Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busting Alex: Our BB Weekend Part 2

I must extend my sincerest apologies for taking so long to finish this post.  The truth is that I'd written up a quick sketch the day after everything happened so that I could recall the details, and then my life went in to overdrive for the last two months.  Anyhow, you're not here to listen to that… so, on to what happened with Alex…

When we last left off, Alex and I had spent several days and evenings along side each other which had resulted in 1) us becoming good friends, 2) us getting drunk on more than one occasion after hours at work, and 3) me busting his balls…  and believe me when I say that though the first two points are great, the third is by far the sweetest…. so, on with the story! (Just a reminder, this story is actually true - as best as I can recollect - which is what makes it so special (and hot) for me!)

Friday had finally come, and to my surprise, my old friend Justin called me up in the afternoon to tell me that he was stopping by and wanted to know if I'd be interested in having a few drinks with him.  I hadn't seen Justin in over a month, so needless to say I didn't have to think twice and invited him over.  He arrived at my place around 9 pm, and after a quick stop at the store to stock up on beer, we got started drinking pretty heavily. 

It was really great to see my old friend once again, and we spent a couple of hours catching up while draining one beer after another.  One of the things we talked about was Alex, and how he was doing filling in Justin's old shoes.  I mentioned that we'd been working hard, and playing hard in the evenings drinking, but I decided not to mention that Alex had been on the receiving end of a full-on "nut-tapping rampage" for the past week.  I wasn't sure how he'd react, but I thought caution was the best course.

A couple of beers later, Justin and I were buzzing quite a bit and he suggested that I call Alex up and tell him to come over to hang out.  After having just spent the last few nights together (and with me backhanding him in the nuts ever few minutes), I wasn't sure what Alex would say, so I was happily surprised when he accepted.  Twenty minutes later, he was knocking on my door.  He looked as tired as I did, but he appeared to be in good spirits and relaxed, wearing a nice pair of jeans that hugged his front as tight as it did the rear, a purple wife-beater that showed off his muscular arms, a baseball cap and a pair of Birkenstocks. 

At that point Justin and I were both several beers ahead of him, but to Alex's credit, he did an outstanding job catching up to us.  Of course, by then, we were all three sheets to the win and in quite the jolly mood.  I for one was thrilled.  I was with the two hottest guys I knew, and we were all hanging out and having a good time.  In that moment, the only way the night could get better was if I got to bust some nuts!

Then it happened.  Out of now where, Alex brought up the fact that I'm a fierce ball buster!  I couldn't believe it, and I instinctively recoiled, trying to figure out a way I could backpedal my way out of losing both friends… I mean, I half expected them to put two and two together and team up to beat the crap out of me before storming out of my life for good, but to my utter shock, Justin chimed in and goes, "I know!  He thinks it's fun and games but it's all over as soon as he starts swinging that big bear paw of his!"

Then the they both laughed and turned to me.

My mouth dropped open and I just stared back.  Perhaps this wasn't the end after all.

I quickly did my best to recover, and told them they were both big babies.  I'd never done anything more then give them a little tap (a lie that they and I both new wasn't true).  Then I stood up and announced with what I'm sure was a healthy dose of slurred speech, "I'm going to the bathroom."

As I made my way toward the hallway, I came face to face with Alex, who I could see was also buzzing quite a bit by then.  "Excuse me," I managed.

"You're excused."  He replied, but instead of stepping out of the way, he reached out and flicked the back of his hand right in to my crotch. 

Perhaps it was the alcohol that we'd consumed that'd thrown off his aim or perhaps deadened my senses, but I took the blow well and winced, but simply walked by.

"Didn't that hurt?"  Alex asked, looking befuddled.  I suppose he assumed that all guys had the same reaction as him when they got hit in the balls.  Falling to the ground, cringing and sobbing like a little girl.

"Yeah, but I took it… LIKE A MAN."  Even drunk I realized how silly it was to sound haughty at that moment, but I was trying to make a point.

Once I came back from the bathroom, I found Justin and Alex in the kitchen.  Of course, the moment I'd left them I decided to pay Alex back for his attempt on my gonads.  When I entered the room, Alex was standing with his back toward me next to the counter.  I walked up along side him as he was talking to Justin, and then when I was in position, I clenched my hand in a fist and sent a rather nasty hammer-strike swinging down directly between his legs.  I knew it was a perfect hit the moment my fist imbedded itself into his soft, denim-clad crotch. 

