGHT!”

The young boy charged enthusiastically out of his corner with a high pitched yell but Mirko just danced out of his reach and gave him a playful punch on the back of the head. Vadim attacked again with both fists flying but his older brother was just too fast, blocking his punches before delivering a pretend jab to the head and another soft punch to the body. Again and again the younger boy charged but each time his attack was frustrated by Mirko’s lightening reactions and fancy footwork.

Blake found himself mesmerized by this classmate’s grace and speed. Mirko was clearly trying to show off to him with all those fancy moves but, then again, he was only facing a little kid. And anyway what good was all that dancing without some raw power to back it up. He flexed his own beefy biceps with evident satisfaction. ‘Fuck yeah’ he thought ‘that hot-shot would get smoked if he had to face muscles like these’.

After countless failed attacks Vadim retreated to his corner exhausted and frustrated.

“It’s not fair!” he complained, stamping his foot on the floor “You never let me hit you. What are you chicken or something?”

Mirko laughed “Sorry bro, but training should be tough. OK from now on I’ll give you a few chances, but don’t forget to keep your guard up at all times. Ready? Ok round 2…FIGHT”

This time Vadim moved in more cautiously. The boys circled, Vadim jabbed but Mirko blocked easily and threw a soft punch at the kids head. Vadim ducked and countered with a full force punch that smashed into the older boys exposed stomach with a loud smack. He followed with an uppercut aimed at his brothers chin but his fist just sailed through the air. Mirko had simple melted away.

“Nice punch” Mirko gasped, now safely out of range. He ran his hand across his flexed abs nonchalantly “Hey, you’re really getting stronger, bro, but these muscles can handle it. Come on, try again”

“You know I winded you! Admit it!” Vadim huffed in protest “Anyway your abs are weak! Your nude friend over there has got way more muscles than you! And now you’re going down!”

Mirko turned towards Blake with an exaggerated frown and a shrug of the shoulders. In response Blake jokingly flexed his muscles as if to prove the kid’s point. He was actually starting to enjoy this spectacle.

Vadim soon attacked again, this time pumped with self belief. His punches came in fast and hard but Mirko was really showing off now. He blocked his brothers attacks nonchalantly without even moving his feet. A few of Vadim’s punches grazed his brother hard body but he was quickly wearing himself out. As soon as he dropped his guard, Mirko pounced and gave him a casual slug in the gut.

“Ugh” Vadim groaned and doubled over holding his aching stomach.

“That’ll teach you to keep your guard up, bro” Mirko tutted with his hands on his hips “Now come on, be a tough guy. Take a deep breathe, you can handle it”

“Fuck you!” Vadim gasped angrily “You think you’re so tough? So take this.”

THUD. Vadim swivelled and buried an uppercut deep into Mirko’s shorts. His heavy glove sunk deep into the nylon fabric and scrambled the older teen’s unprotected testicles.

“Uuuuughhh!” Mirko yelled hoarsely as the air shot from his lungs. He stumbled backwards with a look of horror, his pretty face now masked with shock and pain.

“My balls!” he gasped doubling over “Oh fuck! You got my fucking balls!”.

Blake turned to stare when he heard the commotion. He couldn’t believe the dirty brat had just low-blowed his own brother. For a moment he almost forgot about his own pain and he couldn’t help feeling for his cocky classmate who was now doubled over, clutching himself in agony.

Vadim walked straight up to his stricken brother and ruffled his hair playfully.

“What’s wrong big guy? Am I getting too strong for you, huh? ” he pumped his fists, then flexed his young biceps right in his brother’s face.

“Yeah, nice punch” Mirko croaked reluctantly  “Damn, you nailed both of them, dude!”

Gritting his teeth he slowly rose to his full height but remained cautiously shielding his throbbing testicles. He tried to force a laugh “Seriously, that was not cool, man. OK, Round 3…FIGHT.”

 Both boys raised their fists and circled but Mirko’s movements had slowed and he was clearly still hurting. Vadim sensed a weakness and pounced. After a few dummy jabs he fired a dirty punch straight at Mirko’s groin. With a yelp Mirko dropped both hands to defend his sore nuts and Vadim scored with a roundhouse punch to the face that sent his big brother sprawling on the mat.

“And he’s down for the count!!!” Vadim yelled excitedly “ONE, TWO, THREE..”

