Monday, November 21, 2011

Add your own caption . . .

I love this pic and thought it would be fun to share your ideas as to how this guy ended up sucking pavement and nursing his bruised gonads.  Is he a an incompetent mugger, a cheating ex-boyfriend, or a nagging little brother who just got pwned by his big sister?  You tell me!

I've been looking for new F/M story ideas to write about and I have a few more pics of this guy, so if someone comes up with a good idea, I'll probably write up a full-length story on it!       



Nicholas said...

A guy in a hoodie is barring her way. Samantha says into her cellphone, "Kate, could you hold on for a second?"
Samantha lowers the phone, eyes the guy's big fat bulge and launches her right foot into it. The kick connects solidly, and the young punk goes down like a sack of bricks.
"Ok. Now what were you saying?" Samanta steps over the guy and continues walking.

Erik said...

3 friends play a game in the yard, they each tie a rope around their balls with a weight attached to it. The guy who can hold it the longest gets a few sixpacks of beer. After a while two of the guys are in so much pain that they run inside to remove the rope and the weight. Only Erik remains outside. At that moment Brenda passes the house and notices the weight dangling between his legs. She grabs the rope, yanks it and takes Erik for a walk. He has to walk backwards and is in constant pain but doesn't dare to scream so nobody would notice his low danglers being pulled by a girl. After a while Brenda gets tired of it, puts het foot on his back and keeps pulling untill the noose slips over his swollen nuts. He falls to the floor sobbing and caressing his now flaming red and tender jewels.

Darrel L said...

He's the girl's big brother who used to bully and torment her until the day she discovered his weakness... his big weak balls. One hard kick to his tender testes drops him like a sack of stones. His sister then decides to bust big bro's balls as much as she liked and so, his life would never be the same again.

Anonymous said...

Boy: I just received my black belt, I know many ways to bring you down.

Girl: Really? (eyes his bulge in his sexy blue jeans)

Boy: Yep, in fight, you wouldn't stand a chance against me. I'm solid has a ......Arrgh!

Girl grabs his shoulders and knees him hard in his bulging crotch.

Boy: Agggh, cough, cough, My Balls!

Girl: You Boys are so easy to beat.

Anonymous said...

She says, "And they say Boys are the stronger and superior sex cause they got big strong Balls? Riiiight, I just busted that myth. Must suck being male."

Ruffy said...

So glad I just found your blog!! Love it!!!

bbmal said...

Thanks Ruffy! I know I've seen you comment on Darrel's blog, but I never realized you had one too. I'm checking it out now.

And to everyone else, thanks for your comments! We've got some good ideas going here, let's keep'em cumming ... er, coming. ;-)

twonutbuster said...

Can't wait to see more photos of this guy, his shoes and jeans look so hot on him, and I can see he is wearing a brown leather belt to. What a great photo, I also like that one leg is resting flat on the sidewalk, while the other in slightly up in the air,with his foot barely holding it up.The way him cups himself is also Hot, esp in those jeans, that really hug his thighs.

I bet he was such a confident guy, and this ex boyfriend vs Ex Girlfriend got into an agreement outside. I can't wait for bbmal to create a character for him in the story, I would really like to read about him. Great Sexy Photo!

Anonymous said...

he's the local bully and he was bullying the girls little sister and she took care of him

Anonymous said...

Come on give the kid some respect ! He actually put up quite a fight...story almost finished. Reg

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post, he put up a very good fight, he is well trained, has a punching bag at his home and works out each day. He really put up a good fight, it was all Male Power. He was about to win until she used his balls against him.

Anonymous said...

What you're looking at is a turning point in this stud's life.

The way I see it, the guy looks like a cocky young tough, just coming into the prime of his manhood. Well hung and proud of it. Like the above poster said, he works out every day, probably boxes at a local joint. He can beat the shit out of the other guys in his neighborhood, and loves doing it - guy like this thrives on being a dominant male.

She, on the other hand, has never been in a fight in her life and certainly wasn't planning to be in one. But she came across him beating up some kid near the local park and before she could help herself, she yelled at him to stop.

Well, one thing led to another, and he's in her face and she's getting scared and in her panic she rams her knee right up into his tightly packed bulge.

He feels pain like he hasn't felt before - his entire world collapses. She watches in amazement, and then satisfaction, as he turns into a crying pathetic mess at her feet. She laughs at him and threatens to do worse to him if she ever sees him doing shit like that again.

What you can't see, as you watch her walk away, is all the people who saw it happen. Kids who he beat up, chicks he's harassed, a whole park full of people who have witnessed his fall and know exactly what to do to him if he ever threatens them again.

As for him, when he's finally able to get up, he's filled with shame and humiliation. He can't believe what just happened to him. He wants revenge... but first he needs to go home and soothe his aching nuts.