Alex grunted, and fell face-first to the floor with his hands buried between his legs.

"Weak!"  I shouted in victory, "just incredibly weak!"

Alex moaned as he lay there, trying to coddle the soreness out of his nuts. 

Justin and I chuckled as Alex groaned on the floor.  Eventually with enough time, he made it back up to his feet, but for the most part re remained bent forward and holding his stomach as he tried to breath. 

After a while longer Justin left for the bathroom, leaving the two of us alone for the first time since I'd floored him.

"I got you good, didn't I?"  I asked.  I knew the answer, but it's always better hearing it directly from a freshly nutted stud.

"Yeah, that was rough.  Always the right ball with you though, you always seem to hit it dead on right up in to my abdomen."

I chuckled and grabbed another beer, but I was thrown off once again when I turned back to see Alex's Birkenstock-clad foot just below my crotch, and tapping the mound in my jeans.

"Whoa!"  I jumped defensively, as Alex tried to send a rather vicious kick in to my jewels.  It wasn't the hardest connection, but it certainly had some kick to it.  I immediately felt my balls start to sting a bit.

"Alright, you got me that time."  I conceded.

"Fucking right I did!  Now hand me a beer!"  Alex gloated.

That was the first time I can remember being kicked in the nuts, ever, and I was struck by the fact that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I'd feared.  In fact, the whole situation had turned me on, and the best part was that Alex was finally participating in my ball-busting antics!  It was fantastic, and made better by the flow of ideas in my head as I devised a plan to get him back.

Sadly, in my drunken state, I was in no condition to scheme, and so I decided to let it go.  Perhaps I'd get a chance to bust Alex and his big, beefy balls some other day.  That'd be alright, I could wait.  I'd already gotten to bust him so many times already that very week, it almost seemed greedy, or perhaps a disservice to his unborn children for me to keep working his nuts over the way I had been.

So, I redoubled my efforts to go from pretty much drunk, all the way to shit-faced.  It was the start of the weekend, and after a very long week, I figured we all deserved a little bit of R&R.  Sadly, just as we were starting to get in a good groove, Justin said he had to run.  Of course he was in no condition to drive home, but his girlfriend had agreed to pick him up and take him home.  I was sad to see him leave, and just a little let down that I hadn't managed to bust Justin too (for old times sake!).  That left just Alex and myself with half a case of beer left.

"Well,"  I said when Justin had gone and pointed to the half emptied case, "we can't just leave those beers.  The way I see it, there are six more beers and two of us, so three a piece is all we have to do to finish it off."

"Absolutely,"  Alex said as he took another beer.  "No point in letting them go to waste."

I smiled back at him and took a long pull from my bottle.  By then I was many beers in, with a couple of shots of whiskey to balance it out.  Looking back, we must have both been pretty hammered by then, but we didn't let that stop us from going right along and finishing the beer.

We drained those and pressed through the last two pretty quickly.  It's hard to remember what we even talked about by then, but the conversation what light and fun.

Then Alex made an effort to stand up out of his chair, but his balance seemed a tad bit off.  The truth was, I was pretty oblivious to everything else, expect for the big bulge in his jeans.  I kept wishing for a way to get my hands on it to find out just how Alex stacked up.  Then, in the midst of my distraction, Alex came toward me as if he was heading for the bathroom, and instead tried to flick my in the nuts once more. 

I was taken completely by surprise, but then somehow my response was swift and sure. 

Alex had accurately predicted that if he tried going after my nuts again, that I'd retaliate by going after his - and he defensively pushed his hands in front of his groin to stop me from punching him in the balls, which had been my plan A.

Now, I don't mean to use this as an excuse for my actions, but before you judge me too harshly, bare in mind that we were both drunk in that moment, and we were just coming off an incident where Alex first kicked me in the junk, and then tried to come back for seconds!

Well, as you might imagine, I did a quick analysis of the situation in my head and came to the conclusion that I DESERVED to bust Alex's balls now, and nothing was going to stop me. 

Alex was still laughing as I reached for his hands that he was using to try to shield his precious baby-makers from me and pried them back like a savage wild man until they were peeled away.  Then, without even taking a moment's hesitation, I reached down and grabbed a big fist-full Alex's manhood, closing my fingers around the massive bulge in his jeans, and just went to town, squeezing and grinding ever lump and bump I could get my hands on.