 Mirko shook his head then leapt back on his feet. His face was now beet red from the humiliation of being decked by his younger sibling.

“Er, great move!” he acknowledged awkwardly, hanging his head. After a few seconds he clenched his fists and closed his eyes as he prepared to continue. Blake noticed the sly grin pass across Vadim’s face.

“FIGHT!” yelled Vadim out of the blue and smashed his fist into the older boys un-flexed stomach. His heavy glove sunk into the soft muscles with a sickening “SMACK!”

“Ugh …FUCK! I wasn’t… ready,” Mirko gagged, doubling over in agony and clutching his abs. He coughed hard and spat onto the floor, then he turned and stumbled slowly towards his corner, gasping for breath like a landed fish. He looked up in pain to see Vadim blocking his way. With a pleading expression he raised his hands to signal a break when suddenly his brother’s fist exploded into his dangling balls once more.

The hot teenager howled and collapsed against the ropes clutching his groin and arching his back in agony. With a determined yell he clutched the top rope with both hands flexing every muscle in his hard young body as the pain surged from his wounded boyhood.

“Get on you knees now!” Vadim screamed at him, furiously pointing at the mat

Bent over and shaking his head defiantly Mirko stamped his feet slowly on the mat as if trying to force his displaced balls to drop back where they belonged. Vadim could only stare in disbelief as his tormented older brother heroicly battled through the pain. Mirko was bent over, his legs stread wide and clenched tight. With each determined gasp he was very slowly rising to his full height.

“NO!” Vadim protested as his annoyance became a full-blown tantrum “I beat you! Admit it, I fucking BEAT YOU!!!”

With the last word he smashed his foot brutally between Mirko’s legs from behind crushing his tortured balls for a third time and lifting his brother’s body clean off the ground.

Mirko landed hard on his feet his jaw dropped open in horror as he released the ropes and slowly dropped both hands to his groin. He turned to face his brother with an innocent gaze of disbelief before silently dropped to the mat face first. For a second he lay still then his body twitched and began to writhe like a snake, his tortured face gaping in a silent scream. His hard young body suddenly thrashing in agony as he tried in vain to comfort his crushed testicles with his gloved hands.

“YES!!!” Vadim yelled in triumph pumping his fists as he danced in victory over his brother’s tortured body.

“Oh what’s wrong, tough guy? Huh? Bit weak between the legs?” he taunted the older boy. Then he turned to face Blake as if playing to a massed crowd. With his hands on his hips he arrogantly started a slow count, clearly unfazed about his Mirko’s chances of fertility.


 Blake was standing now, staring at the ring in stunned silence. He seemed to have forgotten that he was stark naked. The sickening sound of that kick still echoed in his ears and he was instinctively clutching his own nuts in sympathy. But what had really grabbed his attention was Mirko. The broken teenager had crawled away from his brother as if in terror and was weakly clutching at the ropes as if his life depended on it.

“EIGHT, NINE, TEN” Vadim raised his arms and turned in victory. He stopped short for his big brother was standing right behind him. Mirko was crouched over, pale and gasping. His legs were shaking but a gloved fist was raised and he carried a look of grim determination.

“You cheated!” Mirko croaked, rubbing his balls but showing no trace of his former humor “and cheats don’t win.”

Vadim opened his mouth to speak but could only gape in shocked disbelief. After looking his brother up and down his look of astonishment changed to a confident grin. Mirko was putting on a brave show but he was no more than a tottering wreck. His pubescent balls had been pulverized, sapping all his speed and strength. Slowly Vadim raised his gloves and filled his chest ready to finish off bog brother for good.

Mirko nervously backed away from his brother’s aggressive advance. He was limping badly and his face was stricken with pain. When Vadim punched hard at his body he struggled to block it. The next punch grazed his head as he ducked groggily then a solid left-hander smashed his battered abs and he yelped in pain clutching his tender gut as he retreated to the corner. Vadim was out for the kill now as he forced the bigger boy against the ropes with a barrage of fists but Mirko’s defense was still sharp enough and Vadim was getting frustrated that his killer blow wouldn’t materialize.

Vadim howled in anger as another brutal uppercut missed its mark. Enraged he charged, shoulder first trying to crush his older brother against the ropes. Mirko’s head was thrown backwards as his body crashed into the corner post but he kept his fists raised defiantly in defense. Vadim charged again to weaken his opponent, then he placed both hands on Mirko’s shoulders, propping his body straight.

