Saturday, April 23, 2016

Poll Results:Which new character are you most excited to see get his balls busted?

The results are in, and there seems to be a pretty even spread of interest for the new characters.

(31%)  Liam

(28%)  Trey

(43%) Kiero

(18%) Someone else

I’m glad to see everyone’s getting a fair shake and look forward to having them all get busted! 

Please feel free to share how you’d like these (or any other character for that matter) to have their nuts crunched in future stories.  I’d love hearing your thoughts!

Currently I’m working on the last (or last few) stories centered around Liam.  I’ve taken your comments in to consideration and I think it’ll be something you enjoy.

Lastly, don’t forget to vote in the next poll!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bbmal,

Excited to see your next story and are you finding the polls helpful in your writing process?



Anonymous said...

Definitely more F/M busting, please.

bbmal said...

Jimmy, I like most forms of feedback. Since this is entirely a labor of love, the only reason I share these twisted tales of mine is to share something I think someone else might like. I'd love to get more comments for the stories I post, but most don't. Polls appear to be the easiest (and most reliable) way for people to respond, so I put them out to take the pulse of the readership. Depending on what the question is, I tend to find the polls provide some useful information.

But I still always am happier to read comments! Writing is tough, and requires quite a bit of focus and motivation to finish, so it's a bit soul-crushing when no one says anything on something that took me hours if not days...and completely rewarding when they do!

bbmal said...

P.S. to anonymous - don't worry, there always has been and always will be plenty of F/M BB!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey bbmal,

I am really glad that you're back with new stories at the blog! i was wondering if you know when the next installment of the Men of the House series would come out:) i really enjoy those stories and i am looking forward to the next time those older brothers get their testicles crushed by the younger teenagers. a wrestling match would maybe be a good occasion? anyway i love your stories, and keep up the good work!

bbmal said...

I agree, the characters in MotH are great! The idea of Jake and Corey busting Alex and Dylan would be lot of fun - and hot too!

I think you'll be happily surprised in the next few weeks. We'll see. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

that is great to hear, i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to read new adventures of Corey and Jake. But even better than the pranks they play on their older brothers would be to read how they teach some older guys a serious lesson. Nothing getting crushed or permanently damaged. But leaving their opponents behind sore, drained and completely humiliated. Like Corey did with the ex-boyfriend of his mom, Rob.

In fact, Rob would be the ideal victim. Let's assume that both his testicles and his ego have fully recovered. By chance Corey and Jake meet him on the beach while he is trying to impress a handful of hot bikini babes with his muscular body. Flashing his sweetest smile at Rob, Corey asks how his balls are doing and tells the snickering girls the whole story. Out of his mind with rage, Rob attacks. Corey and Jake have to fight really dirty to defeat him...