I remember hearing Alex squeal as his privates suddenly became violated by my thick, strong fingers, and I was suddenly struck by a wonderful irony.  For the first time in my life, I actually had a hot stud by the balls and was kneading his plums "like a lump of dough."  This is a phrase I'd read in tons of bb fiction, including some of my own, and now I was finally getting the experience!

It was all so thrilling and exciting, I got an instant boner.  Of course, it was hard to know exactly want I was manhandling through Alex's jeans, but on a few occasions I'm sure I felt a piece of his shaft and wondered if he was getting just the tiniest bit of pleasure from it too.

After what seemed to last for an eternity - though almost certainly only lasted for a few seconds - Alex wriggled out of my grip and slid to the floor, groaning harder than I ever have before.  The situation was so hot, his big, muscled body all curled up and his cute face screwed up in a grimace.  I should have known well enough to leave him be, but I was so excited by having gotten to squeeze my studly friend's package, instead I chose to reach between the gap in Alex's thick thighs and jab him in the balls from behind.

The first few punches were poor and off target, but the third hit it's target - a soft, yielding mass in his jeans that seemed to squish the moment I hit it.  My suspicions were immediately confirmed when Alex suddenly let out a loud moan and his legs snapped shut around my wrist. 

"Awwwee, my BAAAAAAaaaalllllls."  Alex cried, and he quickly shifted his body to angle away from my devious jabs.

I stood back and smiled as I surveyed the situation.

Alex was on his back now and breathing heavily.

"Dude, you just grundled my sac, HARD.  And then you squished it!"  Alex drove his point home by slapping his hands and grinding his palms together.  "One of my nuts is only half functionally, and the other isn't even doing that well!"  He groaned, "and my dick, is fucking bent!"

I couldn't hold back my laughter as I watched my hunky friend stumble to his feet, but I made sure to hide my raging erection.  This was the worst bust I'd ever delved out to anyone in my life, and in that moment, it felt like I had taken on the roll of one of my own characters.

The rest of the night went on without incident.  I'm happy to say Alex managed to survive the "grundled-sac episode" fairly well and intact, though I'm not sure he was in any position to service his girlfriend that night.  Since then I've managed to bust Alex a few more times.  Some were better than others, but none were as extreme or as hot as that night. 

-This is from a picture I actually snapped of Alex on the ground after I busted him.  I guess I wasn't drunk enough not to remember to keep my camera handy ;-)-


Alex said...
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Alex said...

That's one HOT story! What a great life you live! :-))

Anonymous said...

Finaly you posted it =D!! And it's SO HOT!!! The only thing I'd do if I were you (I've been in some similar situations and this seems to have worked) is react more to his taps! Like, don't pretend to "take it like a man", just do what he does, go to the floor and say it hurts a lot and that he got you good and etc! That will make he think that he can hurt you too! If you go on hitting him without letting he get you or reacting like it didn't hurt, he is gonna give up and everything will fall apart =S! So, that's what I have to say, open yourself for his taps and punches (give him opportunities, pretend to be distracted - one thing I like to do is go near the guy while he is sitting, look in another direction and scratch my balls... then wait for the tap/punch) and when he goes for it, show him that you feel the pain =)
good luck and please post more tales about you and him - and more real pictures of him if possible!
[sorry for my bad english]

Darrel L said...

Very very hot!!!

Anonymous said...

While this is good, I really do like the "men of the house" series most.

bbmal said...

I appreciate that and I will try to get another Men of the House story up soon. I love those characters too, but then again, those stories are fiction while this one is based on something that actually happened to me... but don't fear, I will be posting more fiction soon!

Nathaniel said...

Wow, this is too hot! You lucky dog you.
Man, you're my favorite BB writer. Thanks for the picture at the end as well. More pictures of reactions to your ballbusting skills would be appreciated.
Can't wait for more updates.

Anonymous said...

Holy hell Alex is fiiiiine. :D Congrats, man!

Anonymous said...

Shit, man. I started rereading some of your stories and I'm just like "Hot digity damn, bitch!" I love your stories and I really hope that you can post another sometime, soon! Oh, and before, I forget, I appreciate you following my ballbusting blog a whole lot! It feels so exciting knowing people SO FUCKING TALENTED may be reading my stories! OK OK. I'd just like to finish with how this and the fourth Men of the House story are my favorites! Please write some more -- your fans, like, seriously fucking miss ya!