“Aaagh!” With all his might he smashed his knee hard between his brothers athletic thighs, then continued to mash the older boys delicate baby-makers with his bony kneecap. Mirko jaw dropped open and he stared back in horror as pain exploded once again in his young testicles.

“Did I get them both again, huh?” Vadim smirked

Mirko suddenly screamed in pain as he felt his precious balls being crushed flat against his pelvis. His legs started to give way and soon his body was propped up by the hard knee buried in his groin. With an agonized howl he threw his head back, his hands thrusting down to relieve his tortured balls. He was trying desperately to raise himself off Vadim’s thigh but his brother attack was merciless.

“Still got some fight in you, huh? You want to give now?” Vadim shrieked, finally lowering his knee only to smash it back up into Mirko’s nuts with a resounding SMACK. Once again he kept his knee deep in his brothers groin, viciously mashing his ripe plums with his knee.

“Fuuuuuck! Your breaking my balls!!!” Mirko shrieked in a high pitched voice. His hot young body thrashed wildly until Vadim finally ended his ball-crushing torture.

Mirko coughed deeply as he flopped forward, his head drooping over his younger brother’s shoulder. He was gasping and groaning with both hands buried deep between his legs to guard his precious nuts from further devastation. Vadim raised his eyebrows theatrically and shook his head. Placing his hands on his brothers shoulders he shoved him forcefully back to the corner where he slumped weakly against the post.

“Remember to keep your guard up at all times!” Vadim taunted him jokingly as he danced around the ring with his fists raised but Mirko could only groan weakly as he clutched at his broken nuts.

“Now you’re really going down, big brother!” the young boy bragged, taking a deep breathe and drawing his fist back, as he aimed his coup-de-grace at Mirko’s square jaw.

Blake was watching in stunned silence. His blood was boiling with rage at the audacity of this cheating brat. He wanted to leap into the ring there and then to teach the little shit some respect. Damn, if it wasn’t for his throbbing balls he would beat this kid to a pulp.

He winced in sympathy for his classmate as, with a scream of triumph, Vadim tensed his young muscles and sent his fist flying towards it’s target. SMASH! The knockout blow crashed hard but uselessly into the corner post. Mirko had collapsed to his knees in the nick of time.

Vadim looked around in confusion then suddenly screamed as his body was hurled backwards with his brother’s  glove buried deep in his gut.

“Ugh!” Vadim choked as he stumbled, his jaw dropped open in disbelief as he slowly sank to his knees. With an agonized groan his head slumped forward and he curled into a fetal position, rolling in pain and clutching his stomach.

“I give! Ugh! Fuck I give” the boy sobbed miserably, pounding his fist on the floor.

Mirko was on his knees, his fist still extended from his winning punch. He coughed deeply twice, then collapsed on his side pawing at his busted testicles. It was a couple of minutes before he was back onhis feet and he limped slowly towards his defeated brother. He knelt down beside the kid and tenderly shook his shoulder.

“You OK, Bro? Seriously I didn’t mean to hurt you that bad”

Vadim opened his eyes and blinked away his tears.

“It’s OK” he sniffed and slowly his lips curled into a cheeky smile “You win this time bro…but next time I’m going to bust your balls so bad…”

Mirko laughed and helped Vadim to get back on his feet. The younger boy gave Mirko a friendly hug before climbing out of the ring. As he walked towards the door he started giggling at the sight of Blake who was still trying to freeze his naked balls with the ice bag. Finally he stomped upstairs, leaving the two teenagers to deal with their throbbing nuts.

With a sigh of pained exhaustion Mirko sunk once again to his knees in the middle of the ring, shaking his head.

“Dude, can you help get these gloves off?” he panted.

Blake trudged slowly to the ring his dangling manhood swinging freely between his thighs. As soon as Mirko’s gloves were off he slipped his hands deep into his silky shorts and began caressing his scrambled eggs with a deep groan.

“You OK man?” Blake peered down looking genuinely concerned “You know your brother is a total dick, dude! How dare he hit you in the balls?”

“Oh don’t worry about that.” Mirko laughed as he continued fondling himself  “It’s just a little game we play… I guess sometimes he takes it a bit too far!”

“You mean…you knew he would hit you down there?” Blake stammered pointing at the bulge in the blond boy’s shorts.

“Sure!” Mirko gave a croaky laugh  “I mean he always does, and I did say I’d give him a chance!”

Blake stood dumbstruck as he tried to fathom what he had heard. He felt a strange pang of respect for his Russian classmate. Sure he was pretty weird but damn brave with nuts like fucking steel. He watched Mirko rise to his feet and stretch his groin before jumping a few times on his toes. With a smile Mirko then shoved a hand down his shorts and flapped his junk around as if he was jangling a set of heavy keys.

“All loosened up now!” he grinned and leapt out of the ring with no evident discomfort. “Come here, man I got something to show you”.

Blake scowled and shook his head. ‘When this kid grows some balls he won’t be quite so cocky’ he thought as he limped after the cheerful Russian who was standing by a small door at the back of the gym.

“There’s something in here that will really help you out,” he smiled with a wink.

Blake glimpsed through the door and gaped in surprise. It was a room, elegantly tiled in gentle greens and browns with tasteful background lighting. Several padded sunbeds were laid out on one side and on the other was a large sauna and whirlpool.

“Seriously dude, nothing beats a good sweat after you’re nuts get cracked,” Mirko laughed, throwing a towel to his classmate.

Blake smiled and entered the sauna while Mirko retreated to the gym. He sat down on the towel with a sigh and instinctively reached down for his battered manhood. Thanks to the ice, his plump nuts were looking almost back to normal. He cautiously squeezed his meaty orbs between his fingers and gave a load sigh of relief. A dull throbbing had replaced the stabbing pains he had felt earlier. But even better was the hot, sensual thrill that was washing through his body and the reassuring spark of life in his big teen cock.

“Glad to see you’re still the same sexy stud!” he gushed to himself, closing his eyes and moaning with pleasure. He continued massaging himself sensually, overwhelmed with joy that the power was returning to his virile loins. Now he was sure that no chick would ever break the balls of Blake Connors!

When he finally opened his eyes he saw Mirko standing right in front of him, wrapped in a towel and gazing at him with a bemused expression.

“Oh, er, I was just checking it’s all in working order.” Blake blushed slightly but then reminded himself that he had nothing to be ashamed of. An arrogant smile spread over his face as he casually placed his hands behind his head to flaunt his manly assets. His semi-hard cock flopped heavily on his thigh, and his plump testicles dangled impressively between his open thighs.

“Hey, I’m impressed those big nuts can take such a beating ” Mirko gulped, gazing at his friend’s tightly-packed scrotum.

Blake gazed down proudly and nodded with a smug grin.

“Fuck yeah! These are balls of steel, dude!” he bragged giving his big baby-makers a harmless slap.  He gasped suddenly from the sharp pain and curled forward biting his lip. Sheepishly he looked up to see Mirko gazing down at him quizzically.

“Ok, so maybe not quite steel.” Blake confessed with a nervous laugh “But these big boys are tougher than they look!  It’s just that they’re still sore after getting manhandled by that dirty little whore…”

Mirko nodded his agreement and laughed quietly making his tight abs ripple like waves on a pond. He took a seat opposite Blake and took a deep relaxing breath before closing his eyes.

Blake rolled the big, tender globes residing within his nutsack between his fingers for a while then glanced across at his classmate. The Russian’s delicate features and smooth form gave him impression of a sleeping angel. Blake found his eyes drawn to a fine bead of perspiration trickling down the boys lean muscled chest. The kid had a lean sporty build that was lacking any real bulk yet somehow he seemed the very image of a young god.  Blake felt a rare twang of jealousy as his eyes took in the fine contours of the boy’s sexy muscles and the radiant beauty of his face. His tanned skin glimmered like marble under the dim light and he felt a strange desire to reach out and touch it to confirm that such perfection could be human.  

With some effort, Blake closed his eyes to shut out such crazy thoughts. This day had been weird enough already! The strangest thing is that he found himself genuinely starting to like and respect this Russian kid and yet he felt an overwhelming urge to prove his superiority. He wanted this kid to admit that his pretty face and boyish muscles were nothing compared Blake’s raw masculinity.

After watching that fight with Vadim, Blake tried to imagine the thrill of his own brutal fist smashing into Mirko’s lean abdomen. Smash, whack! Harder and harder until those defined abs collapsed under such heavy blows. With one final strike he imagines the boy dropping to his knees in submission. The blnd boy clutches at Blake’s powerful thigh for support as he gazes up with the worshipping gaze of a vanquished gladiator and speaks softly.

“Blake…Blake…Hey Blake!”

He opened his eyes in alarm to find Mirko leaning over and tapping his knee.

“Are you OK man? You were making some weird noises.”

“Oh, I guess I dozed off” Blake blinked a couple of times and shrugged.

“Well you’ll get pretty hot dreams in a sauna, dude” Mirko was glancing at Blake’s groin trying to keep a straight face but he soon erupted in uncontrolled laughter.

Blake frowned, peering down and then gasped in horror. His cock was sporting an enormous erection! He panicked, closing his thighs and dragging the towel over his groin.

“Fuck, it’s not what you think!” he stammered defensively.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell.” Mirko zipped up his mouth and tried to look serious. Blake frowned at him but Mirko’s puerile attempts to restrain his laughter lightened his mood and soon both boys were giggling.

“Sorry for laughing at your cock” Mirko pretended to make a sincere apology “It’s just…well I’ve never seen one that small before.  I think my brother Vadim might have a bigger one, and he’s just going through puberty now!”

Blake glared back, feeling his blood pressure rising and was stunned to see Mirko chuckling at his audacious joke. Damn, this kid had some nerve! Blake took a deep breath to calm his temper. It was completely against his nature but he realized he should just play along. Maybe he did take himself too seriously sometimes. 

He opened his towel and grabbed his thick cock with an exaggerated frown.

“Yeah, that’s my little worm!” he laughed nervously before looking up with a hint of malice “and I bet you’re hung like a horse, right?”

The blond boy nodded nonchalantly, then his expression turned quizzical as he slipped his hand under his towel to check himself out.

“Damn, it feels like there’s a python down there!” he opened his eyes in amazement. “And it’s sitting on a pair of cannon-balls!”

“Sure!” Blake laughed ironically, rising from the bench. He poked at his semi-hard schlong, making the meat member swing like a pendulum

“So, I suppose you want to rub my nose in the dirt, huh?” Blake continued. His heart beat racing at the thought of humiliating his cocky Russian friend. “Go ahead, big stud! Flop out that big python of yours and prove what a miserable worm this is?”

The blond boy laughed but his face had turned slightly pale despite the intense heat in the sauna. He gazed upwards at his hunky classmate and gulped as his eyes surveyed the thick rod and hefty balls that were swinging just inches from his pretty face.

“I don’t know, dude” Mirko laughed nervously, giving Blake a friendly shove, “I mean, I don’t want to burst that fragile ego of yours! It’s already been damaged once today.”

"Yeah, yeah!” Blake smirked, rolling his hips to make his genitals swing in front of the Russian’s face

“Don’t worry dude, I won’t force you. I know you can’t compete with all this man meat.”

“Thanks. Still I can hardly back-out now,” Mirko muttered quietly as he patting his groin. “But we should at least make a bet…how about loser gets a kick in the nuts!”

“Are you fucking crazy?” Blake retorted, taking a step back and putting his hands on his hips

 “Seriously, dude, I’m not you’re baby brother. Do you realize what my kick would do to those tiny things you call balls?”

He clenched his legs to show off the thick muscular thighs.

“Look, you’re a nice guy Mirko but come on!  I’ll wager you’re hung like a 3rd grader, with a matching set of little ‘boy balls’!”

“Boy balls? You mean bull-nuts! ” Mirko bragged grabbing his crotch with a cheeky laugh “Anyway, you may be strong but it’s not like you could neuter me."

To prove his point Mirko reached out and tried in vain to wrap his fingers around Blake’s rock-hard thighs. Despite his efforts, his fingers failed to make any imprint on the solid muscles and the only reaction from Blake was a slight throbbing in his meaty cock. With a sigh of dismay Mirko returned his hands to his balls and shuddered.

“Having second thoughts now, huh?” Blake taunted him as he held out his hand “Come on, dude! You wanted this bet, so just shake on it! Be a man, show me what you got!”

Blake smirked at the seated Russian boy who was still hugging his towel nervously to his groin. If the kid backed out now it was still his victory but it was not quite the same. As expected, the smaller blond boy seemed to have lost his cocky bravado and was starting to get cold feet. Mirko’s eyes gazed uncertainly at Blake’s outstretched hand then drifted up his muscular thighs to stare once again at his super-sized manhood. Finally, gritting his teeth the Russian reached out, clutching Blake firmly by the hand and pulling himself to his feet.

“OK, let’s do it!” he gulped nervously.

“Yes!” Blake pumped his fists with a beaming smile, hardly able to contain his excitement “Just don’t blame me when you’re puking your guts out, buddy! Time to face the music, Mirko!”

The Russian boy took a deep breath and delicately plucked the tucked corner of his towel. It flopped to the floor in a pile, leaving the blond teenager stark naked and looking vulnerable in front of the strong macho jock.

Mirko’s stood with his hands by his side, his limp cock hung straight and long under a fine bush of wispy blond hairs. Blake scoffed instinctively but as he cast his eyes down his classmates ripped young body he couldn’t help feeling somewhat impressed. This pretty-boy was far better equipped than he had imagined and even his smooth shiny balls looked quite heavily developed. He gazed entranced as a bead of perspiration trickled slowly down the Russian’s long flaccid cock and dripped to the floor. Then he blinked and looked back at his own bulky manhood.

“Not bad kid, but you’re gonna lose!” He smiled smugly, grabbing his meaty cock to show off it’s intimidating size.

He saw Mirko glance down and bite his lip. With a fatalistic shrug the blond boy held out his own flaccid member so both lay side by side like exhibits at a vegetable competition.

“Yeah! A little out of your league, huh?” Blake beamed triumphantly and he gazed down in adoration at his superior manhood. It was a comfortable win yet he still felt a touch of sympathy for his rival. It was a brave challenge for sure and to be fair the Russian’s uncut cock was a beautiful specimen; lightly tanned and perfectly formed he guessed it reached about five-inches in its present flaccid state. Still it was overshadowed by Blake’s thick, veiny prick that stretched a good inch longer and seemed to be expanding all the time.

“So Mirko, I guess you’ll have to come back when you’re done with puberty!” Blake laughed and ruffled his new-found friend’s hair “Now there’s just one thing left to do..”

“Hang on! It’s not over, you haven’t won yet… Oooof!” Mirko’s protest ended abruptly as Blake seized his wrists and slammed a brutal knee full force into his fine dangling balls. The air rushed out of his lungs and for a moment he stared back in shock.

Slowly the Russian stared down, gaping in horror at the muscular leg that had just smashed his young testicles. Suddenly he screamed as pain from the compression of his gonads between Blake’s leg and his pelvis, finally reached his brain.  Hot, searing white heat exploded outward from Mirko’s balls and abdomen, and he thrust his hands down to clutch at Blake’s thigh.

“FUCK!… MY BAWWWghhhh!!!” he choked on his words as every muscle clenched tight, bursting through his tight skin. His hard young body started bucking wildly as his delicate baby-makers were brutally mashed while Blake continued to pump his knees into Mirko’s smooth danglers.

“Had enough yet??” Blake panted ecstatically.

The feel of those sturdy Russian balls being crushed against the hard muscles of his leg was giving him an almost sexual thrill and he could feel his teen cock rising to it’s full glory. With a confused sigh Blake suddenly withdrew his devastating knee.

Mirko’s mangled nuts dropped like stones to the base of his low hanging sac and the busted boy coughed, his pretty face collapsing against Blake’s powerful, sweaty chest. His face nestled between Blake’s hard pecs as he felt for his balls, groaning and whimpering miserably. Doubling over, the blond boy pushed himself away from Blake, clutching his naked balls as he stumbled hurriedly out of the sauna.  Blake heart was still pounding from the thrill of cracking those fine Russian eggs and he subconsciously started his stroking his hard tool. Oh! The sweet thrill of victory!

Seconds later he wandered out casually to inspect the damage and was surprised to find the Russian still on his feet. The moaning boy was folded over in the corner with one hand leaning on the wall. His naked buttocks were clenched tight and his free hand was groping at the juicy balls dangling between his open thighs. It was a perfect set up for a kick from behind but Blake managed to resist the urge.

“Sorry man!” Blake laughed giving Mirko a friendly slap on the ass “I guess I gave those Russian love-spuds of yours a run for their money, huh?”

With a groan the boy turned to gaze at him with a hurt expression. His attractive face was pale and etched with pain. He opened his mouth but only managed to croak weakly. Then he closed his eyes, and took a deeper breath before speaking.

“You kneed me fucking hard!” he gasped miserably, peering down at his groin as his knees sagged, “Oh God, my balls hurt so bad!”

“Yeah, I warned you!” Blake bragged flexing his powerful thighs “I guess losing sucks, huh?”

Blake watched gleefully as the blond boy continued to squirm and moan in the corner. Mirko was putting on a brave show but surely he was going to collapse any second now. There was no way any man could handle a ball-breaker like that.

It took him quite by surprise when the injured boy bravely raised himself to his full height and turned towards him with a defiant expression.

“Yeah, but I didn’t lose the bet!” Mirko protested, his face still etched with pain. He gazed down at his groin and ran his fingers down the length of his smooth dangling cock as if stroking a favorite pet.

“Are you kidding me?” Blake’s eyes opened wide in exasperation. “My cock is out of your league, kid! Do you seriously want another kick in the jewels?”

“But You didn’t beat me yet” Mirko repeated stubbornly as he continued to caress his dangling cock

“It wasn’t a fair challenge!”

“Fair?” Blake laughed shaking his head “Yeah, sure! I guess it’s not fair that I’m hung like a stallion!”

He strutted towards the glum Russian boy making his thick teen cock swing heavily between his legs.

With a grin he put his arm around the blond boy’s shoulders but Mirko managed to squirm out of his embrace.

“I mean it, Blake!” There was a sparkle in Mirko’s eyes that removed any trace of gravity in his words “Dude, I’ve seen how you’ve been rubbing that thing! Seriously, I was waiting for a genie to appear!”

Blake felt his face flush in shame as the Russian continued chuckling. He was not used to being mocked and he had a sudden urge to put this smart-ass in his place! Without saying a word he stood facing his classmate and grasped his thick member in both hands. After a few long strokes his thick cock started to rise once again until it was pointing up like a flagpole.

“You want fair, huh?” he looked down proudly “So come on, show me what you’ve got!”

Mirko’s eyes widened and he gaped at his classmates potent tool. He gulped nervously as he reached for his own smooth dangling cock with both hands.  After a few cautious strokes he turned his back to Blake and started to rub himself sensually, his nude buttocks clenching with the rhythm of his hands.

Finally the Russian turned slowly, shyly concealing his erect member behind his hands. Blake could hear the boy’s nervous breathing as he stepped forward until their hard chests almost touched. Mirko slowly dropped his hands to his side and Blake twitched as he felt the boy’s erection brush against his rock-hard teenage cock.

“Nice try boy!” he scoffed arrogantly, staring into Mirko’s eyes before lowering his head to witness his victory.

“Huh ? What the..!” Blake choked on his words. He gulped, blinking his eyes as he stared down trying to comprehend what he was seeing. The shiny head of the Russian’s cock seemed to tower over his own proud cock which seemed to be lurking in its shadow. Mirko’s stunning erection rose up smooth and straight as a marble column until it peaked a full inch above Blake’s meaty schlong.

Mirko raised his eyes quizzically as if unsure about the cause of the Blake’s commotion. Casually he glanced down and assumed his own surprised expression.

“Fuck! Wait I’m not ready” Blake huffed but his handsome face betrayed a sense of rising panic. He took a step back grasping his meaty prick once again with both hands as he began to jerk it violently as if in anger at its poor showing. He groaned, closing his eyes as he stroked harder and faster, praying for his tool to grow beyond the Russian’s remarkable size.

After some seconds he stopped to examine the result of his handiwork. His teenage cock was now pumped to bursting point and his heavy testicles were strung up tightly inside their smooth sack. His groin ached from the pent up pressure but his strategy seemed to have paid off. His cock looked more stunning than ever, the purple head thrusting skywards on a long sturdy shaft while a thick winding vein throbbed menacingly along its entire length.

Gritting his teeth he suddenly reached out and grabbed the base of Mirko’s rigid cock making the Russian boy yelp in shock. Maintaining the painful grip he pulled Mirko towards him, the Russian shrieking as he stumbled forward pawing at his manhandled boy-toy. Mirko fell hard against Blake’s body and he reached out, grasping the young stud’s bulging biceps.

“Dude you’re holding my dick!” Mirko gasped, eyes wide open as his hard young body squirmed against Blake’s bulky frame.

“Yeah, whatever” Blake smiled, finally releasing his hand from his classmates cock. “Look pull yourself together, this is serious.”

The boy’s gazed into each other’s eyes smiling nervously. Blake bit his lip and Mirko gulped as they both peered downwards.

This time it was closer! Blake’s pumped-up member seemed to be bursting at the seams. It was fuller, harder and thrust out further than ever before and those throbbing veins gave it a rugged, virile quality. It was a magnificent symbol of sexual power…and yet it still couldn’t match Mirko’s mighty tool for size.

“Fuck! That’s a huge c..cock!” Blake stammered incredulously as he gazed down at his classmate’s manhood that still seemed to tower casually a good half-inch above his own straining cock.

“Well I guess we’re both big boys!” Mirko chuckled. He pushed his hard rod away from his body and let it slap back against his hard abs. “So you want to measure up?”

“No way. It’s OK.. you win” Blake muttered in dismay as he peered glumly at his deflating cock.

“Really?” Mirko’s face lit up with apparent surprise “Wow! You mean I get to kick those bull-balls of yours?”

Blake’s mouth dropped open in horror. He whimpered and took a step backwards, shielding his fragile testicles with his hands.

“Please dude, not my fucking balls!” he pleaded miserably.

“Come on tough guy, you can take it.” Mirko grinned holding his hands on his hips.  “Besides, fair is fair, and I’ve never gotten to bust a set as nice as yours.  Damn, it looks like you’ve got a pair of lemons stuffed between those tree-trunk thighs.”

Blake had had more than his share of getting his nuts crunched for the day, or any other day for that matter, but Mirko was insistent – especially after being wrongly determined the loser and having had his own nuts cracked.  So, reluctantly the muscular teen spread his legs and placed his hands to his sides, allowing his big, pendulous sack to jut out beneath his thick, heavy cock. Mirko took a step forward bringing his leg back slowly and Blake cringed in anticipation clenching his fists and tightening every muscle in his powerful frame.

Mirko smiled sweetly then powered his foot into the young stud’s beefy balls, driving them into his pelvis. Blake let out an ear-piercing scream and doubled over. He stumbled backwards, clutching at his abused testicles before slumping to his knees in agony.

Blake groaned and rocked back and forth clutching his busted gonads. The sickening pain was becoming horribly familiar but there was something new that he had never felt before.

Slowly he raised his tear-soaked eyes to view the agent of his humiliation. Mirko’s smooth tanned legs filled his view and as he raised his head he was reminded of the boy’s superior manhood. He gaped, respectfully, and his eyes drifted further up past the boy’s finely muscled torso and settled on his achingly handsome face. Blake had expected to feel hatred or anger but instead he found himself gazing into Mirko deep green eyes in adoration. 

The teen stud rubbed his busted balls, groaning weakly and cautiously wrapped his arms around Mirko’s slim waist.

“That was awesome, dude,” he starting laughing, as he clutched his classmate in a tender embrace.

It had been the strangest day in the life of Blake Connors.

- Blake is based on the model Samyr Fuly, and Mirko is based on Luke Hamill  -


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I'll rate this one "Smoking Hot"...and not just because I wrote it :-)
Many, many thanks to BBmal for the encouragement, all the help with editting and for publishing on this blog.
I hope some of the other readers like it.

Anonymous said...

Where's part 1? I'd like to read that too!

bbmal said...

Good point. I added a link at the top of the post. Enjoy :-D

Erik said...

Damn dude, that was one hot story! I liked the buildup and i liked the two main characters! Please write another one about them, cause that rocked my day :)

Anonymous said...

Reply to Erik : glad you enjoyed it !!!
If you or other readers have ideas what Blake and Mirko should get up to in Part 3, please leave a comment here!

Alex said...

Hey Reg, thank you for that awesome story! The dynamic between Mirko and Blake is fantastic!

As for part 3: Both Mirko and Blake seem to be very competitive guys. Maybe they could have a ballbusting competition and Mirko's little brother deals out the pain? It'd be hot to see Blake and Mirko competing against each other in some twisted squeezing, kicking or punching action... And I'm sure that Vadim would love to crunch those studs' nuggets...

Anyway - great work, Reg!

Anonymous said...

Great story man. Bring back the brothers for some more competition in part 3. Little bro has to win eventually!

Anonymous said...

You still there man?